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  1. She was going to learn she is just a diaper baby (private)

    Grace listened to her auntie talk. She was glad her auntie didn't think she was naughty. She smiled and said, "okay auntie." She then continued to listened as she was being dried off and dressed. She sais, "no I never do it on purpise. That's gross." Grace smiled and let her auntie brushed her hair. She said, "yay let's go." She jumped up and got super excited.
  2. The big happy family ( private)

    Grace snuggled close to him and said, "sissy no want to pway with me no mowe." She had a tear fall down her face as she just cuddled and said, "can me just cuddwe with yew?" Ashley looked at Liam and gestured for him to come sit down. She said, "Liam we have decided that at 7 pm we are cutting your liquids off. So no more water or anything after 7 pm to see if that stops your wetting okay?"
  3. Little are accepted and loved (private with lillybaby)

    Grace hugged Zack happily. She then squirmed as soon as she was put in the chair and said, "out out." She wanted out and to crawl around again. Ashley said to Zack, "okay I'll go make supper. You stay here and watch tv okay?" She then went downstairs to start super for everyone.
  4. She was going to learn she is just a diaper baby (private)

    Grace smiled big and said, "yay I'm excited to go." She was super happy they were still going. She then went to a frown when her auntie said she could tell her. She said, "It's about daddy. Please don't be mad at me." She thought it was her fault for being naughty that daddy did it but she didn't know it wasnt. She said, "daddy used to spank me everytime I had an accident because of the rules. Does that mean I was naughty does it?"
  5. Little are accepted and loved (private with lillybaby)

    Grace quickly cuddled into mommy calming down. She held onto teddy and blankie. She looked Zack and said, "dank yew." She reached her arms to him wanting to give him a hug. She sucked on her pacifier. Ashley said, "I think so too." She then heard Grace. She watched Zack apologize and then Grace reach for him. She thought it was so cute.
  6. Little are accepted and loved (private with lillybaby)

    Ashley said, "Yes honey." She turned on his little tv in his room to paw patrol as they kept unpacking. She saw her wife and said, "Zack needs to apologize to Grace when she wakes up from her nap." Grace stayed asleep for about 30 mins and then she started to cry in her sleep having a bad dream that Zack didn't like her anymore. She tossed and turned in the swing holding her teddy and blankie crying. She woke up crying and calling out for mommy.
  7. Little are accepted and loved (private with lillybaby)

    Grace was so tired but still ended up fast asleep. She continued to suck on the bottle until it was empty fast asleep. She was so regressed that her mind blocked out her adult self. In her mind, she was a baby and didn't know any better. Ashley said, "honey we don't mean to but Grace has regressed a lot more than you have. She doesn't act like an adult at all. When you talk to her, it's like she blocked her adult side out and in her mind is only a baby so she doesn't know what she is doing. It's why we treat her exactly like a baby." She tried to explain in a way that made sense to Zack if he still didn't understand. She would see if Mya could explain it.
  8. She was going to learn she is just a diaper baby (private)

    Grace let her auntie finish cleaning her off. She then frowned and said, "Okay auntie. Are we still going to the museum? Or are we not going anymore since I pooped my pants." She hoped her auntie said they were still going. She smiled when she said she would let her stay with her if her parents let her. She really wanted to. She said, "auntie can I tell you something?" She was worried her auntie would not like she was about to say.
  9. Little are accepted and loved (private with lillybaby)

    Ashley said, "if you don't want to say sorry then you can go back in time out until you do. Do you want that or are you going to say sorry? She was trying to play with you like you wanted her too." She stood there hoping he would choose to apologize. Grace smiled as she drank the bottle and was burped. She held her teddy and blankie and rubbed her eyes here and there. She snuggled close to mommy. She was fighting falling asleep not wanting to sleep. She wanted to continue to play.
  10. Little are accepted and loved (private with lillybaby)

    Grace instantly calmed down with the rocking and the baba. She snuggled into mommy holding her teddy and blankie. She drank the bottle and with the rocking started to get tired and nod off. Ashley handed Grace over and went over to Zack. She said, "you wanted to play with her and then when she tried to play you took the toy out of her hand very fast and mean. You can't do that honey. It scared her, she didn't know what she was doing. She is younger than you." She explained it to him booing he would understand. She then said, "you can come out of time out but as soon as your sister is done with her baba or if she's sleeping her nap."
  11. Little are accepted and loved (private with lillybaby)

    Grace started to cry loudly when he took the toy away not knowing what she did wrong. She started to scream and cry wanting mommy badly now that Zack took the toy away. Ashley went over to Zack and said, "Zack that's not nice. You can go on a time out. She was just trying to play with you." She picked him up and took the toys putting him in the time out chair. She said, "2 minutes in time out and then you will say your sorry." She went over and picked Grave up trying to call her down. It wasn't working. She was really upset.
  12. Little are accepted and loved (private with lillybaby)

    Grace started to crawl around instantly and smiling big babbling. She started to play with Zacks toys not knowing what she was doing. She giggled and played putting toys in her mouth. Ashley said, "honey she is a baby. She can't help it. She sleeps a lot and she has to eat more than you do because she has more bottles and you have more big boy food." She looked at Grace and then at Zack and said, "try playing with her now. I bet she would like it while mommy makes her bottle."
  13. Little are accepted and loved (private with lillybaby)

    Grace smiled and said, "baba baba." She giggled and held onto mommy and sucked on her pacifier. She realized she didn't have her teddy and blankie and said, "mommy Ted Ted and bwankie." Ashley said, "honey your sister isn't always gonna wanna play with you. She will sometimes but not all the time. She is your baby sister. You can't have another one. If she heard you say that, it would hurt her feelings."
  14. Little are accepted and loved (private with lillybaby)

    Grace smiled and kept playing like a baby would not even realising what was going on because she was in her own little world and completely amused by the chair and toys Ashley looked at Zack then at Grace. She said to Zack, "honey she is a baby. She is playing with her toys and probably is to amused to be distracted by anything else. She doesn't understand what's going on."
  15. Roleplay anyone?

    Grace smiled and said, "yay baff baff." She instantly started to splash when she was in the water loving baths and so happy.