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Found 21 results

  1. I think Diapers have reached their limit in capacity with the new ABU Peekabu diapers. I am not an AB but when I found out these were supposed to hold 6250 ml of liquid I had to try them. I put one on a few hours ago. After wetting this thing 5 times with no pants on in case it leaks. I noticed my diaper began to feel cold while watching TV. But the diaper was no where near full. Once my TV show was over I got up and washed the dishes which made me pee again. I am now sitting at my computer after peeing 7 times in this diaper. It has swelled up huge. Also has now squished some of my pee out after sitting on a hard wood chair. It is no longer comfortable to wear and I guess I need to change it now. I guess there is no way to get anymore capacity from diapers than this. I have not gotten near the capacity they say they will hold in it because it squeezed the pee out when I sat down thus defeating the purpose of a diaper that holds that much.
  2. tumblr_oisylnu6nP1vinpn5o1_1280.jpg

    From the album Diaper Pictures (ME)

  3. img_0403.png

    From the album Diaper Pictures (ME)

  4. IMG_0201.JPG

    From the album Diaper Pictures (ME)

  5. IMG_0199.JPG

    From the album Diaper Pictures (ME)

  6. Kitty and Avery and I hanging out at Avery's place a couple years ago. We ordered a pizza and were chatting about things while waiting. :)
  7. Diapers with Kitty C.

    I was playing around with a couple images I have of Kitty today. The Pampers box and diapers on top is an image I found on line. The rest is my work. Sadly I don't have any vintage pampers or boxes to use! Anyhow hope you enjoy.
  8. We just wanted to announce that Bambino Diapers is now carrying the amazing Rearz Rebel diaper! This diaper is super absorbent and stylish. Check it out here: https://bambinodiapers.com/rearz-rebel
  9. hi i have to go to asia to work (singapore, but travelling around malaysia, thailand and hopefully more) anyone here with experience of buying adult diapers in asia? Except for singapore, most other countries are developing countries and do not really have an elderly care sector. i bought online from singapore and its actually even better in america as they deliver to me in 1 day, and prices are cheap. i bought from this site Adult diapers tena pants but for malaysia and thailand, surprisingly, not that easy to find tena. I found other brands, but.... i'm terribly suspicious of Asian brands, HAHA, especially china brands. you know what i mean right.... it really sucks if urine get out of the adult diapers. I seen some japanese brands that i may try (japanese defintely more trustworthy than china) but hope there are some experience guys here with feedback? will save me a lot of troubles and money to go for tested-and-proven brands thanks guys!
  10. Lounging around in diapers

    Until recently the idea of lounging around whilst wearing nothing but diapers was something I only drempt about doing but now it's kind of become how I relax each day after a hard days work, or should I say working holiday. I also think that when I am in diapers my whole life style improves because I don't have to worry so much about those oh no moments when I suddenly realise I have that urge to rush to the toilets because alot of times I simply am too late due to the fact I don't feel it until I have a embarrassing accident in public. This has to do with the fact I have permnant neurological damage to my muscles controlling my bladder because of past epileptic seizure's which I suffered from in 1992/1993 and also a bad horse riding accident which happened in 1996 which weakened my bladder to the point it has been ever-since 2010 when I have had to wear diapers virtually all of the time. although since accepting the fact that I will need to wear diapers for the rest of my life doesn't daunt me because I don't see it as a problem. yours sincerely Chinababy888.
  11. Diapers for surgery?

    So I go for surgery on my feet next Sunday on the 11th December 2016, I had the pre-operation talk yesterday and basically asked if I needed protection from incontinence related problems but the nurse assured me that I won't be needing them once I am anicitised but I have ordered some for my post operation recovery period just in case. only sensible reaily given that I wont be able to make it to the toilets on time afterwards because my leg will be in a brace although if I am asked next week if I need a catheter or a diaper following my surgery if I have to stay overnight in hospital then obviously I will choose the latter because I don't want anymore unnecessary pain other than what's going to be expected from the foot. Obviously I am more at ease now than I was a month ago because of the fact that I have been informed that the procedure should only take a day but I can't rule out complications with the surgery but hopefully there will be none. yours sincerely Chinababy888.
  12. My Up coming Hospital operations

