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    • Aaliyah: your doing so good Alex mummy is proud of you
    • Jamie its ok look your going to be living here so if something is wrong its ok to tell me   
    • Carousel diapers from https://theabdlshop.com/ are by far my favorite diaper. I've tried just about all ABU's and Bambino's and some Rearz and while I really like them all the look and feel and perfect fit of the Carousels makes me the happiest. The large size is currently on sale and the price per diaper is less than the other brands. I'm really worried the mediums are gone though. I'm a size 31, and the large are for 38 - 50. Does anyone think I should order them anyway?    
    • Hailey was happy it was Saturday. That meant she could take a break and her husband could watch the kids. They were a handful at times. She need a couple hours off to herself to get her hair done and maybe nails. She loved all the kids the same. Sometimes is was hard to keep them all in line.
      Hailey turned over when she saw her son adam and looked at the time. " adam go back to bed it's not even 7:00 " she groaned covering her head with a pillow.

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