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  1. Dan was 16. His mom had remarried and had triplets. She was heading out for the day, leaving Dan in charge. She wanted him to prove he was responsible enough. He hadn't had a good week at school and now was his chance to make up for it. His younger siblings were almost 3 and attempting to potty train. No such luck though. Dan would have to change a lot of diapers. Something he'd not got much experience with. It's Saturday morning. 8am and Dan was woken by his mom.
  2. Hello, all you lovely people! Recently, one of my ABDL sisters brought to my attention a site for ABDL hypnosis and I wanted to share it with you. The site is called "My Little Lullaby" and it is a site where you can buy lots of different trance recordings and even order custom tracks. The tracks follow the same kind of suggestive messages you find in meditation recordings and the like and are meant to encourage ABDL behaviors you would like to have more often. I have bought the two free ones, "Sleep Like a Baby" and "Forever Young" and also purchased the "Diaper Wetting" one to see if it would help me with the mental block I often have when I need to go potty during my little time. I am very pleased to report that they both worked like a charm! The "Sleep Like a Baby" one had me down for the count like magic, and I woke up feeling very little. I was so impressed that I tried the "Diaper Wetting" one right after waking up, as I had to go potty and even though I tried lying in bed it wasn't working. This is pretty common for me, as I need to be upright to actually pee. It annoys me in little space because it just doesn't feel right to me. So I listened to the diaper wetting track and after it was over, still lying down, I relaxed and was able to wet myself right in my bed! I was ecstatic! I'll be listening to this track every time I have little space with the hopes that soon I will just be able to wet myself regularly into my diapers! The one selling these tracks, Ember, has the softest sweetest voice, and each track comes with boy and girl variants so you are being directly addressed by the gender you identify with as a little in any circumstance! I cannot recommend her enough. After being burnt so much in the past on piss-poor hypnosis tracks, here's one that really works! If you're looking for good hypnosis files, please check the site out! http://mylittlelullaby.com/
  3. Long time lurker, first time writer. Let me know what you think! #### (1.) I really couldn’t afford to complain… I’ll admit that I hadn’t planned on spending my entire summer babysitting Emmy McKale, but I was getting paid an exorbitant amount of money to do so...And considering that I was currently out of a job, well, beggars can’t be choosers. I finished putting the blankets out on the couch--Emmy wasn’t due to arrive for another ten minutes, but her parents had a late flight to catch. I didn’t want to be the lame babysitter who sent her to bed right away on her first night here. It was summer vacation, after all. I’d just finished laying out the snacks when the doorbell rang. I hurried to get across the living room, and banged my shin on the coffee table. I bit the inside of my cheek to keep from cursing, and hobbled over to answer the door. “Hey guys!” I said, smiling through the pain. “Hello, Mallory. Thanks for watching Emory for us.” William, Emory’s dad, said, handing me an envelope. “There’s money in here for groceries, activities, pretty much anything you might need while we’re gone. Whatever you don’t spend, you can keep.” “Thanks, Mr. McKale.” “Mallory!” that was all the warning I got before Emory crashed into me at full speed, flinging her arms around my middle. I gave her a good squeeze in return before lifting her onto my hip. “Hey, Emmy! It’s good to see you!” Melanie, Emory’s mom, was struggling to carry all of Emmy’s things, so I put Emmy down to go help her. “Thanks, dear.” she said breathlessly, handing me a large box of what I could now see were diapers. They weren’t real diapers, per se, but those bedwetting pants for kids that call themselves something else so they don’t wreck kids’ self-esteem. All things considered, Emory never really put up much of a fuss when it was time to get ready for bed, and I was grateful; any of the other ten-year-olds I babysat would have had a fit if I so much as mentioned any kind of protection. I looked back over at Emory who had bent down to pick up her bag. Her shirt had ridden up, exposing the waistband of her diaper. If she noticed, she didn’t seem to care. Besides, I thought it was kind of cute anyway. It certainly made my job easier, since she was so accepting of having to wear protection. “You can just put your things in the guest room, Emmy. You remember where it is, right?” Emmy grinned and took off up the stairs. “Yep.” I helped Emory’s mom bring in the rest of her things. By the time we’d finished Emory was back. William looked at his watch. “We should go.” he knelt down and opened his arms to Emmy. Emmy didn’t waste any time leaping into them. “Bye daddy. I love you! Have fun!” “I love you too, sweetheart. Be good for Mallory, okay?” Emmy nodded. “I will!” she said, and moved on to repeat the process with her mother. “Emergency numbers are on the fridge, same as always. We’ll be back in a few weeks.” Melanie lowered her voice and pulled me aside. “Just so you know, Emmy’s bedwetting has gotten worse. The boxes have diapers in them now, we were in a hurry when we packed, so I just threw everything together. There might be a few pull-ups left in there, but make sure she wears the diapers to bed.” I nodded. “Okay. Will do, thanks for the heads-up.” “We’ve had a few daytime incidents, too. It’s usually when she’s distracted, so please remind her to go potty.” I nod. I normally get this kind of thing from my younger kids’ parents, but with the money I was making, I wasn’t about to complain. Emmy wasn’t that much bigger than some of my six-year-olds, now that I thought about it... Melanie reached out to hug me. “We love you too, you know.” My face heated up. “Thanks. I love you guys too. Be safe, and happy anniversary.” Melanie smiled and followed her husband toward the door. Emory was too short to see out the window of the storm door, so I lifted her onto my hip so we could wave to her parents as they drove away. I could feel that her diaper was pretty wet, and I wondered why she hadn’t said anything. “Do I have to go to bed soon?” Emmy asked. “You know I’m not that lame. You can stay up for a bit, but first, you need a diaper change.” “But, I’m not even that wet!” Emmy protested. “I don’t know about that...Besides, you didn’t speak up and tell me you were wet, and I’m not having you get diaper rash on my watch, missy.” She was usually really well-behaved, but I knew from experience that she wasn’t above making a break for it if she thought she could get away with it. “Let’s go, munchkin.” Emmy pouted, and her big brown eyes almost made me reconsider. Almost. “Nice try, kiddo. But, that doesn’t work on me.” I headed up the stairs to the guest room and laid Emmy down on the guest bed. Her diaper was even more wet than I’d thought, I discovered, once I started changing her, and I didn’t think it would’ve taken much more before leaking. “‘Not that wet’, huh?” I wondered, tickling her a little so she knew I wasn’t upset. She squirmed and I let up before I ended up having to change the sheets on the bed too. “Sorry. Guess I wasn’t paying attention.” Emmy said, refusing to make eye contact with me. I brushed some long brown hair out of her eyes. I didn’t totally buy it, but it wasn’t worth making a big deal out of it. “It’s alright, I’m not mad. Try to remember to tell me when you need changing, okay? Otherwise I’m gonna have to start checking for myself.” “Okay,” Emmy said, sitting up once I’d finished. She scampered over to her suitcase and took out a footed sleeper. “I got new pajamas!” She said. “Can you help me with them?” I suspected that she didn’t really need help, but I didn’t have the heart to deny her if such a simple thing would make her happy. Internally, I knew that the pajamas would probably just get in the way if she woke up in the middle of the night and had to go to the bathroom, but she was in diapers anyway, so I wasn’t going to dwell on it. I’m such a pushover… She looked absolutely adorable in her pjs, which did nothing at all to hide her diapered state. “Feel like doing anything in particular?” I asked. “I wanna play Overwatch.” Emmy said. “I brought my PS4.” “Okay. Do you need help setting it up?” Emmy shook her head. “Nope. I can do it.” “Okay. Mind if I keep you company? Emmy smiled. “Sure! Can I have a snack?” “I think that can be arranged. How about some chips and pretzels?” I wasn’t in the mood to start fussing around in the kitchen, since it was so late, and I hoped that those would be enough. “That sounds good to me.” Emmy said. “I’m gonna go set my game up. You should play too; it’s fun.” I shrugged. “We’ll see,” I had enough trouble getting to sleep without overstimulating my brain. But, I hadn’t played video games in a while, and the offer was tempting. I went to scrounge for suitable snack food, while Emmy set up her game. She was faster than I expected she would be, and she was already getting started by the time I got to the living room, arms laden with plunder from the kitchen. “Get on the point, guys!” She snapped into her headset--it took me a minute to realize that she was talking to someone. “Relax.” I said, a little more sternly than I meant to. “It’s just a game.” Emmy sighed and folded her arms as the word ‘defeat’ flashed up on the screen in bright red letters. “Tough luck,” I said, and patted her back. “You’ll get ‘em next time.” Emmy angrily crunched into a pretzel and pouted. “Do you want to play? You don’t have to play in Competitive matches if you don’t want to. Those can get pretty intense.” “Why not? Think I’ll stick with the small fish though.” I said, and she passed me the controller. The controls were pretty straightforward, and although the other team wiped the floor with me several times--I don’t think I got a single kill--it was fun. It was easy to see how someone could get addicted to this kind of thing. It wasn’t my cup of tea, but if I had nothing else to do, it was a nice way to kill time. Emmy squirmed next to me. At first, I thought that she was just anxious to get back to the game. Then, when I heard the subtle crinkling of her pull-up, I realized that there was a much more obvious explanation. “Do you need to go to the bathroom?” “Nope, I’m alright.” I raised an eyebrow. “If you say so…” I passed her the controller. I focused most of my attention on the screen, but I was still watching Emmy out of my peripheral vision. I’d been babysitting enough to know that the ‘potty dance’ never really changes; kids just get better at hiding it as the get older. Another thing I learned was to trust my gut. And right now, my gut was telling me that everything about Emmy’s posture screamed: I really have to pee! “Okay,” I said as my latest foray into the gaming world ended with another stomping. “Time for a potty break.” “I don’t even have to go!” Emmy protested. She looked a little embarrassed. “You do so,” I countered. “You’ve been squirming non-stop for the past five minutes. Even if you don’t think you need to go, I want you to try anyway.” Emory huffed. “Fine.” She must have needed to go worse than she thought, because as soon as she stood up, she let out a little gasp and sprinted for the bathroom. I laughed a little to myself. Emmy came back and sat down on the couch. “Did you make it okay?” Emmy nodded. “Let’s check. Just to be sure.” “I don’t need you to check me,” Emmy whined. “Well, if you had told me you were wet earlier, I wouldn’t feel like I needed to. Besides, if you’re dry, I don’t have anything to worry about, right?” “Right,” Emmy didn’t look at me. I knew then what I was going to find, and I was a little annoyed that she lied, but I decided to give her another chance to come clean. “Is there something you wanna tell me?” I asked. Emmy shook her head. “Are you sure?” Emmy nodded. The silence was another giveaway, but even so, I went as slowly as possible as I unzipped her pjs. As I suspected, she was soaked. “Sweetheart,” I began gently. “What happened?” “I tried. I really did…” Emmy croaked, and burst into tears. “It’s okay, little one.” I said, pulling her close. “I’m not mad.” Privately, I was a little irritated. As much as I wanted to give Emmy the benefit of the doubt, all the evidence for this particular accident pointed to laziness rather than any physical problem. Still, Emmy’s mom had warned me that they’d been having some daytime issues, and I knew it wouldn’t be fair of me to hold Emmy completely responsible. But, I didn’t want to let her off the hook scot-free either… “It’s no big deal,” I told her. “Just try to pay more attention next time, okay?” “‘Kay. I’m sorry.” Emmy said quietly. I pressed a kiss to her forehead. “It’s okay. I think it’s just about bedtime, though. Do you want to take a bath now, or do you normally take care of that in the morning?” Emmy shrugged. I sighed and lifted Emmy onto my hip when I stood up. “Well, since you don’t know, I think we’d be better off doing it now. A nice, warm bath might help you relax.” Emory didn’t say anything back. She just hummed and rested her head on my shoulder. I patted her bottom, more out of instinct than anything else. I hadn’t meant to call attention to the state of her pull-up, at least not more than I had already; but it couldn’t be helped. I ended up doing most of the work in the bathroom. Emmy just sort of zoned out and plonked herself down in the tub. “Emmy, you’re getting a rash.” I said. Maybe it was for the best that I was doing the scrubbing, since I might not have found out about it until it got much worse. “You need to tell me when you need changing.” I reminded her. I figured that it had already started before she came over, but I didn’t want it getting worse. Emmy just nibbled on her thumb. “I wish you’d tell me what’s bothering you.” I said, since it was obvious that something was on her mind. “I don’t know...I just feel off.” Emmy said. “Do you think you’re getting sick?” I reached out to feel her forehead. She didn’t seem feverish. Emmy shook her head. “I don’t know how to explain it.” “Hmm.” I was at a loss. I couldn’t do much if Emmy didn’t tell me what was wrong. “I think you’re just tired.” I pulled the plug on the drain and wrapped Emmy in a big, fluffy towel. I thought it was strange that she hadn’t offered even token resistance to me babying her since her accident. In truth, I’d been hoping for some kind of reaction, but at the same time, her being so docile was making my job easier. Emmy didn’t fight me when it was time to put her diaper on, and she was small enough that moving her around wasn’t too much of a chore. “Good night, Emmy.” I told her, once she was tucked in. “I’ll be right down the hall if you need anything.” “Night, Mallory.” Emmy answered. “Could you leave the door open a little?” “Sure thing, munchkin. Sweet dreams.” It only took me a few seconds to cross the room, but in the thin strip of light that washed over the bed, I could see that Emmy was already asleep.
  4. Dan was 12yrs old, he was an only child with a mom who gave him everything, but something was about to change in his life. Unbeknown to him, his mom was engaged to someone, and it was the dad of a boy at his school, someone whom he knew because this boy was a target of constant bullying, and it was because he was known by the main bullies in school because he still wore diapers. Dan didn't do the bullying, he just went along with it, his mom had no idea, but this was soon to change... he didn't really know the boy, he only saw his friends teasing him. But he was about to find out that things were about to change.
  5. I just want to know how people use their diapers.
  6. As mom got in the car she said, "be a good boy for your Aunt Sharon!" I was sad and had been crying at the thought of my mommy being away for a whole week. "We will have so much fun!", my aunt consoled. It was certainly not easy for a 5 year old boy to be in a strange place for a whole week. I continued to pout as mommy drove away. "Let's go in and get a snack," Sharon said as she carried my suitcase and put my mom's quilted, baby blue bag over her shoulder. I agreed and took her hand. I enjoyed the graham crackers and apple juice she gave me and I was getting more comfortable. After finishing, she turned on the TV and I sat in a beanbag chair and watched my favorite cartoons, bugs and daffy made me almost forget mommy had left. As I sat and watched I started needing to pee. I didn't know where the potty was and I didn't always make it on time even at home. Aunt Sharon asked me if I needed to potty right after my snack but I didn't need to go then. I kept watching TV. Roadrunner was on and he was my favorite. I waited to long and soon felt a warmness on my crotch and bottom. I kept watching TV. Aunt Sharon came to check on me. She soon noticed my pants were wet. "Uh oh, Dougie, looks like you tee-teed in your pants. Let's get you cleaned up." She led me by the hand around the corner into a bedroom. My suitcase and quilted bag were on the dresser. She went to a closet and took out a plastic mat. It crinkled as she spread it on the bed. She lifted me up and laid me on the mat on my back. She took a round plastic canister of wipes out of the bag along with a light blue pair of my cloth trainers. She pulled of my shorts and I looked down to see that the pair of thick white trainers I was wearing were soaked and not near as warm as before. "You are a wet little boy!" she said pleasantly as she pulled off my trainers. I flinched as she wiped my genitals and bottom with the cold wipe. She looked at me and smiled. "Sometimes we have accidents, it's ok!" "Tell Aunt Sharon when you need to tee-tee next time. She finished wiping me down then slipped on the blue trainers and a pair of green shorts from my suitcase. "Now, then, all clean!" she said as she helped me off the bed. She rolled up the mat with my wet clothes inside and led me off to the living room. She took the mat to the washroom. I watched TV and soon forgot about my accident. She came back in the room and asked me. "Do you need to go potty?" "We have some errands to run". I shook my head no. She said, "Let's go try". and she led me to the bathroom then sat me on the potty. I tried and I pooted a couple of times but I couldn't go. She left and went across the hall into the bedroom. She returned with a pair of plastic pants. "Let's put these on just in case", she said as she took off my shorts. She pulled the plastic pants over my training undies and pulled my shorts back up. "Tell me if you need to potty," she reminded me. We loaded into her station wagon and she strapped me in the back seat opposite of her. She gave me a few books to read while we drove. We first pulled through the bank and I was given a sucker. It was orange, not my favorite but I happily sucked on it anyway. We went in the grocery store and she asked me if I wanted to ride in the basket seat. I nodded Ok and she asked me again if I needed to potty. I said I didn't. We left the grocery and went into McDonalds. I had a hamburger and some fries. She said,"You can play on the playground awhile if you want". I happily agreed and she read a magazine she picked up in the market. I climbed to the top of the slide and slid down over and over again. I was the only one in the store but I didn't mind. I crawled through the tunnel and swung on the swing. I felt that the inside of my pants had gotten a little wet. I didn't tell auntie though because I wanted to keep playing. By then a mom with two kids had come to the playground. She had a small baby and a toddler. We played and had a good time. I crawled back in the tunnel. It was nice and dark and I stood on my knees very quietly. My tummy growled and I pooted again. I stayed motionless. I pooted again and pushed. I could feel poopy filling up the seat of my pants. I pushed again and more poots produced more poo on top of the warm sticky ball already in the seat of my pants. I stood up and waddled to the side of the tunnel, still out of sight of my auntie and the mother. The mother called to her toddler, "Shawn, come see mommy". I peeked around the side of the tunnel as she asked, "do you have poo poo?" and checked his diaper. "I sure thought I smelled poo" and she checked the baby. "Hmmm you're clean, too". Aunt Sharon looked up from her magazine. "Dougie, come here please". She shook her head as I waddled towards her. She said to the mother "I think this is our culprit". I looked down and stuck my fingers in my mouth, something I did when I was nervous or shy about something. She stood up as I approached and leaned over my shoulder and pulled back the waistband of my shorts and pants. "Yep, he has dirty britches" She confirmed. The mom looked a little shocked that a boy my age would still be pooping in his pants. "Time to go now" she said as she grabbed her purse and led me toward the door. We approached the station wagon and she opened the back tailgate. She move a few things out of the way as I stood next to the back fender with the open gate shielding us. She grabbed my bag from the back seat. she opened the wipes and put them on the ground and placed the bag in the back area. She took my shorts off with out removing my shoes. I stood there in only a tee shirt, plastic pants and trainers she pulled some wipes from the canister. She carefully pulled down the plastic layer. "You're wet too" she said to herself. "I thought we were going to tell auntie when we needed to potty!", she scolded. "And I just asked you a few minutes ago" I looked down and continued to suck my fingers. My pants were at my ankles and I could see that poop filled the entire bottom of my pants. She reached over me and wiped my bottom, dropping the dirty wipe into the seat of the dirty underwear. She wiped two more times and then pulled the dirty pants off, removing the unders from the shorts. Bare-bottomed, she led me around the tailgate into open view and lifted me into the back of the station wagon. She took another pair of underwear from the bag and pulled my green shorts back on. "We need to make another stop",she said sternly. "You are out of plastic pants, Do you think you can keep from wetting your pants for a few minutes?" I didn't say anything as we rode. I kept sucking my fingers. "you shouldn't put your fingers in your mouth!" auntie warned. "I shouldn't be surprised though", she said under her breath. We stopped at an Eckerd drug store and we went in. We found our way to the baby aisle. "here's what we need" She said as she found the largest size Pampers. She continued shopping, selecting some Desitin ointment and a bottle of baby powder. We carried them to the counter and headed home. As soon as we arrived home she took me inside, without even unloading her shopping bounty. She again took me into the bedroom. "Little boys that wet and mess their britches need diapers", she said as she again took off my pants and underwear. She also pulled off my tee shirt as I laid on the bed naked. She lifted my legs and slipped the diaper under me. She pulled up the front and taped it on. "Now we won't need to worry" she said matter of factly. "Naptime" she said as she laid me on the bed. I fell asleep right away and woke up to a soaked diaper. I walked into the kitchen where Aunt Sharon was making dinner. "That is one wet diaper!" she said as she looked at me. She didn't bother taking me to the bedroom. I saw that the Pampers were now in the corner of the living room. She changed me quickly right in the floor. A week went by and I didn't use the potty once. When mommy returned, Aunt Sharon told her that she had put me in diapers. "I have been thinking about doing it anyway", she told Sharon. Dougie obviously isn't ready to be a big boy!
