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  1. "Aww " Alex says and goes back to playing with her toys
  2. Alex huff and splash at the water
  3. "Aww mummy give it back " Alex whine pouting fully at Aaliyah
  4. Alex right away started playing with her toys right away pacifier still in mouth as she played
  5. "Okay mummy" Alex nodded as she was carried in to the bathroom glad to see the tub and her toys
  6. "But why mummy me no get it " Alex says not sure why Aaliyah felt like that
  7. "Why mummy I don't get it " Alex said frowning softly
  8. "Do I have to wear them after my bath mummy ?" Alex ask worried as she sat up
  9. Alex felt better right away now that she was getting clean
  10. "Good mummy me no like messy diaper " Alex says nodding
  11. Alex lay bonny down on a pillow carefully and cover her with Alex blanket before turning around "uh huh shhh mummy bonny sleeping " Alex whisper and crawled over too Aaliyah
  12. She was odd too was Alex first thought not like her mummy at all but she like Elaine being different she understood Alex a little better than Aaliyah could not that Alex wanted a different mummy no but she knew she was safe with Elaine too when her mummy wasn't around
  13. And blush at that and thought she might want to talk to Aaliyah after bath time about that
  14. "How can you give me the answers bonny your just a baby too who can't talk yet " Alex says with a sigh as she rocks bonny in her arms like Aaliyah had done to her before
  15. And sigh Alice still confused her to know end she didn't know what to think about the other girl 'one moment she fine the next she kicks up the biggest fuss about nothing I know I'm no better at times but still' she thought rolling her eyes