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Found 105 results

  1. CJ the DJ

    Growing Up in Diapers

    Growing Up in Diapers By CJ the DJ In the summer of 1996, when I was just a few months shy of turning seven years old, I started first grade. By this age most children are expected to have control over their bladders, but I was still wetting myself and wore diapers all the time. That was also the year Goodnites were introduced, and I started wearing them to school, as they were a lot thinner and quieter than regular diapers. But they were also a lot less absorbent than regular diapers, which meant that I could only wet them once before they needed to be changed. At that time my classroom was in a trailer outside the school building with no bathroom facilities. The walk to the nearest bathroom was so long, I knew there was no way I would make it to the toilet with my weak bladder. So I would sit at my desk and wet my Goodnite. Then I would ask to go to the "bathroom", but actually I would go to the nurse's office and change into a fresh Goodnite. Upon arriving home from school, I would go immediately to my room, take off my wet Goodnite, and then my mother would tape me up in a disposable diaper, which she expected me to use until it was full. I would then set about doing what little homework I had, and then I could go play. On nice days, I would often wear just a shirt and diaper in the back yard, as I swang on the swingset. When I felt the urge to urinate, I would just let it flow into my diaper, knowing it would hold it. I would continue to wet my diaper during dinner and well into the evening, until it was time for my bath. After my bath my mother would once again tape me into a fresh diaper, which would last me till morning. Now that I've told you about my daily routine, I'm also going to relate some of my experiences. These experiences are common ordinary everyday occurrences in the life of most seven, eight, or nine year old children. But most children of this age do not experience these things while wearing diapers. How my diapers impacted these experiences, and how I dealt with them during my experiences, is the focus of these stories. A Lot of Firsts in First Grade: The first time I wore a regular disposable diaper to school, was on our first field trip in first grade. It was November of 1996, and my class was taking a trip to a local military base. There, a Colonel was going to give us a tour of an airplane, and then take us for a ride on a speedboat. As you can imagine I was very excited! That morning, my mother put me into a disposable diaper instead of a Goodnite, explaining to me that there wouldn't be much chance to use the bathroom on the trip, and that it was better to be safe than sorry. I agreed, especially since regular diapers were much more comfortable than Goodnites. Of course they were also much more noticeable than Goodnites, and they made a loud crinkling noise whenever I walked, but I didn't care. Shortly after arriving at school, we all got on a buss and headed for the base. Sure enough, the loud plastic sounds from my pants alerted my classmates to the fact that I was wearing diapers, and one boy in particular kept teasing me about it. He kept calling me "super soaker!" I had to laugh at this, because I knew that I would indeed be super soaking my diaper on this trip. We had just pulled out of the school when I felt a strong urge to urinate. I fought it for as long as I could, not wanting to wet my diaper until I absolutely had to. The boy who kept teasing me was sitting right behind me, and he noticed me squirming and writhing with the effort of holding my bladder. In a loud voice he said, "What's the matter diaper boy? Gotta go pee, huh? Why don't you just give it up and SUPER SOAK your DIAPER! Here, let me help you!" And then he started making peeing sounds with his mouth! That was too much for my weak bladder to take, and I felt the warm stream flooding out of me and into my diaper! The trip had barely started, and I was already wet. When we arrived at the base, the colonel took us to see the airplane. We got to sit in the seats, and put on the headsets. We could talk to each other through the headsets. As I sat there talking to one of my friends, both of us laughing about how funny we sounded, I wet my diaper again. After we got off the plane, the colonel took us to another place where he had real dog tags made for all of us. Mine had my name and address on them, and they hung from a chain around my neck. We then took a break for lunch. I tried not to drink too much, as I wanted my diaper to last for the rest of the day. Then came the big finale, the speed boat ride. The sound of the waves and the vibration of the motor made it impossible for me to hold my bladder. Every time we went up and down over the waves I felt liquid leaking into my diaper! I soon stopped fighting it and just let it happen. By the time the speed boat ride was over, my diaper was totally drenched! It made a loud squishing sound as I sat back down on the seat of the buss. As we rode back to school, the same boy that teased me earlier that day actually wet his pants! All the other kids turned on him and started chanting things like "who's the super soaker now huh?" and "maybe you need a DIAPER too!" Even though he had been mean to me, I honestly felt sorry for him. That day when I got home from school, my mother could not believe how sopping wet my diaper was. She rushed me upstairs right away and changed me, while I told her all about the trip. Diapers in Space: In August of 1997 I entered second grade. My teacher was one of the most interesting teachers I ever had (or would ever have). She had real animals in her classroom: a rabbit, two birds, and some fish. Before school started, my mother and I went to the school and talked to the new teacher. When she learned about my need for Pull-Ups, she told us that her room had it's own private bathroom for the students to use, and that there was a cabinet in there where I could store some extra Pull-Ups if I wanted. So not only was it easier for me to get to the bathroom, but it was also easier for me to change my Goodnites when they were wet. And yes I did continue to wet them, especially when I didn't want to miss the lesson just to go to the bathroom. One particular lesson that sticks out in my mind was when we started a new unit on Astronauts and outer space. I remember sitting at my desk in a dry Goodnite, trying to hold my bladder till the lesson was over. I could feel small drops of liquid leaking out of me, and I knew I had better get to the bathroom soon or I would be sitting in a wet Goodnite. I was just about to give up and go to the bathroom, when my teacher asked the class if they knew what Astronauts wore under their space suits. In unison they all screamed, "DIAPERS!!!" at the top of their lungs. This was quite a revelation to me, and I momentarily forgot about my full bladder. I was instantly reminded of it again when I felt the warm flood soaking my Goodnite! All I could do was sit there and let it all out into the Pull-Up. When my bladder was empty and the Goodnite was drenched, I got up and made my way to the bathroom. After changing the sopping wet Goodnite for a dry one, I headed to lunch with the rest of the class. After lunch we all went back to class for "Tummy Time" (as my teacher called it), a time where we put our heads down on our desk and listened to soothing piano music, to give our stomachs a chance to settle. Then it was time for recess. As I walked outside with my teacher I asked her, "So what kind of diapers do the Astronauts wear?" She smiled and said, "I thought that might interest you. Well, they're kind of like your Pull-Ups, but they're not the kind you buy at the store. They were actually made by NASA." "I think it's really neat that they wear diapers," I said, the Í asked, "Do they actually call them DIAPERS?" "No," my teacher replied, "They call them MAGs, which is short for Maximum Absorbency Garments." I laughed at the name and then said, "I think I'll start calling my Goodnites MAGs too. Except it will stand for Minimum Absorbency Garments, since they don't hold very much." Now it was my teacher's turn to laugh. "Well now that you know about Astronaut diapers, and since you wear diapers too, why don't you play at being an Astronaut," she suggested. "I will," I said as I walked onto the playground. I made my way up the ramp, and onto the large play structure which took up most of the playground. At the top of the ramp was an area with seats and a couple steering wheels. The steering wheels were made of hollo plastic, but there was a hole in it, so every time it rained it filled up with water. I stood there spinning the wheel around, listening to the water splash around inside. It was then I noticed that all the milk I had drank for lunch had gone through me, and was now blowing up my bladder like a water balloon! The sound of the water only made it worse, so I walked away from the steering wheel and up onto the next level of the play structure. There I started jumping up and down on the swinging bridge, making it swing back and forth. With every jump I could feel my bladder leaking urine into my Pull-Up. But I was having too much fun to stop, so I ignored it and kept on jumping. When I was finally tired of jumping, my Goodnite was a little wet, but it was far from being soaked. I then made my way over to the zip line and grabbed on to it, intending to push off and fly through the air. Suddenly I remembered the conversation with my teacher, about pretending to be an Astronaut. Before pushing off, I counted dow from 10 to 1 and then shouted, "BLAST OFF!" and then catapulted through the air on the zip line. Just at that moment I felt my Goodnite get warm and wet as I lost control of my bladder. When I dropped to the ground at the end of the zip line, I was soaked! I lifted up my shirt and felt my jeans to make sure the Goodnite had done it's job. Fortunately my jeans were still dry. There were several ways to get back into the play structure: the ramp, a ladder made of tires, and a fire pole. I decided to try something new and see if I could climb up the fire pole. I rapped my legs around it, which pressed my sopping wet Goodnite against my skin. But I ignored the wetness and worked my way up the pole. I had seen a lot of kids (some older than me) try this and fail, so when I finally made it to the top, I felt very proud of myself. Here I was, a second grader in wet diapers, and I had climbed the fire pole. Later that week, my teacher asked us all to write a story with an outer space theme. My story was about a planet where all people (children and adults) wore diapers. Their lives were so fast paced, as they zoomed around the galaxy in their space ships, that they just didn't have time for bathroom breaks. I was a little embarrassed to let my teacher see it, but she said she liked it and gave me an A! When she handed me my graded paper, she wrote on it, "I bet you'd like to live on that planet." A Trip to Natural Bridge: In October of 1997, my parents decided to take a weekend trip to Natural Bridge. I had never heard of the place before, and was very excited. On the morning of the trip, my mother made sure I was well diapered, even going so far as to put wash rags in my diaper to make it more absorbent. I got in the back of the car, and my father buckled me into my carseat. Yes, even at almost eight years old I was still riding in a child's carseat with the buckle between the legs. My mother thought it best that I ride in one, as she said it would keep me safer if we ever got in an accident. As we drove out of our neighborhood, I reached into my bag and pulled out my cassette player and headphones. I started listening to some music I taped off the radio, and leaned my carseat back, enjoying the ride. I had chocolate milk to drink, which of course caused me to wet my diaper. But the rags did their job and I did not need to be changed until we reached the hotel. That night, we dined at the hotel restaurant. While I was eating, I noticed a boy at another table drop his napkin on the floor. As he bent down to pick it up, his pants slipped down and his shirt rode up, and I could clearly see he was in diapers, just like me. When he straightened up, I studied him more closely. He looked to be about my age. When he stood up to leave with his family, I looked down at his pants, and the diaper bulge was very obvious. When I looked at his face again, it was all red with embarrassment. He saw me looking at him and he knew what I was looking for. I grinned at him and gave him a thumbs up. He smiled back and walked away. I sat there, wondering who he was, and why he was in diapers. After dinner, my parents and I went down to the natural bridge. A band was playing nearby, and we stayed to listen to the concert. I noticed the strange boy from the hotel restaurant standing by himself, and I asked my parents if I could go talk to him. They said yes, and I walked over and said hi. We talked for a while about various things, none of them having to do with diapers. I found out that he lived far away from me, so I knew we'd probably never see each other again. I realized that if we were going to talk about diapers, then I would have to be the one to bring it up, and it would have to be soon. I waited for a lull in the conversation, then I asked him if he wanted to know a secret. Of course he said yes, and I told him that I still wore diapers. That did it! The rest of our conversation was all about diapers! Anyone who might have overheard us must have thought we were very strange children. Here we were, two second graders talking openly about wearing and using diapers, as if it was the most normal natural thing in the world. I learned that he too had a weak and leaky bladder. We both agreed that tape on disposable diapers were the best, and that Goodnites were a pretty poor excuse for diapers. When we finally had to say goodbye, we shook hands and high-fived each other. After that, I never saw him again. But what an impression he made on me! Although I was almost eight and still in diapers, I now knew I was not the only one! On Stage: Back at school, we were busy, practicing for a concert that was to take place in the spring of 1998. When the big night finally came, I found myself standing on stage with the rest of my class. I had to get all dressed up for the concert, but underneath my nice clothes I was wearing a thick disposable diaper. While I was singing, my bladder was itching to be relieved. I kept trying to hold it, not wanting to wet my diaper on stage. Of course I knew no one else would know, but I felt so self conscious about doing it in front of everyone. Finally in the middle of the song, my poor bladder gave up, and I was forced to wet my diaper! I was told later by my mother that I showed no outward signs of wetting myself. My facial expression remained the same, and I kept right on singing as the warm liquid gushed out of me. After the concert was over, a lot of people came up to me and shook my hand and told me what a great job I did. I couldn't help but wonder if they would still be saying that, if they knew I was in diapers and wet them on stage. Third Grade Camping Trip: Third grade was a very exciting year for me. Our classroom was in the old part of the building, and unlike second grade, there was no private bathroom. The nearest bathroom was way down the hall. At this point I was tired of constantly having to change my Goodnites at school, when a disposable diaper would hold up much better, and I would only need to change it once during the school day. I talked it over with my parents, and they said that I was old enough to make that decision myself. So after giving it some thought, I finally decided to just go ahead and wear diapers to school. This ultimately proved to be the right decision. I was no-longer burdened with changing myself after every wetting. I would sit in it all morning until lunch time, then I would go to the nurse's office and get changed into a fresh diaper, which would last me the rest of the school day. While the other children had to miss class to go to the bathroom, I could sit there at my desk and wet my diaper, not missing a thing. As a result, my grades began to improve! At first the other children teased me for wearing diapers to school at almost nine years old, as I knew they would. But I just laughed it off and pretended not to care, and soon it subsided. That October, it was announced that we were going on an overnight camping trip. At first I refused to go, and my parents once again said it was up to me, whether to go or not. I was talking about it with one of my friends and he said, "Why don't you wanna go? Is it because of your diapers?" I said yes and he just scoffed and said, "So what! Everyone knows you wear them anyway! What's the big deal?" His argument convinced me and I decided to go. In my book bag I packed my pajamas, a tooth brush, a change of clothes, and a bag of diapers. I was ready. That Friday morning we boarded the buss which would take us to the camp ground. I sat with my friend, and we talked about all the tricks we were going to play on the girls while they slept in their cabin that night. Of course we knew we weren't really going to do it, but it was funny to talk about. When we got to the camp ground we all went to our cabins and unpacked. I took advantage of the opportunity and ducked into the bathroom to change my wet diaper. Although my mother still changed me at home, she had taught me how to change myself, so I could do it if I had to. When I came out of the bathroom we all ran outside for the afternoon activities. It was a beautiful fall day, I was in a fresh dry diaper, and I felt great! Although the activities were structured, they were a lot of fun. We gathered different kinds of plants and insects, and learned all about them. When the dinner bell finally rang we all stampeded for the dining hall. I got my plate of food and sat down on one of the long wooden benches. As I did so, my sopping wet diaper squished beneath me. I ate my food quickly, and it was good. Then I went back to the cabin and changed my soaked diaper. That night, we sat around the camp fire and told ghost stories. Some of them were pretty scary, especially one about a haunted hotel, where the ghosts of deceased guests terrorized people while they slept in their beds. I changed my diaper one last time that evening before bed. During the night I was awakened by my friend (who was in the bunk above me) tapping me on the shoulder. "What's wrong," I whispered. "I have to pee real bad, and it's dark, and I'm scared the ghosts are gonna get me," was his answer. I snorted and said, "GHOSTS! What ghosts?" He whispered back, "The ghosts we were talking about by the fire." "Oh those were just stories," I said, "They're not real." "Yeah I know," he hissed, "But I'm still scared, and I gotta pee so bad!" Suddenly I had an idea. I reached down beside my bed and quietly unzipped my book bag. I pulled out one of my diapers and said, "Here, take this diaper and put it on. You can go pee right there in your bed, and it will soak it all up." To my surprise, my friend took the diaper and said, "Thanks!" I was silent for a minute, as I suddenly realized my own bladder needed to be relieved. As usual, I just let it out into my diaper. I then whispered back to my friend, "Do you know how to put it on?" He said, "Yes. I have a little brother, and I've diapered him before, so I know how to do it." Above me I could hear him moving around as he taped up the diaper. "Are you sure this will hold it all?" he asked. "Yes," I said, "I just wet mine and it doesn't even feel wet now. Trust me, it will work." There was silence again and then my friend said, "Hey, I just peed and it didn't leak at all! Thanks." "I told you it would work," I said, "Goodnight." And with that I turned over and went back to sleep. The next morning, my friend stayed in his bed and would not get up. I knew why, he didn't want the other kids to see he was wearing a diaper. I told our teacher to just leave for the dining hall without us, and we would be along shortly. She reluctantly agreed, and hurried all the other students out the door. When they were all gone, I got out of bed and climbed up the ladder to the top bunk where my friend was. "Get up lazy and change your WET DIAPER!" I said, giggling so he would know I was just teasing him. He sat up and grinned, and I noticed his diaper was very wet. I said, "Wow, you must have really had to go last night!" He looked down at his diaper and mumbled, "I um, i actually wet it again this morning while the others were heading out the door." "That's okay," I reassured him, "I do that ALL THE TIME!" I must admit, it was pretty funny seeing my best friend in a soaking wet diaper like me. "Now I know how YOU feel," he said as we climbed down the ladder. My friend changed his diaper and put his underwear back on, while I changed into a fresh diaper. We then headed for the dining hall, and had pancakes and bacon for breakfast. Our overnight camping trip ended with a nature walk through the woods. Then my parents came to take me home. Sitting in my carseat, I thought about my best friend wearing diapers. I was pretty sure it would be just a one time occurrence and that he would be too embarrassed to ever mention it again. But to my surprise, the next time he came over to my house he brought it up. "Hey, you know how you let me wear one of your diapers at camp," he began nervously. "Yeah," I said, wondering what he was leading up to. "Well, they actually felt a lot better than I thought they would, and well, it was kind of nice not having to get up to go to the bathroom, and um..." I smiled. I knew what he wanted. Without saying a word I walked over to my dresser and took out one of my diapers and handed it to him. "Here," I said, "You can wear one of these when you're at my house. Just don't forget to take it off before you leave." He said okay, and then went into the bathroom and put it on. After that, my friend always wore a diaper when he visited our house. We enjoyed being able to play without either of us having to stop to go to the bathroom. Of course my mother noticed he was wearing diapers, but she agreed to keep it a secret and didn't tell his mother about it. I was glad I had a friend who also liked diapers and was willing to wear them with me. I hope you have enjoyed these stories of growing up in diapers. While there are other stories I could relate from my childhood, the ones I have chosen to include here are by far the most memorable. While I was often teased by other children for wearing diapers, I realize that my childhood would have been much worse had I not been allowed to wear them. I'm so glad I was blessed with kind and loving parents, who saw nothing wrong with keeping their older child in diapers. If I ever have children of my own, I will be sure and raise them the same way. Thanks for reading
  2. Gabriella, short name Gabby, is a 12 year old girl who is entering high school. But that's not the biggest kicker cuz she's not just entering high school at merely the age of 12 going on 13 but she is going to school in Japan. The reason she is entering high school early it's because her entire life she has been home home-schooled and her parents found a little program where she could go to school for a year in Japan and stay with a Homestay parent. For a long time Gabriella has been talking about wanting to be a Japanese idol singer so this could be a real opportunity to her. She is currently at the house of her home state dad Kenji as the program leader is explaining something to him that she can't understand because she has no chance to learn the language love the country. But she is also facing another problem she has not had the chance to go potty all day and she is currently Crossing her legs. It was an 18 hour flight just to get here in the bathroom on the plane looked too disgusting to use the bathrooms at the airport look weird and it was a 4 drive to get here. So she is bursting. In the car on the way here she had to let a bit of it out but she let out too much and she is sure that her what skirt was seen and she has to pee even more now
  3. Hey I was wondering if there are other incontinent desiring video gamers out there that have found they have issues letting go while playing video games. For me I find I get very tense while I play games and I end up clenching all my muscles making it hard to pee. I was wondering if this has been an issue to anyone one else and if anyone has any suggestions in how to stay calm and relaxed while playing a fast passed action game? Bye and hope you all have a great day
  4. Gothicruby

