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  1. Rift The husky

    Can you pee your diaper and walk as the same time?

    The above is me aswell
  2. Rift The husky

    Stopped by cops or go to jail while dirty?

    I have been stopped by the police while on my way to work 2 officers asked me how I was doing I said ok and didn't think anything of it then to my surprise I got stopped again by another officer and says why are you running from the police I said that I'm not running from the police he said do you know why I stopped you I said I have no idea then he tells me that somebody with your description robbed someone's home then starts questioning me for about 25-30 minutes the police theàn checks my ID and everything they pat me down and let me go after finding out they got the wrong guy I was wearing my ABU space diaper and onesie under my work clothes
  3. I am planning to move to Australia from the U.S. and don't know where to find a cheap rental apartment that is not in a bad neighborhood. Can anyone help with this I greatly appreciate any help I can get
  4. Rift The husky

    Family issues

    I do have plans to move to Australia so I can be far away from all the negativity and abusive environment
  5. Rift The husky

    Family issues

    I dont know what to do. Two days ago I was attacked by my step sister with a piece of wood. This all started because my step sister cleaned the bathroom room and said it will be my turn on next time I said ok thats fine and called a lyft so I could go to work and I was saying to myself why should I have to clean the bathroom when I have been the only one cleaning it for a year while she sits in her room playing videogames like she runs the place in my Dads house. She heard me venting out side while waiting on my ride to work and the next thing you know she is comes running out of the house with a piece of wood like she's going to hit me with it I extended my arm and started shouting get back repeatedly and she was still comming at me with itGod she didn't do it then I called my dad about the situation and all he said was deal with it. My Dad and my stepmother say that they treat all their kids equally but that is not the case because they have threatened to stab, shoot me and more if I try to defend myself from my stepsister. What am I supposed to do stand there and possibly get killed . I'm in fear for my life right now I didn't want to call the police because I feared that it would only make it worse. I'm just still venting off steam.
  6. Rift The husky

    Last Post Wins....

    Nice try but I'm still winning
  7. Rift The husky

    Post a rediculous answer to the question

    No you'll bounce into space Why are Huskies so adorable
  8. Rift The husky

    Count to 20 unless someone posts a diaper pic

  9. Rift The husky

    Last Post Wins....

  10. Rift The husky

    Count to 20 unless someone posts a diaper pic

  11. Rift The husky

    Punish the user above you

    Fur your punishment you have to save Voyager from the macro virus
  12. Rift The husky

    Count to 20 unless someone posts a diaper pic

  13. Rift The husky

    Last Post Wins....

    Then I send in the navy seals to defeat your soldiers and take back the win
  14. Rift The husky

    Count to 20 unless someone posts a diaper pic

  15. Rift The husky

    Last Post Wins....

    I hid the win on a submarine 500 feet under water