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  1. So i got a chasity device for my Male appendage and it should arrive in a week. Are there any tips for people experienced. It would only be on when I'm not at work.
  2. I am. I saw a video where it said they shot most of the season at the mall. I think this season will be great but I think the original actors are getting older so I think it might not last after season 4.
  3. Hundreds of employees and one-2 pulled from each department (2 times in a 5-6, month period) I say because I'm Male because one must be selected in each gender for the company. Since my field ( I rather not say) is mostly dominated by women, like a 50-1 (ratio) in my opinion. Female to Male. (Getting pulled because we all have to drive company cars) I asked other employees and they have not pulled and have been here for years (they are female) But the lady doing the test said it's based on the computer and she had a Male come in three times in one year. So I'm kinda stumped on this one. Thanks everyone for the advice
  4. So I have now gotten pulled for two random drug test for my company. They say it's because it's random but it's on the sheet. I think it's because I'm one of the only males working in my department. Is there anyone in HR who give me a theory to this answer.
  5. (Any moderators can move this into the right fourm.) So I will be moving in July to my new (own, by myself, apartment.) I will be living on the bottom floor and will have neighbors above and to the left and right of me.) This will allow me to wear anytime I want. But I want to know if my neighbors will be able to hear crinkles in the diaper as I put it on etc. (I know this is silly question but I am nervous and don't want people to know)
  6. Happy mothers to all the moms, grandmas or other people acting as motherly figures. And may the past good memories bring happiness who have lost loved ones on this day. Ps. Shout out to all the pet parents out there to. 😁 Have a great day.
  7. (So this story is not finished. I might finish it. But now i wouldn't even consider it a story. Only a few scenes put together.) Diaper Changing Service In a little small town down in the rural south on a hot summer day, Jeff was walking home from his high school summer class that was held at community college. It was just a normal day for him when he took his normal route down Main Street, when he saw a white sign hanging from a street light, that said help wanted. Jeff stopped as he took note of the money sign all over it. (The sign read) “Want to earn money. Work the hours you want. Paid by the hour. Must be 18 years older. No education needed. Just testing a new service. Have a smart phone, then your hired. Must have 4G network and unlimited phone calling. If interested, please tear off a number and call to set up an interview.” Jeff looked at the sign for a bit and decided to tear a number off and give it a call. Jeff placed the number in his pocket until he got home from school. Jeff made his way home down Main Street until he reached his neighborhood. Jeff’s heart sank when he glanced down the street when he saw his mother’s white van. “Fuck” Jeff said as he mumbled to himself going down the street. Jeff hated when his mother was home, all he wanted from a hard day’s lesson was to at least get a few hours of gaming or napping in before his world was interrupted. Jack quietly tip toed around to the back yard and got onto the deck. Jeff slowly got his keys out quietly so they wouldn’t jingle. Jeff peered into the sliding glass door before he unlocked it, to make sure the cost was clear in the kitchen. Jeff unlocked the door and slowly slid the door to the right. Jeff tip toed into kitchen and slowly slid the door closed. Jeff made his quiet walk into the living when he heard the voice of pure nagging and froze into place. “Jeffery your home.” Jeff’s mother said she came around the corner. “Oh, Hi mom.” Jeff said as he turned to face her. “Why didn’t you come in the front door. And why aren’t you wearing proper clothes to school again.” Jeff’s Mother said. “Well I saw your van and wanted to come in the house without any issues and maybe take a nap or do homework. Besides, these clothes are fine. Everyone else wears them.” Jeff said as he looked down at himself as he wore blue basketball shorts, with sandals and socks and a black hoodie. “Well you’re a Jackson and should act like one. Besides only little kids dress like that.” Ms. Jackson said as she pointed to his clothes. ‘I’m a man.’ Jeff said firm as he stared as his mother. ‘Yeah, a real man who is 19 years old, who still lives with his mother. Still has never had a job or even got a high school diploma.” Ms. Jackson said. “Mom, I have one class left and only a few weeks left in classes. I graduate in July 1st and then I can go from there.” Jeff said. “No. Jeff I think you need some pressure on you. Either start paying me rent or get a job or join the military after you get your diploma. You will also pay half of your cell phone bill to every month. I cant come home to an overgrown child and my house is a mess.’ Ms. Jackson said as she began to leave the room. ‘But mom I can’t. How can I get job if I don’t have a car or a license?” Jeff said as he began to raise his voice. ‘Not my problem, you have two feet, walk there. McDonalds is only two miles away from our house.” Ms. Jackson yelled back from the living room. Jeff didn’t know how to answer that. He knew the military wouldn’t take him until at least next year, working at McDonalds was degrading in his opinion. That’s when he thought about his last option. ‘How much is rent.” Jeff yelled nervously. “250.00$ That includes everything, but you have to clean up behind yourself because we would be consider roommates from now on. And rent would be due the first of the month” Ms. Jackson said aloud. Jeff then bit his lip in anger as he held in his frustration from hearing his so-called options. “Can you give me til tomorrow to choose which one.” Jeff asked. “That’s fine. Just text or call me.” Ms. Jackson said coldly as she watched tv ignoring her son. Jeff knew this was a battle he couldn’t win, so