    Bayou Baby Boy

    Author's Notes: An X-Men fic, but one that I've tried to make fairly accessible for anyone to read. Considering opening an ao3 account to post this on, but not sure. Anyway, enjoy! And any critique on my writing skill, punctuation and what-not is 100% welcome and encouraged! Bayou Baby Boy “Why pretend, Belle?” He’d asked on that fateful night as he pulled apart the buttons she’d so carefully fastened across his chest. Her face had stayed set, like stern stone, as the expensive silk tux crumpled to the floor. He’d stepped over it just as coldly; having still been clad in his X-uniform beneath gave him little else to react to, though, he doubted he would have anyway. If he’d never been a mutant, then Gambit’s superpower would have been his superb poker-face. In their younger years the blue of Bella Donna’s eyes would have narrowed or, perhaps, she’d have tilted her head in a clear tell that he’d made some sense; his red-black gaze had been softening, calculative as ever, at the time while he plotted the verse of their parting in his head. That night, Bella Donna Boudreaux called Remy LeBeau’s bluff. White, hot pain shot down from every nerve in his finger, sending him tumbling to his knees before he could even think to brush his hand across her stony cheek. She’d stepped over him, barely even grinding her heel into the silk of the discarded tux. That night, Bella-Donna had come so close to undoing him—if not for Jean Grey blasting that vision of her scheming into the X-Ternal’s mind, she would have succeeded in wiping out the entire thieves guild in one fell swoop. That night Remy had escaped, left the enchanted ring on the swamp floor and walked away. “I’m never comin’ back,” he’d told her. Meant it, too. They weren’t the same love-struck kids hopping over each other’s garden walls anymore; he’d grown away from this whole life and she…well. She’d come to scare him… “Remy…don’t…leave me…” Belle had called so softly. Called, and called, and called, over and over again. For two months it was as if the phone was barely ever on the hook. Shrill ringing echoed through the halls day and night, hours on end. He’d tried to ignore it, let it go straight to voice-mail but the ongoing shriek of phone had long since made the rest of the team turn testy. What could he do, he’d tried to explain; it wasn’t as if Xavier’s school was an unlisted number! Annoying as it was calling on the phone wasn’t illegal and besides, Westchester police had ‘oh so helpfully’ pointed out, New Orleans was out of their jurisdiction. He had to go down there, to try and talk some dang sense into that woman. The X-Ternal had stripped Belle of her powers that night as punishment; Belle would have been harmless. Remy figured, apart from her brother, he wouldn’t need to take the whole team to come knocking on her door—he’d be back by mid-afternoon. That was five hours ago by now. “Remy?” “Belle, please…” he’d sighed as she wrapped her arms around his neck. “Oh Remy,” she’d laughed, as if he were being silly. The old wooden planks creaked as they waltzed awkwardly off the porch; him untangling her arms from around his neck only for her to twirl behind him and all but push him through the front door. He’d thought that they could handle this civilly. “Belle…?” The saccharine sight had horrified him, more-so than the grip of the two goons who had grabbed his arms “Belle, please…” The ex-thief had struggled wildly, earning himself little more than a patronising chuckle from the two who’d hefted him off his feet; Belle hadn’t even paused her dainty stride. “Belle…! Please…!” he could hear her high heels clacking further and further away—her lackies had him pinned tight, having laid him flat out on some sort of table. “Belle!” “Shhh.” an odd crinkling sound echoed suddenly in his ear and he went deathly quiet. She started back with that same dainty walk, towering over him soon enough with a smile so tender that it made his stomach churn. “Hush now, mon chérie…” Bella Donna crooned softly, holding something so odd and alien in her hand that Remy couldn’t even think to yell “Mommy’s here.” —— That had been five hours ago, give or take. Obviously, Gambit had tried to escape; the second she’d moved to open that…that thing, his first instinct had been to slam his hands on the table and blow the whole house to smithereens. To hell with civility, to hell with begging! The last thing he wanted was to give her the satisfaction. The last thing Remy LeBeau would be was the butt of some sick, twisted joke! A pink charge had glowed furiously from his fingertips…but once again, Bella Donna had called his bluff. Another ring had been slipped down past his knuckle—but while the first had been the product of the X-Ternal’s magic spell, this would prove to be far more formidable; Genosha’s mutant-inhibiting collars, down-sized for her convenience. His powers had been nulled instantly, leaving him helpless to her whim; and with the ‘ceremony’ now officially complete all sombre pretence dropped from the room. The two lackies tittered mercilessly as Belle effortlessly slipped his pants down his ankles, which only seemed to get louder and obnoxiously jollier as she carried on. Leather gauntlets pinched his cheeks and ruffled his hair for the hell of it while one of them had crowed about “Uncle Julien” taking him to the park later if he was ‘a good little boy for mommy.’ She’d pushed his knees up practically to his throat and seemed to take her sweet time with the powder; even then, he felt as if she didn’t need to be as thorough as when she was patting it into his newly bared bottom. Try as he might, Gambit would never forget the utter humiliation of feeling his backside roll down onto the fluffy pad, nor the desperation he’d felt as he’d tried to kick and squirm away from it. The crinkling echoed in his ear long after she’d pulled up the front, a sound that still haunted him so many hours later. Now, here he lay right where she’d left him; grunting and squirming, wrists bound to the bars of a comically oversized crib—which must have cost even this rich witch a pretty penny for the sake of a joke, geez—and diapered to an equally ridiculous measure. ‘Diapered’, he wanted to shudder. How far had the once proud thief fallen to wind up in such a predicament. Between bouts of struggling to free himself from these bounds, all Remy could do was curse himself for how obvious a trap it all seemed; since when did Bella Donna Boudreaux, heiress to the Assassins guild throne stoop so low as to beg? To wail and howl like a hysterical idiot for hours on end? The woman was nothing if not manipulative…but , then again…he really wasn’t sure he’d have ever seen this coming… Another frustrated hiss sounded from behind the shield of the pacifier gag; enough was enough, he could mope after he got out of this mess—right now, he was going to have to move fast. Every hour on the hour, Belle had been drifting on in here with bottle in hand and a smirk that Remy wanted to spit at. Oh, there was nothing untoward about the damn thing, that he could be sure of. If she wanted to poison him, after all, then she wouldn’t have gone through all the trouble setting this whole thing up. No, Belle didn’t want him dead, rather, she wanted him to suffer; what better way to fix that than by giving up the one fundamental control anyone could say they had? So far Remy had managed to hold out, but mutant or not there was only so much one bladder could hold. Belle, of course, was more than happy to indulge his stubborn pride—such was half the fun for her, after all, but he wasn’t going to give her the satisfaction of being seen in such a state. No, Gambit was not going to wet himself; his wrists might be rubbed raw from the effort, but all the huffing and heaving he’d been doing against these ropes were about to pay off. If he could just get in a few more firm tugs then the tension would snap and he’d be free—free to tear off these fleece mittens, toss that confounded ring to the ground and throw that diaper at the wall to bust his way out of here. A boyish smirk curled at his lip at that last thought; oh was he going to enjoy blowing that thing to smithereens, for the sake of his pride if not the irony of it all. Besides, if he was going to wind up in a compromising situation then much better to be found as a daring streaker than a helpless baby. One more good yank ought to do it… Sucking in a long, deep breath, Remy flexed his fingers as best he could beneath the confines of the pink mittens and prepared himself for the pull. Then, with every single muscle tensing in the effort, did he give one last heft… The wooden bars groaned behind him, something was about to give…he could feel it…! Then…! The sound of the door latch unhooking near enough gave the cajun a heart attack. At once, he forced himself to go completely slack, trembling forearms and all; his wrists might have been still bound, but not by much more than a thread. “Now just what is all this fuss I was hearin’ just now?” Belle’s voice crooned in that same sickeningly sweet manner. Remy only offered a muffle groan of distaste. “It almost sounded like you’d been squirming up a storm in here; though heaven knows why,” Peering over the top of the crib, Belle met his grimace with an indulgent sort of smile. If she suspected anything at all it didn’t show; in fact, if how patiently she appeared to gaze down at him was anything to go by, then she very idea that he would even attempt to escape might have struck her as adorable. “Hmm. Then again…” one shapely brow quirked upward, almost mockingly so, as she turned to set the bottle on the bedside counter. Then, without so much as a warning, Belle thrust her hand down towards his diapered crotch. The startled yelp he gave was muffled slightly from behind the shield of the pacifier-come-gag but she took no notice beyond a smooth breath of a chuckle. Dainty fingers pressed diligently down onto the thick padding, earning a deliciously fretful buck of her captive’s hips. As ever, the heiress was unnecessarily thorough; starting from the top of his groin, Belle worked her way down the entire length of his front—poking, prodding, patting and squeezing all the way down to its very underside. The diaper crinkled loudly all the way through but the sheer bulk of the confounded thing made it impossible to draw his legs together in protest. All he could do was groan and squirm, rolling this way and that in a vain attempt to sidle his crotch away from the mortifying treatment. By the time she was done Remy’s cheeks were flushed almost as red as his eyes, while she once again grinned down like a Cheshire cat. “Still dry mon petit? My, my, such a stubborn little thing you are. Nearly a whole day without a single little tinkle.” she observed oh-so-sweetly “But it’s really not good for you to try and hold it so long. Come now, why not make momma proud?” Oh now if that didn’t just take the goddamn gâteau. Very rarely did Remy fully glare—first rule of the life, after all, keep your cards close to your chest—but by now the cajun’s normally youthful face looked almost comical; cheeks puffed out and red, brow brought into an indignant scrunch, and all behind a giant, oversized pacifier so convincing it was insulting. Were he able he’d have ground his teeth a thousand times over, but the damn thing’s teat was like a balloon in his mouth; all it’d do was bob and he refused to even slightly play in to this sick and twisted image. “Such a pout on that little face!” Belle just laughed, almost childishly so “We simply cannot have that. What’s the matter petit? Mama’s boy ready for his milkies?” Swift as a shooting arrow that same dainty hand whipped around the back of his head, prising the latch of the gag loose. Remy’s aching jaw could scream with relief, but he knew better and snapped his head to the side before that damn bottle could meet his lips. Belle frowned, but he wasn’t phased. “Chrissakes girl, ya made ya goddamn point.” The thief huffed out at last “I get it. Ya win. Lemme outta here.” Belle’s face remained blank; a perfectly poised poker face if Remy did ever see one. “No, petite. I don’t think you fully understand; I ain’t even begun to make my point known.” Remy’s brow furrowed again, but before he could open his mouth to ask her hand snapped out and snagged his jaw in a firm grip. There was power behind those manicured fingers, but even more rage simmering beneath those violet eyes. “Were you proud of yourself, that night you left me there? Broken, defeated…too weak to even walk?” Her voice is calm, scarily so and Remy knows better than to answer. “The way you sauntered off with your arm around that…girl…” Belle doesn’t spit—it’s far too beneath her, after all “I’d have thought you’d been too busy to notice my tears…broken and useless in front of my entire guild. My humiliation.” Her voice raises just an octave, but damn if it doesn’t send a shiver right down Remy’s spine. It’d been easy to forget, with the years apart between them, just what ‘assassin’ truly meant to BellaDonna Boudreaux; oh it was more than just the literal sense, that was for sure. He remembered now, the high she seemed to get when she remarked about where her sparring partner of the day had left himself open and just how much of an “Amateur, he really was Remy!” “No…I’m sure you were far too wrapped up in yourself to notice, weren’t you? Typical.” She pulls back now, but the simmering rage doesn’t settle behind her eyes just yet. “No matter. You’ll learn what it means soon enough…this doesn’t end with a simple wet diaper, after all. But it’ll be a nice start.” A cheery lilt echoed a note or two under the soft drawl; unnaturally so in fact, as she gave his diaper another patronising ruffle. A feint rumble suddenly echoed through the floor-boards. He wasn’t going to lie, it was a relief to have that murderous gaze pulled off of him and off towards the door. Belle stood still as a statue now, but Remy had no doubt her mind was working a mile a minute, taking in every single little detail as it came. “Miss Belle—!!” Someone called from down the hall. “It’s a—!” a sickly thud. “Miss Belle come quick—!!” a strangled cry. Then, the cold scream of metal unsheathing. Snikt. Remy frowned; couldn’t be? Well Belle certainly seemed to think so if the glower she gave him was anything to go by. “Don’t think for a minute we’re finished here.” she hissed sternly and made a point to snap the gag back in place before she left. He would’ve made it difficult but, again, the assassin in her; the heel of her palm was clamped into his throat before he could even twitch. The satin skirts whip loudly as the assassin’s queen turns to exit. The door slams and the lock clacks back into place; if the stakes weren’t so dire then the Cajun might have taken a minute to loll his head back and breathe a sigh of utter relief. Unfortunately, Remy didn’t have that luxury. The way he saw it, there were two worst case scenarios here, being: That wasn’t who he thought it was and BellaDonna was going to come drifting back in here with vengeance. Or, 2. That was exactly who he thought it was, in which case she didn’t have a hope in hell. Ordinarily, he might be pleased to think, ‘hey, the ol’ bastard really does care!’ and give the guy a sporting chance to come to his rescue; but ordinarily he wouldn't be trussed up in such a state that he’d actually consider welcoming the alternative. Hell, anyone else seeing him like this…anyone he didn’t know, anyway…he could probably deal with; he’d wanna die but he’d get over it. Anyone he did know, though? Anyone on his team? Nuh-uh, no way, not happening. Time to pop this box wide open and take off like a jumbo-cam streaker. Remy yanked, the bonds strained but not enough. Damn. It wasn’t gonna be easy to claw back that lost momentum, not now his muscles had cooled—but christ, he didn’t have another hour to give it. Fuck! He inwardly swore, forcing his neck to try and throw his shoulders forward. No go. He tried again, then again and again until form and concentration began to give way to blind, stupid, thrashing panic. It was the worst thing you could do, but he couldn’t help it—adrenaline alone just wasn’t cutting it. So he screamed. He screamed so long, loud and hard into his gag that its’ muffled echo could be heard over the pacifier shield. Then— “Quit ya cryin’ Cajun, I’m here t’spring ya.” No. Mon putain de Dieu, no…Oh, he couldn’t even bear to open his eyes… “‘Course…” The gruff voice continued to draw closer “In that get up, not sure there’s much of anythin’ else ya can do, is there?” Reluctantly, one dark eye cracked open, only to back squeeze shut almost immediately. Oh god, this had to be some kind of a bad dream… The look on Logan’s face right now was positively unbearable; he was standing there at the side of the crib, one arm rested over its rim with mask pushed back as if to get a real good eyeful of Remy’s predicament. “Now, don’t get me wrong or nothin’, I ain’t about t’judge whatever the hell it is you do behind closed doors, Gumbo,” The man starts, fairly patiently all things considered “But considerin’ this is your witchy ex we’re talkin’ about here, I’m gonna go ahead an call fowl-play here. Ain’t gonna lie though, this almost makes me wanna forgive ya for makin’ off with bike.” Remy groaned. Seriously? He was doing this now? “And for havin’ t’track your sorry ass all the way out here—” “Mmmmph…” Logan… “—On damn blind luck—” “Mmmph…!” Logan…! “—Considerin’ ya didn’t tell a goddamn soul just what the hell you were up to!” “Mmmph!!” Logan!! Christ, here Remy was about to piss himself and Wolverine chooses now to turn into Cyclops? The Cajun’s neck rocked back and forth again, either trying to motion to the bonds or slam his head into the crib bars and be done with it. “Hold on,” One claw popped out over Logan’s index finger. It was tough not to wince as it came near his face, but somehow Remy managed it. Hey, little dignities right? This time he did have to grunt some when the strap snapped loose, jaw muscles screaming almost as bad as his poor forearms. The pacifier launched out clear across the room and, even then, Remy didn’t think that was far enough. “Fuck, Wolverine, quit messin’ around homme…! Cut me loose!” Was the first thing to come out of Gambit’s mouth and with no small amount of desperation. “What? Another special ring?” Logan almost drawled “Voodoo?” “Genosha. Logan, mon ami…c’mon…” Remy was just about keeping from gasping “We don’t got much time here,” A wry look caught the older man’s eye, while the thin lines around the ever-grim mouth seemed to curl upwards just a touch. “What’s ya rush,” he faintly grunted “They ain’t gonna be hurryin’ back anytime soon,” At first, Remy just paused; another, more distinct rumble caught him off before he could ask. More yelling sounded off from what sounded like…agh, was that the East corridor? It’d been years since he’d had to memorise this old wreck’s schematics. An alarmed look met Logan’s, but the man didn’t look too worried. “Relax. Just borrowed a couple of charges out from your missus’ basement. She’ll have to dig herself out but she’ll be fine, probably. Now,” the mutant’s stocky figure settled just that bit more comfortably over the edge of the crib “About that apology?” “Apology?” Remy balked “For what? I just came t’settle things!” “On my bike, sure,” Logan nodded. “Oh c’mon, ya bike’s fine!” The cajun’s neck was straining, half from trying to lift himself up and the other from just keeping a scowl aimed up at the hairy little bastard. “Not the point, Gumbo.” he just clucked, utterly nonplussed “I’ve been pulled out here ‘cos of your shenanigans one too many times for my likin’. First night I think we might be gettin’ some peace and I gotta cross five state lines after findin’ Rogue outta her mind frettin’ for ya. I’ve near enough had it up t’hear with you, kid.” A dense fist slammed down over the bars, sending the crib’s side clattering to the floor. Red eyes were trained on Logan, on guard and on edge. “You’ve been slippin’ back a ways, boy, since ya last trudged outta this swamp. Skulkin’ and thievin’ around for the hell of it. Anythin’ t’distract ya from the phone ringing off the hook at all hours, or from anybody talkin’ t’ya about it. Hell, ya knew damn well comin’ down here might’a got ya killed, but what the hell right? Better than havin’ one of us finally ask ya what the hell you’re dealin’ with, eh?” His last word sounded just one note shy of a snarl, but still, the Cajun said nothing. The line of Remy’s mouth thinned tightly now, finding himself speechless, for once, as he watched the Wolverine’s hackles begin to raise. Now, to be clear, Logan yelling at him wasn’t a new experience in the slightest; the man had a fuse thin as an eyelash. It wasn’t rare to see him grumbling and growling over one thing or another and, admittedly, Remy was rather prone to amusing himself by seeing just how wide a range those gripes could reach, but not once did either of them ever venture into such…personal…territory. Talk about it? Talk about what, BellaDonna? The tithe? The exile that came from it? How he’d been tossed out of the only life he’d ever known into another that would never truly trust him? And, hell, while they were on the subject—why did Logan, of all people, suddenly care? Remy’s jaw clenched a moment, followed by a stabbing pain in his gut. Probably not the wince Logan was hoping for, but no doubt the old git would take some satisfaction from it. “Logan…” he hissed sharply through his teeth “I gotta fuckin’ piss here, man.” Another, harder snort was his answer. “Well good thing you’re nice an’ padded, champ, ‘cos I ain’t liftin’ a finger ‘till you gimme a ‘sorry.’” Cold. That was the feeling that flushed through Remy’s veins at the response until another stab drew out another low groan from the back of his throat. Logan paid him no mind and just shifting his weight, slightly, to rest his arm over one of the crib’s posts. The cajun couldn’t believe it; he was really doing this, wasn’t he? Actually going to wait him out as if he were a damned toddler—and right now that was a painfully apt description. The sharp stabs were coming in much closer intervals, merging from a shrill warning into a dull, urgent call. Remy’s hips were rocking now, rolling this way and that as if it might help get him enough leverage to be able to cross his legs over, but the padding was just too thick. Muscled thighs kicked out in frustration, making everything rustle and crinkle out loudly. At this point he might have expected a laugh or a few jeers at his expense, yet Logan just stood there, watching passively as he squirmed. “L-Logan…!” Remy was grimacing now, the red of his eyes shimmering pleadingly up at his so-called rescuer; but Logan surely had to pick today to be the paragon of patience, didn’t he? “Just takes one word, kiddo.” the older man just reaffirmed, not sounding totally unlike a parent waiting on their tantrum-ing tot. “Agh—christ!” he swore, head lolling back against the mattress “Fine! Fine; I’m sorry, ok? I’m sorry!” This earned him a nod. “For?” The red eyes fluttered open, wide in astonishment. “‘For’??” came the cajun’s squawk, but an ominous tremor through his pelvis quickly set his priorities back on track “For—for—! Hell, for everythin’! For stealin’ the bike, for worryin’ Rogue! For not tellin’ anyone where I was an’ draggin’ ya out here! Is that what ya wanna hear? Ya happy??” “It’s a start.” Another, harsher tremor went through Remy’s gut, reaching down his groin and into his thighs—he couldn’t keep this up much longer! “Logan please!!” Snikt. A rough palm hooked around his forearm. “Hold still.” The adamantium claw sliced through the rope like butter and, even though his forearms were practically screaming from lack of blood flow, Remy honestly could have cried in relief. Hell, he may well do that, but there was one more thing to take care of yet. Despite all the agony, the agile cajun rolled himself out of the crib to stand, tore off the fleece-y mittens that held his hands captive with his teeth and seized hold of the infernal ring. One good tug and— and— “Fuck!” Remy gave in a strangled, panicked cry. “What’s wrong?” Logan was leaning over him now, stern brow furrowed in concern as he watched the younger mutant tug and bounce in place with a desperation he wasn’t sure he’d ever seen from a grown man. “It won’t come off…!” was all he could give in answer; his attentions were divided now between prising his finger loose and not pissing himself then and there, though the latter was beginning to win favour in that regard. With another strangled yell, Remy gave up on the ring and let his spare hand fly to his crotch; the awkward bouncing had officially turned into a potty dance. “For the love o—Give it here.” Logan seemed to huff as he strode forward to grab hold of the Cajun’s wrist. The index claw once again popped out, but the second the adamantium touched the Genoshan metal, both mutants knew they’d made a horrific mistake. Pain zapped through them to the tune of 1,200 volts a second, probably more for Logan considering his metal skeleton. Still, the veteran was nothing if not stubborn; while Remy screamed bloody murder, he simply grit his teeth and set the tip of his claw further into the intricate circuitry. There was a crackle, a pop before, finally, the ring came loose…but the damage had already been done. When the buzzing in his teeth finally subsided, the first thing Remy noticed was how the strange warmth that had engulfed his groin hadn’t seemed to fade with the rest of the electricity; if anything, it suddenly seemed…heavier… “N-no…” “Kid?” He couldn’t pull his hand away, to look down, didn’t want to bring himself to admit it… “I-I…” he choked. In the end, Logan had to reach in and yank his hand away from where he was so timidly cradling; the situation spoke for itself. A large, sallow patch was seeping through the front of the plastic backing. “Fuck’s sake…” the elder mutant growled under his breath; it was reflex more than anything, just a thoughtless slip, but too little too late did he realise the mistake. Remy was glowering at him like he’d just kicked a goddamn puppy, face pulled into a dark grimace. “D-don’t know what you’re all bent outta shape about…i-it ain’t you that got wet, mon ami…” He choked out bitterly, snatching his wrist out of Logan’s slightly slackened grip. “Hell…it’s your goddamn fault. Y-you…you seein’ me lyin’ there…y-ya knew I had t’…ya just…” his face was near enough contorting now into a look that Logan couldn’t quite place “Ya fuckin’…ya just watched me like some…!” Another choked bark made its’ way out into the open, with the kind of shuddering that Logan had seen all too many times before. “Hey.” Large palms set firmly atop Remy’s shoulders as he met the younger man’s glower with an even, steady gaze “S’alright Rem…” “No it ain’t…!” Those lithe shoulders gave another shudder. Logan pulled him in just as the first sob broke, but honestly, Remy wasn’t sure if that made it better or worse. He didn’t pull away, that was for sure, but he felt no happier about anything either. Try as he might to keep them at bay, the tears showed no sign of lessening, so in the end he just wound up with his head buried in the chest of the bright yellow suit. Logan, for his part, didn’t shove the kid off. In fact, he was unusually gentle when he needed to be; one hand cradling the nape of Remy’s neck, the other running up and down his heaving back, even as he whined and fussed at him through the tears. The gruffer mutant paid it no mind, though, beyond a reprimanding shush. “Take it easy kid, this ain’t the end of the world here,” he’d murmured lightly, offering a firm pat across his shoulder blades “Ain’t even the…worst.” he caught himself that time, but it was nonetheless sincere. “Y-y’just sayin’ that…” the cajun whimpered bitterly. “No. Listen t’me now.” Logan more or less ordered, making a point to tilt Remy’s chin up. “I’ve seen men, older than you mind, in worse states than you’re in now. It happens. It’s shitty and it’s humiliatin’, but it happens. Just gotta pick yourself up and deal with it.” Somehow the cajun looked so small right now, an impressive feat considering Logan’s stocky stature. It was true though; what with his lip pooched out and trembling, along with the flushed cheeks…god, it was times like these Logan realised just how damned old he was. “E-easy for you t’say…” “Yeah, well. Been at it a lot longer than you, Gumbo.” he told him plainly “Now, question is; am I gonna be luggin’ you home in a soggy diaper feelin’ all sorry for yaself, or are we gonna do somethin’ about it?” A hiccup caught in the kid’s throat as he gave a huffy sort of shrug. Great, so they were gonna bd playing it that way, huh? Fine. Tough love it was. “C’mon. Get your clothes Cajun, we’re leavin’.” Logan ordered again, a little firmer this time now that the Cajun seemed to have settled. Remy pulled back a bit, but kept his gaze low to the ground. “Can’t…” He snuffed, earning a soft growl from Logan. “Ya know, if ya gonna be like this—” “No, Logan, Belle took ‘em after she stripped me. Made it into this whole show an’ dance about ‘takin’ temptation away or somethin’.’ I ain’t gonna go wanderin’ for ‘em like…well…” he gestured haplessly down to his sodden form. Logan pinched the bridge of his nose. Right. Ok. Fair point. “Well, ya can’t stay here…” Remy opened his mouth to speak, but Logan caught him off then and there “And you’re not sittin’ your naked ass anywhere down on the Blackbird, so get that outta your head right now.” Glancing around didn’t provide much help either. BellaDonna had certainly gone to town on this whole get up, what with the adorable cubbies and saccharine colours lining each end. And diapers, mounds and mounds of extra-thick diapers piled up on every shelf, no doubt for Remy’s ‘benefit.’ Whatever they were going to find, the Cajun probably wasn’t going to like…he let out a slow breath between his teeth. “Alright. Lie down.” Logan spoke after a moment, earning a blink from Remy. “Pardon?” “You heard me. You’re not gonna like what I got in mind but I ain’t gonna waste time fightin’ ya. Lie down so we can make this as painless as possible.” As he spoke Logan moved towards one of the high-piled stacks and, immediately, Remy went pale. “No. No, no, no, no. You are not puttin’ me in another one o’those things!” he tried to take a step back, but the way the sopping cloth pushed out between his thighs made it feel more like a tottering waddle. Remy grimaced. “Hell, I can barely walk in this thing as is…!” “Which is why it’s probably best we get ya outta that one and into something a little fresher, don’t ya think?” As ever, Logan’s completely stone faced as he approaches, diaper in one hand, powder in the other and a package of babywipes settled in the crook of his arm; if he weren’t still reeling from this whole twisted experience, maybe Remy would have found it in him to laugh. As it was, the young man looked torn between melting into the floor and bursting into a fresh batch tears. Another sigh left Logan, slow and heavy as he opted to set the offending items down on the floor so as to be able to approach the kid without spooking the life out of him. “Look, Rem, I ain’t doin’ this for my own amusement. Ya need somethin’ on ‘till we get back t’the mansion. I figure between this an’…Christ, I don’t know, bunny-overalls, this’d be the easier t’stomach.” Another grimace catches Remy’s face, but not like before; no, this is more of a cringe, as if the mental image he’d just painted for him where sitting plain as day behind those still-damp eyes. His hands fisted at his sides, pulsing with an aimless charge…and relaxed. Nothing to be done about it, was there. Still, his shoulders slumped heavily. “Can’t y’jus’ stick it on t’seat an’ make me sit on it…?” the voice was small, almost childlike. Logan wasn’t going to comment one it, though he did set his hands over the Cajun’s shoulders again. “Wearin’ it s’just the same as sittin’ on it, son.” He reasoned evenly; and, besides, no offence to the kid and all but this way they could pretend he was halfway-decent. He was beat, Remy knew it, much as he knew he should have started waddling towards the crib already; yet still he lingered. Logan didn’t push him, even if though he could feel the older mutant getting antsy beneath that coarse visage. Belle might still be a while yet, but they probably shouldn’t linger too long. Still, the dark eyes were flickering anxiously—first to the bed, then back to Logan. The rough palms gave a reassuring squeeze. “I know, but ya ain’t gettin’ trapped there again. Promise.” his tone seemed softer now, not even a little bit rushed. Remy took another shaky breath. Then, finally the arduous waddle began. One foot in front of the other—never had this felt like a more daunting task. He made it, sure, but not without a lot of uncomfortable sloshing and the most unsteady pigeon toes in the world. The crib almost seemed like a relief at this point, but even if this time he was laying down of his own volition, he still couldn’t say that he cared for being back in this all too familiar…position. To his credit, Logan sensed this. “Relax,” he soothed, slow and even. The gruff palm came to settle on his lean stomach, Remy blinked almost shyly. If Logan didn’t know better then he’d say the bottom lip on the younger man actually seemed to pooch; he didn’t comment though. Really, there was no sense dragging this out; however they went about it, it was bound to be awkward and overly-personal…it was times like these Logan was grateful that he was getting just too old to care. The tapes snapped open, Remy blushed a deep crimson. Logan’s hand came to grab the diaper’s waist, but he paused before drawing it down. “Ya sure you’re done?” “Huh?” Remy squinted slightly. “Y’know. Done. If I pull this down ya ain’t gonna spring another leak are ya?” “What? No!” “Ya sure? ‘Cos I don’t wanna g—” “Logan!” The crack in his voice was getting desperate. Logan’s brow remained stony as he considered the Cajun a moment more. There was a certain… ‘risk’ concerning boys and their diapers, no matter how big the boy. It must have only been half a second of silence, if that, but clearly it was too much for Remy to bear at this point. The sodden thing sopped heavily as he began trying to kick the other away. “Oh for fuck’s sake—!” “Alright, alright, sit down already,” Logan just grumbled, putting a hand out to meet Remy’s chest and keep him from rolling up completely. With one hand bracing the kid’s long, springy legs, he made careful work of folding the diaper down and pulling it away. All thing’s considered…this wasn’t nearly as bad as when Belle had done it. He couldn’t believe he was even thinking that, but it was true. With Belle, it was as if Remy had been made to suffer; the jeering, the bottom patting, the sickeningly-sweet voice she used as she cupped the front and gave it a cruel jiggle… Sure, Logan was currently making a point to top and tail him with that wipe—but when Remy whined, there was no laughter. In fact, the guy surprised him again by setting his palm over his stomach and quietly shushing. It was childish, it was unnecessary…but it sure made Remy feel better… “Almost done kiddo,” Logan narrated absently. He got a tiny murmur in response. Remy hardly even seemed to mind, now, as the clean diaper came over his front. Logan smoothed the waistband over some before he started on the tapes. “Damn things, how’re they s’posed t’…” he grumbled under his breath, earning himself a surprising laugh out of his hapless ‘charge.’ “Yeah, yeah, yuck it up Gumbo.” Logan just sighed resolutely; he looked annoyed but there was no heat to it, not really, “Let’s see if you’re still laughin’ when ya see all the mosquito’s out there, just waitin’ for a chance to bite your ass while you’re waddlin’ through the swamp.” A firm smack across the thick punctuated that sentiment after Logan had helped heft the Cajun to his feet. Normally, Remy wouldn’t have stood for it…but see, he had bigger problems right now… “Uh, yeah, speakin’ of mon ami…” he winced awkwardly. The pigeon toes were back with vengeance… “How we, uh…how we s’posed t’swing this?” — Piggy-backing, it turns out, was as much of a life saver as it was for time. At first Remy had been quick to refuse. “Humiliatin’ enough I gotta look like a baby, I ain’t gonna be carried like one!” he’d adamantly insisted and, to his credit, had made a decent effort of holding up that promise. He was a swamp-rat, born and raised, after all. So he started off, one foot awkwardly in front of the other and bottom bobbing slightly with the effort. The problem with swampy terrain, though, wasn’t so much the mud, but what it tended to cover; the ivy, Remy could deal with. Sure it was…surreal…to have to tread through bare-foot but, hey, he managed; stones and splinters though? Yeah, not so much. “Ya couldn’t-a parked the jet up closer, homme?” Was Logan’s first clue to keep an eye on him; they were barely out the door and still had a mile and a half to go, yet already he was griping. ‘Kid sounded tired,’ he’d absently thought at the time; not that Remy didn’t have reason to be, of course. Hell, Logan had to wonder how much effort it took to traverse a way with that kind of a gait. Then, there was a yelp and Logan had swung his arm back just in time to catch the kid before he fell. A stone, a big one, scraped across the ball of his foot. So, that tore it. Logan lifted him up, got him on his back and that was that. ‘And thank Jesus-hoppin’-Christ.’ The veteran mused idly to himself as they walked; at the rate Remy had been toddling, they probably wouldn’t have reached the Blackbird since sun-up. As it was, they were nearly there. Just a half a yard more, or so, and they’d be on their way. Logan glanced over his shoulder, but didn’t make to announce. Remy had passed out about a mile back and, liking his peach and quiet and all that, the older mutant wasn’t about to disturb him. Besides…he’d looked like he needed it, so Logan was going to let him rest. …Even if having to hunch like this was wreaking havoc on his back, jeez… “I tell ya, kid, the things I do for you sometimes…” he sighed softly, even as a twinge went through one of his muscles somewhere. He had to stop, try and shake it out somehow… “Probably just be easier t’carry ya the ol’ fashioned way…” Logan grunted…then had to smirk at the idea. He was definitely strong enough to be able to do it, Remy was built lean as hell anyway…kid wouldn’t be happy, though…but hell. He was so deep in a doze, how was he gonna tell? Remy’s grip was loose around his neck and the rest of him was slack enough. Logan let one of his legs gently drop and, gently, shimmied him around until he was at his front on his hip. One hand under the bottom, a firm lift…and there. Much better, but when the gentle breathing suddenly hitched out a murmur, the older mutant froze completely. ‘Shit.’ Logan let out a soft, controlled breath as he set his palm across the bridge of Remy’s shoulder blades. Another sound left the kid, not quite as agitated as the last. Then…who knows, maybe it was instinct that took over…Logan braced his arms just that bit more securely around the lithe form and began to softly bounce. Closed lids twitched slightly at first. The furl that the younger’s brow was threatening to pull into paused, then seemed to relax completely after a few more careful bounces. Logan shrugged his shoulder so very carefully, edging the lolled head just a little closer to the crook of his neck; that seemed to do it. Remy’s nose nuzzled into the soft join; there was a sigh, then peace. The cajun’s breathing evened out and he was back on the dreamland express. Another slow, measured breath flew easily from Logan’s mouth. He hadn’t actually expected that to work. Still, seeing the usually smarmy Cajun snuggled up to him like this was quite a sight; yet Logan didn’t seem to be inclined to roll his eyes any at the development. The younger one’s breathing was soft in his ear, uncharacteristically so even. The thin line of his grizzled mouth quirked slightly. “Goin’ soft old man, definitely goin’ soft.” Logan just breathed to himself before starting towards the Blackbird’s ramp. Ah well…worst things could happen. Wasn’t often Wolverine had an excuse to smile. The next trick, though, would be figuring out how to get Gambit off the jet without being seen; hey, he was an incorrigible ass at times, but the kid had pride. Logan figured he owed it to him to try and help him keep it. He’d puzzle it out on the way though, maybe keep a lower gear to mull it over. He clipped Remy carefully into one of the seats behind him and paused to chuckle at the sight. Head lolled off to one side, hair all tousled and askew…must’ve looked about a decade younger than he was. Looked almost…cute. Another soft chuckle left Logan as he ran his hand across the disheveled head. “Yeah, definitely goin’ soft.” He grinned. But, hey. At least it felt worth it. The end.
  5. ABAlex


