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  1. Regina cried softly and looked helplessly at Abby. The added boosters was a surprise and while having one or two seemed to be the norm for her Regina knew that she wouldn't likely be able to walk at all with the extra amount that had been added. It had already been difficult to walk before with the thick diaper and just two boosters now it would be impossible! Or at least that's what Regina thought as she saw her legs being forced apart by the thick padding between her legs. Not having the vibrator in her diaper caused Regina to frown a little and suddenly she felt even more like a baby then before because at lease with the vibrator she could pretend that she was an adult with sexual needs but now? Now she couldn't. Regina suckled on her pacifier finding herself calming down a bit yet she felt lost? Almost broken in a way. Why did she feel like that now? Why not sooner? Was it really due to the vibrator? Or was it the added boosters or maybe it was the fact that Libby was turned just as quickly into a baby meaning that this entire thing wasn't unique to her and it could happen to anyone? Libby being in a diaper made everything seem more normal and yet much more bleak. What chance did she have with Libby also being padded up? Libby actually went to college unlike her.... Regina looked up at Abby feeling a little surprised and overwhelmed, "Wove yooou." replied Regina her paci muffling her voice as she returned Abby's hug snuggling back and resting her head down on Abby's chest wondering how much further she could fall? Regina blushed and nodded shyly at the mention of another spanking, "Me be good." added Regina softly staying rather quiet and submissive. Kim looked at Abby and thought for a moment, "That sounds like a good idea," she said, "Regina probably needs you right now so getting someone to cover would be good and I think it would be nice if these two could bond a bit more either at your place or with your friend," continued Kim, "a daycare sounds pretty good doesn't it hun?" said Kim softly looking at Libby, "You and Regina can play together and you don't have to worry about anything." added Kim doing her best to reassure Libby and not be mean to her at all with this.
  2. Regina cringed a little at hearing the 'Sowwy' coming from Libby and was glad that her pacifier had falling out of her mouth. Did she sound like that? Libby sounded like a little toddler trying to talk like her mommy. Looking at Abby she couldn't help but gaze away again at the fact that her Mommy had already lost count of how many spankings she had today. A big girl didn't need spankings did she? A big girl shouldn't need a diaper but she wasn't a big girl? Would she ever be a big girl or was Abby just joking with her about the two to three months period? What happens if she couldn't be an adult by then? Would Abby still keep treating her like a baby? It didn't take long for Regina to start crying and soon enough she was bawling just like a little baby with tears running down her face. Her bottom hurt so much! Regina sobbed heavily and even peed slightly. Kim held back on 'aww'ing' at Libby. The way she sounded was so adorable and she couldn't wait to show Libby off to the others! Maybe they could help her keep Libby in diapers? It shouldn't be that hard, right? Kim was surprised to feel Libby holding her hand tightly and gently rubbed her back, "It's okay babygirl." reassured Kim softly not wanting Libby to feel scared, "Your a good girl only naughty babies get spanked." she added softly with a smile bringing Libby into a hug, "Don't you worry I'm here for you sweetie."
  3. Kim simply smiled and patted Libby's head as if she was a small little child saying something silly or sweet, "You don't think you really need this but I know you do darling." replied Kim firmly as she watched Libby suckle on the paci, "You look and sound very precious." added Kim gently surprised by how cute Libby sounded now. Maybe she would do something to keep Libby like this properly? "Put your binky back in Libby I don't want to see it out unless an adult removes it okay." stated Kim softly but firmly as she took Libby's hand in her own, "Thanks Abby and see there's nothing to stress out about Libby." she added leading Libby to the side to free up the space better but also so that they could watch Abby and Regina properly. Kim wanted Libby to watch everything that was happening to Regina. Regina looked at Abby as she felt her hand being taking and looked over at Kim and Libby nervously wondering if they were going to stay or not? Regina blushed as she was helped down on the changing mat the mess in her diaper squishing up against her bottom causing her to whine slightly. Regina closed her eyes tightly. She wants to be a big girl? She should already be one! Abby's words stung and made her feel so small and vulnerable. Mommy... Opening her eyes Regina looked Abby as she felt her onesie being pushed up. What could she say to any of that? It felt as if she couldn't even talk! Once mommy is happy? How could she make Abby more happy? Regina shivered at the cold wipe and was surprised to hear a time frame, "2 to 3 months?" whispered Regina wondering if she should believe that or not? Would Abby really let her be a big girl or not? Regina's eyes went wide at the mention of a spanking and offered a anxious look. She didn't want to get spanked but what could she do really? Abby was her mommy and she couldn't fight her at all.
