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  1. Dani pouted, "Aww come on! I only broke my arm once when snowboarding and that's just cause some brat tried to throw me off, you know that!" she scowled childishly. It had been a small competition and there had been another Little who had been agressive towards her and upset that she was in the lead and had decided to pull some stupid stunt which caused Dani to fall and land awkwardly on her arm. Dani sighed knowing that safety gear was needed. Carol nodded and eyed Abby and Dani knowing how naughty they could be at times, "Mhm," she hum'd gently and smiled, "I'll make sure we will." she gently kissed Sarah on the top of the head, "Knew it! Don't worry Mommy has a trick or two up her sleeve, after all, I am Abby's big sister." she smirked. "We're going to lean forward a lot, alright, trust me, I've got you." said Carol as she held Sarah tight against her and leaned forward, a lot, to get a boost of speed as she used her hands to pick up the pace when needed and made sure to turn and cut corners whenever possible as she sled with Sarah. Dani laughed loudly enjoying that her Mommy was kind of naughty as well! It was so fun and it was only just a game yet when Dani saw Sarah she couldn't help but pout, "Mommmy! They caught up!" she gasped in shock and pouted as she reached from some snow and easily got some throwing a snowball at the two. Carol frowned as the snowball missed and shot Dani a stern look giving how dangerous that could of been.
  2. Alexis pouted at that, "Maybe we can find a way to tune your powers or connect them to mythical creatures?" she suggested, "It would give you another edge in battle? But it'll probably be a lot of training and it might not even work." she looked at the phoenix and gently petted it. Alexis nodded, "That's fine! I don't mind trying to figure things out! I'm gonna find a way to communicate with it even if it takes years to do so," she said, "I'm good with bugs! I had to go through the sewer and live with a nest of rats for about a year." she smirked at Star. Alexis gently burnt the worms and bugs with ease making sure not to harm them at all as she feeds the phoenix. Aurora picks Star up and holds her tightly knowing how scared she is of bugs, "It's okay babygirl your auntie won't let any mean bugs near you and Mommy's here to protect you." she coo'd gently.
  3. Dani laughed like a maniac, "SNOOOOW!" she shouted loudly more then happy to play in the snow and planning to be a bit naughty if possible. Dani grinned at the light purple colour and was eager to get outside and play as soon as possible to the point that she was squirming about in Abby's arms. Once set down Dani looked at Sarah and held back a laugh only to end up tripping slightly herself as she tried to walk in the snow before giving up with a pout. Carol smiled and picked Sarah up tightly hugging her and brushing the snow off her little, "It is very tall even I'm having a hard time walking in it," she said, "but don't worry because I've got you and we're going to go sledding together." she coo'd kissing Sarah on the nose before getting them both settled down on the sled as they came in behind Abby and Dani. "How about a sled race?" suggested Carol. Dani's eyes sparkled, "How about over there on that big hill!" she pointed to a hill that wasn't to big but it was much bigger then the one they were currently on, "Do you think there's going to be some snow sport competitions? I can snowboard." she grinned eagerly.
  4. Alexis was a bit surprised, "Really? I'm kinda surprised? I thought you knew everything about creatures and stuff," she said, "I only know the myths and legends of some! Suppesdly a Phoenix can heal anything with it's tears and it can restore life by sacraficing its own only leaving a egg behind with it's chick to continue it's legacy," she continued, "it only dies if it's nearing the end of it's life or it's in danger and knows there's no other option." she added. "There's a guy that owns a baslisk in the sewers but he's kind of training it for something, dunno what tho...." Aurora was a little surprised by Megan calling the Phoenix a 'pet' but understood that the two little ones will probably be spoiling it a bit and helping with its care, "Well I suppose it'll give them something to do and it might help Alexis to learn how to be a bit more gentle." she replied to Megan, quietly. Alexis watched the blue flames in awe and stared at the bird. It had feathers and they were a strange colour. Alexis thought back a bit....what did blue flames mean? There were red, purple, gold, orange and blue. Each meaning something different to each Pheonix? Or was that just a old myth? Alexis squeaked a bit at the bird jumping into her lap and very softly stroked the tap of it's head, "Hey...." she said feeling the softness of it's feathers as she looked for Megan, "Mommy!" she called, "Could you talk to it, please? I want to know it's name and stuff." she continued to stroke the bird carefully taken in how it's feathers curled slightly.