    There was a knock on the door. Jessica stood up, and looked at her clock. She sighed angrily."You're seven minutes late," she said loudly."I'm sorry, there was traffic getting here, and..." Mary, her house keeper said."I don't care. I said wake me for 7:00, not 7:07. Every moment you're late is more time I need to rush. If I'm late for work, we could lose thousands of dollars, and you can guess what the first expense I'd scrap is.""I... yes ma'am, sorry ma'am. It won't happen again."Jessica looked at her house keeper. A foot shorter then Jessica, with long brown hair, thickly built and frumpy... Jessica almost felt sorry for her. Almost. "It better not," the taller, younger blond said."You could get an alarm clock..." the woman said.Jessica rounded on her. "Excuse me? I run portfolios for a billion dollar company. I have thousands of numbers to keep track of, a hundred rules to know, and dozens of patterns to watch each day. You think I have time to remember to set a clock? You think I worked daily for all those years so I can set alarm clocks? That's why I have you, who doesn't keep track of a thousand numbers, who didn't work hard to get to where I am, and who doesn't have to worry about a billion dollar company, to do it for me. Be thankful the positions aren't switched. Now go make breakfast, I'll be down soon." She walked away and into her bathroom. She didn't have time to hear the reply, nor did she care. She turned on the taps and showered quickly, then got dressed in her most severe black dress. Today was a day to impress.She made it down the stairs to her kitchen and ate the eggs Mary had prepared without looking at her. As she was leaving her home, her phone buzzed.She looked at it. There was a message from Kevin, a lower level employee who served as her chauffeur."There was traffic, and I was unable to get onto your street. Please meet me at the path by Morrin St."She groaned to herself. It wasn't that far of a walk, but it was another annoyance in an already annoying day.She walked across her street and onto the path on the other side. It wound through a small wood and cut into the next suburb. She was walking down the path and muttering to herself when her foot hit something."GOD DAMN IT!" she shouted. She hoped she didn't wreck her shoes. She looked down, and stopped.It was a lamp. A small, metal lamp, the kind from Aladdin movies. She didn't have time to wonder why it was there. She was angry, and it was an object she could focus her anger on. She picked it up and threw it as hard as she could into the bushes. Smiling proudly to herself, she kept walking."Ummmm excuse me, that was rude," a voice said.She turned around quickly. The path had been empty a moment ago. She looked up to see a tall, red skinned man hovering above the ground with his arms folded."Who the hell are you?" she said. "What kind of trick is this? Is this a joke?""This is no trick. I'm Yasafar, the red genie, and I will not have my profession called a joke."She rolled her eyes. "Riiiiggghht. Look, I don't have time for this." She turned to walk away.To her surprise, the man reappeared in front of her. "How about no. That's not how this works. You threw my house against a tree, you woke me up, you insulted me, you don't get to just walk away.""Uh huh," she said. She ignored him and tried to walk past him.Suddenly a light appeared in front of her. She stooped and was temporary blinded by it. The light dimmed, and she saw she was surrounded by a faint blue haze. She reached out into it, and saw it formed a solid wall. She looked around herself, and realized she was in a sealed dome. She turned to face the red man."What is this?" she demanded."Its a force field. We are now outside your time and world.""Ohh bullshit.""Hey! Don't say that about my work. You have no idea how long it takes to learn this."She rolled her eyes again. "Whatever. Just let me out, I have actual work to do.""I don't think so. You kicked my house, and I cannot return until I fulfill my duties.""Whatever. So I guess I get whatever I want, right? I want unlimited wishes.""Har har. That doesn't actually work.""Oh, you're not powerful enough? You can't give me all I want?"His eyes went wide. "Seems to me you're just too much of a spoiled brat.""Yeah whatever. I work for what I want. Unlike you, I don't spend my days sleeping, pop out once in a while for a light show, then go back. I struggled, now I have what I want, and if I want unlimited wishes, I'll get it.""Uh huh. Is that what you think?" he closed his eyes. "Lets see... Jessica," she gasped that he knew her name. "Works in her fathers company. Got the job without even getting a degree. My my... relies on a house keeper and a chauffeur, lives in a house bought with her daddies money... Seems your a privileged little brat living off her daddy who'd never make it in the real world.""Excuse me? I didn't get a degree because I didn't need one. I know how to do my job better then anyone. I made it on my own.""You made it because of your parents. Your house keeper works harder then you, is older and knows more. She just wasn't born rich. If you came from the same circumstance, she'd be doing better."Jessica was dumbfounded. The housekeeper, who couldn't even arrive on time, doing her job better? "You don't know what your talking about.""Of course I do, silly. I'm a genie, route word of genius. I know everything.""Right. Well, you don't know me. I could make it in any circumstance."His eyes twinkled like he had won a game. "Oh really? Any circumstance?"She paused. Something about his voice made her feel nervous, but she refused to admit defeat. "ANY circumstance. I could make it anywhere, on my own, with nothing but my own skills."Then lets make a bet, shall we. I'll put you in a different world where no one knows where you are. You get to start from scratch. If you succeed, I'll transport you back here and give you your unlimited wishes. No time would have passed, nothing would have changed, but you're all powerful.She considered the offer. It was tempting, but she couldn't let him know that if she wanted to bargain, and she definitly couldn't hand him a blank slate. "And if I lose? What happens then?""Oh, not much. Same thing, you come back here, no time passed, but you don't get your wishes. Oh, one more thing.""Uh huh?" here it comes, the catch, she thought."I get to make one small change to your life.""What kind of change?" She knew better then to accept that. It could be anything.He shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know, depends on the manner of your failure.""Riiiigght. So I'm supposed to agree to that, not knowing what you'll do? Fat chance.""Oh, so you're afraid you'll fail? What happened to being soooo talented and sooo smart that you'll make it anywhere?"She gritted her teeth. "That doesn't mean I'll fall for a trick like that."He shook his head. "No trick, just what I said." He leaned in closer to her. "Think about it. Unlimited wishes, unlimited power, all you want, and all you have to do is the one thing you said you could do anywhere- make it on your own in a new city. Didn't you say it would be easy, or are you admitting you were lying to yourself?"She glared at him. This was so stupid, she thought. But... unlimited wishes. How hard could it be, anyway? She had made it already, she just had to do it again."Fine. Do it. What are the criteria for success?""You'll be tested on everything, from your wits to your work ethic and your basic skills. Succeeding in any of them will count as a pass. Failing them all will lose you the bet.""Fine. Do it."He laughed. "You are soooo manipulable, you know that? I just love having fun with people like you in different worlds, you should have seen this one girl Crabula, she... anyway, I'm ranting. The world is ready. Have fun!"There was another bright light, and Jessica covered her eyes. Air rushed around her, and she felt herself spinning. SHe began to panic. Was this a trick? What was this? She began to scream as she felt herself falling through the air, faster and faster.Suddenly she realized it had stopped. The light coming through her finger tips was normal, and there was no air rushing around her. She had been screaming for nothing.She uncovered her eyes and looked around. There were a few people staring at her. She blushed and began to walk quickly as if nothing had happened.She was in a city. She knew that, but she didn't know which one. There were tall buildings on either side of her, and the side walks were crowded with people. It could easily have been any city she had been to, and the weather and foliage of the trees made it seem like late summer or fall. In that way, at least, this 'different world' seemed to be the same.However, she knew that couldn't be the case. It was too easy. There had to be some differences here.She began to make mental checklists.What did she have?She had her clothes. They had changed, she realized, to a more casual pair of jeans and t shirt, the kind of thing she wore on weekends. Fitting, she decided, since she technically didn't have a place to work yet. She had her wallet and credit cards... except they wouldn't work if it was a different world. She had her ID... which probably would come up as fake. She stopped. "Huh," she said. She hadn't really considered what she was getting into.She started walking again. No matter, she'd find a way. She began to make a list of tasks. Find out what the differences were in the new world, learn about it, get a job, get an apartment... She thought again. Get food, get water.... There was a lot to do very quickly.She noticed something. "Ah, a leg up," she thought.It was a pair of girls, both slightly younger then her but still adults, and wearing the same uniform. It appeared to be a waitress outfit, with a dark, tight shirt above a short skirt and long stockings. She didn't recognize the restaurant, but that didn't matter. She was a master of one of the most valuable skills a person could have finding a job- the gift of gab, or how to talk your way into anything. She followed them from a short distance. Find out a bit about them, perhaps where they are going, make friends, and use them to help get a job. Waitressing wasn't her first choice- it was far beneath her, in fact- but it was something. Pay the bills, get some clothes, get some references... in a few weeks, she could be managing at the restaurant, then using that to find work elsewhere. Their job would be her stepping stone.She followed and watched them closely, studying them. Something about them was odd. It was their skirts, they seemed to collect strangely around their hips.She stared at it. It seemed like there was something underneath it. She also noticed their walk- she had been trained to notice such things- which was odd, slightly waddled like a...She did a double take. Like a toddler, she thought, or someone wearing diapers. She looked closer. The skirts were short and flounced as they walked. There was a distinct line of white underneath them. Whats more, the girls- she couldn't think of them as anything else after noticing, despite their being only a few years younger then herself- didn't seem to mind at all, and just kept walking like it was the most normal thing in the world.Surely she must be mistaken. There is no way someone their age could... could they? It was a new world.She turned away. Frankly, she didn't want to know the answer, and if they were part of some weird group... there were things she'd do for money, that wasn't one of them.Suddenly she realized the girls had stopped. They had turned and staring at her. Had they noticed she was following them?She ran into a nearby door without checking what it was."Hello there! Would you like to try our new cold coffee?"She looked at the origin of the voice to see a short, fat and bearded man standing behind a counter. She was in a cafe. It had dark walls covered with paintings, and the smell of caffeine hung heavily in the air."Oh, no thank you, I just...""Oh come on!" he said, smiling, "surely you need something to keep you going. The mornings were made for coffee and the afternoons were made for wine, I always say. Come on, I assure you its good."She didn't want it, but he was insistent and she couldn't think of an excuse to be there. He handed her a cup, and she took a sip. It was sweet, sugary, but strong."Its good!" she said."Yep! That's our new blend. Why don't you take a seat and enjoy it?""Ummm, alright," she said, and sat down at a table. She looked around the cafe. It wasn't bad. She could work here, she thought. She looked at the coffee. She might have to, given she had no money to pay for the coffee.She began to watch the people around her. It was a good way to learn about her new environment, she figured.There was a couple at a table across from here. There was a man about her age, black haired, tall and muscular, next to a younger and smaller brunette. They were both flirting openly, whispering into each others ears and cuddling around the edges of their table.She smirked. One thing to know, the new world seemed to have a liberal view on homosexuality, and flirting in public. What else could that say about the society? Perhaps open about other things too? She made a mental note of it.While she was watching, the black haired of the two stopped moving. He seemed to sniff the air. The younger looked at him in confusion. The older pushed the other forward slightly and reached down to his belt line.Suddenly the brunette's eyes went wide. He looked at the other, then around the cafe as the other stared at him, seeming disappointed.The brunette bent down under the table. He picked up a bag and began ruffling through it. He looked panicked. He went through the bag again, then dumped the contents on the table. The black haired one rolled his eyes and sighed as the younger searched through a pile of books and pencils as if looking for something. Finally he gave up and looked pleadingly at the older.The black haired man reached down slowly, picked up his own bag, reached into it and took something out.Jessica had to stifled a gasp. She had through earlier, but it was pretty clear now. The black haired man was holding a large adult diaper, and handed it to the brunette. Defeated, the brunnette grabbed it, and waddled slowly away from the table and toward a bathroom door. He knocked on the door, and a grunt inside replied. He paused, shuffling from foot to foot, clearly uncomfortable. He looked back at his boyfriend sadly. He went back to shuffling. He moaned, and looked at his boyfriend again, his eyes begging for help. His boyfriend sighed, stood up, and walked over. Once there, he grabbed hold of the younger's belt. The brunette shook his head with wide eyes, but did nothing as the older undid his belt and pulled down his pants. The brunette was now standing with a clearly visible, and clearly messy, diaper. The older turned him around, peared at the back, and waved his hand in front of his face teasingly. He then took his boyfriend by the wrist, waggled a finger under his nose, and pulled him toward a second bathroom to the side. Jessica noticed the sign on the door- it showed no gender, just had pictures of characters- one small, one medium sized, and one larger, all in diapers. The diapered boy, looking completely defeated, followed is boyfriend into it.Jessica stared in shock. What was all the more odd about seeing a twenty something year old man in a used diaper was the fact that no one in the cafe seemed to mind. In fact, they seemed prepared for it, even having a bathroom just for it.She needed air. She needed it fast. She got up, and walked toward the door."Hey, you have to pay for that!" the barista called after her, but she ignored him.She was in the open air and walking quickly. What was this world she was in? Some kind of kinkster's paradise? A world where everyone was incontinent? She looked at the people she passed. She began to noticed more and more strange things. Crinkling sounds, thick padding underneath pants and skirts, she noticed a group of girls socializing, and one casually hand a diaper to another. The padding seemed to vary in thickness, and in times when the plastic was visible around the edges of their pants and skirts, she noticed some with patterns on them, and others that were white.So diapered were a lot more common here, and for different age groups, she determined.Not everyone was diapered. Most teens or younger she passed were, with few exceptions. The majority of young adults were as well, though less so then the teens. The cut off seemed to roughly the mid twenties. There were one or two older then that who appeared to be diapered, but they were in the minority, and seemed very shy. She noticed other things as well. The window of a restaurant showed a woman in a high chair, being fed by another girl her own age. Another time she saw a man, she couldn't tell how old but he was fairly big, being bare bottom spanked, with tears running down his face. The woman seemed mortified, however, and no one else her age seemed to be in it, while man was clearly blushing, so she determined these must be exceptions to the rules. Still, there were many people with childish thing who seemed to be far to old for them- some in strollers, others with toys, or wearing onesies, one or two pacifiers... the list went on.She remembered the genie saying she'd be tested on everything, even 'basic skills.' He couldn't mean... that... could he? She shuddered at the thoughtShe steeled herself. So what? It just be one more test to pass, and an easy one at that. Its not like SHE was incontinent. Or did they have different rules here? She'd have to find out.Her stomach grumbled. She'd have to find out soon, she realized. Those eggs and coffee were not sitting well.She passed by what looked like a gigantic mall. It was three stories, and had banners and displays for stores all along the outside. She decided it was the perfect place to look for a job, and she may as well do it while trying to find out the strange laws.She entered the mall. It really was huge. She walked passed store after store, gawking at the size. Whatever world this was, they loved their shopping.Most of the stores seemed fairly in line with what she was used to. She even recognized a few logos, but none of the names.Her stomach grumbled again, and she felt a weight in her bladder. It was getting too hard to ignore. She realized she had been putting it off, dreading to find out what the laws of this bizarre land were, but she needed to find out.She found a large department store that had bathrooms. Like the coffee shop, there were three of them. One was male, one was female, and the other had three images of people in diapers, ranging in size from baby to adult.She walked to the female bathroom and tried to turn the nob, but it wouldn't budge.She tsked. Locked. She walked up to the help counter and waited in line.The pressure was building. She considered just walking to the front of the line, but she didn't want to stand out until she knew what was going on.Finally she reached the front."Hi, how can I help you?" a stocky, middle aged woman said."Hi, can I get the bathroom key?" Jessica asked."Of course," the woman said. "Just let me see your proof of toilet proficiency."Jessica stared at her. "What?"The woman laughed. "Oh, don't worry, I don't mean to embarrass you. I know most girls your age have passed their tests. However, there are a few stragglers, so we have to check. Do you have your proof?""I don't... uhhhh..." this would normally be the time where Jessica would come up with a lie, say it was at home or lost, just as she did when she used to drink underage. However, the absurdity of the question caught her off guard."You don't have it?! WHen did you complete the tests?""Tests?""When did you complete your proficiency tests?""I... didn't."The woman's eyes went wide. "OH! My mistake, sorry to embarrass you." She spoke in a soothing tone that bordered on condescending. "I must have gotten confused by how you asked. Don't worry, and sorry for what I said earlier, I know some people still have troubles at your age. Nothing to be worried about, it comes to some a bit later. Do you need a diaper change?""No! I don't need a diaper.""What?" The woman looked over the desk. "Where is your diaper?""I don't need a f--ingg diaper just give me the f--ing key!"The woman gasped. "How dare you speak to me that way! I'll bet you haven't even passed your full language tests. I'm going to give you three seconds, and I'd better see something- your id card, paperwork, a signed note, anything- that says your are qualified to use the toilet, or I better see a diaper on your butt. If I don't get it, you're going to be in a world of trouble.""I don't have stupid paperwork and I don't need diapers! I'm an adult you idiot!""Right, that's it." She hit a button under her desk.Almost instantly a large, muscular man in a uniform appeared behind Jessica."Right, what seems to be the trouble?""This GIRL has not passed her potty training tests, is not diapered, tried to lie her way into getting a bathroom key, then threw a tantrum, swore and insulted me.""YOu f--ing b--h!"The guard seized her by the wrist. "Do you have your toilet proficiency tests?" He asked."Uhhh..." she tried to think of a lie."You better not lie to me. You know I can check.""I... don't."He reached down to her belt."Hey!" she said, trying to stop him. However, he grabbed her and turned her around, then pinned both her hands to her stomach with one of his, and used his other on her belt. She squirmed, embarrassed at how easily he manhandled her. She looked around for help, but no one seemed to mind. A few watched, some laughing, some even seeming lecherous, but no one reacted as if there was anything wrong with what was going on.The guard undid her belt and pulled down her pants. There were a few chuckles from the audience. She stared. Her underwear, as it turned out, were a lacy pair of panties with a cartoon picture of the genie on them. Some kind of sick joke, she decided."Where is your diaper?" the guard asked."I don't have one," she said."NO paperwork and inappropriate underwear. Tell me, do you have your exemption from corporal discipline? Don't lie now, or it will be much worse.Her eyes went wide. "No...""Alright then," he said, and picked her up.In a flash she was turned over, and she landed on his raised knee with a squeel. "No," she said, barely having time to process what was going on before his first spank landed on her upturned backside.SMACK SMACK SMACK! He rained blows down on her as she squirmed and cried out. She couldn't believe how strong he was, or how vicious he was with the spanking. He was clearly used to doing it.She tried to hold onto her dignity as best she could, but the pain was growing. Her protests turned to pleas, and her angry shouting turned into loud cries. Soon she was bawling her eyes out, getting spanked as people watched. She could not believe it, and didn't know what was worse- the pain, or the indignity of the entire situation.Finally, he stooped, and stood her on the ground. He waggled his finger under her nose like she was a child. "Now, you are possibly the oldest I've ever had to spank, but then again, you'll likely be one of the oldest I've seen diapered too." She gulped at the though and fought back arguments. "Now, I'm going to take you to the help desk to get you diapered, and we are going to leave your pants down so your red bottom can serve as a warning to others. After that we can get you to the station to sort this out and get you where you are supposed to be, alright?She nodded through tears. She couldn't help but sniffle, and tried to ignore the snickers and giggles behind her.The guard turned her by the shoulders and spanked her still red bottom. "EEP!" she shouted, not expecting another spank, and walked forward.At the edge of the store she paused, and he spanked her again. She jumped. She realized he was planning on using spanks to direct her through the mall.He spanked her again. Worse still, the pressure in her bladder had been building. Being bent over his knee had made it critical, and each spank made it worse. She realized soon she might have to argue against being put in diapers while proving she needed them.Another spank. She turned. "STOP!" she said angrily."Are you arguing with me?" He grabbed her shoulder and delivered a burst of hard smacks to her bottom, making her squeal and dance on the spot. "I'm sorry!" She said. "P Lease! I really need to go to the bathroom.""You'll be diapered shortly.""No! Now! The bathrooms right there!" She pointed to a set of doors."No? Are you arguing again AND trying to lie your way into toilets?"He held her again and delivered more smacks. She screamed.It was too much. The pressure, the waiting, and now the smacks... she felt her bladder release."Nooo..." she whined as she wet herself.The guard backed away. "Well well," he said, "and you were trying to argue against diapers?""But... but... you made me do it! You wouldn't let me use the bathroom!" She whined as the puddle grew beneath her. She knew it wasn't the right thing to say, but an audience had gathered round to watch her shame, and she wanted to do anything she could to divert their blame.He shook his head. "I can see why you never made it through the tests. Mature women don't try to blame others for their mistakes. Also, we have told you several times now the bathroom is off limits. I suppose it isn't your fault you are a slow learner, but you could have at least been responsible enough to keep your diaper on. We may need to speak to your caretaker.""I'm not a... I don't have a...." she knew it was useless to argue.He shook his head. "Barely able to form sentences. We may need to test your language too. Come on," he grabbed her shoulder "the staff will clean up your mess, and we better get you diapered before you leave something worse for them. Really, you are the age of a woman, but really you seem more like a little girl. We will need to test you to see."She cried louder at that comment. What did it even mean, 'seem like girl?" Was that something she could be designated? What were the tests? She dreaded to find out what restrictions they could put on her. It was all so fast. It had only been a few hours, she knew, and she had gone from a wealthy, successful capitalist, feared and respected, master of her world, to a little girl, being lead sobbing through a mall with a spanked red bottom on display and wet pants dribbling, to be diapered in this strange world she didn't understand at all. Why had she taken that bet? -next part up soon. Future sections will likely include (spoiler alert) a lot of embarrassment, messy diapers, spankings, etc. and some cuter abdl moments Comments or critiques appreciated
  6. Fattymatty

