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  1. The big happy family ( private)

    "I wanna ply with blocks." Lily said to her sister. She didn't mind playing with her siblings, but sometimes she just wanted to play what she wanted.
  2. The big happy family ( private)

    Lily climbed down from the table and headed to the playroom to play with her legos.
  3. Family Roleplay (Open)

    "No!" Sarah said smiling. "Eby one up!" She demanded. "Wanna pay!" She squealed, excited to go play. Her nighttime diaper was soaked and it was sagging in her pajamas. Lillian woke up around 7:15. She stumbled downstairs sleepily, expecting to see her sister watching TV already. She climbed up on the couch and turned the TV on to one of her shows, hoping she wouldn't have to change t when someone else came down.
  4. Becoming Little May

    "Sorry." May said softly. She let Carl fix her sweater and she climbed in the backseat, grabbing her doll on the way out. She let him buckle her up and she waited anxiously for the ice cream.
  5. Macy's Good Friend and her home stay sister troubles

    "I wasn't given a chance." Macy said with a sigh. "It was get in the car. Go to your room." She said quietly. She ate her carb and sugar loaded foods first, trying to get her levels back to normal. "It's not my fault. She said she didn't want me to walk with her. She was more than happy with her friend. I asked her and she said she was sure she didn't want me walking with her." She shoved a bite of noodles in her mouth. "I didn't want to go against her wishes. I know what it's like when people don't listen to you and I didn't want her to feel that way." She said once she had swallowed.
  6. Family Roleplay (Open)

    Okay all of this sounds great. It was Saturday morning in the Miller house. It had been a busy week of school for the kids and this was their day to relax. It was 7AM and people were just starting to stir. Lillian was sleeping in her bedroom that she shared with Chloe. She didn't like sharing a bedroom with her younger siblings because she always got grouped in with them. The only worse thing would be sharing it with her baby sister. She was hoping her parents would take them to the park today or if the big kids were doing something then she hoped she'd get to be with them. Sarah climbed out of her crib, a new trick she figured out, and wandered around until she found her parents' room. "Momma up!" She demanded, wanting to get the day started already. She was always an early bird.
  7. Becoming Little May

    "Yay!" May squealed, scrambling to get her sweatshirt. She quickly threw it on, though it was half inside out and all twisted. "Ready Daddy!"
  8. Macy's Good Friend and her home stay sister troubles

    "I didn't eat much today." Macy said quietly. "Mom pulled me out of school before I got a chance to eat lunch. So i haven't eaten since breakfast." Sarah frowned. She was still upset with Macy, but felt bad that she caused her levels to get so low.
  9. Family Roleplay (Open)

    Bumping this for visibility. I really want one more older kid. Anyone up for it?
  10. Becoming Little May

    "I don't?" May said softly. She breathed a sigh of relief when she realized she didn't have to eat it. She smiled and gladly ate her veggies. Even as a little kid she always loved vegetables so she never had an issue with most of them. "May May gets ice cream?" She asked excitedly and surprised.
  11. Macy's Good Friend and her home stay sister troubles

    Sarah came up the stairs as soon as she could. She frowned seeing Macy so pale and sickly. "What happened?!" "I'm fine." Macy mumbled, slightly slurring her words. "Just my blood sugar." She knew her blood sugar was important but didn't want her parents to worry it was something worse.
  12. Becoming Little May

    May quickly used the toilet and then in the bedroom she let Carl dress her. At the table, she tried to hide her look of unsureness. The fish didn't look very appetizing, but she'd just eat it and not ask for more of the fish. She climbed up to her chair and quickly ate everything except for the broiled fish. When that was all that was left, she just held her breath and tried not to taste it. But she still could taste it, just not as strong as usual. She tried to hide the grimace on her face from Carl.
  13. Macy's Good Friend and her home stay sister troubles

    (I looked back and I said that she stripped her sheets off and replaced them.) Macy sighed. She mumbled a little and stood up out of bed. But the sudden change of position made her even more dizzy. She gripped onto the sheets on her bed, feeling extremely dizzy. She was very pale. She tripped on her way out the door, being too dizzy to walk straight, so her feet got tangled in each other basically.
  14. Becoming Little May

  15. Macy's Good Friend and her home stay sister troubles

    Sarah finished dinner up and called everyone to the table. Macy had put her phone down, not feeling well from her low blood sugar. She stayed in her room, unsure if she was allowed to go down for dinner.