  7. The Woes of Maddison Page Prologue - Come sit with me before you go to bed baby. Monday – After School the Week Before Christmas Break: Mom was sitting on the couch in the living room after another feverish afternoon of cleaning an already spotless house, and cooking us a meal that was too big for two girls. I swear she must have imagined dirt to clean and mouths to feed. Dad never pushed her to keep the house like this, and he was just as happy with take out as the next guy. All the same, I’m pretty sure we could eat off the picture frames in the hallway. I was certain they were FDA approved for eating off of. Our house was that clean. Super clean house or no, she looked super cute sitting there in her PJs watching Adventure Time. It was my senior year and we were in offseason for cross country, so I was getting home around three of four in the evenings. It was a great improvement over six or so. I’d finished my homework earlier that afternoon, and moved on to other tasks. Overall, I finally felt like I had time to properly prepare for school and work. It was a treat not to be so rushed. I had my laptop up on the kitchen table connected to our wireless working my way through this month’s bills since I wasn’t working that night. No time like the present to get the adult stuff done. You have to be careful or it will really pile up on you. Besides, someone had to do it. Mom and I were paid on different schedules. I was paid twice a month on the fifteenth and the thirtieth where mom was paid every two weeks. You have to keep up with that stuff. It put mom on a weird schedule sometimes for paying stuff in line with my check, but I kept on top of it. After paying our bills and managing our budget for the last three years, I decided it was much easier to just break everything down to the first and the sixteenth after I got paid. Pay it all and don’t worry till the next half of the month comes around. This month’s stuff was stacked neatly in two piles and represented two different excel worksheets in the master budget workbook that I kept. Three years in Microsoft Office Certification electives were actually coming in handy! My spreadsheet was pretty elaborate. It’s a real shame I didn’t have a good backup plan going. “Honey, are you done with the paperwork yet?” Mom called from the living room. She called everything from homework to reading mail my “paperwork”. “Almost, I just balanced our checking accounts. I just need to deduct the bills and cut them real fast.” I replied. “Will you bring me sumpin ta drink when you come this way?” Mom yelled. “You bet. I’ll be there in a few minutes.” I told her. Bill Pay is a Godsend. I don’t even have to keep up with stamps anymore. I just created a new payee and boom, they got their money. It really stream lined how I managed our finances. I checked my notes and vowed again to read up on mom’s retirement plan. I just didn’t understand 401k’s and the like well enough for my own satisfaction, so I typed a note on my digital calendar to look into it. I’d be leaving soon for college, and I really wanted to make sure mom would be taken care of. I might not be living with her, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t keep up with this stuff for her. “Momma, looks like Wellington’s will be out to top off the gas early next week. We have that covered, but it will be a bit tight till the eighteenth when you get paid.” I shouted from the kitchen. I paused and asked, “Are you going to be home to take the bill and pay them? It should be Monday or Tuesday.” “Baby, I’m still good in savings, right? If something comes up you can just transfer some money over with my phone thingy, ya?” Mom yelled back. “Yup. I have it on my phone too. I added air filters to the Wal-Mart list.” I told her. “I’ll make sure I’m available. I’ll just run home from work. Come sit with me a while before you go to your bedroom baby.” Mom patted the couch next to her. Mom must have needed some cuddle time. Mom’s the short petite kind of woman, you know straight up tiny. I look just like an upsized version of her. Dad had a lot of height and width, but apparently mom’s look was dominate in me, because I was petite too, but I got dad’s height. I’ve been taller than mom since I was twelve. I entered the living room and gave her the once over before I approached. She had her dark hair up in a high off center pony tail that was draped over the back of the couch. Mom kept her hair longer than I did. She was wearing the bugs bunny footed sleeper that I’d bought her last Christmas. “Here ya go momma.” I told her giving her the molded hard plastic cup with a hard plastic straw. I had a sudden instinct to remind her to put it in the sink when she was done. I guess it was because of how she was dressed and the show she was watching, but I didn’t need to. She’d probably clean it and put it back in the cabinet before she goes to bed. God knows, it wouldn’t be dirty long. The PJs didn’t have the hood with the ears or the poofy tail the new ones did, but it did have the coloring and the rabbit feet. The sleeper wrapped up under our Christmas tree that year was a Sylvester complete with tail, paw looking feet, and a hoody top with cat ears. She was going to love it! The PJ set wasn’t her most expensive gift I’d gotten her, but I was making sure she opened it first. She’d wear it the rest of the day. I was super excited to watch her open it. She was going to smile and squeal like a kid, which would make my heart swell. I nearly teared up thinking about her being so happy. Mom only dressed her age when she was at work. At home, all bets were off. She is still small enough to wear anything from tween to small adult things. It did, and still does, suit her sense of style. She keeps an immaculate house like a fifties house wife, but she’s just a kid at heart. Her bed had more stuffed animals than pillows on it right then. It wasn’t uncommon for her to pass out on a teddy bear instead of a pillow. I had bought her a big fluffy stuffed rabbit the first Valentine’s Day after dad passed. She’s been known to sit round the living room in her sleeper holding it watching whatever was on TV. That night she was snuggling one of the couch throw pillows sitting cross legged waiting on me watching Adventure Time. It made me smile. I knew I wasn’t a real adult yet, but that wasn’t for lack of responsibility or trials. It was only a function of age. I envied mom sometimes. I wish I could relax as hardcore as she does. Work hard and play hard and all that. I sat with mom for a commercial-less DVR’d episode of Survivor. She never fought for the remote, but it was often on the satellite channel for Adult Swim when I took it over. She knew I wouldn’t sit there and watch that brainless cartoon with her, so she just handed over the remote when I sat down. She enjoys watching TV with me, but I’m pretty sure it has more to do with me than what we are watching. I’m positive she genuinely liked survivor though. When Jeff said “Next time on Survivor”, I headed upstairs to shower after kissing mom goodnight. Hurrah for skips! I always feel like a commercial assassin. I hate those things! I ran through the shower down stairs, packed my lunch for tomorrow, texted mom my work hours for the next couple of days, and headed up to my bedroom. It was as spotless as the rest of the house. Long ago, I had decided that the lack of privacy was worth mom keeping everything in order. I had a single drawer in my in-closet-dresser that is set aside as “private space”. She tells me she doesn’t go in that drawer, but I don’t keep much in there anyway, just in case. Frankly, I just didn’t have anything I didn’t care if mom saw. Between Cross Country and Track, homework, actual work, and the house finances, I just didn’t have time to clean, much less get into normal teenager trouble. I’m an old soul, or so I’ve been told. I was graduating in a few months with four hundred other students, and I was currently ranked fourth in the class. I had become very Type-A’d. I didn’t have the best ACT score at thirty, but I was determined to get the most scholarship offers, so I applied for everything! I sat down at my desk and turned my attention to that goal. I started flipping through all the different college materials on my desk checking the due dates for entrance exams, ACT score submissions, finical aid info, and the like. I sat back in my desk chair and puffed air against my bangs. . I finally turned my hyper focused mind off about eleven pm with a melatonin. I waited about ten minutes until it was good and kicked in. Then I tried to work up the energy to get up and lay down on my bed, but the smell of my life going down in flames rolled in on a cloud of gray smoke from under my door. Chapter 1 – My Hair Still Smells Like Smoke Wednesday Morning: “Maddisonnnn.” Mandy Page whined through the bathroom door at her seventeen year old daughter. “We’ve got to go by Walmart for some panties, toothbrushes, and other stuff. Get off the pot and let’s go. Move it baby!” Mom whined at/scolded me. Her attempt at assertiveness failed miserably. She didn’t fool either of us. Even after everything we’d been through the last few days, her attempt made me smile. Tiger Mom she was not! “Momma.” I replied as respectfully as possible, which wasn’t as respectful as I’d normally have been. It was seriously hard not to laugh at her. “I don’t want to yell at you through the door crack it alright?” I begged her with tears and clearly quivering voice as my back lanced pain through everything that had nerves. My mood shifted instantly. “Listen baby, I know all of this is awful, but...” Mom said peeking into the bathroom inadvertently interrupting herself. Tears started streaming from my mother’s eyes when she saw me. It was an admittedly pitiful sight. “Oh My God, Baby my hair still smells like smoke! Oh Maddi, it’s all gone! Everything! All of Quentin’s pictures. Oh!” Mom dissolved into a pool of sorrow in the bathroom floor of our La Quinta Inn Suite. I was usually the strong one, and I was a straight up hot mess. I wanted to comfort her. She had mistaken my pain for sorrow. I wanted to go to her, and hug her until all of our tears were spent. I couldn’t though. I was stuck on the damn toilet in desperate need of comforting myself. Mom’s breakdown took my painful tears down her emotional path too. Sometimes life finds fun new ways to kick you in the lady balls when you’re down. Not being able to help mom was a serious blow to my female ego. I hurt everywhere and my lady balls had been kicked so much they were totally demolished. I needed to be the strong one like I always had been, but it just wasn’t happening right then. I was only seventeen after all, but mom had been relying on me for a few years by then. Our dynamic had shifted when dad passed. I just sort of assumed his role at the house while mom healed. She’s just not built to be alone, or in charge really. I thank God every day for the strength he gave me to support her back then, and I thank him for the purpose he granted me. ‘Monkey Balls! I’ve even been keeping the checkbook and paying bills for almost three years now, I’m better than this! Get your shit together Girl!’ I berated myself. It’s not like mom wasn’t smart enough to pay our bills or balance the checkbook, but dad always handled those things for her. He worked and took care of the financial side of things. She had a debit card on the account and just brought dad the receipts. He kept her life simple because she likes it that way. He did it for her, so I did too. Dad had a budget and what not, so mom knew what was available for monthly toilet paper, groceries, and stuff, but she didn’t have any idea when we paid bills. She didn’t even know what bills had to be paid anymore. I did, and still do all of that for her. I missed my Dad more and more with every passing day, and all of the sudden our memories of him were buried in a pile of ash where our home once stood. Every photo album, every framed picture, and even all the digital pictures that weren’t on Facebook were gone. I didn’t even make it out with my cell phone much less my laptop. It really crushed my heart. I was going to be right in the middle of this insurance claim, the city officials, and the financials on this house fire too. Just one more item in the overwhelming list of crap I have to keep up with. Worse, none of the officials would want to talk to me because I’m a year short on the year tally to be an “Adult”. There’d be a lot of relaying stuff through mom. It’s not like I cared if she knew what was going on, but it was my job to keep things simple and easy for her. She is an awesome mom, but she seems to thrive when things around her are simple. No one can praise a child like mom can. She related so well to me at every age and every milestone. She was always right there in the floor with me. We colored. We watched cartoons. We played. We read. We did homework. We swam. We tickled. We had sleepovers and mom was always the star of the party. After Dad died though, I aged. I moved on into my teens and left mom in her footed PJs watching Cartoon Network happy to just be. I’d do anything for her. I’d protect her peace with everything I had. I may have had the best childhood any kid could ever ask for, at least until dad. We weren’t loaded or anything, but mom’s demeanor almost forced the people around her into a happier simpler mood. She is a force of peaceful love. Her love is tangible, and I fought my teenaged hardest to make sure her light shined for everyone. Unfortunately, that laid a heavy burden on me. A burden that I carried voluntarily. Worse though, it was my senior year in high school. I was totally booked up on time already. Paying the bills and watching the budget wasn’t as hard as you might think on my time, but it sure added a layer of worry to my life. Worry that none of my friends had to deal with, but it was my life. I chose to step in for dad no one chose it for me, and I wouldn’t let anyone take it from me either. My mind flooded with all the things that needed to be done. “Oh, Mommy!” I sobbed filled with crushing despair stuck in the bathroom. “Oh, Baby!” She balled. I listed off all off the calls I needed to make to begin fixing this debacle. I cried to her about how I had to use the hotel phone to do it all, but I couldn’t stay in the office area long enough to finish a call before I was back in the bathroom. I couldn’t get anything done and it was adding to my sense of hopelessness. “Enough! Maddison get your crap together. You swore to Dad that you’d protect her. You’re hurting her. Listen to her!’ I gave myself a hell of a pep talk, but it fell on deaf internal ears. Mom came crawling over to me from where she’d collapsed to the floor still in tears. I was sitting there with my shorts and panties down around my ankles on the toilet, like I had been for most of the past day and a half. She struggled up and hugged me fiercely despite my state of undress. We slowly got our shit back together. “Momma I’m so sorry about that. I guess I kinda lost it there.” I said gathering the strands of my resolve. “Oh Maddie,” my mom cooed with the weight of the world on her shoulders. “You are absolutely the best daughter any mother could hope for. You saved me when Daddy passed. You’ve been helping with everything sense then too. Don’t think I don’t know how much of your pay check goes in my account.” I gave her a sad smile that told her that I knew I was caught. Mom worked in the back office for a medical billing company. They handled the billing for smaller firms like general practitioners or smaller surgical clinics that weren’t affiliated with a hospital system. Mom has a sweet voice and a tender disposition. She was perfect for first contact. She was horrible at the follow up collection calls. Sometimes I forget that she can put on office clothes and carry on at work. “Oops. Guess she’s not always Momma like she is at home.” I thought. I had a nearly full time job with Tractor Supply Company, almost forty hours a week. Mom made decent money and could cover most of the bills. Dad’s retirement and his life insurance helped us even more, but I moved about half my check to the house account to cover my little car payment, and I paid the insurance payments for both of our cars. Essentially, I paid for myself out of mom’s account, but I had thought she never really looked at it. I thought I was being clever, but in hindsight I wouldn’t have left those duties to a thirteen year old either. She had let me “help” for almost four years, but I was certain, even back then, that she really didn’t check things that often. She wanted someone else to handle those things for her. So when I proved I could, she let me. We’d never have had any money for new things or entertainment if I asked mom to cover my car, insurance, and other senior stuff. I bought my own clothes for the same reason. I thought I was being sneaky and leaving mom where she would be when I went off to college. That way it would be an easier transition for her, and I suppose that was still true. She just wasn’t quite as ignorant of it as I thought. ‘Guess I’m not as sneaky as I thought I was.’ I conceded. I could handle all the accounts online, and mom had added me as an authorized decision maker on everything that she could. Until that summer when I hit 18, our hands were tied in some places. She’d work, cook, clean, and not have to be burdened with anything else except an occasional “yes, I do” on the phone or a signature here and there. She relied almost solely on me handling those decisions for her. Dad was doing his best to take care of us from beyond the grave, but mom would likely always have to work. It was probably for the best. Too much free time and that level of grief might have been the ruin of her. “It’s better for both of us this way. I have a sense of what income I’m going to need at state, and I don’t have any chores anyway. Plus, you won’t have to adjust your budget when I leave for classes. I can keep taking care of things from up there too.” I try to joke through my persistent tears. “Maddison, you don’t even have to clean your room! I do everything around the house honey.” Mom elbowed me. Then she threw on a very serious face. “I know things will change when you go off to state. I’m going to miss you so much. This is just the worst time for all this to happen. Maybe we should just get an apartment or something.” I hugged my mom and flushed the toilet. I was used to being the backbone of this family. Being this angry and scared just made me want to cry in frustration, but crying just pisses me off more. It was becoming a cycle that I needed to put a stop to. I stood up and pulled my shorts and panties back up my slender hips. Then, I sat down next to her oh the hotels bathtub wall. I gave my mom a powerful side hug as much to bolster her courage as to reaffirm my own. “Pfft, you’ll probably see more of me in college than you do right now. If my scholarships come through, I’ll only have to work for my car, gas, and food. I’m going to try and pull enough hours to do that during the week and have the weekends at home for homework and Momma time.” “Really Maddi, you really are? Ewe, I hope you can. Oh, I’m going to miss you so much.” Mom sobs against my shoulder. “I promise to find a way to help you at school baby. I don’t want your next four years to be like the last few have been. As soon as the fire department makes their report the home owners will kick in. It’ll get better Maddi, you just wait and see.” “I hope it’s soon. I don’t know how I’m going to keep up with school, college, the bills, and the fire stuff without a phone or a computer Momma.” I confessed to her as my shoulders slumped in defeat. Suddenly, I realized that the crispy computer held our budget, account information, and bank records. I immediately start listing things off building a To-Do lists in my head. I had to rebuild all of that from memory, or at least enough of it to make a list of people to call. “How are your little legs honey?” Mom asked as she grabbed my bad leg and sat it in her lap to inspect it. Both of my legs were bruised and cut up pretty badly, but my right leg was sprained, possibly broken. I’d bailed out of my bedroom window after all. The smoke had come barreling under my door and I confess to shrieking like a blonde in a slasher movie and jumping for my life. Monday Night: I smelled the smoke as I saw it billowing out under my door. The scene stunned me for a moment, but I quickly got my wits together and tested the doorknob. Finding it hot, I raced over to my bed and concurred the paint-stuck window jerking it open with a loud wooden thud. I moved back to my door and yelled “Fire” at the top of my lungs three or four times. I hoped that was enough to wake my mom. I was afraid she’d passed out on the couch watching TV and would never wake up. I snagged my pillow with the Power Puff Girls pillow case on it. I chunked it out the window onto our hedges directly below. My bedroom was on the second floor, and it was a good little drop to the ground from there. The hedges around my side of our house were old, dense, and about six foot tall, not the best landing zone, but beggars and choosers and what not. I took a labored freighted breath, and slid out of my window. I tried to “fall” out of onto the pillow, but only my left leg found it. My right leg fell straight into the hedge tearing it up and wrenching my leg in unnatural directions. I teetered off the top of the hedge and fell down to the ground butt-first in one long action. I hit hard directly on my tailbone. I ended up on the ground with my right leg all bruised and torn up. My hedge row idea didn’t really help. ‘I guess it could have been worse. At least I didn’t just land on my feet and break a bunch of bones, but this feels almost as bad.’ I imagined. My left butt cheek was pretty banged up also. My lower back was bothering me fiercely from hitting the ground so hard. ‘I guess falling/flinging myself out of the window onto the hedge during my escape wasn’t the best plan. Gotta get my shit together and find out if mom got out. Just as soon as I can convince myself I can walk and all.’ My right wrist was throbbing from trying to catch myself both in the hedge and on the ground. Overall, I was torn and bleeding everywhere but that left leg that the Powerpuff Girls had protected from the worst of it. It wasn’t a bad list of injuries for a major house fire and two story flight. I finally managed to talk my battered body into getting up. I hobbled across the road to the Johnson’s house carrying my stupid pillow. I have no idea why I didn’t just leave it there, but I didn’t. I had to get to our emergency location, and mom just had to be there. I clutched my stupid childish pillow tightly, because, seriously, the entire neighborhood needed to see Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup! I guess comfort was more important to me than anything else right then, and that pillow had been with me for years. I rounded the corner of my house skirting the heat from the fire. I made it across the road and collapsed in the Johnson’s front yard. My leg wasn’t working right and Mom wasn’t where I wanted her to be, and I think I might have passed out in shock. The next thing I knew, a pair of strong arms was picking me up. I opened my eyes to see Mr. Johnson smiling down at me. “Oh thank God Maddison.” He hugged me close to him and screamed at my mom who was apparently standing in front of our house trying to get to me. She got her only injuries standing to close to the fire yelling for me to jump to safety. It was sort of stupidly heroic. “Oh My God Maddi, My Baby!” She bellows running back to me across the road wearing a beat up Bugs Bunny jumper. “Hey Momma.” I grunted out around the pain and confusion. The four of us collapsed to the ground again in a puppy huddle of hugs and reassurances from Sal and Jenny Johnson and my mom and I. The four of us sat there on the lawn and watched the hungry fire devour our old house while waiting on the professionals to do their jobs. The fire was so hot I could feel it across the road.
  8. Chapter One "It's a big decision," Claire's mother worriedly commented. "Are you sure it's something you want to do at your age?" she asked, knowing that the answer would be the same as last time, and every time before that, ever since Claire had informed Kathy of her intentions six months ago. "Ugh, yes mum," the nineteen-year-old whined from the other room, exactly as Kathy expected. "Besides," Claire continued, lowering her voice to room temperature as she lugged a box into the kitchen, "It'll only be sixth weeks at a time, at least at first." Claire dropped the large brown cardboard box on the table with what she hoped would be a conversation-ending thud, but was disappointingly a merely a muffled comma. Her mother looked up from her rapidly cooling cup of tea, and was about to begin a new tack when Claire cut her off: "Anyway, it's not like they don't have the internet in Germany! And you know I'll always be a few hours flight away." It was the trip of a lifetime, and what's more, it tied into her studies at university, and so would even count towards her degree! She certainly wasn't going to let her neurotic mother get in the way. Kathy had always been more than a little nervous about Claire's various escapades, even something as little as a sleepover with school friends. Of course, Kathy had a little more reason to be worried than most parents. Claire had been, until the age of about 14, what they used to euphemistically call a 'bedwetter', but in the last few years had become known as 'wetters'. As it became clear that the new generation was increasingly likely to be only fully out of diapers by five, and a significant minority of about 20% were in need of night-time diapers until mid-adolescence, new phrases had begun to creep into common usage. The Government initially used the term "incontinence sufferers", but this was rapidly thrown out by the younger generation as patronising. They then moved onto "those who use toilets less", until settling for the simple, catch-all phrase "diaper wearers". Never one to miss an opportunity, of course, the diaper industry had thrived with this increase in marketing potential. Claire remembered the old "Drynites" brand vaguely, and shuddered at the thought of the unfortunate souls who had to wear them. Flimsy, low-capacity and small, they were quickly replaced by increasingly large sizes of baby diapers, and by the time Claire had finally outgrown her bedwetting, most large supermarkets sold tape-up diapers all the way up to a 32" waist, with capacity and print variations to suit plenty of tastes. Kathy's concern for her daughter was more of a hangover from the perceptions of bedwetters from her day - Claire would always tell her not to worry, as usually at least one other girl would be in diapers at any sleepover. Kathy, however, worried nonetheless, and Claire was quietly grateful. It was better, she thought, to have a mum who cared too much, instead of too little. So, 5 years free from diapers, Claire was here, packing for her first big trip abroad - six weeks working at the University in Cologne! Claire opened the large brown box and began placing its contents on the kitchen table. Books, pencil cases, protractors, notepaper - it was all here, stationary she hadn't needed since school days, neatly packed away by Kathy. Kathy, oblivious to Claire's silent thanks, began to fuss, "Well don't get it all out here! Take it up to your room, that's where your clothes and suitcases are!". Knowing she was right, Claire grunted in annoyed approval and began to quickly place the items back in the box. As she threw in the last pencil case, she felt her hand brush up against a familiar surface - a sort of fine cotton - but ironically she couldn't quite put her finger on what it reminded her of. Eager to escape her now irritated mother, she bustled upstairs, trying hard not to drop her now unbalanced box of school things as she went. Laying the stationary out on the slightly dusty floor of her bright, modern bedroom, she began to make piles - "take", "keep", and "throw away". Ikea pencils went in "throw away", treasured teenage doodles went in "keep", and her best pens went in "take", ready to packed off to Germany. As she reached the bottom of the box, having filled the "keep" pile far larger than her mother would have liked, Claire's hand again brushed up against that family fabric. Curious, she looked into the box. There, at the bottom in the corner, was a solitary diaper. It was clearly unused, and it was clearly hers - first, it was covered in a little blue flower pattern, and second, it looked about the size and thickness of a small parcel, certainly big enough for her 24" waist. Her heart beating imperceptibly faster, Claire reached down and picked it up. First, she went to put it into the throw away pile, "After all," she reasoned to herself, "No one would want one old diaper, and I certainly don't need it". But she stayed her hand, and placed it down in the "keep" pile. "Who knows," she though, "I might need it in the future - maybe I'll get the flu, and won't be able to make it to the toilet". She stood up, and was about to go downstairs when the blue and white diaper, perched on a pile of half-used school books and potentially useful post-it notes, caught her eye one more time. "Well, if I am going to be in Germany for 6 weeks, why wouldn't I need it then? Besides, I don't know what exactly the diaper situation is over there, so it may be the only thing I can find." To be on the safe side, then, she moved it to the "take" pile, ready to be packed. But first she went down stairs for a nice cup of tea.
