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  1. Spanked with your diaper on or bare bottom?

    bare bottom over the knee
  2. Ab/Dl In Richmond, Va

    Love to meet.
  3. Ab/Dl In Richmond, Va

    In richmond too
  4. Pansexuality

    I have feelings for all people. If I want to make a friend feel good it's OK.
  5. How do you feel about messing?

    The emotional and physical sensation I feel when I poop in my diaper is so fine. I always go in my diaper.
  6. Wetting, messing or both?

    i do both, but not in public
  7. Having sex in a messy diaper

    Love to masturbate in my diaper. Don't do messy sex.
  8. Moring Diapers with coffee :)

    So nice to read. My morning diaper time is the best part of my day. Coffee and a relaxing slow mess before my shower. Wish it could last all day.
  9. How Do I Make Myself Mess My Diapers

    I just have some coffee in the morning and relax. I think once you've enjoyed the emotional and physical sensation your block will disappear.
  10. Wetting or messing?

    I always wet when I make a messy.