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  1. What's your religion?

    Well I'm Christian. (Non-denomantion) But also don't believe in shoving down throats. I'm with majority of what ever floats your boat as long as it's legal and aint hurting any one.
  2. Gun advise

    Sorry it took me to long and thanks for the advice. But finally after long and hard for research. I came to buy a used one from a friend (who is in law enforcement) i went with a high point 380. Something small and easy to get use to until i can invest in something else.
  3. Test Subject

    (Thanks for all the comments and thoughts. It keeps me going. Sorry it took me so long. Life i guess) (Next update will be late for reasons but will be in very soon. But in all I am so thankful. Hope you enjoy the next part.) (If you want leave some suggestions if you have any idea for Blake.) (7-2 What does Sara have planned?) “Do you want a diaper change…” Sara said. I didn’t answer, I just kept my head down in shame. “Ahh…what’s wrong. I can make anything happen for you. Why are you being so quiet.” Sara asked as a hand came down and began to rub my head softly. “I…just don’t understand how…. how can you...” I said as I bit my lip and looked up. “How can I what…” Sara asked as the hand stopped rubbing and lifted my chin up. “I can’t say…” I said softly. “You can ask me anything…” Sara asked softly. “How…How are you…. how can you like a mother figure and care for me when I’m in here…being tortured? I’m being treated like a toddler in prison. And besides…how are you…. you’re not even human…. you’re just a computer and you don’t even have a face, just a voice…. are you even real.” I said softly.” I said softly. “Well…. I’ve always loved the young people who have come in here. All one hundred and thirty-five of them and even you. As stated as before you are not being tortured, we are molding you into what we need you to be…and fixing you.” Sara said. ‘How are you fixing me…there’s nothing to fix…. this is all because I needed money and signed a contract that I can’t get out of…” I yelled back at Sara. “Do not raise your voice at me…. you chose to come here…not me…. you came here on your own free will.” Sara said. “Yes…. your right…but how can you let this happen to me or the other one hundred thirty-five people before me.” I said as I lowered my voice. “Well at least you admitted that I was right, for once. You seem to be accepting of this at least to a certain degree. I had no choice, the program is different for every person. When you sign, they look up each one from phone record, to social media, to email and social…this is part of the project…legally they are allowed…. you signed….to be….to be the test subject.’ Sara said in a softer tone. “How…how can they go through my private life…make me piss and shit myself and then force me to jizz all over myself. Hours in a dirty diaper and baby stuff…so where testing for this company…. what was it again….” I said in a sarcastic tone. “Baby Tech Industries and watch your mouth little one…even if your mad.” Sara said. “Look…sorry. I just can’t believe that this company is getting away with this…how can they legally do this…how can they video and audio record and keep records of it…where not even testing stuff…how is this considered Baby Tech…I mean I get the oversized baby stuff and changing and feed stuff…but what is this company about…. how big is it…and what about Ms. Jones what is she exactly…?” I said. “Well the company itself has been around for a while…. the name has not…. Do you remember the testing scandal inside the jail?” Sara asked. “Yeah…they were charged with inhumane practices…they were all charged….didn’t they all get charged. And what were they charged for.” I asked. “Well they were testing for behavior reform for inmates. They took them willingly and unwillingly. From people who murdered to people with assault charges to even people of drug and sex crimes. The whole plan was to create a safe plan for them to help them get back into society faster, no matter what it took. It had private and government backing but it was kept low key from the public. They had a lot of success and not too many relapses but word got out and investigation took place. Everyone was charged and the program shut down. All but one person….” Sara said. “Who….” I asked. “Ms. Jones…she had money…she had politicians and the private sector backing here, she bought her way out of the court case. They wanted her to continue this program, the investors knew this could be a big business and help them privatize it, making them billions. So, they helped founded a new company called Baby Tech Industries. Under this name, you have a few baby items and some robotic arms as a disguise. Let the real damage be done under cover. And then have your test subjects sign a paper that anything can happen to them and everything that happens here is kept secret but also data is collected.” Sara said. “What kind of data.” I asked. “New mental regression techniques they couldn’t do in the jail cell. Your military is famous for it. Locking people in isolation to get information from them and water boarding. Well, here its legal but disguised as helping the future for raising babies. The results of the test are collected and stored in the main computer data base. Every result and action is kept and studied by doctors and scientist. They only need fourteen more subjects to his one hundred and fifty, once they do they can actually start testing.” Sara said softly. “That’s messed up…why do they need all this data…and what real testing.” I asked. ‘They can start testing on real people Blake without their consent…they will take real messed up people and place them through this willing or forcefully. And it will all be backed by scientific data and it will all be legal in this country backed by the private sector and politicians. Then once they start seeing results, which it will, it will be just like any business in here…. they will do it for the money. People will be considered cash crops for the billionaires.” Sara said. “Sara…we…we have to stop them…” I said as a tear formed in my eye. ‘We can’t stop them. Many have tried and none have succeeded. They make you disappear and your never heard from again, people have come back and never been the same mentally or physically, or they will black mail you and post everything on your social media. Best thing to do is to please go along with it and not fight. Just save yourself Baby Blake.” Sara said as two hands came down and hugged me. “No…Sara…I have to save the next people…I mean…I can…I know I can…you have to help me. Just help me…we can do this together…even if you’re not real….” I said softly as I began to cry. “Blake…. don’t be a hero. I won’t let you. Look about me…I’m just…. some computer program, to a certain degree…. I already lost one of my own to this place…I won’t lose another one.” Sara said. “Wait…who did you lose. Are you…are you real… you said you cared for me like a mother…let me help you.” I begged as I began to squirm. “Enough…I don’t have to be subjected to questions from you…activating ACB 312 program.” Sara said as the previous came from near my head and another one came down from the ceiling began to place the helmet and goggles back on me. “Look…Sara…I’m sorry…I didn’t mean to offend you. We must work together to bring this down. I’ll help reverse what they did to the one you loved and help rescue you.” I said as I begged and squirmed with tears pouring down my face. The arms easily strapped the helmet and googles back on with ease, even with my squirming. “Blake…you can’t save anything…just save yourself.” Sara said softly. “Sara…listen…you have to….um I need my diaper changed…I need a bottle…I need my nap…I learned my lesson…I need correction…. Sara…I need you….” I yelled. “Does not compute…See you when you come out…maybe you can see after this…maybe” Sara said. “Wait…no.” I said as a bright light came over in the goggles and my body went limp. I don’t know how long I was out for but I started to come around. “Oh god…where am I.” I said as I started to open my eyes. I looked around I was sitting in a chair at a table near a concession stand. I could smell the food nearby me and saw people nearby. I must have been at circus or carnival or something. “What am I here for.” I said as I stood up and looked down. I was wearing some familiar clothes. I was wearing a red button-down shirt, along with some black jeans and brown cowboy boots. I quickly took my hands and felt down on my pants and could not feel no padding. “Thank god.” I said as I stood there and thought for a moment why am I here. Then it hit me, I wore these clothes on my birthday when I turned eighteen. This is the night I got wasted and ruined my life. “Fuck…” I mumbled to myself as I began to walk around the place, then I knew I was at the county fair. “Great…Sara…. are you here.” I said aloud but all I got were weird looks at me from people but I just ignored them. I couldn’t believe all these sights and sounds, it reminded me of the horrible night almost two years ago. “Hey, Blake what’s up man.?” I heard a familiar voice from behind me. “Oh god no…” I said as I turned around and saw him. “Hey…. Allen what’s up.” I said as I just grinned my teeth. There he was, my best friend all my life wearing his trademark black button-down shirt and tight blue jeans and brown cowboy boots. Well up until this part at least he was my best friend. He was the same age as me, brown hair and hazel eyes. A lot taller than me, six feet even to be exact and lengthy. He wasn’t popular, he was weird but faithful but a fire cracker, always starting things. “Hey pal, I thought I would never find you. Look man, I got the moon shine in, its over near the haybales hidden if you want some.” Allen said. ‘You know man…I’m good…but I will pass.” I said. “Blake…. man…you’re my best friend. We’ve known each other since we were in diapers. And besides it’s your birthday…just have a sip.” Allen said as he punched me playfully in the arm. “You know…like I said I’ll pass…besides last year. Don’t you remember I ended up in a taco bell ditch at 6:30 am in my briefs, all covered in mud, still wasted. Remember, four loco pig chases. I kind of want to remember this night.” I said as I looked down. “Fine…I’ll ask again in about an hour when you feel like you can cut loose. Besides, you mom’s picking us up right, because I parked my car at the restaurant down the road. “Allen said. “Yeah…so even if you get a little crazy, you can just come crash at my place.” I said. “That’s cool…man let’s just go see if we can’t go play some ring toss or maybe go to the BB range.” Allen said. “Yeah let’s do that.” I said as we walked up to the ring toss booth. Allen handed the man some money and we got five rings a piece. We just took our time until we both hit three in a row on a bottle. “Wow look at that. We both got three in a row…what luck. maybe we should take a shot together.” Allen laughed. “Dude again.” I said as Allen and I got our stuffed bears and walked away. “Are you going to drink or not…I wasted and risk getting in trouble so you drink…not chicken out.” Allen said. “Allen…I think we just…look dude…I just don’t want to drink…that’s all.” I said. “Man whatever…you’re just a wimp…I’ll try you later.” Allen said as he walked away in a huff. “Allen…dude wait.” I said as he ignored me and walked away. “Great…this will be fun.” I said as I had a seat back at a table and just sat down with my bear. I just sat down and began to think about what Sara said. “Why won’t she show herself in here…can she will…or will she.” I thought to myself as I kept thinking. My thoughts just kept thinking but nothing seemed to calm my mind. I just sat there for what must have been about two hours when I heard a commotion coming from where the hay bales were. For a moment, I thought nothing of it but then I remember that Allen had his moon shine over there. I got up and walked quickly over and to my horror what caught my eyes. “Allen.” I said softly to myself. Allen was on the ground squirming on the ground in nothing but his cowboy boots and his red briefs. The group around him were just pointing and laughing. I rushed over to him and went down to his side. “Allen…are you drunk.” I whispered near him. “No…. drunk I’m not.” Allen said as he slurred his words and giggled. I could smell the alcohol on his breath and was just ashamed of him right now, but I knew I had to do the right thing. “Dude look let’s just get you out of here and we can find my mom and go back to my house.” I said as I tried to lift him up. “No…I’m not going with you…you were mean to me…you didn’t want to drink with me…so I drunk myself….and now I’m having a party. “Allen said as he just laid on the ground. ‘Dude…please…your causing a scene. Please just get up and we can get you some clothes and get out of here. By the way where are your clothes at.” I asked. “Gone…all gone.” Allen said. “Dude. Great…look just get up and walk on out.” I said as I tried to pull him up again but he just kept laying down. “Fuck…Hey anyone have a blanket or a towel I can borrow for my friend,” I asked as I looked around the crowd but they all just kept laughing and pointing at him. “Allen…dammit…why do you always do this to me…I’m not a babysitter.” I mumbled to myself. “Well were not paid to be a baby sitter….so you guys need to do something fast.” A man came up to the crowd. “Who are you.” I asked. “Well I’m security and the guy who can kick you guys out the park and have you guys arrested for illegal consumption of alcohol and underage possession.” The man said. “Well I didn’t have anything to do with it…I’m trying to get him out of here so we can leave peacefully.” I said. “Kid I don’t care…I’ll make sure you guys learn your lesson and then kick you out.” The man said. “What can you do to us…” I said. “Watch…yeah…I need some assistance near the hay bale…. two bucks need some rodeo training.” The man said as he said into his walkie. I just kept kneeling by Allen hoping he was just bluffing but I was wrong, two more big guys came over to the man. “These two…the one in his underwear is drunk but the one beside him is more than likely the culprit of all this chaos.” The man said. “Ok well take this kid right here.” The two men said as I was picked up from underneath my arm pits and carried away from the group of laughing people. “Hey, put me down…what are you doing…somebody help.” I yelled as I began to squirm but couldn’t escape their grip. The men carried me to an unmarked tent and we went inside. “What do you guys want with us.” I yelled as I was thrown onto the ground.” I said. “Were just going to make you an example.” The security officer said as he walked into the tent with Allen over his shoulders in a fire man carry and threw him right beside me. Allen just collapsed