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  1. Yes! Because: I am not "old" just because I need to wear diapers. Depends & company should make diapers for active adults like myself. The stigma of being incontinent needs to go away.
  2. Diapers and active travel

    I travel a week at a time for work, and I mostly take my own with me. On occasions, I don't. For domestic trips, when I forget to pack I will stop at nearby discount stores and they have always come through, even if the quality isn't ideal. For international trips, I always remember (so far) and the exception is when I go to places I've been to before and I'm able to pick up a pack for the week when I arrive.
  3. A Problem

    Sounds like different cookie behaviour. There may be some way for you so allow cookies on a per site basis. Try that,
  4. Controlled Involuntary Nighttime Wetting

    Call yourself "lucky"
  5. Has anyone ever met a real DL?

    Internet service provider

    Balloons for me. My thighs are quite large, so in order to get comfort there, the waist must be over-sized. It all tucks in, so I've learned to live with it.
  7. newly Incontinent

    Hi Jessica, There are other groups that are far more active and supportive for those of us with genuine incontinence. PM me and I'll pass along the info. I get the frustrations. I was in my mid 30s when this first began for me, and it turned into a real problem another 10 years after that. Now I'm in my late 50's and I've finally come to terms with this. I live in a small town (under 1000), so I order all my supplies off the internet for privacy's sake. Besides the issues of low quality, I cannot let any of my neighbors see me buying diapers at the grocery store or drug store. I travel a lot for work, often internationally and I have learned how to deal with airport security and being incon. Fortunately, my issues are all urinary, so I look at it like "it could be worse". Learn what works for you- diapers, pads, whatever. Once you learn, just stick with it. Don't go out without that. It is your security so stick with it. At the same time, experiment with your clothing- learn how to hide the bulge. Adapt by carrying a bigger purse, messenger bag, or napsack for a few extra diapers and wipes. Wear darker pants or jeans. Choose long bulky sweaters in the winter.
  8. Incon question

    To the OP- Only you can answer that first question. Doctors will try to give you the clue that they know it all, but upon close inspection, they have to admit otherwise. As for my experience, I began dribbling over ten years ago. I was in my early forties back then. My doc sent me to a urologist who ran many tests before finding a big polyp inside my bladder that would plug my bladder output and cause me all sorts of odd feelings and overflow. Surgery was scheduled, and he blasted it out with some sort of laser weapon. My issues subsided, but returned within a year. After trying a number of different pills, all of which caused various nasty side effects, I settled on managing with diapers. I can tolerate the side effects and do not find them too onerous.
  9. Incontinence By Choice?

    I'm incontinent by nature, not nurture. I spent too many years being pissed at my body for not being trustworthy, but I've adjusted over time. Now, it just is.
  10. Why Do You Wear Diapers

    Because I am incontinent. They make my life so much easier.
  11. Diapers, masturbation, and foreskin

    I would strongly suggest that you keep your junk intact. You have a special trait- you can outlast your wife! Very few women get that, so be proud of it. As for that happy finish- how's your wife in the oral department? If she is willing to work on that, you could get a quicker finish, after she get's hers of course.
  12. Birdseye Cloth Prefolds

    https://www.changingtimesdiaperco.com I like their diapers more than baby-pants.
  13. Funny Useless Superpowers

    Ability to make someone crap their pants uncontrollably by thought.
  14. How much $$$ do we make?

    200-ish. Tech exec
  15. Woman Pooping All Over Town In Colorado

    Back to the original topic- is she still doing that shit?