    Reilly in diapers

    Reilly in diapers. This is the story about the girl who moved next door to me during the summer of my eighth grade year. I would only know her for about nine months and then after that I would never see her again. Her name was Reilly. She was about five two with shoulder length brown hair. She was pretty I suppose in a plain sort of way. But it wasn’t her looks that made her different. Reilly had a fear of toilets and refused to even go near them. A unique phobia to be sure. Because of her phobia she saw no real alternative other than to pee and poop straight into her pants and she would do so without hesitation. Her parents for their part resisted putting her back in diapers because after all Reilly knew when she needed to go. Her fear of using a toilet won out over her fear of embarrassment and getting in trouble. So these are some snippets of my memories of Reilly. The first time I realized that Reilly was not like all of the other girls in the eighth grade was the first time I saw her wet her pants. It was still summer vacation and her family had just gotten settled in. Reilly had set up a hopscotch game in her driveway made out of sidewalk chalk and she was jumping in and out of the squares. She was wearing a white tee shirt with a mini skirt on a particularly dry summer day. I watched her with passive curiosity from my bedroom window as she played the kids game by herself. I half debated going down there and saying hi but I thought better of it. At some point she stopped in the middle of her game and looked down the road. I couldn’t see what she was looking at if anything she just seemed to be staring off into the distance. Slowly a growing puddle formed between her legs on the concrete and partially washed out one of her squares as she slowly wet herself. Once she was done she went right back to her game not seeming to mind her wet panties or the puddle she'd made in the street. She played until she got bored of the game and went inside. During school registrations I made it a point to seek her out and introduce myself as the boy who lived next door. She was quite and shy and we quickly ran out of things to say seeing as we were both in the middle of our awkward teenage years. When she left I saw her again in the parking lot and at some point while waiting in one of the many lines she must have peed her pants again because the crotch of the jean shorts she was wearing were sodden between her legs. She didn’t seem to mind the wetness and waved goodbye to me when she caught me staring at her. I waved back politely as I got into my parents car and we drove away. Weeks would go by without me seeing hide nor hair of Reilly. In fact I didn’t see her again until school started. I sat a couple of rows behind and to the left of her during the introductory assembly. The shirt she was wearing had ridden up her back enough to reveal a white plastic waistband and a large tape off to the side. It was clearly a diaper. It made sense. because if she was going to pee in her pants it seemed like a good thing for her to be wearing, especially since it was her first day at a new school. She must have felt my eyes on her because she adjusted in her seat and pulled her shirt down and sat on it covering her behind. I began sitting next to her during lunch breaks and we soon became friends. For the first week or so of school she must have been wearing a diaper because she didn’t have any accidents that I could tell. I remember once I was talking to her in the hallway when I got the distinct feeling that she wasn’t listening to me. Her eyes had seemed to glass over. it was only when I stopped talking at her that I could hear it. The muffled hissing sound that could only be Reilly wetting her diaper. Once she was done her hand felt around her pants looking for leaks. When she found none she shook it off and we continued walking and talking until we got to our respective classes. Reilly wearing diapers all the time didn’t last long however. For better or worst her parents would send her to school wearing normal underwear again in the hope that she would use the toilets at school. This turned out to be a fools errand. During this time she would come to school wearing dark stretchy pants that would hide accidents well when they happened. Most of the time when she was wearing these black pants her crotch area was some degree of wet, damp or stained with dried on pee from an accident no one had noticed. She acted like this was perfectly normal and saw no need to stop what she was doing when she would wet herself. More often than not it was left up to the teacher to tell her to go get changed because she wouldn’t go on her own. Reilly would always sit in the front row with the closest seat to the door. When she would inevitably wet herself the teacher would discretely walk towards her desk, whisper something in her ear and she would begrudgingly go to the office to get changed. Depending on the severity of the accident sometimes the teacher would have to call the janitor to clean up her seat and the floor underneath it. When she would come back she would come back to her seat wearing a baggy pair of men’s basketball shorts with a diaper on underneath. There was some snickering and pointing by the popular kids but most people new better than to out right make fun of the girl that just wet herself in class. On most days it seemed like she would show up for school wearing black pants, wet herself sometime in the first two hours then spend the rest of the day wearing those basketball shorts and the diaper. After about a month we were walking home from school and out of the blue I garnered up the courage to ask her why she was wetting her pants all the time. I thought she would be timid about it but she wasn’t. In fact she was stunned that it took as long as it did for me to ask her about it. This is when she opened up to me and told me about her life long fear of toilets and her decision not to use them no matter the cost. She told me that even the thought of sitting on a toilet induced a heavy panic attack that made her feel cold scared and so alone. She knew how nutty all that sounded but she couldn’t help it. So for the longest time when she felt like she had to pee she simply peed. She said that she used to over think it and get embarrassed but over time she stopped caring what other people thought about her. I was expecting her to say she had a small bladder or something else that was medical in nature like a birth defect of something. Well, in a way it was a medical issue. Her confession didn’t change how I felt about her. Over time I had developed a bit of a crush on the girl but I wasn’t ready to tell her that. At that age I was too naïve and immature to have a real girl friend. So we remained friends despite my feelings for her. One day while in class I could tell something was wrong with Reilly. She just seemed nervous and antsy so when she asked to be excused to use the restroom I knew something was wrong so immediately after she walked out of class I asked to use the restroom myself. I caught up to her quickly in the halls to ask her if she was okay. “Why are you following me?” she asked rather sharply. I stumbled over my words before I said the only thing that made sense. “I just wanted to check on you to see if you were okay. You seemed a little off in class.” She took a moment to process this and smiled politely. “I’m fine I just had a stomachache.” She said flipping her hair over her shoulder. It was then that I smelt it. She was already wearing her gym shorts for the day which meant she was wearing a diaper. A diaper that I now understood was full. Oh shit, I thought to myself. “well, do you feel better now?” I asked trying to lighten the mood. “I do actually. So you should get back to class little boy.” She said with a smirk as she opened the door to the nurses station to get cleaned up and changed. I couldn’t help but steal a glance at her bottom as she walked away from me. I could see her dirty diaper bulging outward through her shorts and swaying with every step she took until the door closed behind her. Ten minutes later when she came back to class. She flashed me a quick smile reassuring me that everything was okay as she took her seat and the day carried on as usual. By the time of the winter school dance there was only one girl that I wanted to take. When I asked Reilly to the dance she blushed bright red but said yes. But only as two friends going together not as a couple or like boy friend and girl friend she insisted. I didn’t really mind the conditions I was just glad that she had said yes. I had stopped listening after that. The night of the dance Reilly wore a cute white dress with pink lace wrapped around her waist and the trim of the dress. She looked really pretty. We danced hugged and laughed all night together. We may have entered that dance as just friends but we left as a couple. After winter break I noticed that Reilly no longer wore those black tights to class. Instead she wore normal pants and shorts that were a size or two to big for her with a diaper taped on underneath. While I tried not to bring attention to it I could always see the bulk and hear the faint crinkle of plastic when she would walk past me. It seemed like her parents had given up for now that Reilly would get over her fears and use the bathroom like everyone else because by all appearances Reilly wore and used diapers full time. I began to wonder if she even knew when she was wet or when it was time to change. There were a couple of times that I had to quietly make her aware of a leaking diaper that needed changing. She teased and said that maybe one day she would let me be the one to change her diapers. I giggled and blushed but secretly I wanted to do that more than anything. On some days when I’d walk her home she would invite me over to hangout at her house until her parents got home from work. On these days the first thing she would do was lock herself in the bathroom where she would change her wet diaper. A few minutes later she would emerge and we would watch tv or talk about school. It was on one of these days that my curiosity and hormones took over and when she took a seat next to me on the couch I flipped up the skirt that she was wearing and caught a glimpse of her diaper before she slapped my hand away. “What are you doing!?” She said playfully. I smiled. “I’m only making sure you put that on correctly and that you're not going to leak everywhere.” She saw through my bullshit pretty quickly. “ So you want to see my diaper huh?” “Well, only if it doesn’t bother you.” I replied not wanting to sound like to much of a pervert. She stood up and unbuttoned her skirt and stepped out of it leaving her only in her T-shirt diaper and sneakers and then sat down next to me to watch tv. I thought about putting some kind of move on her but I got nervous and shy. After a while it was time for me to go. My mom was always pretty good about having dinner on the table by 6:30 and it was already 6:25 and I was getting hungry. She got up and walked me to her door. Where she gave me a hug. When I was squeezed my arms around her I could feel warmth pressing against my thigh When I pulled away I looked down as her diaper worked to absorb her pee. It only took a minute for her diaper to go from dry and clean to soaked, discolored and sagging off of her hips. “oops! I think I’ve had an accident!” She said playfully grabbing at herself and laughing as she shut the door in my face. I simply laughed it off and went home thinking Reilly was a little nutty. The rest of my time with Reilly was somewhat of a blur of laughter and fun. We would continue to hang out after school and watch movies together on the weekends and eat dinner at each others houses from time to time. I never did get to see her diapers again or change her diaper like I wanted to. That was probably for the best because I’m sure that I would have messed it up somehow. During the last week of school she told me that her family was moving across town. Her dad had gotten some big time promotion and with it came a sign on bonus that was enough to move them to the rich side of town. I gave her my phone number scribbled on a post it note on the day they moved. When she saw it she smiled as she leaned in and gave me my first kiss and in a hushed whisper she said goodbye.
  7. Skara