  5. Anne wasn't sure what she felt or how she felt about Leah? It almost seemed as if Leah was....controlling? But she nudge that small concern away for now not minding how overbearing Leah was. If anything it felt sort of nice giving how her family tended to be so she didn't mind a bit of fussing from her co-worker. It probably meant nothing anyway. "If you're sure? If it's any trouble I don't mind heading back to my studio." she replied softly only to blush upon hearing that Leah's favourite part of the day had been meeting her.... Anne was glad that her accident hadn't hurt things between them at all and despite her sleepiness she was still very aware of her bladder wanting to make sure not to have another accident like before especially while wearing a pull up. The milk had been the first thing she drank since school had finished and yet she could already feel her bladder swell up slightly through the nervousness she felt. In truth Anne's pull up was already slightly wet having peed just a tiny bit earlier on when in Leah's car from the bumpy roads but she didn't want to make a scene or fuss about it. The pull up wasn't uncomfortable and it hadn't started to smell yet but she knew that eventually it would even though it had been a slight accident.
  6. Anne blushed slightly before sighing, "I guess you're right." she said only to look at Leah in shock uncertain what to say to her offer and choosing to drink her milk instead for now until she could think of something. "I don't have anything to wear though for the night?" she said, "Unless you want me to sleep in the nude." she finally replied trying to be a bit more playful. It was difficult not to stare at Leah. There was just some sort of gravitational pull the woman had on her, "Oh...uh..." it was hard to think about what her favourite thing was today with everything that had happened and how many times she had done something wrong, "Meeting you." she replied softly knowing that she could of been stuck with someone less caring than Leah. "I'll probably need a shower before going to bed." she said remembering that she had pissed herself today and while Leah had cleaned her up she still felt a bit icky...
  7. Unaware of the nursery and Leah's intentions Anne remained blissfully ignorant to the fact that things would soon change for her as she felt her eyelids dropping more and more as she fought off the need to fall asleep right then and there so when Leah did return she was revealed and lifted her head up placing her feet off the couch. Anne removed her thumb quickly and smiled at Leah surprised her with the glass milk, "Thank you!" she said. It was an odd choice of beverage to be given but she wasn't going to be rude about it so she took a couple of sips, "You're house is so big and I would of loved to explore more of it but it feels rude doing that without you there." she explained being polite before yawning once more, "Sorry I just feel surprisingly tired I didn't expect today to take that much out of me."
  8. Dani's eyes widen in shock upon hearing that Abby had bought a building just like that and tears burned her eyes at the name, "Y-you're naming it after us?" she stammered and started to sniffle from how overwhelmed and happy she suddenly felt. Dani grinned, "There's two pictures inside one where I'm crying cause I dropped my ice cream while holding you're hand and the other where you're comforting me," she said, "that's kinda the day I thought of you more as my third Mommy rather then my Aunty." she admitted, "I'm so glad you like it Mommy!" she hugged Abby tightly. Carol smiled, "It's always the thought that counts my darling and of course! It's the perfect time to go snowing!" she said getting up, "I'll go get the clothes and sleigh ready for all of us," she smiled, "there's a hill near the house we can all go on." she added remembering the times that Dani had sled down that hill and the few times she had cried. She had always ran to Abby whenever that happened. Carol before leaving to sort everything out checked Sarah's diaper, "Everything seems okay to me! You feel dry but you can never tell with these diapers." she teased before heading off to get gloves, coats, boots and the sleds that they can all take. It was easy enough to do and only took about ten minutes to sort everything out.
