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  1. Regina glanced around the building curiously glad that there weren't many people about but she knew that would change eventually. Regina could see a woman and a student? She decided to keep quiet and let Abby talk for her instead. Regina watched Abby take the paper and nodded, "Okay," she said taking the paper from Abby with a smile, "yeah I'll be fine!" replied Regina wanting to show Abby that she was a big girl and could do this, "You go sort out your class, kay." she added waiting for Abby to leave. It was simple enough to start with but the form got harder and harder. Regina sighed as she stared at the sheet doing her best to read but there was a lot of words she didn't understand at all. Would it be okay if she just put yes to everything? Or would that be bad? Could she have Abby help her out and fill it? Regina started to become anxious. She waited for Abby to return. She had half filled out. Some of her words were wrong and she had gotten a few things wrong but she didn't do 'badly' for the most part....yet a lot of it was simply guessing and there was at least another half to go.
  2. Regina wasn't that surprised by Abby praising her at all but it was hard for her to deny the fact that it felt good to hear that 'Mommy' forgives her. Regina hated how much control Abby had over her. It was insane. They didn't even really hang out a lot when they were at home together. Regina kept quiet for the rest of the journey oftening glancing out the window or at Abby curiously. Regina sighed as they finally parked and waited for Abby to come around and unbuckle her. It felt humuliating being stuck in a car-seat at her age and then to have someone help her get free. Would their parents disagree with this? Or approve? Regina wasn't sure and she didn't really want to find out at all. Regina blushed at the diaper check but felt thankful that it was done inside the car more so rather then out in the open in front of everyone or anyone who might happen to see them but giving the buldge of the diaper and the way she was dressed Regina wasn't sure if anyone would actually care if Abby would of checked her diaper. Regina moved down from the car-seat and landed a little awkwardly on the pavement her feet spread thanks to the diaper pushing her legs apart. Regina thought for a moment and decided to hold Abby's hand. It wouldn't do her any good to upset her step-sister. Walking was a little more then just awkward for Regina. It seemed more like she would toddle along slowly next to Abby oftening needing her to slow down to just keep up. The rustling of the diaper seemed so loud to Regina and she found it hard to ignore. What would the day be like? She was going to be signed up for college but she would also be staying with Abby for the entire day...
  3. Regina squirmed in her car seat wishing that she could sit up in front with Abby rather then be stuck in the back like a little kid. Regina knew that Abby was going to continue to treat her just like a kid no matter what and if she didn't try and do something fast she would have no chance of escape but maybe even now her chance was gone? Abby had 'giving' her plenty of chances but they never felt real because of how much Abby seemed to enjoy tormenting her. Regina knew that was an unfair thing to think about her step-sister but it seemed everytime she was giving a chance Abby always did something to stop her in a indirect way. Regina sighed a little as she heard Abby whispered 'Mommy loves you' to hear and she had to do her best not to respond knowing that would only force her to become more submissive and under control of her sister. Regina offered Abby a smile at that, "Really?" she asked surprised having thought briefly that Abby would deny her request and force her not to go to college. Regina frowned for a moment but decided to play fair knowing that Abby could and would spank her if needed to be and she didn't want to cause her step-sister to be upset with her when her application for college was on the line, "I'm sorry...." said Regina knowing that wouldn't be enough, "I'm sorry for the way I acted earlier Mommy I was just frustrated." she added hoping that would be enough for Abby.
  4. Regina was surprised by how calm Abby was being with her and glared a little at her sister. How could she think that? She did believe that! She wasn't a idoit! She hated how much control Abby had over her and how much her life seemed to be dictated by her step-sister. It wasn't fair and she couldn't help but grow more and more annoyed by Abby. "I don't need to be taking care of." whimpered Regina wishing that she could argue more strongly and stand up for herself more against Abby but she couldn't otherwise none of this would of happened in the first place at all. The diaper crinkled at Abby patting her bottom. Regina looked down at her hands and frowned before nodding, "Yes I understand." she replied trying her best not to call Abby 'Mommy' right now it was a title she wanted to avoid as much as possible. Regina looked up at Abby with obvious annoyance which grew more at the pacifier being slipped into her mouth but despite her not wanting it at all Regina chose to suckle softly on it. She didn't want to hug Abby but she didn't want to make her upset either and sighed as she hugged her step-sister knowing that Abby meant well even if she didn't like how things were going or playing out right now between them.
  5. Uki nodded and continued to smile at her Grandmother, "Thank you." said Uki greatful to her Grandmother for looking out for her and willing to do something fun with her. Thinking for a moment Uki nodded, "I'd like that," she said wanting to try and be social for her Grandmother's sake and not to worry her, "it's one of my favorites." she added with a smile. She liked chicken a lot.
