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  1. BabyWarlock

    Teacher becomes mommy(private)

    "Thanks Mommy, you're the best.", I say and take small sips of my hot chocolate. I'm smiling because I'm so happy to be part of this family. Kieran rugfles Tains hair and drinks his tea. "Do you want to go to the park with me and Mommy later Tain?" "Please.", I say now with a frothy moustache.
  2. BabyWarlock

    Teacher becomes mommy(private)

    Tain nodded and grinned while ating hus sandwich. "Please Mommy."
  3. BabyWarlock

    Teacher becomes mommy(private)

    Tain looked up at his mommy and asked: "Momma where's my hot chocolate please?". He wondered whether Lisa had forgotten it.
  4. BabyWarlock

    Teacher becomes mommy(private)

    (I'm actually doing great I just landed a job interview) "Alright then.", Kieran said and cut the crusts off the bread and threw them in the bin. He then put the sandwich on a plastic plate and carried it iut to where Tain was sitting. "Here you go one tuna-mayo sandwich.", he ruffled Tain's dirty-blonde hair. "Thanks Daddy.", said Tain hugging Kieran.
  5. BabyWarlock

    Teacher becomes mommy(private)

    (Sorry abiut the incredibly late reply uf you still want to rp here's my reply) Kieran smiles at the kiss. "Thanks honey.", he gets bread out and spreads the tuna mix on the bread. "And yeah although it'd ne lovely, I don't think neither Tain nor us are ready yet maybe in.a few years we can think about it again." Kieran cut the bread into squares, "Does he like the crusts or not?, he asked Lisa.
  6. BabyWarlock

    Poetry however dark

    Hi all I wanted to post some poetry as I haven't seen any around feel free to post your poems or ones you like. This is one of my poems be forewarned it is a bit dark. Complicated Complicated son of a complicated Dad,
  7. BabyWarlock

    Word Association

  8. BabyWarlock

    Word Association

  9. BabyWarlock

    Girlfriend takes control( Me and Danny)

    "I'd much Rather have a rehabilitated Danny
  10. BabyWarlock

    Finally Found A Mommy (private)

    "Of course baby.", she said and turned the televison on. She flickednit to Blue's clues and went back into the kitchen to finish making the pancakes.
  11. BabyWarlock

    Teacher becomes mommy(private)

    "Thankyou Momma.", I watch TV while you and Kieran are in the kitchen. I giggle at the funny cartoons.m
  12. BabyWarlock

    Teacher becomes mommy(private)

    I look at you with puppy dog eyes. "Please Momma!", I say smiling.