  9. Melinda Gets Her Bottom Changed This is a spin off of Melissa gets Her Bottom Changed. The author of it dropped off the face of the earth without so much as an ending unfortunately. I do recommend reading what he did write since it's really good. http://www.dailydiapers.com/board/index.php?/topic/25526-melissa-gets-her-bottom-changed/ This is my first story so any criticism is welcomed. Anyway, without further a do. Chapter 1. Melinda was an average teenage girl. She was 17 with her birthday only a few months away. She stood at 5 feet 3 inches and had long flowing blonde hair. Her chest wasn't anything special but her backside was to kill for. All the men drooled over her and she knew it. She was very popular in her high school and had the group of bratty girlfriend's to go with it. But there was one thing different about her that no one, not even her closest friends knew. Melinda loved to wear and use diapers. She would often drive home in her sporty 5.0 mustang her daddy bought her, sneak into her little brothers room and steal a few diapers. She might have been spoiled but this wasn't something she could just have her parents buy for her. She loved to slip on a pull up when she was desperate to pee and just fill it to the max and sometimes over. She would do this before a shower so she didn't get caught and could avoid messes. During this is where we shall join her. Melinda just finishes Peeing and leans back on the toilet, sighing in relief. "Ohhh that feels good." She had turned on the shower beforehand to make sure no one heard her Peeing as these pull ups tend to be loud. Just then, she gets a knock on the door. "Honey, are you still in the shower? I got to go to the bathroom real bad!" Crap! It's her mom! She quickly stripped off the now soaked pull up and three it inside the cabinet under the sink and hopped in the shower. "Yes mom! Don't worry, I'm covered!" "Oh thank god." Her mom comes in and frantically pulls her pants down and sits on the toilet just as she bursts. "I didn't think I was gonna make it for a minute there." Melinda didn't respond. She was too busy thinking what would happen if her mom had just burst in without asking. "She would be so angry." She thought. Meanwhile, her mother had finished and was getting up when she noticed the cabinet door slightly open, so she peeked inside and was shocked at what she saw. "Oh my..." To be continued? Chapter 2. "Oh my..." her mother said quietly. "Again." She quietly took the pull up out and left the bathroom, leaving Melinda to finish showering. When Melinda heard her mom leave, she started to relax and by the time she finished showering, she had forgotten about the pull up. She dries herself off and slipped the towel around her body before leaving the bathroom and to her own room a few doors down. As she put her clothes on, she thought how much better it be if she was putting on a big diaper instead of panties. She sighed to herself and got out her homework. As she was studying, she heard her little brother in the next room over playing. Her little brother was 5 years old and loved to play. So much so that he would pout if he didn't get his toys. He also was slow with potty training and their parents were having a hard time getting him to the bathroom in time. Melinda sat there listening to him play and wishing she could just sit around and play like a kid again. Instead of doing homework and other grown up things. She was brought back to the now when she heard her mother call for dinner. She got up and realised just then that she needed to pee. "Maybe I can sneak away after dinner," she thought before heading down stairs. Dinner wasn't anything special, and soon she was done and headed back upstairs when her mother called her back down. "Honey, it's your turn to do the dishes." "Yes mom." She bounced a little before heading back to the kitchen. Her need to pee was rising. As she came in, she saw her mother pick up her little brother and check his diaper before carrying him gently to the bathroom for a change. Her mind want back to the diaper she had left in the bathroom. "Oh no! I forgot!" She thought. She quickly washed the dishes that were in the sink and hurried to the bathroom and looked in the cabinet. "Crap! It's gone! No no no this can't be happening..." She said softly. "What am I going to do now? My parents are gonna get so mad!" She sat on the toilet and Peed. All the while, her mind freaking out. After a moment of sitting there, she began to think. She will just have to see what happens. It's not like she could do anything about it now. She finished up in the bathroom and went into her room and laid on her bed, thinking about everything that happened. As she began to relax, she pulled out her phone and got on instagram. She loved seeing how many followers she had. Over 100 thousand of them. Most of them being boys. She loved teasing them. Always making sure she got her butt in the selfies she took. She wondered what then would say if they saw her butt in a big puffy diaper. She giggled at the thought and said out loud, "I'd probably lose all of them haha." She started looking at abdl accounts and started thinking again. One of her oldest dreams was to be babied again. Without a care in the world like her brother. He could sit in the middle of the living room in just his diaper and no one would care. "I can't even imagine what would happen to me if I tried that." She said aloud. But at least her parents didn't say anything about the pull up under the sink. The next morning, Melinda woke to the sound of her alarm going off. She hopped out of bed with an extra pep in her step. This is the last day of school before Christmas break! She took a shower and used the toilet before getting dressed and headed downstairs for breakfast. Her mother was already in the kitchen cooking when she walked in. "Hey sweetie. I made you bacon eggs and French toast. It's on the table." "Thanks mom." She replied as she spotted the food. She ate it quickly before grabbing her keys and heading out the door. And as she drove to school, she thought about her mom. She still hasn't said anything about the pull up. Maybe they don't care after all? Or she could be planning something... Either way, what's going to happen to her during this holiday season.? To be continued.
  10. "Alright, Erin, you're up first" Susan, the children's mom, called out as she opened her bedroom door. Erin was the oldest of two children and on the cusp of womanhood at 14 years of age. She had long red hair with grey eyes and freckles along her nose and cheeks she hated, but otherwise creamy pale skin. Her hips had started to fill out and her breasts were coming in, her mother let her carry a purse, wear makeup, and date boys but in other ways she was still treated like a child. Billy, Erin's little brother was still wetting the bed almost nightly at the age of 9, you see. And the children’s mother thought it was important to make sure Billy didn't feel singled out. If Billy had to wear a diaper, then Erin could wear one too and show that is wasn't such a big deal. At first is wasn't such a big deal for Erin, bed wetting ran in her family, she only started having dry nights regularly when she was 13. Erin only recently got a chance to decide if she needed 'protection' at night or not. The family was going on a rather long car trip this morning and Mom thought it a good idea Billy had some protection so they wouldn't stop so often. Like a good daughter Erin walked into her mother's bedroom and closed the door. Susan was laying out a Winnie the Pooh changing mat on her bed and she patted it down expectantly for her daughter. Erin bit her lip and hesitated, "Mom we don't really need to do this." "Oh, you're in charge now?" "No, but... Billy will never know if I just walk out with my night shirt down, right? I'm a big girl now." "That you are, and big girls listen to their mothers. You know how important it is for Billy to see there is nothing wrong with wearing a diaper. He and I will be the only ones who will know. I promise." Erin inhaled deeply. "Ok, if you promise." So the little redhead started to take off her panties and place them on her mother's dresser. She pulled her nightie up and lay back onto the changing mat. Erin's mom started rubbing baby oil into her daughter's skin and Erin fell back into the old rhythm of diaper changes sucking her thumb as her mother went to work. "Which princess do you want today, sweetie?" Erin's mother asked as all her diapers had Disney characters on them. Erin stopped sucking her thumb long enough to say, "Ariel" she had a fondness for the Little Mermaid as she had red hair like Ariel. "Those are all gone, sweetie." Erin pouted, laying on the changing mat just brought the little girl out of her. Mother asked her daughter "How about Belle?" Erin rolled her eyes, "I don't care, it doesn't matter." "Belle, it is, lift up." Erin raised her hips and the yellow Belle diaper was slid under Erin. A few shakes of powder and the who room smelled wonderfully of babies. The diaper was sealed up and Erin got a raspberry from her mom on her belly and both of them broke out in a fit of giggles. "All done, that wasn't so bad was it?" Mom asked. Erin just blushed. It was a lot of fun being in diapers again if she told the truth. She got off the mat and headed to the door, getting a pat on her padded tush as she opened the door and put on a brave face. Billy laughed at his sister in a diaper the second he saw her, and her face turned the same color as her hair. "You look like a baby." Billy teased. "Like anyone will know once I put some pants on." Erin said trying to not be embarrassed. "Its your turn now, so take your diapering like a man." And with that Erin walked to her room with her head held high. Shem might have enjoyed her mother’s attention moments ago but now she just wanted to conceal the diaper poof. Erin put on a pair of comfy plaid lounge pants and tied them tight with a bow over her diaper. Next came light blue tank top with a smilie face sun on the chest. Putting on her sock and shoes she put her hair in a messy bun and headed out to check on her brother. Billy was walking out of their mother's room in his Car’s diaper and he turned red faced now. “Still think I’m a baby for wearing a diaper?” Asked Erin “Only babies were them.” Billy said with a huff. “Only babies use them. I bet you I can stay dry longer than you can.” Susan smiled, way to use sibling rivalry for her benefit. “Ok, if either one of you can stay dry for the whole trip you’ll get a special treat.” Erin and her brother shook on the challenge. “Hurry up squirt, it is still dark out and I want to get some sleep in the car.” The family was making great progress in their road trip not having to stop every few miles for a pee break. Billy loudly proclaimed he’d be the champion in this contest with his big sister. When he started getting cranky Mom handed Erin the cooler she kept on the front passenger seat and told her to give her brother a juice box. “Oh no, you’re trying to set me up. “ Billy protested. “I’m not, you’re just thirsty.” Erin said as she stabbed a straw in and started sipping “See I’ll drink one too.” With that Billy took a juice box and order was restored in the car. They family stopped for lunch, and they all got a soda. Billy went into the men’s room but was sure the strangers would see his diaper and opted to wash his hands twice rather than risk exposing himself. Things would be worse for Erin, she too decided to hold it in rather than deal with other people finding out about her padding. Besides they were so close to Grandma and Grandpa’s 90 minutes, she could hold it that long. 90 minutes and they’d be scot free. For the last leg of journey Mom wouldn’t stop praising her kids about what great time they made and how proud she was they were keeping their diapers dry. Billy kept his mouth shut as he saw the sign for the next rest stop. He was sure if he just focused he could hold it in. 15 minutes later however… Hiiiiiissssssssss “Someone spring a leak?” Mom joked and Erin giggled. Billy tried so hard to stay dry and be a big kid, but failed. He was just a big baby in wet diapers now. With no point in even trying to act otherwise Billy started to cry. Billy could be a brat sometimes but Erin still loved him . “Aww, you tried,” Erin said and tried to hug her baby brother. Billy just shoved her away. “Everyone will know I wet myself.” “No they won’t your diaper will keep you dry.” Mom said. “And now you’re mad at me.” Cried Billy “Mom doesn’t care if you wet your diaper, silly. Do you, Mom?” “Of course not.” “Yes you do, and everyone in the family will laugh at me when I get out of the car.” “No, I’ll prove it. Mom, can I wet my diaper?” “Of course, why else wear one.” Erin didn’t have to work hard; she really did need to go. At first it was just a tinkle, but soon she found her bladder wanted to empty. Feeling the warm piss on her skin felt so naughty but was so much fun. “See no big deal.” Erin said with a smile. Billy was happy he wouldn’t be the only wet baby at the family reunion. When the car pulled up to Grandpa and Grandma’s farm there was no shortage of family to greet them. More than Erin or Billy would have liked. They hoped no one would notice the pissy smell. Erin grew pale as Aunt Carol’s daughter, Rachel, approached. They were supposed to be close as sisters, and they certainly fought like sisters sometimes. There was a clear rivalry between the girls as to who the beauty of the family was. A few years ago Erin showed some of her rival’s night time garments to other family members and they had a good laugh that Rachel wore diapers to bed not that Erin didn’t as well, but her mom was more discreet about it. Now when the two cousins embraced in a fake hug of sisterhood Erin could tell her cousin felt the soggy padding. “Payback time, Erin.” Rachel whispered in Erin’s ear. “Hey everyone, look at how Erin’s mom dresses her!” With a fluid motion Erin’s pants were dropped and her sagging diaper was exposed. “Oh my God! You’re wet it too!” Rachel called out, her dark brown eyes full of delight. The cousins were laughing at Erin now, and she went beet red. “I just did it so…” Erin clammed up so as to not embarrass her brother. “Leave me alone.” Erin started to run inside and forgot her pants were down, falling on her face. More laughter from the cousins. Erin pulled up her pants and scrambled inside with tears in her eyes. “You think it is funny do wear a diaper do you?” Aunt Carol asked her daughter. Deep within the farm house Susan went looking for her daughter to check on her and help her clean up. In a large guest bed room she found Erin in tears. “I’m so proud of you honey.” Susan said. “For wetting myself like a big baby?” Erin sniffled back tears. “For protecting your little brother. Now you did stay dry the longest, so what do you want as a reward?”
  11. WARNING: this story contains some sexuality in addition to soiling and wetting scenes. There are also scenes that are mildly scary, but nothing too intense. ~ The Dark Forest Witch ~ by AMRose part 1: Lost Jeremy was completely lost in the woods now. A lanky but short boy he was merely five and a half feet tall. He has messy brown hair that winged out on the sides. He had on a loose flannel that was open and fluttered behind him. His white undershirt was tight against his lean frame, making an outline of his mildly athletic body. His jean shorts were dirty and scuffed, mostly because he had tripped and stumbled during his initial departure from home. He was 19, almost 20, and ever since he graduated his father tried to get him to work at his company. Jeremy didn't feel like that was for him though. He wanted to find himself first, to be free. He figured he was meant for greater things than some nepotistic job with his father's business. He had many other disagreements with the man, but this was the last straw for him. He had a big fight with the man. With his backpack full of little things like snacks, a change of underwear, and what little money he had saved, he was about to walk out the door when he was stopped by his father. The man grabbed him, trying to keep him from leaving. The two struggled and Jeremy was struck across the face. The only way Jeremy was able to escape is that the incident mortified his father, who let him go. Despite this moment of clarity from the older man Jeremy did not want to take any chances, so he ran directly into the woods. That is how he eventually got lost, wandering around alone and confused. At first he was doing okay out there in the woods, setting up a make-shift tent and resting in a sleeping bag on the leaf-covered ground. To him this was better than going back, though a big part of him still missed civilization. Being all alone like this was a little scary. Jeremy did not get much sleep during his first night alone and awoke in the middle of the night. He had to pee badly. It was very dark so he used the light from his phone to shine the area in front of him. Standing up he unzipped his pants and held his soft penis in his hand. He kept on hearing noises all around him as he urinated. When he heard a loud crack of a tree branch he tried to pinch off the stream, but it would not stop. He looked around nervously, pissing helplessly on the ground. Unable to stop the stream he just stuffed his penis back into his pants and wet himself a little. At least it was quiet. He stayed perfectly still. Of course there was nothing there. He cursed himself, feeling silly, especially now that he had marked the front of his pants with a dark pee stain. He didn't think he would be getting back to bed anytime soon so he decided to gather his things and move again. Jeremy took out a compass and checked it. It was spinning wildly. Something about these woods was strange. He had wanted to save his phone's battery, but he was desperate now. His phone was not getting any service though. Now he was more nervous than ever. All he could do was move forward, deeper into the woods. The forest seemed to get colder. As the moon became shrouded in heavy clouds it seemed like all light was fading until the forest was nearly pitch black. That's when there was an eerie glow that lit up the trees. He was grateful that he could still see in this dark without having to use his phone's light again, but a feeling of unease was still at the back of his head. This didn't seem right. Nothing was normal. He smelled something sweet in the air. It was like tea and cakes. He walked forward, seeing a faint light. He hoped that this was civilization. He walked towards where the light was coming from. Each step he took in the crinkly leaves seemed to make an echo. Feeling suspicious he stopped walking and still heard a couple footsteps right behind him. He turned his head and saw some glowing eyes and teeth. The sight of this darkly shrouded creature in this mostly glowing forest was utterly frightening. He started to shit his pants. Large logs emptied out, making the back of his shorts stretch. Now in addition to his front being wet his backside had become dirtied, but he was too frightened to think about his shame for now. He turned and ran, hearing the creature give chase right behind him. Each large sweep of his legs made the mess spread further until it was running down his thighs, starting to peek out the bottom of his shorts. He feel forward and grabbed at the grass, bracing for what would come next. The creature made high pitched yowls and Jeremy was still alive. He opened his eyes, looking up. He saw a woman's figure, cloaked in a dark dress and shawl. She had stabbed the creature with a sword. She turned to look at Jeremy. Once he looked into her red eyes he fainted right away. ~ Jeremy awoke suddenly as he felt himself being lowered into warm water. He gasped, his eyes going wide. He rubbed his face and tried to let his vision adjust to the room. He was sitting in some kind of old fashioned galvanized steel wash tub, completely naked. He gripped the sides and saw a woman looking down at him. Seeing her red colored irises he put together in his head that this must be the same woman from the woods that saved him from the creature. Her skin was pale like someone that had been drowned, with a slight bluish tint to her lips and cheeks. By contrast her hair was a deep, dark black. It was unreal just how black her long hair was. Not even the light in the room seemed to shine on it, instead being absorbed right into the darkness. She was no longer in her flowing gown and shawl so her figure was more apparent now. She was thin up top with a round waist. Her arms were slender but lean and he could make out the muscular tone now that they were not being covered. In her current dressy outfit the fabric seemed to cling and adhere to her form tightly. He wasn't sure what to say and his jaw just hung open. "Oh, finally awake? You did not wake at all while I was undressing you." the mysterious woman began. "Undressing me?!" Jeremy sloshed around in the tub as he struggled to sit up, "okay, who are you and where are my pants?" The woman chuckled, covering her mouth. She gave Jeremy a deep stare before she answered. "My name is Valdis and I am a witch that has been living in these woods for a couple hundred years." she paused, "as for your pants, well, you soiled them, so I am washing them off the best I can." She stretched her arm out, showing him the boiling pot at the fireplace where she was cleaning his dirty clothes. Jeremy was reminded of his humiliating accident. His face became flushed with red and he sank a bit in the tub. "I'm Jeremy..." he mumbled. It almost didn't register that the woman just casually mentioned she was a witch. He sat up straight and looked her in the eyes, "Wait, how? I mean, I don't doubt that you are a witch I just mean how are you two hundred years old? You look my age. I thought witches were..." he stopped himself. He didn't want to finish that statement. "Yes, well, it's quite easy to remain this young in appearance when you practice the dark arts like I do." Val explained. With that she stood up and left Jeremy there while she attended to his soiled clothes. She wrung out the jeans and then hung them on a line. She tugged the line, which was attached to a pulley system, and had the pants go out the window to dry outside. "By the way, I may know magic, but not even I could save your poopy underwear." Jeremy cringed upon hearing this. Did she really have to say that, and did she really need to use the word poopy? He tried to stand, but Val walked back and pressed her hand on the boy's shoulder. She grabbed a large sponge, lathered with soap, and dipped it down into the water. She looked into the boy's eyes as she washed him. "Just relax, I need to make sure you're completely clean down there before I let you out. You really did a number in your pants back there. Poor thing, you must have been so scared." She was being so nice, but all this was getting to be quite embarrassing for Jeremy. She began washing his backside, using the sponge to harshly scrub the mess off. "Now why is a scared little boy like you walking around in my dangerous woods?" Jeremy shifted anxiously inside the tub as he was being clean. He would have protested the infantile treatment, but he was also pretty frightened still. This witch did save his life, but he didn't know her. She could be an evil succubus for all he knew. Still, he felt it only polite to answer the lady that was bothering to clean his childish accident up. "I ran away." he started, "I mean, well, I was mostly just getting away from one person. I'm an adult and I should be allowed to make my own decisions..." He looked down. "I just got lost out there is all. I had no idea there was all this weird stuff in the forest." "Well it wasn't very wise to run away in this direction. There are many creatures out here that aren't as nice as me. You'll have to stay here for a while I am afraid. It just wont be safe for you to leave yet." The witched finished cleaning Jeremy and stood him up. He covered his crotch with his hands while she draped a large purple towel over him. She dried him off, rubbing the towel all around his naked body. She then guided him out of the tub and sat him in front of the fireplace to warm him up. His now clean bottom was sitting on a plush rug. He finally felt like he could just relax. It didn't seem like this witch was going to hurt him. Val moved with graceful strides into the kitchen. Jeremy could see colored lights coming from the next room as he looked on. He let his eyes wander a bit more. It appeared he was in some quaint little cottage. The walls were decorated in strange animal heads and symbols. He didn't understand the significance, but he supposed that these were charms that protected the house or perhaps even where she divined her powers from. Val popped out of the kitchen and looked down at the boy. "Come, you need to be dressed properly if you're going to be staying here." The woman reached out for Jeremy's hands and pulled him to his feet. His towel dropped and he tried to grab it to cover himself again. Val pulled him away from the towel "I have already seen your naked body. It's nothing special. It's not the first penis I've seen either." The way she spoke so plainly to Jeremy stirred up feelings that he wasn't aware he had. He never thought he would give in so freely like this, and that is when he was suddenly lifted onto the table and set on his back. "Hey, whatever you think you're doing, I am flattered, but I don't-" Jeremy was hushed with the witch's slender finger pressed to his lips. Val spun around and pulled a thick white fabric from a nearby cabinet. In a swift motion she grabbed Jeremy by the ankles and raised his legs high. She slid the cloth under Jeremy and then set his butt down onto it. By the time she was sprinkling talc around the boy's crotch Jeremy only just figured out what was going on. "Now wait a minute! You can't do this to me!" he protested, sitting up straight, only to have himself shoved back down onto the table. This witch was stronger than she looked. He stared up at the woman, getting angry "I am a grown man! You can't just treat me this way!" "Listen here, little boy," Val snarled and curled the corner of her lip, "if it wasn't me for you would be dead. You need to learn some gratitude." Her arm swooped around and her hand came in contact with his butt for one hard smack. Jeremy gritted his teeth and resisted crying as he felt the momentary pain on his cheeks. "Now as long as you are staying in my home I need to take precautions. I do not know what you do at your own home, but here I can not have you going around soiling on all my furniture like some wild animal." "That was an accident!" Jeremy continued to object "I don't do that normally! I thought I was going to die out there!" His eyes watered as he explained his situation, but it didn't really paint a good picture. He was still like a little boy to Val, and not just because of their wide age difference. Val continued the diapering process, folding the cloth expertly around Jeremy's waist and then using some metal crimps to hold the sides in place. She then pulled up a pair of pastel blue rubber pants over his bottom. Why did this woman have these things? Why was she so prepared to do this? Jeremy was a little too taken aback to ask these questions. He just let someone diaper him like a baby. He had to admit to himself that the diapers were comfortable. It felt like he just belonged in them. Val picked the boy up in her arms and held him, bouncing him slightly. "Shh, it's okay. I know you want to cry so just let it out. Valdis is here for you now... Nothing and no one can hurt you while I am here." The reassuring words calmed Jeremy, though he was still burning with shame over the treatment he just got. Val sat him in a chair in front of the table where he had just been diapered. Jeremy was totally silent, staring at the tabletop. Two plates were set down. Val had left the room and then came back with a fully cooked and prepared meal which she doled out onto each plate. That must have been what that little light show was when she was in the kitchen earlier. She must have used her magic to create the meal. There were chopped vegetables, meat, and gravy. Jeremy made a face as he poked at the meat. "That's not the... the thing you killed outside is it?" He asked, looking apprehensive about eating this meal, no matter how good it smelled. "Just eat it. It'll help you get stronger." She poked at her own plate with a fork. "Look, I'm eating it! Mmm, nummy nummy." She smiled, taking a large bite. Jeremy frowned. He could tell he was being condescended to. He went ahead and took a bite to appease the woman. The food was delicious. He hungrily scooped the food into his mouth. Having only the junk food in his backpack to eat he relished this actual home-cooked meal. A smile widened on his face. He sat back satisfied. Val extended her arm and wiped Jeremy's mouth clean with a napkin. Jeremy turned to look at Val, seeing her happy expression on her face. Val seemed quite pleased to have Jeremy here. Jeremy couldn't imagine why, but he welcomed her hospitality. After the meal was finished, Val collected the plates and took them to the kitchen to be washed. Jeremy stood up and followed her, watching her. She looked over at the grown boy standing there in the thick diaper as her wiped down the plates and set them in a rack to dry. "Something you need, young man?" she asked. Jeremy thought about the question. He had any questions of his own. For now he stuck to one. "Where's the bathroom in this place?" He held out his hands as he shrugged, looking about as he couldn't figure out this house. "There is a toilet here, but I don't really think you'll be using it." Val said, fairly confident. "I'll show you." She took Jeremy's hand and lead him through the house. She came to the end of a hallway where an ominous wooden door was. When she opened the door there was a dark staircase leading downward. She leaned down a bit and smirked, speaking to him in a whisper. "Down there is my enchanting room. I go there to make my spells and potions. Go ahead. You seem to think you're a big boy. Go down the stairs, walk past the enchanting table, and it should be the first door on the left." She pressed her hand to Jeremy's padded bottom, trying to usher him forward. Jeremy took some tentative steps down the stairs, which creaked and moaned under his feet. He heard low moans and distant laughter. This was getting to be scary. He stopped when he saw a figure in front of him of a boy with no legs. He was glowing the same color as the trees outside did. Jeremy's heart was racing. He turned right around and ran back up the stairs. Val held out her arms and grabbed him, embracing the boy as he leapt into her embrace. She held him tight, laughing. Jeremy furrowed his brow and looked up at the woman. He was steamed! How could she laugh at him at a time like