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  1. Downtown living

    Sonya thought quickly. "I don't think so...they look like your others to me." It was true from an apperance standpoint they were similar. But, these were bulkier all the way around and would be much harder to conceal in the jeans she wore. She tried to move past it. "Okay let's try on these overalls." She felt bad about grabbing the wrong diaper but she did like seeing April in the thicker one.
  2. Downtown living

    Sonya kissed April's neck softly as she continued to play with her clit. She nibbled on April's ear and whispered "if you start making noises I'm gonna have to stop." Sonya loved to turn April on and make her feel good... and doing it in this dressing room was especially turning her on as well. After April had started vocalize her pleasure Sonya stopped. She smiled down and put her finger to her lips. She then grabbed the diaper and unfolded it, the crinkle audible. It was in that moment she noticed that she had grabbed a nightime diaper. 'Crap,' she thought to herself. She didn't point it out though as she didn't want to worry April, maybe she wouldn't notice. Sonya slid the diaper under her and smiled as she softly ran her finger down April's pussy. Sonya then powdered her slightly and pulled the diaper around. She got ready to tape it wondering if April noticed. Lucky for her they loved very similar visually.
  3. Downtown living

    Sonya had started wiping April standing up but after a few wipes she noticed the seating ledge was large enough to lay her on. Sonya moved a few things and moved April down on it. Sonya could sense April was getting aroused, Sonya noticed she would get more submissive the more turned on she was. Sonya wiped her private area gently as a door could be heard open and close and some voices could be heard just outide the dressing area. Sonya smiled and came down to kiss April on the lips, biting her lower lip lightly on release. "No making those cute noises you like to make." Sonya whispered in close as she used a few fingers to play with April. She figured she'd try to help relieve a little tension.
  4. Downtown living

    Sonya removed the last tape and held the diaper from the bottom as she pulled it away. She put a finger from her other hand over April's lips. "Shhh." A moment later someone could be heard going into a changing stall across from them. Sonya moved her finger and folded up the wet diaper, setting it quitly into the small trash in the stall. Sonya then moved back to April and hugged her. She spoke softly. "I know it's scary...if you yell it's just going to draw attention. I promise, everything is going to be okay." Sonya pulled back a little and picked up the wipes. She took one out and put her finger to her own lip, indicating to April to be quiet. Sonya then moved to April and started to wipe her clean, starting with her backside. "I'm not going to let anything bad happen to you," Sonya whispered close to April's ear.
  5. Downtown living

    Sonya did her best to keep her voice low as she spoke. The changing supplies were now out of her purse and on the seating area of the changing stall. "April, I don't think anyone else is even in here." Though there was in fact some noise coming from somewhere else in the 6 stall dressing room. "Tell you what though, let's have a look and see how wet you are." Sonya was sure to keep her voice low when saying that. She didn't want to be totally dismissive of April's concerns, she could understand April's position. Sonya moved close and undid April's jeans. "Do I see some blushy cheeks." Sonya smiled teasing her playfully. "Okay, let's see..." Sonya felt the diaper and looked it over. "April, this is really wet...I have to change it." Sonya didn't even finish the last sentence before she ripped a tape. She could tell April wasn't expecting it. She held onto the diaper keeping April close as she continued to take it off.
  6. Downtown living

    Sonya enjoyed shopping with April. She okay'd most of what April picked out and grabbed some more childish items when she had the chance. April generally seemed pretty okay with it. By the end they had grabbed about 5 shirts, two pairs of overalls, one was actually a shortalls, a pair of shorts and one dress. Sonya had convinced April to at least try it on. It was a knee length light grey cotton casual dress with some white swirls down the sides. As they looked around Sonya couldn't help but notice the swoon diaper more obvious under April's jeans. When they were alone Sonya spoke up. "Let's go try some of this stuff on and get you cleaned up...we have a pretty good haul here." She walked over with April to the dressing rooms and asked the girl for the larger handicap dressing stall. "Sure," the girl replied, "How are you both?" She smiled seeming to look at April more. "We're good, thanks." Sonya replied as they went into the changing stall. It didn't have the most private feel as there was nothing to prevent sound from carrying throughout the area. Sonya looked to April and smiled. "Okay, jeans off little missy." She gave a playful eyebrow raise and started to take out the wipes and diaper.
  7. Downtown living

