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  1. Word Association

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  4. Girlfriend takes control( Me and Danny)

    Sophia rubs his back and kisses his head, "There's a good boy. You just relax and Mommy will tak care of everything.", Sophia said as Danny continued to suckle.
  5. Girlfriend takes control( Me and Danny)

    "I'd much Rather have a rehabilitated Danny then have a child but still the provlem of you. I want to help you baby.", she says rocking Danny slightly so as to soothe him a bit.
  6. Finally Found A Mommy (private)

    "Of course baby.", she said and turned the televison on. She flickednit to Blue's clues and went back into the kitchen to finish making the pancakes.
  7. Teacher becomes mommy(private)

    "Thankyou Momma.", I watch TV while you and Kieran are in the kitchen. I giggle at the funny cartoons.m
  8. Girlfriend takes control( Me and Danny)

    "Yes ànd you are a baby. No I'm not pregnant. I'll lay off commenting on that.", said Sophia.
  9. Teacher becomes mommy(private)

    I look at you with puppy dog eyes. "Please Momma!", I say smiling.
  10. Family Road Trip (now private)

    The twins head down back to the kitchen where Lexie quickly gets Colin a bowl of cereal and then goes with her twin to the living room where their Dad is waiting.
  11. Teacher becomes mommy(private)

    "Can I have some sandwiches please Momma? And a hot chocolate? Please Momma, please.", Tain asked looking uo at his mòther. "I'll make you some sandwiches, what kind would you like, honey, ham or tuna mayo?", Kieran asked. "Tuna mayo please."
  12. Girlfriend takes control( Me and Danny)

    "That's right sweetie, latch on honey, it's good for you.", she said and adjusted position so that Danny could latch on to her breast.
  13. Full time Mommy.(private me and Danny)

    Alrx goes and starts to get dinner ŕeady.
  14. Girlfriend takes control( Me and Danny)

    "Poor baby look Momma's changing you now and afterwards we can cuddle and Mommy will give you your treat okay?", sophia said finishing off by putting a comfortable new diaper on him, it was quite discreet. Sophia hugged her baby and carried him back to her room where she sat down in her bed and hekd him in one arm while she undid her nightie.
  15. Family Road Trip (now private)

    So did I