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  1. Lisa nodded and circled back to the bears aurora looked up at her daddy hearing what he said and smiled. She loved bears they were so adorable to her." Thanks daddy." She said
  2. Hayley packs the diaper bag and comes down with lily and gardenia in her arms." Ready Liam honey." She asks
  3. ( it's all good) belle ate her lunch and put the dishes in the sink and started to get the water ready to wash them
  4. Hayley finishes her breakfast and cleans th kids up and gets them upstairs and dressed Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. " ok that's fine with me." Hayley said as she went back to her breakfast
  6. ( they left the cabin awhile back)
  7. aurora blushed and nodded." Nevermind then." She said her head going down to her feet as they walked
  8. " that sounds good when it's over just find us in the other movie then." She said
  9. " I'll see if there's one or something near it by after lunch." Belle said as she began to eat
  10. Aurora nodded." I don't think the pants would get over my diapee let alone make it more discreeet." She said before remembering she had her paci in her mouth and quickly took it out putting it in her pocket." Can we still see the bears." She asked
  11. Hayley looked over the movies ." I think the 3 you mentioned would be fine but I don't know if Liam and you would like beauty and the beast as it is a girly movie. Boss baby sees like a good choice."
  12. Aurora came outside and handed you the bag back. She walked close to you as we start to walk back to the group
  13. " it's a place for kids pretty much like chuckie cheese but has more for them to do like mini golf and climbing walls and laser tag." Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. aurora looked through the clothes hit particularly happy with the choices and decided to just stick wit her dress." If I go out with another outfit people might think I had an accident. I'll just stay with this." She said stepping into her flip flops
  15. " that would be worse cuz my jeans are tight." She said clearly stressed about it and getting upset. Her dress covered her diaper well but she didn't know how it would go up if she bent over.