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    • Once Ruth got to the point where she couldn't sit still, Cindy smile and leaned in on her. "You really can't hold it?" she asked her. "Are you going to be a good girl and watch how you talk to the older girls if I take you potty right now?"   Brenda patted Lacey's back as though she was being understanding. "I know it's hard, sweetie.  You're just a little girl, but I'll help you.  Once you can read really good, you will find that some books without pictures are actually better stories than ones with pictures because they still don't make books where the pictures can move, but in novels, when you read really well, you can imagine things much better about what the person or character is doing."
    • I hug the boy, and plant a kiss on his forehead.  "Well I hope next time you get sleepy, and wanna fight with me about it."  I pick Bobby up and carry him into the kitchen. "Alright, then, how does Spaghetti sound Buddy?"
    • As Ms. T gets closer and closer, Rose can see that she's having students stand up, then as they turn around, she pats their backside lightly as though checking for something, and then when they sit down, she asks them a few more questions. When Ms. T is very close, Rose can hear her questions: "Did you go potty before class today?" "Are you wearing a diaper?" "Let's see..."  He has the student stand up and turn for her while she checks them. "Do you need to stop by the bathroom on the way to recess?" "Do you need any help?" Then she walks on and eventually gets to Rose....
    • Ruth frowned. "That long? I thought it would be only a half hour or so." Ruth whined. Ruth squirmed in her chair pressing her legs together. She felt pee squirt in her pants but quickly stopped it. She started reading again, hoping Cindy didn't notice.   "I know, but it would be easier." Lacey said. Lacey kept reading slowly, letting Brenda help her.  
    • It's probably a little bit of a trek for you, but C.U.F.F (Charlottesville Underground Fetish Fellowship) hold munches each month. They aren't ABDL specific, but there are ABDL's there. If you are interested you can check out their website.