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  1. She looks st Tommy "now you know better than that you have to be nice to your sister." She turns and kisses Danny you are the best husband a girl could ask for our little pippa cant wait to meet her daddy as the baby starts to kick his hand. Lou comes with Taylor and she takes him too thanking Lou for helping and she coos and baby talks to him rocking him and hugging Tommy again who's also snuggled close to hdr
  2. Carly is finally asleep but is tossing and turning as she coughs and sneezes. She starts to wake up when she hears the door open and hides under her blankets as holl smiles "aww your brothers and sister are all pretty shy huh
  3. He smiles and hugs her leg as she looks down at him "theres my handsome baby boy" as she sits on the couch and picks him up carefully and sits him next to her "how was my big baby boy" as she tickles him adn he laughs and kicks and smiles seeing dannny "how were the kids this weekend?" as she looks at tommy watching him play around
  4. (Danny please dont do things for my characters) Holly smiles sweetly at them "I know they've had pretty crazy days i know it will take time with them. SO hows Carly doing is she at least sleeping now? i made her some soup my mom used to maek for me when i was sick"
  5. James nods and agrees and helps ryan out of his high chair as well as he takes ryans hand as timmy takes madisons hand as they all go to the bathroom and james starts to bath asking madison to check the water so its not too hot "ok guys bath time" as he starts to get timmy and ryan out of there dirty clothes
  6. Charlie shyly hides his face in your shoulder as soon as he sees holly and chris runs off shyly as well and goes behind the couch to hide. Holly smiles "aww its ok guys i promise i wont bite im just a friend of your brother she says sweetly and looks at danny "i bought diapers medicine soup and a couple food and snacks for your brothers and sisters that kds usually like. I hope this helps"
  7. He goes over to her "Hi sowie sis sis i wove you" as he kisses her head even though shes asleep. Ashley comes home a little bit later and comes inside hoping everything is in order "hey everyone mommy is home"
  8. "Aww poor little thing yea i'll be right over" as she hangs up Carly still upset even as she cuddles just wanting the pain to go away.Chhris comes in the room hearing the crying "Danny why is caly crying? Is she goig to be ok?" As Holly goes to the store and gets diapers and medicine for toddlers as well and food that she knows kids will probably like and in about 30 minutes shes knocking on the door
  9. "But daddy it was just a joke" he whines as his pull up squishes as its pretty full from all the soda he drank Emily still asleep and you all get home. Taylor is crawling around already in his onsie pjs watching some cartoons and playing with toys being on his best behavior while lou watches him
  10. (i got an idea dont worry) One of your friends that knows about your situation calls you. Her name is Holly and shes incredible sweet and warm although nothing happened between her and Danny they are good friends. Danny and Holly went through law school together although they work at different firms they have stayed in touch. She calls Danny "Hey i know you were coming back with your little brothers and sister today how are you guys doing? Do you need help with anything?" Carly continues to cough and reaches her arms up needing to get out of her icky clothes and wanting to be held. The boys coming back in still hyper and wanting to go outside and play.
  11. Tommy enjoys the movie laughing at all the funny parts getting popcorn and butter all over his face hands and clothes during the movie. Even wetting his pull up during it but not saying anything. Emily laughs at some parts too but is mostly curled up with daddys arms and holds teddy bear. She falls asleep by the end of it sleeping peacefully
  12. She holds onto daddy as she's carried out and brought back to the movie hugging teddy bear tight close to her resting her head on her daddy's shoulder now not wanting to let go
  13. (Yea it's good) She groans and turns her head luckily Danny and placed a bucket as she vomits into it and a little on her clothes as well having clearly come down with the flu as she cries more hating how she feels right now
  14. "Where mr.teddy daddy?" As she looks around hoping she didn't forget him as she ducks her thumb and lays there being good for daddy
  15. She can't really say it as she just looks st her tummy and whimpers "hurt bwoter" as she crys and hugs him tightly her arms around her neck