    On the Loveseat

    Chapter 1 ---------------------------------------------------------- It was a quiet Saturday afternoon, and Lila let her long dark hair flow down loosely around her head. It covered her bare shoulders in a slightly frizzy mess of tangles. We were comfortably resting close together, reading books in silence on our ratty old loveseat. The rhythmic rising and falling of her breath distracted me, but was very welcome. I looked up and towards the window with the curtains drawn back. It was bright blue and positive outside, a lively springtime urge to go outside grabbed me. "Looks nice out," I nudged her. Her dark eyes glanced at me, then out the window. "Yeaa-," she stretched. "Blossoms are really coming out the last few days." "Could have a picnic-" "I knew you'd say that. I'm allergic to the outside this time of year, you know that-" she whined. "I think it just from being inside this dusty place." I said. "Maybe," she returned to her book indifferently. "So you wanna?" "Nah." "Please?" I pleaded. "Eh-" "Some sun will do us some good." She pulled her hair back into a loose bun as she spoke. "The sun- Even if I stay in the shade, I get so brown..." "We're going outside! Just for a little while." "Fine," She agreed, closing her book with a slap. She stood before I did and walked past me, leaving her scent in her wake. Only lately she'd began to smell like pee. I could tell she'd had an accident again before I saw it. "You soaked your undies and the couch- again." I frowned. "The third time you went since yesterday!" "Did I?" She looked down and felt the front of her underwear. A grey, soaked pair hung around her hips. "You coudn't feel it when you stood up just now? Shouldn't it feel cold, like getting out of the shower?" "I- I dunno," She said. "Did you feel it happen?" "Yes," She hesitated. "Well, why does this keep happening? You can be totally honest, you know- I only want to help. It's not just an accident this time, this is the third time in two days," I rambled. She bit her lower lip and took a deep breath. "I don't want to get up. It feels nice- I can pee whenever I need to. It's my furniture, and we're about to send it to the road anyway." "Uh- so," I sat stunned. That was totally unexpected. "That's... that's something I guess." I said awkwardly. "I thought you wouldn't be upset. You know I'm a little weird- this isn't the first thing you've had to put up with. I'm like, just being me." She said in an apologetic way. "I wouldn't just let go on the carpet." She added. "No- it's alright. I get you," I started. "But like- Lila, what the fuck are you on?" I tried not to laugh. She smiled. "Well I was on the loveseat with you until you made me get up. Maybe we could stay here still?" She held her palms up in a dramatic shrug. "Fine, we can stay. I guess we have to now. I mean, what if you had an accident like that in public?" I teased. She blushed. "I wouldn't." "Oh, you wouldn't?" "It's just something I wanted to do, not something I can't help." She said whimsically. "I don't believe it! You should be in diapers," I joked. She struggled for words for a moment. "No- L-like I said, it's- just something I wanted to do for a while now. Does it bother you?" I thought for a moment. Honestly, It wasn't that big of an issue for me. "It's fine, it's fine," I said casually. "I wish you would have told me first though." "You're right. I should have-" "If you want to tell me anything going forward, don't hesitate." I laid my head on the cushion behind me and closed my eyes. I felt her sit down beside me (in the cold, wet spot she made) and open her book again. She was a strange woman but I loved her. Next morning while I was preparing breakfast, she was nowhere to be found. She must have snuck out of bed before I woke up. When she came home later with groceries, I though nothing of it. The new loveseat had been delivered and later that day we were again cuddling together and reading. Her soft breathing caught my attention as she laid into me. I kissed her neck and buried my face into her hair. I came across something plastic-y feeling as my hand grazed her upper thigh above her pajama bottoms. I stopped. "What's that?" I whispered. Wordlessly Lila slid off her pants. A soggy looking adult diaper clung to her. "You mentioned diapers, I hadn't thought of that before. I wanted to try them," She pressed hard on her diaper making it moosh. "If that's what you want to wear-" "But it is!" She said enthusiastically. "You should try one on, These are so comfy." She tried to press her knees together but they wouldn't touch. "It feels warm at first- when you pee, but then you sort of forget you peed at all after a while." I admired her belly and thighs with her diaper fastened on in between. "They're cute on you." She scooched forward a bit and patted her diaper lazily while looking up at me. "Change me." "You can change your own diaper," I said. "No I can't!" She began. "I'm too tired right now. Do you want me to leak on the couch?" "Just don't pee any more so you don't leak." "I want to pee though. It's soothing. Plus how will I get up in time if I have to go bad?" "Alright, sure. Since you clearly can't do it yourself," I teased. "Look at you, you're totally helpless- lying there in your own wetness." "I know. I wish I didn't have to use diapers, but it's too hard. You can find clean ones in our top drawer." "Okay, be right back," I got up and piled some pillows behind Lila for her to lay into. "Hurry! I think I just peed a little more." Soon I got to work changing her. I noticed there were wet wipes in the drawer as well so I brought them down with me. I cleaned her gently as she continued to read. A few small dribbles leaked out of her and I got a fresh wipe to wash them away, though some of it ended up on her new diaper. The fastening of the diaper's tabs were the only thing to break the silence. "All nice and clean, I hope you're happy," I said as I took my position behind her again on the loveseat. She felt the front of her new diaper and looked up at me, as if only now aware that she'd been changed. Maybe she was that focused on her book. "This is so nice- I love you," she said softly. We kissed. Chapter 2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "I won't hold back so I hope you'll look out for me," Lila eyed me innocently. "Well, if this is what you want- Is it really? I mean you've been in dipes for two days straight now." Turning towards the bathroom mirror again, she said plainly as if it was the most common thing: "I do." I glanced at her bare legs and the ruffled and soft disposable that sagged between them. There was something worn-in looking about the diaper after she'd been wearing it for hours. I wondered for a moment if I was beginning to like this as much as she was. Probably not, but I was getting comfortable with the idea at least. She carefully put on a little eyeliner and I noticed it looked like she started to pee again. She stood a little more still than normal, but seemed absent to the wetness spreading; though I could see it from where I was. Lila looked down and squished the front of her diaper quickly before returning to the mirror. "But, wearing to dinner- with your parents present? Don't you think that's going to far?" I asked. She looked at me with confusion. "How will they find know? No one suspects a diaper." "I Guess you're right- but what if you leak?" "I won't- It takes at least a few hours before I need to change right?" "True," I called back. Lila got some pants on and I made sure to comb my hair. I changed her quickly before we left (she still insisted that I'm always changing her) and we were on the road ten minutes later. I think I was beginning to like changing her. Though the humid and musky smell of pee wasn't all that great, the experience was surprisingly intimate overall. As we drove I was struck by the pleasant feminine smell that was carried in the perfume that floated off her and into the cramped space of the car. It was pretty opposite to the pee that was already locked away in the diaper below her jeans. She was hardly holding back or anxious about wetting, so I guessed she was already wet. I wondered if she thought much about the prospect of leaking. She was kind of a risk taker and a free-spirit, so I figured it didn't factor into her take of what the night was going to be like. As I admired her mystery and unusual character, I wanted her badly. What did I do to deserve a girl this great? "Mom's making dolmades tonight," Lila said while staring at her phone. "Of course." "Ya ya." When we got out of the car, Lila adjusted her shirt making sure her waist was covered. We rung the doorbell and waited. I felt more nervous than she did, but what did I have to hide? "Come in, come in," We were led to the table as soon as we had our shoes off. The house smelled like a restaurant and was as warm from preparing the food as it was warm from their hospitality. "No problem to be a little late. Everything is ready just as you arrive!" The food was laid out nicely on the table and homemade hummus and bread were set out as appetizers too. After a few bites and a bit of conversation, I forgot about Lila's situation. After the door closed behind us the anxiety I felt before sprung up into my mind. Now everything was okay- our bellies were full, the sun had set and the night was warm. Everything worked out fine. "How'd the dipe hold up?" I asked casually as we pulled out of the driveway. "I have no idea. I'm not leaking though I don't think," she replied in the darkness beside me. "Ah, s'probably alright then." "Yeaa," she yawned a little yawn and took out her phone. The glare lit up her face in contrast with the surrounding darkness. "So how long do you think, you know- you'll keep wearing the diapers? Until the bag you bought is gone?" I asked. "Hmm..." She paused. "Well, I don't know. We'll see how it goes. Maybe for a few more days... or... maybe not? Could be a week at least? Maybe that's okay?" She asked hoping for my approval. "If you want keep wearing them, it's fine with me." "Really? 'Cause maaybe- I could keep wearing these longer- A lot longer," She replied shyly. "Yep, that's fine. But maybe I can't change you all the time." "Well you don't have to, buut, I really like it when you do." "You know, I'm starting to like it too... I was thinking about it earlier a bit." I looked at her and away from the road for a moment. "I'm-" she signed. "Really happy. I wanted to do this- I didn't think I'd get to share it with anyone..." I felt Lila looking for my hand in the darkness. We held hands the whole drive home. Chapter 3 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A few weeks had passed by now, and Lila was still padded up daily. Though I brought the issue up a few times, she seemed pretty content to keep wearing her toilet and carrying it around with her around her waist. That's Lila for you. In some ways it was an adjustment for me- the bathroom began to smell faintly of pee (and so did Lila sometimes) which wasn't all that nice, but you have to make compromises for the ones you love, right? I laid in bed, planning the day ahead. Looking over at Lila, her soggy morning dipe hugged her butt as she hurried to get ready. I was surprised how normal the whole diaper thing was becoming and I feared I was beginning to get turned on by her wet diaper butt. I told myself it wasn't the case: It was Lila who was doing it, not her underwear. I wasn't totally convinced, but I tried to forget it as I sat up. She put down her phone and began to brush her hair. I glanced again at the yellowed garment around her. How much attention did she give to her accidents? It seemed like her crinkly potties were damp whenever I saw them now. "You're always up before me," I said. "Yea. It's the sun coming in that does it- looks nice out." "Want me to change you quick?" She turned to look at me before feeling her diaper. "How bad is it?" "Pretty squishy looking. Wouldn't be that way if you went to the toilet you know." "Obviously silly," She joked. "But, I can't go to the toilet anymore because I'm so comfy wearing these now." "I noticed. You're wet like, every time I see you without pants-" She sat down on the bed beside me with a little squish. "I think I went in my sleep last night." "What?!" "I remember waking up slightly- but I was already peeing... I dunno though." "You're going to need those soggy things if you keep this up. I think you should take a break from them for a while- for me." "Nooo..." She whimpered. "Please, these are so nice to wear- you would know if you tried wearing them. I have lots, and they'd fit you as good as they do me. I paused for thought. "If I try one on, maybe you could take a week break from diapers?" "Well- Maybe. Yes, I will. But, only if you wear for a week," A smile spread on her lips. "3 days?" I asked. "Okay, deal." She stood and opened up the top dresser drawer and rummaged. "You don't mean right now?" She turned toward me again and gave a relaxed shrug. In her hand were two neatly folded disposables. "Why not? Trust me they're really soft and convenient," She sat down gently beside me. "No one is going to know-" She added. "Convenient? Uhh-" I felt a bit uneasy. Lila rubbed my back. "Let me care for you for once. Shh-" She laid me back on the bed and I looked up at her gentle gaze, feeling a little more at ease. Lila cooed softly as she slid down my underwear. "It's only a diaper. You don't even have to use them like me, if you want to, you can of course, but no problem." She unfolded the diaper that was meant for me with care. "Just treat them like underwear. It's any other day, you're running errands and getting things done- before you know it you'll forget you have one on at all," she continued as she fastened the strange bulk around my hips. She stood up, with her saggy diaper hanging on her perhaps a bit saggier than before. It looked like the tabs were struggling to stay in place after a whole night and morning of Lila's abuses. "How does it feel?" She asked. "If you don't want to go through with it, now's your chance." I stood up with Lila and felt the soft bulk around me. It was like I had 10 pairs of underwear on. I moved my hips from side to side. "Not so bad right?" She chimed in as I pressed my knees together. The diaper crinkled. It was thick and pillow like, I could only imagine how thick it felt after using it, though I was pretty sure I wasn't going to do that. I reminded myself I was doing this for Lila's sake more than anything. What if she started wetting the bed every night? I didn't want her to hurt herself. Maybe a week in regular underwear again would remind her of the importance of moderation. I hoped so. "They're not so bad. Kind of comfy I guess- I see what you mean," I said. Lila gave me a big hug. "Just like any other day. I'll put your jeans on for you- Forget you have it on." After that was done with, she opened the dresser again to find a shirt for herself. A few drips were forming a small puddle beneath her as she looked in the dresser intently. "Lila- you're leaking- Stop!" I said. She looked down quickly. "I am!?" She pointed at the other diaper still sitting neatly on the bed. "Hurry-" The light coming through the curtains shined on the little pee rivers running down her legs as I undid her diaper carefully where she stood. As I wrapped it up, it leaked warmly onto my hands and the floor. "Fuck," I called out. "Sorry-" Lila called from behind. I tossed the dirty away and got her diaper on while she stood patiently. I cleaned her quickly in silence. As I was fastening on the last tab I noticed her crotch going yellow. "Can't wait until I'm finished?" I said grumpily. "But, I don't want to wait. I have to go when I have to go I guess." She said in her Lila way. "It's fine, It's fine- Sorry," I added. "Didn't expect to get pee on me like that though... You need to be more careful. I know you like me to change you, and I like to do it sometimes too, but you need to watch out for leaks. Not me." "Sorry." She said gently. "It sucks- that I leaked. My fault. I'll be more careful, alright? I'll clean up the carpet too, don't worry, okay?" We kissed after I finished changing her. "Love you," I called as I made my way to the sink to wash my hands. "Love you, too." She called back from behind somewhere. I had forgotten I was wearing a diaper until my mind wandered to it as I turned on the sink. She was right. Besides wearing one of Lila's diapers, I figured the next few days would pass pretty much same as usual. I reflected on the events of the last few weeks and thought about how Lila let it flow out while I was changing her. Would she leak on the carpet again? If she was going to go a week without wearing her protection, maybe she would. That would be a bit annoying, but more than anything I was upset because she was hurting herself doing this. Was she? It seemed that way. I knew I was okay with her alternative lifestyle, but perhaps this was becoming unbalanced now. Would she end up having to depend on them? I wanted to prevent that if I could. Though she really seemed to like wearing them, what if she didn't want to do the whole 24/7 thing a year from now? Chapter 4 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The three days I was in diapers went smoothly. I thought it would. I didn't end up using them, and I was happy it was over. A part of me enjoyed their comfort, at least at night. I didn't want to wear them all day though, they got surprisingly sweaty if you needed to move around much. I peered into the room where Lila was relaxing. She didn't notice I was there, and for a moment I admired her natural beauty complimented by a few rays of sunshine peeking through the nearby window. She was cozied up on the couch in just a tank top and her very used diaper. "Hey," I said finally. Lila looked up and lowered her book. "What's up?" "So I wore for three days, like you said. You know what's next." I sat down beside her. "I bet you liked wearing them. Aren't they nice?" "It wasn't too bad." I replied casually. Lila returned to her book as if hoping I'd leave it at that and let her continue on peeing away the afternoon on the couch. "So, I have some underwear here for you to wear-" I added gently. "Awh..." She whimpered and set the book on the table as she sat up. "I know. I don't want to part you from your new found freedom, but you've gotta wear something else from time to time. Just a little break, it's only a week." I squished her diaper up against her. "If you want, you can go right back to dipes afterwards- of course." "You're right, just a little break. Hold on..." She made a face and her belly went tight- was she letting out a few last drops? Lila took off her diaper and I mine. For the first time in a while, we were both in underwear. Lila pouted as if trying to convince me to let her slip her diaper back on again. Dry or soaked, I didn't think she cared either way. I almost wanted to call it off and let her go back to what she was comfortable with. But it was only a week anyway, I thought. "Hunh," She sighed. "I feel exposed-" "You really should try to go without diapers for a while," I replied gently. "I know it's uncomfortable now, but it will be for the better. What if you get too used to diapers, and can't go without them if you wanted to? You don't want that, right?" She brushed her hair behind her shoulders with her hand and looked down at her underwear, lost in thought. "I dunno, I think I'd rather just wear diapers forever then- I have to try to hold it, for a whole week!" "Only a week. You can do it, it won't be so bad." I held her. "Alright, I guess I have to." "You've got this." Her face lightened a bit and we kissed quickly. She took my hand and lead me. Lila made her way downstairs, I followed close behind. "Wanna bake something with me?" "What about dinner?" I replied. "Nah! Let's just make some cookies." She said with her usual whimsy. "I'll make something to eat, you can make the dessert." "Okay, sounds fun." We found ourselves in the kitchen prepping things up before long. "Gimme the sugar when you're finished with it." "Yeah, just a sec," She called back. I looked over to where she was sitting. She was forming the cookie dough into shapes. The ceiling fan above spun the smell of the soup I was making throughout the house. "I smell salt. How much did you put in?" She asked. "Er- less this time, I think. I forgot to measure it out." "You didn't measure?" "You can't smell salt- I don't think?" I continued, trying to dodge the question. I hoped it would turn out okay. "I can though," she replied. I heard the chair sliding across the floor from behind me and a gasp I turned to see what happened instinctively. Lila was staring with wide eyes at the chair she was sat on moments before- It had a glimmering puddle on it now. I doubt she spilled water, though. What else could it be? She'd already peed! It was worse than I thought. She had only been out of diapers for an hour! Her dark eyes darted to mine. "Ugh- I knew this would happen! Please, just let me go back in diapers- I don't want to deal with this today." She moaned. "Are you trying to hold it in?" I asked plainly. "It's really hard! I hate this. So cold- I wouldn't even know it happened if I just had a diaper on." "Maybe you'll have to wear them then, but don't give up yet." I said with more sympathy. "Keep trying- just a little longer, you can do it." I added. "Okay, okay. It's only one accident I guess." I finished making the food while Lila freshened up and cleaned up her puddle. On the upside, the soup turned out okay and the cookies were delicious. After dinner we cleaned up and watched a movie together. She had two more little accidents while we were resting into one another. This was already getting out of hand. I wondered if there'd be no controlling Lila's bladder. At this rate, I was beginning to lose faith. I went off to bed before her, feeling tired and not wanting to deal with more accidents for a while. As I came to, it was dark out and Lila had crawled in bed beside me at some point. Something was off, and I felt around as I woke up more. Soaked. The bed was soaked. It didn't seem like she stirred at all. It dawned on me that I couldn't handle a whole week of waking up swimming in Lila's night time accidents. There was just no way. The mattress would be ruined, if it isn't already. I guess underwear wasn't hers to wear anymore. It was going to be diapers from now on I figured. I shook her shoulder softy, trying to wake her. "Huh-" She said. I feared I felt something warm spreading as I roused her. "You've ruined the mattress my dear." I said with resign. "Let's just call this whole thing off." "What?" She yawned and sat up, stretching. "Oh!" She jumped. "Don't worry about it, it's not your fault," I sat up with her and held her. "I really can't stop it- I'm so sorry." She cried. Soaked in pee, We held each other as she sobbed gently in the dark. In the resigned attitude I felt then, there was nothing but love for Lila on my mind. "I love you just as much- Accidents or none. Okay? I'll get you changed- Problem solved." I cooed. "Shh-" I held her closer. "You remember how you said I could tell you anything?" She asked. I squeezed her. "Of course, whatever it is, let me know." "Part of the reason I wanted to go on the couch a few weeks ago- all my life it's been so annoying to hold it. it's like I need to pee all the time. No one knows. I can- or, could, hold it but it was tough. I'm scared I'm losing control," She rambled. "Let's go to the doctor tomorrow morning." I said. "Maybe it isn't that bad though? I never thought it was serious enough for that until now..." She added. I kissed her on the cheek. "Well, it's serious." I said gently. "You keep having accidents, and you were always having trouble? I'm worried about you." "Okay-" I could just make out the glimmer on her eyes in the darkness as we gazed at one another. "Let's go tomorrow." We kissed tenderly. Laying down in bed and turning over, I had almost forgot the situation we were in. As I got up, Lila was already across the room and she turned on the lights. It brought painful squinting as I tried to get used to it. Wordlessly I went to the drawer and brought out a diaper and wipes. I began to clean her up and change her on the floor. She looked relieved, though a little less thrilled to be in diapers than usual. We managed to get an appointment for a few days out, so we had to wait around until then. Until we went, Lila seemed not her usual self. The accidents were weighing heavily on her mind still I guessed. I asked Lila if I could borrow another one of her diapers for bed tonight. She happily agreed. I kind of liked the feeling, and it made her happy, so why not? It lifted her spirits that she wasn't alone with what she was wearing. I just hoped she'd be her normal self again soon. After the check up, we found out she had a small and overactive bladder. For Lila it made life a lot more pleasant if she could just go whenever the need strikes. I told her it was okay, and if she really feels the need to wear, she doesn't ever have to stop. So for a few weeks life went on mostly as usual. Lila was back in her preferred underwear and feeling much better, and I was indulging more myself. I would wear with her every night; I seemed to sleep best when I was padded now. Sometimes, I would wake up in the night and decide to do as Lila does. It was warm and funny but not really unpleasant, and before I knew it I'd be asleep again. It was nice not having to find a toilet in the dark. One morning I woke before her and noticed both of our diapered butts were soggy. It was kind of sweet, in a way. Things got strange for me though, when I woke up wet without remembering waking up. Did I really not wake up? I felt the bulky padding that surrounded me as Lila snoozed beside me. I didn't remember a thing. I wasn't sure what to think. Do I tell her? I knew one thing. Maybe it was time for me to stop wearing at night. I looked down at the deformed squishy fabric fastened around me and wondered how it came to this. I can't start having accidents. I can't.
  8. Hey guys! I am going to be alone in my house for a few week coming up. I love diapers (I wear them for fun). Since I have been a bad boy, I need to be punished. Does anyone have ideas for a diaper punishment? Not to sexual or public.
  9. “Has anyone given you a placement test yet?” Nerissa asked as she led the girl past the receiving desk. "Oh, um... no. I didn't know there was one?" Shannon said. She felt horribly dwarfed around the woman, especially with her this close. Shannon had been on earth until a few days ago, and she wasn’t sure if she still was on earth. Everything around her looked and seemed the same in terms of scenery, technology, language and human beings… BUT there was a glaring amount of cultural differences, mostly centered around people who were tall, the Amazons, and people who were not, like her - the littles. Shannon was 5 foot 6 inches tall a few days ago, and since coming ‘here’ she’d either shrunk or found out that her height was far down the low scale as whatever height she was now, Nerissa was 4 feet taller than her. There were lots of Amazons around, and more so then there were people her height. "No worries hun, just a mix up then. Come along with me and we'll get this all straightened out." It was Shannon’s first visit to the ‘wanderer home’. It was something she’d heard of that helped lost people who didn’t seem to be from this world. One scary thing she’d found since arriving was that the other’s her size seemed to blur the lines between children and adults. Leading the smaller girl into one of the back rooms of the group home, Nerissa indicated where some of the guest rooms were, as well as the bathroom and the kitchen, and finally, the classroom. There was a certain amount of acclimation that new arrivals to this world would need to do. The only problem was that the classroom was not encouraging. There were colorful desks arranged in lines, posters with educational values on the wall… and oddly, at the front of the class was a plastic child's potty, and to its side, a wooden stand with bottle. Shannon looked a bit confused, but otherwise remained silent--wanting to make a good impression. She’s spent the night before sleeping on a park bench. She didn’t want to mess this up. "...So um, do I just take a seat at one of the desks?" Nerissa shook her head no, having the girl stand at the front for a moment. She leaned against one of the desks and crossed her arms. "We came up with this test back when the wanderer home got popular. It’s a home for visitors, and not residents. Does that make sense?” “Um.. I guess, you mean it’s a place for those who aren’t native?” “Exactly, and I’m not sure if you’ve seen the boys and girls who look about your height, but there’s a lot of them who have a problem growing up.” Shannon gulped and nodded. She’d seen one or two at the park. They looked like big toddlers with their much taller parents treating them as such. “I’ve seen them, and I’m not like that.” Nerissa nodded. “Good, but that’s what the test will determine. In the past we’ve had a few runaways try to stay here and pretend they were from somewhere else. This test will help determine one very important factor.” “What’s that?” “Are you a big girl?" “Umm… do you mean like, physically or maturity? Because I’m not really as tall as you .. er.. obviously, but I’m an adult. I mean, I’m nearly 23, which is adult for where I’m from.” Nerissa nodded at the girl. “Allow me to rephrase, I forget to explain things to new girls at times. Are you a big girl, as in, are you potty trained?” That made Shannon blink. "Y-Yeah! I have been for years?" Shannon said, looking a little confused at what was a silly question to even bother asking. It made her think about the young adults she’d seen dressed strangely in the park. Were they potty trained? She got a little more nervous as being at the front of the room was... even though it was empty, it was stressful. Nerissa just grinned. Littles were so wonderfully naïve. "Good, now if you would be so kind, follow me over here, we're going to have a retention test to determine your maturity," Nerissa said motioning toward the wooden stand. Shannon nods. "...um, retention test...?" regardless, the girl followed, looking the stand over. It’d been in the room the whole time, but she just didn’t really know what it was for. "Mhmm... this stand right here is a piece of medical equipment. It's designed too... clean... things. In a moment we're going to hook it up to you and it’s going to feel like you need to go to the bathroom. The test of a big girl is going to be showing me that you can hold it. Can you wait 10 whole minutes without having an accident? It should be very easy for any BIG girl." "...um..." That one took her a few seconds to decide on. "...Yeah, sounds easy!" She didn't sound so sure, now, but she did want to prove that she wasn’t a big girl. "Good, let’s get the test started then," she said, going to the stand and starting to prep it a little bit. She took the bottle off the top, filling it with a solution from a sink in the corner. "I'll need you to pull down your panties, and please lift up the back of your skirt a little." Shannon hesitated for a few seconds. "W..why?” she asked. “Because this is how you prove you’re a big girl. Do I have to help you do it?” the woman said a little impatiently. “No, I can do it." She said a bit nervously. It felt kind of like a parent was talking to her as she slid the panties around her ankles, setting her skirt up a little. She looked around the classroom. It was empty and the wanderer home was mostly quiet. Still it was embarrassing to be in a classroom like this with her butt on display. "This is going to feel a little odd hun, just relax and it we'll start the test shortly," Nerissa said as she replaced the bottle on top of the stand and took out a long hose connecting to it. At the end of the hose was a bulb. “Do you know what an enema is?” Shannon gulped. She had a general idea. She knew you took water up…inside… you. “Is this the only way? I mean, is there some other test?” “You’ll be fine hun. This is a common medical procedure.” Nerissa just put a calming hand on Shannon's shoulder before starting to tease the tip of the hose in between her cheeks to poke at her pucker. Shannon tensed up her shoulders. Instinctively, at first, her body seemed to reject the intruder, tensing up to try to disallow it. "It’s… uncomfortable... w--wouldn't it be easier to just wait until I need to go...?" Nerissa shook her head. "I couldn't be sure you were telling the truth in that case. This way, I know for sure you'll need to go potty and we can properly assess you, " she said pressing a little more firmly until the bulb started to press in. "There, it’s in hun. Now as I said, this will feel a little weird. I've got a full bottle. And it’s just warm water. Relax and we'll be ready for the test in under two minutes," she said as she slowly opened the valve, and a rush of warm water went down the hose. Shannon tensed up as the water rushed in. The feeling was unlike anything she’d ever felt. While the amazon had told her it was a medical procedure, and she’d heard it was before coming her, this was the last thing she’d thought she’d be doing today, and if it wasn’t for lack of place to stay, she would never have allowed this. "How much more...?" she asked with a groan. Shannon was starting to feel very full. Nerissa tapped the bottle as it emptied the last of the way out. "That.... should just about do it," she said. She put her hand back on the girl's shoulder and started to gently remove the hose. "Now the test begins as soon as you have your panties back up and you take a seat on that plastic potty. Ten minutes, and if you're panties are still completely clean we pronounce you a big girl and you get to stay upstairs on the top floor." Shannon nodded, rushing to get her panties up--stopping halfway down, however, hugging at her belly. She went a bit slower, trying not to strain herself, hobbling over to the potty. Taking her seat, her eyes shot to the clock. Determined as she was, part of her KNEW she couldn't make all ten minutes. She’d never felt such an intense need to go before. Nerissa pulled a pocket watch out and started the timer with a click. "All right, 10 minutes hun. Show me you're a big girl," she said as she took a seat on one of the smaller sized desks. After a minute or two, Shannon reached down and latched her hands on the potty, tensing up. She let out a small, distressed whine. "H--how many people pass this?" Nerissa smiled and artfully redirected the question. "All BIG GIRLS have passed it," she said honestly. "Only babies fail it." Shannon nodded, trying to use the sentence as motivation, but it didn’t take long though. After another minute, and not long before the halfway mark, Shannon let something slip--just a tiny bit of water. It dripped noisily into the potty. Nerissa stopped looking at her watch when she heard it. "Hun... did you just do what I think you did?" she asked, a slight smile curling at the side of her mouth. "Speak up, tell me what just happened?" “I…” Trying with everything she could, the dripping only got louder as more leaked out. “I’m trying… I just…” All of a sudden it was everything at once. At first it was just water, soaking through her panties and going into the potty, but then it was much more then water as everything in her piled up in her panties. Shannon sat with one of her arms curled around her stomach, and another around her mouth, stifling a small gasped "Noooooo." “Shannon?” Nerissa persisted, but it was obvious what had just happened. Shannon whimpered out a small "I couldn’t..." squirming on the seat. "Ew, ew, ew..." "You failed,” Nerissa sighed. “And you know what that tells me? Do you know what type of people can't even pass a simple test?" she asked as she walked toward a shelf at the side of the room, getting some wipes. Shannon hung her head. "b--but I haven't had an accident in years! And I’ve never had an enema before!" Nerissa came back with a box of wipes, taking the little by the shoulder and having her put her hands out on the ground in front of her, positioning her at a crouch over the potty. Her ruined pantied bottom pointed out. The amazon pulled down the panties and started trying to clean her up with wipes. "Haven't had an accident in years until you took the placement test? Are you saying you intentionally failed then? You wanted to prove to me you’re nothing but a baby?" "N--no, it was an accident! This is a crazy test! You have to believe me!" Shannon said, put off guard by the treatment. She whimpered at being cleaned. "Well... if you swear it was a onetime thing, I'll make a deal with you. Because you had an accident in our classroom, and failed your placement test, I'm going to put you back in diapers. You're certainly not going to be the only little around here in diapers. From now on though, when you have to go to the bathroom, I want you to come find me or any of the other adults here and we'll help you get out of the diaper to go potty... We'll keep that up for a week. That should be enough proof I think... but if I find out you have more accidents. Well, you may find yourself in diapers quite a bit longer." Shannon didn't need diapers, but what argument could she make in a new place. Especially dirty panties around her ankles... "Alright..." Nerissa finished cleaning the little in the somewhat compromising position, leaving the wipes and the ruined panties in the plastic potty on the floor. She took Shannon by the hand and led her toward the changing table at the back of the room. "Consider yourself on probation hun. I know this is a new place, and I know you’re nervous, but don't think you can get away with more than a few accidents before everyone here will know just what you are," she says stopping short of the table. She gave the padded surface a pat. "I--Well, good! That was the last one!" Any attempts of hers to seem confident were complete failures; she was just whining now. She crawled up, laying out on the padding. "...Um! Since I'm just on probation, can it be a thin one?" "Sure hun, just remember, prove to me it was a onetime only accident," Nerissa said, bringing out the thinner diaper. It was a disposable, the same kind you could get at convenience stores. She got a bottle of powder to go with it. Without warning, she took the girl by the ankles like she really wasn't anything more than a baby and pulled her bottom up off the table, sliding the unfolded diaper under her before setting her back down and starting to powder her. Shannon fidgeted a bit, not used to the sensations. "Well, yeah! Just--long 's you don't give me another enema I *know* I'll be okay! I'm not a baby..." "Of course not hun, and this diaper is just to keep you protected in case that test wasn't a fluke," she said as she finished taping it up. She gave the now diapered little a pat on the front of her diaper before helping her off the table. She tried to hold back a giggle, as the girl's skirt didn't seem to come down far enough to hide what she was wearing. This was how all littles needed to be really. Diapered toddlers. "Remember, tell an adult when you need to go potty. Okay?" "Why can't I just take it off myself?" Shannon whined, taking her first few steps in the diaper. Each one had an awkward waddle to it as her legs were pushed apart. "I need a dress or something to cover this, too..." she continued to march around