this? "Oh, I'm so sorry, Jeremy. It's just amusing to me..." Val explained. "Those are merely ghosts. They can't harm you. I understand they look pretty scary though." She tapped her finger against Jeremy's nose. "Just as well. You should probably get used to using your diapers. I seen what happens when you get too frightened." She patted his butt to emphasize her point. Jeremy scrunched his face into a frustrated grimace. He felt pretty emasculated by what just happened. Still, he hadn't experienced such unconditional maternal love since he was five years old. Val swept an arm behind Jeremy's legs and lifted the boy up, carrying him. She carried the boy into a bedroom. At the far end was a large bed, decorated in silky black sheets and black pillow cases. She sure had a theme when it came to her decor. She set Jeremy on his feet. "Wait here. Do not sit on the bed." Val seemed to glide as she walked towards her closet. She slid the door, which produced a wide opening on the wall. She reached into the dark closet and pulled out a soft baby blue set of pajamas. It was all one piece with little feet and a hood with bunny ears. She held it up, showing Jeremy. "Why do you even have that?" He asked incredulously. Val did not answer. She walked over to Jeremy and held out the legs. "Come on, into your jammies. You're not going to put up a fuss again like you did with your diapers?" Val looked Jeremy dead in the eyes. Jeremy whined and pouted, but still found himself stepping into the legs of the pajamas. They were comfy and they kept his toes warm at least. Val zipped up the pajamas and pulled the hood over the boy's head. She cupped her hands over her mouth. "Oh... you look positively adorable." A bluish blush formed on her face. She looked away and cleared her throat. "Right. Here's where you'll be sleeping." Val walked to the bed. She pulled a drawer out from under it, revealing a smaller trundle bed. The sheets had cute animals decorated over it. "Wait," Jeremy looked confused, "There's a big bed right there and you're making me sleep on this?" "Of course, sweetie. You didn't think I would let some pants soiling baby sleep in MY bed, now did you?" She smirked at him. Jeremy's face got red. He was so mad, but how could he possibly fight back? Besides, her logic did seem sound. Val guided the boy down, making him lie on the mattress. It crinkled underneath him. She then raised three bars on the sides of the smaller bed. He could easily climb over them. They were just there so he would not fall out of the bed. She dropped down some stuffed animals into the bed, giggling as she watched them bounce off the boy's body. Val walked over to an old oil lamp and turned it on before she turned off the rest of the lights. Val pulled off her gown. Jeremy sat up straight, watching as the woman took off her clothes. She was barely visible in the low light of the room. He saw her bare butt briefly. She turned her head, her red eyes glowing slightly. "You better not be peeking. You're just a little boy." she warns. Jeremy immediately got on his back again, staring at the tall ceiling. A chandelier hung above the master bed. The light from the oil lamp made the crystals on the ceiling fixture shimmer in the dark. Jeremy heard Val climbing into the bed. She pulled the covers over herself. He glanced over as Val looked down at him from her higher position. Val reached down into the trundle bed and traced her finger over Jeremy's face. She cooed down at him and then began to sing. Jeremy couldn't understand the language. He wondered if the song must be magic because he felt his eyes growing heavy. He fell asleep, dozing off slowly. part 2: Found This time when Jeremy awoke in the strange house it was peaceful, unlike the abrupt awakening he had before. He sat up in the little trundle bed and looked around for Val. She was not in her bed. He slowly stood up and felt a cramp. He needed the bathroom, and he needed it now. He carefully stepped over the bars of his little bed and wandered into the hall. He grabbed one hand at his crotch while he other groped his butt. He did an awkward walk to the wooden door that lead down to the scary room. He swallowed and gathered his courage, walking down the stairs. His diaper started feeling warm in the front. He wondered if he was wetting? He could barely tell. The diapers were just so comfortable. No, he couldn't accept that! Then there was an unmistakable hissing noise coming from his crotch. Now he knew he was wetting. He could even feel a slight rush of liquid flowing down his privates before the soft cloth absorbed it and it just felt like a comfortable pair of diapers again. He decided he would at least go poop in the toilet. Determined he put his hands over his backside and walked towards the dark room. Even in the daytime this place had almost no light in it. He saw some ghostly figures again and heard the spooky moans and laughter. Jeremy's legs trembled as another ghostly figure stood in front of the bathroom door. "Jeremy, good morning!" Val spoke up. Jeremy turned around, seeing the woman standing at the enchanting table. She was dressed in a new blouse, still black of course, but with a different design. She motioned for Jeremy to come over. Jeremy managed to hold back to his poop for now and he walked over to Val. "Miss Valdis, I really have to go..." he said in a strained voice, admitting his need. It was much too urgent of a need to be coy or indirect. "Well let's see your diaper first..." Val undid the button snaps in the back, letting the bottom panel open and expose the boy's diaper. She hooked her thumb into the waistband, pulling it back so she could look inside. "Looks like you already went. These are totally soaked. You must've had a good night's sleep because it looks like you wet in these all night long." "What?" Jeremy's voice raised a little "No, I just had a little accident..." "This isn't a little accident. I don't know. I think you should just finish using your diaper and then I'll change you when I'm done working in here, okay?" Val snapped the waistband back against Jeremy's skin and then buttoned the back panel up on his pajamas. Jeremy hadn't pooped himself on purpose since he was a toddler. He didn't even think he could do that. Val just gave him permission to. Did he really want to do this? Jeremy took a step back and leaned against the wall, watching Val do her work at the table. She didn't seem to be paying attention to him. He closed his eyes and relaxed. He felt a big log sliding out of his bottom. It was a heavenly feeling after holding it in for so long. The poop pressed up against him inside the thick, cushy cloth diaper. There was something satisfying about the sensation of the poop on his bottom. He had an urge to sit in it, but he fought it. He didn't want to make his mess worse and create a bigger workload for Val to clean up later. When he opened his eyes he saw Val had turned around to face him, looking at him with a smug smile. "Aww, did someone make a poo poo for me?" Val cooed, pursing her lips. Jeremy felt like he was going to burst into flames the way he was blushing. Val laughed, covering her mouth, "Relax, stinky. It's okay." She pulls up a chair to her table. "Why don't you just sit here for now and enjoy yourself. I'm going to show you something neat." Jeremy was confused, but Val seemed to be reacting rather kindly towards him, especially since he just shamed himself big time in front of her. It seemed she gave an indirect answer toward his own internal debate too. She gave him permission to sit down and squish his mess, and so he did. He sat in the chair, feeling the poop become smashed. It spread around, going across his cheeks. He shuddered for a second. It actually felt nice this time to be sitting in a filthy mess. "You ready now?" Val smiled down at him. She snapped her fingers and threw some dust on the table. A wall of flames shot upward, surprising Jeremy and making him back up slightly in his chair. The flames turned into multicolored animal shapes, dancing around on top of the table. Val clapped her hands in delight, watching her creation. Jeremy couldn't help but smile as well. He also gave a clap, whispering "amazing" to himself. A red dragon shaped flame then came along and ate up all the other animal shapes before disappearing. Val laughed at the morbid display. "Wasn't that fun?" Jeremy stared wide-eyed for a moment. He let out a nervous chuckle and looked up at Val. He nodded in agreement. This seemed to please the witch. She picked up the boy and hugged him to her small chest. She put a hand under his butt. "Okay, time to take care of this." She patted his butt. She carried the boy up the stairs. Jeremy still couldn't get over how strong she was. His male ego took a backseat for now and he just enjoyed the woman's strength. Jeremy's preconceived notions about witches also had been washed away since coming to this woman's house. He nuzzled against her shoulder. Val giggled and cooed as she felt Jeremy being affectionate. Once she had stripped the boy of his pajamas, Val pulled down the rubber pants and then set Jeremy onto the table. She unhooked the sides and let the filthy wet cloth diaper open up before her. She seemed unfazed by the odor, perhaps another one of her magic powers. She pulled the used diaper away and folded it neatly. She put it into a box and sealed it. Then, grabbing the boy's ankles, she raised his legs high in the air and began wiping the poop off Jeremy's butt. Jeremy gave in, surrendering his control to Val now. Gone were his whines and fits. He just smiled, feeling content as he got cleaned by the beautiful woman. Val was content too. It seemed like she had always wanted to have a baby boy with her, or that she was at least prepared for this all along. Val took a brand new cloth diaper from her cabinet and put it under Jeremy. She set him down upon it. She continued to wipe him, cleaning the piss off his crotch. The cool wipes slid over his scrotum and up the shaft of his penis. The contact was making him hard. Val didn't seem to mind, but Jeremy cringed, feeling embarrassed that he couldn't control his erection. Val took her free hand and grabbed under the boy's chin, making him look at her. "It's all right. It happens to all little boys." Val let go of him and then got the talc powder. She put it into her palm this time and used her bare hand to rub the powder into Jeremy's skin. His cock was throbbing now as Val rubbed her hand between the boy's cheeks and over his privates. She slid her hand all the way up the boy's shaft, making sure it was completely evenly coated with the powder. She pulled the diaper over his front and pressing it down over his erection and locking the hard dick inside the cushy material. She secured the sides just like she did before and pulled up some dry rubber pants, the same pastel blue color as before. She decided to put him back into those cute pajamas from before. "Hey, um, just wondering if my regular clothes were dry yet?" Jeremy asked as he sat up on the table. "Good question..." Val pulled the laundry line, bringing the boy's pants, shirt, and socks back in through the window. She nodded. "They seem to be fine. I could help you back into these, but I think your pants wont fit over your diapers anymore. Besides, you look cute as my little baby bunny." Jeremy blushed a little, but he had to smile as well. It wasn't often that he got called cute. Sure, it was in reference to him being a big baby, but still, this beautiful woman called him cute! "Okay. I'll... I'll wear whatever you give me." He looked down, shrugging. "Good boy!" Val gave him a pat on the head. Val took the box with the soiled diaper and walked outside. Jeremy followed her. It was so bright out in the morning. Val opened the box and dropped the filthy diaper into a wash basin. She pointed to the water pump. "Boys are good at pumping. Why don't you help me fill this thing with water?" Jeremy understood that Val was just teasing, clearly making a reference to masturbation, but he wanted to show her that he could handle the pump. He grunted. It was much harder than he thought it would be! He pumped slowly, using all his strength to get the water to come out. Finally the water began sputtering and then erupting into the basin. Val clapped her hands "What a strong little man I have!" Once it was full enough to her liking she tapped the boy's shoulder. "Okay that's enough." She took a scrubbing brush and poured some soap onto it. She reached down into the basin, pulling up the poopy cloth and scrubbing it down. "Can't you just, um, use magic to clean that?" Jeremy asked, blushing a little as he watched the woman clean up the mess he made. Val just smiled and shrugged. It appeared she loved cleaning up after Jeremy quite a bit. She must have known it embarrassed the boy too. When she was sure the diaper was as clean as it could get she pulled it up out of the basin and hung it on the laundry line. There was still an obvious brownish stain right in the middle. Jeremy was grateful there was no one around to see the dirty cloth diaper hanging out there in the sunlight right in the open. Jeremy remembered some questions he had from before. He wondered if he should ask now. Val could see him standing a bit uncomfortable, wondering how to approach the subject. "Miss Valdis..." Jeremy's voice trembled, "You have a lot of things in your home for a baby. A, uh, big baby. Does all this baby stuff belong to you, or is it someone else's?" Val's happy expression slowly faded. She wrung her hands together, her mouth hanging open and her lip quivering. She spoke, "A long time ago... I had a husband. He was utterly devoted to me. We were deeply in love and wanted to spread our love by having a child. I could not conceive though. One day my husband..." she began to laugh a little, looking down, "Well, he came to me wearing a diaper and bonnet, saying that he would be the baby I could never have. I thought it was absurd at first, but I was always taking care of him and looking out for him. I just couldn't resist. It felt right. I sewed many outfits for him, got more toys, special furniture." She looked away. A tear was rolling down her cheek out. She laughed again and wiped her face. "Is he... Is he still around?" Jeremy asked. He took a careful step forward. "I'm sorry, Valdis, don't cry. You don't have to tell me if you don't want to." "No." Val said quietly, looking out into the forest. "He was mortal, unlike me, and he refused any magic to make him live long like I do. I wanted so badly to save his frail body and make him live forever. He simply forbid it. I'm not one to take orders from a man, but I felt like this was one time I should not interfere." She held her face in her hand and wiped her eyes again. "He was ready to go when the time came... and so he did." Jeremy stood in silence. He felt like it was his fault for making Val cry. He fought back his own tears, but he began to cry as well. "I'm sorry..." "It's fine." Val took in a deep breath and then forced a smile. She pulled Jeremy into her arms and carried him into the house. "That was forever ago. This is now." Val set Jeremy down on the floor and made him sit there. She left him alone before coming back with the plush animals she gave him last night. "Play with these while I go do something. You can explore the house if you like too." With that she patted Jeremy on the head. She grabbed her shawl and draped it over her shoulders before walking out the front door. Jeremy was now all alone in the house. He tried to occupy his time with the stuffed animals. It was childish, sure, but it was kind of fun. He couldn't remember the last time he just sat around and played. Suddenly he remembered his phone. Where did Val put it? He stood up, crinkling as he waddled around the house, deciding to go exploring. Val did encourage him to, after all. Jeremy thought about what he would do if he found his phone. It had been a while since he had played any games, but he was more concerned with how his friends were doing. He never told them he ran away. Did his father try to call him since he disappeared? He wasn't sure if he cared or not. Still, the curiosity was there. Jeremy looked in the master bedroom first. There were so many drawers and secret compartments in the walls. There were strange objects that Jeremy did not dare touch. Nothing that gave him any indication of where his stuff would be. What did she do with his backpack anyway? Jeremy suddenly felt the urge to soil himself again. It was so soon after his last bathroom incident too. He realized he might be all alone for some time. He felt a bit naughty, wanting to actually go on purpose. Val didn't seem to mind. Jeremy walked over to a dresser and grabbed the edge of it for support. He parted his legs and looked down at the bulge around his waist that was covered by the jammies. He unzipped the pajamas and pulled them off until he was standing there in just his diaper. He sighed, releasing a spurt of piss. It came out as a trickle at first until it was a torrent of pee hitting the crotch of his diaper at full blast. He felt that warmth spreading out around his cock and balls. Even as he was peeing, his wet dick became erect. He didn't even know he pee while hard! It felt so good. He grunted and made a noisy mess in the back of his diaper. Jeremy was overcome by conflicting emotions. He felt guilty about doing all this, even though he knew there was no real consequence for it. He sat down, feeling his mess spread out. While he sat on the floor he pulled the front of his diaper and looked down inside it. He saw his throbbing erection and just had to touch it. He had not masturbated since he ran away from home. It was odd for him, since he tended to jerk off every single day. He stuffed his hand down his wet diaper and grabbed his cock. He started rubbing himself. He leaned back, letting out some small moans of pleasure. Never before had he felt this good. He actually liked this! Jeremy was stroking himself faster, feeling like he was on the verge of the biggest orgasm ever. "Well well well, someone sure loves his diapers!" There was a voice right in front of him. Jeremy's eyes shot open to see Val standing in front of him, looking down at him as he had his hand down his dirty diaper. He was about to apologize when Val raised her hand "ah ah, don't let me stop you. Continue, please." She began to squat down, looking at Jeremy on his level. "Go ahead." With Val's blessing Jeremy began jerking off again. He was red all over. Val was watching him masturbate, in a wet and messy diaper no less. New worlds of humiliation and arousal were being opened to the boy. He moaned, his voice raising and cracking a bit as it hit a high note. He spurt inside his diaper, coating the insides with the sticky cum. He breathed deep and heavy as he tried to catch his breath. He pulled his hand out of the diaper and looked at it, slick with piss and cum. Val had some tissues ready, pulling them from a hidden pocket on her top and wiping the boy clean. "You know, I ought to let you stew in that diaper for a while." Val said with a smirk. "Naughty boy..." Jeremy tried not to smile at Val's comment. He just let this woman talk to him like that now. When he first arrived here he was so petulant. Now he was readily accepting of his baby boy role. In his dizzy afterglow state he blurt out something really surprising, "Thank you, Mommy..." Right away Jeremy covered his mouth. He had an immediate look of regret on his face. Did he really just call her "Mommy?" Val stared blankly. She looked down and cleared her throat "Well..." she paused for a long time. Jeremy wanted to apologize right there. He had worried he stepped over some boundary. He shook his head in silence. Val grabbed his cheeks and made him look her right into those red eyes of hers. "Is that what you wish, little boy?" She spoke sternly, but with a loving undertone, "Do you want me to be your Mommy?" Jeremy swallowed hard. He shifted around nervously and felt his own mess smearing around. Coupled with the powerful woman's deep stare the whole situation was sending him into a tizzy. "Yes..." he finally spoke, barely above a whisper. "I want you to be my Mommy, and I want to be your little boy..." Val could feel his face warming in her hands as she held it in place. Val took a deep breath and then sighed. "Very well." she finally spoke, breaking the tension a little. "I just hope you understand what that means. You are to be totally devoted to me. You will listen to what I say and always do as I tell you to do." "Yes, Mommy." Jeremy said in a husky whisper. "That's a good boy, Jeremy." She leaned forward and pressed her forehead to his. She sighed. "You are mine now. You must never leave Mommy, you hear me?" Jeremy nodded and Valdis felt that nod as their heads rubbed together. Val wrapped her arms around the boy in a firm embrace. She kissed his cheek. Slowly she rose and Jeremy felt himself being lifted. His feet dangled a few inches above the floor. Val carried the boy onto the bed with her and lied back. She held him close. "Don't go getting any ideas now. This still isn't your bed. I just... want to cuddle you for a bit." Jeremy nodded again, resting his head on the woman's mostly flat chest. She stroked her fingers through the messy hair on his head. She breathed in deeply, smelling his hair as she nuzzled him. (let me know if you think I should continue this story! I haven't written a long form abdl story in some time and I am excited to get back into the game! If there are any spelling errors let me know in a private message so I can fix them. Thank you for reading!)
  12. One day a curious teenager wanders into the woods and fonds a curious cabin. The cabin belongs to a witch! The witch (or wizard!!) a little older than the teen ager. The witch invites the teen in hopes of slowly getting the teenager diaper dependant and like an infant! Does anyone want to be the witch/wizard?
  13. When Princess Seraphina's father gets remarried to the Queen of the neighbouring kingdom, Seraphina finally has a new mother. What she doesn't know is that Seraphina, at age 20, is only five years younger than her new mom! Not only that but her mother is a secret magic user. The new queen, and new mother, is horrorfied when Seraphina finds out she can use magic and she tells the whole kingdom. The queen decides to take revenge on her by using her magic to make Seraphina slowly become diaper dependent and mentally regress, this will show her who's in charge! And who her new mommy is. I would like to be Seraphina! Who would like to be the magic step mommy queen?
  14. How many of you diaper lovers or adult babies out there actually USE your diapers? I used to all the time, at least for tinkles, and got to the point where I was even pretty comfortable with wetting in public, as long as I didn't overdo it. I also gave myself enemas or suppositories that forced me to mess pretty frequently, and even did THAT in public a few times! But over time I gradually stopped using them less and less, and now even though I get all dressed up a few nights a week, and am comfortable wearing diapers, sissy clothes, and toys/plugs out in public, I just never wet or mess them anymore.I feel like I'm not being a good baby, and if I'm going to be buying diapers, I need to earn them. So with 12 disposables left in this current pack, I'm looking for instructions as to what I need to do to prove myself, and earn the right to buy the next pack.It's not that I'm totally opposed to wetting or messing, but I just need some encouragement and strict rules. Ideally, I'd love if someone wants to chat with me as I'm completing any tasks to make sure I follow through and don't wimp out.Thanks!Baby Kelsey
  15. just saying hello here and looking for mummy to talk to if there is any on here
  16. I wake up to the sunlight peeking through the window shades. It's Sunday, the day before our opening day of Buck Season and I'm really excited about going hunting tomorrow. I jump out of bed and run down stairs to get some breakfast. Mom is already in the kitchen and asked me how I slept. I replied, Great. She asked what I wanted for breakfast as I sat down at the table. I said, a bowl of cereal would be great. She said ok. As I sat down at the kitchen table, I realized that my thick, overnight cloth diaper was pretty wet. I've always had a bed wetting problem and a lot of daytime accidents as well, so I've pretty much been in diapers my whole life. My Grandma makes the cloth diapers for me, which I know saves my mom a lot of money. I wear them at night and whenever I'm home at Mom's house. During the day. As these get old and worn out, or too small, my Grandma uses them as the soaker panel in my new diapers. For school, or other daytime activities, I wear Abri Wing disposable diapers. We found these a few years ago when I was outgrowing Goodnights. The back of these fasten around the waist with a belt and the front flap Velcro fastens to that belt. This makes it really easy for me to remain diapered in case of an accident, but I can unfasten the front and use the bathroom when I need to. The school nurse keeps some extras for me in her office just in case. I also use the Wings diaper during the day when I'm at Dad's house. At night, and all day hunting trips, he has thick, overnight disposables for me. Here's your cereal my Mom said as she handed me a big bowl of Captain Crunch and then a big glass of OJ. As I ate, she told me that she had all of my hunting clothes packed up and ready to go. Thanks Mom, I said. She also said that she'd let me drive my car over to my Dad's house, "Just slow down, no more tickets". Yes Ma'am, I replied, thank you. As I ate my cereal and drank my juice, I felt the urge to pee. I was already in a wet diaper, so I just let go. The diaper was a little cool from being damp all night. The fresh wetting warmed it back up a little bit and felt good. I finished and took my bowl over to the sink, rides it out and loaded it into the dishwasher. Then I poured some more OJ, drank that down and loaded the glass in the dishwasher. I headed back up to my room to get ready to go over to Dad's house. I grabbed a clean pair of jeans, a flannel shirt and a fresh diaper and headed to the bathroom. I brushed and flossed my teeth. After that, I pushed hard and squirted a little more pee into my diaper, got out of my PJ's, unpinned my diaper and tossed it in the diaper pail to be washed then jumped into the shower. After my shower, I got my Wings diaper on, pulled on my jeans, put my shirt on and headed back to my bedroom. There, I got my socks and shoes on, grabbed my wallet,, and coat and headed back down stairs. My Mom had already brought all of my hunting clothes up for me and had them waiting in the living room. She handed me my car keys and said "I'm trusting you to drive slower. You're only 16 and can't afford any more tickets." I said, I know. Sorry about that, it won't happen again. We gave each other a hug, she said "be careful tomorrow and good luck. Hope you shoot a big one." I said thanks and out the door I went. I got to Dad's house in about 20 minutes, just a couple towns over. I pulled into the drive and he came out to great me. We hugged then unloaded my hunting clothes into his house. He asked, Do you have your hunting license? Yep. Your Buck Knife? Yep. Your gloves and orange hat? Yep. I'm all ready for tomorrow. He said great. It was a little after ten in the morning. Dad said, let's grab our rifles out of the safe and go to the range and shoot a little bit then we can come home and watch some football. Great I said excitedly. What gun do you want to hunt with this year? Dad asked. Do you want to stick with your .243 or do you want to try something else? I replied, what about the 30-06, I think I'm ready for that. Dad said ok. You know it kicks more than your .243. I said yeah, I know, I want to give it a try though. Dad said okay. I I'll just take both in case you don't like the 06. Sounds great I said We loaded those two rifles and Dad's 7mm Magnum into his truck. I said, let me use the bathroom before we go. He said great idea. I headed into the bathroom, pulled down my jeans, unfastened the front flap of my Wings diaper and took a leak. I flushed, pulled the flap back up between my legs and refastened it. I pulled my pants back up, ran out the door and away we went. We got to the sportsmans club and carried our guns and ammo down the path to the rifle range. I started to get the urge to go #2, but our club is new and doesn't have a clubhouse or any bathrooms yet. I'll just try to hold it until we get home. We set our stuff on a bench, grabbed some targets and the stapler and walked down to the target. We stapled up our targets and walked back to the bench. Dad suggested that I start out with the.243. Okay. I took it out of the case and sat down at the bench. I loaded 5 rounds in the gun, rested it on some sand bags and focused on the target. I clicked the safety off, zeroed in on the bullseye and BAM. I worked the bolt, zeroed in BAM. I fired all five rounds and then we walked down to check out the target. All five shots in a nice little cluster, about an inch and a half above the bullseye. Nice shooting, said my Dad. Perfect. Walking back to the bench, I could feel the pressure in my bowels growing. I was wondering if I'd be able to hold it till we got home. Back at the bench, my Dad pulled out his 7mm. He loaded and fired five rounds downrange. We walked back down again and checked Dad's target. Another good group. Nice shooting Dad. Thanks son. We walked back to the bench one more time, pressure still growing. Dad asked, you read to try out the 06? I said Heck Yeah! I sat back down at the bench and Dad got to 30-06 out of it's case. He handed it to me along with some ammo. I clenched my butt cheeks together as I lined up on the third target. BAM! The recoil was quite a bit more than I'm used to, but not too bad. I loaded another round, lined up on the target, BAM! Three more rounds, BAM! BAM! BAM! I really like the 30-06 I told my Dad. That's great, let's go check out your target. I got up and started walking down to check the target. As we started walking, I felt something, the warm, soft stickiness of poop in my diaper. It must have slipped out during the excitement of shooting the new rifle. As we walked to the target, I could feel more poo coming out, a little more with each step. We got to the target and my Dad was impressed. Good shooting son. Then he looked at me. He could see something was wrong and asked what was the matter. I told him that I had an accident, a #2. He said that we'd head home and I could get cleaned up. As we walked back to the bench to grab our guns, I let go and released a full load into my diaper. I could feel it move and spread with each step I took. When we got to the truck, I got in and felt the mess squish and spread as I sat down. It was an embarrassing ride home.
