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  1. Rift The husky

    Family issues

    yeah that's basically what I did I just havd to call the district manager and he got me some shifts at some other locations some other Waffle House locations and that's what I'm doing right now as far as work so I'm hoping that my schedule is going to be fixed because I've been checking on my schedule at the unit that I'm working in every day every single day and I haven't been on the schedule yet so I'm really hoping that it's going to be fixed here soon and that my name is going to be back on the schedule
  2. Rift The husky

    Family issues

    The waffle house i work at has taken me off the schedule for 2 weeks and when I saw this I call the unit manager to see what's going on and he said that the schedules are not complete and trying to move people around but the fact remains that I can't go 2 weeks without work
  3. Rift The husky

    Family issues

    Sorry it took me so long to get back to you it's very hard to keep my phone charged all the time also I would like to say thank you so much for being such an awesome friend and for your words of inspiration. I'm not out of the woods yet but i hope to be soon.
  4. Rift The husky

    Family issues

    Im currently working for waffle house in Woodstock Georgia as a grill operator making ten dollars per hour. I was thinking about getting a job working for either Disney or carnival cruise lines as a cook because of my waffle house experience as a grill operator and my second choice is to be a flight attendant. My third choice is to go military or become a police officer
  5. Rift The husky

    Family issues

    My job has been giving me some serious over time to try to help me get through this also I'm thinking about getting another job that pays equal or more than ten dollars per hour. If it is equal to what I am making now then I shall work 2 jobs but if it's more then I shall work the job that pays more.
  6. Rift The husky

    Family issues

    Im sorry to hear that you're getting a job you don't want but if they are paying you while you train it's worth at least in my opinion but I don't know if I could be a CNA though its a great idea My dad says he has no paperwork on the court date and also says that he can't talk to me about it but if he doesn't give me any information on this and I miss court I fear that i will be in jail or mabe he is holding back the information so I will miss the court date when ever it is. My dad told me it is on the 23rd but has no papers to show for it. I think he lying to me so I am going to have to dig up that information myself.
  7. Rift The husky

    Family issues

    I called the DA's office and all that with no luck they instructed me to call again in a week. About housing my boss is trying to raise some money to get a room for me for at least a week. I have a question if I make all the necessary phone calls about this court case and they still don't provide me any information will I go to jail if I miss the court date because I don't want to go to jail
  8. Rift The husky

    Hide and Seek – How many Diaper Storage Places do you have?

    1. Guitar bag 2. Locked in the trunk of my car 3. In a storage unit hidden in moving boxes buried way in the back
  9. Rift The husky

    Who uses their diaper beyond capacity???

    I try to overflow my diapers every day now that I'm living out of my car and it has become a necessity to be diapered 24/7 for that reason. I sometimes leak sometimes so I wear plastic pants over them now. I to agree with the post above me.
  10. Rift The husky

    Family issues

    Today my dad met me at waffle house to get my grandmother's Christmas gift and tells me that there is a court order saying that me and my stepmother can't be around each other and that there is a court date on the twenty third I don't know if it is of this month or the following month so I called the Cherokee county sheriff's office and the Cherokee county solicitors office and the Cherokee county district attorney office and non of them had any information other than my stepmother was arrested but my boss at the waffle house I work at is helping me to get through this thank goodness for that. Im really worried about this court thing because I don't want to go to jail for missing a court date not knowing when or where it is. It hurts having to live out of my car and even more having to figure out a way to get some information about the whole situation
  11. Rift The husky

    Family issues

    Will do
  12. Rift The husky

    Family issues

    I don't have any friends who I can stay with. I will ask my coworkers if they will let me stay with them. Craigslist is a good idea why didn't I think of that. Thank you
  13. Rift The husky

    Family issues

    Update I am now homeless and living out of my car because I called the police on my stepmother 4 days ago. Here's what happened I came home from work and my Dad and stepmother are hanging Christmas lights when I got there I said hello family there may be a possibility that I will be called back to work that I was going to try to get some sleep and when I came downstairs to go back to work that's when the confrontation started she said I can't believe you didn't help put up Christmas lights and nobody has the right to sleep when I outside putting the lights up. Because of all the past history between me and my family I packed my bags into my car and as Im gathering my things my stepmother starts throwing belongings all over the place and I have a right to protect my property from being destroyed and in the process of protecting my stuff my stepmother starts attacking me and chasing me around the front yard I yelled at her to get back and stay away repeatedly but she was still moving towards me then she tried to break my driver side window so when everything was all said and done I left and called the police. The police came out one to my location and another to the crime scene and took a statement from me and arrested her for assault now my dad wants me to drop the charges against her but I'm scared that if I drop the charges and she gets released what's to stop her from doing it again,
  14. Rift The husky

    4-letter Scrabble

  15. Rift The husky

    4-letter Scrabble