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  1. Ignore the haters. This story is fantastic. There's no room for sjw ideology here. It's a male centric dystopia, also its FICTION. If you don't like it, here is the jump off point for you. This is a good addition to the narrative, it introduces a partner in crime, increased risk for breaking rules and punishments. I don't subscribe to contemporary identity politics, not to the extreme of shapiro, but I somewhat agree. I really hope you write more, and don't detract from you intended story to appease the easily offended. It's one of the best s
  2. Is this story dead. I really enjoyed this read so far
  3. I would like to see her sister break some small print law or some infraction that the city does not tolerate, and the committee come together and decide she loses adult status too. Maybe set to perpetual potty trainer status, not allowed to use the big girl toilet, but only given pullups and constantly having accidents as the only potty she can use is the little miss plastic potty at home
  4. I'm looking for a very old story....., I'm an old school abdl. So, it was a story where the boy was made to go back to diapers by his family. And there's a girl in a similar situation and she tries to get his attention by leaving a diaper pin on the floor in the library. He picks it up and in due course he manages to be in a situation where he is taken to her house. Her dad made her go back to diapers, and she explains to the boy that she now needs them. When he leaves her house he gets changed first and has to use one of her dia
  5. I'm looking for a long story. That was on deviantart, but I can't find it now. It's starts with 2 twins or sisters having to go to a daycare, the daycare workers are sympathetic to their plight, and plot with them to get the daycare stopped, although thet say they won't be able to stop their parents treating them this way. Then later on the plan is acted and they over power the woman that runs the daycare. The woman owner pleads with them to stop and says she will sell the daycare, so one of the workers offers to run it instead, with the proviso that the
  6. Good morning from the u. K. I am trying to find a story I read a long time ago. It starts with four(I think) friends and either 1 or all of them are training witches or experimenting with wicka/magic. One of theirs brother walks into the room and the accidentally make a comment, which affects like a spell, and he ends up back in diapers. He tries to tell his mom that his sister and her friends did this to him, but she doesbt believe him. When the girls go home one if them wishes again before she goes to bed or makes a spell to try and rectify things. And t
  7. This at one point looked like it was going the way of 'bad seed', which compleetly zoomed in on the 'woe is me' of the scarred protagonist and compleetly lost all direction, and interest (I thought the pierced chick was going to wind up diapered, for how she was treating her disabled sister. But went on some weird tangent and become boring), but I'm glad to see it isn't. I think it would be a shock for him to have her visit...., and to realize he now can't stop wetting his pants, and possibly even pooping, and be embarrassed /mortified to realize this during a knee jerk reaction t
  8. I assure you this is no troll hunt or wild goose chase. OK, so this story was read quite awhile ago. I do not go on many story sites...., dailydiapers, abdlstoryforum, that's pretty much it. The town was a normal town, the person had no other elements other than being back in diapers. No baby items. I remember the male in the couple wasn't into it, but she had shared it with him, and with the move was the perfect opportunity to do so. I do remember there being lots of chapters. That's all the information I have.
  9. I'm looking for a story. A couple are moving to a new town, and the girl asks the boy if she can start their new life in this town in diapers 24/7....,like it was how she's always been, nobody in the new town would know any different. I remember it's quite a long, many chapter story, but I can't remember the title to search it.
  10. Hello, Thankyou. I haven't been able to read the link yet, but I'm hopeful it's the one. It does have chapter 6 and 7 missing?? That post has "chapter 6" but then no text beneath it???
  11. I can't see chapter 6 and 7??
  12. Deffinately not much before Christmas. October at the most. I don't frequent or know of many story sites. Only this one and abdlstoryforum. Deviantart, but that's a chore to navigate
  13. I'm looking for story I read recently, but now cannot place where I found it. It's the story where a man is put into diapers, and is kidnapped to be adopted. And he hopes his wife will come and save him. Due the process or conditioning he compleetly forgets his old life, and is almost ready to be adopted, now they just have to introduce him to his new soon to be sister, and it's revealed it's his wife. This jogs his memory, and he slightly remembers that they used to be lovers. They get closer and she gets intimate with him in hi
  14. I think 'paysite samples' equivalent. Elfy is the only one who delay published his content for free, And his work is probably out and out some of the best out there. So surely lesser writers should follow suit and delay release. I only support patreon that deserve it. For the most part, if youre just money grabbing, it will back fire and people e just won't read your story. It's the same with the fake abdl girls that now only post photos on patreon..., it's the exact same content they used to post for free. Th
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