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  1. WetDad

    Screw that

    I have lived on a septic tank and drain field for 20+ years. Never had it drained, never had a problem. But I grew up on a septic so I taught my wife and kids about all the things you can't flush.
  2. If Tunisia wins, please send it to Mikey for keeping this site up.
  3. WetDad


    IMO, we are all broken, some's just more than others. But I have been wrong before. Anyhow, you are loved and respected Mikey. You have done a great service to us all in creating and maintaining this community. It sounds like you have been pouring your heart into your family lately and that is always a good thing, even if they don't tell you so when you need it. You are a great guy Mike, know that we love you.
  4. WetDad

    What do u use diapers for

    In addition to wearing them as doublers, I use the toddler cloth sizes for polishing my cars, cleaning the granite countertops and many other household uses.
  5. WetDad

    Plastic pants

    I use the diaper pins to keep my cloth diapers close to me- they are what gives my diapers their shape. The plastic pants are just to prevent leaks.
  6. Yes, you have gone through depression. It affects everyone differently, but that is a very common feeling. TomBoyAB, Talk to your doctors. It took me years to get on the right balance of meds and dosage. ADs are different for everyone and there is no standard cure. Yes, there are interactions between the drugs and even some of your foods. (Grapefruit anyone?) Tell him/her EVERYTHING because all of those little things (to you) may be important clues. In the meantime, as hard as it is, get out and exercise. Take your dog for a walk, find a local trail, whatever. Just make certain it is safe- you know, public and all that. The endorphins will help, as will the Vitamin D.
  7. WetDad

    Marijuana and your diapers?

    I never let my diapers smoke weed. It harms the absorbency and makes them forget what they are for. Then they get paranoid and hide from me. Sometimes they even raid the pantry and eat all my Cheetos.
  8. WetDad

    It's raining and I am bored

    I live near Seattle. If we stopped doing stuff every time it rains, nothing would ever get done. Get out and enjoy life. Visit a few nurseries (the plant kind), or watch a baseball game or go see a movie. There are some really awesome movies out right now. Depression is a part of my life and I constantly have to tell myself these same things in order to stay sane.
  9. WetDad

    Wearing diapers during the day 24/7

    I was incontinent before I began to wear diapers, and it hasn't cured my IC in any way. Having said that, I'm bothered by the title of this thread. If you are wearing diapers 24/7 of course your wearing them during the day.
  10. WetDad

    What do you do when you poop?

  11. WetDad

    Where to buy molicare?

    Walmart has them and will ship them to the nearest store for free. I hate that store but any port in a storm...
  12. WetDad

    Parents being a jerk

    Be honest. Life is too short to do anything else.
  13. WetDad

    Expected lifespan

    2-3 years as primary diapers, 2 more as liners. Great rags after that.