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    • No matter Guy, hang out if you want, jump in if something grabs you. And maybe, you will find someone too, who knows?
    • I wonder what it is with dipping these kids in scalding water?  Was Charles an alcoholic or drug user? From what I can tell in the story, he certainly doesn't seem to have any family support, being a single parent.  From what I've read aobut parents who abuse their kids like this, a lot of them have other problems, drug addiction, little family support, mental health issues, etc.  I've had my difficulties being a parent just like anyone else and I've had moments when I have felt like I would break and even now, I know that the struggles of being a parent are never really over.  By the way ck, did you get a chance to listen to my bad seed album and if so, how did you like it?  I changed the names of two of the tracks, the one about Pricilla to Bad Seed and Lilianna's love to Healing Scars.  A friend of mine did artwork for the album so I can post that here if any of you are interested.
    • you can get them to send them more often just email your Dr though myhealthyvet i get my medical supplies monthly and meds are a 3 month supply for me at this point we have alot of diaper come in a month.  we are still getting supplies though medcaid and the VA at the same time LOL its like 8 cases of supplies a month
    • Only get bean burritos and taco surpremes.  And ask for some fire sauce to go with it.