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  1. Seriously why is it so hard!? I still find this bashful in front of my girl
  2. Best I've gotten was molicare case and one time I found CVS vintage briefs from I think 89 90. Very cool find my friend.
  3. I had told my mom about me wearing and at this point she literally buys me wipes powder and any toiletries I need. Awkward sometimes yes but she's my mom and she's changed me from infancy so she is ok with it and just lets it be. I wish more family was accepting as my mom and girlfriend.
  4. I have a vintage Gund puppy plushie my mom got me at Rachel's store back in 1989 he's been my other half since I had him. Now he's gnarly and patchy but you can tell the love he received. His name is oatmeal/ scruffy
  5. Albany has a medical supply store and they carry abdl diapers paci cloths etc. Worth googling might not be close but that's the only one I know of
  6. Diapers diapees are usually what I call them.
  7. I feel if a guy were to change my diaper it would kill the mood and make things very awkward. I'm very comfortable with my sexuality but something about a guy changing me would just be to uncomfortable. Just my opinion.
  8. Honestly I really like the Abu shirts! Not to much of a giveaway but still cute.
  9. Currently have a dagger 80w mod mated to a mutation x RDA wth a quad coil. It rips haha. Juice wise I love Charlie's chalk dust and ruthless juice. Right now I'm vaping a vanilla creme and brownie flavor.
  10. UPS =united pot smokers. Maybe that's why my deliveries take forever , they make munchie trips.
  11. Hey bud! The stores around like CVS Walgreen's etc suck not a great place to find diapers. Your better off searching for real medical stores around Florida andbsee what they carry. Most likely tranquility tena stuff like that. Just out of curiosity what kind of diapers can you get in Norway?
  12. I guess for disposables dry 24/7 but like others have said they still just won't hold up like cloth etc.
  13. It comes with time my friend. You won't be 100% confident overnight. It takes alot of soul searching and experience in life. Just do what makes you happy and people don't care as much as we make ourselves think.
  14. Hell yeah! Your a lucky guy my friend. Cheers
  15. Of course you can. Some hold more liquid so you would get more time with it. If you don't wet or wear alot you could get a rash easier. I have some sensitivity but I've been wearing for so long I don't get rashes too much.