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  1. Comfortably diapered

    Who is ready for riding weather?

    I ride a 40 something year old moped does that count? It soft seized on me today I think she needs a rebuild. Friend had a cb350 brat style it was quite the bike
  2. Comfortably diapered

    Is this a booster?

    Of im not mistaken dual diaper system livdry might make it or this Chinese company where you use this pad inside the diaper as a huge booster and change the booster when it's used. Basically the diaper is to catch anything the pad can't contain. I've seen this recently I'm pretty sure it's livdry
  3. Comfortably diapered

    In Sweden For The Next Month

    It's possible I have never traveled myself but do know it's pretty hard to get them. I'm sure you can find some if your a tourist they may accommodate you or ask a pharmacist there. Wish I could help more friend.
  4. Comfortably diapered

    Members mark total protection briefs

    Nah not worth it probably. All those store brands are basically first quality crap. Just buy some online and try some nice ones!
  5. Comfortably diapered

    Marijuana and your diapers?

    I seriously enjoy cannabis so much. I used to drink more but I cut back it's just not good for you. Weed helps me with many things including anxiety depression and it just mellows me out. It's legal where I come from and it's just what I enjoy.
  6. Comfortably diapered

    Thoughts on Cloth Backed Disposalbes

    I still say seni super plus you get a large amount for a decent price. In the end plastic is just the way to go.
  7. Comfortably diapered

    Looking for Diaper Store in NY/NJ

    I've called and they seem very nice and friendly. I've always wanted to make the trip but from where I live it's like a 2 hr trip. So they get my vote.
  8. Comfortably diapered

    Do you REALLY Want to become Diaper dependent?

    It's hard to say sometimes I wish I was but it would kill me paycheck wise and the one I use are kinda pricy. There's days I really don't want to be but I feel one day I'm going to be in them permanently. Oh well lifes short
  9. Comfortably diapered

    In Sweden For The Next Month

    Ok so from my understanding it's hard unless you have a doctor's note or perscription. They probably don't even have them In Stores. I wish you luck on the trip that's amazing you get to see Sweden!
  10. Comfortably diapered

    Little Behaviors

    Sometimes I get pidgeontoed and I feel that's little and cute when I I'm in little space.
  11. Comfortably diapered

    What interest ?

    I have to say most of all my dad gave me the interest of cars trucks anything with an engine. I also love bicycles and rc trucks anything I can tinker with.
  12. Comfortably diapered

    Where to buy molicare?

    Amazon for sure I buy most of my diapers there and I used to use xp.
  13. Comfortably diapered

    Thoughts on Cloth Backed Disposalbes

    I absolutely love my plastic diapers but honestly seni super plus are my go to now and they are cloth backed but are so comfy soft and super absorbant.
  14. Comfortably diapered

    I Think Diapers Have Reached Their Limit In Capacity Now.

    I feel it's like music. Just about every genre exists and it's all be done nothing's really surprising anymore. I feel as if maybe there is always room to tweak and change but it's kind of at the top of the mountain so to speak. Just my opinion.
  15. Comfortably diapered

    vintage attends let down

    It's crazy that you can stumble apon vintage diapers time from time. I had the same issue once when I found some vintage depends. It all depends on how they are stored. Mildew is the one that seems to get to them. That nasty basement smell.. blech! Sell em on eBay for more money lol