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  1. May blushed but nodded. She was always very independent, having had to grow up fast. Whenever Sean got protective of her, she always felt smaller and younger. And she didn't dislike it really. May stripped her clothes and brought them to the laundry room once she had her robe on. She didn't want to deal with them after she was clean. She cleaned herself up well, and tried to relax in the shower as much as possible. She did feel a bit better when she was done, but was very embarrassed still. She put on some comfortable pajamas and brushed her hair into a braid for the night. She approached her boyfriend and rested her head on his chest. "I don't wanna talk about it anymore." She said quietly, trying to forget about the incident. "But I need some reassurance and comfort right now. Can we just have a nice relaxing night?" She looked up at him hopefully. She was tall for a woman, being 5'7", but Sean was taller than her, yet another thing that made her feel small sometimes.
  2. May sobbed even harder when her boyfriend felt her crotch and asked if she wet her pants. She was mortified and humiliated. "It was an accident! I can explain! I swear!" She was almost shaking now. Whenever May thought she was going to have somebody mad at her, she got very shaken up. She was very much a people pleaser. She squirmed on the toilet seat lid, her pants uncomfortable, and not so sure about the idea of her boyfriend washing her up. Yeah, he'd seen her in her pajamas or underwear or changing, but never naked for a long period of time. May was very modest and shy, and the couple had decided to wait to have sex until they were married, something important to both of them. After a while, May was able to talk a little better than before. "I was gonna use the bathroom at the store, but they were disgusting." She started, almost gagging at the thought of the toilets again. "I figured I could hold it until I got home. I checked out and headed home." She explained shakily, taking short, quick, shaky breaths. "But there was so much traffic and there was a car accident that held everything up...." She trailed off a little." "I didn't do it on purpose Sean, I-I swear!" She pleaded with him. "Just it just happened and it wouldn't stop. Please I swear it won't happen again. And I can clean myself up. Please."
  3. (Do you still wanna do this? We barely started and we worked hard on the idea...)
  4. Rosie had sat down on the floor with a coloring book, and when Hazel came into the living room, she gave the girl some paper and colored pencils, not wanting her to scribble all over her coloring book. "Judith wanna come color with us?" She asked trying to encourage her two younger sisters to be together.
  5. Mary rubbed her face a little, still being a bit woozy. "Down mama." She mumbled, not having any sort of appetite after throwing up.
  6. Lillian nodded. "I agree. It may not be super fancy, but we have a hospital closer to our home. And I think it would help our daughter to be closer to home anyway." She decided finally.
  7. John quickly made the meal and served it on the table. "We'll have grilled cheese once we get some more bread okay baby?"
  8. Rosie nodded and took her coat and shoes off after tossing her backpack down. Hazel was okay with the diaper she had on right now, but she did try and follow Abbie into the kitchen, not wanting to be aaay from her.
  9. John ran into the kitchen and turned off the smoke alarm and started to air out the kitchen. He threw the burnt bread out into the yard for birds to eat. "Penny honey what about Mac and cheese?"
  10. Lillian frowned. She looked to her husband. She didn't know if it was better to have their baby here or closer to home. She wanted her to have the best care, but wanted to take card of Ava.
  11. Rosie wasn't the biggest fan of all the Chinese foods, but knew it was all her sister would eat. She nodded to her mother. Hazel smiled. She loved wonton soup, and was happy to be eating familiar food.
  12. Lillian frowned. "We want her to get the best treatment and everything, but is there a way she can get this treatment done closer to home? It's so close to the holidays and we have a four-year-old. We don't want to risk her health though."
  13. Hazel smiled at Rosie. She had finally started to warm to her a bit. She was tired too. She hated doctors and hospitals, so screaming and crying wore the little girl out. She already got work out easily but crying took even more out of her. "What's for dinner tonight?" Rosie asked curiously.
  14. Tried to message you. Says you can't get messages. 

  15. (Oh okay lol) Rosie paused. "I think I did okay. I didn't know some of the compound words." She said thinking back. She smiled at both of her sisters.