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  1. Potty training twins (private with grandmaster342)

    "They are just learning to adjust to having 2 new members. This is gonna take some time to adjust for all of us." amy was exhausted but tryed to stay strong and awake for nick and Adam
  2. College parents (private with hya123)

    Liam saw all his bottles being thrown away as he was in shock and thought he had done something wrong "NOOOO!!!" As he kicked and screamed from his high chair screaming and crying right away james looking at Hailey "I didn't realize he liked his bottles that much" James not acknowledging Liam wanting him to tire himself out
  3. One big busy family (private with hya123)

    He held onto him and Adam started to drift to sleep. James looked up and saw Alex reading the food menu "if you're hungry sweetie you can order a sandwich and a juice but no soda." He then heard Kenzie and looked at her diaper "ok let's get you clean" as he looked at Hailey "I just hope she doesn't get comfortable with this" as he took her to the bathroom to change her
  4. One big busy family (private with hya123)

    Adam yawned and stretched tired from being up so early and curled up snuggling with Hailey than realizing his bear wasn't there "mommy where teddy?" james smiled and spoke softly to Kenzie "hey sleepy head, have a good nap?"
  5. College parents (private with hya123)

    James helped get Liam in his high chair and sat down at the table to eat as well. "So when should we tell little man he'll be a big brother?" Liam taking his pacifier out and starting to eat and looked around for his missing bottle "baba mama?"
  6. College parents (private with hya123)

    Liam woke up and crawled around and nudged James to wake up and James yawned and carried Liam to the kitchen smiling at breakfast and coffee "hey something smells good" as he kisses Hailey's lips and her stomach and Liam sucks his pacifier and yawns slowly waking up as he waves at Hailey
  7. One big busy family (private with hya123)

    Adam sucked his thumb and nodded as he felt better being clean. He was still learning to use the potty but he did know he hated being in a dirty diaper or pull up. james held Kenzie and covered her up with a blanket letting her continue to sleep
  8. One big busy family (private with hya123)

    Adam blushed feeling bad and just quietly watched his movie trying to get comfortable till he could get changed
  9. College parents (private with hya123)

    James stayed up with Liam as Liam kept waking up a few times and james eventually fell asleep with Liam in the rocking chair with Liam sucking a pacifier and laying on james chest
  10. One big busy family (private with hya123)

    "But mommy I weakly weally gotsa...:.uh oh" as he blushed and started to fill his diaper not able to hold bladder well yet jamee saw what was happening "well that's what the diaper was for" not wanting Hailey to get frustrated with him
  11. College parents (private with hya123)

    James looks up "oh sorry hun but look at him he's finally calming down, how about just for tonight" liam was holding his bottle and still drinking as he started to yawn
  12. One big busy family (private with hya123)

    Jj handed Alex her tablet he had in his his bag for her and he put on headphones for music Adam watched a movie as he was laughing and looking out the window although he was a bit fidgety and looked up "mama potty" as the plane got ready for take off
  13. College parents (private with hya123)

    James tryed to put the orejel on but Liam wasn't being very cooperative "I'm trying to help buddy settle down" as it takes a while out puts the orejel on and gets him a bottle to settle down not knowing Hailey was weaning him off of it. liam started to gulp it down and whimpered
  14. One big busy family (private with hya123)

    Adam saw the big airplane and started to get excited as he loved planes and stayed holding onto Hailey. they boarded the plane as jj and Alex had seats together and Hailey and James had each of the twins in there lap sitting in front of Alex and jj.
  15. College parents (private with hya123)

    James stayed there pulling a blanket over him and Hailey as he fell asleep too. Liam woke up at 2am screaming and stomping his feet in his crib his thunk in his mouth from teething as he sobbed asking for mommy. James woke up and went to the crib wanting to let Hailey sleep but didn't seem to know how to settle him down. "Hey what's wrong I got you?" As james bounced Liam around trying to get him to stop as Liam kept screaming