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  1. I would be a mature female. Then I would spend the day playing with myself so that I could learn how to be better lover for my wife.
  2. WetDad

    divorce and moving

    Must have been a messy divorce if you like the idea of moving towards Hurricane Florence.
  3. WetDad

    Does anyone else fill diapers with water?

    Sure- but it runs through my kidneys first.
  4. WetDad

    I Give Up

    I have every right to be depressed, if I want to look at it that way. I'm incontinent, old, overweight, bald and have no education. It takes plenty of pills to keep my upright. Then there is all the really messed up stuff that goes on in our world. Brexit, Trump, Global warming... OTOH, I have every right to be excited about the world. I am in my prime earning years, I have plenty of food to eat, a low maintenance haircut and a great job that has me traveling quite a bit of the time. My wife is still my best friend, and my kids think I'm pretty OK. As for the drugs; they are the cause of my IC, but so what? If I stop taking them I get really depressed and become a Major Arsehole. I prefer diapers and having friends.
  5. WetDad

    Why Should I Care?

    Hi Elfy, It sounds like you need a change of scenery. That isn't always easy- most of us can't afford last minute flights to the Canary Islands. However, you can change the world around you. Start by spending less time online. Especially the news and news commentary sites. (I have lots of UK friends, you have Brexit- we have tRump) Things will get better, but you need to spend time working on those positive changes. So with the extra time you have by not obsessing the news, go out and join the world. Get involved in a local environmental movement. Not only will you feel better about the time spent, but you will hear more of the positive news about changes coming. Then help others- because when you are dealing with their problems, you forget about your own. Work in a food kitchen for the indigent, or volunteer at the local retireds club. Many elderly need help with the simple stuff (like changing light bulbs, raking the garden...) so that they can stay in their own home. "Why should I care?" Because there a lot of great people out there
  6. WetDad

    How do you put a diaper on?

    Standing works best for me, no matter the brand or type. Yes, I wear cloth at times, but mostly disposables since they are more discrete. For cloth it takes a little longer since I'm not as experienced at it- often I must repin at least once before it feels right.
  7. WetDad

    It's too early lol

    Got up early yesterday and worked on a stone walkway I'm putting in on the south side of our pond. It's looking pretty good.
  8. WetDad

    Random Thread

    I like sauerkraut & brats
  9. WetDad

    Random Thread

    There is nothing better than that first taste of coffee in the morning.
  10. WetDad

    Double diapered

    It's normal for us who wear cloth diapers.
  11. WetDad

    What Do You Think Of Fireamrs

    I am one of the many in the US who owns, but will never join the NRA. They went wacko long ago, and their recent decision to sell themselves to the Russians only makes them more despicable.
  12. WetDad

    Diaper Stuffers

    TotalDry Ultimate Boost-Ups when I need an extra boost in my disposables. One can add 4-6 hours to a Seni or Northshore.
  13. WetDad

    What Is Ur Drink Of Choice?

    Water is big for me right now. I need to lose a large amount of weight for health reasons.
  14. WetDad

    Complicated issues with partial incontinence.

    I have several styles of diapers I use on a regular basis. They happen to be from different manufacturers. So yeah, that is OK by me.