  17. Well this was my first fanfic/ diaper story I had ever written. The quality is…meh as it is an earlier work. Although it does take place in the Pokemon World, knowledge of Pokemon is not necessary as most of the main characters are original. It is much more…one handed than my current work, so I hope I don't destroy too many of your brain cells. Summary: After recovering from a serious illness, Ash's sickly younger sister, Emily (Oc) is finally allowed to go out on her own journey at the age of 16, but winds up in the hospital shortly afterwards due to an embarrassing situation. Emily's Diary takes place 6-7 years in the past and is written by the Mc detailing her struggle for survival at the age of 10 when she comes down with a mysterious illness. Chapter One Emily sat down on the slightly damp grass and rested her back against a tall oak tree. She let out a yawn and stretched her legs out, listening to the squawking and hoots of the nearby pidgy's and sparrows nesting in the trees up above. Emily began digging through her bag tossing out empty food wrappers and bottles of water, which took up about 75% of her backpack. "Where did I put that map?" She mumbled to herself, going through pocket after pocket. After about ten minutes she sighed realizing she probably dropped it at the opening of the Viridian Forest. "Now what?" she asked herself realizing she was hopelessly lost. Emily was the 16 year old absent minded younger sister of Ash Ketchum whom no one knew about. Only the few residents of Pallet town even knew Ash had a younger sister. She was only six when Ash left on his Pokémon journey and she couldn't wait until she left on hers. Back then she idolized her older brother, wishing she could be like him someday. When she finally turned 10 she was prevented from going due to an illness. She had begged and pleaded with her mother to let her go, but with her poor health, there was no way. She was forced to stay back as she watched tearfully as her friends got their starter Pokémon from professor oak and left her behind. The months flew by and soon Ash was making a name for himself. Soon it felt like she didn't even have an identity anymore. Everyone knew her not as "Emily" but as "Ash's' Sister" Soon that idolization turned slowly into resentment as people only approached her to ask about her brother and talk of his accomplishments. Emily shook her head, trying to shake away those memories. That was six years ago she told herself. Things are going to be different now she thought as she stood up and brushed the leaves and dirt off her jeans. I'm a little late but I'm finally here! I'm going to surpass Ash! I'm going to be the new Pokémon master!...as soon as I find my way out of this forest. She said with a sigh. Alright first step, she thought to herself, gotta clean up this mess. She looked to her left and noticed a trash can about a quarter mile walk away then looked down. I think I can make it in one trip. Emily collected her things and with arms completely full, started the trek to the trash can. "Almost there," she reassured herself but suddenly her foot snagged on a vine and down she went sending her stuff flying in every direction. Emily moaned into the ground, slowly raising her head until she came face to face with a pair of black eyes and yellow fangs. "AHHHHH!" Emily screamed jumping to her feet and racing behind a tree in record time. Emily took deep breaths trying to calm herself down. She soon heard laughing coming from the direction she ran from and peeked her head around the tree. She saw a girl around her age laughing as she let a purple field mouse run along her arm and onto her shoulder. "I'm so sorry." The girl said although she continued to laugh. "I didn't mean to scare you, I saw you trip and went to see if you were ok. I've just never seen someone react to a Rattata like that before." Emily couldn't help but smile back at the girl. "I'm fine." She said eyeing the rat perched on the girls shoulder. I hate mice. "Here let me help you." The girl said as she bent down and started collecting the bottles that now littered the forest floor. "Thanks," Emily said truly appreciating the help. She looked over at the girl and very quickly turned a bright shade of pink as she accidently got a good look down her shirt. Emily's heart began beating twice as fast and her palms began to sweat. What the hell? she thought to herself as she quickly looked away. Why do I suddenly feel so nervous? "My name's Anna. What's your name?" the girl asked after they finished clearing out the forest. "E-Emily." She stuttered back. "Aren't you hot with that jacket on?" Anna asked looking Emily up and down. "It's got to be 90% humidity in this forest." "I feel better with it on." Emily said hugging herself. "I feel naked without it." Although it is really hot now that I think about it she thought as she felt beads of sweat rolling down her face and chest. "So what are you doing in the forest, Anna?" Emily asked unconsciously shifting from foot to foot. "Oh, I was collecting herbs for the nurse Joy in Cerulean City. I'm an intern at the Pokémon center there. She's teaching me how to make potions. What are you doing out here?" "Wow that sounds really neat! How did you end up as an intern?" Emily asked interested. She'd yet to meet a nurse Joy although she had already had a run in with an officer Jenny earlier today much to her displeasure. "Well Pokémon battles have never been my thing, but I love Pokémon none the less. Isn't that right little TaTa" Anne said letting the Rattata on her shoulder rub up against her cheek affectionately. Emily's stomach did a little flip and wondered to herself eww how could you love a rat? "You never answered my question about what you were doing here you know." Anne pointed out taking note of all the shifting and squirming Emily was doing. I wonder if she drank all of those bottles today. No wonder she has to pee. "Well todays actually my first week out on the road. I saw a Pikachu run into the forest and I wanted to catch it. Then well, I got lost and realized I lost my map." Emily admitted as she started to realize how badly she needed to pee. "Did you check your pockets?" "Of course I checked my pock-oh…" Emily said with a blush as she pulled her map out. "Let's see, it says I'm here and if I just follow this trail then I should reach Cerulean city in an hour. " Then I can find a bathroom. Doesn't look like there's one anywhere around here. "Hate to break it to you, but you're holding the map upside down." Anne said taking it from her and showing Emily where they were. It's about a four hour journey from here. "If you want I could lead you there. I'm headed back there myself. I could use some company" "No, really you don't have to go through that much trou-" BZZZZZZ! "I humbly accept your offer!" Emily screamed running away from the beadrills hive. Anne just shook her head and followed the screaming Emily. An hour into their journey Emily could barely keep it together, constantly grabbing herself when she thought Anna wasn't looking, completely unable to stay still. Anna wondered why Emily didn't excuse herself and just go. At this point Emily was about as subtle as a bulldozer and Anna was sure she wasn't going to make it much longer. She had asked Emily if she had wanted to stop several times now, but she kept saying she was fine. Although anyone could clearly tell she was lying. "How much longer till we get there?" Emily asked through gasps of breath. "We still have a few more hours. How about we take a break I'm getting tired too." Anne said sitting on a log. "You want to tell me what's wrong?" "Nothing." Emily lied crossing her legs. What's with this girl? Anna thought to herself then she remembered something that Emily had said about her jacket, about her feeling naked without it. Then it clicked. She's just really shy. Is that really all that's wrong? I just need to get her to relax. "Hey, Em. Can you come with me for a sec? I need to pee, but I don't want to go alone. I'm afraid of the forest at night and it's getting kind of dark." Anna lied. Emily turned a dark shade of pink. Ugh don't mention the word pee she thought. She was running out of time and she knew it. She took a step toward Anna and froze. She felt a spurt shoot out along with a sharp pain and quickly grabbed herself. Oh no I'm going to wet myself in front of Anna. Warm tears blurred her vision and started to fall down her face. "Look, I know you have to go so just go. Why are you torturing yourself? If you're waiting to find a bathroom you're looking at it." Anna said as a matter of fact while motioning her hand towards the foliage surrounding them. Anna spun around to face her friend after receiving no reply only to find her glued to the spot with tears rolling down her face as she clutched her side. "Em, can you move?" Anna asked a bit worried for her new friend. Emily shook her head as she felt another leak escape causing a burning pain. "Then just go here. " "I-I can't." Her face now closely resembling the shade of a cherry. "Look, there's nothing to be embarrassed about, we're both girls here. I'll go away for a sec an-" "No, I mean, I don't know how… "Emily mumbled embarrassed to admit the reason. "Oh, is that all?" Anna laughed with her back turned away. "Why didn't you just ask? I would have walked you through it. Ok first, pull your pants down." "I can't get them off! I can't undo the button." Emily whimpered after a moment of fiddling with her pants. "Here" Anne said coming closer as Emily's face grew redder and redder. Anna drew her pocket knife and cut the button off as Emily struggled with her pants. Anna sighed and moved Emily's shaking hands away and with one swift motion pulled everything down and lightly pushed her against a tree. Emily shrieked trying to cover herself, while tears continued to fall. "Now all you have to do is squat and let it out." Anna turned her back as she waited for her friend to relieve herself. Emily tried to calm herself down, and squatted lower trying to relax her aching bladder, but nothing came out. She tried thinking of the ocean, and of running water, but still nothing but a few drops and mounting pain. After a few minutes Anna started to worry that she embarrassed Emily too much. "Everything alright back there?" she called out. "No." Emily whimpered back. "Em, are you ok?" Anna asked rushing towards her new friend who was collapsed in a ball on the forest floor in pain. "What hurts?" "My side and lower stomach." "When did the pain start?" Anna asked looking her over for any bites or wounds. "When I got really desperate. I tried to go but it burned too badly." "Alright. Just sit tight and try to relax. I'll get nurse Joy on the line." Anne punched a few buttons on her transceiver and a hologram image of the pink haired nurse appeared. "Oh, Anna, what can I do for you? Did you have a question about the ingredients?" "No, actually my friend here is in a bit of trouble." "What seems to be the problem?" the nurse asked, a bit concerned. "Well, it seems to be her bladder. She says it hurts so much that she can't move. She was on the verge of wetting herself just a few minutes ago, but now she can't go. " "Hmm, feel around under her belly button and tell me what it feels like." "Eh," both Anna and Emily said at the same time. "Anna, part of being a nurse is dealing with human patients too. Do you want to help your friend or not?" "Sorry, Em, you heard her." Anna put her hand on Emily's stomach and felt around. "It feels hard as a rock. Not to mention she's burning up." Anna moved her hand from Emily's stomach to her forehead "Oh dear, sounds like an infection. " Nurse Joy said. "I'm sending my pidgeott to come get you, she needs to see a dr. in the meantime try to help her release as much as she can, or it's going to be a painful ride." "Release…?" "If she doesn't pee by the time my pidgeot arrives the Dr. will have no choice but to insert a catheter. I don't think she'll enjoy that. " And with that Nurse Joy signed off. "What's a catheter?" Emily quietly asked slightly afraid to find out. "Nothing you want to experience. " Anna said digging through her bag and pulling out plastic tarp and laying it out on a grassy patch. "You don't look to comfortable laying there on those rocks there so I'm gonna try and lay you down on this. "Small steps, there you go" Anna encouraged as Emily winced in pain with each movement. Emily wobbled as Anna caught her and laid her on the plastic sheet. "Alright now no matter what keep relaxing and try to pee." "But your thing." Emily said weakly. "Don't even worry, it's just a tarp if you go it will just flow off onto the ground. Now just relax." Anna encouraged as she pulled off Emily's pants completely wincing slightly at the sight of blood. Emily nodded and closed her eyes trying not to think of the fact that this girl she just met was looking at her naked lower half. "Emily, are you on your period?" Anna asked hopefully but the girl shook her head. Anna was afraid of that. She pressed slightly on the girls' stomach in different locations asking if it hurt until she got to one particular spot on her side as Emily yelped in pain. Anna took notice of a now slight puddle between the younger girls' legs and breathed a sigh of relief. "Emily, this might hurt a bit but I promise you'll feel better soon. Just keep relaxing." Anna then began to gently message the tender area of the girls' side, as Emily grimaced and clutched the edges of the sheet. After a few minutes Anna rubbed and noticed she no longer clutched the sides of the tarp. "Emily, does it still hurt to the touch?" "No," Both girls breathed a sigh of relief. "Ok, I think you'll be able to go now. So relax and try to pee again." Emily took a deep breath in and then out and soon a faint hissing and pattering sound could be heard as Anna saw the tiny puddle expanding and then suddenly stop as Emily whimpered in pain. "No, you're doing good! Keep going!" It hurts." Emily moaned curling into a ball. "I know, Em, It's gonna hurt but you gotta let it out. It's the only way you're going to get better." "I'm scared." "Shh, it's ok. It'll be ok. "Anna held the girls hand and continued rubbing the girls back, but she wouldn't relax again. Hmm Anna thought to herself as she remembered the previous events of how she met Emily. I think I have an idea. She rolled Emily on to her back and let her rest her head on Anna's lap as Anna peacefully ran her fingers through the girls black hair until Emily drifted into a light sleep. She then quietly reached into her shirt pocket and pulled out her little friend and gently placed it on the sleeping girls chest. A few minutes later Emily woke to the sound of light squeaking and the sight of little black eyes with yellow fangs. The sound of shrill screams could be heard followed by a loud pattering sound that grew louder every second along with a continuous stream of urine flowing down the edge of the tarp letting Anna know her evil plan had worked perfectly. Emily grunted but as the pain passed soon she relaxed until she realized what she was actually doing. She tried to jump up, but Anna held her down. She kept combing through the girls hair with her fingers as she watched Emily's face turn three different shades of red as her bladder continued to empty whether she wanted it to or not. "That's it, keep going, you're doing great" Anna praised as Emily buried her face in her hands as her stream finally slowed to a trickle as a giant bird swooped down and stared at the two of them. "Well, that's our ride." Anna announced. Let's get you cleaned up then we can go." She dug out a water bottle from her pack and poured it onto Emily's legs and the tarp, washing away any evidence of what had occurred. She dried her legs off with a towel and helped her manage to put her pants back on then wrapped her in a blanket. Her shaking seemed to be getting worse as Anna helped her onto the Pidgeott's back then climbed on after. Anna kissed the top of Emily's head as Emily leaned back into Anna's' arms and whispered "Thank you," before drifting off into unconsciousness. Chapter Two Emily laid back in her bed as she waited for the Dr. to come see her. She looked over at Anna and blushed. Emily stared for a moment as she thought Wow she’s really pretty. The way her hazel colored hair fell just a bit past her shoulders. Her black rimmed glasses magnified her bright blue eyes, not to mention her near perfect figure and. “Wait! What am I thinking?” Snap out of it Em! She thought to herself. It’s just the fever talking. Emily closed her eyes. Ugh I can’t believe what happened today. She thought as she let the day’s events play in her mind. That was so embarrassing! Peeing in front of some girl I barely know while she praised me as if I was a toddler making it to the toilet for the first time. She grimaced at the thought causing Anna to come over out of concern. “How are you feeling?” Anna asked, as Emily avoided eye contact with her. “Does it still hurt?” Emily nodded and rubbed her lower belly. She could feel the pressure starting to build back up. Just then the girls heard a knock on the door followed by the dr. entering and introducing herself. “Hello, Ms. Ketchum, I’m Dr. Page. How are you feeling? Can you tell me a little about what’s going on?” “My lower stomach hurts, and I’m having some trouble, uh, going.” Emily admitted as she intensely examined the blanket that covered her as if it would tell her the answers to life. “Alright, let me take a look.” Dr. Page said as she lifted up Emily’s shirt and gently pressed around. Emily winced in pain as the Dr. began pressing on her side. “Hmm, the problem seems to be your right kidney. It’s a bit inflamed but not too bad. I’m going to have my assistant come and give you a more thorough examination.” Dr. Page wheeled her chair backwards and shouted out into the hall, “Captain Waddlesworth, could you please come to exam room two.” Emily wondered what kind of Dr was named “Captain Waddlesworth” “He gets a little offended when I don’t call him captain.” Dr Page explained. This guy must be crazy Emily thought to herself. “Oh! It’s been a while since I’ve seen the captain.” Anna said. “Yeah, you hardly ever leave the ground floor.” Dr. Page commented turning her attention towards her. “Nurse Joy keeps me so busy running errands for her. Once this phase of my training is complete she’s going to have me come up here and help you with human patients.” “Wait.” Emily said confused. “I thought you said you worked at the Pokémon center.” “We are at the Pokémon center.” Anna explained. “Well the first two floors anyway. The third floor is a hostel for Pokémon trainers to sleep and get cleaned up and the fourth floor is where we treat trainers who are injured or sick. You were asleep when the Machokes brought you in on the stretcher.” “What is taking the captain so long?” Dr. Page said. “He’s probably flirting with the interns again.” Anna laughed and said “The captain has always had a way with the ladies.” Emily decided she didn’t like this captain person very much as she imagined him to be some egotistical jerk. Just then the door creaked open and there stood the captain. Emily’s jaw dropped, he was not at all what she had expected. “He’s a Pokémon?” Emily asked in disbelief. The psyduck, known as Captain Waddlesworth, stood there and cocked his head sideways. He was wearing a tiny lab coat and stethoscope around his neck. “Yep.” Dr. Page answered. “The captain and I go way back. He was actually my very first Pokémon. You see psychic Pokémon can be very useful when trained properly in diagnosing illnesses. They can learn to telepathically communicate with your body to find out exactly what’s ailing you. Have you ever been telepathically linked to a Pokémon before?” Emily shook her head.” I’ve only been to the family Dr. in Pallet town, and no Pokémon were involved.” “Ah yes, Pallet town. They are a little behind on the times there. The first time linking with a Pokémon can be a little scary, but try not to fight it. Are you ready?” Emily nodded and laid back down in the bed. Captain Waddlesworth hopped up on the stool next to her and placed a hand on her head and soon Emily’s life was flashing before her eyes. Emily was four years old again as she walked into the kitchen to find her mom crying at the table. Her father had packed his things and up and left in the middle of the night. Next she was six and Ash was teaching her how to ride a bike with no training wheels. Then at eight as her mom was teaching her how to bake cookies when she suddenly collapsed on the ground as she had her first of many seizures. She saw herself getting left behind by her friends while she was stuck at home watching day time talk shows about people falling in love with their Pokémon. Lastly she was back in the Viridian Forest, peeing uncontrollably while someone watched. Emily gasped for air as she found herself back in her hospital bed covered in sweat as tears streamed down her face. Anna rushed over and threw her arms over Emily’s shoulder pulling the shaking girl into a hug. “Hey, don’t cry it’s over. You’re okay, everything’s okay. Shh” Anna whispered in Emily’s ear instantly calming her down some. Captain Waddlesworth hopped down from the stool and touched Dr. Page’s hand. The Doctors’ eyes went blank for a moment as the psyduck reported its findings followed by a yawn as he walked out the door. “The captain has informed me you’re dealing with three kidney stones and a Urinary Tract Infection. Also you have a history of seizures is that correct?” Emily nodded as she shifted in her bed noticing how uncomfortable and wet she felt from sweating. This can happen for a number of reasons like calcium build up, but that doesn’t seem accurate given your age. Have you been holding your bladder for long periods of time?” “No,” Emily answered while Anna answered “Yes.” At the same time causing Emily to blush. “That’s not healthy, you should find someplace to go as soon as you feel the urge. Holding it in for excessive amounts of time can lead to infections, like the one you have now.” Dr. Page scolded. “What we are going to do is hook you up to an IV for 24 hours that will administer a medicine to help break up the stones and also a diuretic to help you pass them, but first let’s get you cleaned up.” The Dr said dropping her voice a bit. “The captain also informed me you’ve had a bit of an accident during the link. Don’t worry though” she quickly added as she noticed Emily’s face losing color. “That can sometimes happen during the first time for those with weak bladders.” Emily lifted up her blanket and peeked inside as her face turned bright red as she confirmed what the dr. said was true. “Anna, would you mind helping her into the shower while I find someone to take care of the bedding?” “No problem.” Anna said as she peeled back Emily’s blanket revealing the large wet patch under the young girls legs. Emily’s face turned a mixture between red and purple as she quickly stared out the window as she wondered “how many times will Anna see me like this.” “Don’t worry. Everyone’s reaction is different during their first link” Dr. Page said trying to cheer her up. “I was the Dr. on call when your brother did his first link. The whole time he kept muttering, “Oohh Gary!” over and over while humping his pillow. It took two days for my intern to stop blushing. Emily finally cracked a smile while Anna led her down the hall to the showers. “Do you need help or do you think you got this?” Anna asked while pulling a towel down and handing it to her. “I got this.” Emily said. “I think I’ve gone through enough embarrassment for one day” she said to herself. “Alright, just yell if you need anything.” Anna said as she walked down the hall to consult with Dr. Page. “Oh, Anna,” the dr said as she saw her coming down the hall. “I just got off the phone with Nurse Joy, while Emily is staying with us, you will be her official sitter. I’ll be placing her on a potent and fast acting diuretic. Given her condition and weak bladder I’ve decided she will need to stay in diapers for the remainder of her stay here. I know she won’t be very happy about this, but please encourage her to go as soon as the urge hits her, or else the infection will just become worse. If you catch her trying to hold it in or if she isn’t going at least once an hour place your hand against her lower abdomen and push down for 30 seconds. This will cause her to involuntarily wet, but use it as a last resort in case it causes her pain. Also, make sure to change her often and use lots of baby powder so she doesn’t develop a rash. Also, if she puts up a fight feel free to use your Pokémon to restrain her.” “Oh, uh, alright.” Anna said trying to take it all in. This was not going to be a fun night.
  18. diapers

    Essentially, (y/c) Kidnaps and regresses via drugs or hypnosis or whatever my character, turning them into a sissy who needs and uses diapers. Surgery is allowed, as well as sexual if you want.
