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  1. Anael

    Banana diaper poop help

    Seems to me the questions are a great way to have a fun day experimenting.
  2. Anael

    Help mee

    How little/young is your little girl?
  3. Sounds like Daddy is pretty understanding.
  4. Had an idea this morning and put down three short paragraphs.
  5. A successful forced ABDL plot will probably contain something from most, if not all, the lists.
  6. Anael

    Grammar Pet Peeves

    My Gramma
  7. Anael

    What's brewin?

    Years ago I tried it.
  8. Anael

    Failed Meet Ups

    Speaking of meetups, did you know there is an organization that facilitates all kinds of people getting together with other folks with like interests?
  9. I might consider trying it if it was available.
  10. Anael


    Welcome, Mayiel.
  11. Anael

    A Message to all ABDLs

    Here I am, again - a day late and a dollar short.
  12. Anael

    A Night At The Movies

    Quite the cliff-hanger ending. Although there is no definitive evidence to indicate who really said it first, "Britain and America - two countries divided by a common language.
  13. Anael

    Staying with my Aunt Sharon

    Very creative. On the technical side, dialog should be a separate paragraph for each person speaking each time they speak. Keep up the good work.
  14. Anael

    Increments or one off?

    Eight months since this thread opened up and I'm just now reading it.
  15. Anael

    What Kills A Story For You?

    This one has been going on for a while and is an interesting and informative read for any one who writes, or plans to write B/DL fiction.