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  1. Dumpster baby ( private)

    “Yeah but she always eats my food diet or not “ hanna points out before looking at the time “not yet Abby you need a bath first since you didn’t have one last night like Emily “ Hanna says standing up Emily ate happily making cute sounds as she was fed
  2. Two sick Little’s ( private )

    Bella never been a fan of bananas her self so made a face when she tried it “Sure that’s fine seems like the girls don’t like the same food either “ Rose says seeing the different reactions to it
  3. Dumpster baby ( private)

    Emily cooed back at mya as she brought downstairs hanna was just finishing making Emily bottle when mya and Emily came down "I made bacon and eggs for us and your mother if she wants some when she comes " Hanna says to mya
  4. Two sick Little’s ( private )

    Bella nodded that she was hungry as she was carried into the kitchen and put into her high chair "okay mommy" Bella agree as she open her mouth to be fed "you like that honey " Rose cooed at Kayla
  5. Hogwarts school of babies?

    Ginny let out a few more little whimpers as Hermione spoke as she held herself showing Hermione she was in pain when she was pulled closer and ask if her underwear could be wet without notice Ginny nodded "yeah for trips mum the night before puts a spell on them to make them like diapers on the inside to hold everything in case of something like this " Ginny mumbles as she keeps wiggling a bit till going completely still going her face going reder and reder for a bit before looking relieved
  6. Two sick Little’s ( private )

    Rose sat down and started to feed Kayla little bits of banana purée bella finely got bored being on her own and started to call for Mya
  7. Dumpster baby ( private)

    “Mama “Emily said happily and held her arms up to Mya so she could be changed out of her messy diaper “Yes you and Emily are staying with nana tonight “ Hanna says as she finishes making bacon and eggs for breakfast today
  8. Two sick Little’s ( private )

    “Bella hasn’t notice it really and Kayla seems to like it “ Rose says to Mya before going back to the living room once she heard Kayla and pick her up and taking her back into the kitchen bella slowly started to wake up and noticed she was in a swing so started to enjoy it
  9. Dumpster baby ( private)

    “Morning Abby did you sleep well “ Hanna ask as she picks Abby up and puts her on her seat Emily woke up and started to play with her bunny happily babbling to her bunny like a real baby
  10. Two sick Little’s ( private )

    Bella stay asleep not really noticing the swing at all Rose watch the girls for a moment before she went into the kitchen
  11. Dumpster baby ( private)

    (Sure that’s fine ) hanna woke up the next morning and went down to get breakfast ready
  12. Two sick Little’s ( private )

    “Okay we will need to check what we have and just get ride off all the nuts in the house anyway “ Rose says then nods and goes to get the swings and place both girls in there own swing turning it on to a slow speed
  13. Dumpster baby ( private)

    Emily smiled and kept eating till she was done “here you go honey we wouldn’t forget you “ Hanna says handing Abby her frozen yogurt
  14. Hogwarts school of babies?

    “I don’t know “Ginny whimper out bout if she could hold it either way “see that’s why you didn’t get it because your not into sports but that’s fine “ Ginny says
  15. Two sick Little’s ( private )

    "Alright that reminds me did you gave a allergie test ?" Rose ask