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  1. Jamie just needed for Emma to fall asleep then she could get Emma phone easy Jamie thought
  2. Alex nods and goes back off to play still watching Aaliyah to see what she was up to
  3. Well shoe box she live in but still she needed proof she was adult but all that was in her place and as she was new around there she still hadn't learn her new address well which she knew was sad for adult
  4. Jamie rolled her eyes when Emma left but did smile a little from the prise
  5. "Mummy what mommy to you is she your girlfriend?" Alex ask but not fighting the being baby sat yet
  6. Jamie sigh after reading it and type out please mommy
  7. Jamie read the message confused and look at Emma "I said please " she says showing Emma that she hadn't been rude
  8. Alex giggle proud of doing that to Aaliyah "I said where we going at 6 mummy " Alex says again
  9. Can I have a hot chocolate with marshmallows please Jamie type back showing Emma
  10. "Mummy where we going at 6 ?" Alex ask letting Aaliyah know she was there okay see you then
  11. Jamie soon wanted a drink and tap on Emma "drink please " she ask and hope she didn't yell with her thumb still in her mouth
  12. Subconsciously Jamie snuggle into Emma and she pops her thumb into her mouth
  13. She nice sweet girl smart she 18 Alice good with her so she can handle both girls
  14. Jamie wiggle around in her diaper it was odd being in one again but not unpleasant as she thought it would be Jamie soon forgot about it as she got into the film holding her toy leaning on Emma with out notice
  15. Yeah she knows she babysat Alice before