    "Okay, let's go in then." Sonya felt so many emotions as she took April's hand and led her into the store. It wasn't too busy considering it was a weekend, probably because it was closer to close. There were a handful of people milling about the smaller store. The clothing was geared towards teens and preteens. Sonya looked over at April as she held her hand. She could tell April was walking different, it made her smile. "These are cuuute April." Sonya said sifting through overalls. "How do you like em?"
  8. Downtown living

    Sonya played the video of a cute lion, bear and tiger that had all grown up together since birth. Sonya was more focused on April though. She could hear the little gasp from April as she stood close. Sonya was feeling rather excited by it all. She whispered in April's ear, "I bet that felt nice. I'll let you enjoy being wet and warm for a moment." She gave April a little kiss on the cheek. "Are you okay?" Sonya asked with a little smile, wanting to make sure April was. Sonya faced April and lightry held her hands, swinging them slightly.
  9. First Job Problems (private )

    Hal went and got some milk and came back putting it in a baby bottle. It wasn't long before he had Kayla in his lap, the bottle in her mouth. Her babyish diaper was in full view for her as she drank. "See doesn't this feel right. We aren't all meant to be grown up. You little Kayla are certainly one of those people. You're just a little baby inside. You need someone to take care of you and help you." By the end of the bottle Kayla was pretty sleepy. Hal laid her down and tucked her in, putting the Paci into her mouth once again.
  10. Downtown living

    "No you aren't April." Sonya patted her hand lightly to reassure her. "You don't need to worry about all that okay." Sonya smiled. The two girls stopped just outside the store. "Here we are," Sonya looked over with a smile and then leaned down when April spoke. Sonya pulled April aside a little and spoke softly. "Maybe it's better to go now...you could probably use a change anyway. We'll just stand here like we're having a normal conversation and when you're all done we'll head in." Sonya smiled and pulled out her phone, pulling up a video. "In fact I wanted to show you this cute video I found the other day...perfect time." Sonya rubbed April's back a bit as she stood next to her and held the phone.
  11. Downtown living

    Sonya smiled. "April, you're not a handful...okay well maybe just a little, but it's a good thing." Sonya ate. Before long they were done eating and just chatting. April was through her drink before long. "Well shale we continue on our journey?"
  12. First Job Problems (private )

    Hal held her until she was more calm. "I'm going to get you ready for bed..." He brought her off his lap and sat her on the bed. Next he grabbed her shirt and pulled it off. He opened her cute suitcase to look for a sleep shirt of some sort and found a white tank top. He walked back over and undid her bra. Hal could see her cheeks blush through the paci. "It's okay, give me this and you put this on." Hal said taking her bra. Hal smiled a bit and sat down next to her. "This has been quite a day for you hmm...I was going to grab you some milk to drink before bed. Does that sound good to you?" He rubbed her back.
  13. First Job Problems (private )

    "Listen to you cry like a baby, you know big girls don't cry during or even need spankings." Hal wanted her to feel little and helpless. "I don't take joy in doing this but you were long long overdue for this!" Hal grabbed her diaper in the back and ripped it off, spanking her newly exposed bottom. It was soon after he felt Kayla stop struggling, now there was only crying. Hal took her off his lap and laid her next to him, wiping her as she cried. He put her in a new pampers next and taped it after applying lots of powder. He pulled her up into his lap then and put the Paci into her mouth as he held her. "Shhh, you're okay now...hopefully I won't need to do that anymore..."
  14. Downtown living

    Sonya smiled. "I love the cute little sounds you make." Sonya paused. "Mommy, hmm... well that's not true, I'm very happy now." Sonya smiled again. "Hmm mine is a bit spicy, not too bad though...how about yours?" Sonya drank her soda. "I'm just so glad we worked through our stuff ... I was worried you might leave but I'm so happy you stayed. I don't like seeing you hurt. Sonya reached her hand out and grabbed April's arm, rubbing it softly.