  6. Being cooed at was unbearable especially for such a childish thing. Why was Abby doing all this to her? It wasn't fair! Regina squirmed and blushed wishing she could do something to stop all this. Regina glared at that and spat out the paci, "That was an accident," she growled, "I shouldn't be wearing a diaper and we both know that it's just because you tricked me into doing so and you continue to manipulate me," she stated, "I'm not dumb Abby," she paused thinking as she tried to work up some more courage, "you aren't my Mommy and you aren't my big sister," she continued, "this entire situation is ridiculous but we both know that you like this because you like having control over me and you like that you can tame me when neither of our parents could do a single thing at all." she added taking a deep breath knowing that she would probably be in a lot of trouble now for talking back. Her shoes had been fastened tightly and with her outfit she looked much more like a toddler rather then a young woman. It was humiliating. Regina stood staring the harness car seat and then at Abby as her paci dangled loosely from the strap. If she didn't get in and behave she'd likely get a spanking and giving her 'back talk' she was likely to get one anyway. Reluctantly Regina decided to give in and do as she was told not wanting to cause anymore trouble for herself.
  7. Regina felt a little pleased by this and took it as a win knowing that she'd at least be able to register for her college course! It meant that she could argue and show that she was an adult as well and maybe things could eventually go back to normal? Or at least she hoped that it could. Regina blushed a little as she found herself being sat up and burped by Abby. She really didn't want to burp! She didn't want any of this and yet she found herself burping after a couple of seconds much to her embarrassment but at least she didn't call Abby Mommy much.... Nodding Regina sat down and looked at her new shoes with a frown wondering why Abby had replaced her more grown up shoes, "I-I want my old shoes back," stammered Regina, "I'll wear a diaper but could I at least wear what I want instead of this stupid stuff?" asked Regina hoping slightly that Abby would give but she doubted it. Her step-sister was in charge and she wasn't. She was just a kid now....
  8. Uki frowned for a moment feeling unsure and a little anxious. Would she be okay at dancing here? At home she was rather good and enjoyed the activity but here? Would she be as good? Better? Or worse? She didn't know and she knew that she shouldn't worry but it was hard and something that she couldn't help fret over. She always tended to be an anxious child. Uki smiled at her grandmother knowing that she was only trying to be helpful and trying to get her be more happy but it was, "Hip hop?" she asked curiously not having much knowledge of that type of dance or music, "Together would be fun!" she added genuinely with a much more happier smile. She looked at her grandmother with a anxious gaze feeling worried. She hadn't really thought a whole lot about making friends with anyone at all, "D-do you know anyone," she paused thinking of the words, "that I could be friends with?" she asked wanting to at least try for her grandmother's sake. She didn't really care a whole lot about being alone but she knew that it would bother her grandmother and she didn't want her to worry one bit at all. "D-do you think I could fit in okay?" she asked softly finishing her milk and placing the glass down. A little bit of milk around her mouth as she watched her grandmother cook.
  9. Regina shot Abby a glare at that. She didn't want a red bottom all the time but she shouldn't be getting spanked at all. It was stupid. She needed to think of a plan or something, "A little," replied Regina softly as she continued to suckle the bottle, "can we stop by the college so I can properly register for my class?" asked Regina, "Please?" she added quickly. It would give her a much needed break from Abby and being a 'baby' and maybe she could show Abby how much of a grown up she really was.
  10. Regina didn't know how she felt about all this. It had gone by so fast and things have changed big time. She didn't feel like herself anymore and felt more like a child that needed to be taking care of but that shouldn't be possible at all. Should it? Regina sighed as she eventually made it to Abby's lap seeking some form of comfort. Why did she care? Why didn't she fight more? Why did she have to call Abby Mommy? She was older! It should be the other way around but it wasn't. Regina frowned slightly as the pacifier was removed from her mouth and she watched Abby clip it to her outfit. Already blushing Regina blushed even more as Abby wiped some drool away from her chin, "U-uh..." What should she say? What could she say? Regina felt the rubber nipple of the bottle slip into her mouth and found herself suckling away on the milk conflicted on what to do as she stared up at Abby. She didn't want to call Abby Mommy..... Regina didn't nod her head, "D-don't want to call you Mommy." mumbled Regina knowing that Abby liked having control and didn't like it when she disobeyed.
  11. Uki nodded a little as she listened to her grandmother carefully, "I love you too," said Uki thinking carefully, "and I hope that I'd be able to adapt quickly as well but I feel kind of scared." she added having talked a little more slower than she should but it was getting use to a different language still but thankfully she knew enough and wasn't completely out of her depth. She had avoided mentioning her father because she didn't know if she did love him but she did love her grandmother very much. Uki nodded and smiled a little more, "I liked dancing it was fun!" she replied drinking a bit of milk slowly as she watched her grandmother cook.
