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    • Hailey goes to the kitchen and makes James apple slices and apple juice. " okay you eat you snack while I talk to ryan " she says putting him in his booster seat.

      " maybe since there is one more term left we can move in a bigger apartment somewhere because mines way to small " she says.

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    • Nick runs over to Amy. "What do today mommy?" He asked.

      Ben drove waving to Adam as he left. He hated leaving his family.

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    • Hailey frowned. " okay how about we call mommy after we come from the indoor playground st the mall " Hailey said cheerfully. Then rubbed Tina back.

      Tina smiled. " otay wats fine " she says then starts to go to the kitchen. Hailey sets the twins in there high chair to get ready to eat and Gave them their food.

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    • I am a Christian so I try my best to not look at porn because it's lustful. But regarding the other thing about doing stuff in your diaper and then being done with diapers after that I used to be the same way until recently and now I can wear a diaper even after I fulfil urges, I'm not perfect by no means. At the end of the day I've accepted I'm always going to love and wear diapers and hopefully God will send me a woman who understands this side of me.
    • "Um, I can do it Becky. You don't always have to help me." McKenna insists not standing up.  Abby eventually woke up from her nap. She was laying on her back rubbing her eyes. Her diaper was only a little bit wet.