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  1. Yeah...that seems a bit weird. The characters look like fap material and it'd be super hard to take seriously what a weird concept anyway?? I'd rather play an ABDL game that would be for regression
  2. I dip up every night for bed and have been doing so for 3+ years so nah ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I mostly use adult pull-ups as they're cheaper and way less wasteful! its more of a "I need to wear this to be comfy" kind of thing, I'm at the point where I don't feel comfy enough to sleep if I'm not wearing at night
  3. Yes, I often regress super young (infant age) and I mostly just babble, whine, smile, and play/fiddle with things nearby x_____x! So I'm often super reserved as I'm literally just too small to exert a lot of energy. You probably need to talk to your daddy about initiating your baby space. He'll have to baby talk you, tickle you, or play with you to get your lil side to open up a bit more. Sometimes shy littles just need someone to help them along
  4. Uh oh poor Chris! I hope she's not too hard on him, he's just a baby after all Really great start
  5. I've been holding off commenting (mostly because your stories make me regress so much that I don't have the energy to after reading :P) but man, your stories are amazing! I absolutely love your take on amazons and littles! Little should definitely be treated kinder like you said, they're supposed to be babies! I love that all of your amazon mommies grasp that fact, it makes me swoon so hard! Your writing technique is fantastic, and you really spoil us all too much. Thank you for your continuous content and hard work, you really brought this place back to life and I don't feel your story is dark at all! The baby's best interests are always kept in mind throughout all of the stories you write, it's amazing
  6. Such a cute update! It's good to have you back
  7. Oh no!! Right when it was getting good I can't wait for more!
  8. This is off to a super great start! I look forward to more
  9. Who else thinks that CD has hypnotic qualities? ^-^
  10. This story is so great! I hope you continue
  11. This is actually pretty interesting to read up on. I'm not sure if this is a generational issue, but most of the pet peeves stated do not bother me in the least. I'm 23, say "like" religiously (though not stereotypically), often use non-serious text when talking to friends (ex: "ya same", "wow, 2 real"), and though I don't say "So," when speaking, I know plenty of people who do. As for silly texting, I can assure you most of us do know proper grammar. Replacing words with letters or other silly things is never done seriously, at least in my experiences, and we all know how to write properly. My pet peeves are much simpler, for the most part (I.e. Not knowing the difference between there, their, and they're)
  12. She's doomed (dun dun dun) for sure! But I'm glad Sophie at least actually cares for Jessie! My heart gets a lil sad when protagonists do awful, mean things to their Little. Sophie just wants to have a happy baby, it's super cute
  13. Dudeeeeeee!!! Thank you, I'm usually pretty savvy with websites but damn that feature is hidden (in comparison to other websites)
  14. Drawing, sewing, singing, napping, and watching Disney movies ◕ ◡ ◕ oh, and being entirely too invested in politics
  15. I think I'm one of the only ABs who actually doesn't mind cloth backed diapers. They're super cheap, and seeing as I wear for comfort and don't necessarily wet them often, that price is too hard to beat. Having said that though, I would NEVER go so low as to use depends. Literally all of their products are subpar, even their pull-ups! Every single cheap alternative I've used has been eons better than depends, I don't even know how they're still afloat! If nothing else, prevail or the walgreens brand diapers work well enough for my taste, and Always for pull-ups. They're not cute by any means, but they're cheap and they do the job. But never, EVER, get depends. We all deserve better than that