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  1. Dude, that's just wrong. Didn't you read the thread first? He didn't care about sex.Non issue. "the desire isn't there" Having said that, I completely understand where Dave is coming from. My wife and I have been together for a long time yet we seldom have sex any more. Neither of us is interested, and we are both OK with that.
  2. I'm comfortable only when I'm diapered. Being incon, I just don't trust my bladder any more.
  3. In Rejkevic my laptop bag was opened and they peeked in, seeing my spare diaper. Never pulled out, no mention made. In Amsterdam my laptop bag had to have all the electronics removed. Laptop, Android tablet, Kindle, phone charging battery. Spare diaper remained inside. Also, my carry on luggage bag received extra inspection because I had many bottles of hotel shampoo. (I save them for our local homeless shelter) He saw a pile of clothes including my PUL pants, and said nothing. Only questioned me about the shampoo bottles, then said he liked what I was doing. Narita has a new secure scanner that replaces the old magnet-o-meter. Stand hands up and turn around 360 slowly. No further inspection needed. In the US I have Pre-Check and I very seldom get any extra attention. Only twice this year have been I patted down. Once because they had no Pre-Check (regional airport), and once because my ankle turned up on the scanner. In both cases, they searched me manually and they were more nervous about it than I was. Yes I was diapered each time, but I always change into a dry one before getting in the line.
  4. I have been screened on three continents in the last month. Not a big deal in any country, especially the US. I do choose to wear incon diapers and not the ABDL ones, but I can't imagine the TSA folks giving you a bad time.
  5. XP Medical, Changing Times. Great customer service with both.
  6. They might be too busy with our current administration.
  7. Yes they are still open. I was there a few weeks ago. Not sure about a changing room though.
  8. pint
  9. lens
  10. Hard to tell with a picture to gauge the condition. Best guess is $10-$15. Craigslist or your next garage sale. Sell it "as is", because the next owner may want the patina that comes with the rusty hardware.
  11. Thanks for processing my donation Mike. I hope you're feeling better.
  12. The Super Plus has become my go-to diaper. The cloth actually works very well on this diaper, and the tapes are secure. It is so absorbent that I by the time I change, it is wet all the way up the front, and most of the way up the back too. Makes me feel like I'm getting my moneys worth I guess. The only leaks I've ever had came from staying in one too long. I wil usually go through 3 in a day.
  13. Sometimes I think a milkshake would be nice. Then I look at how big my waist has become, and I get another glass of water.