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  1. Belle rings the doorbell to her parents house as dan and the rest of the kids join her
  2. Anastasia woke up early this particular morning. Her husband was still asleep so she quietly headed downstairs and began cooking breakfast for her family. aurora and her twin sister Anastasia were notch fast asleep in the room they shared both of their night diapers full of pee from a good nights sleep.
  3. ( that was aurora taking to holly and mb) aurora felt herselfnstart to wet her diaper as she held holly and harry. She could feel her tummy getting ready for a poopy soon as well
  4. It was another night at home for aurora. The 14 year old was stuck babysitting the babies again. How she hated watching those snotty nosed brats. She despised her siblings quite a bit. Between having to wipe their dirty bottoms and not being able to have a social life because of babysitting was really annoying. Her older brother had left for college awhile ago and now she was stuck with them. They would cry and she would ignore it. They would need a change and she would wait for he Parents to get home. They were their kids not hers anyway why should she care
  5. Madison finishes her soup and lifts Him out of the big chair." How about we both do the baths then we can all build the fort." She suggested
  6. As they parked belle grabbed aurora." Let's get you in a dry diapee babh girl." She said tickling her sides
  7. After a few small additions to his diaper after the large log finns diaper was sagging heavily tented out. He smiled up at dan and nodded Aurora lifted holly onto her left hip with Harry on her right." Your so stinky." She said kissing holly as she headed upstairs
  8. Lily continues to play before starting to feel tired and coming out of the ball pit yawning
  9. Aurora giggled and nodded happily her little legs kicking as she did
  10. Jack blushed and didn't really mind his brother seeing him go. She squatted and started to grunt as hisndisoer started to grow wet. A couple farts were heard before a large poop could be seen and heard entering his diaper aurora looked down at holly shaking her head." You came all the way down here for that you stinky little thing" she said as she got harry out of his high chair
  11. ( how would you see her diaper in a ball pit)
  12. " I try daddy." She said as she looked to her sister who's diaper was already wet from peeing not too long ago
  13. Jack looked up at his brother shyly." Can u come back in 3 minutes he asked. holly found aurora finishing up feeding harry and ran over to her the scent following her. as aurora saw holly she caught a whiff of the smell." Oh you stinky girl." She said as she stood up and put the bowl in the sink
  14. " just let her sleep we won't be here much longer.",Hayley said
  15. Ana felt the need to pee." I gotta potty." She said
  16. " no." She said as she headed downstairs looking for her big sister.
  17. Holly squirms about not wanting to be changed just yet aurora continues to feed harry
  18. Lily nodded as she continued to play in the ball pit her diaper growing warm and wet from the drink with her meal gardenia was slowly nodding off from her full tummy
  19. Belle got the diaper in the bag." Please remember to toss this the second we see a trash can. She said as she used some wipes to clean her hands and got back in the car
  20. Aurora nodded and sat down feeding harry the rest of his breakfast holly finished messing with a sigh and sat down as dan came into the room she nodded." It mushy." She said giggling rubbing her bottom on the ground
  21. Lily went to the ball pit his time and jumped in tossing the balls around casually
  22. " well with all the diapers we've been through in sure you got your fill of the gooey ones." Bells said
  23. Aurora nodded and headed upstairs as she made it to hollys room she caught her in the middle of a poo and headed back downstairs." Hollys pooping."she said sitting back down
  24. " could you please." She said as she continued to eat her cereal as she finished up with it Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  25. " I told you in on my period." Aurora said in between bites of her cereal holly heard dan and she ran to her room." Okie: she said