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  1. Comfortably diapered

    Unlucky Day/Fed up/ A stratergy for sneaking diapers into your house!

    It saddens me to hear so many people having to do mission impossible stunts and hide something as simple and safe as diapers. It should not be so stigmatized. but what can you do.
  2. Comfortably diapered

    L4’s for $9

    Cheapest i get m4s is 20$ each. I something stumble on high end diapers at savers or Walmart. Walmart has decent diapers online and deliver right to store or home. That explains why you got abenas. Your lucky pal!
  3. Comfortably diapered


    I'll be honest here I think you should go! I've never been to one but I assume it would be fun or as fun as you make it. Meet some new people and share diapers or bond over food. I had a dream I went to one and I was excited. Go for it kid
  4. Comfortably diapered

    Is there such a thing as too many boosters?

    oh yeah that's excessive! must be so thick and comfy but that is just way too much. New sport called extreme diapering where we see how crazy we can make our diapers
  5. Comfortably diapered

    How do you prevent diaper rash?

    From someone who just got over a bad diaper rash turned yeast infection it sucks. Some are more prone to it but it's been hot humid and just unpleasant. Change frequently even if it's under capacity. Drink more water and use a barrier cream like desitin or a+d ointment. Also wear the right size diaper too tight can cause chaffing and that's where it starts
  6. Comfortably diapered

    No diapers no fun!

    Yeah I rarely get any rash but this humid weather and wearing just doesn't end well for me. Oh well it's a well needed break from my diapez Yeah I can only wear black and only pants are work so its usually unbearable lately. I hope our wieners don't melt off that's a hard sell to a doctor. Hey dock it just slid right off like butter
  7. Comfortably diapered

    Nappy rash

    Use desitin as a barrier cream change often and clean your area well and dry it out. A chaff rash isn't bad but when it becomes a yeast or bacterial infection it's far worse. Just keep the area dry as best you can.
  8. Comfortably diapered

    No diapers no fun!

    I'm stuck with a mild case of diaper rash that became a yeast infection because summer Hates me and I sweat alot. So I haven't been wearing diapers and it's driving me crazy. So please distract me from my sad no diaper depression
  9. Comfortably diapered

    Wore a diaper under my Comic-con costume

    Dr. Diaper! Or professor diaper was one of the villains
  10. Comfortably diapered

    Padded Bottoms

    Where I work there isn't much else to do but people watch most of the day. I've seen a few young people in diapers bit usually older people s the majority I see padded.
  11. Comfortably diapered

    Feeling the burn

    Hey everyone I've been dealing with a fairly Painful diaper rash and I usually don't get them bit when I do its bad. How do you all cope with getting one? Is it hard being in diapers all the time and dealing with it? What do you use to treat it?
  12. Comfortably diapered

    Diaper sag solution

    You really can't fight gravity it's Inevitable our diaper sag will hit the floor but I use diaper covers but I have heard suspenders may help?
  13. Comfortably diapered

    Interesting conversation with a child minder.

    For a while I would pass this "daycare" called young at heart on the way to work and to me that sounds too much like an adult daycare lol.
  14. Comfortably diapered

    Kia Ora from New Zealand

    G'day my kiwi friend! Glad you joined btw I love the nz show the tribe! Please tell me your familiar with it?
  15. Comfortably diapered

    Diapers and anxiety

    It could change my mood too if I wasn't padded for a while get cranky it's funny how that works Just remember we are all humans and we all seek out happiness. For us it's thick diapers or maybe watch a cartoon and sip from a sippy cup. I'm just here to spread positivity. We all have this life to live and since I've been losing my friends to ODs and suicides I'm just trying to get through it all and just live life the ups and downs. Sorry I got all speechy