right beside me and just had a blank expression on his face. “Example for what.” I asked as I began to scoot back a bit in fear. “It’s meant for you guys to be an example…. none of will break the rules again.” The man said as he laughed. The man snapped his fingers and the two men came over to me and stood over on top of me. “Get him ready. The fun is about to begin.” The security officer said as he laughed a bit. The two men grabbed me and forcefully began to strip me until I was down to my black briefs. I tried to fight them off but I was no match for them. They threw my clothes in a trash can and took off cowboy boots and threw them away to. “This isn’t right.” I yelled a in protest. “No…but its justice…” The man said as they grabbed Allen and I and took us over to another tent. We were fire man carried over their shoulders as they carried us with ease across the grass. We entered the tent quickly and I was thrown on the ground again. Allen was placed on an oversized baby rocking horse. He was sat down and strapped on by his wrist and ankles and then placed a cowboy hat on him. Allen just sat there rocking back and forth, still in a daze, not complaining at all. “Hey, let him out of that.” I yelled as I saw him. He looked like a little cowboy with his red briefs and cowboy hat as he just laughed at himself as he rocked back and forth. “No can do…now for you.” The man said as the two men grabbed me and held me down again on the ground by my ankles and wrists. “No…let us go…. Sara help me…” I whined but it all fell to death ears. The men began to dress with a brown leather vest around my chest and began to place a fake belt toy belt with a plastic gun around my waist and clicked it tight. They pulled me up and placed me and long piece of wooden board and tied my hands above my head. “Hey…what are you doing.” I yelled but they shoved a red ball gag in mouth and strapped it tight. “There…. that might keep you quiet kid.” The main security officer said as the other two placed my feet in a spreader bar and bound my ankles to the far poles. They then lifted the bar on the pulley and pulled it up until my feet were above my waist and my bottom was left exposed. I just blushed as I laid there like a young cowboy ready to be spanked in diaper position in nothing but black briefs and a cowboy costume. “Now the fun will begin…they will pay a lot of money for this...” The main security officer said as he left with the two other guys as they walked out the tent. “Wait…so I know how the night ended but this part seems kind of fuzzy…wait…wasn’t this part were a bunch of girls gave me my birthday spankings…but that was with my pants on.” I thought to myself as I heard of group of girls coming in. I saw at least a group of five walk in, all dressed up in different slutty costumes. They all walked in and quietly stared for a moment. “Ahh…wow…so this must be the treat part” One girl said as they all laughed together. They walked up to Allen first and began to take pictures of him as they forced him to rock back and forth. He just laughed at him as they made fun of him and began to joke around as they made their way to me. “Look what we have here…. let’s read the note. Hi, my name is Bad Baby Cowboy Blake. I’ve been very bad but today is my birthday. Please make my birthday come true by giving me my eighteenth birthday licks on my bottom with the paddle provided underneath. “The girl read aloud to the rest of the group of the ladies. “So, what do you think…Blakey.” She said. “Mphmm…” I moaned behind my gag with big rounded eyes, pleading for mercy. “I think that’s a yes.” The girl said as she reached down and grabbed huge wooden paddle and brought it up. “Ok who’s first.” The girl said as she laughed and held it up. My eyes grew big as I began to tear up. I tried my best to squirm but I was bound tightly. “I will.” One girl said as she walked over and lined up perfectly with my bottom. She took the paddle and smacked hard onto my bottom. “Mphmm.” I whined as I squirmed again. “Again…” They yelled in unison. She came down harder with another smack. “MPHMMM…” I yelled into the ball gag. I was on the verge on tears. She kept going until she reached eighteen smacks. By the end of it, I was already in tears, sobbing and squirming in pain. ‘OK…Next.” The girl said as the next one came up. They all took there turns until each of them reached eighteen smacks with the paddle on my bottom. When they were done I was in tears and blubbering behind the ball gag. “Ah…Shhh.it will be alright my little baby.” The girl said as she rubbed my stomach. I just continued to cry as she kept rubbing my stomach. “Oh, my little Bad Baby Blake Cowboy…its ok…. I just need for just…Baby Let Go….” The girl said as she smiled. My mind raced as I knew what was coming next. With my blurry, wet vision, I felt my bladder fill up and I began to piss my briefs as it flooded the table and began to run off. I just closed my eyes and turned red as I knew what was coming next. “Oh my god…that is so disgusting…. Let’s get out of here…He really is a baby.” The girl said as all the girls were grossed out and began to complain out loud. They all marched out in unison with disgust in their face. I just laid on the table and began to move a bit, trying to adjust my restraints as I tried to move from my wet puddle down below. That’s when I heard another group coming. “Wait…this can’t be the group.” I thought to myself. My fears came true when a group of guys came into the tent. These were the guys that were going to take Allen with them and I would have to relive the nightmare. The group of guys came closer and came up close to Allen. “Dude is that Allen…. Guys that’s Allen…What the heck.” The guy said as they surrounded him. “Allen is that you…” The guy asked. “Yeah…I go rocky on the horse…then I get…. stuff.” Allen said still drunk as he slurred his words. “Guys we need to get him down. He seems ready to party again.” The guys said as he laughed a bit. They all agreed in unison and unstrapped Allen and helped him down. They began to carry him out of the tent by each guy grabbing underneath his arm pit and helped him walk. That’s when they passed me and I caught their eye. “Wait who is this…Let’s see…its says Baby Blake…. huh…he’s bad…” The guy said as he chuckled a bit. “Dave…come on…. we need to go…lets go…he looks like he already had fun…his legs are red and he looks like he pissed himself. Besides…Allen is the ready to party” One of the guys said. “Look you guys…go get Allen to the truck and put some clothes on him…were going to have a fun night with him. I’m going to sit back for bit…and chat with the baby.” Dave said as he laughed. “Suit yourself…he looks like a freak anyway.” The guy said as the rest of the group walked out with Allen in hand. “Mphmm.” I yelled behind my gag trying to scream for Allen but all that came out was muffled moans. “Let’s get rid of that thing…how does that sound.” Dave said as he undid my red ball gag and tossed it to the side. “Ahh…. Where…. Where are you taking him?” I said softly as I moved my mouth around a bit trying to get feeling back in my mouth, “I’m making sure he has a good time tonight…on your birthday.” Dave said. “Dave…listen…look were both eighteen and were both adults. But were going to have fun.” Dave said. “No…I know what happens…please don’t…. you guys don’t….” I said but I was interrupted by Dave. “I know were adults…and that’s why we’re making adult decisions…I’m already tipsy and most of the guys are on drugs and alcohol. We’re going out in my truck and were taking Allen. I don’t care if it’s your birthday or not…that’s not my problem but this whole thing of you being tied down in pissed soaked briefs…. looks like you were spanked already…I mean if it’s your thing that’s fine…don’t include us you freak.” Dave said as he chuckled a bit. “Dave…. look…can you untie me at least.” I asked. “I don’t think so…. I think this whole thing is over with.” Dave said as he began to walk out the tent. “Fuck…. Dave…. Allen….Fuck….Sara…..SARA…….SARA” I screamed at the top of my lungs. That’s when Dave stopped in his tracks. “Yes…” Dave said in a feminine voice and turned around. “Sara is that you…” I asked. ‘Yes, it is…. how can I help….” Sara said. “No…I’m not believing this. Prove to me that it’s you Sara.” I said. “Fine…. how.” Sara said as the body of Dave walked over closer to me. “Tell me what I’m in and what it means.” I said. “Sure. You’re in punishment phase ACB 312. It stands for Accepting Certain Boundaries, Three Chances, One choice, Two Decisions.” Sara said. “Sara…. how did…please don’t let me relive it.” I begged her. “I’m sorry, I have to…you have no choice…. you have to relieve it.” Sara said. “No…. I can’t accept it. There are no boundaries on these feelings. Three people…huh…. you know what happens…the choice…its bull crap. And the decision wasn’t mine…” I said as I looked away. “Look I’m sorry. It must happen…. Just accept it….it will all work out…Just…. Let Mommy Help…” Sara said as she leaned in for a kiss with Dave’s body and began to make out with me. She began to reach down and rubbed the front of my piss soaked up and down multiple times until my flag pole was pointing up. She stopped kissing me and stood up. I just stared at Dave for a moment. I couldn’t believe it; my mind was racing along with my hormones throughout my body. Was I attracted to Dave or to Sara, I was just lost and couldn’t think straight right then. I began to feel my bowels fill up and release contents into my briefs. I felt the hot mud come into my wet back side. I couldn’t believe it, I was now bound on a table with piss and shit filled briefs and dressed as a cowboy, with a huge erection sticking out. “Sara…what did you do.” I said in frustration as I moved a bit around. “Nothing…. just to help you later…. now just focus on what’s about to happen.” Sara said. “Sara, I can’t…you just got me horny and I just shit myself.” I said. “Now…accept it…trust me…” Sara said as she began to walk back a bit and soon began to leave the tent. ‘Sara if you leave…then…. I…. I…” I said as I tried to find the words but my mind drew a blank. I didn’t want to go through what was coming to me. “I’m sorry Blake….it has to happen…it’s for you to grow….to mold you…know that I love you.” Sara said as she left the tent. Within a few moments I heard the commotion starting up. I heard a loud crash outside the tent and people screaming. That’s when I saw the main security guard come in with two police officers. “That’s him….” The guard said as he came over with the two police officers come over to me and began to untie me and helped me down off the table. “Kid. What happened to you.” The one officer said. “Long story…it’s my birthday.” I said as I blushed and looked down at the floor and tried my best to cover myself. “And I can tell…you’re a little happy too….and kid you smell like shit…” The other officer said as he giggled a bit. I just kept my head down low and blushed in shame. “Kid…do you know what you just caused…” The guard asked. “No…I don’t.” I said. “Kid…three people just lost their life…. others are injured.” The guard yelled. “Let me handle it.” The officer said as he came over closer to me. “Son…. a truck just headed out of here about five minutes ago. Officers smelt alcohol within a group of kids. The officer approached to ask a question, but then the group ran off and our officer lost them and called for backup. Not even a minute looking for them, a truck came barreling out of the parking lot and jumped the curb and had a collision with a tow truck coming down the main road. The tow truck was going forty-five miles per hour, while we guess the truck was going at least fifty in the air. Three people are dead, while three more injured. The tow truck driver and two other young men your age. Two of the people that died we have names for were Allen and Dave and another one yet to be identified.” The officer said. I just went silent. My heart began still hearing those words again and my body became numb. “So, son…. did you help make the choice for them to drink and drive. Alcohol was found at the sight. One of the containers of alcohol has the name Blake on it…. care to explain that.” The officer asked. “I don’t know…” I said softly. “What do you mean you don’t know…Son three people are dead and your one of the last people to see them. Did you have anything to do with it.” The officer said. “I…. I….” I said as I began to stumble my words. “Son look at me…either you tell me or we will hold you in a jail cell until the court date. Since this is man slaughter charges. I think you will be there without bond until the court date. I know they would love something small like you jail. They will tear you up…. they would make you their bitch…Now…for the last time…did you have anything in the death of any of the people I named off.” The officer yelled. “I….I didn’t do anything with them….Allen died…He’s dead because I didn’t stop that night…I had three chances….” I said as I began to tear up. “I…. I made my decision that night…I had two choices. Let him leave with them drunk with them with a drunk group of guys or stand up and stop them and not let him happen…but I chose wrong…” I said as I fell to my knees as I began to cry more heavily. “So, you did do it huh kid.” The officer said as he got closer. “And the choice that was made that night….was death….death…all because…I acted….I acted…” I said as I fell onto my stomach and began to sob uncontrollably. “Acted like a selfish baby…” The officer said as he got behind me and began to handcuff my hands behind my back and lifted me with ease onto my feet. “Yeah I could tell to….I mean he’s covered in piss and shit…can’t even hold it in.” The other officer said as they began to push me outside the tent. When I walked outside the tent I saw a group of people began to take pictures at me and began to yell at me in anger about what had happen. ‘That’s the one who let it happen. Stupid shitting baby.” One yelled. “Another selfish act in the works. A good time for a few hours for blood stain of a life time.” Another one yelled. “I hope he gets life in prison or maybe even the death penalty. All those lives…. his life will at least way out all the pain he has and will cause.” The last one said. I just kept my head down as they walked me to the cruiser. That’s when my eye caught the wreck. I saw the truck was flipped upside down covered in blood. The tow truck with a huge dent in the passenger side in the ditch. A half a dozen of ambulances in the area, multiple police officers and the body bags off to the side. They opened the door and sat me in the back of the police cruiser and shut the door. “I killed him….I didn’t mean….to…..Allen….I’m sorry…I’m I acted like I baby…” I said as my eyes got heavier and I fell sideways onto the seat and everything went black.
  4. Coming out

