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  1. Hey Jbo! I was literally just emailing you now! I'm actually going to be coming in a little early and have some time open!! Magic! So please check your primate messages on here and also your email for what day/time I have open!
  2. Because I looooove being difficult, I've rebranded myself after 3 years and it's now Mommy D and the new (same) site is www.myvegasnursery.com www.instagram.com/diaper.perv www.twitter.com/diaperperv Fetlife: diaperperv
  3. Awwwww... thank you Jbo! It was super fun meeting you & sharing an experience with you! I hope you continue your journey into the community and get involved! I'm happy I can be a positive influence in your life.
  4. Bump! Tons of new MP3's added, diaper messing in front of ladies and in pblic, public poopy diaper changes, messing at the theme park, messing on the plane, etc. For AB's and some sexy ones for DL's too www.Clips4sale.com/8256 - Just search "audio" to bring up all the audio ones
  5. I'll be in Los Angeles Jan 19-21, 2019 for babysitting sessions (near LAX in Hawthorne). Not many times left so book now! www.mommymissy.com/booknow.htm the deposit is $50 when I travel. the next time I'll be in Los Angeles for babysitting for sure is Aug 1-2, 2019! Instagram @diaper.perv
  6. Hi! I'll be in Los Angeles babysitting (new LAX/Hawthorne off the 405) so book now! $50 deposit required since it's a limited engagement. all details here: www.myvegasnursery.com/booknow.htm Instagram @diaperperv The next time I'll be in Los Angeles babysitting is July 31-Aug 2, 2019 in Los Angeles & also Long Beach
  7. I've been fully booked since around Halloween BUT I still have Diaper Change Happy hour every day at Capcon from 5pm-7pm Thurs, Fri & Sat. $10 diaper changes BYOD!! See you at Capcon if you're going. Follow my Instagram for all the good stuff & travel updates www.instagram.com/diaperperv
  8. Just letting everyone know that I've been booking for Capcon 2019 and already over half booked. It's a limited time and last year I was booked completely full. www.mommymissy.com/capcon/ Insta @diaperperv
  9. I've already started booking for Capcon 2019 March 27-31st and over half booked! It's limited time so if you're planning on attending Capcon and want special mommy time, book it now! www.myvegasnursery.com/capcon/ (FULLY BOOKED - NO OPENINGS) I'll have my Diaper Change Happy Hour in my room again, Thur-Sat 5pm-7pm BYOD $10 changes and my room is open for hanging out! I'm on Instagram @diaper.perv and Fetlife= diaperperv
  10. added a high chair to the nursery a few weeks back!! you can check out pics on my MOMMY MISSY INSTAGRAM Also will be possibly babysitting in Los Angeles Sept 27th Thursday (evening) and Fri Sept 28 (morning before 12 noon).
  11. Hey all Socal ABDL's! I'll be in Los Angeles the end of july and my babysitting days are JULY 26/27th at Gardena, CA, just east of LAX. You can book now for your special mommy time. Friday the 27th is only open in the mornings. My Instagram is @abmommyvegas Fetlife: abmommyvegas
  12. I've added a great MP3 just for Diaper Lovers! Plug it in and walk padded in the mall with me while I do discreet and not so discreet diaper checks and slight diaper embaressment to you in public! Also added new videos for sexy diaper checks with Caroline Pierce and Kenna Valentina Discovers your Diapers
  13. I just started making videos for DL's cuz there really doesn't seem to be videos without the AB aspect to them. These are thoughfully made, realistically acted (to the best of my ability) without over the top goofy acting. If you're a diaper lover that wants to be "seen", busted, made to wear diapers and watched, I'm gonna cum up with lots of fun, sexy, sometimes slightly humiliating scenarios for you! They'll be tagged "MOMMYMISSY" on my CLIPS4SALE store so just do a search! there's already 2 up!
  14. I'm going to Capcon for the first time & super excited. Will be there March 21-25. The Weds/Thurs is fully booked but I still have time for capcon attendees at the main hotel on 23-25th. Also on the 22-24th from 4-6pm all three days, I'll have Diaper Change Happy Hour in my room. Wet dipee changes for $10 donation complete with tickles! www.mommymissy.com/capcon/
  15. Hi Jbo! I'm coming to Chicago for Capcon March 21-25th so if you'd like to see me, www.mommymissy.com/capcon/