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  1. Try this out for horrifying nightmares

    You can't really blame USPS for a mistake you made. I've made that same mistake and just had to wait a little longer to get my stuff..
  2. Tried 24/7 for the first time

    I did. I met the ones I spent time with this past weekend at munches. It has actually helped me a lot spending time with others that are ABDL/little. I have a picture of one of the crafts we did at a munch on my fet profile. It is Diapered_Wookiee. https://fetlife.com/users/4732405
  3. Tried 24/7 for the first time

    I've tried that. I met a bunch of others in SC and NC through fet.
  4. Tried 24/7 for the first time

    Yep. The whole time was amazing. Wish I could get some of the local littles/ABDLs to get out for a munch or other activities. Even I get out and I'm not very social. Possibly due to having something within the autism spectrum or being extremely introvert.
  5. Tried 24/7 for the first time

    I bought the fabric and sent it off to have the sleeper made. Here's a link to the fabric. I'm not sure if it was a limited run or they ran out. Hopefully they'll have it again. http://www.joann.com/space-robot/13631668.html
  6. Tried 24/7 for the first time

    Another picture.
  7. Tried 24/7 for the first time

    Since this was a long weekend, I took a couple extra days off to visit some friends that are also littles. Since I don't have the ability to wear at home, I decided to take full advantage of the situation and wear full time. With the exception of about 7 to 8 hours on Saturday, I've been wearing full time since Thursday night about midnight EST. I have found that I like Safari better than Bambino. Both have been worn 24 hours without changing even with no stuffer. I changed whenever I took a shower. This has been the most relaxing, stress free time I've had in many years. This weekend has made me realize I need my own place again or at least share a home with other that won't care about me being little a lot. Here's some pictures from the weekend.
  8. What best describes you?

    I'd say little. Sometimes I just enjoy a stuffie or two. Other times I break out the paci, diaper and footies or onesie.
  9. Rearz Lil Squritz is being discontinued

    I like the print but hate the single tape per side design. If they had made them with 2 or 3 tapes per side, I would have tried them.
  10. footed pajamas info

    If you're looking for footed pajamas, try this place. https://www.the-all-in-one-company.co.uk/
  11. Introducing Bambino Magnifico Pull Up

    I only have one dislike about them. The waistband. Something like a pull-up or goodnites diaper where the padding goes almost to the top of the waistband is what I want. Not something similar to a normal adult pull-up.
  12. Men's rompers

    No. Just no. I don't care for them on women either.
  13. Adam Ruins Everything - AB/DL appearance

    I'm not convinced one is better than the other when it comes to flushing. There's no argument when it comes to what cleans better though. I typically only need 2 or 3 wet wipes. That's a lot less material being flushed compared to using regular TP for me.
  14. lol. Looking through that list, I'd worry more about what people in some other states are looking for. Maybe it's percentage based if that list has any sort of accuracy. Those could be random items the author came up with.
  15. South Carolina page gone?

    This is what I see.