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  1. That very interesting mommy Jess ! Would you mind if I messaged you? I would be interested to know how you got started with the lifestyle.
  2. Your only difficult cause you don’t live in Chicago 😉. Thanks for the update Mommy D! I just noticed you are booked in Chicago 😕, that must mean things are going real good for you , I’m happy for you !! Your the best!!! Let me know if and when you will be making it back to Chicago.
  3. Well that sucks!!! I noticed Abu power ups are the same way to. The ab/dL market for diapers has been taken a lot of favorite products of mine and changing them for the worse, I read abu changed the plastic again with the sdk’s... I’m not to happy with all the changes that are being made to all my favorites, I hope another company starts up that will sell what a lot of ab dl’s love,
  4. Has anyone tried the new bambino boosters? Are they just as thick as the older versions? They have a regular and a deluxe and I was just wondering what the difference is between the new ones and the older version.
  5. Jbo

    Telling a friend?

    That’s a good observation cruiser! I never told him or gave him a hint about my lifestyle, but I will most certainly keep what you said in the back of my head!!! I was wondering that maybe this can work out for me cause he might know a girl who would fit my lifestyle. I’ve know him for a long time. But again cruiser you have made a good observation, and the funny thing is that I’m a paranoid person and I’m surprised I didn’t think of that.
  6. I have a friend who can pickup any girl he wants and the girls are always good looking, well a few days ago he told me about this girl who had him put a diaper on her so she could pee in it and I was thinking that this is hitting close to home. I was wondering if I should tell him about me being a ab/dL? I need some advice cause when I drink I get very open and to trustworthy with people. Thanx everyone!
  7. Right on Richie!! our lifestyle really adds a heavy weight to the fear of rejection, I feel if I just had a vanilla lifestyle that I could find a lot of ways to work around my fear of rejection.
  8. It could be cabin fever setting in, both of my sisters are going thru a depression and I’m a bit withdrawn myself, I love to come home to see my pet but I’m not excited about that anymore right now and I feel so guilty cause he is so dependent on my attention. That is how I realized I’m going thru a slump right now. I wish I had some advice to help u get thru this cause it’s a ugly feeling, it’s like a cancer of your emotions that’s eating away at us. Hang in there you are definitely not alone!
  9. In a way I do feel that way except I am a sub, I’m not looking for my girlfriend to wear but make me wear. It is possible to find someone to fit your lifestyle but the trick is to be able to have the courage and put yourself out there and be able to tell a potential partner about your lifestyle. That has been my problem, which is being afraid of the smear job they can do to my name if their not open minded... plus I have a bad fear of rejection.
  10. Jessa Duggar , I’ve seen some pics of her and she has the perfect look on her for changing my diaper, she is gorgeous!!!
  11. And what do you do when your little poops ? as in make them sit , squish it with your hand etc?
  12. Your also very good at punctuation 😉, I forget to say that earlier.Agreed a relationship has to be a 2 way street. I wonder if a lot of littles have so much built up from keeping their secret inside them for so long that they forget about their future partners needs.I am single because of fear( the potential negative outcome from telling a partner), the dating scene alone is a mess let alone putting my lifestyle in the mix.
  13. So you are an author! I guessed right,You are very articulate 👍, if it is easier to tell someone that I would like to wear rather than them wearing then I have that going for me, I’m a sub who loves a nurturer( I melt like butter when a woman nurtures me) and I have “no interest” in being dominant and having them wear. I hope that doesn’t make me come off as selfish but it’s who I am. I would be interested in seeing some of your work!
  14. Im willing to let you test some punishments out on me if you need a guinea pig Lol