  4. Kim smiled at how easy this all was and how Libby didn't seem to be fighting back at all? Was this how it was with Regina for Abby or did Regina put up more of a fight? Kim glanced over at the two before looking back at Libby with a soft smile, "I know you won't because you want to be a big girl but there's no shame in being a baby though." she added rubbing Libby's tummy before thanking Abby for the pacifier. Kim placed the paci in Libby's mouth, "I promise but only if you keep dry okay? Can you promise me that if you have an accident that you'll be a big girl and ask for another diaper from either me, someone in our dorm or Abby?" asked Kim curiously wondering if Libby would even ask someone for a diaper? She would have to make sure that Libby did have an accident, "Let's get you dressed." added Kim grabbing the overalls and ballet shoes from the bag, "Come on." Kim helped Libby get dress, "It's all yours Abby." said Kim gesturing the changing mat. Regina watched everything and looked at Abby nervously as she felt her step-sister's hand on her back wondering if Libby was going to end up like her? Regina stayed quiet and seemed more like a shy little girl rather then a confident or bratty one.
  5. Regina continued to cry upon hearing Abby's words wishing that she could just go to the toilet by herself. Why was Abby doing this to her? Sure she couldn't keep her bottom clean or help herself sometimes in the past but she didn't want to actually make a mess like this. Regina whimpered at Abby as she felt her diaper being pulled up from the back causing the mess to squish against her bottom. Not up for arguing or complaining right now Regina kept her thoughts to herself as she turned to look at what's going on a certain level of terror filled her. It was almost like watching herself for the first time getting put into a big thick diaper and despite wanting to do something or turn a blind eye she couldn't help but watch. Kim sighed Libby's request and then t her stammer, "If your bigger then you need to act like it," said Kim, "that includes accepting the fact that you will be wearing a diaper for the day and possibly longer if you end up making a mess but a big girl wouldn't make a mess, right? And a big girl wouldn't complain but accept what's happening to them," continued Kim enjoying the rush of power, "Abby would it be possible to have a pacifier for Libby here I think it would be good for her." added Kim before starting to wipe Libby's most sensitive area with a wetwipe and then her bottom by lifting her class-mate's legs up in the air with ease. Next she grabbed a nappy and smiled she placed it underneath Libby's bottom and powdered up her friend's bum making sure to rub the powder in gently before sealing her up, "Now let's get you dressed." said Kim pulling the outfit that she had out of her bag with a huge grin.
  6. Feeling her step-sister rub her back Regina hoped that Abby didn't feel disappointed in her. She did try her best but her control wasn't that good at all and she needed to be better at telling Abby when she needed to go and not leave it at the last minute. Sobbing loudly Regina instantly suckled on her paci for comfort and bowed her head in shame as she felt her diaper become heavy. The mess was warm against her bottom and she could only glance at Abby through her tears her blue eyes sparkling brightly, "M-mommy." stammered Regina weakly not knowing what to do. It wasn't as if she could change herself. Regina rubbed her eyes and looked every bit of a over-grown toddler. Kim watched the scene between Abby and Regina before shaking her head, "You're bigger then that, right? All you have to do is keep your diaper dry for the day, that's all." reassured Kim helping Libby down on the ground, "Maybe I should get you a paci? You chew your nail enough." added Kim gently pulling Libby's leggings off her completely along with her pull-up in one quick pull. Kim placed them to the side, grabbed some wet-wipes and started to clean Libby up, "I bet that feels better, huh? Your kinda cute like this." giggled Kim wondering how far she could push Libby.