  9. Aurora nodded, "They so are! Star's very attatched to Alexis," she said, "it's a shame they never got to meet when they were both younger," she frowned, "maybe things would of turned out a bit more differently for them both?" she sighed, "Oh well that's the past." Alexis whimpered cutely at having her thumb removed but quickly quieted down as the pacifier was placed in her mouth instead. Aurora smiled and followed Megan into the dining room, "I don't think Alexis is going to grow up as fast as Star," said Aurora, "mhm probably not...." Aurora frowned, "just the smell alone from you pretty much tells me that their insides are probably fried which means new organs, new everything probably...." Aurora sat down, "It won't do her or you any good if she does which means we need to do something about this, about this side of her," she said, "it might be due to just fear at the thought of losing but Alexis has been out there for years doing this kind of stuff and it'll be hard for her to stop just like that." Aurora nodded, "Sure I don't mind and you need a shower anyway." Aurora made some coffee while Megan was in the shower and some hot chocolate incase the girls did wake up soon. She made sure to keep an eye and ear on things so upon hearing Star she rushed to the living room to see the egg moving. Alexis whined softly at being woken up and was laying down on her stomach, "Mhmm..." she sat up upon seeing the egg move, "MUMMY!" yelled Alexis loudly her eyes now bright and sparkling as she went near to the egg,"Is it actually hatching? This soon?" she asked curious and concerned. as a warm but comfortble heat filled the room from the egg.
  10. Dani opened the large box and was surprised by the courtroom dollhouse. It made her blush slightly but she knew that it would be fun to play with once she got over the inital embarssment she did feel about the gift. It was very thoughtful the gift but it did remind her of who she had been a long time ago and admitally who she will be in the future once Abby had the law firm company cleared properply. She still couldn't believe her Mommy was a lawyer and had become one because of her and had her own company, "Thank you Mama!" she said, "And mhmmm you plan on guiding me Mummy?" she teased gently as she got a small present out for Abby. It was just a simplistic locket with a old picture of the two of them together before she was kidnapped when they were just Auntie and Niece but it had been one of her favourites pictures. Carol giggled at the wrapping paper that was on the floor and everywhere knowing tomrrow was going to be much worse then today and they should probably prepare some binbags to take care of all the mess that was going to happen, "I'm so glad that you like her darling!" she grinned and hugged her baby back before watching Sarah drag Foxy to the corner. It was adorable to see. Carol was a bit surprised, "Aww darling this is the best gift that I've ever recieved." she said picking Sarah up and kissing her on the cheek.
  11. Aurora chuckled at the whine having come use to it and finding it adorable. She loved these moments with Star even though her babygirl didn't seem to want them much anymore but she didn't exactly blame Star for that. It was a rather embarssing thing to do, "It's only me, you, Auntie and baby Alexis, dear." she coo'd comforting her babygirl softly as she watched her suckle. Aurora feeling that Star was full put her over her shoulder and softly patted her back, "Mhm not tired at alllll." she teased and then grinned as Star fell asleep soon after. It was so adorable how much she fuss'd. Alexis snuggled up to Star as she slept. Her electricty crackling away slightly but only so to warm the two of them up a bit to make them feel more comfortable during their nap. Alexis suckled her thumb as she slept peacefully and cutely.
  12. Carol watched Sarah as she opened up her first present and smiled at the sight. PJs were always great to have and they looked so adorable! She was glad that Abby got them some and hoped Abby liked the ones she got for her. Carol was a little surprised before nodding, "That's great! Thank you so much Abs." she hugged her sister and watched as Abby and Dani opened her gift to them. Carol chuckled, "You can keep your little shark trapped in your pouch I'm sure it'll be more then useful for a timeout or two." she teased. Dani stuck her tounge out at Carol for that and cuddled into Abby's side. Carol looked at the various presents, "Here we go how about this?" she said picking up a stuffed cuddly toy she had gotten her babygirl that she hoped her little one would love. Carol seeing the thumb gently placed a paci to her babygirls lip and kissed her forehead gently. There was a lot of presents for her babygirl including a new graphics tablet that hadn't even been released yet to the public or other studios. It was two years away from being released properply but she had managed to pull some strings to get but she knew that her sweetheart would probably not see that till tomorrow giving how many presents there were.