    As you know I have major corrective surgery coming up in the next 2-3 months time, this won't be the first time I have been admitted to hospital for surgery although I am unsure how much I should worry about it as it's only for one day supposedly. I already have ordered some adult sized diapers incase I can't get them in the hospital for my operation because I don't know how my body will re-act whilst I am unconscious as the last operation I had was in 1993 and that was before I started having problems with urge incontinence, I am also unsure about what to bring into hospital during my day visit I know that I covered my concerns about this earlier in a previous reply/blog but I wanted to get this all out in the open before I go in for surgery. The questions that torment me at this stage are the following: 1. Should I wear a diaper before my operation and if so should I inform the nurse or doctor that I am incontinent?. 2. Will I be allowed in for surgery in my diapers if I am given the all clear by the attending physician's and will anyone care if I had a diaper bag ready incase of accidents during my time in there care? 3. How do I know if my request will even be granted and if not then will I be forced to wear a catheter instead as this will be too painfull for me and therefore is something I don't want to have?. These are just some of my questions if anyone has some awnsers I would be greatfull for any advice and in put into my situation as I will appreciate your honesty and support for me at this time. Yours sincerely Teksing88889
  13. Becoming the Baby

    Recently I read a story in a website called Http://www.deviantart.com In which was a story entitled becoming the baby it was a bout two sisters one 6-8 years old and the other is 18 years old anyway to avoid being plagiaristic this story plot line goes that the older sister is forced into returning to becoming the baby after she is caught one last-time teasing her younger sister. This got me thinking how common place is the problem of sivilling rivalry between younger and older children or adults?. Anyway my point being that in this case the older sister had to become a toddler again and let her little sister become her nanny or carer of sorts for a month. Obviously this story is fictional although to me it provided an intreaging possibility for myself as I am going into care next year and if possible will become almost like a toddler myself if I am given the green light to wear diapers full-time, I know possibly this is too much info so I will end it there but before I go I would like to thank the admiratators of abisc for having such a good website were I can be open and honest on the subjects that I find I hard to talk about in private. Once again thank you From: Teksing88889
  14. Too old for diapers?

    I was just thinking off the top of my head what the biggest frustrations I have experienced in life and I have come up with the following list. 1. Being told what to do in life by pushy authoritarian fiugers no offence to anyone as specially those that keep us safe. 2. Being told that your too old to be wearing diapers and lied to that diapers are just for babies/toddlers. 3. Pornographic programs or webpages making a bad name out of those who have choosen to wear diapers or who have no choice. 4. Negative publicity, have you ever noticed that all the news I focused on is disasters or something else negitive I hate/should I say dislike this because I am depressed enough without people making it worse. 5. Bossy people who control other people who don't conform to their standards see above for a example. 6. Bad quality products, I hate products that are a rip off or are bad quality as specially ps3 games like red dead redemption or other products like diapers not that I am compairing the two as they are not the same thing. It's just not fair that there are so many adult diapers that are lousy quality as in rip open or don't absorb as much as they say. 7. Pushy salesmen I hate cold calls at 0:200am in the morning or when I am on holiday and am supposed to be asleep in bed or indeed at any time of the day, and I really don't like people who are trying to sell me something I don't want to buy or don't need. 8. Glitchy websites that cause me frustrations I don't like this!!!!!, as it drives me insane so please if their is a problem with the webpage please fix it asap by the way I wasn't referring to this one in particular it's just I don't like stupid drop down menu's that cover everything that your trying to read about. 9. Health professionals who don't see the problem with you until its too late Although I have the utmost respect for doctors and nurses I have no time to those who needlessly ignore me just because they have other agenda's. and there you have it my top 1-9 frustrations on-line,I could go on further but it wouldn't fit all on this page!!!. Yours sincerely Chinababy888.
  15. Is thick better than thin?