  19. Hello all, Well it certainly has been a long time since I posted a story on the site and I think that it is long overdue. This is a sequel to a story that I finished 10 years ago- All I Want For Christmas - and it picks up about 4 months after we left Mark and Chloe at the alter. If you want to read the original then it is over on the DD website in the story section; it is also on here but it might take some finding. I have written the entire thing and am in the process of typing it up, it will not be as long as the original but I am going to drip-feed it here to allow you all to digest it in small bites. So, I submit to you the first three chapters of my story, I am always open to constructive criticism and I am happy to answer questions. Please enjoy and, for those of you who followed the orignal, enjoy finding out what happens to our young couple as they live the married life. Enjoy! DC Chapter 1 Chloe sat in the ultrasound waiting room nervously biting on her nails, Mark looked at his wife, smiled to himself and then reached over and pulled her hand from her mouth. ‘Don’t do that baby it is not good for your teeth.’ Chloe smiled nervously and wiped her hands on her jeans. Making sure that they were still alone in the small room, Chloe made eye contact with Mark and with a slight blush asked, ‘what if they see?’ ‘See what princess?’ Mark knew what she was talking about but he couldn’t help playing this little game. Chloe shifted in her seat, cleared her throat and whispered, ‘you know…my nappy. What if they see it and laugh?’ Mark noticed that his wife looked genuinely worried and leaned closer to his wife, he took her hand and kissed the back, ‘don’t worry my darling. I am here and I will not anything happen. It is probably nothing that they haven’t seen before.’ Chloe felt a little eased by Mark’s comments but still felt the nervousness in her tummy. The couple sat in silence as they both thought about what the coming months would bring, today would be the first time that they will see their unborn child and both were very excited about it. Chloe rubbed her tummy and patted it with tenderness before smiling to herself and thinking about the events of the last eighteen months; meeting mark and wetting herself on their first date, discovering Mark’s desire to have a nappied girlfriend, her own journey back into nappies and subsequent reliance upon them and of course their wedding and now unborn child. Chloe remained deep in thought as the nurse entered the waiting area, ‘Chloe Trimble please.’ Chloe looked up, ‘that’s me.’ ‘Right this way please,’ the nurse gestured towards the door that she had just come out of and smiled. Mark and Chloe rose up and followed the nurse’s instructions. Chloe was the first to enter the room and saw the bed lined with blue paper and a huge machine which was full of buttons and a small blank screen. She placed her bag on a vacant chair and removed her coat. ‘Thank you Mrs Trimble. Would you like to pop yourself on the bed and raise your top so that we can have a little look in there,’ said the nurse as she began to press the buttons, ‘Mr Trimble would you like to take a seat in that chair,’ she indicated a chair at the head of the bed. Chloe made her way to the bed and removed her top before sliding onto the blue paper. She noticed that the exposed plastic of her Tena Slip and quickly pushed it back under the waistband of her jeans with an audible crinkle; if the nurse noticed she didn’t say anything. ‘Will this be your first?’ The nurse broke the silence in the room. ‘Yes it is,’ answered Chloe. ‘Wonderful. You both relax, we are just going to be checking on baby’s growth and seeing how many you have in there.’ Mark gave a nervous laugh and the nurse smiled, ‘if you have any questions then please ask them as we go along, otherwise just enjoy seeing your little one for the first time.’ The nurse continued to enter Chloe’s information into the computer. Chloe smiled and felt the butterflies in her tummy return. ‘Would you like any pictures today?’ Mark and Chloe nodded. ‘Okay then, we will see if we can get you a couple of good ones. Now Mrs Trimble, I am going to squirt a little of this jelly on your tummy which will help us see baby better.’ The nurse took out some more of the blue paper and tucked it under the waistband of Chloe’s jeans, Chloe heard the plastic of her nappy rustle and looked at the nurse who said nothing. The nurse applied a liberal amount of warm jelly to Chloe’s tummy and then the wand before pressing it into the skin; instantly the screen came to life with grainy images that meant little to Mark or Chloe. The nurse ran the wand back and forth over Chloe’s skin trying to get a better picture and muttered under her breath about baby hiding, she pressed the wand down a little harder and repeated the same sweeping motion. Chloe, whose eyes were firmly fixed upon the tiny screen, felt her nappy become warm as she realised that litres of water that she had consumed on the advice of her mother were slowly leaking out of her and she could do nothing about it. Chloe felt herself blush but somehow managed to keep her focus on the screen. ‘Ah! There’s the little rascal.’ The nurse’s sudden exclamation made Mark and Chloe jump. On the screen was now the most amazing image that the young couple had ever seen, their tiny baby was coming into view as the nurse explained what they were looking at. ‘Oh wow,’ Chloe managed to squeeze out as she felt warm tears of joy roll down her cheeks. Mark took hold of his wife’s hand and rubbed it with his thumb, ‘look daddy.’ Mark smiled and kissed Chloe’s hand. ‘So this is the head,’ the nurse indicated a tiny white bump, ‘and this is the heart,’ again a tiny white bump but with the unmistakable rhythm of a human heart, ‘shall we give it a listen?’ Mark and Chloe both nodded, the nurse flicked a switch and the small room was filled with the sound of a miniscule heartbeat. ‘Everything looks fine, I just need to add some notes to your file and then you can get back to your day.’ The nurse removed the wand and placed it back in its holder before tearing off yet more blue roll and wiped Chloe’s tummy clean. ‘Thank you,’ said Mark as he gathered their things together and helped Chloe off the bed. The nurse headed out of the room letting Mark and Chloe make their own way to reception. ‘That was unbelievable!’ Squealed Chloe as the made the short walk along the corridor. ‘Yes baby it was. It is hard to believe that you have a little person growing in there.’ Mark rubbed Chloe’s tummy and then pulled her into his arms in a small recess off the corridor and gave her a kiss. ‘I told you that you would be okay.’ ‘Yes you did but she must have known, my nappy was sticking out of the top of my jeans and she must have felt it when she tucked the blue paper in.’ ‘Well baby, if you are that uncomfortable with it then we will put you in knickers for the next scan.’ Chloe felt her face redden once more, ‘well…um…I…I kind of had a little accident when she was looking for the baby.’ Chloe then buried her head in Mark’s chest and then whispered, ‘I’m actually really quite wet. It might have been a big accident.’ Mark already knew that Chloe had wet her nappy during the examination, the amount of water she had consumed made a wet nappy inevitable but he still loved to hear her tell him, ‘not to worry baby, it is not unusual.’ ‘I suppose not,’ said Chloe, ‘it still takes me by surprise from time to time though.’ ‘Well it’s been a long time now, you’ve been in nappies full time for the past nine months and you’re still adjusting. You know that you can still give it up anytime you want don’t you?’ Mark knew that this was an offer that Chloe was unlikely to accept. ‘What you mean like last time when I completely flooded myself within an hour of being out of nappies.’ ‘Well the offer is there for you to take whenever you like princess.’ ‘Let’s face it Mark, my brain seems to have accepted this new arrangement and I don’t know how to tell it otherwise.’ Mark cuddled Chloe again, ‘I know baby but I will help you at every step of the way if you want to give in.’ Chloe just shook her head and enjoyed the warmth of Mark’s cuddle as she felt her nappy grow warm once more as her bladder issued a timely reminder of her nappy dependence. ‘Come on baby, we need to get back to reception.’ Mark took Chloe’s hand and led her along the corridor to the Maternity Reception where the nurse had told them to wait. A few minutes later the nurse appeared and handed Mark the folder and two grainy pictures of the scan, she wished them luck and then returned to her office. Mark continued to lead Chloe through the maze of corridors towards the exit of the hospital, ‘we are going to get you changed before we head off,’ he whispered to Chloe. Mark had spotted the adult changing facility on the way in and took Chloe inside the small room before locking the door behind them. Chloe looked around the room, it looked like a bigger version of a baby changing facility with a counter top, sink, toilet, sanitary bin and a changing station. ‘Pop yourself on her baby girl.’ Mark indicated the adult changing table by patting the mat with his hand. Chloe walked over to Mark, he unbuttoned her jeans and slipped them down her thighs before helping her up onto the table. Chloe felt small, she was lying on her back looking at the ceiling whilst Mark began to untape her saturated nappy. ‘Oh wow baby! You really are a wet little girl.’ He tickled the inside of Chloe’s thigh making her giggle a little. Chloe reached out the changing back next to her and pulled out the pictures from the scan, she turned them to many different angles as she felt Mark delicately cleaning her nappy area before sliding out the wet padding from beneath her bottom. ‘Up you go baby.’ Chloe lifted her hips to let Mark slide the fresh nappy underneath her before lowering her hips at his command. She felt the soft, dry padding being pulled up over her vagina and then heard the tapes being applied to secure her dry nappy. Mark helped Chloe to put her jeans back on, disposed of the wet nappy, washed his hands and then led Chloe back out of the room and to the car for their journey home. Chapter 2 Chloe quickly bolted from the bedroom and threw herself down the hallway and into the bathroom; she lunged for the toilet and vomited. Morning sickness was becoming more frequent, she hated starting each day feeling so yucky but many people has assured her that this was a temporary thing. Chloe was trying to focus on positive thoughts as she felt another wave of nausea hit her, she held her head over the toilet and vomited again, as she retched, she felt her already soaked nappy becoming warm as her bladder joined in with the voiding. Kneeling on the floor with her head over the toilet, Chloe felt her nappy fail and the warm wee begin to trickle down the inside of her thighs and pool at her knees; she felt her pyjama bottoms getting wet and began to sob. Chloe pushed herself away from the toilet and sat down on the floor in her saturated nappy which forced more wetness into her pyjamas. She sat, in a pool of her own urine, feeling every bit embarrassed and upset. She was still sobbing quietly as Mark pushed open the door, he took one look at his wife and rushed over to her. ‘Oh baby girl, what has happened?’ Mark sat next to Chloe and put his arms around her. ‘I… I’m a mess. I couldn’t stop it. I was being sick and then I wet myself and then my nappy leaked and…’ Chloe burst into a full scale crying fit which stopped her from finishing her sentence. ‘Oh my beautiful baby girl don’t cry, it is okay, I will make it all better.’ Mark cuddled Chloe even tighter, he kissed her on the top of the head and then made shushing noises in her ear. ‘Come on baby, let’s get you cleaned up,’ he said eventually. Chloe nodded and wiped her wet face with the back of her hand, she stood up and heard the dripping as Mark began to help her up. ‘Okay princess, let’s get you in the shower.’ Mark guided Chloe to the shower cubicle and took off her pyjama top, he slid the drenched bottoms down her legs and saw the wettest nappy that he had seen in months. Chloe stood resigned to her situation and let Mark do the work. Mark untapped the nappy, it fell to the tiles with a heavy thud, he moved it to one side with his foot and then helped Chloe into the warm jets of the shower. Mark left Chloe to enjoy the water, he picked up the nappy and rolled it up as best he could, more urine seeped out as he did so but he wasn’t concerned. Chloe’s pyjamas made an improvised mop to clean up the large puddle on the floor, ‘I’ll be right back baby, I am just going to get rid of this nappy and put on the washing.’ He picked up the wet things and left the bathroom. Chloe was enjoying the warm jets of water across her skin, she tilted her head back and let the water cascade down her body. ‘You look like you are enjoying that.’ Mark had returned and was smiling at his wife. ‘Mmmmmm, it is lovely.’ Chloe turned off the shower and took Mark’s outstretched hand to get out of the cubicle, he wrapped her in a fresh towel and led her to the bedroom. Chloe saw all of her clothes laid out on the bed with the usual Tena Slip, ‘ummm, Mark. I don’t think that I want a nappy today.’ Mark looked shocked, ‘er…okay. Are you sure?’ Chloe looked at her husband, she saw the look of concern in his face and tried to look as certain as she could, ‘Yes, I am sure. I just can’t do it Mark, I am not a baby, I’m twenty years old and my morning began with me sitting in a pool of my own piss and crying because I’d wet myself so completely that my nappy had leaked like some toddler. I am a fucking grown woman!’ Chloe felt tears stinging her eyes. ‘I’m sick of not being able to control my own bladder, I’m always wet, I wake up wet, I go to bed wet, I’m even wet between changes sometimes. I must smell like piss all the time.’ Chloe lost control at this point and burst into tears. ‘Oh my poor girl,’ Mark hugged Chloe tightly, ‘I will help you to get better, I promise. It’s going to take some time but it will get better.’ Mark tried to reassure his wife. ‘But it shouldn’t take time Mark, I’m a woman and not a baby learning to toilet train.’ Chloe felt angry with Mark’s lack of faith in her ability. ‘I know that you are not a toddler Chloe but you have been wearing nappies full time for a long time and you’ve just gotten a bit used to them that is all.’ Mark placed his hands on Chloe’s shoulders and looked her in the eyes, ‘we will work on it together.’ Chloe nodded at her husband, ‘I’m sorry Mark, I just can’t do it any more,’ she could see the disappointment in Mark’s eyes. ‘I know that it is what you want but I am so tired of not being able to stay dry or walking around stinky because I’ve messed my nappy. I need to feel like a grown up again.’ Mark cuddled Chloe again, ‘I understand. I will put the nappy away.’ Mark picked up the Tena Slip and returned it to the wardrobe, he reached to the top shelf and found a bag at the back containing Chloe’s knickers, ‘you’re going to need these,’ he said as he tossed them on the bed. Chloe watched the contents of the bag spill onto the bed and Mark walk off down the hallway to get a shower. She sat on the edge of the bed still sobbing and feeling awful about what had just happened, she reassured herself about her decision and resolved to regain her control. Chloe dried away her tears and tipped the remaining contents of the bag onto the bed; for the first time in forever she was about to wear knickers. Chapter 3 Chloe sat at the breakfast table checking her phone as Mark came through from the bedroom, she smiled at him as he got closer, ‘the kettle’s just boiled; would you like coffee?’ ‘Sure,’ he said, ‘are you feeling any better?’ Mark sat in the chair opposite Chloe. ‘Yes I am. I am sorry about before and thank you for being so understanding.’ Chloe kissed Mark as she went to the kitchen. She was finding it strange to not hear the crinkle as she walked around or to feel the bulk of wet padding between her legs that had so often made her waddle. Chloe had just entered the kitchen when the alarm went off on her phone, ‘oh! Excuse me.’ Chloe hurried down the hallway and into the bathroom, she slid her jeans and knickers down her legs and sat on the toilet: nothing happened. Chloe looked down at the knickers between her legs and smiled as she saw that they were still dry, she gave a small push and a tiny trickle of wee made its way into the toilet bowl. Chloe felt very proud of herself and couldn’t help but recall the old Huggies advert jingle, ‘I’m a big kid now’ she quietly sang to herself. Chloe finished up and walked back along to the kitchen. Mark watched Chloe walk down the hallway with a smile on her face, ‘well? Did you make it?’ Chloe smiled again, ‘yes I did!’ ‘Well done,’ Mark paused, ‘and how often is your alarm set to go off?’ Chloe blushed, ‘um… every half an hour.’ ‘You know, we could get you some pull ups to help you with the transition, they will hold any little accidents that you might have.’ Chloe thought for a moment, she knew deep down that Mark was right and that it was a sensible suggestion but her stubbornness would not allow her to accept, ‘no thank you, I am a grown woman and I wear knickers, not nappies or pull ups.’ Mark couldn’t help but chuckle, ‘okay baby but if you don’t do so well then you will be wearing pull ups or even nappies once more. I understand what you want to do but I am not going to be happy if you start to leave puddles everywhere.’ Chloe felt thoroughly chastised, she reconsidered the option of using pull ups but dismissed the idea by telling herself that she would not fail, ‘I will be fine, you will see. No more nappies for me!’ Chloe stuck out her tongue and then headed into the kitchen to make coffee. Mark smiled to himself, he was anticipating many accidents as Chloe tried to regain control and was deep in thought as she brought back the coffee. ‘Here you go.’ Chloe placed the hot coffee in front of him. ‘Thank you princess.’ Mark lifted the cup to his lips and carefully sipped the hot liquid, ‘so, what would you like to do today?’ Chloe thought as she sipped her own coffee, ‘I’m not really sure, I kind of want to be at home a little more today,’ Chloe made a gesture to her crotch hoping that Mark would understand. Mark looked confused for a moment, ‘oh… oh yes. I understand. You’re frightened that you might wet yourself or something.’ Chloe blushed deeply, ‘Mark! I’m just… I mean…I…’ ‘It’s fine princess, I get it. We will stay here.’ ‘I’m sorry, it is just a little embarrassing you know.’ Chloe broke eye contact with Mark and stared at her coffee. Mark got up from his chair and walked around to the other side of the table, he stood behind Chloe and put his arms around her shoulders in a loose cuddle around her neck. He kissed Chloe on the cheek and laid his head on her shoulder, ‘you know that you don’t have to be embarrassed don’t you?’ ‘I know.’ ‘It’s going to take some time, expect accidents and please don’t try to hide it from me.’ ‘I won’t’ ‘I love you Mrs Trimble, you mean the world to me and I am here for you one hundred percent.’ Mark pecked Chloe on the cheek again, ‘now, would you like some breakfast?’ ‘Yes please.’ Mark stood up and headed to the kitchen, he surveyed the fridge and then the food cupboards, ‘I’ve got bacon and eggs or cereal.’ He called through the door. ‘Can I have scrambled eggs and toast please?’ She called back. ‘Sure thing gorgeous. You want juice?’ ‘Yes please.’ Mark set to work cooking the breakfast, he decided to have the same thing so that he didn’t have to cook separate meals. Chloe entered the kitchen carrying her empty coffee cup as he started making toast, ‘Hi hun.’ ‘Hey, I am just getting some more coffee.’ ‘Okay baby.’ Chloe poured herself some coffee from her own pot of decaffeinated and then left Mark to carry on cooking. ‘Just a few more minutes princess,’ Mark called to Chloe as she headed out of the door. ‘Okay daddy’ Chloe replied as she returned to her seat. Mark finished cooking the eggs, he served them onto plates and then carried them back to the table, as he entered the room, Chloe’s alarm went off again. ‘Sorry, be right back,’ Chloe said as she rushed down the hallway and into the bathroom. She repeated the steps from her last trip to the toilet but still nothing happened. She returned to the table to see that Mark had set out juice and condiments. ‘All okay princess?’ ‘Yes thanks,’ Chloe sat down, ‘this looks wonderful.’ Chloe picked up her cutlery and began to eat. Mark and Chloe sat in silence as they each ate their breakfasts, Chloe drained her juice and after she finished her eggs she turned her attention back to the coffee. Mark watched his wife and wondered how long it would be before her high coffee and juice intake took its toll on her bladder. ‘So have you looked at any of the houses that I showed you?’ ‘No not yet but I think that we should make a move before I am too heavily pregnant.’ ‘I completely agree princess, we just need to agree on the property now.’ ‘It’s out there somewhere.’ Chloe sighed. ‘Here, let’s have a look.’ Mark pushed his plate to one side and picked up his iPad, he navigated to the saved tabs and slid the device over to Chloe. ‘I am not going to tell you which one I like best so you can have a look whilst I clear the table.’ Mark gathered the plate and now empty drinks containers and headed to the kitchen. Chloe quickly became engrossed in the houses on the screen and barely noticed Mark re-enter the room, he stood behind her and put his head on her shoulder, ‘I liked that one too.’ ‘Mark!’ she screamed, ‘you scared the shit out of me.’ Mark slapped Chloe’s wrist, ‘you do not use language like that young lady.’ Chloe dropped the iPad onto the table and rubbed her wrist, ‘I am sorry daddy,’ she said meekly, ‘you scared me. I was really interested in this house.’ Chloe picked up the tablet again and swiped through the pictures, ‘I really like this one.’ Mark smiled, ‘yes, me too. It looks perfect for what we need and it has so much space outside.’ ‘I love the master bedroom,’ Chloe swiped back to the relevant picture, ‘look at the windows and the room around the bed and it has got an en-suite and…oh no!’ Chloe dropped the tablet to the table and pushed her chair back, she jammed her hands quickly into her crotch. Mark looked down to see the growing wet spot make its way down his wife’s legs. ‘It won’t stop!’ Chloe yelled as she ran down the hallway to the bathroom.
