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  1. "So it doesn't mean either us wanted people we don't know knowing " Alex points out as she slump down in her place
  2. "Why she didn't need to know that it personal " Alex whine pouting at Aaliyah
  3. Alex was bright red and wide eye when Aaliyah says that "so you told her the truth then "'Alex mumble embarrasses by that
  4. "It's fine " Alex mumble as she talk to her toys and handing them the toy cookies
  5. Alex had found some fake cakes and cookies to use and was pouring her toys tea when Aaliyah came in
  6. "Yes " Alex answer and went back to her room to play
  7. Elaine sigh and shook her head "bye Aaliyah I'll talk to you later " Elaine and hangs up before grabbing Alice by the arm and took her to the couch Elaine then pulled Alice over her lap Alex was still mad watching Aaliyah frowning deeply
  8. "I saw that Alice and in less you want to start your time out time again I would behave if I was you " Elaine told her little girl with a smirk "that sound good I'll make everyone lunch what do you guys want " Elaine says to Aaliyah
  9. "You might be 23 but your not to old to go over my knee again " Elaine said shaking her head "sorry about that Aaliyah but you know what little girls can be like " she added over the phone alex stood there with her arms cross pouting deeply
  10. ".Okay that fine it be nice for Alice to make a new friend " Elaine says before turning her head to her little girl "no honey time out not over yet " alex got bored of waiting for Aaliyah to come so huff and whine to Aaliyah "mummy get off the phone were meant to be having a tea party " Alex said pouting not caring if it was rude since Aaliyah was on the phone
  11. "oh that great and okay I get it "
  12. "Yeah but I thought you were seeing me today how are you " Elaine ask
  13. Alex rolled her eyes hearing who it was and walk back to her room "hi Aaliyah " Elaine says
  14. Alex frown and huff when Aaliyah left to get the phone so Alex went with to find out who called
  15. Alex laugh again at Aaliyah before acting like she was talking to stuffed toys