    recently I started a new blog on http://www.adisc.org basically I was asking if Thicker disposable diapers are better than thin ones, I asked this because of the fact that I am trying to understand which brands are better for me as I live in the UK. anyway my preferences for diapers have always been for thick ones and I was trying to find out wever it was just me or not as I have to wear diapers for health reasons as I am disabled and am about to go into care next year as per my earlier blog anyway any info would be much appreciated because I don't know what to expect once I become diapered full time. Yours sincerely Chinababy888.
  16. OK kids we all have our favorite diapers so please don't go getting uppity and thinking I'm I am discounting your preference as I am not. I happen to wear Comfy Dry disposable diapers around the clock, (diaper dependent) do to very little bladder control. Anyway I have upcoming job interviews and I need a premium diaper. I cannot wear a pull-up as they always leak on me. Do any of you know if the cloth backed disposable diapers are quieter than the plastic backed ones? Please I already heard they will leak. I am just trying to get through the interviews with little to no noise. I may also wear vinyl pants over them if it will help. I appreciate any help JimmyB
  17. Looks like A company is coming out with Biodegradable Diapers for children and adults. Pretty soon you can just flush them down the toilet! Pretty cool- PayChest is pleased to announce that the Company, with its partners, have completed the design of its first flushable and biodegradable adult protection product. This first product in PayChest's adult protection range is for light adult protection and will target the expanding "50 years or more" consumer market typified by baby boomers. Around one person in six that is 50 years or more uses some form of adult protection. Consumers typically use these light adult protection products to protect against urinary leaks caused by factors such as childbirth, diabetes, prostate problems, certain prescribed medicines and age related muscle control issues. The superior discretion offered by a flushable adult protection product allows the consumer -- male and female -- to preserve their dignity and image of living a healthy and active lifestyle. Biodegradable Maxi pads, panty liners out soon along with baby and adult diapers ALL BIODEGRADABLE... MIBELLA Flushable Panty Liners from Paychest VIDEO Mibella Pantyliners - flushable and biodegradable. For young women especially reduces the anxiety of men, boyfriends, workmates, brothers or fathers finding used product. Mibella Ultra-Thin Sanitary Napkins - flushable and biodegradable. For young women especially reduces the anxiety and embarrassment of men, boyfriends, workmates, brothers or fathers finding used product. Mibella Maxi Pads - flushable and biodegradable. For heavier flow. Light Adult Protection/Incontinence - flushable and biodegradable. Provides protection and discretion for the consumer. For men especially, this avoids the stigma or embarrassment of others knowing they use protective products. Mibella®, using Flushaway® technology, is unique among feminine hygiene products being manufactured in a patented process that makes our products flushable, biodegradable and dispersible under the most stringent environmental standards. pretty cool cant wait http://paychest.com/ OVERVIEW Paychest is a global marketing company that licenses non-polluting technologies for development and commercialization. Mibella®, using Flushaway® technology, is unique among feminine hygiene products being manufactured in a patented process that makes our products flushable, biodegradable and dispersible under the most stringent environmental standards. We have an exclusive manufacturing license to patents, trademarks, manufacturing and select marketing rights to our range of products. Our products have previously been sold under the Flushaway® brand in the United States, Hong Kong, South Africa, Australia and the United Kingdom. Mibella® and Flushaway® are being developed to deliver biodegradable diapers for babies, and products for adult incontinence protection. The market size of womens sanitary products that Mibella® and Flushaway® targets is estimated at $9 billion; $6.5 billion sanitary pads and $2.5 billion pantiliners. http://paychest.com/ cant wait

    From the album Pull Ups

    Wasn't Too Trusting So I decided to Double Diaper myself for for the first time.Sorry for the not good photo, it's hard for me to close my legs. ,more wet photos later :)

    © BABY Sydney

  19. It looks like Procter & Gamble Co. is getting back into adult diapers. Adult incontinence may be a topic that baby boomers want to avoid, but it’s big business and a growth product. That’s why packaged-goods giant P&G plans to re-enter that market, Advertising Age reported Thursday. See more at: http://blog.northjersey.com/business/2879/pg-getting-back-into-adult-diapers
  20. What a deal for anyone looking for diapers in this area. http://dallas.craigslist.org/ftw/hab/3406004975.html SoakedinTexas