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  1. PM open if you would like to chat. 

  2. I like to rp if you’d like to

  3. I started feeling jealous of girls when i was in 1st grade... seeing the dresses and tights with mary janes made me wish i was wearing them.... started with my grandmothers pantyhose and wore them a few times... then when i was bit older i started with my moms clothes when i was home alone.... one day she and my grandmother found some of her things in my closet (stockings, panties and slip) she asked what i was doing with them and i lied saying they were in with my clean clothes when i put them away the other day and i put these in my closet. She knew i was lying and said that was impossi

  4. (Please steal this and write your own answers in.
    Credit to a Fetlife friend where I got it from.)

    Wear a diaper – Yes.

    Wear a diaper to work – No.

    Wear just a diaper outside – Yes

    Wear just a diaper in front of someone – Yes

    Wear a diaper in front of a family member – No

    Told a family member you wear diapers – No

    Told your spouse or s/o that you wear diapers – No

    Told a close friend you wear/like diapers – no irl, online No

    Have your diaper changed by someone of opposite sex – Yes

    Have your diaper changed by someone of the same sex – Yes

    Shaved your pubic area – No.

    Shaved someone else’s pubic area – No

    Have infant print diapers/plastic pants – NO

    Gone to a party wearing diapers – No

    Gone to a party wearing just a diaper or baby clothes - No

    Wear disposables – Yes,

    Wear a cloth diaper – No

    Own a pair or pairs of plastic pants – No

    Own and wear infant/toddler clothes (i.e. onuses, rompers, shortalls) - YES, 

    Own a pacifier – 1

    Own a baby bottle – 1

    Met with other diaper lovers for an afternoon/evening – Yes

    Spent a weekend/overnight with other diaper lovers – No

    Had a diaper leak in a public setting- No

    Messed in your diapers – Yes, because I wanted to try it.

    Messed your diapers in public – No

    Had a picture taken of you in just diapers – Yes

    Had a picture taken outside in just your diapers – No

    Desire to stay in diapers forever – Yes

    What is your mental age while wearing diapers – 4 Year Old Girl

  5. Not sure if you would be able to help with this issue but when i log in it says that this site (particlually the chat and message board is not secure and gives me a warning. I was able to bypass and still log it but it seems to be some kind of security issue. I tried it on google chrome and Microsoft Edge and got the same message.
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