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  1. Bad Husband, Better Baby

    I for one wish to defend the author, and in so doing say a thing or two myself. For those taking exception to the most recent installment where Sarah finally takes things further with Jack, I will say several things: 1) The role of Jack is heavily foreshadowed as a possible daddy figure fairly early on, for "mother" and "child". 2) This cheating on Sarah's part is hardly less ethical than Sarah's previous behavior in forcing Nick into an infantile role involuntarily. Indeed, that if real would be some Dr. Megele type stuff. It is perhaps the biggest problem vis a vis suspension of disbelief this story has is that Nick puts up with all of this. 3) Many people, and indeed many more within the ranks of the AB's or ABDL's I should think, are pleased in whatever way by being...mmm..."belittled?" Humiliated? Dominated? Cuckolded? Perhaps our talented author explores some of these things?
  2. Bad Husband, Better Baby

    Glorious! Been awaiting THAT moment for months!!
  3. Unravelling the Past (Complete)

    Am very much liking the start! Great concept!! Like to see where it might go!!!
  4. Bad Husband, Better Baby

    Great story! I have no complaints, and my only comment is "bravissimo!" No suggestions either; that would be silly as I have so thoroughly enjoyed all that I have read so far. Elfy, this is YOUR story, and I applaud the freedom of thought evident in such a fascinatingly honest exploration of feelings and ideas. For those discomfited by the specifics, I will only say that my own sexuality is not as simply defined as some previous posts have suggested; perhaps human sexuality in general is not... Just a thought, no epic tome here, either. Thank you!
  5. Bad Husband, Better Baby

    Tis truly a sad state of affairs when consenting adults must fear to express and share their thoughts and feelings freely in so-called free societies. One of the great joys of the rise of the internet has been our ability to anonymously share all sorts of ideas and by so doing find more or less like-minded people. I knew I had abdl tendencies before the internet came along, but it was online that I discovered I was not alone. Sound familiar, anyone? It would be a crying shame if the powers that be took that away in the name of morality. Love the story, Elfy, am hoping these fools do not silence you...
  6. Babyhood: a Time of Love Without Expectations

    My goodness! Ever open a can of worms?! I wanted a spirited discussion and can certainly not claim to be disappointed. I will respond to this flurry of passionate thoughts in greater detail very soon (count on it!), but for now a couple of thoughts: Gender is a function of biology, gender roles (concepts of masculinity/femininity etc.) are a function of sociology. It is not that we are ever truly gender neutral, it is that we only come to understand the differences in societal expectations between male and female as we develop. Not much is expected of an infant one way or another; indeed not much is expected period, babies are loved for simply being whatever they do. With expectations come complications, which was my point... You want hard evidence about causality in human psychology? GOOD LUCK!! Without utterly unethical human-guinea-pig experimentation, such does not and cannot exist. Sorry. I merely ask questions, I do not claim to know the answers, don't be so sure you know them either. While I seek to give no one offense, I also do not apologize for sharing honest ideas that may have merit.
  7. Good diaper vibes to all my friends, AB or DL or sissy either or, or transgender...whatever, I love you all!! I am a bisexual male and a boy persona AB and a caregiver to an AB anatomical girl...well met! I write today to suggest a theory about the origins of ABDL tendencies in some at least of us: Infancy and toddlerhood are a unique time in our lives in the sense that it is a time when we are loved for simply being, without behavioral expectations, familial or social. Or gender-based... I shall explain: we may commonly dress young children in pink or blue as befits their specific gender, but we tend to judge the behavior of pre-potty-trained folks as though gender does not exist or possibly does not matter. Indeed, the Victorians dressed male and female babies in the same sort of "baby dresses," and did not separate social expectations and sleeping situations until the child was old enough to leave the "nursery", 5-6 years old? I will now be bold enough to compare this set of ideas to a phenomenon I have observed in many a friend: it is a notable phenomenon, though far from universal, among the many gay men I have had the privelege of knowing over the years that many of them seem to have curious childlike obsessions: I had a boyfriend who regularly purchased "Smurfs" figurines and DC Comics action figures, and he was 41 years old. I have a another dear friend who is also in his 40's and decorates his living room with classic car die-cast models....large ones, 30 large cars at least, carefully chosen... I compare the above phenomenon with the large number of sissies (Much love!), gay and bi AB's (love!!!) and MtoF transgender folks (love to you, always!) who are on this forum, and am curious: Paint a couple of pictures in your mind for a moment: the most masculine male you can imagine, and/or the most feminine woman you can picture. Is there anything less masculine or feminine than these individuals wetting or soiling themselves? Obviously we judge a baby or toddler differently, both individually and socially. I suggest that precisely THIS "love without judgement" is what at least many of us are seeking when we put on a diaper. What do YOU think? Be frank, life is short!! Think on it: keeping our pants dry is perhaps the first real discipline that is really required of most of us...
  8. Infantile Term for "Vagina"?

    How about "Vaginny"? I also like "kitty" or "kitty cat", "puss-puss," and "flower." Lots of great suggestions! Also, the idea of baby-made-up words is awesome!! Many thanks, my friends!!! "Minnie Moo", "Minnie Mouse" perhaps? Also a great term!!
  9. Abu Cushies

    I for one do prefer the babyishness of ABU's single tape design, though I do acknowledge that they are trickier to put on securely than multiple tape designs. Two tapes per side allow one to adjust tightness around the waist and legs independently, while with a single tape one has to do both with the positioning of the single tape. This is largely a question of finding the correct angle to apply the tapes to the landing strip for your specific body shape. As I said, a little tricky, might require experimenting that might waste a diaper or two, but get it right once and observe the angles and approximate positions of the tapes relative to each other and remember it, and you should be able to get it right every time.
  10. Infantile Term for "Vagina"?

    I remember made up words from my own childhood! Indeed, I'd be surprised if most if not all families wind up adopting these baby words at least for a time. Often they are mispronunciations of actual words, misunderstood verbal associations, or suggested simplifications by adults when they feel the actual words are too hard for baby to pronounce. A wonderful set of ideas you have added to this discussion, I thank you!

    Having played both roles, I have found that I thoroughly enjoy being either a baby or a daddy. I'm not actually certain I have a preference.
  12. Bouncy Horsie Poo

    I remember seeing my friend's two year old do just that: energetically ride his bouncy horse in a very soiled diaper, a look of joy on his face. I have been jealous ever since! Wa'ah! I want one!!
  13. Bad Husband, Better Baby

    An ever more intriguing tale! Same-sex action surely doesn't scare everyone, and bravo to you for expressing yourself so frankly!!
  14. Abu Cushies

    Have just emailed abucares again expressing my definite opinion that "Cloth-Backed Cushies" ("CBC's" for further discussion) should be brought back with the new upgraded absorbency like their other products. Also pointed out how much I buy from them, most probably more than most... Others who agree with my love of CBC's, please do likewise!! <[email protected]>
  15. Infantile Term for "Vagina"?

    That's pretty harsh, honestly...for we who worship the vagina? Very harsh indeed... How 'bout ya, big babies?