  20. In episode 4 of Stranger Things El makes a bully wet his pants with her mind.
  21. Here is a story I wrote for the abdlstoryforum.info Halloween contest. Sashabutters and WBDaddy posted theirs, so I am doing this. Feedback is very much encouraged. Redeeming Clara 1. Hanging Out In a New Body The Halloween party ended and I moved on to my next host. I woke up unable to breathe, my neck on fire from the pain and my feet dangling from the floor. I looked down, my vision skewed by my twisted neck, and saw I was hanging ten feet above the floor. I reached to my neck and I realized my new host had just hung herself. “Clara,” I croaked. “Please get me down.” Clara flew up to get to me. She was still red, but not as red as she was last time. Her wings were bat-like and the wind of her flight buffeted me, sending waves of pain through my neck. She examined the noose and flew up to banister and lowered me to the floor. I untied what looked like an orange extension cord from my neck and straighted my head with a crack. My broken neck healed and I fell to the ground with a squish, but I could breathe. I took deep breaths and exhaled and then my senses were restored to me. For one, I could smell and I smelled and felt the poop in my pants. Clara grinned at me, but her fangs really made her seem more scary than jovial. “She killed herself, or would have if you haven’t jumped in to save her. Humans always poop themselves when they die. Bailey, we go through this every time.” She then held my chin up in her hand and force me to look at her. “Are my horns gone now? I really want to wear my halo again. I make a poor guardian angel for you without it.” “They are smaller, but you are still a demon. ‘Go ahead and kill yourself, Bailey,’ you said. ‘No one likes you anyway,’ you said and then we jumped off the bridge.” Clara frowned. “I thought you’d jump in and save me and then I’d show you what it was like if you were never born. It worked in the movies.” “You are a supernatural being and you get your advice from cheesy Christmas movies. You can’t do that. Besides, this is a Halloween story. And that is why you are now a demon and why I have to jump from body to body like a suicide version of Jonathan Archer.” Clara sighed. “Jonathan Archer is Star Trek. You are thinking Scott Bakula.” I glared at my guardian demon. “Well you know the drill. You got to fix this one.” She pointed at me in my new body. “Remember, we only have until Halloween.” She spun around and with a puff of noxious black smoke, she disappeared. I walked up the stairs to change my pants. I tried the doors until I found a bathroom and then slowly removed my smelly jeans and panties. The jeans were nice Seven jeans and the panties were once nice and silky, but the lump of poop in the seat and the wetness sure did nothing to help them. I dumped the poop in the toilet, threw all the clothes in a heap on the floor and took a long, long shower. Once clean, I looked in the mirror. There was no steam on the mirror which I thought odd. I was naked and my skin was red from the shower heat. Not, as read as Clara’s, but red none-the-less. There was a prominent white ring around my neck from the extension cord. The last thing I wanted was to spend time in a mental hospital and have to wait until next Halloween to move on. Two hosts ago, it took me five years to solve her issues. Her hair was blonde, where my real hair, which I hadn’t seen in twenty years was a mousy brown. I wondered what this girl’s problem was. What could be so bad as to make her want to kill herself? I turned and walked naked throughout the house looking for my bedroom. The house was huge. She was a rich girl. I counted six bedrooms before I found one with Seven jeans in the closet. Clothes from Nordstrom’s and Macy’s abounded. A queen bed sat on a platform by the window and two stairs led down to an area with a desk and computer and another area with a small entertainment system. It wasn’t the master bedroom. That was down the hall and had been large enough to park a Mercedes. I grabbed some clothes and dressed, then ran out to clean up. The clothes from the bathroom quickly went into a hamper in my bedroom. The extension cord went into the garage and then I noticed the yellow puddle in the atrium where I had peed while swaying from the rope. I went to the bathroom and got a towel and was about to come downstairs and wipe it up when I saw a woman standing there looking at the puddle. “Maria, are you having trouble getting to the bathroom again?” She was blonde with gray streaks starting to blend in. It made her seem stately rather than old. I am sure she would have dyed it otherwise. She looked like an older version than my new body. “Um, I…,” I looked at the towel in my hand and then at the woman. “It was just an accident,” I said. The woman turned and picked up a cardboard box. I knelt down to clean up the puddle, but she shook her head. “Let Leticia clean that up. Come on upstairs to your room.” I followed her upstairs and sat on the bed. The woman sat beside me. She started to open the box. “I think that you should start wearing diapers today instead of tomorrow.” I looked around panicked. “Surely, I am too old for diapers. I don’t need them.” The woman looked sad. “Maria, the school complained about your accidents. I had to go to a parent teacher conference about it, This is serious and we only have to do this until we figure out what is wrong.” She pulled out a diaper and stretched it out. “Please take off your pants and panties and let’s get this done now.” The diaper was huge. I had never really been around babies that much and I didn’t know what to expect. But I pulled off my pants and panties to lie on the bed. Clara appeared and just watched me. She was doubled over with laughter. I was getting angry. “Too bad your hosts weren’t diapered.” She then howled with laughter. I was worried the woman would hear. The woman did not seem to notice. She positioned the diaper, poured a bit of powder inside and taped me up. Then she helped me into a sitting position. “It’s not so bad,” she said. “No one at your school will notice a thing.” She picked up my discarded clothes and walked across the room to the hamper. Clara was still rolling on the floor laughing, and the woman just walked through her. She opened the hamper to through my jeans and panties inside. As she opened the lid, her nose wrinkled. She dropped the clothes, but said nothing about the smell of the mess inside other than remark. “I’ll have Leticia do your laundry a day early.” She left me alone with Clara in just a diaper and t-shirt. 2. Off to School With My Guardian Demon I awoke to flapping sounds. Clara’s batwings fanned the sheets off me, leaving me in just a diaper and a shirt. “Hey,” I yelled and grabbed the sheets to cover myself and then reached over to turn on the lights so I could see her. She pointed to the nightstand clock that showed 7:29 am. “You are forgetting that I am a fallen angel.” The clock ticked to 7:30 am and the alarm started blaring. I glared at Clara and then sat up angry. “I hate you,” I said. I threw the sheets back aside and stumbled into the en suite bathroom, pulled off the still-dry diaper and took off my shirt. By the time I took a shower, I was calmed down and ready to get this host over with. I looked in the mirror and got a good look at myself. Maria had blonde hair, but it was straight and thin. She was also very pale. That was a problem because the red rope burn around my neck showed what the girl had tried to do to herself before I was sent to save her. I came back into the bedroom and started looking in the closet. Maria had a lot of clothes, but not much to look at. I looked at the jeans. All of them were baggy mom jeans. The girl was what? A teenager at the very least and she dressed like an old woman. I found a pair of pink pants and a black t-shirt and then found underwear in her drawer. I dressed and looked in the mirror. That nasty red mark on my neck still showed. “Your new mother isn’t going to approve of that outfit,” said Clara. “Why?” I asked. I grabbed the scarf and wrapped it around my neck to hide the mark. “Just wait.” The demon snapped her fingers and the door opened. The mom stood in the doorway. “Wow. You are up already? Usually I have to drag you out of bed.” She looked at my outfit. “You look nice today. I shrugged. “I woke up before my alarm rang and couldn’t get back to sleep.” “Well come down for breakfast. Carlos is going to be surprised when I ask him to put out another plate for you at breakfast.” I went ahead of her out the door and felt at tap at my butt. “You aren’t wearing your new underwear.” “She means your diaper,” said Clara. “I know what she means, Clara,” I said. The mother looked worried. “Who are you talking to?” she asked. I felt panicked. “Um, no one.” “Well, lie down on the bed. I don’t want to send Jimmy to your school to bring you more clothes. Wednesday he had to bring them twice. This needs to stop and that is why the doctor suggested diapers until we figure out what is wrong.” “Fine,” I said and went to lie on the bed. The change done, I pulled my pink pants back up and looked in the mirror. I was surprised the diaper didn’t show. Maybe it was because this was a new butt, but I couldn’t tell if it looked bigger or not. I walked out of my room to the dining room. The dining room was a weird experience. The table looked like it could hold a state dinner. I think there were twenty chairs on each side of the table. The mother took a seat at the end and I sat to her right. Only her place was set. A Hispanic man in a chef’s outfit carried in a silver covered platter and put before her. When he pulled away the cover there were stacks of bacon and a pile of scrambled eggs. He looked at me. “Should I bring some plates for you, Miss Maria?” “Maria actually got out of bed this morning,” said the mother. She had a big smile on her face. Carlos went out the door and returned with a place setting. He then served the food on our plates. I just wolfed down the food. I was starved. I wondered why Maria didn’t always wake for breakfast. It would probably make her more mellow. “What did you do with my daughter?” asked the mother. Was I spotted? I looked to Clara for help. She just shrugged. Carlos stood by the door smiling. The mother smiled too. “I don’t know what it was, but I am glad you are eating again. It’s been almost a month since you lost your appetite. The doctor said he was worried.” So Maria wasn’t eating. This was weird. The last time I was in an anorexic girl, I never felt hungry. I had been starving. I stood. “I am going to get my school stuff,” I said. “Jimmy will bring your car around.” I ran up to my room. “Sweet,” I said. “My own car.” I went through the room and finally found my school bag and opened it up. Everything was there and all the notebooks were organized. My phone lay on the table and I checked it. I didn’t know the pin code, but my fingerprint was all I needed to unlock it. The to do app had all my homework assignments. None of the assignments were finished that were due today. Of course. Maria didn’t need to do her homework because she thought she was committing suicide. And now I had to both figure out what she was learning and then try to get it done before class. I carried my bag downstairs and went out the door to drive to school, but then I was shocked. There wasn’t a sports car which I expected a rich girl to have, but a car that looked like it came out of a movie. There was a man in a black uniform and wearing a visored hat standing next to the car. He held the suicide door open waiting for me to get in. I looked at Clara, but she just flew into the backseat. The man didn’t even flinch as her batwings just passed through his body. I climbed in after her. “Do you have everything for school this time?” asked the man. His nametag said Jimmy. I nodded and he shut the door and walked around to the driver’s seat. He got in and looked back at me. “After I drop you off at school, I’ll deliver your supplies to the school nurse. Go there if you need a change.” I blushed really hard, or I think I did. My face sure felt hot. I reached for my scarf, but thought better of it and put my hands in my lap. I stayed quiet until I got to school. 3. I left for the school building as soon as Jimmy opened the door for me. My meticulously drawn up schedule led me to the right classroom where I sat down. A blonde girl in a cheerleading outfit leaned over my desk. “Pass over the math homework and I might let you in the bathroom today.” “What?” I asked. “Math homework, or you will have pissy pants again today.” She sneered and a few other girls around her giggled. I went through my bag and took out my math book. Inside, a paper said what homework problems to do, but only the first one was complete. “I didn’t finish.” The cheerleader was livid. She grabbed my hair and dragged me out of the classroom. Six other cheerleaders followed in her wake as she pulled me into the bathroom. Two snapped my head back over the sink. Another pulled out a towel and put it over my shirt and then she stuck her fingers in my mouth and pulled it open. A bottle of bottled water was produced and shoved in my mouth, my nose was held and I was forced to drink the liquid. After drinking two bottles of water, I was let up and my mouth was dried with the towel and I was led back to the classroom. By then, the teacher had entered and it was time for class to start. Math class was boring. Since neither the cheerleader or me had completed the homework, we were called upon and I had no clue what I was doing and I was smart. But I forgot how to do a derivative since I didn’t have a smart enough host to take calculus in quite a while. Then all that water hit and I really had to pee. I frowned, and crossed my legs. The diaper didn’t help. But I waited and held it and waited and held it and managed until the bell rang. Then I couldn’t get up soon enough. When I stood I crossed my legs a bit to keep from leaking and then I swiftly walked toward the bathroom. The cheerleader kept up with me and when I got to the door, she put a hand on the door so I couldn’t pull it open. “I really need to use the bathroom, so please move.” She looked at me like I said the stupidest thing ever. “You know the rules. You disobey me and you don’t use the bathroom.” More girls came to use the bathroom, so the cheerleader pulled the door open and let them pass, but her hand grabbed tightly to my wrist. “Let go of me,” I said through clenched teeth. I looked around for Clara , but she was nowhere to be seen. “Sure,” said my tormentor. She pulled me along with her into a new classroom. “I can’t believe you want me to vape with you in the bathroom later. I am a good girl,” she said. The teacher gave me a dirty look. I just sat in a desk. There was no homework in senior English, but it was a bunch of boring poems. I tried to pay attention to the differences between Keats and Shelley, but my need to pee distracted me to no end. Finally I raised my hand. “Maria?” “May I be excused to use the restroom?” The cheerleader put her pen in her mouth and pretended to vape with it. “Have a good vape break, Maria.” The teacher was not amused. “No, Maria, you cannot leave my classroom for you to go vape.” “But I really have to pee.” My pants dug into my bladder. The water was starting to take it’s toll. “You can go after class, Maria.” I sighed and went back to being bored by Keats and Shelley. I was going to pee. Clara came up behind me and started rubbing my shoulders. “Just slowly let it out. Don’t let it out too quickly or you might leak.” I looked at her. “I’m not going to wet my pants,” I whispered. I felt a trickle escape. She rubbed my back. “It’s okay. Just relax.” I closed my eyes and let the inevitable happen. It was so warm. Hot water exploded around my privates and I bit my tongue to keep from moaning in relief. I tried to stay still and listen as my urethra muscles decided to go on strike. I would not give the cheerleader the pleasure of knowing she made me wet in diapers for the first time since I was a baby. Wetness continued to leak out of me until I was empty and I felt the hot blanket of the diaper pressing against my skin. I had just wet my pants in class and I suddenly knew why I was here. Bullying. This was why Maria killed herself. This was why she was wearing diapers. I had the feeling this was not the first time that Maria had wet herself in class. I looked around. The cheerleader was looking at me expectedly. She was staring at my crotch. I looked down, knowing that the wet diaper beneath my clothes had to be obvious, but I really couldn’t tell. But I was still overwhelmed and I just wanted to cry. I never faced anything like this and my punishments for jumping off that bridge with Clara were really bad. I had experienced being shamed, being called a slut, fat, and stupid. There was even one poor girl who killed herself because she was afraid of a math final. That one was easy. I just took and aced the final and moved on to the next body, but this girl—I was at a loss to find the answer and after being force to wear and use a diaper, this affected me as well. I tried to look at the head cheerleader out of the corner of my eyes and caught her looking at my pants. She was probably waiting for me to have an accident. I turned away and ignored her. “Now class,” said the teacher, “for homework you will write a two page story inspired by Bright Star by Keats turn it into class in the morning. That means the beginning of class, Amy.” I looked around for the student that the teacher was pointing out and saw the blushing cheerleader who was tormenting me. Clara raised a finger in a shame, shame motion toward Amy and then giggled. I was too cross to giggle with her. The bell rang and she stopped goofing off as I stood up. Then she was all professional. “Your next class is Physics, but you probably want to divert by the nurses office.” I walked out in the heard of students while Clara carried my schedule and the map of the school. “Let’s stop by a bathroom so I can change,” I said. She pointed at a group of cheerleaders standing by the ladies room door. “Yeah, we are going to the nurse’s.” I let her take my hand and lead me to the nurses office. Clara didn’t even blink as she walked through other students standing beside me, but I kept stopping expecting her to be bounced out of her purposeful passage. I walked into the nurses office and the nurse looked at me. “Oh, Maria, did you have another accident?” “No,” I said and then felt the diaper around me. The hotness had cooled a bit, but I had endured the strange rubbing of my privates with each step. “I just need a change and I can’t manage it myself in the bathroom.” Yes, change me like a baby, I thought. I was at my lowest, even lower than the events that made me jumped of the bridge with Clara. The nurse laid me down on a little cot and then helped me out of my jeans. I then lay down with my eyes closed wishing I was somewhere else. I felt the now familiar rustling of plastic, the too-cool cleansing of the wipe, and then the dry paper feeling of the diaper pulled between my legs. Four tapes held it on my and then I was on my feet, bending over to pull my pants up. I buckled and then frowned at the nurse. “Thanks for the help. I am just overwhelmed by all this.” “No problems. Come to the office any time you need to. Your driver left me a whole bag of incontinence pants for you. I don’t mind helping you. And don’t you think this is better than having to wear your gym shorts as pants three times last week?” I looked down at the floor. Three times in a week? What had happened? She handed me a pink hall pass. “Give this to Mrs. Sullivan so she’ll let you in class.” I grabbed it and let Clara guide me to class. 3. Discovery “What did you get yourself into, Bailey?” I asked as I looked through the lab manual. The boy next to me wore a football jersey with the school colors on it. He looked at me like I was strange. “Who is Bailey? I’m Robbie.” “Sorry, I was just thinking out loud. I am just confused by this lab experiment. I am not even sure where to start.” “Well, we start on the roof.” He picked up a box that was on the table and motioned me to proceed him into the hall. No one else left the classroom. The others had ramps and blocks, springs, pendulums, and balances. I looked at Clara and she nodded. “While you were absorbed in the lab book, the teacher was giving each team their instructions.” “So why do we need to climb up to the roof? Do you remember what happened on that bridge?” “You are talking out loud,” she warned. “You read the experiment,” said Robbie. “We need to throw various objects off the roof and time their decent. Like Galileo did? I didn’t know he threw things off a bridge.” We went to the stairs until they got to the third floor landing. At the top was a ladder set into the wall. The first step was about four feet above the floor. Above, was a trapdoor that was opened. “Are you sure students are supposed to climb up here?” I asked. “We got special permission from the teacher. Go on. I will be behind you to catch you if you fall.” He made his hands into a step and I put a foot in them and stepped up. I caught the stair and his hand touched my butt as I struggled to get to the first step. I got a hold of the step and started to climb. I hoped he didn’t feel the diaper through my pants. We got to the top and then he pulled up the box from a rope behind us. Inside was a giant bell hanging from the center of the room. We walked to an opening and could see quite a bit of the grounds of the school. He took a stopwatch and his notebook and handed me the first object. It was a small metal ball about the size of a baseball. “Is that a cannonball?” ask Clara. “Yes, Maria. Galileo threw cannonballs from the bell tower when he did this experiment. Throw it down and we will time it’s decent.” I shrugged. This was unreal. Schools don’t normally allow such cool things like this. I was so excited I missed that he heard Clara and answered her. I threw the ball from the bell tower. “Two point five seconds,” he said and wrote it down. He handed me a golfball. “Two point five seconds.” A whiffle ball. “Two point five seconds.” A paratrooper toy. I threw down the paratrooper toy. It was just like a regular GI Joe toy, but this one had a plastic parachute. The parachute filled and it went to the ground. “Ten seconds.” He handed me an ostrich feather. “Twenty seconds. That’s the last thing.” “I wish we could through Amy from this tower,” I said. “Bailey, don’t,” said Clara. Robbie smiled. “You right to be mad at her. The whole school knows she had the other cheerleaders keep you out of the bathrooms so you wet yourself. That’s why you are wearing that diaper, isn’t it?” I looked at him with surprise. “Clara, a forgetfulness charm,” I hissed at her. She stood in front of him with her batwings outspread as she reached into her miracle bag. “I won’t tell,” he said. “You got her worried about something.” I waved Clara off. “Go on.” “I don’t know what her deal is. It’s over the line doing that to another student.” He looked longingly at me. “At least you don’t have to date Amy. I’d rather date you because you are smart.” “You are dating Amy?” I asked. “Yes,” he said. “The quarterback of the football team always dates the head cheerleader in high school. That’s what my mother and father say. They were quarterback and head cheerleader in high school.” He shrugged. “Amy sure is dull. AP Physics is the only class I have without Amy. That and football practice, but the cheerleaders are right next to us then.” He took my hand but thought better about it. He looked at me instead. “I’m sorry about the diaper and her making you wet your pants for a whole month straight. He looked down from the bell tower. We better get our experimental items and return to class. We went down the ladder and he helped me to the ground when we got to the third floor landing. We went out the first floor door and picked up our toys. The cannonball and the paratrooper toy were the best. I wondered why this school was so cool, except for an angry cheerleader who made other students wet their pants. Back in class we had to answer our workbook questions. We weren’t allowed to do that part together, so I did it by myself. “Why did the paratrooper and the feather fall at a different time than the other objects?” I put something about air resistance. I finished the paper and turned it in and sat beside Robbie. Just then the bell rang. I started to get up, but everyone else was seated. Robbie looked at me. “It’s just the announcements period.” “That’s right,” I said. We set and gossiped, but then the loudspeaker started to blare. Everyone stood and I stood a second later. Someone lead the Pledge of Allegiance and then we all sat down. “South High Students, this Friday is Halloween and we are too old for trick or treating, and too young for bar-hopping. Instead we are having a high school dance. Wear your most scariest costume and the winning boy and girl will be crowned Halloween King and Queen.” I leaned over and looked at Robbie. “I wish you could take me.” He looked back at me. “I was going to go with Amy...” I shrugged and gave a disappointed look. “...but, why not. It’s not homecoming or prom. Maria, will you be my date for the Halloween dance?” Amy was going to be so mad at me, but Maria deserved this night of fun. What was the worse thing that could happen? “Of course I will go to the Halloween dance with you,” I said. 4. Thrifting I had never been dropped off at a Goodwill in a chauffeured Rolls, but a driver and a blonde body was a new thing for me. “What are we doing here?” asked Clara. She stretched out her bat-wings. Her horns were less prominent today and they were getting smaller and smaller. Soon her halo would fit. “What are we doing here?” asked Jimmy. He straighened his chauffeur's cap and held the door for me. “I am buying a Halloween costume for the dance.” “This is a thrift store. The Halloween store is in the old closed Macy’s at the mall,” said Jimmy. “I don’t want to be a slutty (insert name of occupation).” “You can always be a sexy or trampy (insert name of occupation),” said Clara. “So what are you looking for? Who are you going to be?” asked Jimmy. “I don’t know. Let me look for something.” I walked away from the car and started to look around. The trucker hats were picked over. This was not a very good Goodwill. All the crap was gone. This was a Goodwill in an upscale neighbor hood. However, something did jump out on me. It was a nightgown with an ugly neck. I shrugged, held it up, and it looked like it would fit me. “That looks awful,” said Clara. “What are you going for? Old lady?” I shrugged. “It is ugly, but it looks just like something a Regan from the Exorcist wore.” “Who’s Regan? The President?” It was give or take if Clara would get a pop culture reference. I hoped the other students at school would understand it. That movie came out way before I was born. “It’s a horror movie character about a girl possessed by a demon,” I explained. “Demons are fallen angels. They don’t go around possessing people. Well, not usually. A guardian angel would have to be a really big failure to allow that to happen.” She then blushed. “A bigger failure than me anyway.” I shrugged. “Well, it’s just a movie. That’s what we humans think of when we think of Halloween monsters.” Clara sighed. “Well find out what you need and we can make a costume.” # I had the costume laid out on my bed. Tomorrow was Halloween and I was all ready to leave. Spending the entire week in diapers had been a pain in the butt, aside from Amy being really angry that I wasn’t having public accidents despite her and the other cheerleaders guarding the bathrooms. “So what is the green baby food for?” Clara asked. I looked at Clara. Her batwings were folded and her horns had shrunk to bare nubs, but her skin was still a dark red that highlighted sharp and fierce features. “It’s to stain the nightgown so I look like Regan. Otherwise, I’ll just be a girl who wore her grandmother’s nightie to the school dance.” I walked over the the TV and flicked it on and then got the set top box remote and scrolled through the horror movies. Clara scooted next to me, just as I picked out a movie. We watched the Exocist and then I educated Clara on horror movies. We got through Jason, Freddie, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre before I was a drooling wreck in Clara’s lap where I slept until Halloween morning. # “Wake up, Miss Maria,” said Leticia. “If you want to have breakfast, we start in half an hour.” I had been eating like crazy. I sat up and rubbed my stomach and hoped I wasn’t making Maria fat. “I’ll be down for breakfast. I am just going to have my shower.” I stood up and remembered my nighttime attire, but Leticia only blushed and left. I went into the bathroom to shower. I pulled off my dry diaper I wore to bed and kicked it into the trash and then used the toilet. So far I hadn’t had to poop at school, and I didn’t intend on messing in my new school-time underwear. I through on a bra and my diaper and then went to the closet and chose a black skirt. I had found an orange t-shirt that showed various tools and weapons along with instructions on what to do if there was a zombie apocalypse. That done, I left for school. 