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  1. Young parents (private with danny)

    Amelia sat on the floor and played with some toys as she waited for her bath time. issabelle text back Danny “it’s justnlike changing any other diaper just make sure to use extra wipes that’s all. You can do it” as she wanted to reassure him he would be ok. Chris waits for daddy to change him although he startin* go get a bit tired and restless as well
  2. Young parents (private with danny)

    Izzy laughs a little at the text “nope I think you can handle it. Welcome to my life lol” as Chris waddles out from his hiding space sucking his bottle his diaper making it sag a little in the back. “Hi daddy” he babbles. amelia still yawning and rubbing her eyes “daddy baf time me tired!!!!” As she’s getting cranky
  3. Young parents (private with danny)

    Isabelle sighs seeing the text as she finally looks up from her phone that she’s been in her books for hours and years ip “tell him mommy misses him and i’ll See him soon. Are you ok? Hopefully they’re taking it easy on you tonight” chris waddles up from the couch and with his bottle and hides squatting down and filling his diaper after a big meal. amelia is yawning as dinner and the bottle is making her sleepy. She comes over and tugs her daddy’s leg rubbing her eyes “baf daddy” as she likes being clean and can’t go to sleep unless she has a bath
  4. Young parents (private with danny)

    They both play together in there high chairs while waiting for food Andrea squeel and clap there hands excited when it comes. Both digging in with there hands being adorable but messy little eaters shoving food in there face
  5. Young parents (private with danny)

    They both kick there feet’s and move back in forth using there forks to bang on there trays “daddy I want Mac n cheese!!!!” Chris yells out as Amelia argues with him “no!!!! Spaghetti!!!!!” As they yell at each other about what they want for dinner
  6. Young parents (private with danny)

    Toms Mom sends him a text saying she unfortunately has to work late and that’s she’s sorry she can’t help with the twins tonight. chris and Amelia tug on Toms arm “daddy daddy humwry!!!!” They say together at the same time. isabella goes home and tryed to focus on her schoolwork but misses the twins and Tom but trusts that he has it under control
  7. College Mom (private baby_james and hya123)

    James looked around smiled Big running back over to Hailey after some drills “mommy mommy did you see me? I was weally good!” He says proudly Ryan smiles “sure I guess you deserve a new toy” Ryan gets him dressed for the day and puts him in his car seat and drives him to the toy store and holds his hand so matt can walk and explore around
  8. Young parents (private with danny)

    Chris stops crying when he sees the picture “mommy! Mommy!” As he presses on the phone and pretends to talk on the phone as he babbles and kicks his legs laughing as he forgets he’s even being changed Amelia plays by herself in the playroom but gets bored and looks around wondering where everyone is. She climbs out of the playpen and starts to waddle around and explore the house, she finds the bathroom and starts to unroll the toilet paper and laughs
  9. Young parents (private with danny)

    Chris starts to wet his diaper in his car seat as well continuing to cry and kick upset. amelia continues to play in his car seat being a good and well behaved. She sees her brother upset and tryed to help “bwo bwo wook “ as she try’s to show him a toy but he’s still too busy crying
  10. Young parents (private with danny)

    “Well Amelia is dry since I just changed her and just keep an eye on Chris he likes to go off and hide when he uses his diaper” she kisses tom one more time and than the kids before leaving. the twins in there car seats looking out the windows seeing mommy leaving and wave bye. Amelia plays with a toy but Chris is a bit more upset and is a mommas boy and starts to cry
  11. Young parents (private with danny)

    “I can’t I’m already swamped with homework” Isabelle sighs and kisses Tom back as she helps him to the car with the twins “just promise to call if you need anything. Just remember Chris won’t sleep without his teddy and blanket I packed them both in his bag, I’ve been trying to wean them off bottles but if they want one before bed than just give them one....” as she begins to list off every instruction about twins. She gets them both buckled into there car seats and kisses there heads
  12. Young parents (private with danny)

    Chris looks up “mommy too?” As he’s a bit tired out from the day and Isabelle sighs and bends down “not tonight. Mommy has to do something’s so you are going to have a special night with daddy and grandma and than i’ll be there tomorrow to see you and you can tell me all about what you guys did that night. Hoping Amelia is ok with it as Chris hugs Isabelle tight “I no wanna I mwiss you!” ”i’ll Miss you both too but daddy has a fun night for you both I promise “
  13. Young parents (private with danny)

    “Very good you’re so smart princess” as Isabelle finishes with getting Amelia changed and throwas away the wet diaper “let’s go find your daddy and brother” as she goes to the jungle gym and Chris finds his sister and plays with her. the twins lay around and Isabelle looks at the time “we should probably go. You need to get them home fed and bathed and in bed. I try to have them asleep by 8:30”
  14. Young parents (private with danny)

    “Yea she’s just wet i’ll Meet you over there in a second. Chris is enjoying time with his daddy I don’t want to interrupt that” as Isabelle takes the diaper bag and goes to the bathroom laying her on the changing table and handing her a dry diaper to keep her distracted “can you tell me who’s on that sweetie” as she gets her changed. chris tugs toms arm “daddy daddy” as he drafs him to the jungle gym and starts to run and play around
  15. Young parents (private with danny)

    Isabelle keeps pushing her daughter and stops after a while to take her to play somewhere else “Common let’s go see the slide” as he picks Amelia up she notices the dampness from her diaper “but first let’s get you into a clean diaper ok” Chris was having fun and he next pointed to where the jungle gym was “daddy daddy dat!!”