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  1. babygoth

    Dumpster baby ( private)

    “Well being woken up from crying probably didn’t set up for a great mood and you know Emily can be funny with loud sounds at times when in the wrong head space “ hanna says with a shrug
  2. babygoth

    Little attonery in need of a loving home

    “Cold “ jess says as she touches the water for the first time with her feet and pulled back then touch the water again kicking her feet a little “She will in winter “ hanna says laughing
  3. babygoth

    Dumpster baby ( private)

    Emily finish off watering the plants before waddling off to go hide in the play house hanna came back and carefully put cream on Abby arm without waking her before going outside to see what Mya and Emily was up too
  4. babygoth

    Little attonery in need of a loving home

    Jess look at the water before looking at Mya nodding making grabbing hands up at Mya willing to at least try “Yeah same and the water not that deep so Chloe can’t really get into any danger “ hanna says watching Chloe as she dipp in the water to cool down
  5. babygoth

    Hogwarts school of babies?

    Harry saw Luna and rush over to her “hey Luna where you waiting for me if you did great we can get on the train together “ harry says giving Luna a hug Ginny lean into hermoine as she was brought onto the train after saying good bye to her mum and dad Molly said good to each of the children fussing over each one leaving Ginny and hermoine last so they could get on the train but always found it hard to let her little girl go back to school
  6. babygoth

    Little attonery in need of a loving home

    “And Chloe loves the slide “ hanna says chuckling watching both girls for a moment before going in the water to keep a eye on Chloe jess started playing happily in the sand trying her toys out every now and then she would look up at the water still unsure
  7. babygoth

    Dumpster baby ( private)

    Emily shook her head frowning as she water the flowers on the balance on having tantrum cause of being in a bad mood and keeping frowning / pouting like she was now Hanna lay Abby down on the couch and put a few pillows under her arm “don’t move it your just hurt it more “ hanna warns her before putting on Abby favourite film and went to get the cream she normally use when she got hurt as it would help Abby arm
  8. babygoth

    Little attonery in need of a loving home

    Jess babble happily seeing her new toys and wanted to try them right away hanna laugh “I know you do just hold on mommy needs to get change too then we can all go “ hanna says going to get dress quickly before grabbing Chloe floaties and Chloe hand and walks down to meet Mya and jess
  9. babygoth

    Dumpster baby ( private)

    Emily nodded and took the watering can and waddle off to water the flowers she like still not in a great mood but she did like to help “I bet you are how about you lay on the couch with your arm up while mommy look for some cream that should help your arm “ hanna offers as she carried Abby down stairs
  10. babygoth

    Little attonery in need of a loving home

    Jess nodded liking the sound of that as she got change wiggling about whining from all the cream on her she felt like she been dump in white paint hanna chuckle watching Chloe and help her put on her swim suit before putting a lot of cream on her too so she wouldn’t be burn
  11. babygoth

    Dumpster baby ( private)

    “To lowd “ Emily mumble only uncoving her ears when she was outside with Mya hanna went up and put Abby arm back in the sling and gave her some pain meds before picking her up
  12. babygoth

    Little attonery in need of a loving home

    “Sand fun “ jess agree nodding not gone near the sea yet not sure on it “Yes I know and once your change, have cream and your water wings on then you can go on it “ hanna says taking Chloe to her room to get her ready
  13. babygoth

    Dumpster baby ( private)

    Hanna nodded sighing when she heard Abby crying and went to get her taking the pain medicine with her Emily cover her ears frowning when she heard Abby crying her bad mood back
  14. babygoth

    Little attonery in need of a loving home

    Jess was playing with the sand picking up and letting it run though her fingers giggling softly hanna nodded and went though the bags finely finding the girls swimming stuff and walk out to Mya and the girls
  15. babygoth

    Little attonery in need of a loving home

    Jess crawl behind Chloe and look in awed at the beach crawling to touch the sand leaving her toy in the house “yeah....have the girls been too quite?” Hanna ask wondering why Chloe wasn’t bugging them to go swimming