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  1. I have a littles playroom!!! Check out the pics at www.instagram.com/abmommyvegas i'll be building a custom crib soon too! So stay tuned!
  2. i just made one with Cheyenne Jewel encoraging you to hold it but you end up wetting your pants in the minivan so she has to pull over and diaper him in the back of the van. www.clips4sale.com/8256
  3. hi! I can make such a video. did you have any more script input on this?
  4. Hey Jbo! Awwww.... I wish I could change your dipees! Maybe one day I will make it out that way... you never know! Also you never know if you come to Vegas for a work convention or a bachelor party (happens a lot it seems) I made my OWN babysitting site at www.mommymissy.com
  5. Just letting everyone here know that I do offer in person babysitting/mommy sessions in Las Vegas. I started doing it over a year ago when we decided that we weren't having kids so this is a way for me to persue my nurturing and disciplinary side. There's a reason why my ex-husband and my husband have both naturally called me "mom." lol This page has all the info you need including what I offer, rates: Mommy Missy Las Vegas AB Babysitting Service I also offer skype to skype video sessions at the lowest rate you're going to find: ABDL Mommy skype sessions
  6. I have been to his new store on E. Flamingo and I always tell my clients (visiting & local) about his store. I hope he stays as it's so nice to get diapers on hand right here.
  7. There's a ton of new videos on the site for download. The last batch of updates all have 2 mommies each in them, what a treat. Join for one price & get all the videos at www.ineedamommy.com or you can buy/download only the ones you love at my clips store: www.C4S.com/8256 Here's one of the newer trailers for you: http://www.xvideos.com/video24023461/abdl_mommy_diapers_you_humiliation_trailer_2016 Another free trailer from I Need a Mommy http://www.xvideos.com/video14848103/abdl_mommy_diaper_changes_and_infantilism_ageplay_2015
  8. Agree with the post above. It's a site where like minded people seek eachother, learn more about eachother and form real connections and it's NOT one of those sites where ppl are looking to hook up. There's a lot of married people on there... it doesn't mean they're not good to know for friendships & connections? LOL I LIKE that it's not another creepy dating site and the QUALITY of like minded and intelligent people on there far outweigh most of the "hookup" sites. Either you "get it" or you don't My name is plantationmissy
  9. They'll be available for download format very soon (well the newer ones will be!). SO right now, I put I Need a Mommy DVD's 1-3 on my Videos4sale store for only $24 each. PLUS, if you opt to pay me directly via [email protected] then I can discount those prices advertised on the site EVEN MORE. So if you've wanted to see the videos then now is a good time to either get the older ones for a good price or hit me up directly via email for a good deal! You can view some of the video trailers for the DVD's here: http://www.dailymoti...m/user/itmlee/1
  10. tons of new videos to download on the site, including 2 cheerleaders wetting together, moana lott tied up & wetting & lots of new wetting models for you! http//www.ineed2pee.com or download individual clips http://www.clips4sale.com/studio/29481
  11. Theres no shortage of nice loving AB mommy scenes added lately! Especially the one above, where your mom has unexpectantly won the lottery today & is able to hire a full time nanny for you! a lovely blonde bubbly girl named lilyanna is eager to be your loving nanny. SInce you have money now, you're set for life & no longer need to work so you can live your dream as a F/T baby! even better, mommy hasbought a special magic shrinking powder so tht you can shrink down to a real baby size again!! http://www.clips4sale.com/studio/29481 or at my site http://www.ineedamommy.com
  12. They totally do! I should do some crossover videos where they do get diapered in the end. Some of the new videos to download: Siren wetting the bed in her sleep & then masturbating with her pissy wet panties Kenna wetting her panties & pantyhose: