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  1. Shiori

    This story is really great! I can't wait for the extra regression to kick in. And I love how little her daddy is treating her, it's super cute
  2. The Adventures of Alex

    This story seems like it's going to be so cute! Please keep it up
  3. Casey's Nanny

    Sweet coddling mostly! And getting her adjusted more to her new baby life and a little more adventure later!
  4. Simple bed wetting to full time baby

    I mean, Alexa always sucks her thumb and is super obsessed with her bunny, so she obviously already has some babyish qualities to her. I think it kinda makes a little sense for her to give in out of guilt and actually enjoy the experience, since she's already acting pretty naturally little in the first place. Plus, wetting during her feeding and crying about her bunny being taken away?? She's pretty heckin good at being a baby if you ask me I personally feel like she's fighting just because she thinks she's supposed to be a grown up and not because she actually hates being taking care of/being a baby, but who knows. I really really loved the update <3 it was too sweet. Hope more sweet moments are to come
  5. Simple bed wetting to full time baby

    Alexa isn't going to do well with that pull-up x______x! Can't wait for more
  6. Diapers. With or without clothing

    Diapers and oversized shirt for sleepies ALWAYS :') unless I have a onesie on. Anything else just makes being in a dipey way too hot ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Not trying to shame, but this is an entirely bad idea :x no one is consenting to see you out in public without clothes, whether you're wearing a diaper or just underwear. It's wildly inappropriate and inconsiderate. Keep kink between yourself and consenting individuals always, even if it's non sexual to you. I know it's easy to see ourselves as big babies, but the public doesn't see that, nor should they be made to (´・ω・`)
  7. Simple bed wetting to full time baby

    Love this! I can only hope Alexa ends up liking the baby treatment, it seems to me like she will
  8. Casey's Nanny

    So cute!! I'm really loving it
  9. Tricky Treats (updated 9-22)

    I'm going to miss this story so much! I am, however, so glad you worked so hard to finish it! And I know I'll keep coming back to read it all over again thank you!
  10. Simple bed wetting to full time baby

    So, so cute!!! I can't wait to read more you really have something here
  11. Yes!!! I've periodically wondered about this story, and I'm SO glad it's back!holy cow, baby Rosie is as adorable as can be ! I sincerely hope she continues to hold onto that baby side, it'll make things so much easier for her. And Artis is so cute as a daddy, it makes my heart melt. Good job as always, I can only hope you update more soon
  12. Poor baby!! I sincerely hope she ends up with one of the amazons who actually wants to care for her! I'm really loving this story
  13. A Touch of Magic

    Aww man!! Well I enjoy it nonetheless and am more than sure you'll continue to make amazing content in the future everything I've read by you has rocked, and I sincerely hope you stay active here! You really made me excited about DD again and nonsexual while being a Little is all I really need but that's just a personal preference
  14. A Touch of Magic

    Am I dreaming?!?? Non-sexual cgl relationship, all consenting, seemingly-hispanic lead character (you may want to change it to una bruja, or have her say "I practice brujeria". Bruja by itself just means witch, so you're saying "I'm witch" ^-^ As a 100% Mexican-American little I sO SO love and appreciate that you'd use spanish in this and highlight my heritage, I'm so heart eyes emoji rn lol), forced regression, and loving/gentleness all in one story?? This is literally everything I've ever wanted?? I for real can't believe it and can't wait to read more. Your other story has been nothing but amazing, so I know this won't disappoint
  15. Yeah...that seems a bit weird. The characters look like fap material and it'd be super hard to take seriously what a weird concept anyway?? I'd rather play an ABDL game that would be for regression