  7. Regina smiled even more happy to hear that Abby was excited for her to go! She wanted to hug Abby but she needed to be careful and focus on not messing herself. Seeing Abby tell Libby off caused her to blush and feel guilty. She didn't want Libby getting into trouble! Regina whimpered at that and found herself helpless to do anything. Kim grinned at Abby, "Thank you," she said going around to Libby and standing in front of her, "this is for your own good," stated Kim pulling down Libby's leggings and frowning at the state of the pull-up as she placed her fingers inside, "well you are wet from the pool but let's see," paused Kim pulling on the waistband of the pull up and shaking her head, "I can see that you had an accident some of the padding is yellow," sighed Kim, "I expected better from you and so did everyone else anyway what's done is done it's best for you to lie down so I can get you changed properly." added Kim enjoying herself. A minute had passed and Regina was in agony as she held her stomach, "Mommy." whimpered Regina looking at Abby desperately, "I-I need to go potty I can't hold it," she said bending her knees as she tried her best to wait for another minute but she couldn't and suddenly Regina started to cry. Her diaper swelling up with pee as begun to mess herself.
  8. Regina nodded her head and looked down at the ground shyly her face flushed red at the fact that she needed to poo and being forced to confirm that fact to Abby but at least she knew now. Maybe she would be allowed to go to the toilet? She doubted it though. Seeing Kim and Libby looking at her Regina turned her head away and suckled some more on her paci desperately seeking comfort and hope that Abby wasn't going to do anything bad to her at all. Regina softly whimpered at Abby's words and squirmed as she felt her shorts being undone and stopped her wiggling at Abby's command but not before whimpering some more. Feeling the onesie being unbuttoned Regina could feel the diaper move and it didn't feel as pressed up as it was before as it hanged freely without any restriction. Regina stiffened at Abby's hand and glanced slightly at Libby only to turn her attention back on Abby. That was a surprise? She hadn't expected Abby to react like that at all! Regina felt relieved only to frown slightly at the spanking but to hear that she would get to go to Cindy's tonight made her smile and nod. Regina didn't say a word and continued to suckle her paci knowing the rules and she didn't want to get into any more trouble! Would she be able to go to the toilet? Would Abby actually let her? Regina waited patiently for two whole minutes. Her stomach gurgled painfully causing Regina to whine, "Mommy c-can I go to the potty please?" begged Regina knowing that she only had a minute left before she messed herself in front of Libby and Kim. Meanwhile Kim found herself excited and curious to see what would happen between Abby and Regina. Could she get Libby like that or not? Would that even be possible? Was Regina really going to mess herself? Kim watched eagerly and walked up behind Libby resting her chin on top of her shoulder, "Isn't that cute?" said Kim trying to see what Libby's reaction would be.
  9. Regina whimpered at the additional swat to her bottom and nodded her head staying quiet as she felt herself pee again causing her diaper to expand slightly more. The threat of Libby seeing her as a little girl would of made Regina laugh but truthfully she knew that Abby could make her into a big baby easily giving what has happened before. Regina suckled softly on her paci and whimpered again at Libby telling the truth about Regina. Would Libby get into trouble now? Would they both get into trouble? Regina could feel her stomach tightening and looked a little anxious as Abby wiped her chin. What was the point in that? She was just going to continue to drool with the stupid pacifier in. Regina knew that she was going to be in trouble but how much? Gently she tugged on Abby's hand a little to get her step-sister's attention before pointing to her tummy in an attempt to tell Abby that she needed to go to the toilet. Kim grinned a little and didn't take long before going over to Libby, "Hey," said Kim softly, "it'll be okay there's nothing to worry about you know that right?" paused Kim, "I know that you are trying hard to be a big girl but I and everyone else do expect better from our classmate and none of us would expect you to act like this," sighed Kim, "I'll help you change but you'll have to wear that diaper for the rest of the day but if you keep dry we can put you back into pull-ups, okay?" offered Kim with a gentle smile.
