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  1. Rearz Lil Squritz is being discontinued

    I like the print but hate the single tape per side design. If they had made them with 2 or 3 tapes per side, I would have tried them.
  2. footed pajamas info

    If you're looking for footed pajamas, try this place. https://www.the-all-in-one-company.co.uk/
  3. Introducing Bambino Magnifico Pull Up

    I only have one dislike about them. The waistband. Something like a pull-up or goodnites diaper where the padding goes almost to the top of the waistband is what I want. Not something similar to a normal adult pull-up.
  4. Men's rompers

    No. Just no. I don't care for them on women either.
  5. Adam Ruins Everything - AB/DL appearance

    I'm not convinced one is better than the other when it comes to flushing. There's no argument when it comes to what cleans better though. I typically only need 2 or 3 wet wipes. That's a lot less material being flushed compared to using regular TP for me.
  6. lol. Looking through that list, I'd worry more about what people in some other states are looking for. Maybe it's percentage based if that list has any sort of accuracy. Those could be random items the author came up with.
  7. South Carolina page gone?

    This is what I see.
  8. Been trying a few other brands lately.

    I ordered a larger stash of Bianco. I wore one of those at a sleepover with an additional soaker in it that was nice and created quite a waddle. That was my first time wearing around others. Since it was a littles sleepover, it helped knowing that others would probably do the same. I also wore out in public for the first time the day after. I'm not sure about wearing that thick of a diaper in public again. That made it a little hard to walk. I got a free ABU space sample with a pacifier I bought. That felt good and was about the same thickness as the Bianco. Now I'm wearing a DC Idyl. It's not as thick but makes more noise. I wish it was a little thicker since it would be one I wear around the house. I also have a couple of Crinklz samples with the original design. That's the next one of my list to try. I wish they didn't mess with the print design on it. I'd have a hard time picking a favorite design. I like the Idyl because the look very baby boyish. The ABU space diapers are fun because you get too eliminate aliens. The Crinklz and LittlePawz are cute.
  9. South Carolina page gone?

    I don't see SC under the meetup section anymore? IS there a reason why? It seems like there's a Columbia littles group that is starting to gain traction.
  10. Simple babyfur or ABDL art

    Semi simple line drawings that are color with white in the space. Not filled with color like above. The "texture" on the tail tip in the one above is a bit much. Some is fine. The problem is projecting the image. There are two mirrors moving at a high speed. The more "points" there are, the more they have to move. They have limitations similar to the redline for your vehicles motor. Go past that, and they get damaged. The scan angle can be made smaller which helps. The image may not be very big on close surfaces though. Kind of like this but in color.
  11. Simple babyfur or ABDL art

    I'm trying to find some simple babyfur and ABDL art to use for making laser art. I'm talking about something like this. A lot of the stuff I'm finding is too complex. Something like this could work but the fur details are a bit much along with the eyes and shadow effects. Any ideas where I could maybe find something?
  12. wishing you had a diaper

    Now this one showed up.
  13. Good, inexpensive diapers

    I couldn't go to a store to buy some. Especially where I live. I see people I know semi often when shopping. Online ordering is fine. I ordered some total dry plus along with a M/L bianco sample pack from Bambino. That was before asking the question. How do the ATNs compare to those? I noticed they are similar in price when comparing prices between Bambino's website and Amazon. If they are very close, I'll continue getting the total dry plus. I'd rather support Bambino.
  14. Good, inexpensive diapers

    What would you recommend for a good, inexpensive diaper? Sometimes I just want to wear one to have one on. I don't want to waste the good ones for non-wetting purposes.
  15. wishing you had a diaper

    I saw this on 9gag. I wonder if the person that made it is a member here.