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Kayla's Roommates


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Chloe Reynolds and Mia Young arrived at college together. They were best friends and were looking forward to their first year at college. They enjoyed playing pranks on other girls, especially those they thought were weaker than them. Chloe and Mia went to the office and got their schedules and room assignment. They had filled out their class preferences so they already knew what they were taking. They were both going to major in computers.

After they left the office they headed over to the dorm. It took them a couple of minutes to find their room, then they opened the door and went inside. There was bunk beds against one wall and a single bed against another.

"Which bed do you want?" Chloe asked.

"I don't care. It looks like we have another roommate. Why don't we take the bunk beds and leave the single bed for her, whoever she is? I'll go pull the car around so we can unload it and start putting things away?" Mia said.

After Mia pulled the car closer to the dorms, they spent the next several hours getting the dorm room set up.

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Kayla was kinda disappointed as her and her best friend Amber were supposed to be here, but Amber went and got pregnant now it was just her. She was nervous as she approached the dorm she was just hoping her roommates were cool.. She looked at the paper again making sure she had the right place.. She opened the door and that's when she saw her roommates they were pretty she thought to herself..

"Hi I'm Kayla" she said nervously..

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Chloe and Mia were turned toward their bed when Kayla came in the room. They turned when they heard her come in and introduce herself. They smiled at her. Chloe thought she looked too young to be in college.

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Chloe and Mia shook Kayla's hand.

"Well then, go ahead and unpack, sweetie. What is your major going to be, or have you decided yet? We are both majoring in Computers. Chloe is going to be a computer graphic specialist, while I am going for computer security." Mia explained.

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I'm studying child care." she said happily. She was getting annoyed at being called sweetie it made her feel like a little girl she got that a lot cause of her size. She was 5'4 110 blond hair and blue eyes, but she figured once she got to college that would stop! She earned her adulthood she figured..

"Please call me Kayla." she said smiling not wanting to make her roommates mad both were pretty and bigger then her.

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"Alright Kayla. Childcare, huh? Are you planning on becoming a nanny or work in a daycare or something? I think you would fit right in in a daycare. We're going to have make up a schedule for the bathroom. With three of us sharing one bathroom, It's going to take a little bit of give and take so everyone can have a chance to take a shower, use the toilet or brush their teeth." Mia said.

"After you unpack, how would you like to come out to dinner with us? It will be on me. It will be sort of a welcome to college dinner. How does that sound?" Chloe asked.

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"Yeah I like kids and I would like to work at a daycare, I enjoy playing with them making them laugh." she said just thinking about it made her happy. It made her happy as Chloe said she could see her fitting right in at a daycare.

"Sure that sounds great, I can eat whatever!" she found both girls easy to get along with..

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"Alright, I thought we could go to an Italian restaurant. I've heard that there is a restaurant near the campus that is lenient with giving college students alcohol. You'll have to have your college ID with you though." Chloe said.

"Do you want to freshen up first?"

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"Oh wow I really don't drink that much, I might have a wine cooler though." she grabbing her purse.

"Yeah let me touch up my make up and do my hair." she says walking into the bathroom. While she's in there she thinks to herself she really didn't wanna drink but she wanted to fit in!

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"We don't drink much either. I just thought it would be something to try, since we are underage. I promise we won't get drunk. one, maybe two drinks max. After all I have to drive home afterwards." Chloe said.

While Kayla was in the bathroom, Mia got on her laptop while Chloe redid her makeup and brushed her hair.

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Mia closed her laptop and stood up.

"Alright, I'm ready."

Chloe got her keys and opened the door, leading everyone outside, walking to the car. She opened the door.

"Kayla, you'll have to ride in the back. There is only room for two people in the front. I hope you don't mind."

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"So I guess that makes you the baby of the room. Just kidding. I'm sorry to hear that your friend couldn't attend. I hope we can be friends." Mia said.

Chloe drove to the restaurant and parked the car. She and Mia got out and waited for Kayla to get out.

"You do have your student ID, don't you Kayla?"

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"Ha ha!" she said nervously as she hated when people teased her about her size and her young looks. It seemed everyone would always call her baby and she was hoping once she got to college it would be a brand new start..

"I hope we can too, yes I got my id." she said cheerfully

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Chloe led them into the restaurant and over to the hostess desk.

"Hello, we would like a booth please. For three."

"Yes, maam. Come with me."

The hostess led them to an empty booth where they sat down and took a menu.

A server came over to their table.

"Are you from the college?" The server asked.

"Yes, we are. We just enrolled today. Here is our ID's." Chloe said.

Chloe and Mia showed the girl their ID's.

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Kayla followed the girls into the restaurant and sat down she looked at the other girls and they definitely looked older then her. She got nervous when the server asked for their id's. She dug through her purse and pulled it out..

"Here." she said smiling hoping the server falls for it!

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The server checks the ID's and smiles, handing them back.

"Would you ladies like something to drink while you look over the menu?"

"Yes, I would like a rum and coke, please." Chloe said.

"I'd like a glass of wine, and Kayla would like a wine cooler. Isn't that right honey?" Mia said.

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Kayla sat there looking at the menu and was shocked when Mia ordered for her and called her honey. She wanted to say something at first but she was really caught off guard.

"Um yeah that's fine." she said looking back at the menu to see what she wanted to order to eat.

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Chloe and Mia looked over the menu as well.

"I think I'll have spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread and a salad." Chloe said.

"I would like a vegetable pizza and breadsticks." Mia chimed in.

"What would you like Kayla?"

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Kayla looked up..

"Think I'm going to get the Chicken Parmesan and a side salad." she said closing the menu..

She took a drink of her water ready to drink her wine cooler..

"So what do you all enjoy doing for fun?" she asked trying to get to know her mew roommates.

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"Oh, not much. We'll have to get our routine here down and then we can figure out how much free time we have."

The server came back with their drinks and set them down.

"Are you ready to order?" She asked.

Chloe ordered for everyone.

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