the room, trying to get used to the rustly plastic. It never quite worked though--every step was as infantile as the last. "You need an adult so that they can make sure that your diaper's clean. I'm sorry to say that after failing that test you need to earn our trust," she said, covering her mouth with her hand to hide the bemused expression on her face as she watched the girl toddle about the room. She had no doubt, with a little help from a special teacher like herself, she'd get this girl to need diapers for a rather long time. "...Alright! No problem! That's just a few seconds extra--and I'm not a baby so I can wait it!" She was clearly determined to prove herself. Shannon was about the most plucky wanderer that Nerissa had ever seen. Usually girls screamed their heads off. Stopping after a waddled lap around the room, Shannon poked at her diaper. "...this is a *thin* one...? What are the thick ones like?" "Hopefully you'll never need to find out. Those are for heavy night time bedwetters and littles who are such babies that there's really no hope in potty training them," she said. Shannon gulped. --------- "Hi hun, do you need to potty?" Shannon jumped, spinning around. "Um--yeah, I was planning on heading back to the home in a bit! But since you're here, um, yeah I need to go!" Nerissa lifted up the back of Shannon's skirt, checking her just like a toddler. "Let me check your pants hun, and then we'll head to the potty." "But..." Shannon rolled her eyes. She was bone dry. But this sort of thing had happened a few times since she started staying at the home. Heck, it was just about standard for the world at large and people her size. The Amazon smiled and gave Shannon's crinkle bottom a pat. "C'mon then, let’s get the big girl to the potty," she said taking Shannon's hand and leading her back toward town, waddling and stumbling a little at the taller womans longer gate. It was almost too easy as Nerissa took a particular path back toward town, making sure to bring the two of them just past an area of construction. It was almost Halloween and a local haunted house liked to set up every year in a storefront. They’d barely rounded the corner before an Amazon in a monster suit made a silly ‘RAWR’ jumping at the two of them. Nine feet of monster when you’re just over five is terrifying. The little stumbled back and fell on her padded bottom, promptly soaking her diaper. After the initial shock, and hearing Nerissa chastise the costumed monster, Shannon tugged her skirt down, her heart pounding. “Its not Halloween yet! You shouldn’t be doing that!” the Amazon teased the performer. She got a flyer in response before looking back in surprise at Shannon. “Oh, you okay hun?” she asked bending down and offering a hand to help her up. She nodded. Shannon just had to make it back and rush to the bathroom... and Narissa would never even know. Standing up, she put on the most confident face she could muster with a soaked diaper around her waist. “Well we’re almost back, come on hun,” Narissa said turning back around and already able to see the yellow tinge under the girl's skirt. She didn't say anything, instead offering her hand. "You're safe, it was just a guy in a costume, c'mon the home's not far now," she said leading Shannon back by the hand once more. As she got on the same street, there were a few giggles from the other Amazons as they spied a little in diapers. Given her ‘adult’ clothing it was still obvious she was ‘new’ to the area. Shannon was bright red long before they got back to home. At some of the giggles she realized what the problem could be and when the Amazon was turned, she hastilly tried to tug up the diaper, and push her skirt down. Anything to avoid detection for the few seconds she might need! Nerissa led Shannon into home and went back toward the classroom, stopping before the pink plastic potty. "All right hun, do you need some help getting the diaper off?" she asked, looking quite ready to lean down and help the little get seated to do her business. Like this was some second test or something. Shannon shook her head, pushing the skirt down a little. "Why are we here? Why can’t I just go to the regular bathroom? It’s not that big of a deal. " She was obviously hiding something. "...u--um, would it be okay if you left for a moment? I don't know if I can do it with you watching..." "Hun... are you trying to hide something?" Narissa asked at the very obvious way the girl was pulling down her skirt. "I know you’re a big girl and of course you wouldn't have any accidents, but you do seem to be acting a little strange." Shannon shook her head. "You already checked me once! Nuh uh!" Nerissa leaned down and swept Shannon's hands away, pulling up the front of her skirt almost to her chest, and leaving the girl looking rather foolish as she stood there in an obvious soaked diaper. Nerissa let out a 'tsk' and shook her head, obviously looking very disappointed in Shannon. "Why did you have to tell a fib Shannon?" "W-well--I dunno! It was--I had it up until that stupid monster at the end! And--I'm not a baby, I don't wanna go back to diapers!" She let out a small whine, stomping one foot down. Reaching down, Nerissa gave the front of Shannon's diapers a few pats, making sure she could feel that she was indeed in a diaper, and that it was wet. "Aww hun, so you were scared? That's all it was? I believe you, besides, you said you've never had an accident... aside from just now and earlier at your test," she said, ticking the two incidents off on her fingers. She undid the tapes on the girl's diaper and removed it, leaving her wet lower half exposed as she gently put a hand on the girl's shoulder and had her sit down on the child's potty. "Go ahead and see if you still need to go, we'll get you back securely into a diaper after." Shannon nodded, trying to go... but she had nothing. "...this--um, this won't count against me, right? Since it was just a fear-thing... which hasn't happened in years either by the way!" "We'll use a three strikes rule to make it fair... does that work? I know you said it'd never happen, and sometimes we do just get scared, but there's only so much I can believe... so that's strike one hun. If I find or hear about you wetting two more diapers... then I'm going to extend this whole thing another week. That's another week of diapers. ... If I find out you've messed in a diaper... that's going to be three strikes automatically. " Shannon bowed her head, then nodded. "Well--I definitely won't mess! Or wet! Promise..." Nerissa nodded and helped the girl up, shaking her head but not commenting on the empty training potty. She led the girl toward the back of the classroom once more, helping her up on the changing table. She got out another thin diaper and lifted the little by her ankles once more, getting a wipe and cleaning her thoroughly like the toddler she'd been acting like. She put the diaper under her next, getting out powder and liberally applying it before taping it up once more. "There, dry again," she smiled, grinning at the little who now smelled a bit like a baby. Shannon nodded, hopping off the table with a smile. At least she was out of that wet diaper... for good, she was SURE of it. She wouldn't embarrass herself again--either in front of this nice caretaker, or in front of the city full of people. "...Um do you have any drinks? All the walking made me a bit thirsty..." "You a fan of milk? I have some in my room in the back. I got it fresh this morning," she said motioning toward the office door in the corner of the room. "Yeah, I love milk!" Shannon followed, bouncing and crinkling with every step. "Um, thank you! ...sorry about all this... accident stuff..." "No trouble at all hun, that's what the class is for. And as you said, not going to happen again right? So there's nothing to worry about," she said leading the way to her office which had a small desk and two chairs. Behind her desk she had a mini-fridge where she pulled out a metal pitcher filled nearly to the brim with a rather thick milk. "Fresh, and cool," she said, reaching to a drawer on her desk and pulling out a double handled sippy cup. She poured the cool milk into it and capped it back up. "Sorry, I’m not sharing my own mug," she said pushing the cup toward Shannon. Shannon looked at the cup for a moment, frowning. There was something about this world. Childish things didn’t seem THAT bad… and hearing someone that much bigger then you tell you something, you were just inclined to listen. Shannon snatched up the cup quickly, rushing out a small "Thank you" before drinking the stuff. "...Wow, this is really good!" she giggled. It didn’t taste like any milk she’d had before. "Glad you liked it," she grinned. --------- "...So, um, what are the uh guests on the top floor like?" Shannon asked with a yawn. "Intelligent and energetic girls, most of them are littles like you," Nerissa said, smiling. The tall amazon was in the midst of the common room, a diaper bag on her shoulder, helping a few other littles who had less than perfect potty training. Shannon had been spending more and more time at the home, but as she spent time on the ground floor, she’d been curious about the upper floor and some of the girls she’d been told were there. People who had passed the test she’d failed. She’d never actually met one herself. It was already a few days since her arrival and some of the strange things in the home were starting to seem pretty casual. She’d only had one more strike since making the deal with Nerissa. It’d happened after lunch a lunch of milk and sandwiches the other day. It took her by surprise, but other than a warning of not to let it happen again, Shannon had just been changed and sent on her way. It was comforting to know she wasn’t the only little with potty problems. When Nerissa had finished attending the other little, she came over to get Shannon, scooping her up. Shannon, being tired, was content resting her head against Nerissa's arm. She even dozed off, ever-so-briefly, breathing out a light high pitched sigh for a second before snapping back to the waking world. Shannon had been given her own guest room on the ground floor and recognizing someone was in need of bedtime, Nerissa had brought her to her room. She set Shannon down just before her bed, making sure she was awake enough to know she was home. The little yawned again, but then her stomach growled angrily at her. "I missed dinner," she said sheepishly. Shannon was still allowed to wander around close to the home and she didn’t have her own money so she depended on the home for most things. Nerissa smiled and nodded. She came around to the other side of the bed and sat down, laying her back against the pillows and motioned for Shannon to come sit next to her as she reached into the diaper bag for something. Sitting next to her, and squirming over to look inside the bag, a natural curiosity overtook Shannon. Nerissa pulled out a baby bottle, one that was more sized for an Amazon baby, and was rather large for someone the size of a Little. It was filled with a heavy milk, the same actually she'd had at lunch the other day and in the sippy cup before that. She smiled and held it up, motioning warmly for Shannon to rest against her, "It'll help you relax hun, you seem stressed." "...Um... do I have to drink out of the bottle...? I'm trying to *not* be a baby! I mean, I know it'd help... but..." Nerissa tried to do her best to seem warm and comforting and like there was nothing odd about this at all. The world tended to help these girls act more appropriately to what they really were and it was hard for Shannon to object. Nerissa kindly put her hand on Shannon's shoulder, pulling her in so that the diapered Little was resting with her head on the amazon’s chest, and she softly, but firmly pressed the nipple between her lips, silencing her protests. "Just relax hun, you've had a very trying week." Shannon whimpered, but as she was in the position and her tummy was grumbling she nodded slowly, sucking on the nipple. After the first drop, there was no way the Little was going to move an inch. The milk was so delicious, so thick, and... a little sleep inducing. But of course, she made sure to finish the bottle, filling herself up with the creamy goodness. When she finally did finish, she turned her head slightly, resting against the Amazon's chest. "Thank you..." she murmured, nearly asleep from the milk. Nerissa smiled as the girl turned her head, being sure to give her back a few firm pats. She had a very full tummy of milk, and Nerissa already knew exactly what that'd do to her. She kept patting her back leaning in to whisper, "It’s okay hun, get some sleep, I'll be back in the morning to check on you," she said. Shannon nodded, letting out a small burp before dozing off in the woman's arms. After all of the adventure of winding up in this new world, all of the stress, and the belly full of milk, she’d sleep through just about anything. Nerissa slowly eased Shannon off of her. She tried her best to make the sleeping girl comfortable, propping her on pillows, pulling the covers up. She also couldn't help taking the girl's hand, and gently bringing the thumb up to push in her mouth. Nerissa smiled, Shannon was quickly moving along with the program. She grinned to herself, taking the bag, and leaving the room quietly. By morning, Shannon was still sleeping like a baby in complete bliss. She was still sucking on her thumb and hadn't moved an inch since last night. Nerissa was there first thing in the morning to let herself in. She had the same bag from the night before on her shoulder, but it was a bit fuller with a few different things this time. She smiled seeing the girl still sleeping and sucking her thumb, she came around to the side of the bed, easing the blankets off of her and discreetly checking her diaper, trying her best not to wake her. Shannon slept through the check--it seemed like it would take a lot to wake her from this state. The diaper was, of course, soaked. Her thin diaper had barely managed to take it all and she’d leaked a little on the bed. Smirking, the Amazon just started prepping things. The milk had apparently worked its magic, the little not even waking as she wet herself like in an infant in her sleep. Nerissa took a seat on the bed next to Shannon, not bothering to change her yet and leaving the blanket off of her. "Shannon, wake up hun," she said giving the girl a good shake on her shoulder. Shannon slowed to waking, turning up to look at Nerissa. "Mmmorning..." she murmured. She first noticed her thumb, still in her mouth, and instantly retracted it, blushing. "Um, I don't usually suck my--" She fidgeted in her embarrassment, causing her to feel something quite foreign. Another fidget confirmed her fear. "I--" she couldn't come up with any excuse, like she always had before. Either to convince Nerissa, or herself... So she simply started to tear up. "Strike three hun," she said softly. “Remember what I said?” She gave the soaked diaper a pat, as if confirming what the girl could feel. She reached into the bag on her shoulder and took out a pacifier, unceremoniously pressing it into the girl's mouth. "It's okay, I'm not mad... I kind of suspected from the beginning," she said, taking out powder, wipes, and one of the very thick disposables from the bag. The disposable had very childish prints on the front and unlike the thin diapers with two tapes that looked more medical. These were baby diapers, one tape on each side, thick able to keep a baby dry. Shannon shook her head, murmuring a quiet "MmMm! MmMm!" from behind the pacifier, a very childish "no, no". But... how could she argue it? She was *sitting* in a wet diaper. And she wanted to get out of it, even if it meant getting into the childish diaper. Shannon laid out, turning her head to the side, whimpering a little. Nerissa stood up and began her task of changing Shannon. She got out a changing mat and placed it on the bed, pulling Shannon by the ankles and resting it under her. She untapped the wet diaper and began wiping her. The amazon took and unfolded the thick disposable, sliding it under the girl. She took out baby oil and rash cream first, starting to work it into the girl's privates. The time it took to clean her up made Shannon feel... well, babyish. She didn’t think she could have changed herself for one, and for two, it made her feel kind of gross, knowing that Nerissa had wipe pee off of her. Nerissa followed up the rash cream with a healthy dossage of baby powder, this time not just centering it to her diaper area, but on her tummy and thighs as well. This Little was going to smell like a baby. She taped the diaper snuggly in place, it was thick enough that it forced Shannon's legs slightly apart. "There, dry and clean," she said offering a hand to help the sobbing girl sit up. Nerissa put the used diaper in the trash and came back to the bed to sit down opposite Shannon, holding her arms out for a hug. "It's okay hun, it’s not a big deal," she repeated sweetly. Shannon hugged her, trying to believe her... for her own sake, really. What she had been so sure of before, now seemed like an insurmountable obstacle looming on the horizon. Nerissa giggled with the girl and reached over, taking the pacifier and trying to keep her distracted as she reached into the bag and pulled out another full baby bottle. She was gentle, but still firm and insistent as she pressed it into Shannon's mouth, moving her from hugging to resting against her chest again. She smiled, somewhat smugly now. Shannon snuggled tightly against Nerissa, drinking the bottle hungrily. She noticed that rather than get tired of the bottles, she was liking each one more and more and more. Her thoughts eased off of the wet night she had made minutes before, instead easing to a relatively new, infantile bliss. Nerissa watched Shannon settle into a steady drinking rhythm. She smiled, patting the little on her diapered bottom. "Its okay hun," she said in a steady, relaxing voice. "Just relax, we both know what you are, you're just a baby, and that's perfectly okay. After you finish your breakfast bottle, we'll get you dressed and bring you to the nursery of the home. Shannon shook her head when Nerissa mentioned that she was a baby, but wound up relaxing back down, and nodded through the rest of the conversation. Nerissa smiled as the bottle emptied, and once again, she holds Shannon close to start patting her back. As soon as she'd recovered from the wooziness of having a full bottle, she'd get the girl dressed in something rather juvenile and help her toddle off to the nursery section of home. --------- It was another day or two later before Nerissa decided to come check on her pet project. Shannon had been coming along rather nicely, the cute little accepting that diapers were something she may need to wear for a while. She grinned just thinking about the small 20-something girl waddling around in them. Shannon was in the nursery part of the home most of the time now. She was playing alone when Nerissa arrived, and as she set her eyes on Nerissa, rather her typical reaction, she jumped up, scowling angrily. "Nerissa!" Nerissa smiled warmly. "Hi hun, you settling in well here?" Shannon nodded on instinct. "Well--yes--but-- I was talking to some of the other kids today, and *none* of them passed the test! I don't think it’s possible!" She couldn’t really hold up the ruse forever, might as well give a grain of truth on it. "I remember when you asked hun. You asked me and I specifically said 'only big girls pass the test,' which is true. And all the girls you asked... were they diapered like you?" "Well, yeah, but... how many big girls *are* there? Because someone said there aren't any, only mommies and caretakers!" Nerissa shook her head, laughing good naturedly. She reached into the bag on her shoulder and pulled out a pacifier. "Just who haaaaave you been listening too?" she asked as she pressed the pacifier between the Little's lips. "I bet you’re just cranky because you need a change," she said with another warm smile, bringing her hand to lift the girl's juvenile dress and check her thick diaper. Nerissa was spot on--though it certainly wasn't as bad as she expected. Just damp, not even squishy to the touch. Shannon shook her head a few times, blushing, but didn't remove the pacifier to continue arguing, instead sucking on it and shooting the Amazon a glare. Nerissa gave her diaper a few pats. "Seems all right hun, I think you can stand to wait for a change," she smiled. "Come on, I bet I know what will calm you down," she added, nodding toward a rocking chair in the corner of the nursery. Shannon let out a small whine, bringing her hand up to the pacifier. "...’tay, but... take me to see the potty-trained kids soon! I mean it!" Nerissa just nodded absently, not really planing to do any such thing. She took a seat in the rocking chair, lifting up Shannon to sit on her lap. She cuddled her close, holding her head to her chest and bouncing her a little on her legs. Then reaching down, she pulled up another full baby bottle of milk from her bag. "Now just relax hun, I know how much you like your milk." Shannon nodded, but eyed the bottle with noticeable suspicion. For a second, it even looked like she would reject it... but with the milk being as addictive as it was, she caved, opening her mouth wide. Nerissa smiled as she pressed the nipple into Shannon's mouth, tilting her back to let her drink it all up. She rocked the chair and hummed softly, grinning as she gave the girl's diaper a bit of a pat. Shannon squirmed, disliking any focus on the diaper, or its slightly wet state. She may have accepted it, but she didn't embrace or enjoy it. Her mind shifted off everything else though, focusing on how *wonderful* the milk tasted... Nerissa let the girl drink it, she had a plan today, and she'd need the girl in her semi-haze after the full bottle of milk to put it into action. Shannon drank the bottle, almost mindlessly, gulping the entire thing down as quickly as she could. She didn't seem to notice, but Nerissa felt the diaper grow warmer and soggier. It often seemed to happen when the girl was drinking her milk now. Nerissa grinned as Shannon was almost finished with the bottle. She looked around and was happy to see that the Nursery was mostly clear now, and so with the cute Little so focused on nursing, she decided to help her come around to the idea of liking diapers a bit more. She began to rub at the front of the soggy diaper, gently, and tracing her hand around to the back, giving a few soft pats. Shannon let go of the nipple briefly, letting out a small whine. "N--nerissa, what are you--nnh..." she hastily finished the bottle, sucking harder whenever the Amazon rubbed her. Nerissa alternated rubbing the front and giving soft pats to the back. She was counting on the general sleepiness of a full tummy of milk that Shannon wouldn't wholly understand what was going on. She just coo'd softly. "It's okay hun, relax, you like your diapers, they feel good don't they?" she asked with another soggy rub. Shannon moaned softly. She wanted to say no, she hated diapers, but it was starting to feel really good. "...y--yeah... " she set her hands down, on Nerissa's legs, and started to softly squeeze. The Little was breathing out horny little sighs and gasps on every single breath. It felt so wonderful... the squishy padding pressing against her, the soft patting at her bottom... the way the diaper swaddled and cushioned everything... she squeezed tighter with her hands, focusing everything she had on how wonderful her diapers were. Nerissa kept at it, leaning down to whisper in an ear. "That's right, diapers can feel really nice when you relax..." she said with a particularly firm pat to her bottom. "Its okay when you’re tired and when you've got a nice full tummy to just be a baby and enjoy your diapers," she said. Part of Shannon wanted to whine and complain about being called a baby--but that part was shoved back, and her focus forced back on how right Nerissa was. It was always easy to listen to Nerissa and what she told her. She gave a small nod, whining on her next breath. Nerissa grinned and whispered just a little more. "It’s okay baby," she repeated, almost like a mantra. "It’s okay to feel good in your diapers. It’s almost nap time for you... go ahead and let go, let everything go in your diaper," she said with another soggy rub to the front, and pat on her bottom. "Show me you need your diapers," she said in the softest whisper. For a brief second, Shannon shook her head, trying to shrug off the attempted suggestion. But by the time Nerissa reached "Let everything go", Shannon felt something in herself, forcing out. She hadn't realized how far she'd gotten into all of this... part of her tried to resist, to hold it in. But like so much else, she was powerless to do so. As Nerissa finished "show me you need your diapers", Shannon's back arched, and she obeyed Nerissa's order. And she, however slightly or subconsciously, accepted Nerissa's suggestion, melting into a pleasure that she /knew/ could only have been caused by her wonderful diapers. Nerissa smirked as she felt the Little start to shiver and whimper, cumming cutely and adding to the wetness there. And as the Little arched her back, she felt the suggestion take hold, if only for her semi-concious state, and could feel the girl shudder as she gave in to do something really babyish, messing her diaper. Nerissa started to hum the lullaby again, nuzzling the Little as she continued to shake and convulse a bit. "Such a good baby," she said, watching her use her diaper as instructed. She knew this wasn't the end, but this little was coming along nicely. Shannon settled back, shell-shocked from the whole experience. It felt unreal, dreamlike... and part of her wanted to fall asleep right here. "...Did I just poo poo...?" she murmured, confused. She may have been back in diapers, but a full-fledged messy accident? That was the worst she’d had yet. Nerissa was all coo's and tenderness. "Aww it’s okay hun, that’s why you’re in diapers. We'll get you cleaned up and then ready for a nap in no time." Nerissa didn't seem to act like anything was wrong. Where Shannon's previous accidents, she'd tried to console the Little, this time, Nerissa just gave Shannon's diaper a few good pats, and as she got up, carried Shannon on her hip. "Come on hun, we'll get you changed out of that poopy diaper and put you down for a nap. You’re usually pretty sleepy after your bottle, huh?" she asked. Shannon nodded, squirming slightly as the woman carried her. "...yeah..." she sighed, in a daze from what had just happened. "...I didn't feel it coming at all... I usually do, kinda... I just can't make it..." Nerissa nodded smiling as she took Shannon toward the changing table in the nursery. "I know, it’s tough to know when you need to go hun, that's why you're in diapers. Accidents happen," she said, going about the process she had quite a few times before with Shannon, changing and cleaning the Little before putting another thick diaper on. She took out a pacifier and put it to Shannon's lips. Shannon nodded, seeming to accept that fact for the moment. She certainly didn't have the energy to fight it, if she did want to, so she sucked away at the pacifier, nearly dozing off right on the changing table. Nerissa changed Shannon into a fresh diaper and seeing how she was falling asleep, she quietly and gently changed her into a one piece footed sleeper as well. The bottom was bulging noticeably with her diapers and it just made her all the cuter. Instead of her usual bed, Nerissa carried her to a crib in the next room. Pacifier in mouth, adorably clothed, she looked like a baby. It was another solid hour before Nerissa came in checking on the cute little. With gentle hands, she scooped up the baby, bringing her back to the changing table and removing her sleeper. She slipped on the juvenile clothes she'd been wearing earlier, and left the pacifier in. Shannon had managed to wet a bit more in her sleep, but she wasn't soaked, so Nerissa didn't change her. Then, almost as good as earlier, Nerissa, put the sleeping Shannon back in the playroom, leaving her propped against some stuffed animals. When she woke... it'd be a bit different then earlier. Had earlier even happened? Nerissa left quietly, being sure to just let the girl discover what she will on her own. Part of having these wanderers in the home was playing a little with their heads. Usually they were already susceptible to things they normally wouldn’t be… the world it made it so. But it was especially effective if you left them believe they’d dreamed up an incident where-in they enjoyed diapers. Shannon eased out of her sleep, looking around the room in confusion. Her initial reaction was that her experience with Nerissa was undoubtedly real--just like anyone who has a dream. But after a moment, she immediately recognized that the pieces didn't quite fit. She was in the same outfit, and in a totally different spot, for starters. Two, she was as clean as could be. She kind of remembered being changed... and she couldn’t believe she would have messed, but… maybe she had? Pressing a hand to her diaper, she was just as wet as before that whole thing... she sat up, sucking idly on the pacifier. What an odd afternoon. --------- As the days went on, things were mostly normal for Shannon... or really as normal as they had become. She was diapered full time, she made friends with the other Little's of the home, even if most of them were in diapers themselves and no one seemed to question or bat an eye that she was too. The rest of town kind of ignored them, usually only giggling when they saw them around. As small as they were though, things did change. Shannon hardly noticed them. One day, while back in the park, once again searching for the place that had brought her into this world, her thumb found its way to her mouth. She didn't even realize it was there, and at the same time, she began to wet her diaper, not knowing she was doing it. Nightly she'd wake up in the morning needing a change as well. There were a few successes mixed in, she found some of the other adults and told them she needed to go poo poo, phrasing it as a child would and was successful in doing that, one time even with Nerissa, who smiled, and praised her, and gave her a nice bottle of milk as a reward. ... but the successes stopped the next morning after that. Right at the breakfast table with everyone else around, Shannon felt an odd sensation in her rear, and before she knew what had happened, she was messing her diaper. Shannon froze mid-bite, moving a hand behind herself to pat at the diaper in disbelief. In the mornings she often just came to breakfast in a t-shirt and diaper and although no one seemed to mind her accidents, and she had started to care less and less each time. But this… doing it without warning, right at the breakfast table? She hadn’t even felt the need, just suddenly there was a warm mass pushing out of her. She slid out of her chair, rushing towards Nerissa's spot. "Um--Nerissa!" she whined, waddling and whining as it squished around. "Nerissa I made poo poo again!" Nerissa smirked, as some of the others at the table giggled. "Turn around hun," she said, in a somewhat admonishing tone. She proceeded to lift up the back of Shannon's night shirt, in front of everyone having breakfast, and pulled the back of her diaper out to check her like a toddler. "You sure did hun..." she said, letting the top gently snap back into place. "It’s okay hun, babies can't help it," she said with a warm smile, the word baby kind of rolling around Shannon's head. "Go back and finish your breakfast, we'll get you changed after." Shannon bowed her head, looking around the table. It was humiliating as could be... but the others were *just* as bad as she was! Most of the time, at least... sticking her tongue out at the other girls giggling at her and she toddled back over to her seat. Sitting down in her chair with a little squish. She continued to eat, her face completely red the rest of the meal. --------- Shannon was wearing a baby pink t-shirt underneath a sunflower yellow pair of shortalls today. It was a lot less embarrassing than the usual onesie she sometimes had on in the nursery. It didn’t even bother her that she never selected her own clothing any more, even if she did have some clear favorites and least favorites in her new wardrobe. "Hey there hun, I had a fun idea for today, you want to go to playground on the north side of the city?" Nerissa asked with a big smile. She was casually kneeling down next to Shannon, reaching a hand to unsnap some of the poppers along the arch of shortalls, to check her diaper. "Um, sure! That actually sounds like a lot of fun!" Her diaper was just a tiny bit damp, and she barely noticed the check, having grown used to them. Nerissa helped Shannon up, redoing the snaps to her overalls. "Well then I'll go pack a bag and we'll be all set, why don't you go find your shoes hun? Those overalls and that adorable shirt should be perfect for a day outdoors." Shannon nodded, poking around for her shoes. Her old tennis-shoes had gone missing one day, and they’d been casually replaced with pink, childish sneakers. Once she found those, she slipped them on and bounced over to the door, bobbing in place as she waited for Nerissa. Nerissa came back with a cloth diaper bag on her shoulder. It was a light pink with baby bunnies on it. The tall Amazon happily took Shannon by the hand and led her toward the front of the home where she'd left a stroller set up. Shannon blushed a little. A stroller? She could walk just fine! Still, she knew that it was probably a long walk... and the diaper made her waddle really badly... and she knew that Nerissa usually knew better than her. Without so much as a word, Nerissa lifted the Little up under the arms and placed her in the seat. It made the Amazon smile, not even an argument. She leaned down to pull a strap snugly up through Shannon's legs, connecting it to one around Shannon's waist, securing her in the baby stroller. She put the diaper bag on the tray under it, and gave Shannon a tickle on the nose. "All right hun, lets head to the park," she said, winking. She couldn't help but smile at how cute Shannon looked. Pink t-shirt, yellow overalls thickly bulging at the waist, obviously diapered. She was the perfect little baby girl, and she’d be ready for adoption soon. As they went, Shannon first started to look at people around her--watching them all go about their day, moving back and forth... it was mesmerizing. But after a few stifled giggles as they saw her, she focused off into the horizon, thinking about whatever came to mind--how good the milk she was fed was, how much fun the park would be... It took a good 10 minutes to walk across town, but it was a nice day out and the journey was pleasant. As nice as it was, Shannon still arrived as red as a beat. Still, it didn't matter, she told herself. She got to have fun at the playground, after all, and the gigglers didn't. And as Nerissa kept reminding the Little, what was wrong with being a baby? Shannon might not have fully believed it, but it was a useful thing to tell herself whenever she heard little snickers and giggles. Nerissa pulled the stroller up to the playground, pausing to unbuckle the strap and help Shannon out of the stroller. She placed the Little in the woodchip area of the slide and swingset, giving her puffy bottom a pat. "I'll be right over there on the bench hun, you have fun with the other kids," she said, leaving the Little who wasn't much bigger then about half a dozen Amazon babies and toddlers. Shannon blushed, bowing her head a little. It was a bit embarrassing to know that everyone else here was perhaps two dozen years younger. Still, she charged in, intent of having that not matter--after all, a slide was a slide, no matter who rode it! Nerissa watched with a warm smile as Shannon played. At first a little shy, and perhaps a bit timid as the other kids weren't entirely sure what to make of her. One Amazon baby girl was overly curious and gave the back of Shannon’s overalls a tug. It shocked Shannon enough that she felt her diaper suddenly warm as she wet it uncontrollably. But things settled down, and not long after, Shannon was having fun, riding down the slide, playing games, and generally toddling around with the other babies. It wasn't till about thirty minutes later, when Shannon was hardly aware of the passage of time that Nerissa got up to fetch her. Shannon could never get really used to a wet diaper. She wildly flipped between having not a single clue or care in the world, to awkwardly standing off to the side, her mind inseparable from the soaked padding. Most of the time, though, she was playing and having fun just like any of the actual babies. When Nerissa finally came to collect her, she didn't want to go. "We're right in the middle of a game of tag, though! Can I *pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase* keep playing?" Nerissa came over, and in front of the other kids, and a few giggling parents, unsnapped some of the poppers on Shannon's overalls, checking her diaper. "Aww hun, you're soaked, you can play tag again in a moment, but first it’s time for a little baby girl to get her diapie changed," she said, taking Shannon by the hand and leading her waddling away from the playground a second. She didn't go far, just back to the stroller to collect her bag and then taking a changing mat out of it. She started to set up the bench as a makeshift changing table. "Up you go," she said lifting Shannon up under the arms. Shannon kicked her legs slightly, blushing and looking at the other kids. Many were two or three, but some were older, and undiapered. Getting teased by people her actual age was one thing, but getting teased by people far younger with seemingly more maturity was another. But once again, Nerissa was right... she was absolutely soaked, so she needed a change. Maybe that's why she was having problems catching people in tag? Nerissa undid the rest of the snaps on Shannon's overalls, pulling them back up to her waist and revealing the wet diaper to the playground. Most of the parents and kids didn't bat an eye, a diaper change was nothing new here. But it was the first very public change for Shannon. Nerissa smiled good naturedly, getting out wipes, powder and some diaper cream as she undid the tapes to Shannon's diapers and pulled it away, lifting her up by the ankles to wipe her down like a baby. It was nice that no one minded... still, Shannon couldn't tear her eyes from the group, watching for anyone who might be staring. She still cooperated of course, helping Nerissa by lifting her legs up. "Um, thank you!" she said courteously, turning her attention back to the group again. Nerissa placed another thick and clean diaper down on the bench and lowered Shannon to it, she took out diaper cream and rubbed it in, before taking the powder and applying it liberally. Shortly after she brought the front up and taped it snugly on. She gave the little’s diaper front a rub. "There we go, all dry," she said, helping stand her up and redoing the snaps to her overalls. She sent the little away with a scoot and pat to her crinkling rump. "Go on and play a bit more hun, it’s a nice day." Shannon nodded, dashing off to the group. When the game of tag finished, she went to the slide, giggling with excitement as her rump slid down the slide