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  1. Dumpster baby ( private)

    “Are trip yeah sure sounds good to me “hanna says after thinking about it
  2. Little attonery in need of a loving home

    “She going to want that even if she can’t hold it so the medicine won’t help with that “ Hanna points out
  3. Dumpster baby ( private)

    Emily nodded agreeing “well as long as your back it’s all cool” hanna says
  4. Little attonery in need of a loving home

    “I don’t know she not really though on using it yet but I don’t mind “ hanna says as she dishes out
  5. Little attonery in need of a loving home

    “Well you are the more bossy one” hanna says in a sing song voice before laughing as she ducks back into the kitchen
  6. Dumpster baby ( private)

    “Otay nana” Emily says and smiles at chole “me tu look it a Pokémon “ Emily says showing her charmander to chole holding both her new toy and her bunny “hey nick so they loud you back then” hanna joke at him
  7. Little attonery in need of a loving home

    “Okay Chloe “ jess going along with Chloe grabbing her Micky again as she went to go play with Chloe “seems like chole really taking the bossy big sister roller well” hanna joke looking at Mya
  8. Little attonery in need of a loving home

    Jess went back to clean up the broad game “and girls dinner won’t be long so stay down here “ hanna says popping her head out of the kitchen
  9. Dumpster baby ( private)

    Hanna walk up and talk to a few people “yeah nana got me new teddies cause me gud “ Emily says smiling
  10. Little attonery in need of a loving home

    “Are we aloud?” Jess ask confused a little upset that she didn’t win but didn’t care that much
  11. Dumpster baby ( private)

    Hanna mouth a thank you and went to lay Abby down in the guess room and then went to greet everyone emily started laughing and said happily “nana mewwy...um...mass “ she said with a smile at the end trying to say merry Christmas
  12. Little attonery in need of a loving home

    “Yes master “ Hanna says rolling her eyes as she goes to cook dinner
  13. Dumpster baby ( private)

    Hanna nodded and carefully got Abby out of the car without waking her up Emily smiled and cooed back at Mya happily in a better mood now
  14. Dumpster baby ( private)

    “Same” both hanna and Emily said at the same time about Abby being asleep hanna brought the car to a stop outside Mya mum house
  15. Little attonery in need of a loving home

    jess Again shrugs as she didn’t mind as food was food and she was in playing game mode “I’ll see if we have enough if not girls want hamburgers or mac&chesse ?” Hanna ask