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  1. baby frost


    Hailey babbler back to her in a gentle tone ”baba.” She said from behind her paci thirsty after a long nap
  2. baby frost


    Chrissy shook her head as she snuggled into her daddy hailey gently patted her back after the burp
  3. baby frost


    Chrissy say up holding on to the railing of her crib as she saw her daddy. ” Such a happy baby.” Hailey cood
  4. Skye looked up at her daddy and sister and nodded wanting some snuggles as well lily moved the blanket so liam could get done as well as they huddled up for the movie
  5. “ ok let’s get you to the potty.” She said as she lifted him and headed to the bathroom aurora gave a half hearted nod as her eyes were already fluttering
  6. “ frozen it is then.” She said as she let Harry snuggle and turned the movie on.” She grabbed the blanket that was on the couch and covered herself and Harry skye sat on the floor as the couch was full at the moment and got ready for the movie ” yay fozen.” Aurora said happily
  7. aurora was fighting back the urge to sleep as it had been awhile since dinner was over lily watched the boys seeing them playing happily.” Couple more minutes and we should be heading home.” She said
  8. Skye was still blushing but nodded at what her daddy said ” ok let’s let everyone pick a movie and we’ll go from there.” She said ” fozen.” Aurora said as soon as her mommy finished
  9. Lily laughed as he ran off and sat back in her seat for a little relaxation before they had to head home
  10. “ freddie you wanna go play with your Brother in the play area.” She asked him
  11. Skye blushes but shook her head her thick diaper still warm and felt nice on her bottom . She toddled over to the couch to watch the movie as well lily cane and took a seat on the couch with the rest of her family
  12. Ruby let out a giggle and kissed Kurt back.” But you love our diaper talk.” She said smiling as she sat on the table and let Kurt cook aurora climbed up and nodded.” Otay.” She sais moving to the slide
  13. Aurora watched Her mommy and took a bite of the soft warm cookie. She smiled as she tasted the yummy chocolate chip cookie ” what do you want buddy they have plenty of things and different places” he said
  14. baby frost


    Chrissy nursed hr paci as she moved about her diaper still warm and wet. She grabbed her teddy and snuggled as she waited for someone to get her hsiley smiled back before tickling her exposed tummy
  15. baby frost


    Hailey kissed mike then kissed amy.” And we have you two.” She said Chrissy started to stir in her crib refreshed after a nice long nap