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  1. Young parents (private with babygabrial)

    Carter smiled huge and nodded his head "I go potty I have ice cream?" He looked at his dad a little confused but making sure he knew what the rule was. amy finished with pushing the swing and took Chris out "you want some ice cream too?" As she pointed to the truck
  2. Big family vacation

    Amy finished with gabrial and throws away the dirty diaper and sees Danielle trying to wipe "aww hold on princess let me help you" as amy holds gabrial on her hip and shows/helps Danielle wipe "great job using the potty" and helps her get a clean pull up on "nooo!! No diaper can I wear pull up please I no wanna wear diaper" Chris whines and begged his dad
  3. Big family vacation

    "I had a little pee pee o sowie it was an accident I promise!!" Chris says shyly Amy worked on changing Gabriel "ok I need you to stay stil for mommy ok" she talked to him and checked on Danielle "youbok over the sweetie?"
  4. Young parents (private with babygabrial)

    "Ice cream!! Ice cream!!! Can I pretty pretty please" as he bounces up and down. Amy smiles and turns her head seeing Carter excited "you know normally only big kids that use the potty can get ice cream..."
  5. Big family vacation

    Chris had a little bit of an accident, after holding it for so long his pull up was a little wet but most of it made it in the potty. Chris blushed and was quiet a little embarrassed to tell his daddy what happened Amy had Danielle sit on the pottt and layered gabrial on the changing table that was in the stall and got kisses his head "ok let's get you clean and smelling good before we get on the plane" as she handed him a toy to keep him distracted and went on to change him
  6. Big family vacation

    "I know buddy but can you try for mommy please. If you really try I'll buy you a treat for the plane" she looks up at Peter "I'll be fine besides you'll have your hands full with the biys. Yea I'll meet you back here. She took Danielle to the girls bathroom and held gabrial "phew you are stinky buddy" she kisses his head and takes Danielle to a stall first and helps get it covered "ok can you try to go potty for mommy" as Amy helped her sit on it
  7. Babysitting in college (private with Danny)

    Just as jake is finally falling asleep there's another baby crying as Emily starts to cry and scream from her crib. Amy looks up seeing Danny rocking jake to sleep "want me to get her?"
  8. Big family vacation

    Chris had his legs crossed and was bouncing up and down "daddy I gotta pee pee" he said urgently Amy saw how desperate Chris was and took gabrial from Peter "we'll split up you take Chris and Danny and I'll take Danielle and gabrial
  9. Big family vacation

    Chris nodded his head yea suddenly realizing he needed to go and tugged his dad's arm "I gotta go potty daddy!" He said rather loudly and a bit urgent. she checked on Danny and Danielle "your daddy is right how about we all try to go pottty before we get on the plane"
  10. Big family vacation

    "That's right guys it's like a really big birdie that takes you up in the sky" she said softly to them loving there fascination with planes. She carefully handed gabrial to Peter to giver her arms a break as she bent down and checked on both of the twins checking there bags making sure they had everything before the flight
  11. Big family vacation

    "Just keep an eye on Chris, the twins are comfortable for now in there stroller and gabrial is falling asleep" they get to there gate Amy pushing the twins to the window "ok guys we're gonna get on that soon" as she refers to the plane
  12. Young parents (private with babygabrial)

    She starts to push Chris a little harder on the swing so he goes higher. theres an ice cream truck that starts to go bye and Carter gets really excited and runs over to gabrial "daddy daddy!!!!"
  13. Young parents (private with babygabrial)

    Amy places Chris in the swing and stands in front of it so he can see her and starts to push it gently "see this is fun right" as Carter continues to play
  14. Big family vacation

    Amy holds gabrial close to her letting him rest his head on her chest hoping he can sleep through the flight worried about being that parent with the crying baby on the plane. she smiles and looks down at Danielle seeing how excited she is by everything "it's all pretty cool isn't it princess"
  15. Young parents (private with babygabrial)

    After cleaning up the bathroom they leave and go back to the playground as Carter climbs the jungle gym getting sweaty and playing in the dirt amy holds Chris "wanna go play on the swing?" As she points to the swing for baby's that's small