    I guess well first i say look at how close your are with them. (In life, in bed, in real talks about life.) Then which one is best fitting for you, for your life style. In one of your earlier post (correct me if im wrong you want to retire or live a certain life style.) Can they fit into that into that life style or will you work with them. Which one will have a fall out. (Aka who has the most relgious or strict family if they come out) or who will have the least amount of conflict. (Which seems to might be both). Who is more open with the idea of abdl life style. If you want to transition from little play into doing both then which one will enjoy the lifestyle outside of sexual part. But in all good luck.
  5. somebody save me

    Might i encourage physicsl activity. And make yourself do it. Science does back up the notion that it helps realase good hormones in the body. (Force yourself to go. Its good. And a sense of encouragment that you accomplished.) There has to be a job out there for you they will work with you. I encourage you to outreach on campus for a support group. Or even as a relgious person like me, (even if your not relgious) some churches in your area might offee services your seeking. So you might want to try them. Then like the rest of them focus on schooling. Your almost done.
  6. Weight loss tips?

    So your drinking an energy drink with so called "workout supplements". Yeah no. Just go with my first suggestion and go with just plain black coffee. (Two things in it. Coffee beans and water.) Like i said drink it early and start with a half a cup (4oz) Compared to your so called workout drink. I say lay off them and see if you cant shake them sometimes it can be your caffine free. And nothing is never sugar free lol. They just put ingredients in it that you have to be a chemist to know it or goggle it. Cant be good for you and were all guilty of doing it.
  7. Test Subject

