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  1. I feel like I am in the minority

    IMO, the only wrong way to wear a diaper is when it leaks. Relax and be yourself.
  2. Diaper doublers

    Agreed- these are the most effective doublers I've ever used.
  3. Question to any one in management or supervisor?

    Txts are a way of sending an "unofficial" message. One your boss may wish to convey, but is not considered "official" like an email would be.
  4. Which color do you like your diapers to be?

    Mine start out white...
  5. Are you progressing as a DL?

    Caths are evil. Knee replacements have come a long way since I had mine done in 2009, and now the pain management is so extremely localized that you will be up and walking within 6 hours. My neighbor was back home and walking our to his mail box (800+ feet) within 24 hours. So go ahead and tell them you prefer diapers if you do not like UTIs, it's your choice.
  6. How Many People Have U Told?

    My wife, doctor, and accountant know. Pretty sure the housekeeper knows too.
  7. New Depends sizes - about time

    This is a great move by Depend to take up more shelf space with mediocre products. An excellent way to squeeze out competitors.
  8. Brrrrrrrrrrr

    It dropped to 73 last night on Maui. So many locals in heavy jackets... To me, it was warm and wonderful. My ic has calmed down like it is summertime.
  9. Winter is my wet season. The sudden temperature changes, the rain on my head, it all contributes to me having to diaper up every day. My wonderful wife booked us two weeks in Maui and I have been predictably dry over here. Then I caught a nasty cold and the doctor put me on a z-pack. Now I will have the runs for the rest of our vacation. Back to the diapers for me. First world problems?
  10. Best baby wipes

    My wife and I use Kirkland (Costco) brand baby wipes which we buy by the case. At 7.1 x 8 inches, they are not very big, but they do the job very nicely. The smell is almost non-existent and they are gentle on us when we get a rash.
  11. What's your meyers briggs personality type?

    Big Forkin Deal. My way of poking fun at that pop psychology. I can skew the test any direction I want.
  12. Doctors today

    My Dr has also been a friend for many years. I have tried his drugs and he got to see the horrid results (side effects). Now he is perfectly understanding of my diapers as a means of managing my incontinence. Recently he wrote me a letter recommending diapers for me. I will use this with the IRS should I ever get audited for writing off my diapers.
  13. What's your meyers briggs personality type?

    My type is BFD
  14. How often do you change?

    Whenever needed
  15. What is everyones diaper wish

    I wish my cloth diapers would wash & dry themselves.