  10. Regina was surprised by Abby's response and needed a moment to pause because she had thought that Abby would believe her giving her attitude? Libby was rather soft and thinking about it more Regina knew that Libby wouldn't do that at all but how did Abby know? What was going on? Regina stayed quiet for a moment, "It isn't a fucking story," swore Regina as she glared at Abby surprised to be pulled closer to her and have her paci plopped into her mouth causing her to softly whine as she found herself being moved to the wall and swatted through her diaper causing her to blush, "why don't you believe me?" added Regina annoyed drool running down her chin again thanks to the paci in her mouth. Meanwhile Kim was making her way to Abby's office and could see both Libby and Regina inside. Carefully Kim tapped the door lightly before coming inside and looking at the scene before her with a curious gaze which lingered on Libby for a moment, "Tell me if you need me to do anything Abby." said Kim with a smile as she leant against the office door and placed her bag down with a change of clothes for Libby. The clothes consisted of a t shirt, overalls, frilly white socks and a pair of black ballet slips.
  11. "Okay? If your sure? Here's your phone by the way." replied Regina hoping that her plan would work but she knew how smart Abby could be and hoped that her step-sister would buy their lie. It shouldn't be to hard, "Libby I need you to start crying at some point because of how mean I've been to you just to sell it some more." added Regina wanting Abby to not have any doubt at all about what was going on or happening. Regina frowned, "She shouldn't know? Or at least there's no reason for her to know, right?" replied Regina feeling unsure, "We'll just have to see what happens alright." Seeing Abby standing up Regina sighed and put on her annoyed face looking like a grumpy toddler who wasn't happy at all and even went as far as to fold her arms over her chest, "No explaining is needed," said Regina, "isn't it obvious or are you just stupid?" she paused wanting to get Abby angry and focus less on Libby, "I pushed her in the pool because this entire thing is pissing me off and your pissing me off," she continued wondering if she should stop or not now, "the only reason why I'm here and haven't fucked off is because Libby kept pulling my damn fucking ear the whole way." added Regina sulking. Would that be enough or not? Regina hoped it would be. Kim opening her phone saw Abby's text and frowned wondering what happened? Text: I'll bring some clothes and a diaper might be a good idea. Has she had an accident? I'll bring some pull-ups as back up as well and I'll put her in a diaper depending on what has happened and if she's being acting immaturely or not with your babygirl. I'll let you decide if she needs a diaper or not right now but considering everything I'll probably be putting her in one at the end of the week if not sooner. Kim packed some clothes and a pull-up before making her way across campus.
  12. Seeing Libby return to her she offered a slight smile as she took note of how wet she was and how obvious the pull-up seemed to be. Regina blushed feeling a bit bad, "Y-yeah I can kind of tell but it'll be okay, right? I mean we can get you a jumper of some kind to wrap around your waist or maybe a hoodie from the school's store? That way no one will know and anyway there aren't many people about," explained Regina, "we could always tell Abby that I forced you into a pull-up or that you felt bad for me which is why you got one from the school's nurse? So I didn't feel as bad?" offered Regina. "I can imagine it must be pretty hard wearing that right now," replied Regina wondering what Abby was going to think about all this and if she would even believe her and Libby's story, "When we get to Abby's office I'll put up a front so she'll buy the story some more, okay." Regina got up and started walking wondering if they were going to go to Abby first or get a jumper to put over Libby's waist to hide her pull-up. It wasn't outright obvious but if someone looked longer then just a few seconds they would know, "I'm alright don't worry about it." offered Regina with a smile but truthfully she felt scared of the spanking that she was going to get and not only that but she knew Abby probably have had enough of her behaviour by now and so Regina expected something much worse then just a spanking.
