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  1. Hey everyone! Just letting everyone know that I'll be attending CAPCON Chicago March 21-25th and booking babysitting at the official con hotel at those times. Please visit my site www.mommymissy.com/capcon/ for more info and to book a time! I'll also be having a Diaper Change Drop In Happy Hour from 4-6pm 22nd-4th. Just drop in at my hotel room, no appnt needed. $20/10 mins of mommy time
  2. Hi Jbo! I'm coming to Chicago for Capcon March 21-25th so if you'd like to see me, www.mommymissy.com/capcon/


  3. Who's all going to Capcon 2018? It'll be my first time there ever so I'm pretty excited and already booked at the official con hotel so it'll be easy to see me. I made a page just for capcon at www.mommymissy.com/capcon/ and also will have a Daily Drop in Diaper Change Happy Hour from 4-6pm.
  4. Finally I took the time to take pics of my little nursery
  5. The crib is almost ready to go so thank you for your offer @Glennie! @booboobritches I unfortunately will NOT be in town on those dates; I'll be in Los Angeles area that entire time. Sorry to have missed you this time around but I'll always be here for years to come. Right now, I don't change messy dipees, just my preference as of now.
  6. There's a good chance I'll be going to Capcon Chicago in 2018 I'll also be in LOS Angeles area from July 31- Aug 6th so if you'd like a diaper check.... www.mommymissy.com/booknow.htm
  7. I have a littles playroom!!! Check out the pics at www.instagram.com/abmommyvegas i'll be building a custom crib soon too! So stay tuned!
  8. i just made one with Cheyenne Jewel encoraging you to hold it but you end up wetting your pants in the minivan so she has to pull over and diaper him in the back of the van. www.clips4sale.com/8256
  9. hi! I can make such a video. did you have any more script input on this?
  10. Hey Jbo! Awwww.... I wish I could change your dipees! Maybe one day I will make it out that way... you never know! Also you never know if you come to Vegas for a work convention or a bachelor party (happens a lot it seems) I made my OWN babysitting site at www.mommymissy.com
  11. Just letting everyone here know that I do offer in person babysitting/mommy sessions in Las Vegas. I started doing it over a year ago when we decided that we weren't having kids so this is a way for me to persue my nurturing and disciplinary side.
  12. CTDC Moving to Las Vegas

    I have been to his new store on E. Flamingo and I always tell my clients (visiting & local) about his store. I hope he stays as it's so nice to get diapers on hand right here.
  13. ABDL Tumblr

    Here's mine: www.adultbabymommy.tumblr.com
  14. Ineedamommy Update Diaper Punishment

    There's a ton of new videos on the site for download. The last batch of updates all have 2 mommies each in them, what a treat. Join for one price & get all the videos at www.ineedamommy.com or you can buy/download only the ones you love at my clips store: www.C4S.com/8256 Here's one of the newer trailers for you: http://www.xvideos.com/video24023461/abdl_mommy_diapers_you_humiliation_trailer_2016 Another free trailer from I Need a Mommy http://www.xvideos.com/video14848103/abdl_mommy_diaper_changes_and_infantilism_ageplay_2015
  15. Fetlife?

    Agree with the post above. It's a site where like minded people seek eachother, learn more about eachother and form real connections and it's NOT one of those sites where ppl are looking to hook up. There's a lot of married people on there... it doesn't mean they're not good to know for friendships & connections? LOL I LIKE that it's not another creepy dating site and the QUALITY of like minded and intelligent people on there far outweigh most of the "hookup" sites. Either you "get it" or you don't My name is plantationmissy