over and over. She went down another four times, Shannon obviously enjoying herself and sinking into the reality that playing carefree with the toddlers could be pretty fun. She had lost track of time again until Nerissa came and lifted her up from behind. "All right hun, all that play had to have made you hungry by now," she said, smiling and tapping Shannon's nose. She carried the baby girl back over to the bench, before sitting down, reaching into her diaper bag, she taking out another full bottle. She helped Shannon sit back, craddling her to feed her a bottle. Some of the kids, most of whom younger giggled, as apparently Shannon was really just a 'little baby' even younger than them, as she was being fed like this. Shannon blushed a little, but in the moment, certainly couldn't find herself caring. After all, the milk tasted absolutely amazing and the others didn't have any. It was sweet, made her feel warm and soft inside... it was wonderful, even with the giggles in the background. Nerissa hummed softly, feeding Shannon. She let her nurse, and drain the somewhat large bottle, filling up her tummy with the liquid. After a full 7 or 8 minutes, the bottle was empty, and Nerissa helped Shannon up to her shoulder, giving her firm and gentle pats to her back, causing a few errant bubbles in her tummy to travel up and make the Little burp with a little line of milk hanging out the corner of her mouth. Nerissa cleaned it up gently with a wet cloth and brought the baby girl back to the playground, smiling and letting her play again once more. Although with a tummy full of milk, she was a bit more slow this time, getting a little more tired with the afternoon. Rather than the more active activities, the girl wandered over to the more relaxed ones, like the large tic-tac-toe board that was set up. Being so obviously an adult, she figured she would beat all the kids who tried--but of course, perhaps because of the milk fogging her mind, she wound up losing most of the matches. Pouting, she decided to head back to the slide for one or two quick goes. Shannon went down the slide twice grinning. She was getting tired, but she still wanted to do it again. She stuck her thumb in her mouth, climbing up a little slower and one handed to ride down once more. She giggled around her thumb, although all the milk her belly was sitting a little heavy now. She toddled away from the slide, walking a little slow as felt her bottom suddenly push out a big warm mess into the back of her diaper. She stopped and stood still a moment, sucking her thumb. She wouldn't be able to say why she just stood there, sucking... it could have been a babyish mindset, it might have been shock and awe, or a bit of the two. She stood there for about ten seconds after, just sort of staring, letting the feeling sink in, before spinning around and looking around at the other children. "Nerissssssssaaaaaa!" she whined, a new instinct from the home. It brought a lot of attention to her as she looked around for the Amazon. Nerissa had watched the whole thing, smiling as she’d seen Shanon slow, and then babyishly fill her pants. Nerissa had been tracking Shannon's progress, and even without the bottles, she lately seemed to be at that point where she legitimately needed diapers now. She waved and walked over to the suddenly panicked girl. "Aww hun, everything all right?" she said coming over and gently cupping a the side of her face in her hand. "Someone getting a little tired?" she asked as the girl looked so cute sucking her thumb. Shannon pressed couldn’t help but nudge the hand and try to lean against the taller woman. Looking for affection with tears forming in her eyes. "I--I made a poo poo..." she whined. Nerissa bent down and gave Shannon a hug, discreetly reaching a hand around to pat the girl's bottom, helping reassure her, and let her know that indeed, she'd had a messy accident, but it was okay. "Aww hun, it’s all right. C'mon, let’s get you back home for a nap. I only brought one diaper to the park." she said taking Shannon's hand and starting to walk the sobbing baby girl to the stroller. Nerissa had purposefully not brought a second diaper, planning on this with the milk. Shannon had learned to accept diapers, and she needed to learn to accept using them, and sometimes being stuck in them. Nerissa's consoling helped dramatically. Shannon winced as they walked, the mess mushing up against her. It was even worse when she was sat down in the stroller... but all that consoling was helping to dry the tears. Nerissa brought the strap up between Shannon's legs and around her waist once more, causing the girl to whimper a little as she was suddenly pressed into and held firmly to the mess in her diaper. It wasn't a completely bad feeling, kind of warm, mushy. Nerissa was quick to recognize the look on Shannon's face and reached into her bag pulling out Shannon's favorite stuffed animal and a pacifier. She slid the thumb from Shannon's mouth and pressed the pacifier in, kissing Shannon's cheek as she handed her the stuffed animal. "Just relax hun, it'll be a short ride back," she promised. And the milk was making her tired... although it would be a little bumpy. Shannon nodded, staying quiet and sucking on the pacifier. She did her best to relax, which was good... it let her feel the warm mushiness against her in a different way. The little bounces might have caused her to wince once or twice, but they wound up helping her come around to acceptance. Just 8 minutes into the 10 minute walk and nearly back, Shannon nodded completely off to sleep, being at peace enough with the load in the seat of her diaper to ignore it and rest. Nerissa smiled. This was a good step. The goal was total incontinence and acceptance of being a baby. A few more outings and gentle encouragements to get Shannon used to the feeling of wet and messy diapers, and she was sure the little girl would stop asking for immediate changes. Once back at the home, she unbuckled the sleepy baby and carried her toward the nap room, going for the changing table first. No need giving her a rash. The girl blinked and stirred a little as she was being changed. Nerissa spent a few moments wiping Shannon thoroughly to clean her bottom, before lowering her down onto another thick diaper. She grinned. "No worries hun, just giving you a diapie change before you go sleepy sleepy," she said, starting to apply diaper cream and powder to her. Shannon barely heard it, back to sleep shortly after. Nerissa taped up the thick diaper, helping Shannon up and removing her overalls. She left the girl in just the pink shirt she'd been wearing underneath and her diaper. She was placed and left to sleep peacefully in her crib. --------- Shannon had slept well. Her sleep had felt really good, and she had some memories of yesterday, but they were like dim lights in a fog. The milk had helped her dreams, crafting them to gentle childlike dreams of wonder and simple joy. Shannon didn't even stir an inch as she wet her diaper thoroughly in the night. This had become normal, and even as she woke up and sat with a slight squish, it only jostled her a tiny bit. Nerissa heard Shannon and was quick to let herself into the nursery, scooping up the Little and hugging her close, patting her back. "Morning sweetie," she said reaching into the crib and looking for her pacifier, easing it into the girl's mouth. "You just need a change huh?" she asked, pretending like this was completely normal, that the Little infant in her arms was just that, an infant who needed coddling. Nerissa set Shannon on the changing table and the Little went through an all too familiar diaper change. It'd been two, almost three weeks since she'd last even had a chance to use the potty. She was in thick diapers full time. She sucked her pacifier, while Nerissa lovingly cleaned her up. Her sleeper was removed, and she was given a cartoonish baby t-shirt, since it was warmer out, before being brought downstairs to breakfast… where for the first time she didn't sit at the table with the others, but instead was placed securely in a high chair. Shannon squirmed in place, looking down at the others. "mm--" she lifted a hand up to remove the pacifier. "How come I'm in the high chair?!" she whined, squirming in place in her crinkling diaper. "I can feed myself just fine!" Nerissa smiled, she liked head games early in the morning. "Oh you can? All right hun, I just thought the high chair would be a nice change of pace, if you can feed yourself," she said getting out a simple bowl of oatmeal and a small spoon that had a deceptive weight to it, and putting them both in front of her. "Finish it all up, and you'll get a nice bottle of your favorite milk," she smiled. Shannon snatched up the spoon, immediately fumbling with it a little. But after a few practice swings, she was sure she had it, so she went to snag some, only to drop the spoon entirely in the oatmeal. Nerissa sighed a bit dramatically, and reached in to reclaim the spoon, letting the need to do so go unspoken. She cleaned it off with a paper towel and then she got a pink cloth bib and wasted no time tying it around Shannon's neck. She pulled up a chair, took the bowl, and the spoon, and held out a scoop of warm oatmeal, smiling. "Come on hun." Shannon shook her head. "I just fumbled a little!" but still, she opened her mouth. She was hungry... and the idea of more milk was a wonderfully enchanting idea. It was a little awkward at first, but Shannon took a bite, and then another, and then another. There was a drip here, and a soft dab of a paper towel to Shannon's cheek to clean it away... and as the other residents came in and out for breakfast, it was apparent that Shannon was a baby this morning. Baby shirt, thick diaper, being fed in a high chair. Shannon gave a little whine, but otherwise, tried to move her attention back to the oatmeal. Not the best of foods to really focus on the taste, but still, better than the others since she got all of Nerissa’s personal attention. Having started with breakfast that day, both lunch and dinner had Shannon seated in a high chair with a bib around her neck. After another bottle of formula, which she had no power to resist, it was back to bed. Days started to go on like this, and while Shannon got more comfortable with the routine, there was still something nagging at the back of her mind, like something was wrong, like she'd forgotten something important. It was a day or two later, dressed in another pair of adorable overalls with a onesie underneath, doing nothing to hide her obvious diaper bulge, that Shannon was seated in her stroller. Nerissa was taking her back to the park. Baby Shannon had been well behaved and she needed a bit of excitement. Nerissa also seemed to be excited about something too. Oddly, the park wasn’t as empty as usual. In one corner of the park, there was a picnic going on… and oddest of all, it was a picnic of littles. Littles who were professional, and adult, at least as they appeared. There were five of them, and almost all watched Shannon curiously as she was helped out of her stroller when she arrived. The Littles were noticeably more aware that Shannon wasn't a baby then the Amazonian woman. It didn’t seem to meet Shannon’s attention though. To her, she almost entirely believed herself to be a baby after the weeks and weeks she’d been living such a life. There was something wrong somewhere in her mind, and that something bugged her when she saw the other group her size, but the rest of her and the want to have fun carried her towards the slide, which she rode down, giggling all the way. With a pacifier in her mouth, the cute babygirl waddled her way up the play structure and rode the slide another two times. The picnic group had all but stopped now, 5 girls watching her a bit stunned. They were acutely aware that Shannon was way too old to be in diapers, even if her size didn't seem to make the Amazonian parents in the park look twice. Two of the littles whispered something and looked over at Nerissa, who offered a polite wave, which had all the girls quickly look away. Another parent took a seat with Nerissa after a while, talking about motherhood and her own adorable Amazonian baby which size-wise wasn’t much smaller then Shannon. It was at this point that one of the Little's quietly made her way over to Shannon. The girl was a red-head with a neat little pony tail and a cute summer dress on. Maybe in her late 20’s. As Shannon went down the slide, she was waiting at the bottom. "Hi, what's your name?" she asked. Without breaking her stride, Shannon popped the pacifier out of her mouth. "Hi, I'm Shannon! Who're you?" she bobbed up and down in place at the bottom of the slide, brimming with infantile energy, crinkling with each little movement. The girl tilted her head. "Jacquline... erm, Jackie. Are you... ... you're not really a toddler right? I mean, we're Little, we can tell, even if the others," and she indicated the parents around the playground, including the Amazon chatting with Nerissa. "even if they can't." Shannon tensed her fingers up, unsure what to say. She had to think about what she even meant by "not really a toddler", at first. She sat there, umming and ahhhing for a second, looking at Jackie and then Nerissa. "...um, well--I... don't know?" she eventually settled on, looking confused and just a little bit embarrassed. "Are you wearing a diaper?" the Little asked, since it was fairly obvious under Shannon’s overalls. Little's could be blunt and very forward. Two of the other Little's from the picnic group had gotten up and were talking to each other just out of the playground area. "I, um... yeah." Shannon knew there was absolutely NO denying that one. "...and um... that makes me a baby, I guess!" she added, following Nerissa's usual line of thinking. Nerissa got up, along with the other parent who went to get her own child. Nerissa scooped up Shannon eliciting a meep of surprise as she was picked up just like a toddler. Jackie watched wide eyed, calling "You're not a baby!" in a quiet voice after Shannon. Even as she heard it, Nerissa had something new in store. She'd been working on readying the baby slowly, and sitting down on the bench with Shannon, she started to unbutton her top. Shannon squirmed. It was... weird hearing that from Jackie. She was a bit upset, and couldn't quite pin down why. She didn't want to call Jackie wrong, since Shannon's physical age was the same as hers... but people *could* be babies even if they were old, right? It was just so weird. Shannon looked up at Nerissa, staring as her top was unbuttoned and a maternity bra came into view. "...Are you... going to breastfeed me...?" she asked realizing the obvious. Shannon's paci hung on a ribbon attached to her overalls. Nerissa smiled and nodded at her. Nerissa was not fabulously endowed, just a modest C, but the nipple was already wet as she undid the clasp on the bra, the milk smelt very similar to what Shannon usually drank. "It’s okay hun, I know you must have a rumbly tummy, you can drink your fill baby girl," she coo'd. The wide eyes of the five Little's were watching Shannon intently now. There was a slight revulsion from Shannon, but then that smell, that milk she was soo used too, so … addicted too. Shannon nodded, casting a look over to the Littles. It was difficult to push herself towards doing it, but Nerissa was right, her tummy was all rumbly and that needed fixing. She curled up towards the nipple, latching on and starting to nurse hungrily. Nerissa cuddled Shannon to her, patting her head one hand, and patting her thickly diapered and crinkly bottom with the other as she cradled her. She was acting like an infant now, shamelessly nursing like a baby and drinking breastmilk. Some of the mothers in the park watched approvingly, but to them, Nerissa just looked like she was feeding a baby, to the Littles, they couldn't believe what they were seeing. "Did you make a friend hun?" Nerissa asked of Shannon, smiling and stroking her head as she nursed. Shannon didn't move her mouth off of the nipple, but she gave a small, mildly discontented grunt between little sucks. Nerissa nodded. "That's nice hun, we'll have to see about setting up a playdate with her some time. I know you have lots of friends at the home, but it’s always nice to have new friends," she grinned. She gave Shannon's bottom a few more crinkly pats, and almost by way of answer, Shannon started wetting her diaper, the padding swelling a little. "Aww such a good baby girl," Nerissa coo'd softly in her ear. Shannon blushed, hoping that the others wouldn't notice. She did take a small bit of pride in it, now... at least when Nerissa praised her. The praise felt good. And having a playmate would be a lot of fun! She finally moved herself off of the nipple, sighing as she finished drinking. Nerissa just moved the baby to the other teat. Baby girls could drink a lot and over feeding wouldn’t do much more then ensure a full diaper and a nap for Shannon. When she was finally finished being nursed, Nerissa adjusted Shannon to her shoulder, patting her back firmly. Shannon felt a little funny for a second, but then she gave out a little burp, with a tiny bit of spit up trailing down her chin. At the same time as her belch, her tummy cramped a little and helplessly her body pushed out a mess into her diaper. Positioned as she was on Nerissa’s shoulder, the seat of her overalls suddenly drooped and the Little's watching were able to see just how much of a baby she was, filling her diaper. Nerissa finished patting her back and gave her bottom a few pats, causing the mess to squish. "Such a good good baby," she repeated the praise. Shannon would have felt humiliated in front of the other Littles, but the praise helped offset that. She curled her hands around Nerissa, giving her a big squeeze. She didn't even think any more about how sudden her mess was, or how icky it felt--it was a warm sort of surprise to her now, and wasn't really a bad thing. Just a part of being her. Nerissa redid her top, and got up with Shannon, going over to her stroller and gently putting her in her seat before buckling her in. She made sure the buckles were snug, pressing her into her full diaper. Nerissa was still working on making her comfortable with having had an accident. She spoke softly to Shannon, "We'll chat with your friend before we leave," she grinned. "Do you think she'd like to come play with you at home? I bet you could show her how fun it could be." "I um... I dunno! She doesn't seem like a baby... but I'd love more friends!" Shannon giggled, unaware of what she was signing the girl up for. Nerissa nodded, wheeling the stroller toward the group of Littles which were now looking intently like they were busy picnicking. Nerissa stopped just behind the red headed one, tapping Shannon on the shoulder. "What was her name hun? Can you ask her to come here?" Shannon nodded, looking over to the group of Littles. "Jaaaaackie!" she called, bouncing in the chair (and her mess). She was excited for a new playmate! The red headed Little stood up a bit stiffly and came over, immediately looking shy before the taller Amazon and the girl in the stroller. She could smell that Shannon had a messy diaper, and her cheerfullness and the way she ignored what she’d done was a little unsettling to her. "Hi Shannon," she said with a slight wave. Nerissa smiled and leaned down to Shannon, "Go on hun, why don't you invite her to visit?" Shannon grinned. "Hey, can you join us at my house some time? It'd be a lot of fun to play with you!" Jackie's demeanor changed a little as she looked back to her friends, who seem to be focused on their activity. She thought a moment, and looking up, with a slight bit of resolve, she nodded. "Y-yes. I'll come visit some time, I think I have something I’d like to talk you to you about Shannon," she said. "We can spend some time being... big girls," she said with a slight glance at Nerissa and lowering her voice to say the last part. It was the only thing she could think of in terms of fixing whatever was wrong with Shannon. Shannon tilted her head, looking confused. "Well... you can be! But I don't think I am..." she squirmed a little in the seat, making a small meep at the feeling of her diaper. "But yeah, come visit, please!" The other girl scurried back to her friends and Nerissa put the paci back in Shannon's mouth, pushing her in the stroller back home for a diaper change and an afternoon nap. “I really do hope she visits,” the Amazon smirked. --------- It was just after Shannon had been fed a full dinner of baby food in what had become her personal high chair, that Nerissa had decided to give her another lesson. Quietly taking the babygirl to her office by the classroom, she took a seat in the rocking chair with her. She started to rub at the front of Shannon's diaper, rocking them both in the chair gently. Shannon had grown slightly used to having her diaper, and chest rubbed on occasion. Even if it was still a bit weird, she quickly settled into the chair, sighing out a pleased and aroused little breath. Nerissa continued to rub at the front of her diaper, waiting till she got a slight moan with the loud crinkling. "Feels nice doesn't it hun?" Shannon nodded, letting out a few soft whines. "Y--yeah... it's really really nice feeling... it's ama--ah! oooh..." she leaned her head in, resting it against Nerissa’s chest. Nerissa traced a finger around Shannon’s ears, continuing to rub her diaper, smirking as the baby’s hips were moving in time with her hands. "That's a good baby girl... such a good baby girl," she said, sweetly whispering. "You want to do something for your caretaker baby?" Shannon nodded, beaming. The praise made her really happy. She softly grinded against the woman's hand, her hands softly kneading Nerissa's lap. "Use your diaper, do everything in it that you can, feel how good it is to let go in your diaper," she encouraged. It was something they’d done before, but she had a more specific intent for it today. Shannon squirmed, pushing herself against the woman's hands. "... I dunno if I can though... I don't really feel it anymore, so I don't know if I need to..." she let out a few grunts, trying her hardest. At first, it seemed she definitely didn't need to--but then, all at once, her diaper start to fill. "O-oh gosh!" she whined, the diaper taking on a new feeling as she was rubbed.” Nerissa grinned, easing her hand from Shannon's ear to move the girl slightly, starting to bounce her on a knee and focus both hands now on the front of her diaper. "Such a good girl, filling up your diaper, but there's still something more you can do," she said caressing the front of Shannon's diaper. The conditioning was going well, Shannon was addicted to the milk, nearly incontinent, and on the verge of a sexual connection between her diapers, and best of all, accepting that she was a baby. Shannon bounced, grinding against Nerissa's hands and genuinely enjoying the feel of her diaper. It wasn’t long before she was starting to dissolve into a body shaking orgasm. Just as she was peaking, Nerissa leaned forward and whispered in Shannon’s ear, right at her most susceptible moment. “From now on you are forever unpotty trained…” she whispered, “You will be in diapers the rest of your life… and I will always be your mommy.” The words invaded Shannon’s mind just as she was shattered and racked by orgasm, whimpering and shuddering as she came in her full diaper. Even if she didn’t fully understand it, her body processed it. She’d never feel the need to go again, and she’d found her mommy. It was over, she was officially a baby again. The poor baby was panting and spent after that. She was more than ready for an early bed time... after a diaper change and short pre-bed feeding straight from the teat of course. She was already asleep before she finished nursing. Not long after she’d been dressed in a new thick diaper under a purple onesie, and laid down in her crib. --------- Nerissa was relaxing on a couch in the large playroom at the home. She was dressed in a casual spring dress, her feet in flip flops and her hair falling lazily about her shoulders as she read from a book. Shannon was on the floor nearby, playing. Today Shannon was dressed in a short blue denim dress, and a pink t-shirt under it. Her bottom was covered in a frilly diaper cover and it caught the back of her dress, holding it up slightly to show her padded backside. Shannon seemed to flip back and forth, alternating between hyperactivity and calmness. Half of the time, she would contently color, nearly silent, while the other half of the time she'd be bolting from one activity to another, giggling and laughing to herself. Right now, she was hyper, waddling across the room to grab various toys, which she was busily building into a large fort in one of the corners of the room. At a knock from the door, Nerissa looked up. She put her book down and looked over to Shannon, just to make sure the babygirl was okay, before going to the door and finding that a Little was waiting outside. It was the girl that Shannon had briefly met at the park. "Oh hello there hun, have you come to play with Shannon?" she asked. The red head nodded shyly, looking around Nerissa to Shannon. "It's Jackie... uh, Ma'am," she said, before being invited in. She barely even acknowledged Nerissa and went right to Shannon. "Psst... we need to talk." "Um, okay! What do you wanna talk about?" Shannon asked innocently, paying only half attention. She was busy building a stack of baby blocks as a sort of flag for her fort. Jackie was wearing a simple short dress and a pair of loose shorts under it. She couldn't help staring at Shannon though. The way the other Little was dressed as a toddler, hair in a pony tail, pink shirt, obvious thick diaper under her denim dress... and not only that, but the red head knew that the other Little used her diapers. "You're... not really a baby," she whispered, watching as the amazon walked across the room to take a seat on the couch, getting her book. She tried to speak so she wouldn't be heard. Shannon shook her head, confused. "I don't understand..." she thought about it a little, stopping her construction. "...Mommy says I’m a baby." It was so firmly in the Little's mind, now. After a few seconds, she found her thumb slipping into her mouth, on reflex as she tried to think hard. After all, her hands weren't being used, so why not? Jackie shook her head, "Just because you look like a baby, doesn't make you one," she said putting a hand out to touch the front of the girl's diaper. Jackie was doing it mainly to confirm that the other girl was indeed wearing it, but what she didn't know was how thorough Nerissa's training had been recently. Which included helping Shannon to really like and enjoy her diapers. The slight bit of pressure on the front of her diaper made her tingle. Shannon half shut her eyes, whimpering ever so slightly around her thumb. It was hard to pin down exactly what it was, with the thumb in the way. Curiously, though, the girl held totally still as the Little held her diaper, not jumping away or even flinching at all. It seemed she was quite used to having her diaper touched! Jackie looked a little surprised as Shannon seemed to straighten, and she tugged her hand away as suddenly the diaper began to warm. The baby was peeing, but by the look on her face, she had no idea. Jackie gasped, perhaps she was in over her head, perhaps Shannon was already a baby and there was no saving her. After a few seconds, Shannon opened her eyes. "...Jackie? What's wong?" she asked after a few seconds, still sucking her thumb. Nerissa noticed the odd occurrence out of the corner of her eye, and put her book down, getting up to go over to the two Littles. "Uh oh... I think someone has a wet diapy," she said coming up from behind to tickle at Shannon's sides. Jackie took a step back from Nerissa, watching the exchange nervously as if it was something dangerous. The babygirl's dress was raised and it was confirmed that she was indeed wet. "Why don't you go get a new diaper and some wipes from the corner Shannon, I'll grab the changing mat from my bag," she said, fully intending to change her right here on the floor. Jackie was dead silent watching them both. Shannon dashed away, waddling noticeably as she snagged a few diapers and the box of wipes from the baby bag in the corner of the play room. She jumped down, laying out right next to her fort as Nerissa got the mat. She was laying down in front of Jackie and she looked up, blankly, hardly realizing that her and Jackie were having a conversation before. Nerissa lifted Shannon's dress up, smiling and giggling. "Why'd you bring so many diapers hun?" she asked, "You bring extra for Jackie?" she teased. The other Little gasped at the thought. “I’m only teasing,” Nerissa laughed at her good naturedly, letting her know she wasn't being serious (for now). Jackie had an instinct to leave, something was not right, but at the same time, something magnetic compelled her to stay. She knew what happened to some littles, and if there was any chance of saving Shannon, it'd be important to save her. She simply turned aside, letting the diaper change finish. Shannon was very used to it by now, thinking nothing as her legs were lifted by the ankles, she was thoroughly wiped, diaper rash cream applied, and finally followed by a healthy dusting of powder before being taped into a thick fresh diaper. "Can I get you something to drink Jackie? It's just about time for Shannon's bottle," Nerissa said, taking the wet diaper balled up, and throwing it away. Jackie nodded dumbly, not sure what else to say, and Nerissa returned a moment later with a sippy cup and baby bottle. Both filled with the same thing. Jackie was handed the cup and she looked at it with a frown as Shannon was given her bottle. Shannon happily stuck the nipple in place of her thumb, drinking hungrily. After a few seconds, Shannon lowered the bottle, looking at Jackie. "Drink! It's really really yummy." Shannon sat up, drinking away at the bottle, shuffling around a bit to get comfortable. Jackie watched Nerissa sit on the couch once more and looked at the sippy cup. "What's in it?" she asked, curiously. She wasn't about to degrade herself by drinking from the cup and managed to pry the top off. Nerissa noticed this, but didn't say anything. The red head gave the drink a worried sniff. "Milk!" Shannon giggled, getting about halfway through the bottle. She stretched out, feeling a little bit sleepy now. Still, she seemed determined to finish that fort--she stood back up, bottle in one hand, a toy in the other, trying to complete her build. Jackie stared at her drink a moment. It did smell like milk, but something was a bit off. She looked over at Nerissa again, worriedly, but there was something about the milk that smelt really really good. She tipped it up to her lips, taking a taste, and her eyes widened as she took a little more of a sip, which turned into a gulp, and soon she'd finished off her cup. "That.. was pretty good," she said nodding. She watched Shannon building her fort for a minute or two, trying to decide how best to handle the situation... oddly, she was starting to feel tired too as she saw the other girl yawning. Nerissa checked her watch, it'd be nap time for two Little's shortly. As they worked, Shannon finished her bottle too. She kept working, but she slowed to a literal crawl, and began to yawn every so often. She looked back at Jackie, nodding. "Yeah! It's pretty good, I love my milkies..." Not having been used to drinking nearly as much as Shannon, the redhead was not used to its effects, and even as Shannon was crawling around, yawning around her thumb, Jackie had managed to nod off, her back against the wall. Shannon noticed this after she finally completed the fortress. She crawled over to Nerissa, giving her pant leg a small tug. "I think we need naps mommy..." she yawned, resting herself against Nerissa's leg. Nerissa closed her book, smiling at the two adorable girls. She scooped up Shannon first, "I think you're right hun, let’s get your stuffed animal and your pacifier, and we'll put you down for a nap in your crib," she smiled, bumping noses with Shannon lovingly. She carried the Little on her hip for a moment. bringing her back to the nursery and doing what she said, getting her pacifier and teddy bear before easing her down into her crib. "I'll be right back, I'm going to go get Jackie and set up a nap mat in here, I don't think she'd like the crib," she said teasingly. Nerissa went back out into the playroom, scooping up the younger girl. She was out cold, the milk having hit her hard for the first time. Nerissa couldn't help a grin, she knew this girl would be consigned to diapers and being a baby soon. She brought her back into the nursery, setting up a mat on the floor and laying the girl with a blankie atop it. Shannon grinned sleepily as she watched, squeezing the teddy bear. It was nice to have a playmate, even if she was a little bit unfun sometimes with her ‘not a baby’ talk. Hopefully she'd stop insisting Shannon was a big girl. Shannon laid down, letting her eyes drift shut. The girls slept easily. A milk induced sleep was one free of stress. Shannon slept deeply and with wonderful dreams, hugging her teddy, occassionally sucking on her paci in her sleep. She rested so soundly, that the milk's effect didn't even wake her. Her bottom pushed out a warm mess into the back of her diaper just like a baby. And not far away from her, napping fitfully on the mat, Jackie wasn’t far behind. Her body processed the milk and her bladder released in her sleep, causing the ‘adult’ girl to soak her panties, dress and naptime blanket. At the girls woke up, it would be nothing out of the ordinary for Shannon. For Jackie though, she awake with a start, letting out a startled shriek as she realized what had happened to herself. The red head started to cry, not trying to be too loud and bring Nerissa. Shannon sat up in her crib, looking at the distressed girl across from her with a big wet spot. At first, it was a little hard to believe--she was such a big girl! But after a few seconds, Shannon tried to reassure her. "Don't worry--it's not that bad! I mean... well... I'll call Mommy and she'll clean you up! Mommy!!" she called out, watching the crying girl. Jackie hopped up, still crying and tripping over the blankets around her ankles for a second. She came over and tried to put her hands on Shannon to shush her and keep her from bringing the Amazon. It didn't help, a moment later Nerissa walked in with her long legs. "Oh, someone up from their nap? Smells like someone has a stinky diaper," she said smiling. Her eyes were quick to see the red headed girl next to the crib, with the wet spot on the back of her dress. Sensing this, Jackie let out an eep, backing away from Shannon. "Oops, looks like there was more than one accident during naptime," Nerissa said. She quietly shut and locked the door behind her, going for Shannon first to change her baby. Shannon lifted her arms up, giggling as she was lifted. She didn't seem to realize that Jackie didn't want Mommy to be called. Why not, after all? Did she want to stay in her wetness? That wasn't that weird for the home she supposed, but if she just said that to Nerissa, she'd understand! Or maybe it was that she was a big girl... or, well, apparently not! "Jackie hun, its okay, sometimes girl's have accidents. I'm not upset," she said in a calming and familiar manner that Shannon could almost recognize. "Let me take care of my baby here and we'll get you sorted. Jackie was too mortified to answer, hands covering her rear and backing herself around the crib so that she was always on the opposite side of Nerissa. Meanwhile the Amazon carried her baby, lovingly laying her down on the changing table and going through a routine diaper change for her. Wipes, rash cream, more powder, and a thick diaper later, Nerissa set the babygirl down on the floor. "Why don't you go get her for me," Nerissa said with a pat to her diapered bottom. "I think she's scared and embarrassed." Shannon nodded, crawling over to Jackie. "Jackie?" she asked, softly prodding the girl’s arm. "Mommy's all ready to clean you up... don't worry, it happens! If you really hate it, you gotta get clean and get it gone!" Jackie was reluctant a moment, looking at Shannon and resisting. "You're not a baby Shannon, you're not... and I didn't have an accident, she did something to me! I've never had an accident before like this," she whimpered. Nerissa could hear her of course, but she remained quiet a moment. Shannon shook her head. "Well--accidents happen! I am a baby, and if I didn’t have my diapers I’d make puddles everywhere!” She giggled. “Mommy’s really nice and she'll get you all squeaky clean." There was something innocent and truthful in Shannon's face, and slowly, unsuredly, Jackie came out, walking bowlegged with an obvious accident spot between her legs. It felt gross, and she did want to get cleaned up. She couldn't look at Nerissa as she was led over. "It's okay hun," the Amazon echoed her baby's statement, very proud of the girl for how she'd handled it. "I'll have you all cleaned up and right as rain. I bet you’re worried that I'm going to put you in a diaper huh? Well, I can, if that's what you want?" to which the red head quickly shook her head no, and Nerissa laughed, "I didn't think so. I don't have any clean panties in your size, I do have pull-ups though." The girl whimpered at that, but defeated as she was, there wasn’t much she could do. Nerissa helped her get cleaned up, having her stand as she carefully took some wipes and a small baggy to wad up the wet panties and short and put them in. The little didn’t let go of the baby’s hand the hold time. Shannon squeezed her hand back, smiling all the while. She was really glad to be of assistance! "See?" she sighed, softly resting herself against the changing table. "Mommy's really nice and stuff! She's only here to help." Freshly cleaned, with pull-ups under a short dress that was designed to be worn with shorts, Jackie was quick to excuse herself. Nerissa reassured her that if accidents do happen once more, and that it was okay, and if she needed help with future accidents that she knew where the home was. She also invited her back for lunch whenever she wanted it... The red head was quick to make any excuse she could and escape the place as soon as the nursery door was unlocked. Nerissa and Shannon watched her go. "I think she's a shy girl who needs some friends Shannon," Nerissa said, scooping up her baby girl, carrying her on a hip as she watched the little practically sprint down the front walk, her pull-up easily visible under her dress. Shannon nodded. "I wanna find her some time again! Maybe we could stop by the playground soon and see if she's ever there again?" Shannon rested herself against the amazon's chest, softly tugging at the bottom of her shirt. Nerissa grinned and began to unbutton her shirt, hugging Shannon close. "I think she'll be back some time. She looked like she really enjoyed that milk," Nerissa winked. Her bra was next to go, leaving the girl's pert chest bare before Shannon. She removed the babygirl's pacifier and moments later she was breastfeeding again. --------- Heyo, I'm reposting this after getting a few messages about it. I've slowly been working on a pseudo-sequal about Jackie. No date of release to announce, just 'sometime in the future'.
  10. ellieiswet