5. Halloween Day The halls were festooned with Halloween decorations. Twist of orange and black crepe paper streamed across the halls and around the classroom doors, As I walked past the gymnasium, I saw that it was all decorated for the dance as well. The basketball hoops were cranked up so they were out of the way and orange and black streamers decorated the gym. Tables with confetti ghosts and pumpkins scattered on top surrounded the edge allowing a natural dance floor to form in front of the stage. It was going to be fun tonight.Amy bumped into me outside the math classroom. She pushed me back into a locker. “How are you holding it? I have all the bathrooms guarded, so you can’t use them.” I shrugged. “Maybe your friends aren’t as loyal to you as you thought. Or maybe they don’t have a pee fetish like you who get off on watching other girls pee their panties?” “That bitch Amanda is letting you go. She thinks she can be head cheerleader if I become ineligible because you are getting me zeros on my homework.” “Well she was kind enough to let me use the restroom so I didn’t mess my pants. You are making me very unpopular in this school.” I noticed that I didn’t have any friends. I had been relying on Clara for more and more and I finally realized she replaced any friends I had. We had to finish our mission before I was totally dependent on Clara. I poked me hard in the stomach. “You better start working on my homework. I am going to take care of Amanda.” She left. Math actually went by normally. English was normal too. We had finished with Keats and Shelley and moved on to MacBeth. I learned that wasn’t by coincidence. The teacher that wouldn’t let me go to the bathroom wanted the witches scene from Macbeth to coincide with Halloween. I looked over to wear the cheerleaders sat beside me. Amanda couldn’t sit still and she looked super pale. She wore gray leggings and I knew she had to be regretting that choice. Amy was smiling, but the other cheerleaders were subdued. I think Amy crossed the line by trying to deny Amanda the bathroom. However, I didn’t stay to watch the show. I just moved on to Physics. I made a beeline to Robbie and sat next to him. “We on for tonight?” He smiled. “Of course we are.” “What did Amy say?” I asked. There have been no repercussions about me asking Robbie to the dance. None at all. “Listen,” he said. “I asked you. I didn’t ask Amy and didn’t consult with her. I will pick you up at seven.” “I got a really spooky costume,” I said. “I am going as Tony Romo,” he said. “He is a football player, isn’t he?” I asked. Robbie nodded. “I thought you would go as a scientist or something. You know, from our conversations over the last couple days.” I wondered if his being smart was just a ploy. I hoped him asking me out wasn’t just a ploy. What if he asked me out just to humiliate me and Amy knew it so that is why she was being so quiet about it? “My friends wouldn’t get a science reference.” He then looked at me. “Well except for you.” He smiled at me and then reached over to take my hand under the table, but then folded his hands together and put them in front of him at his spot on the lab table. He didn’t talk to me for the rest of the class period. Boring physics just went on and on. I took notes the best I could and tried to make them readable so that Maria would be able to use them. Finally, the bell rang for lunch. I stood, but Robbie stopped me. “Be sure to be ready at seven. It will be so much fun to have a date that I really like.” He smiled and I smiled back. I ran out the door because I knew I had to pee and I wanted a clean diaper before I had to go eat lunch. I decided to try the bathroom, but was thwarted when I got there. Amanda stood in front of me. She wasn’t wearing her gray leggings. Instead she wore her PE shorts. She pushed me in the chest so I couldn’t get by her. “You aren’t using the bathroom today, especially after you told Amy I let you in.” She looked down. “Amy kept me out of the bathroom in punishment.” I looked at her again. A blue flowing shirt did not match the bright red PE shorts she wore. “Oh my gosh, you wet your pants today.” She gave me an angry look. “Shush.” “I don’t know why we allow Amy to bully us,” I said. “Of course we know why,” said Amanda. “She found your lost cell phone and used it to take the photos that became the sexting scandal. If we don’t play along, she’ll reveal everything, so please do her homework. I should have never let her convince me to let her take those sexy pictures of me. “Which is why I can’t tell on her for making me pee myself all the time,” I said. “Maria, you got to do something. I’m so afraid those pictures will come out and I’ll get…we’ll get put on a list and have to live under an overpass.” Clara looked over at me. “How do you stop a blackmailer?” I shrugged. “I still won’t do her homework,” I said. “So keep peeing yourself then,” said Amanda. I turned and walked toward the nurse’s office. # “So we can’t tell on Amy,” I said, “even if it wouldn’t brand Maria as a snitch, it’s her old phone with the sexing pictures and if Amy thinks she is losing control….” “She’ll arrange for a principal to find the lost phone and realize there are bad pictures on there. Ones that she took, by the way.” I got to the door of the nurse’s office and relaxed as I wet my diaper. I knocked and looked at the nurse as she opened the door. “I had another accident today,” I said. She opened the door, and let me in. “Maria, we got to stop this. The diapers are supposed to be only for just in case. You know you can become dependent on them?” I did not know that. “I couldn’t make it,” I said as I hopped up on the cot in the nurses office. She lifted my skirt and smiled. “The skirt makes it easier,” she said. “I didn’t think about that,” I answered. She quickly changed me and then set me on my way. No one sat with me as I took my lunch in the cafeteria. I sat alone until the bell range before heading to health class. I sat down and then Amy sat next to me. “So are you going to the dance tonight?” she asked. I nodded. “Well be sure you vote my costume as the best, or else.” I frowned. “Are you going to let me in the bathroom at the dance?” I asked. She laughed. “If I have a good time, then so do you.” I sat through health as the teacher droned on and on about cigarette smoking and the dangers of drugs. The day couldn’t end soon enough. I was tempted to call Jimmy and get him to take me home early, but then I thought Maria’s parents might say something about it. 5. The Halloween Dance I wore my frumpy nightgown and strategically spilled green baby food down the front of the gown. I dyed my hair brown and decorated it. with hair gel, being sure to roll around in my pillow before it was quite set up. Eye makeup took some work. I mixed colors to get an ugly greenish skin tone and applied it thickly around my lids and put on red scars on my cheeks. When I was ready, I looked in the mirror. I was no longer Maria. I wasn’t even Bailey. I was Regan and Regan looked so scary. I stood back from the mirror and froze. I wasn’t Regan from the Exorcist. I was Regan in an adult diaper and that wouldn’t do. Not that Regan hadn’t needed one. I had seen the movie. I kicked off the diaper into my trashcan and picked out some underpants from Maria’s drawer. Now I was ready. I would just have to count on Amy’s promise to let me in the bathroom. As I stood outside on the porch and watched for my date, I wondered if it had just been a setup. Robbie wasn’t coming. I turned to go in and when I did, I heard a horrible sound coming from a panel on the wall. I pressed a button to make it stop. The noise stopped and I heard Robbie’s voice. “Open the gate and let me in.” I hit a button that said Gate and it turned green. Jimmy came in the room. “You can call me if you want to go home.” He then smiled. “I think you will have a good time. That is a good Regan costume, by the way. I didn’t know what you were thinking going to Goodwill.” I smiled. It was Halloween night and I knew that I would miss Jimmy. My adventures usually ended on Halloween night and I knew that if I failed to solve Maria’s problem I would end up hanging from her banister a week before Halloween. “Thanks, Jimmy. I will miss you.” The last part I said under my breath. I went outside and my date was there. He wore the full Cowboys regalia except for the helmet and pads. The uniform said Romo on the back and he held a walker in his hands. “I assume that is a football joke,” I said. He looked at me wide-eyed. “My God, Maria. You really do look spooky. Are you going to keep the brown hair?” I didn’t know if Maria would be mad at me or happy that I dyed her hair. I didn’t care, I wanted to go back to my own body. I smiled at him and he leaned in to kiss me. “Make-up,” I squealed. “Oh, yeah,” he said. He opened the door for me and I got inside. “So let’s get to the dance,” said Robbie. “Yeah,” I said. I looked in the mirror and saw Clara sitting behind me in the back seat. She wore nose and eyebrow glasses and I just couldn’t help giggling. It looked so silly with her horns and bat wings. “What’s so funny?” Robbie looked nervous, like I was going to bite or something. “I am just thrilled to be here.” # Robbie was a good dancer, once he left the walker at his table, that is. We danced salsa, swing, and even a bachata number. I danced and danced the night away. It was almost eleven and I didn’t see Amy at all. It felt good not to be around her, but I knew I needed to confront her. My bladder also was beginning to fill. I knew that Robbie knew about the diapers and I knew where his hands had been when we were dancing. He had to know I was wearing panties underneath my nightie. But I enjoyed the punch and free sodas, something I knew Maria hadn’t been able to enjoy lately. I politely excused myself and walked toward the bathroom when Amy burst into the gymnasium. She was dressed like Cinderella, but she was not a happy Disney princess. I had never seen anyone that angry in a princess dress. “Who stole my date for this dance?” she screamed. I tried to edge toward the bathroom, but she blocked the way. “I told you that you could only use the bathroom if I was having a good time.” She raised her voice. “I am not having a good time.” Robbie walked over and stood beside me. “Let her go pee, Amy,” he said. “She didn’t steal your date. I asked her to the dance. I never asked you and you never said anything about this dance to me at all.” “But you are my boyfriend. Everyone knows that we were going to the dance together. Not her.” She pointed at me. “No bathroom for you.” I saw Amanda and Lucy stand behind her, also blocking the bathroom. Amanda mouthed the words, “Get the phone and I will let you in.” Well, this was the confrontation that would determine my future in this body. “Amy, you had your fun making me wet myself. Just give me back my cell phone and I will step aside and let you have Robbie back.” Robbie looked at me with a sad look in his eyes. “I really like you,” I said, “but Amy is your girlfriend. I had a good time though.” Amy pulled a cell phone out of her purse. It was an iPhone 5s, a model earlier than the one Maria now carried. “Maybe it is time to turn this phone into the principal.” “Just give it back and I will do your homework,” I said. I looked at the clock. It was 11:25pm. I had thirty-five minutes to get the cell phone back. “But I like a gold phone. Rose gold never did it for me. I think rose gold looks pink and I hate pink.” “Amy, please,” I said. “You aren’t persuading her,” said Clara. She stood behind me and grabbed me around my waist and began to squeeze. “No, don’t,” I said and Amy looked at me satisfied, but I wasn’t talking to Amy any longer. Clara was squeezing me around my waist over my very full bladder and then her hands went through my body and she squeezed my actual bladder. It was too much. I let go and began to pee. Standing there on the floor. In front of my entire class and everyone at the dance saw. It pooled in a big puddle in between my feet and I stood there peeing as Clara wrung my bladder completely empty. As soon as I stopped I wailed. “Why did you make me do that?” I was talking to Clara, but Amy looked at me in satisfaction. “It’s what you get for stealing my date?” Amy said. “And I am sharing the phone with the principal as well.” “It’s all right,” said Clara, “but I need you to trust me. Let me have control.” “What?” I said and Clara merged her body with mine. I felt so chilled as all the body heat dropped out of me. “Give me back my cell phone,” my voice said. My mouth was moving and my throat felt right, but my voice sounded deep and harsh. Amy held the phone above her head and smiled. “No way, pissy pants.” I felt chilled and I couldn’t move. My body wanted Clara out of me and I felt nauseated. I had guzzled too much green punch and I didn’t pee it all out when I wet. I threw up and couldn’t even kneel to let it out. Instead, Clara moved my chin up and opened my mouth. A stream of vomit flew up and hit the cell phone straight on, knocking it out of Amy’s hand. Clara didn’t stop. All the students scattered back from me except Amy who backed up and tried to reach for the cellphone. I saw them back away from every direction because Clara rotated my head in a 360 degree manner that humans just can’t duplicate. I then faced forward again and spewed again, but what I spewed was not punch or partially digested food. Instead a bat-winged demon flowed out of my mouth and straight through Amy and into the girl’s bathroom. Amy stood over Maria’s cellphone, but she didn’t see it at all. Instead, a second puddle of pee was forming on the floor underneath Amy. A smell wafted into the air as well and Amy stood in shock. “The demon flew into me,” she shuddered out. I turned and bowed to the rest of the students in the audience and smiled, then turned to Amy and leaned down and snatched my cellphone and examined it. It wouldn’t turn on. “Amy, you peed on my cellphone. Now it won’t turn on. I wasn’t really possessed. It’s just special effects because I wanted to win the costume contest.” I turned and looked at Robbie. “I need some more punch.” I changed the pitch of my voice to sound demonic. “This voice makes my throat dry.” He put his arm on my back and guided me to the punch bowl. We then had time for one more dance. The song was Monster Mash, and Robbie and I dance to the Monster Mash together. His hands in mine felt good and warm and I wanted to hold them forever. It was the first Halloween that I actually was not annoyed by the song. The song ended and we went to sit at a table. Amy had to walk by our table to leave the gym. She no longer wore her princess dress. Instead, she wore gym clothes and her hair was wet from the showers. She carried a plastic bag with a dress stuffed inside and walked with her head down. Robbie stopped her. “This ends now, Amy. I don’t want to be with someone that treats others like you treated Maria. We are done.” “Fine,” she said. She looked at me. “You just stay away from me, demon and Robbie, I need someone who is more supportive than you have been.” She stormed out. The mike squealed and the student class president took the stage. “All right fellow classmates, everyone voted and the best boy costume and thus Halloween King is Robbie.” He hobbled up with his walker and Tony Romo shirt and let the class president crown him king. He waved to me from the stage. “And the best girl costume and Halloween Queen is…. Well, let’s put it this way, who else had a costume that made our head cheerleader Amy wet and mess herself. Maria come up here and get your crown.” I walked up to the stage and got my tiara. The class president brushed through my matted hair and placed the crown. She whispered to me. “I am glad you put Amy in her place. Did you delete the sexting pictures? I want the ones of me deleted.” I smiled. “The phone is broken and no one will see anything on it.” She squeezed my hand. “Well now you get to kiss the King.” I turned to Robbie and put my arms around his neck. I pulled close as he pulled me to him. I closed my eyes and our lips were just millimeters apart when a familiar surge went through my body. The clock struck twelve and I began to fall. 6. Aftermath I opened my eyes and felt like I was floating, only I was floating. The ground came rushing up toward me from twenty stories below. I briefly backed out when I hit the ground and came to my reflection in a pile of broken glass. At least I was no longer Maria. I couldn’t move until I finished having my accident. I sighed as I pissed and messed myself. I could look up and see Clara standing over me. Her body was bright red, her horns were much longer, and her batwings more pronounced. “God was pissed. We got to do this for another year now, but it is just fifty-two more Halloween parties in addition to our original punishment. Apparently I am not allowed to do demon possession. Let’s never do that again.” I looked at Clara and nodded as my broken bones knitted together. “Please, let’s never do this again.” The End.
  22. I stayed little longer than most. My younger brother was born when i was 4 and i guess I wanted to be babied too. I remember getting diapered and being changed. I wasn't potty trained until I was 5 and even after that I had a lot of accidents. Mom constantly reminded me to go to the bathroom and I wet the bed until almost 14. As a 7 year old, I started wanting to be a baby again. I talked like a baby, wanted mom to help with my bath and dressing and even intentially did bad on school work to get attention. Now as an adult baby I look back and think thats how i have always been. Just one time I'd like to be changed and rocked and even nursed. I dont see anything changing as I get older!
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    Has anyone got any great Abena Diaper wetting videos they could share?
  24. I've been away for a while. Here's another story, in my usual vein. I'll try very hard to finish this one. I hope anyone who reads it likes it. Uma and Robin Chapter 1 Robin sat quietly in the car as Uma drove them homewards through the rain. He was thinking about reality. How it changed. Why it changed. Tears began to form in Robin’s brown eyes, and he glanced across at Uma before trying to wipe his eyes without her noticing. Uma looked steadily ahead, piloting her bulky SUV along the dark, wet road. Robin turned away and stared out of the window at the passing houses. He thought how neat and tidy and prosperous they looked. He thought how happy the husbands and wives in them probably were. The husbands providing for their wives, and… the tears began to rise again, and Robin wiped his shirt sleeve across his brow. ‘Are you OK, Robin?’ asked Uma, looking quickly at him before returning her gaze to the rainswept road. ‘Yep,’ replied Robin, not looking at her. ‘Really?’ asked Uma. ‘I know it’s a big change, but it’s the best option.’ ‘I know. Can we have some music?’ Robin said. ‘You don’t have to talk about it, but you can if you want,’ said Uma kindly. ‘If you feel like it. I want to help you as much as I can.’ ‘I know,’ said Robin. He felt his voice quavering, and felt that he was on the verge of crying. He stared out the window even more earnestly. The tears were welling up now, and he didn’t want to face Uma. His wife put her hand on Robin’s thigh. ‘I’m here,’ she said softly. ‘I’m here, baby.’ Robin thought of the last few days, of the doctors and the rest of them, and all the papers Uma had signed. He hadn’t signed anything. He'd listened while the doctors explained what was happening and why, but it wasn't until Uma told him, sitting in the park opposite the last doctor's rooms they visited, that he really understood. He trusted Uma. They stopped at the last traffic lights before home. Robin watched a shiny BMW pull into the driveway of a neat, prosperous-looking house, and saw a man in a suit get out to be greeted by his wife at the door. The man had a briefcase like Uma’s. The wife had a child in her arms, and put him down before kissing the man before they all went into the house. Robin swallowed and wiped his arm across his face again. Everyone’s trying to help you, Robin,’ said Uma as the lights turned green and she drove off again. Robin thought the sound of the tyres on the road sounded sad. This was reality now, thought Robin as Uma pulled into their drive. He got out of the car and waited while Uma went ahead and unlocked the front door. She put her briefcase on the chair by the door and turned to Robin. ‘It’s been a big day, honey,’ she said. ‘Why don’t you go and have a warm shower and get changed. I’ll make a hot drink and we can sit and watch a movie, OK? I don’t have to work tonight. I’m all yours, Robin. OK?’ ‘OK,’ Robin replied. His mind was buzzing, but he didn’t feel like talking. He returned Uma’s kiss and turned to go to the bedroom. He hoped she didn’t taste the tears that he knew had been running down his cheeks. Standing in the shower, Robin was thinking. There wasn’t much point in going over things yet again, he knew. There wasn’t much he could change now. He wondered what would change from now on, without him even doing anything. He began to breathe hard, as he did when things ‘got to him’. At least the tablets would help. He felt guilty about looking forward to them, but it was better than this, he thought. The bathroom door opened and Uma walked in with Robin’s tracksuit over her arm. She smiled at her naked husband in the glass shower enclosure and put the tracksuit and a pair of underpants on the chair near the handbasin then took a thick towel off the heated towel rail. ‘I’ve made hot chocolate,’ she said, handing Robin the towel as he emerged from the shower. Robin was pleased to see her. Maybe things weren’t so bad after all, he thought as he dried himself and pulled on his white underpants. Uma handed him his tracksuit pants and he slid those on too. Later, snuggled against Uma on the sofa, Robin smiled as Uma stroked his hair. Robin had washed down his tablets with the delicious hot chocolate, and lay quietly against his wife’s body for a few minutes. He loved the feeling of well-being, and knew it wasn’t all due to the tablets. ‘It’s going to be OK, isn’t it, Uma?’ he asked, looking up into her steady blue eyes. Uma’s response was to lean down and kiss him on the forehead. Robin smiled and closed his eyes. The movie they were watching had a pleasant soundtrack, and Robin wasn’t really paying much attention to the action, and soon dropped off to sleep. Uma gently extracted herself and left Robin sleeping while she took the empty cups to the kitchen. She picked up her briefcase and took it to the study, where she opened it and carefully filed the various papers inside. She looked at the last one, the important on, and felt oddly excited about the future. Robin’s overwhelming anxiety had been building for a while, and the events of the last few months had been climactic for them both. At least now his problems had been diagnosed, proper medication provided and a secure arrangement for the future reached. It was all do-able, she thought. More than do-able in fact. It was necessary, and best for both of them. Order under the Guardianship Act, Uma read. How strange, she thought as she remembered what the lawyer and the psychiatrists had explained to her. She was now legally, as well as practically, Robin’s ‘provider’. The lawyer had summed up the six pages of clauses very succinctly. ‘He’s legally a minor, now,’ she had said, ‘and your responsibility,’ handing Uma the guardianship papers and the required two psychiatric reports. And that was that. Robin’s near mental collapse was not all that rare, and nor was the solution. Robin was very gainfully employed, and her income over the least 12 months had been almost three times Robin’s earnings. If she went full time, she thought, the loss of Robin’s income would make no difference. Not that she could go full time, of course. Working from home as a consultant, and as Robin’s carer, effectively, they would get by very well. They had plenty of money in the bank – or she did, she reminded herself, thinking of the provisions of the guardianship arrangements – and selling Robin’s freehold car had injected a useful lump of cash into that balance. The medical insurance took care of those bills, and the future looked sound, she decided, especially with Robin so much more stable now. Once Uma had gone through the process of winding up Robin’s employment, she had spent a day in the study, putting all of Robin’s business papers into filing boxes that were now in the loft in the garage. Everything that needed to be done had been done. Robin was now free of the various entanglements of ‘adulthood’, Uma thought before mentally rephrasing her thought. ‘Minor’ was a legal term, not a physical description, thought the lawyer’s words stuck in her head. The woman from the Guardianship Board had talked about ‘dignity’ and the possibility of review in the future. ‘But we’ll cross that bridge when you come to it,’ she had said. Uma sat at her desk for a while, thinking about reality and changes just as Robin had in the car. At the thought of reality, Uma thought of Robin. She stood up and ran her hand over her breasts for a moment. She thought of Robin’s caress. He was no Lothario in bed, so not a lot would change there. He had other qualities, of kindness, and they had shared interests in so many things. Physical sex just didn’t happen to be high on that list. Robin loved cuddling, but prowess as a stud wasn’t his strongest point. Uma usually initiated proceedings, and robin didn’t exactly have a lot of stamina. He would come quickly, his small penis deflating rapidly but he was an expert cuddler and would snuggle for hours after one of their irregular intimacies. Uma didn’t really mind. She was something of an expert in her own way, and often experienced her orgasm well after Robin, usually while he was suckling her breasts. She wondered if that were normal, but didn’t really care. She knew he masturbated occasionally, and wondered what he thought about. Uma was fond of pleasuring her self too, and even had a full sized – she corrected herself again, out of consideration for Robin – a bought item, a vibrator, that she kept in the back of her underwear drawer. She didn’t like keeping secrets from Robin, but he didn’t have any idea about it. Uma let her fingers wander to the tight crotch of her slacks, then took a breath and stood up to see how Robin was doing. Uma found him sleeping peacefully on the sofa. She sat on the edge of the cushion and watched him for a while. He wasn’t a large man, and actually weighed less than Uma. She was two inches taller too. Most of the women on her Scandinavian side were tall, and she suspected that she was stronger, too. Certainly when he had been to her gym with her, he had looked as though he were straining when he tried out one of the weight machines set the way she liked it. Uma kissed her sleeping husband and helped him up. He half woke, and was dozy and biddable as Uma led him to the bedroom. She felt for him, with what had happened over the last few days, and she knew the tablets made him sleepy anyway. She had put him to bed before, and now she helped him undress for bed. His underpants and the crotch of his track pants were damp, but that wasn’t unusual. Robin was a heavy sleeper, and with the medication, he often had that problem. Uma put the damp clothes aside for the wash, and kissed Robin again. ‘Toilet before bed, honey,’ she said as she pulled off his top. Robin shook his head sleepily, his eyes on the soft bed where Uma had pulled back the sheets. ‘No, bed,’ he mumbled, flailing his arms weakly towards the bed as Uma gently but firmly pulled him towards the ensuite bathroom. Uma felt Robin relax and let her take him where she wanted him to go. The bathroom was bright when she turned on the light as they entered, and she sat the naked Robin on the toilet and waited. ‘Bed,’ said Robin, and closed his eyes. ‘No, honey, wee please,’ said Uma firmly, placing her hand on Robin’s pale, rounded tummy and pressing gently. Robin exhaled and after a moment, Uma was rewarded as Robin peed a goodly amount into the bowl. ‘Well done!’ said Uma, and stood Robin up as he closed his eyes and his head lolled forward. Uma smiled. He probably would have slept on the toilet if she had left him there. She pulled a length of toilet paper from the roll on the wall and wiped Robin’s delicate, dripping penis. She scrunched the soft paper up and patted his sparse pubic hair, then led him back ot the bedroom where she helped him into the bed. Robin slept in the nude, and on his side of the bed under the sheet was a large absorbent pad, just in case. They had been using that for several years. Robin hadn’t been very happy about it at first, but since his problems had surfaced his occasional accidents were now several times a month, up from a couple of times a year, so he they were both glad to have it there. Uma had never made an issue of it, any more than she might have had Robin needed glasses. Robin was accepting of it too. He didn’t know Uma’s other marital secret – that Robin’s older sister had told Uma about Robin’s bedwetting which was almost nightly until Robin was twelve, and which continued sporadically into his teens whenever he was very tired or under pressure. He hadn’t been reliably dry during the day until he was five, and was still having occasional daytime accidents for some years after that. He’d even wet himself a couple of times since their marriage, although he had been able to blame a long drive on the freeway or some other credible cause each time. The love between them overcame any issue Uma had with his occasional problems. With Robin asleep in bed, Uma spent an hour or so in the study, then joined him. As he so often did, he sleepily snuggled up to her, and she fell asleep with her arm around him. Her final thought before dozing off was that a promise to herself to take the best care of him she could. To be continued.
  25. I don't remember being changed as an infant or toddler but have vague memories of being in preschool and having accidents and getting changed. I was a bedwetter until age 11 though and I do remember being woken up in the middle of the night and mom slipping off my wet clothes and slipping in to dry ones. A vivid memory stays with me about a car trip with my cousin who was probably 3 which would have made me 5. I remember watching mom change his diaper and maybe being jealous or at least wanting the same attention. A little while later during a stop for food I remember sitting in a booth on my knees and filling my pants and telling mom "I doo dooed in my pants" lol thats what we called it. She went to the car and got a new pair of underwear out of my suitcase and took my cousins diaper bag in to the restroom and cleaned me up. As I got older, I kept having "accidents" usually whlie playing outside or watching TV. Since I was a bedwetter, it was routine for my mom to check for a wet bed and wet pants as soon as i woke up. Even as i approached 10 I would wake up to the feel and smell of a wet bed and lie there and mess my pants then get up and come waddling out of my room to tell my mom or grandma that i had "doo doo". It was embarassing and exciting at the same time...I remember being told to go in the bathroom and mom having me stand next to the toilet as she lowered my pants. I remember looking down and seeing the mess i made...All such fond memories.