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  1. baby frost


    Hailey led the way to the bedroom and quickly got in Her nightgown and then got in the bed
  2. baby frost


    “ yeah let’s head off to bed as well. I think we can use some Sleep after a long night.” She said kissing mike lovingly
  3. baby frost


    “ aww look at them all fast asleep.” Hailey said as she came in with mike seeing all the girls.” Ashley’s so good with them.” She said
  4. baby frost


    The humming was slowly getting to Chrissy her thumb creeping into her mouth before starting to doze off
  5. baby frost


    Chrissy snuggled under the blanket with her sister and ash. Her diaper received a heavy soaking as she laid against comfy and safe
  6. looking for a partner for the above rp. Miss heather is the headmaster of an academy of troubled students. While they prefer a more caring and living approach to how they reform the students. I’ll play miss heather and one student. Looking for a partner or maybe 2 for more students
  7. baby frost


    Chrissy was tired but shook her head anyway.” No tiwed.” She said
  8. baby frost


    Chrissy relaxed in Ashley’s embrace happy She was accepted the way she was now and still had her friend
  9. baby frost


    Chrissy smiled and crawled to her friend as well ready for some group snuggles
  10. baby frost


    Chrissy sat down and watched Ashley get into the fairy outfit. She smiled seeing Ashley when she was almost dressed
  11. baby frost


    Chrissy nodded and toddled back over before picking a fairy outfit and holding it up for ash
  12. baby frost


    Chrissy smiled at her friend and toddled over for a hug.” Ash dress up too.” She said looking up at her
  13. baby frost


    Chrissy toddled over to amy and smiled happily both of the girls cute little super heroes.” Sissy pretty.” She said
  14. baby frost


    Chrissy found a cute Wonder Woman outfit and did her best to put it on
  15. baby frost


    Chrissy nodded as she he crawled over to the pile trying to find another super hero outfit