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  1. Bambino Diapers Brand

    Just bought some finally tried them! I ordered teddy ones and right out the box it was nostalgia. Reminds me of the old 90s disposables. Right away got emotional when I opened one up. Didn't have any issues ordering either.
  2. Remodelled Nursery

    So cute!
  3. Med care? No. elderly? Yes, because it isn't only elderly who need them. Many people of all ages have ic and issues of the like. That bugs me alot but it is what it is.
  4. Finding diapers in Germany

    I know Sweden is super hard to her diapers bit Germany is knows for molicare fabine some others too. You probably will have food luck in supermarkets or pharmacies.
  5. Love thrift stores

    I've had bad luck lately finding anything decent but other times I've seen molicare attends vintage depends and the generic type. I once got a bag of abena m3. It's like rolling the dice!
  6. Wetting until your diaper sags

    I'm really liking the northshore how they get kinda firm it feels awesome! Especially when you wake up in comfy bed.
  7. I could use some advice.

    Actually you might have hit the nail on the head, pun intended. Lol I use sometimes too much powder and this may have caused it. This usually doesn't happen but it did today and it hurt. Thanks for the advice!
  8. I could use some advice.

    Yeah it's possible because I didn't have a lot of water today unless you count a large iced coffee and a beer
  9. I could use some advice.

    Yeah I know I should get it check out for sure. I'm most positive it isn't an STD but I figured maybe wearing diapers alot could cause alot off utis or irritation. It's not usually often but only on occasion.
  10. I could use some advice.

    So I know y'all probably aren't nurses or doctors but I'm having an occasional issue with me sometimes after peeing a small amount I feel a burning pain in the tip of my ahem*** penis and urethra . Is this common wearing diapers alot? Could be irritation from rubbing on a wet diaper alot or a UTI? I wear everyday but usually not all day. It's usually only when I pee a small amount in my diaper. I don't like doctors so I usually won't go unless I have to.thanks for any input!
  11. Anybody have any favorite stuffed animals from your childhood and now?

    The only one I kept is oatmeal. He's probably as old as I am and looks it. He's a Gund stuffed dog and I took him everywhere. I feel bad I don't give him love as much as I should.
  12. Dl

    I want to try ab diapers so bad! Might get some Bambino or Abu diapers. I'm just sticking to northshore or dry24/7
  13. Miley Cyrus SNL

    Seeing as social media is a key to information she deff knows about it and probably has an interest. To think she was before it was a fairly well know thing aka abdl, she probably didn't know about it. It's a thing that pops up alot with her. Untill she admits and owns it it's speculation. I got to say I would so be her daddy even if her music is garbage.
  14. Would you let a stranger online buy diapers for you?

    I wanted my gf to buy me diapers for Christmas or bday but never knows what I like or want. Guess I'm buying mine for the rest of my life lol
  15. Were you always comfortable with your AB/DL side?

    I was first a dl but now have a little side. It's awesome I always loved toys and good memories as a kid. Just gets me in that mode.