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  1. Macy was about to nod and follow the boy off to play, but got startled and stepped back when he started to cry out of nowhere. She didn't understand why he'd be wearing a pull-up, as far as she knew you had to be potty trained for kindergarten. She didn't know what to do, unsure what to say to the crying boy.
  2. Macy just turned 5. She was smaller than others her age, but still played as closely to the same as possible. Her brown hair was tied back into two braid down her head. She was wearing a powder blue dress and white dress shoes. The only thing that made her stick out really, were her forearm crutches and leg braces. She had no potty issues really, just it took her a lot longer to get to the bathroom with her crutches. Macy walked into the room and looked around. Everyone else seemed to already be playing and making friends. She wasn't really sure what to do. Everyone else already knew what to do, but she didn't. She just kind of stood by the doorway, unsure where to go.
  3. I read the whole thread on ADISC and it was determined that the children pictured on the package would be way too large for the diapers in that package. The diapers were basically a little larger than huggies size 6. The diapers pictured are for 20kg and up and by doing a quick google search I find that 20kg is about 44 pounds. The children pictured appear to be around fourth or fifth graders, so ages 9-11. The average boy in that age range weighs about 68 pounds or 31 kg and a girl of the same age weighs around 70 pounds or 32 kg. Probably just a company slapping a stock photo on a package imo.
  4. John nodded and went to the fridge. He got out some fruit and put it into a small bowl for each girl, hoping Hazel would eat it. Hazel stared at the bowl questioningly. She wasn't so sure of what was inside.
  5. Ava smiled and wrapped the bright purple apron around her and had her father tie it in the back. "Don't forget the reindeer ones daddy!" She said referring to her favorite cookie cutter. Lillian smiled and pimped some soap onto the girl's hand and kissed her forehead.
  6. Hazel stayed quiet, staring at the movie. It wasn't as nice as beauty and the beast, but it wasn't as bad as Brave, which she had no interest in.
  7. John brushed Judith's hair before sending her downstairs. Once Judith was downstairs, Rosie happily pushed play, before anything else could be said. She was thankful that for once she wasn't watching beauty and the beast. Hazel looked confused and frowned when Moana came up rather than Beauty and the Beast, what they'd been watching for weeks.
  8. Rosie took a quick bath and got into her pajamas and brushed her hair while Judith got hers done. John carefully washed his daughter up and listened to her. "Okay. It has been a while since either of you picked a movie."
  9. Ava smiled and hugged her father tight. She was worried that since s lot of Christmas things hadn't happened, neither would the cookies. Lillian smiled and brought Scarlett to trhe kitchen, standing her on s chair st he counter. "Let's get your hands washed so you can help."
  10. "Yes baby I'll do it." John said lifting Judith up. Hazel stayed close in Abbie's arms, thumb in her mouth and snuggled close.
  11. Lillian returned the kiss and sighed. "I bet. It's been hectic but I'm glad she's finally healthy enough to come back home." Ava hugged her sister and reached for Lillian to pick her up. "I'm sorry baby mommy's a little too tired right now." Lillian said gently. Ava sighed and hugged her father's legs. "Daddy can we still make cookies tonight?"
  12. Rosie frowned. She volunteered and headed upstairs to go take a bath. She could mostly bathe herself st this point, though occasionally needed help with your hair. "You're next Judith." John said from the kitchen.
  13. "Movie time!" Rosie said grabbing the Moana disc. She popped it into the player and climbed onto the couch.
  14. Rosie went back to her magna tiles after that. For a younger sister, Judith sure could be bossy. Hazel smiled and let Lillian clean her up the rest of the way. When she was finally done, she put her arms up, yawning and ready to get her pajamas on.
  15. Ava was on the couch waiting with her father. With everything going on with Scarlett, it didn't feel much like Christmas. She wondered what they'd still be able to do because her father warned her that Scarlett couldn't do what she used to. She just wanted things to go back to normal, but at least her sister was coming home. Lillian finally arrived and carried Scarlett into the house, setting her on the couch next to Ava. She gave her older daughter a kiss on the forehead and hugged her husband.