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Found 32 results

  1. I think Diapers have reached their limit in capacity with the new ABU Peekabu diapers. I am not an AB but when I found out these were supposed to hold 6250 ml of liquid I had to try them. I put one on a few hours ago. After wetting this thing 5 times with no pants on in case it leaks. I noticed my diaper began to feel cold while watching TV. But the diaper was no where near full. Once my TV show was over I got up and washed the dishes which made me pee again. I am now sitting at my computer after peeing 7 times in this diaper. It has swelled up huge. Also has now squished some of my pee out after sitting on a hard wood chair. It is no longer comfortable to wear and I guess I need to change it now. I guess there is no way to get anymore capacity from diapers than this. I have not gotten near the capacity they say they will hold in it because it squeezed the pee out when I sat down thus defeating the purpose of a diaper that holds that much.
  2. Canadian_Guy


    From the album: Diapers

  3. Canadian_Guy


    From the album: Diapers

  4. Canadian_Guy


    From the album: Diapers

  5. Canadian_Guy


    From the album: Diapers

  6. Canadian_Guy


    From the album: Diapers

  7. Canadian_Guy


    From the album: Diapers

  8. Canadian_Guy


    From the album: Diapers

  9. Canadian_Guy


    From the album: Diapers

  10. Canadian_Guy


    From the album: Diapers

  11. Canadian_Guy


    From the album: Diapers

  12. From the album: Diapers

  13. Canadian_Guy


    From the album: Diaper Pictures (ME)

  14. Canadian_Guy


    From the album: Diaper Pictures (ME)

  15. Canadian_Guy


    From the album: Diaper Pictures (ME)

  16. Canadian_Guy


    From the album: Diaper Pictures (ME)

  17. Kitty and Avery and I hanging out at Avery's place a couple years ago. We ordered a pizza and were chatting about things while waiting. :)
  18. diaperedboilerman

    Diapers with Kitty C.

    I was playing around with a couple images I have of Kitty today. The Pampers box and diapers on top is an image I found on line. The rest is my work. Sadly I don't have any vintage pampers or boxes to use!
  19. We just wanted to announce that Bambino Diapers is now carrying the amazing Rearz Rebel diaper! This diaper is super absorbent and stylish. Check it out here:
  20. Teksing88889

    Diapers for surgery?

    So I go for surgery on my feet next Sunday on the 11th December 2016, I had the pre-operation talk yesterday and basically asked if I needed protection from incontinence related problems but the nurse assured me that I won't be needing them once I am anicitised but I have ordered some for my post operation recovery period just in case. only sensible reaily given that I wont be able to make it to the toilets on time afterwards because my leg will be in a brace although if I am asked next week if I need a catheter or a diaper following my surgery if I have to stay overnight in hospital then obviously I will choose the latter because I don't want anymore unnecessary pain other than what's going to be expected from the foot. Obviously I am more at ease now than I was a month ago because of the fact that I have been informed that the procedure should only take a day but I can't rule out complications with the surgery but hopefully there will be none. yours sincerely Chinababy888.
  21. Teksing88889

    Is thick better than thin?

    recently I started a new blog on http://www.adisc.org basically I was asking if Thicker disposable diapers are better than thin ones, I asked this because of the fact that I am trying to understand which brands are better for me as I live in the UK. anyway my preferences for diapers have always been for thick ones and I was trying to find out wever it was just me or not as I have to wear diapers for health reasons as I am disabled and am about to go into care next year as per my earlier blog anyway any info would be much appreciated because I don't know what to expect once I become diapered full time. Yours sincerely Chinababy888.
  22. hi i have to go to asia to work (singapore, but travelling around malaysia, thailand and hopefully more) anyone here with experience of buying adult diapers in asia? Except for singapore, most other countries are developing countries and do not really have an elderly care sector. i bought online from singapore and its actually even better in america as they deliver to me in 1 day, and prices are cheap. i bought from this site Adult diapers tena pants
  23. Teksing88889

    Lounging around in diapers

    Until recently the idea of lounging around whilst wearing nothing but diapers was something I only drempt about doing but now it's kind of become how I relax each day after a hard days work, or should I say working holiday. I also think that when I am in diapers my whole life style improves because I don't have to worry so much about those oh no moments when I suddenly realise I have that urge to rush to the toilets because alot of times I simply am too late due to the fact I don't feel it until I have a embarrassing accident in public. This has to do with the fact I have permnant neurological damage to my muscles controlling my bladder because of past epileptic seizure's which I suffered from in 1992/1993 and also a bad horse riding accident which happened in 1996 which weakened my bladder to the point it has been ever-since 2010 when I have had to wear diapers virtually all of the time. although since accepting the fact that I will need to wear diapers for the rest of my life doesn't daunt me because I don't see it as a problem. yours sincerely Chinababy888.
  24. Teksing88889

    My Up coming Hospital operations

    As you know I have major corrective surgery coming up in the next 2-3 months time, this won't be the first time I have been admitted to hospital for surgery although I am unsure how much I should worry about it as it's only for one day supposedly. I already have ordered some adult sized diapers incase I can't get them in the hospital for my operation because I don't know how my body will re-act whilst I am unconscious as the last operation I had was in 1993 and that was before I started having problems with urge incontinence, I am also unsure about what to bring into hospital during my day visit I know that I covered my concerns about this earlier in a previous reply/blog but I wanted to get this all out in the open before I go in for surgery. The questions that torment me at this stage are the following: 1. Should I wear a diaper before my operation and if so should I inform the nurse or doctor that I am incontinent?. 2. Will I be allowed in for surgery in my diapers if I am given the all clear by the attending physician's and will anyone care if I had a diaper bag ready incase of accidents during my time in there care? 3. How do I know if my request will even be granted and if not then will I be forced to wear a catheter instead as this will be too painfull for me and therefore is something I don't want to have?. These are just some of my questions if anyone has some awnsers I would be greatfull for any advice and in put into my situation as I will appreciate your honesty and support for me at this time. Yours sincerely Teksing88889