    (Thanks for all the comments and feedback. Means alot to me.) (Warning: This chapter contains a little bit of sexual content.) (Part 7-1 What does Sara have planned?) “Now which one would you like first.” Sara said. “I don’t care just pick one.” I said as I kept low, looking at what was down below, my eyes couldn’t believe it. It was just a normal chair but it had restraints for a body and helmet with googles on it that came from the back with wires hanging from the ceiling. “That’s fine. Well first we need to get you clean from your tinky diaper.” Sara said as the arms carried me over to the changing table. I was laid down onto the surface and quickly was grabbed by the arms of the changing table and held tightly down. My feet where lifted high above my head, while another set of arms came down and began to peel my diaper off me. I gagged when I smelled when the diaper as it was rolled up and thrown away. I just laid there and just let the hands clean me with baby wipes as my bottom and privates were wipes clean. The whole process must have taken a few minutes but I was finally clean. The hands came back up and placed another diaper under me but these were thicker but a long shot. I lifted my head and looked down to see that this diaper was pure white diaper but had babyish designs all over it. “Why, the thick diaper.” I asked. “Now how about we get you ready for the toddle 469 program.” Sara said as the arms let me go and another set carried me over to the chair. I was sat down and didn’t put much of a fight as the hands busied themselves as they put the restraints over my wrist and ankles. “What…what is this thing.” I asked as the last strap went over my waist and tightened. “Well this is virtual reality for you…almost but you feel what you do or what we do to you.” Sara said as the helmet was place over my head and tightened the strap under my chin. ‘Wait what will this do...how will I control it if I’m strapped to the chair.” I said as I squirmed a bit but I couldn’t even move an inch. “Well its simple once we put the goggles on with the helmet, I will activate it and then the process will begin. Everything is controlled with the helmet on a neurological level. Once placed on, your almost in another world. Kind of like virtual reality but whatever happens to you in there will happen to you out here. So, don’t worry, just accept it. Trust me on this one, my little Baby Blake. Just accept it. When you do, everything will go so much smoother.” Sara said as the goggles were lowered onto my head and placed over my eyes and I couldn’t see anything. ‘Wait…. are you still there…Sara?” I said. “Yes dear…” Sara answered. “Wait…so how bad is it in there.” I asked as I tried my best to calm my nerves. “That is based on you submitting. That’s why you’re wearing a thicker diaper.” Sara said. “Oh….” I said as I just started to accept my fate. “But Baby Blake….” Sara said softly. “Yes….” I said. “Know that, this will all be over shortly…just listen to me my little boy…. accept and listen to me. You can be free…I’m not doing this because I must…I’m doing this because…. I care for you…. like a mother…see you on the other side.” Sara said as a bright light shined in the goggles and my body went limp in the chair. Finally, the bright light went to black and started to wake up. “Ahh…where am I... Sara…are you there.” I asked as I opened my eyes and looked around. I was laying on a carpet, what seemed like a living room floor. I stood up and looked down at myself. I was wearing normal adult clothes, just a basic red shirt, a pair of jeans, and some shoes. I unzipped the pants and looked down and saw that I was wearing normal blue briefs again. I could tell that everything I touched was so real and couldn’t believe it, this technology was out of this world. I started to walk as I zipped my pants back up and walked into the kitchen and walked to the fridge. I opened the door and found a fridge full of food. “Alright food…” I said as I began to take food out to make me a sandwich for myself. I don’t know how long it has been since I had some halfway decent food. I took out all the ingredients and began to make a sandwich. As I made it I could smell the food that I was preparing. Finally, after a few moments, my sandwich was made. I took a bite of it and could taste everything on it. “My god…” I mumbled as I stuffed my face and ate my sandwich and finished the whole thing in no time. I just stood there in amazement as I rubbed my belly as it stuck out a bit. I couldn’t believe that I tasted the food and was able to eat in this so called, “Virtual World”. “Blake…” A female voice came over from the stairs. I turned around and couldn’t believe my eyes. “Lacy…” I said softly as I stood there dumb founded as I saw my ex-girlfriend standing there. She was wearing a white tank top with low cutoff jeans and sandals. My eyes caught her beautiful brown eyes as her blond curly hair went down to her shoulders. My heart was beating fast, she was the same age as me and went to the same high school. Our relationship had its moments but how did this place know about her. We only broke up about six months prior, how did this place know this about me. I didn’t give that much information. “Blake…. let’s go…were going to be late…we need to get you ready…” Lacy said as she came over to me and grabbed my hand and pulled me up the stairs with ease. “Wait…Lacy…where are we going.” I said as we walked up the stairs and headed to a back room. “Were going to the park…like you wanted.” Lacy said as she opened the room. I saw the room and my stomach dropped a bit knowing what was going to happen next. The whole room was an oversized nursery with my own name over the crib that said, “Baby Blake.” “Lacy…. no.” I said as she easily pulled me over to the changing table and laid me down with ease. I tried to sit up but she placed a thick stomach strap over my chest and arms and pinned me to the table. I couldn’t escape this for some reason. “Stop squirming baby we need to get you ready.” She said as she placed began to take my clothes off with ease. She easily tore my shirt off, along with my socks and shoes and threw them to the side. “Lacy…. wait….this isn’t real is it.” I said as she slid my jeans off with ease and tossed them to the rest of the pile. Leaving me only in my blue briefs as I kicked my legs in vain “Calm down…were going just to get you ready.” Lacy said as she grabbed my legs with one hand and held them still. Then she used her other hand to slide my briefs off with ease revealing my nakedness to her. I just turned red and kept squirming, I looked down and saw that my crotch was still hairless. “Ahh…is the baby ashamed of his nakedness not ready for the truth.” Lacy said as she took a baby wipe and began to wipe my bottom and privates. I couldn’t believe she was getting that close to my privates. We never did anything sexual at all, we wanted to make sure we were meant for each other before we took our relationship to the next level. “Lacy…. listen…this isn’t real…. please don’t do this.” I begged as my cry fell to deaf ears as she grabbed some baby lotion and began to wipe it all over into my lower half. “Please….” I said as I stopped squirming and began to bite my lip from all the attention. My flag pole was starting to stand up. “Does the baby like that.” Lacy said as she wiped here hand on a towel and grabbed a baby diaper. But as I looked at it, I saw that it was an oversized pampers diaper with sesame street all over it. “Here we go.” Lacy said as she lifted my bottom and began bringing over to the front. She brought my flag pole down and tucked it underneath the top of the diaper. She then began to tape each side until it was nice and tight. “Now how does that feel.” Lacy said as she patted my tummy and walked over to the dresser. I began to look down and saw that I was wearing big bird and babyish characters over my lower half. I began to try my best to kick and frail but all I could do was make my diaper crinkle. I was so frustrated about was going on with me physically and sexually, my mind was racing. “Lacy…” I screamed. ‘Yes…” Lacy said as she came back over with some clothes in her hand. “Wait you can understand me.” I said. “Yes…why…” Lacy said as she unstrapped the waist strap and began to slide a long white shirt over my head. “So, why am I baby.” I asked as I looked at her face. “Well because you have always been a baby even in our relationship.” Lacy said as she began to slide the shirt down my back and my stomach as finally stretched to the diaper. “No, I wasn’t.” I yelled back. ‘You were. You never wanted to go to the next level. Always crying and whining.” Lacy said as she began to snap the buttons on the t-shirt over my diaper. “No, I never…hey what is this.” I said as I tried to sit up but Lacy said as she placed her hand onto my chest and held me firm on the table as she glared at me. “This is a onsie. This meant for easier diaper changes for babies. And besides you know you were the little whiny brat in the relationship. You always did what you wanted, never what I wanted. Name a time when you did something for me, that didn’t contain money or entertainment or your own self-motivation” Lacy said as she stood there still holding firm. “I…. I…. don’t know.” I said as I just to ponder. I couldn’t think of a simple one. Lacy took the time to finish snapping the buttons of the onesie as she started to dress me a pair of jean overalls that had snaps in the bottom and small straps that went over my shoulder. Lacy then dressed me in a pair of mickey mouse sandals with velcro straps. “Now let’s get you down stairs.” Lacy said as she picked me up and carried me down the hallway. “How is she carrying me with ease.” I thought to myself as this short-framed girl was carrying me with ease. But then it hit me, I’m not in the real world. I was still thinking about the question she asked me and what was happening to me. We then walked past a bathroom and I caught a glimpse of myself. I couldn’t believe what I looked like. I looked like an oversized toddler with a big puffy bottom. Lacy finally carried me down to the back entrance and she sat me in an oversized blue stroller and strapped me with a waist strap. I sat up and tried to get out but I couldn’t, I tried to reach for the clip but it didn’t budge. “Lacy, where are we going.” I asked as I began to squirm in my seat as my diaper crinkled. “Were going to the park.” Lacy said as she grabbed a diaper bag and placed it around her shoulder and began to push me out the back yard. We headed down the driveway and made it to the sidewalk. I soon gave up struggling and decided to save my energy. ‘What are we doing there.” I asked. “Going, so the baby can play. Now be quiet or else I will put a pacifier in your mouth if you don’t.” Lacy said as she kept pushing. “But…” I said. “But nothing…now say yes mam and shut it.” Lacy said. “Lacy…please.” I tried to speak. “Baby Bake…” Lacy raised her voice. “Yes…Yes mam.” I said as I put my head down and kept my mouth shut. ‘Now good.” Lacy said as she kept walking. We finally made it to the park within fifteen minutes, luckily, we didn’t pass anybody but that was about to change. We finally made it to the park but to my horror, there were other women over there with young babies and toddlers playing on the playground. There were about five or so moms as they sat on benches and were just talking. “Lacy…” I whispered softly as I tried to sink into the stroller. “Baby…were here for fun…do you want a spanking.’ Lacy threatened. “No…” I whispered with my head down as Lacy kept pushing towards the benches. “Here we go.” Lacy said as she pulled up next to one of the moms and sat the parking brake on the back wheel. “Oh my…he is so cute. How old he.” A mother asked. “He’s 19 years old but acts like a 20-month-old.” Lacy said. “Ahh…so cute…must be a little stinker” The mother said back. My mind was just blown, it didn’t faze them that a young adult was dressed like a toddler while strapped in a stroller. “Oh, you don’t know the half of it. He’s been a problem all morning. Caught him without his clothes on and then made a mess in the kitchen and then had a fuss while I changed him. Hopefully some playtime will help put him to down for a nap.” Lacy said as she smiles and sat the diaper bag down. I just blushed and held my tongue still, knowing I couldn’t say anything back. “Well go let him play and we can have mom talk.” The mother said. Lacy just nodded and came around to the front of the stroller and unstrapped the waist strap. She picked me up and sat me on the playground. “Now Blake, you go play. And you play nicely with the other kids, ok. If you don’t listen then were going to have a talk with my hand and your bottom. Do you understand.” Lacy said. “Yes.” I said softly. “Yes what.” Lacy said as she came down to my eye level. “Yes mam.” I said softly as I looked down. “Good boy…now go play.” Lacy said as she turned me around and patted my thick bottom. I began to walk slowly and noticed that my diaper was so thick that I couldn’t even walk right. I had to toddle with my legs like a duck as I made my way to the other kids. My mind was racing of what was going to happen next as the crinkle of the diaper followed every step I took. I finally made it to the slide and stopped dead in my tracks. I lowered myself over with my hands and tried to reach the snaps under legs but couldn’t even get a good grip. I tried and kept pulling at them but nothing happened. My heart began to beat faster as I knew I was going to be stuck like this for a while until this horrible thing was over. “Great. What know.” I said as I stood there, looking at the other kids were playing. I finally got enough courage to go over there and waddled quietly. ‘Who are you.” A small boy said. ‘My name is Blake…” I said. “Are you a baby.” He asked. “No…I’m an adult.” I said back. “Well then why is your underwear so thick.” He said as he felt the padding on the back side. “Well it’s because I need the extra protection for the day…that’s all.” I said. “I don’t think so…I think you’re a big baby and you’re wearing a diaper.” The little boy said. “No…. can I just p-way with you.” I said as I bit my tongue. “Did I just say the word like p-way instead of play” I thought to myself. “OK…you can play with us. But your it first.” The little boy said as he tagged me with his hand and ran away with the other kids. ‘Wait…I’m what.” I said as I got excited for some reason and began to toddle after them. “No, you’re going to be it.” I said as I began to chase them down but for some reason I couldn’t keep up. After few minutes of playing I finally tagged a little girl and began to run away. I continued to play for almost a half hour until I began to get tired. I finally just sat on the ground and tried my best to catch my breath. ‘Ah…are we done...already.” The little boy said as he walked over to me. “Yeah…I’m tired…. i just need a moment.” I said as I continued to huff and puff. “Oh, that’s fine. How about we play on the slide.” The little boy said. “That’s sounds like fun.” I said as I got up and began to climb to the top of the playground and got to the slide. I looked down and saw that for some reason this height was high. “I don’t know about this.” I said as I began to back away. “No, it’s not, are you scared your big baby.” The little boy said. “No…just not use to it.” I said. “Then go down.” The little boy said. I stood up and looked at the slide as it seemed to get bigger, my vision began to get blurry. “Well go…” The little girl said as the group of little kids began to chant the word, “Big Baby” near the bottom of the slide. “I can’t…I just can’t.” I said softly to myself. That’s when the little boy pushed me down the slide and went head first on my belly down. “Ahh.” I screamed as I went down and in a matter of moments landed with a thud. “Oh…” I said as I moaned in pain as tears filled in my eyes. The group of kids began to laugh at me as I curled up in pain. “Baby went boom…” The little boy said as he came down the slide and stood over on top of me. ‘I think the little baby might wet himself.” The little boy said. “No..i wont…I’m just in pain…. I’m not going to wet.” I mumbled as I looked around as I tried to stand up but my body for some reason wouldn’t respond. I had no choice but to start crawling still in pain. “No…no little baby…you’re not going anywhere…your about to wet.” The little boy said as quickly rolled me over to my back and grabbed me by wrist and held me tightly, while the little girl held my legs still. “No…what are you doing.” I said as I began to squirm but the for some reason the kids held me tight. “Were going to help you wet.” The little boy said. “No…I won’t…I don’t need to. I’m not a baby.” I yelled as I squirmed. “You will, when I say the phrase, “Baby let go”.” The little boy said. “No, I won’t.” I whined. “Yes…you will….at the snap of my fingers, when I say the phase, “Baby let go.” You will wet your diaper.” The little boy said as he let go of my hand quickly and snapped his finger. Nothing seemed too happen at first but then the little girl said the phrase. ‘Baby let go.” The little girl said as she giggled as she held my feet. I soon felt my bladder let go and began to wet my diaper. “No…I can’t…how.” I began to whine as the diaper just swallowed up all my piss. “See…I told you he was a baby…” The little boy said as he laughed and the group of kids began to life with him. I just closed my eyes and started to sob. I turned beat red as I felt a cold a wave of shame come over me. “I think one more time. Baby let go.” The little boy said as he laughed. I tried to squirm but they were still holding me down. I soon felt my bladder fill up again and soon found myself quickly wetting my diaper. I finally broke down and began to cry. After a few moments, I finally heard Lacy come over to the group of kids. “Hey…what’s going on.” Lacy said as she quickly walked over to the group of kids. She looked down and saw what was happening to me and saw my tears. ‘Hey, get out of here and let him go before I get your mothers over here.” Lacy said. With that all the kids quickly let me go and ran away back to the playground. Lacy bent down and easily picked me up and placed me on her hip. “Now what’s wrong.” Lacy said as she began to rub my back. “They picked on me.” I said as I began to wipe the tears from my eyes. “Ahh…” Lacy said as she began to feel the front of my diaper and gave it a good squeeze. “Oh…did you wet your diapy...” Lacy said as she kept rubbing softly. “No…I didn’t mean to…they made me do it.” I whined. “Don’t worry we will take care of that.” Lacy said as she carried me to the stroller and grabbed the diaper bag. “Ahh…someone is cranky…. Sound like someone needs a nap.” The mother on the bench said. “No, he needs just needs a change…” Lacy said as she reached under and got a blanket out from underneath the stroller. I just blushed and placed me head into her shoulder and tried my best to get my tears dry. Lacy carried me over to a nearby women’s restroom and laid the blanket out on the floor. “No, you’re going to change me here on the floor. What if someone comes in.” I began to whine as I looked around and found that the restroom was empty. “It’s ok, no one will know.” Lacy said as she laid down on the blanket. “No…you can’t…” I said as I tried to move on the blanket but I couldn’t move a muscle for some reason. “Why can’t I move.” I said. “Well it’s just the way it is.” Lacy said as she began to undo the snaps of my overalls and pulled them onto my chest. Then she started to work on the onesie unsnapped it and pulled that up with the rest of the clothes, releveling my wet diaper. ‘No…. don’t change me.” I began to whine. “It’s ok baby it will be over in a matter of moments.” Lacy said as she pulled out pack of wipes and a baby diaper. She began to untape my diaper and lifted my legs up and pulled it out. She rolled it up and placed it to the side. She then took a baby wipe and began to easily wipe me on my bottom and privates. “See…now your all clean…” Lacy said as she began to giggle and rub my tummy with her soft hands. “No…Lacy…look your right…I wasn’t the best boyfriend…I was just…. I was just.” I said as I began to have tears in my eyes. “Just go ahead and say it.” Lacy whispered. ‘I was just a selfish baby. I was Baby Blake.” I said as I began to whimper a little bit. “See…it wasn’t that bad was it. I think were almost done here…how about a going away present.” Lacy said as she rubbed baby lotion on my lower half. “Lacy…what are you doing.” I said as I looked down. “It’s ok baby…. it’s all part of the plan.” Lacy said as she began to rub my flag pole down below. “Lacy…. (Oh)…Please…you don’t have to…. this isn’t right…this shouldn’t be happening.” I moaned. “Just let it happen….do as your told…” Lacy said as she continued. My flag pole was a full mast right now, as she continued to go up and down. I was already in a state of ecstasy as Lacy continued her handy work, I was soon about to lose it. ‘Lacy…I’m about to…. finish if you don’t stop…. please don’t do this…. (Ah) I didn’t…expect this to happen…. like this…” I moaned. ‘Just…Just let it happen…. you are my baby…. will always be my baby… Baby Let Go.” Lacy said as whispered in my ear and continued her work. My body tried to arch and go with motion but the blanket held me still as the pleasure kept coming. “Lacy….no…” I moaned aloud as I finally shot my load over my chest, I squirted about three big loads until it returned to a dripple as my flag pole went limp. “See it was good wasn’t it.” Lacy said as she began to rub my thigh. “It’s so wrong…. I can’t believe…. you did that.” I said as I started to lose the ecstasy feeling. “Well its better than touching yourself five times a week.” Lacy said as she began to grab something from the diaper bag. “How…how did you…know that…how much does this company know.” I said. “We know a lot.” Lacy said as placed something in my mouth. “Mphmm….” I said as I began to moan as I sucked on whatever it was. “This is your new favorite pacifier….it will help you go to sleep.” Lacy said as she ruffled my hair. “Mphmmm…Mphmmm…” I moaned as I felt my eyes get heavier. “Don’t worry…when you wake up…. the next one will begin shortly after…just remember, just go with it and it will be over fast.” Lacy said as I soon fell asleep. Darkness soon found itself over me as my body fell limp again. I found myself coming back to my senses as I opened my eyes. I felt that the googles and helmet were removed from my head. I looked around and noticed I was back in the original nursery and still in the chair. I began to move and found that I was still strapped tightly but something was off. I wiggled my butt and found that my diaper was wet and somewhat sticky in the front from Lacy’s treat. “So, whatever happens in there happens in here…so Sara was telling the truth I thought.” I thought as I looked down and could tell my diaper was faded yellow in the front and it was beginning to sag from the previous wettings. “Sara…hello…. I’m awake.” I said. “Ahh…your awake. Did you enjoy it.” Sara asked. “No…I didn’t…” I yelled. “Well Toddle 469 is not meant to torture but to help mold you into what we want you to become.” Sara said. “No…. that’s not right. Having a virtual world of your ex masturbate you and your forced to piss in a diaper doesn’t sound right…this place is messed up. ” I yelled. “Baby Let Go.” Sara said softly. I soon found my bladder filling up on it on and soon began to piss my diaper. I couldn’t stop it as the piss kept flowing. I looked down as I finished peeing, the diaper had started to leak onto the chair. “My my…looks like someone is going on the right path.” Sara said as she giggled. “No…this can’t be happening.” I said as I moaned and put my head down not knowing what to expect next. “Now are you ready for the next round.” Sara asked.
  8. Test Subject

