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  1. Hay bg you okay a changed the rp's a bit. I am sorry if your mad at me.


  2. Dumpster baby ( private)

    "Why mama we got a house we don't need one just to play in " Emily comments back clearly not getting what a place House was Hanna stop Abby from walking " yes I can and so can your mama if we feel that's what we have to do now I advise you not to push it Abby " Hanna says and carries on walking Abby to her room and goes to pick a outfit out for her for the day
  3. Dumpster baby ( private)

    "Okay I'm going to get abby ready then get you guys " Hanna says and gets abby from time out "now young lady next time you lie you be going over my knee for a spanking understand " Hanna tells abby Emily hadn't been at back yet and thought it was really pretty "pretty mama " Emily comments
  4. Dumpster baby ( private)

    "Not that long I was going to get her now " Hanna said with a chuckle and eye roll as she heard what Abby said "I was just finishing my coffee then I remember we have kids " she joke to Mya Emily walk carefully down the stairs holding her Cookie Monster and look at Abby
  5. Dumpster baby ( private)

    "That what cleaning means mama ?" Emily ask confused but started doing it anyway only leaving her Elmo and Cookie Monster out "mama can I take these with us when we go out ?" She ask "you get when I come get you Abby not when your ready " Hanna says finishing off her coffee before getting Abby
  6. Dumpster baby ( private)

    "Okay mama " Emily mumble still not happy as she went to clean up her mess but some time later ended up just playing with her toys in stead giggling happily hanna finish cleaning up the kitchen looking to make sure Abby was in time out ever now and then
  7. Dumpster baby ( private)

    Emily sigh and pouted a bit as Mya wash her she didn't want to clean up that sounded boring "I know you don't mean that and don't kick the wall Abby I'll come get you when time out over don't move from there " Hanna says and goes to wash up
  8. Dumpster baby ( private)

    "Okay mama " Emily says and starts to draw on the tub frowning when mya came back and told her she had to clean "why mama " Emily says "No it's fair " Hanna says taking abby out of her chair and took her to the living room and put her in time out
  9. Dumpster baby ( private)

    "Okay mama " Emily says and waddles off to get them pulling all her toys out leaving a mess in her room as she goes back to the bathroom "Yes but you still lie " Hanna tells Abby
  10. Dumpster baby ( private)

    "It okay sissy now I'm ready mama " Emily says holding her arms up "good now Abby finish your breakfast then your still going into timeout " Hanna says glad Abby said sorry but didn't mean she wasn't going to still get a time out for lying in the first place
  11. Dumpster baby ( private)

    "Abby we went over this yesterday we aren't going to spoiled you girls and we will be saying no more often we said told Emily no and yet you still tried to lie because you knew we said no but you tried to get Emily in trouble now I want you to say sorry now or after time out but you will say sorry to your sister " Hanna said emily shrug she wasn't sure she just wanted to know why Abby wanted her to get in trouble
  12. Dumpster baby ( private)

    "Very fair young lady now say sorry to Emily for trying to get her in trouble then eat your breakfast " Hanna says Emily stop eating having some food on her face and look at Abby confused she didn't get why Abby was trying to get her in to trouble but she didn't like it
  13. Dumpster baby ( private)

    "Nu uh I didn't mama and mummy " Emily said with her mouth full "Abby you don't lie and try to get your sister in trouble after breakfast your going in the time out corner " Hanna says to Abby shock that she would try that
  14. Dumpster baby ( private)

    "Yay thank you mama " Emily says and starts to eat "Abby what are you doing come on it's time to eat take off your shoes " Hanna says looking at Abby with a rise eyebrow
  15. Dumpster baby ( private)

    Hanna nodded her head at Mya then went to get Abby "Abby honey breakfast ready lets go " Hanna says "okay mama I told Abby you say nu cause it breakfast time " Emily said as she was put in the highchair "nu mama I wanna fed myself "