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  1. Snowed in at someone else's house during sleepover.

    If this is still open, which I assume it is, then here is my sheet: Name: Mark Stone Age: 6 Appearance: black hair, normal size (for his age), blue glasses Personality: funny, smart (for his age), tech nerd Likes: jokes & any kind of technology Dislikes: people doubting his abilities & not having technology with him Additional needs: ADHD Would you be interested in hosting the sleepover at your house?. No situation to start off with: wears goodnites because he sometimes wets the bed. Do you wish to be put in any type of protective 'underwear' in future? Besides at night, i'll leave it to dice rolling Would you like some family members to come to the sleepover with you: no Are you ok with your character sharing a bed? Not particularly, but if needed it's fine Baby things I like and dislike in roleplays: punishments I don't like. idk really care about anything else I agree with using other website: Yes Do you agree that I can pm you with the details about the website: Yes
  2. What instruments do you play/use?

    I play classical string instruments such as the violin, viola, cello, and the bass. I can also play a little piano.
  3. So I recently found out due to a YouTube video that supposedly there is hidden music notes in Leonardo da Vinci's famous The Last Supper painting. The notes are supposed to be hidden in the position of each piece of bread and every hand on the table. When I heard this I immediately thought I need to hear this so I searched the internet and found this: I was like this must be intentional because of how it sounds but you never really know. I just thought this would be a great first topic. Please tell me what you think.