    (Part 6 Winning the Bet) I just sat there dangling in the air, trying my best to keep myself bouncing up and down off the floor. Every time I bounced, my diaper would crinkle up. The icy hot was still present and kept a burning sensation on my privates. I tried my best to hide the annoying pain it was causing me, but my stomach kept rumbling as I tried to sooth my stomach with my hands but they were still bound to my side. I bit down on my teeth to help distract myself from my situation but the taste of soap filled my mouth again from the pacifier. I just stared at the tv as mindless childish shows played until I saw the timer go down to an hour and a half. “Alright Baby Blake, your pacifier gag will be taken out.” Sara said as the hands came down and unstrapped the pacifier from my mouth and took it back out. “Ah…thanks…” I said softly as I began to move my tongue around my mouth. “No problem. Did you learn your lesson about disobeying?” Sara said. “Yes. No more cussing for me.” I said. “No…no more disobeying. You will listen to us.” Sara said. “I mean…I don’t want to be here.” I said. “No, you’re here on your own free will. You choose to be here.” Sara said. “I mean, isn’t the part of disobeying about trying to break rules and test boundaries.” I said. ‘Yes, but a child will make a mistake and they will learn. But you are not of that age yet. All a child learning is based on what the parent or guardian believe in.” Sara said. “But I’m not a child. I’m testing products that are meant for babies and the medical field. So thus, Im not a baby, I’m a young adult.” I said. “Sorry does not compute. Your name is Baby Blake and age is already pre-set.” Sara said. “No that makes no sense, I’m almost twenty and I’m being treated like a…..like a…what age am I technically here.” I asked. “You’re a technically a toddler in our system, (18-24 months).” Sara said “Great….so I guess I will be punished according to your system…great. So can I get a cup of water to get the taste of soap out my mouth, please.” I asked. “Yes and I’ll bring a cup right up. Please take a sip and switch it around and spit it into the spare cup.” Sara said as two arms came down near the bouncer I was in and held two cups to my face. I opened my mouth and the hand poured the water in. I swished it around to try my best to get the taste out but I spat it out in the second cup but the taste was still there. ‘Very good. My what a big boy.” Sara said. “Thanks. I guess.” I said as I glanced at the timer, I still had an hour and twenty minutes left. ‘Crap.” I mumble to myself as I just stared at the tv. “Did you say something.” Sara asked. “Um…no..” I said. “Reviewing audio and video. Subject one-thirty-six, specimen Baby Blake said the word, “Crap.”” Sara said. “Wait…your recording me with audio and video in this place.” I said. “Blake, you mumbled the word crap…did you go….tinky’s….” Sara said as a set of hands came down and felt the back side of my diaper. “Hey…no…I’m still dry and no I haven’t crapped myself. All I have is pain in my stomach and burning in privates. Now are you guys recording me or not.” I said. “Well that’s good your diaper is still dry. But yes, we record everything here for data purposes.” Sara said. “Why…” I asked. “We need to make sure we have evidence of successful testing and results.” Sara said. “What results do you want to get out of us. Were stuck here and can’t seem to escape this wonderful testing place you have here for us.” I said as I rolled my eyes. “Testing conducted to be sure testing subjects have accurate data to show results of specific desires for our own records.’ Sara said. “That makes no sense…please tell me why...mph mm.” I said as a warm bottle of milk was shoved in my mouth. I tried to squirm and all I could do was bounce up and down. I had no choice but to suckle on this warm bottle of milk. “That’s enough questions. Enjoy this nice light snack on the house. Don’t worry about asking anymore questions for right now.’ Sara said as she rubbed my stomach. “Mphmm…” I said as I glared at the hands. “You enjoy that bottle for the next hour ok…and well see if you won the bet with Ms. Jones. “Sara said as the hands went back into the ceiling except the one holding the bottle. I sat there looking at the bottle while watching tv, my mind raced to see if Sara had laced this bottle last the one I had. I just kept watching the stupid kids show fighting off the wave of stomach aches and the constant burn from the icy hot. I must have lost track of time but when I notice the bottle was empty, I looked at the timer and noticed I still had forty-five minutes left. The arm took the bottle out from my mouth and went back into the ceiling. That’s when I started to feel painful cramps in my lower stomach. “Oh…Sara. Please I need help…I don’t think I can make it.” I mumbled to myself. “Do you need help going tinky…” Sara said. “No…I don’t (uhh) need help…going tinky…I need help making it to forty-five minutes.” I moaned in pain. “Well I could entertain you…would you like that..” Sara said. “Sure…(Uhhh..) anything is better than that this stupid tv show.” I said. “Yes ok…let me see…I know exactly what to do” Sara said as music player came down from the ceiling and was held in front of me. “What is that.” I asked. “It’s the music we played for you in the pack and play, it will help you pass the time.” Sara said as the music started to play. ‘Please…no…I don’t want to.” I said softly but did I really have choice. I knew I had to pass the time somehow. So, I finally gave in and began to sing with it. “The wheels on the bus go around and round, round and round, the wheels on the bus go around.” I sang as I just leaned over my bouncer and slumped down with my body going limp. I just get singing and singing. Finally, after what seemed like forever, the music stopped and I finally snapped out of it. “huh…what.” I said as I sat up and looked over the timer, I saw I had about three minutes left. “Good…not that long.” I said as I began to move around and made my diaper crinkle. “Thank god…. still dry and no tinky’s….” I said to myself. “Did I just say no tinky’s …. god I need to get out of here.” I said softly to myself. “Ahh…did you enjoy your time.” Sara said. “No…I really didn’t…but I think the pain has stopped with the icy hot and my stom….(uhh). No there It is..” I moaned in pain as I hunched over. “Looks like you might need to go…lets than three minutes to go. My little baby might make it after.” Sara said as she chuckled a bit. “I will win….i will make it….(ohh)..did you just laugh…” I said as I wondered. The pain get growing stronger and stronger in my stomach. “Two minutes left.” Sara said. I just hunched over in pain and just closed my eyes. I could feel something start to pile up near my anus as I tried my best to close my butt cheeks. “Ahh…ninety seconds left…. just relax.” Sara said softly. “No…I won’t.” I yelled as I struggled to hold it. I kept my eyes closed and tried my best to think of something else. ‘Thirty seconds left…maybe you might be a big boy after all.” Sara said. With my eyes still closed I just bit my lip and squeezed my butt cheeks closer together and began to bounce up and down to help relieve the pain. “Well 15 seconds left…. I’m impressed. But Baby Blake…why don’t you just let go. What if I told you…I’ll let you go if you let go.” Sara said. “No…I can’t…how can I trust you.” I mumbled. ‘I need to know. Ten seconds left.” Sara said. ‘No…. you’re not going to help me. (uhhh). I said. “So I take that as I no.” Sara said. “Yes…no…I won’t.” I mumbled more about to burst on both ends. “Fine have it your way.” Sara said as an arm came out with taser and shocked my leg. “Ouhh” I said as the taser hit my leg and felt a sharp pain throughout my body. I quickly released myself on both ends filling my diaper. My diaper began to swell up from the front from all the milk I had and the back of the diaper was filled to wear it sagged. “No…” I said as I began to put my head down and began to cry. “Times up…time to check the baby, I can go ahead and smell you from here” Ms. Jones said as she walked in the room. I just blushed and knew that it smelled was bad to. “I was about to make it but…. Sara made forced me to go.” I said. “That’s no such thing…Sara would never do a thing like that. She is a machine meant to follow orders. Now let me check your diaper.” Ms. Jones said as she felt the back of my diaper as she moved it up and down. “Well you loaded your diaper in the back but I need to check the front.” Ms. Jones said as she clapped her hands and two hands came out and unstrapped my hands from the baby bouncer. The arms picked me up from my armpits and lifted me out the baby bouncer and put me in a few feet away from Ms. Jones. “Ahh…man look at that diaper…. its soaked.” Ms. Jones said. I looked down and saw that my babyish diaper was saggy and yellow in the front. “No…promise me…I didn’t mean to do it. Sara forced me to. I could have made it and won the bet, so you could let me go.” I said with my head still down. “Do you think I was going to let you go…no I said I was going to let you go where you wanted to in the nursery. I think you would have fun with that don’t you think but since you can’t even hold it for two hours, then maybe you might need thicker diapers.” Ms. Jones said. “No, you have to believe me…. Sara did…just go back and look at all the audio and video recordings.” I yelled as I stared at her. “Wait how do you know about any of that…. maybe you did read the contract after all within those few moments you had. No matter, I’m just going to have to take care of you another way.” Ms. Jones said as she grabbed the front of my soaked diaper and began to message it. “No…please…you weren’t (moan) going to let me go any way…” I said as I began to moan and move my feet a little bit. My staff member was beginning to get hard through my diaper. “Oh…I can see someone is very happy. But no matter I think someone needs a special attention…just for you…Well take care of this right here too don’t worry” Ms. Jones said as squeezed my diaper tightly and held for a few seconds and let it go. “Sara…prepare order…let’s see…do you think order ACB 312 or order Toddle 469.” Ms. Jones said as she laughed a bit. ‘You know…how about you choose Sara, heck you can even do both. But after he needs to be put to bed. We have a big day after. Don’t worry little one. You will still get your time to wonder around the nursery sometime tomorrow if you behave. I’ll see you later.” Ms. Jones said as began to walk out. ‘No problem…I’ll take really good care of Baby Blake.” Sara said as the hands began to carry me and my dirty diaper across the room. ‘You…you won’t get away with this.” I yelled at Ms. Jones as I saw her leave the room. “Now do worry were going to have fun…..besides maybe next time your listen to me.” Sara said as she giggled a bit. My heart sank as I saw what was coming out of the room.
  9. Test Subject

