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  1. Bored

    I'm glad you like the idea of metal modeling kits I can't think of anything else off the top of my head but I wish you well I take that back have you ever tried working with yarn that always helps me
  2. Bored

    Maybe you can get a metal modeling kit from Amazon they have some pretty cool ones like old fashioned cars, dragons, star wars models you can build and more if you would be interested in giving this a shot one day
  3. Bored

    There is always YouTube and if you have a smart phone you can download movies from Google play. Do you have a video game console? If yes you can play video games
  4. Another night in the ER

    Wishing you a speedy recovery
  5. If you could have?

    The starship Voyager from star trek to be by home
  6. Corrupt-a-wish

    Granted you won the lottery I wish I had a Kawasaki 636 Zx6r sport bike motorcycle
  7. Count to 20 unless someone posts a diaper pic

  8. I thought I'd drop by and say hi

  9. Punish the user above you

    Then fur Your punishment You have go capture captain Jack sparrow
  10. I'm scared please help

    I'm just glad that this is over and done with and I definitely don't want to have history repeat itself so I just won't regress at the house anymore that's a sacrifice I'm just going to have to make lesson learned
  11. I'm scared please help

    I am at home living with my parents to help me get a place of my own and a car. This may or may not be a valid reason but this is why I'm still living with my parents.
  12. I'm scared please help

    Ok I will try to clear this up. I was in the media room with the door closed when I was walked in on. The room is just about the same measurement of a small bedroom or office so I thought I would be ok with the door closed just to find that I was mistaken also this is the room that they gave me.
  13. I'm scared please help

    I had a talk with them about the situation and they agreed to let me stay but under one condition that I have to put all my stuff into a storage unit or in the trash.
  14. Punish the user above you

    Fur Your Punishment you have escape Davy Jones Locker in slow motion