    School Friend

    So I was good friends with this girl called Ellie She was a pretty girl, Small, Blonde, blue eyes, skinny. Well with Ellie she was raised with some issues that caused her not to be toilet trained which affected her teen not that she could care cause she in fact enjoyed wearing diapers and peeing her pants... Just to add that her school which was a mild special need school offered free incontinence products cause diapers ant cheap. This is all based off true events that happened. Assemblies sucked! Ellie was wearing black school trousers, Black polo shirt, and a sweater One time in Assembly she was sat in front of me and she was tabbing her leg quite angrily and asked the teacher if she could go loo. The teacher said no so she tried holding it in but she didn't make it. I was sat there and saw pee dripping off the sides of her chair... She went bent over and then looked behind her to me with an embarrassed look on her face and chuckled and sat there for the rest of the assembly until a teacher saw what happened. Another occasion with me sat behind her was when she was wearing a diaper. I was sat when she arrived and she had a nice diaper bulging bum and she sat down with her t-shirt catching on the top of the chair exposing her Tena slip plus diaper waistband. The food hall is a meanie Twice I remember her peeing her pants in the food hall. She was wearing her black school trousers and Polo shirt and black sweater. The first time we were all chatting and laughing about stuff and I noticed she had a look of discomfort and then a look of relief and then I heard pee dripping onto the floor below to then hear her admit to peeing her pants. She said she just gonna start wearing diapers again. She finished eating food and got changed into some trackies. I know her mum gave the nurse permission that she can start wearing diapers again if needed so we met back up with her wearing a diaper under her trackies. I know this cause she openly told me. Another time same uniform in the same occasion she tried holding it in but didn't want to miss out on what her friends were saying and she stood up in panic and hand went straight to her crotch and bent her knees so there she is slightly bent over the chair peeing her pants. You could see the peeing dripping off her bum and onto the chair and floor. It sweat honest! On Sports day and a hot sports day, we were all doing sports. Obviously. If your wondering. She wore a black sports polo shirt and black trackies and trainers. Well after her mile run or something she had a couple cups of water then some more water from her water bottle. we didn't have any other sports plan so we just chatted for a bit. After a while, she was fidgeting and her name got called for the long jump. so she went and did that and won! but I remember her standing still afterward with a discomfort yet relaxed look on her face. Then I see her trackies getting a darker black and wet with glistening pee running down them. Teacher sees and just tells her to change into the PE shorts. She tried to convince the teacher that it was sweat. The next day she was wearing a black skirt with leggings. She normally wore a diaper under her skirt but I guess she decided not today for whatever reason. Well, Long story short I was walking down the path to see her squat in her black skirt and leggings and just pee. I could see the trail of peeing under her going into the grass. She then gets up and rubs her bum off of any wetness. and carries of as normal. The next day she wore the same skirt (Cleaned) with a diaper under it. Her skirt accident got lifted up when she was messing around revealing her Tena slip plus. Accidents happen I remember walking past her and the carpet under her was wet and the bottom of her trousers was dripping so slightly and the legs of her pants were wet. She got changed into her tracksuit and I assume a diaper. Teachers always say no Ellie always peed her pants in lessons. Many times she was sitting there in desperate then pee her pants. Other times she would just sit there and pee her pants. I dunno why teacher always said no to her when she asked to cause there just gonna get a wet floor but oh well. The same occasion always happened afterward. A teacher assistant would notice and get her to clean herself in the changing room and put a diaper on and trackies while the teacher cleaned the chair and floor. I did notice after her wetting accident she would always wear a diaper for a week after like every day afterward after her accident. she would be wearing a diaper. One time she wore diapers for like a month and became incontinence again then had to train her bladder. No care in the world At the end of every school day, we would have to sit in the school hall in our taxi lines. She was in the line next to me. But this day she was wearing her tracksuit with a bulgy looking crotch which she kept adjusting. Well, she was holding her school bag and a see-through bag with some blue panties and her black school trousers. Both were wet and in the corners of the bag was yellow liquid (Pee) so I question her about it she straight out told me that she wet her self... Poop accident She was wearing black school trousers and a black polo shirt. I remember in science we were having an awesome lesson that involved blowing stuff up. Well, I was Ellie lab partner and she kept fidgeting with her bum. She said she was ok but she was bending over a lot and smoothing her bum than it happened. She stood still looking down at the floor with her legs glistening with pee and her hand went to her bum. She looked worried and poop mush sound was heard and a faint smell of poop arose the area. A teacher noticed and took her out of class and the teacher cleaned up the mess and she came back wearing a tracksuit and a diaper. She was a bit sulky about having to wear the diaper. Secretly peeing She stood their once and held her crotch and sighed in relief. She was wearing black school trousers and a black polo shirt. I remember she had her legs tightly pressed being all desperate then lent up against the wall grabbing her crotch and sighed in relief. You could hear the hiss. then it came to an end and she was fine after that. There was no pee on the floor or on her legs. She actually done that multiple times. Sometimes without the diaper... REVEALED! We were outside and we were all chatting about stuff. Then sadly the bell went off and she had to lean down to get her bag. As she leaned down her t-shirt rode up revealing her Tena Slip Plus diaper. Me and two other mates saw it. I just shrugged it off and no one said anything. Questioned about her diapers She was talking to a good mate of hers and I was listening in and her friend asked if "she was wearing a diaper?" which Ellie responded with "Yes" than being asked "is it is wet?" which the response was "Yes" to then being asked "do you enjoy wearing?" which Ellie Responded with "Yes I love them" and the final diaper question being asked "can I buy some off of you?" Which the response was "Yes. Il bring some in tomorrow for you" Am not swimming in a nappie The final story is that she was telling her mate that she was wearing her bikini under her uniform because we was all going sailing later that day ( she was Black trousers and black polo shirt). Her friend than instantly question her about what happens if you pee yourself. Ellie just replied "That's not gonna happen. I'm wearing a diaper" Her mate questioned it saying "You cant swim in a diaper?" and Ellie just replied with "I take it off before we go on the bus silly" Well, the time arrived for us to get on the bus and all the way there she was fidgeting. I was surprised that she held on. well, we got to the location and we all changed into our wetsuits. Afterward we were making a plan of what we are going to do and she stood there with her discomfort look on her face looking down at the floor with pee pouring down her legs and wetsuit. she then got more involved after her accident and we got into the water not long after and did some sailing. I was in the same boat as Ellie and we capsized. We kept messing around with each other in the water and she said stop and held onto the side of the boat and sighed in relief saying "I'm peeing and the best feeling ever" then we uncapsized the boat and carried on sailing. Well those are all the stories Ive got with Ellie and I hope you enjoyed them.
  11. bwet

    Flower Mound area diaper friend

    Hey gang! I am looking for some little diaper girls and boys to meet talk to too and play with. I have had the fetish for a long time but have never really had a chance to share it with anyone. I am more DL than AB but totally open to role play and am easy going. Not looking for anything serious just people to share this with. If you are in the area and up for some padded fun PM me and we can do a coffee or a drink sometime and go from there. Hope to hear from someone! Bwet ;-)
  12. How much guilt have you felt over your time being into diapers? How have you dealt with it?
  13. Dirty Skirty

    Skirt / Dress / Pantyhose Wetting

    Hi there everyone, I really enjoy watching and doing wetting through Skirts/Dresses/Pantyhose, and the last skirt wetting blog dates back to 2009. I would just like to 'get the panties wet again' and add something more up to date.
  14. Soggy Doggy

    Deadpool 2

    There’s a scene were Deadpool gos into a deep depression and doesn’t have the will to get up and pee and so ends up wetting his pants at the bar, theirs no diapers but still a good scene.
  15. This is some sighting stories about my sister in law. I shall not mention her real name but let's call her Emma. she did have a lot of wettings and then a lot of diapers. Well, I'l tell you bit about her. She is in her twentys, slim with blonde hair and blue eyes. She looks very cute and acts cute and even childish at times. Now saying that she is pretty damn smart. Anyway, my brother met her when she was 19 and he was 21. Two young party animals partying together. Now her diaper sightings started at the age of 20 when she got pregnant. Now having a baby can cause incontinence which in her case did happen but she enjoyed it a lot. I'm pretty sure she did anyway. She carried on being incontinence couple years after having the child but I think she decided that after a couple big leaks and her child getting to the age where he would notice she decided to keep it in the room type of activity. Can't blame her Well I'l start off with the first story Hikes are the devil for the bladder One time we all went on a hike. She was wearing a blue jean miniskirt and converse and a white tank top. During the hike, Emma kept whining about needing a pee super badly. I and my bro kept teasing her making sounds of water and talking about waterfalls and lakes. She was begging us to stop or she gonna pee herself. Her mum just told her to go in the bush which she responded to !I'm a girl Ishe can't do that" We eventually got down to a river where she was really desperate and she and her boyfriend lagged behind a little and I remember looking back to her to see her standing there with pee running down her legs. And she was fine after that. An occasion like that happened again sometime and she just said she going to find a spot. She was hardly hiding because i remember seeing her standing behind a tree with pee running down her legs... Who hasnt been desperate in a car I remember sitting behind her in the car of her boyfriends (My bro) and she was whining about needing a pee and in the end it went all quiet and she admitted to having a little accident. After a while, you could see little dampness on the back of the seat. Accidents happen next to the toilet I guess? We were all chilling in the front room talking about stuff and after a while, everyone went into the kitchen, I stayed in the living room and Emma went to the bathroom. She was wearing a wooly jumper, tight black jeans and black leather boots. Her jeans were really tight. She was awhile in the toilet. After sometime she came out into the living room and bent over feeling her thighs. I was watching her do all of this. I could see her thighs were wet. I asked her if she ok and she jumped back up saying she's fine and went into the kitchen to her BF and they left likes minutes later. While she was leaving i could see her bum was wet. I assume she was desperate as she liked holding on to last minute and went to the bathroom to end up struggling to pull her jeans down and maybe pressed on her bladder or her bladder gave up and she started peeing and stood there not sure what to do and sat there on the toilet peeing through her clothes. Shopping trip My bro asked if I wanted to go shopping with him and Emma. I was down, let's do it. So they pick me up and I walked out to their car and its about an hour drive to the mall. Emma was wearing Thick black leggings, Dark grey tank top and Vans shoes and a diaper on. So maybe half hour into the trip she moans about needing a pee, My bro teases her a little saying "You shouldn't have drunk all that water" because she was drinking bottles of water on the trip. Like alot. And also saying "Just go then" with her responding "No, i want to hold it a bit". About ten minutes after that she moans again and comes out with "Oh no", Opens her legs widely and I could see in the mirror that she was stroking her crotch with her hand. She sighed in relief and whispered to my Bro "I'm peeing" He started to get a boner I also did... He came out with "We need to potty train you little baby" She giggled saying "Please don't I like these" She clearly sat there in a diaper peeing in her diaper. She sighed a bit more in relief and than sat normally with her legs together and whispered "I'm still peeing" When we arrived I let her go in front and I could 100% make out a diaper shaped bum. It was pretty hidden but you could tell. If you were looking for it. So we all go to a little restairant to eat some food and we all end up having a coffee. She went pretty quiet and after like 5 mins she looks at my Bro with a somewhat worried looked and whispered to him "I peed again but my diaper leaked little bit" So we finish eating our food and drinks and go to the bathrooms and she asks "how bad the damage" My bro says "you cant even notice it". So She went into the disabled toilets to change her child's diaper and to change her diapers. She comes out and looks at my bro saying all Fresh! So we go to all the stores and look around and I and my bro went into the apple store She went into another shop and after a while she came into the apple store and listened in on the conversation with the salesman. She stood there and sighed in relief and her hand holding her diaper crotch like she peeing. She did walk around little and I did watch her feel you bum and pull up leggins up which made the diaper more obvious. After that, we end up on the high street and chilled out on a bench. I manage to get a decent look at her diaper crotch as she was sitting and it did look diapered. I think she whispered "I'm peeing" to my bro and a cheeky grin. Well after that not much happened on Emma and it was the end of the day. So we went to the toilets and Emma changed her child's diaper and her diaper. Came out and we went to the car. There was some traffic like a lot of traffic on the way home. So a one hour trip turned into two hours. About the one mark, she moaned to my bro needing the toilet and he says "just go" and she comes out with "No the toilet! Like number 2" About 15 minutes after that she sits up and groans and she sat that pooping her diaper. Music was loud but you could hear the hissing and crackling of her poop coming into her diaper. She relaxes a bit and a red face and the car smelled of poop but not a bad smell. Like a smell of a used diaper. Well she sat into her diaper with a smile on her face. "It's not that I don't like pooping my diaper it's just that its a pain to clean plus we were supposed to be going to your parent's house" He droped my off at my house and they leave without coming in with is weird because they normally come on in. Bit on the bum! One time she came over to my house cause my bro was suppose to be here but was working late. She arrived wearing her blue flowery romper, white vans. Anyway, we sat in the front room talking about shit like recent parties and lazing around. Also offering her a drink. Can a beer it was So After a while of just chatting she sits up and goes "Ow" Then jumps up and runs to my mums room saying "Ow ow ow ow" alot and ran into my mums room So I walk past my mums room to see the door closed so I push it open very slowly and I see her standing their stripped down to her diaper. A blue diaper. It looked wet. Well she took the diaper off and then bent over in the mirror to check her bum out. I think something bit her on her bum... Well, she puts her wet diaper back on and admires herself in the mirror as she sighs in relief feeling her diaper getting wet as she stands their peeing. Then she takes it off and rolls it up and puts it in her bag. Then puts a new fresh same type diaper on and pulls her rompers back up. So I quickly left and sat there on my phone in the front room. She sat back down and said something bit her. Then we were chilling and I manage to get couple of peeps of her diaper up her rompers legs. And her crotch looked diapered and her bum. Then my bro came home and they both went off to his room to do whatever. I went to the bathroom to conduct some Human science research... Diaper Leakage! One time she came over wearing black people went their own ways. I was reading a book and I watch her sort something out in her bag. She was standing next to the sofa so i managed to get a nice view of her bum that looked diapered. She went into the next room and stood next to the table talking to my mum when I hear her panic like "Oh no! OMG!" My mum quickly handed her a towel saying "Aww quick here a towel" Then I asked if everything is ok. She said its fine. So i listen in to Emma saying "I can't help it I have no control" (This was in the same year as her pregnancy) Mum "I understand" and she goes and stand in the arch to the front room and doesn't let anyone in. Emma says she got another pair exactly the same. She changed and mops up her mess and changes her diaper putting her spare trousers on. When I assume she took her trousers off My mum said "gosh darling, That's too full, no wonder you leaked, Be careful not to get a rash" Emma responded "Yer I forget sometimes, I have like the worst control ever and it justs comes out, It happened in public one time and I managed to get my BF to pick me up" Mum told her if she need be picked up by her feel free to call. My mum told her to "give me the diaper i'l put it in the bin". Later that evening I searched the bin to find a while folded up adult diaper. Tena diaper then I did some more human science research. I didnt keep the diaper nor did I let the diaper touch my penis. Goodness knows what she has. And I didnt see the point in keeping the diaper cause whats the point. I know with proof she wears. A DIAPERED XMAS Emma came over with my bro (Her BF) to spend Christmas with us. Now i'm going to get sraight to the story. She was wearing Black leggings with a yellow wooly jumper. With covered the majority of her bum. From time to time when she was leaning over you could get a nice glimpse of her bum. It was a little bulky but then like it was and was not bulky if that makes sense. You could tell she was wearing a fresh diaper. Cause a fresh diaper under like two pairs of leggings can look a lot like a bum. And if the diaper is a nice fit and taped up properly. Any way I store that in my wank bank and get on with my day. I keep trying to get other little glimpses. Now she does have bladder control and she did use the bathroom like 6 times which is a lot. Normally she goes once but whatever. Maybe she been drinking a lot or maybe she getting a weak bladder again! Anyway the day comes to an end and the only sighting I get was her diapered bum. However before they left she went to the toilet one more time and after her toiler session when she was standing in the living room. I was on the floor wrestling with the kids I look up to her and her jumper was slightly raised and Only like the parting of the jumper was raise and I could see a white diaper cloth waistline. I carry on playing while taking more looks and it's obvious that it was diaper waistline like a Tena cloth Diaper like for example the Tena Medium slip plus. That kind of diaper. I didn't see any tapes but i know my diapers and that was the waistline of a diaper. Who knows why she wore cause she definitely didnt wet it so maybe she wore it for comfort or maybe she was wearing it for a surprise for her BF later that night. The next day I had the house to myself so i tried on one of my tena diapers and but some trousers over it and took a look in the mirror to almost see exactly the same thing. Same material and everything. Those are the best storys I have of Emma. All the others are pretty standard. I'm gonna write weekly about sightings I've had cause I really have won the Lotto on Diaper sightings with proof. It's gonna be a different girl each week but that gives you more variety to read. I promise you now that these are not fake Well I hope you enjoyed these stories and my sister and I'l be writing weekly Enjoy!
  16. I've had three incidents of soaking myself at night after drinking, each time wetting both the bed and my pants or completely soaking a cheap diaper that I meant to change. This time I even woke up a bit drunk and had to get up early to leave town and forgot to change the sheets and it was my worst wetting yet. My wife was extremely upset, completely understandable, and while she cleaned up some of it is still demanding I see someone. I'm scared to go mostly because I feel it is hard to explain the occasional bedwetting, which only recently started, without explaining that I also wear diapers for pleasure as well. I have to admit as well that my wife has been kind enough to forgive me a bit, at least so far as long as I promise to never wet the bed again. I have to put a bed pad underneath my side of the bed now and promise not to wear think diapers to bed anymore, especially if I drink at all. Still trying to process the fact I am a bedwetter again, had some problems when I was young and a bit in my teens and that I need to talk to a professional about it without it sounding weird or too awkward. My wearing of diapers actually came out of comfort as I often have anxiety about wetting myself if I don't know there is bathroom I can use nearby, long trips on buses with no bathrooms, seeing theatre shows that are long, concerts where I can 't get out easily. It's hard to admit at 44 that I need them and probably will more and more as I get older.
  17. dressupDV

    Leggings over my diaper

    From the album: ME in Goodnites

  18. Dan was a twin, at 12 years old and had just started secondary school with his twin brother. They both had a secret like for diapers and wanted to wear again, but didn't know how to tell their parents. It was the evening after school, and the twins were sitting watching TV, their parents sitting on the couch, and a diaper commercial came on the TV and both their faces lit up, the parents noticing the boys intently staring at the packs of diapers shown. Mike, the boys father looked at his wife "they seem to like the diaper commercials honey? good thing they don't wear diapers anymore" he laughs
  19. lilmissmommy

    Desperation and Wetting

    I would say my number one fetish (slightly above ABDL) is desperation and wetting. I love the feeling of having an achingly full bladder and being desperate to use the toliet, holding it until I end up wetting myself. I also love, love, love watching someone else wiggle, dance, moan, whine, and beg to use the bathroom before inevitably soaking their pants.
  20. jacklively

    New here!

    Hi guys! I'm new here as of today, iv always been into wetting and sometimes messing myself in private and have always loved watching girls wet and mess either in their panties or diapers; honestly it doesn't make a different to me. iv always kept this part of my life hidden because im embarrassed of the possible repercussions; however im now ready to branch out and meet other people in the community. Basically I am a 21 year old guy living in the US who is a junior in college that secretly hopes to see women wet themselves, but is always disappointed, so I just go home and sneak into one of my hidden diapers.
  21. shveddiapersissy

    Two day road trip...ugggh

    I recently made a two day road trip, without wearing a diaper, from my winter place to my summer place. We were going to spend the night in Dallas with my sister so knew it would be very inconvenient wearing and dealing with a diaper while there. I had one full case in the back and two trash bags with two packages each stuffed in corners. I had just bought a new huge pack of Tena Overnight pads so added several handfulls of them to one bag. That first day I couldn't get my mind off diapers and not being able to wear one. Then when we stopped at my sisters I had the rear door open and getting something out and one of the bags with the pads got shifted and the pads were falling out. She was coming up and I had to hustle to stuff them back in so she wouldn't see. Boy it was close. Hated not being able to wear one at night too. Then the next day, my head was full of wanting to wear my diapers again. Got home and was happy to put one on for the night. Am I weird or what???? lol.
  22. How much guilt do you feel about your diaper leanings and diaper life?
  23. From the album: ME in Goodnites

  24. DiaperHappiness

    Diapered Senior

    Hello everyone......by way of introduction I am a rather content and young feeling senior of 66 who is very comfortable with his diaper happiness. I don't need to wear but I so do love to wear diapers/pullups. And I am not ashamed to admit that I use them as they were meant to be used. Hopefully I will be able to make some new friends here. Have an awesome day out there