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  1. Comfortably diapered

    Are disposable diapers harmful for health?

    Bro all I'm going to say is the worst you will ever get is probably a yeast infection aka jock itch. It's miserable to have bit can be treated easily. Rashes and chaffing will probably be the worst. As said above some diapers are using different materials so it's possible to have a reaction but very rarely.
  2. Comfortably diapered

    Disney World

    I envy yall! I probably will never be able to afford a trip to Disney or universal studios. It's been a dream of mine but financially I could never ever swing it. Maybe just one day it will happen...
  3. Comfortably diapered

    My first ever Amazon dream

    Like Amazon delivery service?
  4. Comfortably diapered

    What You Do With Your Plushie?

    my bear usually just chills on my bed but sometimes he gets snuggled and sometimes he wears a diaper like me
  5. Comfortably diapered

    Is pooping your nappy in public acceptable

    Well I see alot of varied views on this subject. I'm going to be the small percent that says it's ok within reason. I don't find it rude and it's really not anyone's buissness. If your walking around in a shitty diaper for prolonged time probably not the best in polite ettiquite but I will say I have been working retail for quite some time. I smell alot of awful smells like body odor and shitty baby diapers. No one seems to give a shit one way or the other. You'll hear mixed responses but all in all just be safe be aware of others and have fun. Don't let the Debby downers get to you.
  6. Comfortably diapered

    Your favorite printed diapers

    I'm going against the grain here. Love the rearz lil monsters. I feel like I might be the only one who likes these..
  7. Comfortably diapered

    Northshore Supreme Lite diapers in colors now!

    Northshore Adam when will these and megamax be available on Amazon? That's where I usually buy from
  8. Comfortably diapered

    I prefer plastic backed

    I'm not sure of your country but I live in America so I can get many plastic backed I know Europe has molicare and abena. Those are for sure plastic backed.
  9. Comfortably diapered

    lets face it

    Not sure who says that but I never personally have had anyone associate it with that. I could really care less about what my peers think. I don't flaunt it and I don't feel the need to tell anyone but my partners or close friends who may figure it out.
  10. Comfortably diapered

    If you was given the chance to stop would you ?

    For me personally hell no! It makes me happy it's unique to me an I wouldn't get rid of it for the world. I have thought about this before but I just couldn't I'd rather give up drinking or smoking pot.
  11. My wifey loooves the printed diapers I buy. She thinks they are cute and would rather me wear the cute ones.
  12. Comfortably diapered


    Some large diapers hold more than a medium I think is what he meant but sizes can range from manufacturer. I'm an in-between size sometimes so a medium or large will fit better.
  13. Comfortably diapered


    M4 is my go to and it's not terribly thick as some but still more than a wellness diaper. Some rearz diapers are a good medium thickness.
  14. Comfortably diapered

    Need help peeing

    It's habit and relaxing the body and mind. Habituall using everyday will help but if it's only I wear once and a while it can still be done.
  15. Comfortably diapered

    Leaving Diapers or Pants around in your Hotel-Room

    That's on you my dude. I personally wouldn't leave my stuff just lying about. I feel that's a more voyeristic or whatever the word is. If that's your thing it's not really harming anyone. I keep respect for people who just don't want to see diapers and stuff. I will tell you that I'm sure hotel staff rummage through your drawers and things. People can't be trusted with personal belongings so I'm sure they would see it regardless.