    (Part 5 Changing and Fun time.) “Just enjoy it little one. Just trust me on this.” Ms. Jones said as she reached her hands underneath the table and began to grab a box of wipes. “No. This isn’t right, let me go.” I said as I pleaded with her. “No…see…you are my little precious little boy.” Ms. Jones said as she took out a baby wipe and began to wipe my private parts and bottom clean. “Oh…uh…that’s cold.” I sighed as I squirmed a bit but I was held still. ‘But why…why are you doing this.” I asked. “You see, you test products for me. If we meet all the testing standards we can make money. With you, I can make money. So, you’re my favorite little baby boy.” Ms. Jones said as she finished wiping me and started to reach another item from underneath the table. ‘So, I make you money huh….and I only get a little bit of money out of this…so how much does your company get.” I asked. ‘Well, for every test subject we get. Were estimated to get about eighty-five thousand dollars if they finish the whole testing part. That’s from the testing all whole area from safety to product satisfaction and we also make sure were keeping up with safety standards.” Ms. Jones said as she grabbed the bottle of baby lotion and squirted some in her hand. I recognized the smell from earlier from when I first came into the nursery and knew right away what was coming next. “That’s not right. We should get more…. oh god…” I said as bit my lip as Ms. Jones started to rub the baby lotion with both hands onto my private parts and started to work here way down to my bottom. “Oh, does that feel good…huh…does it…I can tell my little baby is getting happy” Ms. Jones said as she giggled. She stared at my flag pole getting a little erect but I just closed my eyes, bit my lip, and tried to keep my mind busy with other things. Ms. Jones finished up and grabbed a tissue from underneath the bottom of the changing table. “See wasn’t that good…now let’s get you dressed.” Ms. Jones said as she rubbed her soft finger tips right below my belly button. “Please…stop…’ I said as I moaned a bit. “Oh…baby doesn’t like that huh…. we might half to take care of it or else we can’t get the baby dressed. Wont we.” Ms. Jones said as reached underneath the bottom of the table. “No, what are you going to do.” I said as I peeked from one eye. “I think I know what I need…. ah…. this is it.” Ms. Jones said as she held up what looked like a pill and lotion. “Alright hold still…we just need two into the rectum. Now just hold your legs still and…oh…that’s right you’re not going anywhere….” Ms. Jones said as she quickly shoved two of the pills into my rectum. “Uh…. what the heck was that.” I said as I winced in pain a bit. I lifted my head and looked down to see what she did but couldn’t tell. “Well this is part of my fun. These will help you go…you know the one Sara gave you earlier, but this time I gave you two, which is the fun part for me. But I’ll put the lotion on you before I close it up.” Ms. Jones said as she placed the lotion near my lower half while she reached for something else up. “No…I don’t need to go to the bathroom. This isn’t right. You get off on this shit you sick women.” I said as I squirmed a bit. “No but I’ll make sure your punished for cursing again. But I do record everything in here. You see we have cameras everywhere for you. So, we don’t miss a moment and always have evidence for our studies and other legal cases. See we have had other people like you, try and fight. They make it out and try and sue. All of them never see the court room, so try your luck Baby Blake The Hero.” Ms. Jones said as she laughed as she brought out a white soft object and began to spread it out beneath my bottom. “Wait….no…you can’t get away with this. Someone must know, there’s no way you could have gotten away with all this for so long.” I yelled as I began to tear up in my eyes. I lifted my head to see what she had done but couldn’t see anything of what she was doing. I couldn’t even feel my lower half because their darn arms were still holding my legs above my head. “Actually, we have a very perfect track record. So far One hundred and thirty-five people have been tested fully throughout the whole facility. None of them have ever gotten a law suit off the ground or even been able to attract any news. So, try what you can but it won’t work. We tested all adults under the spectrum. Your no different. Your just another number. Number One thirty-six, Baby Blake.” Ms. Jones said as she began to grab the lotion and rubbed some in her hands. “No…I’m not a number, not a test subject, or a baby…am I…. oh god…. what the fuck is that…it burns…” I yelled as I sat up and looked down to see that Ms. Jones was rubbing something on my shaft. “Oh this…it’s just icy hot. It should help you lose your erection and help me get you dressed easier.” Ms. Jones said as she finished up. “God, it burns. Please no. This is so fucked up.” I said as I put my head back and tried to bang my body to help relieve the pain but the arms held me still. I slowly felt my blood flow from my shaft start to go back into the rest of my body. “Oh, I see the flag pole is going down. Sara make a note. Three curse words in a matter of ten minutes. Set course for corrections.” Ms. Jones said as she snapped her fingers and my legs were lowered back down onto the padded table. The padding did feel a little bit softer for some reason. I just kept my head on the table and kept staring at the celling, hoping it will be over soon. “Now for the best part.” Ms. Jones said as she reached down and brought the white object up and brought it up over to my stomach. Ms. Jones pushed down my shaft and easily pulled the white object snug to my belly button and began to tape each side. I could now feel my lower half nice and snug against my bottom with thick fabric. My shaft was now pressed straight down, still burning from the icy hot. “What…what is that.” I said as I looked down in pain “Oh, its nothing…it’s just a diaper and it looks so cute on you.” Ms. Jones said as she to look it over and fix it in certain places. “No…don’t put me in a freak in diaper. I’m not a baby, I won’t crap my pants again.” I yelled as I looked down. The diaper was pure white and had a small tape across the top that had little teddy bears and rattles on it. The diaper fit my body perfectly around my legs and came right above my belly button. The diaper itself must have been two inches thick. I tried my best to freak out but all I could do was make my diaper crinkle and make my icy hot situation worse. “Get me out of this stupid diaper. I’m not a stupid baby.” I whined as I began to squirm. “I see my little baby is just a little cranky. I think you need some fun or maybe one on one attention.” Ms. Jones said as she began to rub the front of my diaper. “Uh….no…. stop…it…. hurts…” I said as I squirmed more. “I know exactly what you need. Sara prepare him for the bouncer.” Ms. Jones said as she clapped her hands. Two hands came above the ceiling and grabbed me underneath my armpits. The changing table let my arms and legs go as I was lifted into air and carried over to the center of the room. I looked down and a strange contraption come down from the ceiling that had two blue straps and what looked like a solid harness on it. “Ms. Jones let me go…please….let me go…I’ll do anything.” I begged. “Anything.” Ms. Jones said. “Yeah…let me go.” I said. “Alright…I’ll make a bet with you. You make it two hours dry in diaper. No wet or tinkys and I’ll let you go. How does that sound.” Ms. Jones said. “Alright I’ll do it…” I said. “Well for the next two hours, you will be in here. Sara set a timer and prepare the correction for him.” Ms. Jones said as she snapped her fingers. I was put down in the weird contraption. I was set down in it and the material came up to my chest. It pushed my diaper tight against my body and my feet barely touched the ground. Then my hands were placed on the side and strapped tightly with wrist restraints. “Wait…what is this.” I said as I tried to move but all I could do was bounce up and down which made my icy hot diaper worse for me. I tried to move my hands but they didn’t move an inch cause of the straps. ‘This is your new baby bouncer. You will be here for a while. Two hours, so remember if you get passed two hours then I’ll let you go. Now you have fun. I’ll see you later, ok my little baby.” Ms. Jones said as she ruffled my hair and walked out the room. “Wait…I have more questions…I have…mphmmm.” I said as something was shoved in my mouth. I tried to spit it out but it wouldn’t budge. It had a weird soapy flavor to it. “Mphmmm.” I moaned. “Ahh Baby Blake. This is your punishment. This is your new soap flavored pacifier. It is strapped behind your head for best results. It will be in there for thirty minutes. Ten minutes for each curse word you said. Any questions.” Sara said. “Mphmm…” I moaned in disgust. “Don’t worry how about some baby shows.” Sara said as a tv with a timer on the left-hand side of the corner came down from the ceiling. It started to play barney. “You’re going to have fun.” Sara said. I just tried my best to not squirm that much in my new baby bouncer. The icy hot was growing worse in my diaper, that I couldn’t reach. My mouth was full of soap, I couldn’t spit out. And I was stuck wearing an oversized baby diaper to add to my shame. “How could this get any worse.” I thought to myself. That’s when I heard my belly rumble from the pills and looked down and began to whimper, as I glanced back at the time, I still had another hour and fifty minutes to go to win this bet.
  10. Weight loss tips?

    Switch up the trademill if you can for outside walking (as long as its safe or weather permitting.) Depends on when the energy level dips. My choice of action would be a small cup of black coffee (4oz.) Before around 1 oclock. (As long as you can have.) Or switch at your workout time if you can. Make sure your getting good restful deep rem sleep. (Better than 8 hours plus.) And your waking up through out the week the same time. Even one day will through your sleep cycle off. Get away from electronics. Limit near bed time or even late afternoon. (Unless your job calls for it) Then get away from energy drinks. Go with a handful of salted preztizels (low sodioum) and organe juice (6 oz. All natural.)for your energy drink. Even if the so called energy drink is all natural theres nothing natural about it. At least the preztels have the right amount of carbs you need. While the oj has the sugar you need for the extra spike. (20mins prior before you work out will help start you.) When you walk it will help process better. Look into weight lifting or restiance training or even a yoga class to help build up muscle restiance. (As long as you go to qualified people and your health and body say yes.)
  11. Test Subject

    (Part 4 Cleaning Time) The arm easily pulled me back to the tub with ease. I tried to pull it off but the other arms quickly grabbed me by each one of my limbs and held me above like a star. “Please no...” I began to plead and squirm but I was held firmly. Then another set of arms came out from the ceiling and began to take my clothes off. The arms easily slid my shirt off and threw it to the ground. Then the arms began to work on my socks and shoes and easily threw them in the pile. “No….” I yelled as I began to cry and felt helpless as the arms began to unbutton my pants and slid them off, along with my messy briefs and let them flop to the ground. I was now naked being held in the air with a dirty bottom. ‘No wait…my stuff…” I yelled as I looked over and saw another hand place my clothes in a trash can. “Don’t worry…well get your stuff out and hand It back over to you when we get you dressed.” Sara said. “No please…I just want my stuff..” I whined as I struggled a bit. “Don’t worry…well get them for you…now dry your tears.” Sara said as the hands lowered me onto the plastic green frog seat. I was a perfect fit for it. It reminded me of a booster seat you see at restaurants for kids that are too small to sit probably at the table. But this one was just the right size for me. As soon as I was settled in, arm took a waist strap that was thick like a seat belt and placed it over my waist and clicked it into place. “Hey what was that.” I said as I moved my hands over to the side to try and reach it but that’s when my hands were grabbed by the arms and placed to each of my sides and strapped to the side of the seat with wrist straps. “No…let me out.” I said as I tried my best to sit up and move my arms. But all I could do was wiggle my legs a little bit. “This is just to make sure the baby stays still when we clean them.” Sara said as the bath water began to run and fill the tub up. I just looked around to see if there was anything I could use or even look for an escape but nothing seemed to catch my eye. I just soon gave up and sat there until the warm bath water filled up to my chest. “See isn’t this nice.” Sara said as the four arms from the tub came over with wash cloths and soap in their hands. I just closed my eyes as they began to scrub my body, I just couldn’t handle the embarrassment of being cleaned by someone or something else, other than myself. The hands worked efficiently as they scrubbed my body from head to toe. The arms even did my privates and my soiled bottom without a hesitation. “See wasn’t this nice.” Sara said as the hands went back into the tub. “No…it was degrading.” I said as I looked down at my naked stake. “Well back to the matter, earlier before your bath you cussed at me. Which is not very nice.” Sara said. “I didn’t mean to. I’m sorry. Besides you’re not even real, you are just computer intelligence.” I said. “I’m more than just a computer Baby Blake. I think I need to take something from you.” Sara said as the four hands came out of the tub, two of the hands were holding something, but I couldn’t make it out. “What are you going to take from me.” I said as I began to squirm to around a bit in the bath chair. “Well based on our data of young men your age, body hair seems to be a pride thing with you. But since your consider Baby Blake while you’re in here then we need to make sure you look the part. “No…. what are you going to do.” I said as I felt the seat rise a bit from the water. The only part of my body in the water was below my thighs. “Well if you haven’t figure out yet baby, we have to do some trimming.” Sara said as two hands quickly grabbed my legs and held them still. “No. That’s not right. I’m a man.” I yelled as I began to squirm but I was trapped by the bath seat and the arms held my legs still. “It will only take a moment, now hold still.” Sara said as the other two hands came over, one had shaving cream, while the other one had a sharp razor. The hand applied the cool shaving cream to my privates and began to rub it in with ease. “Please…no…don’t do this to me. I’ll do anything.” I pleaded as I watched the other hand come down and began to smoothly go across my skin, getting rid of any hair in the private area. I closed my eyes and held still, knowing I was losing my male pride. “It’s to late for that. This is just part of process.” Sara said as the hand finished and another one came down with a wash cloth and cleaned up the area. I opened my eye to see the hand going back into the ceiling, I looked down and saw that I was smoother than a new born down there. It made my shaft look, a lot smaller than it was. “Are…. are you happy now.” I said as I felt tears come to my eyes. “I’m never happy punishing my baby. Now you want out, don’t you?” Sara said. “Yes…please…I just want out…I’ll do anything.” I begged. “I want you to admit that you are a baby….no….I want you to say my name is Baby Blake.” Sara said. “No…I can’t…I know I’m not a baby.” I said. “You said you would. You want out this nasty bath water filled with your filth and nasty old hairs.” Sara said. “But all that’s your fault. All this is your fault. If I didn’t sign the papers then I wouldn’t be here.” I said as I began to cry a bit. ‘No Blake, were here because you signed the papers honey, you had a choice to walk away but you didn’t.” Sara said. That’s when the words hit me and I fell silent and put my head down and began to sob for a few minutes. Sara was right, all this was my fault, if I hadn’t signed the papers then I wouldn’t even be in this situation in the first place. “My….my name is Baby Blake.” I said softly through my sobbing. “Good, see…now let’s get you out of here and into something nice and dry.” Sara said as two hands came down and began to unstrap me and pulled me up from my arm pits until I was a few feet in the air. For some reason, I didn’t even have the will to fight anymore, I just went along with it. Another set of hands came over with a big fluffy towel and began to dry me off from head to toe softly and quickly. “There all nice and dry.” Sara said as the arms carried me over to a long looking padded table. I caught a glance at it, it was white with small babyish decorations on it. I could have sworn I have seen them before but from where. I was laid down naked on my back with ease. I looked down and could tell I was a perfect fit for whatever this was. I smelt something that reminded me of a nursery but still couldn’t place my finger on it. The smell was so inviting and reminded me of a trouble freed life. I moved my fingers slightly on the padded material and could tell that this was the same material as the one from the pack and play. ‘Now let’s get you changed.” Sara said. “Wait, changed.” I said as it all clicked to me. I was on a changing table, that was meant for babies. I soon found my fight again and began to sit up but found myself being grabbed by four arms from the changing table as they easily pinned my down by my arms and legs. “Sara…let me off…I don’t need to be changed or place in whatever your thinking.” I pleaded as I tried to move but found myself unable to move. “I cannot do that. But I do have a surprise for you. I will not be the one changing you.” Sara said. “No one is changing me…Let me go.” I yelled. “No, that job is for me…my my…what a little mess my little test subject has gotten himself into.” Ms. Jones said as she walked into the room and approached me near the table. “Ms. Jones…. let me out please. I want out. I’ll pay whatever you want. Just tell Sara to let me go.” I said. “Oh…I’m afraid I can’t do that…I think we’re going to have some fun…what do you think.” Ms. Jones said as she took her hand and began to rub my lower stomach with ease. She snapped her other finger and the robotic arms began to lift my legs above to my head. “Please no…. what are you going to do to me?” I pleaded as I stared into Ms. Jones eyes.
  12. Test Subject