  12. Uki upon feeling her grandmother's hand on her shoulder looked up at her and offered her a small painful smile trying her best to show that she was 'okay' despite everything that was going on and happening. "O-oh," stammered Uki blushing a little, "please!" smiled Uki glad that her grandmother had mentioned the bathroom, "N-no I guess," paused Uki, "thank you." she added as she followed her grandmother to the bathroom. It shouldn't be strange because she had gone before plenty of times but it was hard as she stood there in front of the modern toilet. Her home hadn't been modern and she found anything 'new' to be difficult. Her father had giving her an Ipad a year or two back but she could never get to grips how to use it properly. Uki sighed as she thought about home and her mother but there was no point in doing so was there? She would only become upset. Uki sat on the toilet and did her business surprised by how much she actually needed to go. After she was done Uki washed her hands before going and finding her grandmother. Despite her nervousness around her grandmother still Uki tended to cling to her whenever she did visit and her clingy behavior would likely grow within time because she had no one else and everything was just so different and abnormal yet she knew that truthfully that she was far behind her peers in regards to technology and that she needed to catch up to modern society itself despite not liking it and just wanting to return to her own society back in Alaska.
  13. Uki looked over at her grandmother and gave her a half smile trying her best to look up beat and friendly towards her knowing that she shouldn't rude to her elders but it was hard to be positive knowing that her mother was dying and she wouldn't be able to return to the place that she called home ever again properly. Tears welled up in Uki's eyes brightly but she pushed them to one side not wanting to cry in front of her grandmother knowing that would only cause her to become concerned with her. Uki was glad to be nearing a house and was thankful to be out of the car. The air smelt good but it didn't smell as fresh as it did back home where there was little to no cars about because of the snow and ice. Uki glanced up at her grandmother with bright eyes, "Okay," said Uki softly, "that sounds good thank you." she added politely. Truthfully she did feel rather hungry and the thought of having some food seemed good to her right now even if she did need the toilet but she could hold it a little longer until she had some cookies and milk. Uki followed her grandmother and despite feeling uncertain about her grandmother and the house she was living in she chose to keep very close to her similar to a small child that didn't want to be a inch away from their mommy or daddy when going to a new place.
  14. The plane ride despite being four hours long felt longer for Uki. It felt like a life time. She eyed the skies wishing to be back home in her small town in Alaska where her friends and family were. She was part of a small tribe and despite her half-blood status she was mostly accepted there despite some disagreement amongst the elders yet her mother was very ill and no one could look after her properly within the group. Everyone had there own worries and troubles to deal with. She also had other family that could look after her properly but it was hard to see them as such because she didn't have much contact with them and whenever she did see them she would normally not say much choosing to hide behind her stuff toy. It was childish and she understood most children outgrew stuffed toys by now but she hadn't maybe it was because of the deep connection she had with it? It had been with her since she was a baby and her mother had told her that it was special just like her. Uki had long dark brown hair that she had inherited from her mother but blue eyes that she had inherited from her father. Her mother had very dark skin but her father had light skin and because of this she was mixed. Back home this wasn't much of a problem per-say except for a few occasions and a few people but from the few times she had come to the mainland she had noticed people looking at her but she never understood why and still didn't understand to an extent because of how small her community was in Alaska. Uki frowned but quickly offered a small timid smiled to her grandmother, "Okay." she replied softly she had a little bit of trouble speaking English due to being taught two different languages and was still trying to get used to it but she wasn't horrible at it. Uki stayed quiet for most of the drive as she continued to look out the window at people that they passed, "Lots of people," she said, "really big," she paused thinking, "lots of sun." she added glancing at the sun before turning to look at her grandmother. Uki could feel her bladder wincing slightly from the long trip and knew that when they got to the house that she would need to use the bathroom.
  15. Hello! Looking for RP's. I can double up and don't mind playing as a Daddy or Mommy but prefer playing as a Little Girl. When I RP I prefer the following: F/F if I'm playing as the sub. I'm opening to playing as a boy as long as the dom remains female. When I dom I don't care which paring it goes towards it can be M/M, F/F or M/F. What I expect: Third person writing narrative - no second or first person. A good level of detail that allows me to respond meaningfully. No taking control over the main character that I am playing as at all. Secondary characters can be discussed. A good level of communication to make sure the RP is running smoothly. Other: I have a couple of ideas that I can share through PM. I do have pre-existing characters that I have made up that I can share with you as well. I am also open to ideas that others have. I will probably look at your other RP's to see if: A - you can write decently enough B - the type of style you write C - if we would fit or not in regards to our writing. Anyway shoot me a PM if you are interested or not.