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  1. Babapete


    Super cute looking :-)
  2. Babapete

    Northern Ireland anyone?

    Hi anyone from Northern Ireland
  3. Babapete

    Diapers. With or without clothing

    I like to wear clothes to. I've got a popper vest I like to where first to hold my diaper tight and stop it sagging. Then I've a few ab boy outfits, shorts and rompers I like to wear to
  4. Babapete


    Couple of nappy pics and outfits
  5. Babapete


    I have a cuddlz dummy to, I didn't have your problem but it did take a while to get use to so maybe ya just need a little more time with it
  6. Babapete

    Best place to buy onesies?

    Hi. As teepee5000 says bigtots on eBay is had to beat but another 1 I really like is cuddlz.com
  7. Babapete

    Question about pacifiers

    Hi. I used and still do occasionally use a dummy. I got 1 first a few years ago half for my abdl side and half because I sucked my thumb. I didn't use it every night maybe 3 or 4 times a week and it took ages to get properly use to. It could have been 6 months before I manged to keep it in all night although I'm sure that would vary between people. I've no experience of if it would help with snoring all I can say is it defiantly helped me stop thumb sucking. Ohh should prop mention mine is a nuk 5 although always thought a slightly bigger one would be better. Well hope it helps you and let us know how you get on
  8. ahh cool can't wait to see em!!
  9. Hi Kazubb love your plan I hope it all goes as planned, defiantly let me know soon
  10. Babapete

    Do You Keep Your Pacifier In Your Mouth All Night?

    Mine stays in sometimes. There's nothing better than waking up with it still in
  11. Babapete

    Anyone Here From Northern Ireland

    I get most of my stuff mail order
  12. Babapete

    who would want one of these to play in during the winter

    That looks awesome!!!
  13. That site looks pretty cool. Has anyone got anything from them, I wonder if there discreetly wrapped?
  14. Babapete

    Dressing Over Acting the Part

    I'm on the same boat, I just like to dress up and usualy
  15. Babapete

    wearing diaper to work

    I wore today so I did!! I had to go out on site and had a 150 mile journey there and back. I also new there wasn't going to be anyone there which made it easier. Even got changed in the back of my van