    (Thanks for all the support and comments) (Part 3 Let’s begin) “No…can we talk about it.” I said as I began to back up a bit. “We already tried. Just relax.” Sara said as the two arms came down and grabbed me by the waist and easily picked me up in the air. “Hey put me down.” I screamed as I tried to squirm but nothing seemed to work. The arms sat me on my bottom in the pack and play as they went away. I stood up the wall was bigger than me by a couple of feet. I pressed into the netting with my arms but nothing happened. “Let me out.” I said as I began to pace back and forth like a caged animal. “Now let’s go ahead and get you ready for your nap time.” Sara said as four arms appeared out of the corners of the back and play. The arms easily grabbed me and pinned me by my arms and legs to the soft mat of the pack and play. “Hey let me go.” I said as I tried to move a bit but all I could do was make the mat beneath me crinkle. “See let’s get you some play time in.” Sara said as a set of lights came out along long piece of plastic, that was decorated with animals on it. It was placed right about my head so I could see all the bright lights and animals on it. “What is this thing…. i don’t want to play.” I said. “This will help you play…no just relax and let the music play for you.” Sara said as an old childish song began to play. “Old Mc Donald had farm….” The toy played aloud. “I don’t want this stupid thing…. let me out…. this song is stupid…its stu….” I said as tried to fight it but the song kept playing and my mind just went blank and soon I began to sing along with it. “And on that farm, he had a dog. E-i-e-I oh. With woof, woof here, and a woof, woof there.” I began to sing softly. I tried to stop myself but my mouth just kept singing along as my eyes watched the bright lights and colors from the toy. A half an hour must have past when the music stopped and the toy went back inside the pack and play. Finally, I snapped back to reality. “What the heck…how long was I singing for.” I said as I looked around still saw my arms pinned to the pack and play. “Only for a half a hour. Most babies only need a little bit of stimulation for their young minds.” Sara said. “But I’m not a baby…I’m a young…. mph mm.” I said as I was interrupted by a bottle that was shoved in my mouth. I tried to spit it out but the hand held it firmly in place. I had no choice but to begin to drink. The milk itself wasn’t bad, it was enjoyable. As I was enjoying the bottle another hand seemed to be rubbing my belly on my shirt in a slow and soft manner. For some reason I didn’t fight it, it seemed to ease my mind a bit. Maybe the bottle was laced or maybe I was just enjoying. But whatever the case I must have been absent from my mind almost fifteen minutes from the euphoria effect from the bottle and belly rub. When I began to drink just air, I finally snapped out of it and the bottle was removed. ‘Hey…not again.” I mumbled as I lifted my head and could see the bottle being taken away and my stomach was full. That’s when the mannequin bot came over to the pack and play and easily picked me up as the hands from the pack and play let me go. It cradled me with only two hands and began to carry me over to the rocking chair, where I had gotten my spanking earlier. I tried to fight and scream but my body was just so relaxed from the milk and I just went limp. “What did you do to me.” I whispered softly. “It’s just a nice relaxing way for our babies. We always want to make sure our babies are ready for nap time to ensure the best amount of deep sleep. “Sara said as the mannequin sat down on the rocking chair and held me over its shoulder with ease. “What…now.” I said as I just leaned over with my head rested. “We need to make sure babies are burped probably.” Sara said as the robot began to take one of its hands and began to pat my back repeatedly softly. ‘That won’t happen. I don’t need to be burped.” I said. “Don’t worry child, every child does.” Sara said as the robot kept going. “I’m telling you. It won’t work…I haven’t been…. (Burped.)” I said as I let out a long blech. I blushed as I just put my head down in shame. “See I told you…now let’s get you to sleep.” Sara said as the robot flipped me over easily and cradled me. The robot began to rock back and forth as a light lullaby began to play in the back ground. “I’m not…tired…” I said as I began to rub my eyes. “Ahh…I know baby…. just go to sleep and when you wake up…you’ll have a surprise for you.” Sara said as the robot kept going. ‘No…please…no more surprise…(yawn.) I just want…. want to be free.” I yawned as my eyes began to get heavy. “Shh…just go to sleep little one.” Sara whispered as the rocking got a little softer and the music became a little louder. “No…please…I’m…..not…..” I mumbled as I soon found myself going into a deep sleep. (A few hours pass) I began to stir and opened my eyes. I looked around and found myself staring at the ceiling laying on something soft. My body felt so relaxed, I didn’t want to move. I began to hope that all that happened was just a dream, but when I looked up I found that I was still in my nightmare. I was still in the nursery, and by the looks of things I was in the pack and play again, but this time I wasn’t held down. I began to sit up but I found something was off a bit. Something didn’t feel right in the bottom of my pants. I finally stood up and could feel my pants were sagging a bit and that’s when I smelt something off. I froze for a moment and tried my best to rationalize what it could be, but nothing made sense in my head and I finally got the courage to look. I turned my body around and pulled back the waist band of my jeans and briefs and saw it. My heart sank, I had shit my pants like a toddler. “Fuck….” I said to myself. “Ahh…. I see the baby is awake. Do you like your surprise? And watch your mouth little one.” Sara asked. “Well no. I don’t like having something shoved up my butt so I can shit myself. That’s not the surprise I was looking for. A grown adult man shouldn’t be happy to shit themselves. I was hoping the surprise would be to finally get out of here, but I guess not. So, can you get me some fresh clothes. “I said as I tried my best to hold my anger in. “So baby wants a change the huh….” Sara said. “No…I would like a shower or some wet wipes….I can clean myself.” I said. “Well I think we can clean the baby off….” Sara said as two arms came over and picked me up underneath my armpits and held me there for a bit. I went willing this time, because I didn’t want to make my mess any bigger than it had to be. “Let me check something first.” Sara said as another hand came down felt the front of my jeans. “Hey …what’s the big idea.” I said. “Well baby isn’t wet…lets check the backside.” Sara said as she pulled back the waist band of my jeans and briefs and glanced at it for a moment. “Yup…baby went stinky…” Sara said. ‘No shit.” I said. “Do not cuss baby. Now if you want to be cleaned. You need to say, I went tinky…” Sara said. “No…I crapped myself…now please just get me to the right area so I can clean myself. “ I said. ‘No say you went tinky….” Sara demanded again. “No, I won’t. And what if I don’t.” I said. “Then baby can stay like that for a bit then a good spanking can happen. What will it be Baby Blake.” Sara said. I just bit my lip and weighed my options. I knew she had me in a good spot, hanging a few feet in the air by robotic hands, with shitty pants on. I swallowed my pride and made my choice. ‘I….I went…I went tinky…” I softly said. “What was that. Couldn’t hear the baby.” Sara said. “I went tinky.” I said aloud as I turned bright red from the shame. “See that wasn’t so bad.” Sara said as the arms moved me over to another part of the nursery. I looked over and saw a huge tub come up with a white tile floor along with what appeared to be a greenish frog seat in the tub. “Alright now lets get you undressed and get you in that seat and then we can bathe you.” Sara said. “Wait no…I can wash myself…I don’t need a machine to wash me..” I said as I was sat on the tile floor as I saw the arms go back up into the ceiling. “Please child…not again…your dirty…don’t fight it.” Sara said as the tub produced four small robotic arms of its on. “No…I don’t need a bath.” I said as I tried to make a run for it. But I was grabbed by my ankle and pulled down and dragged back to the tub. “No please…” I yelled as I tried to claw at the ground to escape my impending doom.
  13. Test Subject

