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  1. Swipe and Wipe

    This is very hot
  2. Made my own "potty"

    Looks great, what was the total material cost?
  3. Sore Bum

    This is super bad advice, Never put anything in your ass unless it has a flared base and won't get sucked up inside you. Only do this if you want to go to the hospital to get a tampon removed by a doctor.
  4. NBC's Chicago PD

    Pretty sure in real life they piss in bottles.
  5. Dean Norris (Hank from Breaking Bad) is one of us!

    "Get down to my dungeon you dope" Hahaha
  6. boys with small boy parts

    It's an Italian statue, but it's in the "Classical" style which is Greek.
  7. boys with small boy parts

    I took a decent amount of Classics courses in university and Greeks actually considered small penises to be the most visually beautiful. Not really sure if they considered them the ideal what with large penises being "more functional." Though I guess they might not have felt that way since they probably didn't care too much about pleasing women and a large penis would probably be more of a hassle with ancient underwear. Anyways that explains why David has a small crank.
  8. Thoughts on Dry24/7 update

    I wouldn't be surprised if the slimness they are talking about is mostly advertising talk. They might mean slim for an absorbent diaper. The samples that people posted a while back didn't seem that much slimmer than the originals, and with the difficulty of manufacturing the odds of them being substantially changed since the samples went out is probably small. Hope they are not legitimately slim cause that would make me less enthusiastic about them.
  9. Diary of an arby's employee (i get paid 7.25 an hour)

    Glad that one of you older gentlemen actually understands inflation.
  10. The only real effective way would be to show up in a diaper (assuming you knew you were headed there), otherwise I think their first question would be why weren't you wearing one when you came here. If you're arrested it's probably not a great idea to piss/shit yourself as the cops might think you're doing it to fuck with them (probably applies to prison guards too).
  11. Stainless Steel Baby Bottles

    Did you look at the page you linked? The nipples are clear and there are lines on the inside of the bottle showing how much liquid is left.
  12. Diary of an arby's employee (i get paid 7.25 an hour)

    You say this is your first job so you have managed to avoid working until you were 22. If you had started working earlier you might have a better job by now.
  13. Any Gluten Free members?

    I recently went gluten free after mostly avoiding it for a while. I also don't eat much dairy on account of mild lactose intolerance. Honestly I can't believe how good I feel. I think part of it was recently realizing that maybe it was gluten and not other ingredients I blamed (cheese, syrup, various other ones) for why I felt terrible. Health problems that I always assumed were related to being fat have gone away or greatly reduced including acid reflux and joint stiffness which I believe was the beginning stages of arthritis, constipation/diarrhea, and maybe some others I am forgetting. I still use a bit of dairy in baking, but rarely have it straight. I would google gluten free vegan baking/recipes. Also check out Coconut Bliss which is basically ice cream made with coconut milk, I won't lie and say it is as good as ice cream, but it is pretty good. Also beware of gluten in places you wouldn't assume like condiments (bbq sauce and soy sauce for example). I can't guarantee you'll feel as good as I do but I would implore you to give it a decent go.
  14. Those Sneaky Internet Advertisers

    I just use incognito mode on Chrome whenever I am looking at anything diaper related. Haven't noticed any diaper ads.
  15. Did you take a look at his website? He definitely denies that he has a fetish so I'd hardly call him a hero of the community. He definitely comes off as a crazy person by trying to sell diapers as super convenient and fun to the vanilla community. He basically talks about how great it is to be in a shitty diaper for half the day. This is all just a rationalization by his brain to make it ok to wear diapers in public and not be part of some "icky" fetish. Not sure if he is pretending or if he actually lacks all self-awareness. He talks about all the pictures he takes with supporters but if you take a gander at his website all the people in pics with him seem to have the facial expression of check out this insane person. If this guy were a real activist he'd be raising money by doing a 5K or marathon or half-marathon in a diaper. He just wants to indulge his fetish. Also no one chooses to be gay, stop saying ignorant shit like that. I'd probably dump someone too if they waited 6 months to a year to tell me about a major fetish. Your whole stoppers category is ridiculous, I think most responsible fetishists believe that you need to tell your significant other, but not really anyone else. Also I implore you not to join this guy. Pretty sure someone who has been in a mental hospital three times (for diapers if we believe what you say) is not a great rep for the community.