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  1. I am a 42 yo male dl looking for a normal relationship, cosy nights in, days out etc but with wearing /using nappies (number 1 only), looking for a partner who does not mind if I / we wear just a nappy and tshirt only in the privacy of behind closed doors, Message me [email protected]
  2. hi pm open if u want to chat

  3. Buying Adult Nappies

    Ir can be a struggle when applying the tapes, can only just stick them on the sides, sometimes they break or come unstuck, should the tabs stick on the sides or middle of nappy
  4. Buying Adult Nappies

    When you are looking to purchase adult nappies, do you look at the hip or waist size to gauge whether they will fit, if I am a 34 inch waist what size of nappy should I be looking at.
  5. Swimming Costume with snap crotch

    I love wearing women swimming costumes over my nappy as I love the feeling of the material and helps mold the nappy bulge, when it come to nappy changes, you have to strip completely off to access your nappy, But does anyone know if you can get one with a snap crotch like you find on a bodysuit, can you modify a swimming costume with a snap crotch, I have sent multiple enquiries to people on ebay mainly in China but so far have drawn a blank. Is there anyone who is good at sewing who could make me one. http://stephaniereiner.blogspot.co.uk/2013/07/putting-snaps-on-girls-one-piece.html
  6. 80 Forma Care Medium Comfort Super Adult Incontinence Nappies, Pads On ebay UK, someone is selling these, has anyone tried them and if yes what are your reviews.
  7. iD Slip

    I wear ID Slip medium plus with a baby nappy as an absorbant pad which helps to make it bulky but I could not fit them using the tapes as they felt loose, so I tied the sides in a knot on both sides, this did work but the knot dug into my sides and started to hurt and leave marks. It was the style of a tie on bikini. I tried to put some soft padding in between the knot and my hip, which worked for a while but came loose. This worked and wore them out and about with a leotard on top to stop them showing if I bent over and to mold them so the bulk was reduced. Last week I put them on in the same style and after a while started to notice they were splitting where the side fabric met the pad. I complained to the company about this, but they would not do anything since I was not wearing them how they are designed to be worn with the tapes. I tried again to wear them with the velcro tabs, the tabs stick for a while but gradually become loose and pop off, but they will never stick again as the cotton material is all on the tabs. What is the cotton wing material for, trying to get that round my waist is a bit of a mission and trying to stick the tab on, sometimes half the tab goes on the pad and half on this cotton material. I have been put off by this, and stopped wearing any nappies because of the issues above, question is can you get any adult nappies that are the same style as that of a baby nappy without the cotton that goes around your waist.
  8. Hi I am selling bodysuits and other ABDL related products on ebay UK, search for user equisound2010, make me an offer, any questions / queries please ask me
  9. I am a male dl looking for a normal relationship, cosy nights in, days out etc but with wearing /using nappies (number 1 only), looking for a partner who does not mind if I / we wear just a nappy and tshirt will in the privacy behind closed doors, Message me [email protected] May be meet for a coffee and see how it goes.
  10. Abdls around sussex

    I am from surrey/sussex border and it would be great to have a meet up but it needs to be balanced with both girls and boys, as all the posts on this topic are all male, where are the female abdl's, surely it just cant be males who love nappies in this area.
  11. AB items for sale

    any ab's from uk wanting baby stuff, have a look at ebay uk for seller equisound2010
  12. Just done a search on ebay for Adult Baby and loads of lots popping up, one seller is selling body suits with extras such as plastic pants, baby lotion, boots stay dry nappies, anyone want anything, may be worth a look. UK Seller. 282121138048 is one example of what they are selling
  13. I am a 41 year old male currently living in Surrey, with a love of wearing nappies though I do not class myself as an adult baby, as I can think and lead an independent life. I enjoy the feeling of a disposable nappy and the bulk between my legs. I do enjoy wetting the nappy and feeling the bulk expand under my trousers but I do not go number 2 as messy and smelly. I work full time, I am looking for female friendship, who may also wear nappies though not important but someone who is conscious of the fact that someone else is wearing and I need to feel comfortable of wearing around people, and for someone who does not mind if we go to each others houses and I can walk around in a nappy and t shirt behind closed doors. I also love wearing bodysuits which conceal my nappy and often wear skirts behind closed doors in private. I do go out with a nappy on obviously under my trousers, should that special lady want to change me that is perfectly ok within trust but not highly important. I love travelling and visiting places, often go walking on the south downs, sea fishing, trips to London etc. If you wish to get to know me more and may be meet up for a coffee, please send me an email - [email protected] Thank you John
  14. how did you start wearing nappies

  15. Anyone In Sussex (East Or West)

    I live near crawley, any one especially ladies want to meet and share experiences