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  1. The Diaper's out of the bag :)

    I'm happy for you buddy! That's a huge step and emotionally a big hurdle to jump. Hope it works out well and best of luck in life.
  2. does anyone else vape on here

    Smoked after my brother died and was smoking for 3 yrs. I Vaped to get off them and it has worked. I do enjoy it along with smoking cannabis.
  3. What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Filter- hey man nice shot
  4. Anyone like the sound?

    I find farts halarious if that counts
  5. Naps?

    My gf naps more than I do haha! Once I'm awake I'm kinda stuck like that. Unless work killed me and I'm mad tired.
  6. Relaxing Baby/Kiddie Music

    To be honest no I like regular music even when i ageplay. I do remember growing up on Raffi children's music I loved that.
  7. Explain Your Screen Name

    Because I'm oh so comfortably diapered most of the time
  8. Woman Pooping All Over Town In Colorado

    It's crazy how she has no shame in what she's doing. I do know there was a lot of people mad at the Boston Marathon where some keynan runners were pooping on lawns haha.
  9. Dry 24/7 changing

    I'm also wondering how a+ stack up to northshorecare
  10. Tim & Eric's Bedtime Stories Episodes 4 and 10

    They had one episode where John c reily calls a abdl commerical and they show up to his house tell him to put a diaper on and crawl around like ababy as they Rob house lol worth checking out. They are some odd dudes
  11. LoTR++ Marathon

    Even the trees walked in those movies
  12. Visiting AB Universe location

    I know of a place in Albany NY who is a med supply but has their own abdl side with diapers cloths pacis. Never been but would be a drive for me. I wish I really could see abu or rearz.
  13. Yeah. Must have missed that sorry my dude. To be completely honest I was always upfront but knew how Wanted to say it. Every girl I dated was very accepting and never judged me that I knew of. All of them no kinks or fetishes. Never scared them away but did cause problems with one ex it just wasnt what she wanted in her life. My current partner is amazing and she loves me so much. Just be confident and know what you want to say. I would say you have a 80% chance it will be ok!
  14. Study says 40% sleep with a bear!

    My girlfriend isn't abdl but loves stuffed animals cartoons etc. I'd say she's like an adult kid but doesn't really say it. I guess some vanilla's do have some childish things they like or do. An ex of mine loved sucking her thumb.