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  1. Timmy stands in the corner and crosses his arms and huffs frustrated. He hated the feeling of being in trouble especially when he was trying to be good
  2. "Yea I think this guy needs a nap" Ryan rubs james head as James keeps rubbing his eyes yawning starting to get irritated and cranky needing a nap "mmoooommmy" jame says whining
  3. Amy nodded her head in agreement "you're right I just want them all to be happy and healthy and we'll worry about all the other stuff later" she loved how great and understanding of a father Ben was
  4. "I don't know maybe we can try though or get them used to it. I mean the boys went throug 14 diapers today between the 2 of them Now double that maybe we can plan like a potty training weekend where we'll watch movies and have them sit on the potty" She sighed and rested against Ben "potty train or you get to be on sole diaper duty for all 4" Amy teased Ben
  5. Timmy tugged haileys other arm "no we good we hwelp make wereal!" Trying to get out of Hailey's hold she had on him as he got upset
  6. James ate his sand which and drank his juice as Ryan rubbed his head and after lunch james yawned reached for Hailey again "wuddle mama"
  7. Amy blushes and nods as she cuddles into Ben "can we even afford to have 4 kids in diapers especially with the number of diapers the boys go through now"
  8. Timmy held up his bowl of cereal proudly to give to her "we make wunch for u sissy" not relaxing yet that Hailey wasn't happy and not knowing about he mess he and Tina made
  9. Amy layer down in bed and smiled when Ben came in the room "finally some peace and quiet with my husband" she snuggled close to him the moment he climbed into bed although her growing bump kinda got in the middle of them
  10. He played in the waves for a little longer with Hailey and Ryan and tugged Hailey arm "humry mommy me humry" as he held his arms up
  11. She shook her head no "that won't be for a few more months but yea 2 twins can you believe it" she smiled happy she told Ben. adam was tired now and let out a yawn "aww are you all clean buddy" as she got a big fluffy towel and dried him off and put him in a new diaper. Adam held his arms out "dada ni ni " Amy smiled "I think he wants his daddy to tuck him in
  12. "Oh yea" as he gets a juice box too and puts it on his pocket and uses both hands but still spilling a little leaving a trail of milk and cereal behind as he walked with Tina "sissy?" He called out looking for Hailey
  13. She blushes having not meant to blurt it out "at my last doctor appointment I didn't know how to surprise you." Smiling though when she sees Ben happy
  14. Timmy took the cereal and poured it everywhere but got some in all 3 bowls smiling " wets find sissy" as he holds the bowl of cereal walks with Tina trying to find her
  15. Amy laughed "you better get used to it there's another pair coming in a few months" as she rubbed her growing stomach and helped Adam with his bath. Adam splashed around and played with some toys and blew bubbles