  13. Regina frowned a little still feeling guilty over what happened, "Yeah well I did say some pretty mean stuff and kind of gotten physical with you so don't worry about crying," said Regina, "it can be but it's better to try and improve yourself rather then not do anything at all." she added with a shrug. "Kind of," said Regina, "if Kim is anything like Abby or gets some kind of kick out of this I recommend being as careful as possible," she paused, "you could always try and get her in diapers first? Or blackmail her? It's not nice but it could work? Unless she decides to just spank you or something." Regina smiled, "Yeah and a bus wouldn't work considering Abby wants me back soon," she said, "yeah I don't want you getting into trouble so I'll just push you in." added Regina knowing that Abby was going to spank her badly for that but at least she'd be protecting Libby, "Yeah it was really nice." Regina smiled only to pout a little at the paci but didn't complain as she suckled the bulb softly a tiny bit of drool running down her chin as they headed to the pool. It wasn't very busy but there were enough people about with a sigh Regina got ready to push Libby once they got to the middle, "I'll just be outside the door from when we entered, alright, it'll make everything more believable and Abby will likely hear about this from someone in here anyway." she said to Libby before pushing her in and running out of the pool area through the doors where she decided to sit on the bench. Her stomach grumbled again and Regina knew that she needed to go but decided to hold her bowels unfortunately her bladder also ached and soon enough her padding became wet, "Just great." sighed Regina feeling nervous and a little stressed over what Abby was going to do to her.
  14. Regina blushed, "Yeah I'm not exactly proud of how emotional I can get at times but it's something I'm learning to control better and at least Abby helps somewhat in that regard." stated Regina with a sigh. "Kim? That was the girl waiting for you wasn't it?" asked Regina only to frown at what Libby was saying, "Sounds like a bully I doubt she'll stop especially if she see's you wearing a wet pull-up so yeah we need to do something about that otherwise you'll probably end up with her being a bigger jerk then normal." added Regina thinking a little, "Mhm it's not good to ignore any urge to go trust me." Regina remembered the many times she would ignore her need for the bathroom or when Abby would walk slow, "O-oh! Thanks," said Regina in surprise as she started to eat the oatmeal pie, "Yeah I would don't worry about and maybe depending how slippery the pool I could just accidentally slip and we both could end up falling in," continued Regina, "Abby might still think it was on purpose though but that's okay." Regina finished her pie and coke. It felt nice having a real drink for a change and being able to talk to someone. Why did Abby even leave her alone? It was so unlike her but she wasn't going to complain.
  15. Regina frowned and didn't believe Libby for a moment giving the way she was acting and knew that if Abby had been here Libby would of probably gotten pushed into admitting what was wrong. Regina couldn't help but think about Abby and the way she had reacted to her in the hallway, admittedly, Regina knew that she deserved it and probably deserved a spanking for her behaviour but she hated how scared Abby made her feel. Did she even respect Abby or did she just fear her? That thought alone caused Regina to frown. Regina was somewhat shocked by the guy and frowned a little at the big baby comment and the way he talked to her. Regina was equally taking back by Libby standing up for her and felt somewhat confounded having not expected Libby to act that way at all. "O-oh!" stammered Regina, "yeah thanks for that it's probably a good thing that you stuck up for me otherwise I might of done something stupid to that guy." admitted Regina having had the urge to punch the guy in the stomach, "I can get provoked pretty easily." she added with a slight shrug as she followed Libby and sat down on the table. "I think it would be pretty stupid of me to make fun of you considering the fact that I'm being treated like a baby by younger step sister but sure I promise." said Regina softly only to frown a little at what Libby had just said, "It's probably best not to go back to Abby until you've changed otherwise I don't know what she would do but you don't want to go back to your dorm either, right?" asked Regina thinking carefully only to frown, "Look I don't know what's going on with your room-mate or why you are wearing what you are but I might be able to do something." sighed Regina wondering if her idea would working. "I kind of deserve a spanking from the way I treated you earlier so don't worry about me at all but does the school have a pool? I could push you in? It would get you completely wet and that way no one finds out about your accident?" offered Regina.