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  1. Dumpster baby ( private)

    "Oh and I don't know I don't know my parents are " Emily says like it wasn't a big deal Hanna got Emily out of the hair chair and watch her waddle off dragging her blankie and drinking her bottle
  2. Dumpster baby ( private)

    "But I'm fine mama Abby sicky " Emily said to the first part then thought about the questions they ask with a frown on her face for a while before answering "I don't know and nope I've never been to school " she finely answered them Hanna handed Emily a bottle and gave her a kiss on the head
  3. Dumpster baby ( private)

    "Alright I'll get her now " Hanna says and goes to get Emily and comes back with her "I'll make her a bottle " Hanna says sitting Emily in her high chair "mama mommy said we going to the doctow why ?" Emily ask confused
  4. Dumpster baby ( private)

    "Ah that makes sense there couple more things I want to know about Emily like if she gone to school so knows how to read and write , her birthday anything about her really we don't know much about her " Hanna says as she pours herself another coffee
  5. Dumpster baby ( private)

    "Maybe later Abby you guys are going to the doctor at 1 today so maybe after that " Hanna explains and walks back into the kitchen "sorry about that babe you where trying to tell me why your getting a playpen for Emily?" Hanna ask
  6. Dr.Baby

    "That's not very good mummy you both should know about us especially if your claiming us both as sisters " Alex points out
  7. Life

    She thought they where good ideas she like the thought of a crib and a high chair seem like a better idea then sitting on phone books
  8. Dr.Baby

    "Okay what's wrong with her then ?" Alex ask not even going to fight or disagree with what Aaliyah said "can I have drink too ?" She adds that was easy Elaine thought "yes you can I'll get you drink now " Elaine says and goes to the kitchen
  9. Dr.Baby

    "Yeah that happens but not often like it take them at points ages to find me I lived in a library for almost a year before they found me that how I got head to make it to a good medical school at 17 " Alex said with a shrug "okay maybe we should stop telling Alex that some of her ideas are dumb since there are a lot of things Alex done before that we couldn't possibly do " Elaine points out shaking her head "okay Alex I get your pass and how smart you are you've done a lot of stuff but you can't anymore as there people who care about now does that make sense " "yeah that makes sense mommy I'm sorry what I did yesterday " Alex say feeling bad
  10. Dr.Baby

    "So what I said pretty much and you know running away normally people do that to disappear and I've done that before to get away from people in the homes it's not hard like I said before " Alex said with a shrug elain sigh rubbing her head she wasnt that shock by what Alex says
  11. Dumpster baby ( private)

    Emily was mumbling sleepy as she rub her eyes holding her blanket in her other hand as she tried to wake up her hair sticking up everywhere Hanna came back in with a sippy cup for Abby when she saw both girls looking so cute so she grab her phone and took a few pictures before handing Abby her sippy cup " here honey something to drink " Hanna says
  12. Dr.Baby

    "That what I was going to do was dumb and I pointed out to mummy it's not dumb when you never had anything anyway so vanishing is easy and I've done it before and that it's not my fault Alice brain broke " Alex says Elaine just look at Aaliyah giving her a look that said what did you say to our oldest child
  13. Dumpster baby ( private)

    "No sweetie not today " Hanna says putting Abby down in the living room "now you watch some tv and I'll come get you when breakfast is ready " Hanna adds turning the tv on "nu mama why " Emily mumble out still more asleep then awake snuggling into blankie as she rub her eyes
  14. Dr.Baby

    "That's good have you started talking to Alex then " Elaine says
  15. Life

    She thought it would pretty much look like her room here to be honest as she kept playing with her toys