  13. Aurora held Star in her lap and kissed her forehead, "I wouldn't be surprised if I'm honest I would probably end up doing something I would regret as well if something ever happened to you," she said, "I don't want to put my Mad Hatter persona on out in the field at all that's only for interogations when the department is desperate but if something bad truly did happen to you I would probably end up in the program that you are currently doing right now." she smiled as she heard Star's stomach growl, "Of course my darling," she kissed Star, "don't forget you still need to be nursed before any naps and bed, Mommy still has a lot of milk left for you." she teased as she went to fetch the yogurt wondering if she should breastfeed Star or not? Her babygirl was going to need a nap soon though she was sure of that so she would breastfeed her then. Aurora returned with the yougurt and a cute spoon with a frog face on it, "Here you go baby." she sat and watch Star try to do a blueprint for Megan, "Mhm it would need to change constantly to fit whatever she changes into." It wasn't going to be easy. Alexis lazily laid against Megan and burped before nuzzling her nose into her twin's neck, "Mhm probably I'll just use electric for now to give you some protection," she mumbled, "not tired....." she tried not to yawn but couldn't stop herself from doing so. Aurora nodded, "I think you're right it's been an eventful day and these two could do with a nap." she said as she finished feeding the yogurt to Star, "I think some milk will help you calm down and get you nice an sleepy my sweetheart." she coo'd to Star and took her to the rocking chair in the nursery and undid her top so Star could latch on, "Come on darling be a big girl and show Alexis how to behave." she added with a gentle coo. Alexis was drooling slightly on Megan's shoulder and cuddling into her twin.
  14. Alexis huffed, "Fine but your not going out on the battlefield or on any missions until we get a shield for you, kay? I'm not going to lose my Mommy and I don't think you'd be happy with the way I might react if that ever did happen." she scowled. It was a upsetting topic and Alexis knew that she was being fussy to an extent. Alexis finally felt tears prick her eyes at her twin kissing her cheek and instantly latched onto Megan's chest suckling loudly as she clung to her despertaly and in obvious need and fear over what had just happened despite bullets being comman along with bombs and other weapons. Aurora looked at Star and smiled, "I'm not surprised they both scared each other pretty badly today," she said and knelt down on the floor next to Star, "how's my baby feeling? We all could smell the burnt flesh but you had to see it," she said, "are you doing okay, did Alexis scare you?" she asked.
  15. Carol smiled at her little girl and how adorable she was when she whined knowing that her little one was still getting use to all this and that was more then fine with her, "Well we have a special tradition here that everyone get's to open at least two presents early," she said, "sometimes four depending on how many there are." she explained, "Most of them will be open tomorrow." she added but she was willing to bend the rules somewhat to allow more presents to be open if her babygirl and baby niece behaved themselves and were good. Dani giggled and made a biting motion with her teeth pretending to be a shark and did her best to tackle Abby but it didn't do much of anything considering the size difference between the two as she tried to climb on top of Abby, "Mommyyy! I can't wait to see what you got me!" Dani looked at the door nearby waiting for Carol and Sarah, "Come on Aunty! Cus! Hurry up!" she yelled loudly only to giggle slightly here and there whenever Abby played with her toes, "Nuh uh!" she replied only to giggle even more. Carol had gotten Abby and Dani PJs that matched as well but it was a kangaroo set with Abby's having a pouch which Dani could easily climb into. Carol carried Sarah in on her hip and went over to the pair, "So these are the presents we will be opening up today, huh? Which ones should we open first?" she said. Dani looked at Sarah, "You pick first." she stated knowing that this was probably the first time Sarah ever had something like this in her life.
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