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  1. My dad probably never knew but my mom did and she was more accepting than probably most parents. She let me wear them when I was young and thought it was a phase. Now as I'm older I wear them more she knows about it and is fine with it.
  2. Comfortably diapered

    Regular size?

    So I can't be the only one who wonders why only very few companies make a regular size diaper for in between people like me where a medium can be a bit small and a large just too big. I know it takes more money but it can't be much more than what they can afford. I would like to see what others think.
  3. Comfortably diapered

    would a macho man have this fetish?

    Of course there is macho men who are into all sorts of things and fetishes. I'm not very macho but I do put up a front to not fuck with me I'm a strong individual who won't take anyone's shit and can out up a decent fight. I'm sensitive tho and I hate the toxic masculinity that society pushes on us but hell body builders wear banana hammocks and that's not very macho lol
  4. Comfortably diapered

    Big Oops Today

    Damn that's really unfortunate
  5. Comfortably diapered

    Body mods

    Why does one get a tattoo or their ears pierced? Most because I wanted this. I went through a tough time in my life and this was a healing process and a self journey. It means something to me and it made me feel again. They look cool to me also.
  6. Comfortably diapered

    Body mods

    Does anyone else have crazy body modifications or streched ears?
  7. Oooh ls swap? Idk man stick to a k20 engine and gut that car! I had a few hondas in my day
  8. Comfortably diapered

    Possible ABDL in Be More Chill

    If only it wasn't a musical I can't stand those...
  9. Comfortably diapered

    Changing in a public bathroom tonight with several others in there.

    That shit still gives me anxiety unless in in a single bathroom. It's been getting better but always in n the back of my mind.
  10. Comfortably diapered

    Away for the week

    Oooh Scotland my neighbor from the north. How's the weather up there? 😎
  11. Comfortably diapered

    Case of defective diapers. ( improper shape ) How to make them work?

    Who knows why he sold it possibly life situations or health reasons. It's a shame it was one of the first sites I bought real nice diapers. Oh well Amazon it is lol. To get to the point of diaper defects it's hard to tell how bad they are. I would just wear plastic pants over it. I find it a pain to send products back unless it's in store. Maybe sell the packages and see if you can get some money back.
  12. Comfortably diapered

    Brewing beer

    Oooh lucky duck! I have a beer kit but never had the time or patience to brew beer. I hear it's difficult if your equipment isn't cleaned right and it's possible it may come out Terrible. I am better at drinking it
  13. Comfortably diapered

    What's your favorite podcast?

    I second Joe rogans podcast he's such a funny and down to earth guy and he could kick our butts with his ufc super powers.
  14. I would buy a way better house to live in. Buy a new car or older restored 4x4. Buy a ton of diapers yes 1ton I will need a CAT dump truck to deliver them. The rest I would invest and donate to animal charities.
  15. Comfortably diapered

    Out deer hunting.

    I agree diapers would be the best idea on a long day hunt. Do you hunt for sport or food? I don't hunt myself unless I had to.