    (Part 2 Discipline) “Yes, a spanking is what is needed for you to learn.” Sara said as the robot brought the first swat down on my bottom with a loud thud. “Ouch. That hurt…stop it.” I yelled as I squirmed in the lap of the robot. “Please keep quiet and don’t talk back. This is for your own good. This hurts me than it hurts you.” Sara said. “Bull shit…it hurts me worse…now let me go.” I yelled. “We’ll just keep going then…” Sara said as the robot brought another smack onto my bottom. “Ouch....stop it.” I yelled as I squirmed a bit. Sara didn’t say anything but only brought another smack onto my bottom with ease. “Ow…. this hurts….” I began to moan in pain. I could feel my bottom begin to feel a little bit red. ‘Isn’t this child abuse.” I yelled. “No this isn’t, this is considered testing. Since you’re a legal adult, then no this is not considered abuse. Just testing correction procedure.” Sara said. ‘No, this wrong on so many levels.” I yelled. Sara didn’t respond to my comment. The robot began another round of smacks onto my bottom about 5 times in a row. “Ouch…. look…I’m sorry. Please forgive me.” I said in my watery eyes. “Scanning, please wait. Accessing blood pressure levels. Few Moments please. System detects level of high blood pressure. Patient is either constipated, nervous, or angered. Which one is it baby Blake.” Sara asked. “No…I’m sorry…I really mean it…I learned my lesson.” I said. “Blake, you lied again, why. Why do you lie, this will be so much easier for testing? Just tell the truth. Another 5 smacks coming.” Sara said. “No please…ouch…stop…” I winced in pain as the robot hand worked on my bottom again. I began to tear up and tried my best to keep my composure. ‘Now, again child. Are you constipated, nervous, or angered.” Sara said softly. “Look, I’m angered and nervous ok. I don’t see how this is helping me any or making me learn a lesson.” I said as I blushed a bit and looked at the floor in disgust at finally answering the question. “Now don’t be nervous, just work with us. Now for telling the truth and only fighting against orders a bit. This next part will help you out. It will help you to meet expectation on failure to listen.” Sara said as the robot arm began to repeatedly smack my bottom. I began to scream and struggle but all I could do was close my eyes and bare the pain. This must have gone on for about five minutes until tears began to pour out from my eyes from the pain. I bit my lip and just closed my eyes and muffled my moans so the robot couldn’t hear me. “See Baby Blake, this isn’t that bad for you is it.” Sara said as the robot hands stopped. “No…I learned my….my lesson.” I said in between sniffles of my tears as I could feel the heat of the pain coming from my bottom. “Now lets see if you are telling the truth. Scanning blood pressure again. One moment please. Result determined. Subject is telling the truth. Subject still detecting a small amount of constipation.” Sara said. “Well I think we know what we need to do.” Sara said as I felt the hand move off my bottom and go up. “What’s that….trust me….look I said I learned my lesson and I’m not that constipated.” I said. “Don’t worry Baby Blake. We are going to help you.” Sara said as the hand came back down as it held a small pill. “What are you going to do.” I said as I tried to lift my head but couldn’t see anything past the floor. Sara didn’t respond. Then another two set of hands came from the mannequin and began to maneuver my waist band of my blue jeans down past my thighs. “Hey wait, what are you doing…put my pants back on.” I yelled as I began to squirm against the hands but they held me frim. “This will only be harmful for a bit. Just relax and it will help relieve you.” Sara said as the hands reached down and pulled down my blue briefs down to wear my pants were. “Hey…what the fuck…what sick game are you playing.” I yelled again as I continued to frail. “My look at your little red bottom. We sure did a number on you. Hopefully you learned your lesson. You better watch your mouth baby or else we can continue. Now just count to three and it will be over.” Sara said. “Wait…what do you mean count to three. Huh…. what will that do for me…. let’s see….one…two…..ouch.” I yelped as I felt the hand shove something into my butthole. “That is an invasion of privacy or something like that…. now what did you shove up my butt.’ I said. “Oh, something just to help you. You should feel it in a while but for now. Let’s get you down from there.” Sara said as the mannequin robot lifted me up and let go of my hands and feet. I was stood up in front of the mannequin looking over it in fear. I quickly pulled my briefs and jeans back up quickly onto my waist. “So…Sara can I ask you a question…” I said as I continued to rub my bottom as I tried to forget what just happened. “Yes.” Sara answered. “So…do you control all the facility correct.” I asked. “Yes…from the food, to clothing, to entertainment, to corrections, and other needs.” Sara said. “So…are you just going to give up getting my stuff from me.” I said. “No. You see with a toddler or a baby. You can punish them but they won’t learn until they are submissive. But don’t worry dear child, soon you will be well equipped and won’t have to worry about it.” Sara said. “Wait, I just want out…so please let me out.” I begged. “I cannot let that happen without authorization.” Sara said. “And who can authorize it.” I asked. “Ms. Jones can.” Sara said. “Well I want to talk to her now.” I said. “That can be arranged once you help with some more testing…” Sara said. “No, that won’t happen.” I said. “Either you can do it on your own or by force. It’s not hard for me. All the testing will be done. No matter what.’ Sara said. “That doesn’t answer anything…it makes the situation worse. No solution has been made yet.” I said. “Now on to other issues. Would you like some food, playtime, or a nap.” Sara said. “Nothing…back to our conversation.” I said. ‘No…conversation is over child. You are the child, I am in charge…now pick your option or one will be picked for you.” “Fine…how about all three…” I said in a smart tone. ‘That can happen.” Sara said as the floor opened and a huge pack and play with high walls appeared. ‘What…. look I was joking…can’t we talk about this.” I said as I backed away a bit. ‘Just come willing child.” Sara said as I saw two hands come from the wall. My heart began to sink.
  14. Test Subject

    Testing “So how much does this pay.” I said as I walked into the office looking for extra work for fall break from college. “It’s about a few hundred dollars for the entire test...” The officer worker said. “Well what does it involve.” I asked. “I can only disclose that to actual workers or people who signed the contract. But I do promise there will be no health or mental risk involved in testing. Ok. You in.” The office worker asked. “Yeah I guess so…I really need the money.” I said. “Well good. Let’s go over some questions here and we can fill them out and we can get you started in a few moments.” The office worker said. “That fast…I thought maybe at least 24 hours or something.” I said. “These spots fill up fast. So just hang in there with me. If you don’t the door is over there.” The office worker said. “Ok I will…but what’s your name…” I asked. “Well my name is Ms. Jones and I run the testing department. Any questions during the test you can just page for me.” She said. “Good…” I said. “Ok. Tell me your age, name, sex, height, weight and any other medical problems.” Ms. Jones said. “Ok. My name is Blake Smith. I’m 19 almost 20 years of age. I’m a male. I’m about 5’5 and about 140 pounds. And no medical problems.” I said. “Oh…goodie, let’s see brown hair and blue eyes. Are you single or sexually active?” Ms. Jones asked. ‘Um…no mam…” I said as I turned my head and blushed. “Ok, and you agree to stay until the whole testing is done. We will take care of everything here from clothing, food and medical. Any questions.” Ms. Jones said. “Um yeah…how long will it take.” I asked. “Well it depends, it’s very hard testing. If you go along with it, some people are out in a few hours. The people that fight it, take longer. But when you sign up, you will complete every single test given to you.” Ms. Jones said. ‘Well, I guess I should let my parents know so they can come up here and drive my truck back.” I said. “That wont be problem we will look after it for you. Any damage or break in on our property we will cover it at no hassle for you. Most places don’t do that. And all your belongings will stay with us.” Ms. Jones said. “Well I mean I still should call my parents and let them know…it’s the least I can do.” I said. “Mr. Smith that won’t be needed. You must sign the paper right now or the offer is off the table.” Ms. Jones said. “With all due respect mam. Any offer on the table where I can let loved ones know my where about is bad in my opinion. Good day.” I said as I got up from my chair and began to walk away. “3k…..3,000 dollars…right now and sign the paper and start in the next 5 minutes but you have to sign in the next 30 seconds.” Ms. Jones said. “What….3k…that’s enough for a down payment on my student loans and knock off some of this debt.” I said as I turned around. “Are you serious Ms. Jones.” I said as I chuckled a bit and rubbed my face in shock. “Yes. Offer stands for another 20 seconds. Sign or leave.” Ms. Jones said sternly. “God…can I have like another 5 minutes to decide.” I said. “15 seconds on the clock.” Ms. Jones said. I began to bite my lip and stomped my boot on the ground a few times to fight the uneasiness in my stomach. “10 seconds Blake Smith.” Ms. Jones said. “Oh, fuck it.” I said as I walked over and quickly signed my name. “There…you happy.” I said as I threw down my pin. “Well I know your wallet will be happy, it’s just my job to get people like you.” Ms. Jones said. “Ok now tell me what kind of testing is this.” I said. “I can’t until you walk through those doors.” Ms. Jones said. “Why not…. well then I want to read my contract.” I said. ‘Can’t until you finish all your testing.” Ms. Jones said. “Wait you can’t do that. Then I want out. I want a lawyer.” I said. “No can do. Walk out and you owe us 3,000 dollars. Explain that to your parents. Go ahead and leave and get your legal advice. Well just counter sue in a civil suit for breach of contract. So, what’s it going to be.” I just stared at her up and down and was turning beat red. I knew she was right, I was stuck in a rock and a hard place. “I guess…I’ll do it…but once this is over. I’m going to bring this company to the public eye and have you all investigated on the federal level. “ I yelled. “That’s cute now let’s empty those pockets of yours.” Ms. Jones said. “No, it stays with me.” I said. “Your choice, either you can do it now or later. And later will hurt worse.” Ms. Jones said. “Neither. It’s my stuff. It stays with me.” I yelled. “Well Mr. Blake Smith it looks like your breaking the rules and there will be consequences.” Ms. Jones said. “I’ll deal with them when they come then. Now let’s get this over with.” I said. “Fine walk through this door and go right on in.” Ms. Jones said as she pressed a button and the door to the left opened, leasing down the long hallway. “I’ll see you on the other side holding my check for 3,000 dollars.” I said as I smiled and walked into the hallway. “Well thanks for working for Baby Tech Industry.” Ms. Jones said as the doors closed and the room became dark. “Wait what….no…baby what.” I said in the dark hallway as I tried to walk back but the floor became a conveyer belt and I began to move deeper into the hallway. “Hey what’s going on.” I said as I tried to run backwards but I fell onto my butt and landed with a thud. I tried to roll off but the whole floor seemed to be the conveyer. Within a few seconds the belt stopped and the walls began to come up. “What’s going on.” I said as I began to crawl back. The walls lifted and the lights came on revealing a bright blue nursery. “What is this place.” I said as I looked around. The wall trim had baby bears on it. All the furniture there seemed that it was oversized for someone of my size but couldn’t make heads or tells of what kind of stuff it was. I began to look around quick for any kind of windows or doors for an escape but the room had none. I stood up and began to look around in more detail to all the surroundings but the smell of the room was something that I knew but couldn’t put my finger on it. “Ah…hello baby Blake, how are you. My name is Sara. You can call me nanny or Sara. Welcome to Baby Tech Industry. Where we test out the latest product on our subjects to make sure we are delivering the best quality to our consumer. Do you have any questions before we begin?” Sara said. “Yeah…let me out…what’s going on..” I said. “Command not valid, subject not ready yet. Already one warning on file for disobeying. Please remove all your items from your pants and place them on the floor.” Sara said. “No…there mine and let me out, I want out.” I said calmly, trying to keep my cool. “Command not valid, subject on final warning. Baby Blake, please follow warning and set all your belongings on the ground, so we can begin. Final warning. Next action taken will be for correction.” Sara said. “Sara…hi…my name is Blake Smith… First thing, nice to meet you, second thing…um no. I’m almost 20 and not a baby…do you see me in diapers or any kind of baby shit. So how about no…go take your command and shove it up your robotic ass. Then, if you can be so kindly to let me the fuck out, I will be on my way and nothing has to happen here at this baby prison place or whatever it is.” I said. “Action taken place. Subject has been warned. Proceeding with corrective measures.” Sara said as the wall opened and a huge 7-foot mannequin metal robot came out with a maid dress on with four hands and came right up to me and grabbed me. ‘Hey let me go.” I said as I began to struggle but the mannequin was to powerful and wrapped its arm around me like a snake and hugged me tight to its chest. I tried to pull away but the mannequin held on. The robot began roll over to what looked like a rocking chair and sat down on it. “What the heck are doing.” I said as I began to squirm and struggle. The mannequin easily laid me over its lap on my stomach and took one hand and placed it over my back. The other hand grabbed my wrist and held them tight, while the third one held both of my thighs still. Leaving the fourth hand placed on my butt. “Hey…let me the fuck go you crazy terminator reject tin can…” I yelled as I tried to pull free but I was held in place. “Do not worry. We will only produce enough smacks until you cry and learn your lesson. Spanking will begin in 5 seconds.” Sara said as the countdown began. “Wait…a spanking…” I said as I struggled in vain against the robot as my heart began to beat faster.
  15. The New Hansel And Gretel

    (I know this story is already completed) I love how you set the story up and you put so much detail into creating this world for the characters. Also with the physical and mental aspect of it is a really nice touch that i have always seen in your stories. Cant wait to read the rest of the story when you post it.