he walked back to his room and sat on his bed. Jeff was thinking of options he could do when he emptied his pockets and found the phone number, he had torn off from the sign. Jeff picked up the phone number and looked at it for a bit and hesitated to call. Jeff thought about for a minute or so, got his cell phone and called the number. Jeff stood still as heard the phone ring, hoping that it was not some pyramid scheme or even door to door sells. “Hello, thank you for call DCS services. How can I help you?” The lady said on the other end on the phone. “Um…yeah. I saw your sign to make money out in the area and I guess I’m interested…sort of.” Jeff asked. “Ok, well thanks for calling. Before I go further, I must see if your even able to work for us. Can we go through a list of questions? Do you have five to ten minutes to spare?” The lady asked. “Um I guess so.” Jeff said as he took a seat on his bed. “Ok, lets begin. Do you have a cell phone with unlimited talk and 4G network?” The lady asked. “Yes.” Jeff said. “Are you 18 years or older?” The lady asked. “Yes.” Jeff asked. “Great you qualify. All I need is your phone number and I can text you a link and you can download the app, then enter your password that will be provided for you. Then you fill out the rest. After that you can start working and making money.” The lady said. “Wait. That’s it. I thought it was more to that. Like maybe a drug test or background test.” Jeff asked. “Nope. We are a third-party testing company, which we are not required by state or local laws to do a back-ground check or drug testing. But you will have to report your income for taxes to come out. We will send you an email with all your earnings at the end of the year. Now please give me your cell phone number and we can get the link to you.” The lady. “Wait you don’t need my name, proof of anything or anything like that.” Jeff asked. “No, you fill all that on the app. Then we process it and notify you if you qualify.” The lady said. “Ok, what kind of work is this again.” Jeff said. “Like I said before, this is product testing with a service. So, you have a product and test it. Then there is a service attached to the product that you use. Any questions?” The lady asked. “No.” Jeff said as he waited a bit thinking about the service. “Sir. Are you still interested?” The lady asked. Jeff thought about it for a moment and came to an answer. “Yes.” Jeff said softly. Jeff knew he didn’t have that many options to come up with $250 dollars before rent was due in a few weeks. “Alright let me get your phone number and we can start.” The lady said. “OK. It’s 321-7654.” Jeff said. “Alright. Just wait a few seconds and wait for the conformation email to come in.” The lady said. Jeff then heard multiple dings on his phone and looked down to see multiple text from a 97865 number. “Are you guys, 97865 by chance.” Jeff asked. “Yes, we are. Now open the last text message and click on the link to make sure its working. The first one is a greeting, second one is automated password and the third is the link.” The lady said. Jeff unlocked his phone and opened his text. He scrolled down onto the last one and clicked the link. The link then opened a web browser and took him to a website that said “Down Load DCS app.” “Um it wants me to down some kind of app called DCS app. Do I download.” Jeff asked. ‘Yes, go ahead and download it. Then input your password that was given and fill out all the forms and start making money. Any more questions before I go” The lady said. “Yeah, how do I get paid and how much.” Jeff asked. “You get paid via mail with a check, pre-paid gift card, or through direct deposit that you set up on the app. How much, depends on what kind of service you use and how many times. Any more questions?” The lady said. “No, I think that’s it.” Jeff said. “Well then if there are no more questions. I hope you have a good day. If you have any questions in the future or concerns, please fill free to call. Were open 24/7. Once again, welcome aboard to DCS.” The lady said as she hung up the phone. Jeff looked back down at his cell phone and started the process of downloading the app. Once the app was downloaded, Jeff entered the temporary password he was given and was prompted to create a new password and user name. Jeff went through the whole process of creating the profile and entering in his personal information. “Alright now it says to scan your drivers’ licenses with your current address. That’s weird.” Jeff said to himself. Jeff clicked on the FAQ section on it and read the description why. “Here at DCS, we believe in being transparent and being honest. With scanning your ID, we can process faster and know your not giving any false information.” “Well I guess.” Jeff said as he took out his ID and took a picture of it and clicked save. Jeff then clicked next and a screen came up and asked another question. “How would you like to get paid. Check, prepaid card or direct deposit.” The question asked. “Well I guess the best way in though the bank.” Jeff said as he entered his routing number into the app as he clicked submit and the next question came back up. “Can DCS APP use the GPS on your phone for better results?” “What…no.” Jeff said as he pressed. “Sorry, to continue you must allow DCS services have access to GPS location for better results.” The screen said again. “For Pete’s sake. Fine. “Jeff said as he clicked yes as the next screen came up. ‘Alright, were almost done. Please fill out the last little bit of information so you can start getting money.” The screen said. “God Dammit. Let’s see. Age 19. Height 5’4. Weight: 145. Waist size? I guess 30. Color of hair and eyes. Um, blue eyes and brown eyes. Alright that should be it and click submit.” Jeff said as he clicked submit. “One more thing, please read terms and conditions and click agree to submit your file. One more step to getting paid.” The last screen said. ‘Ok let’s see.” Jeff said as he started to scroll at the terms and conditions. Jeff was shocked to see that it was over 100 pages long. “Aint no one got time for that.” Jeff said sarcastically and scrolled all the way done and clicked agree and submit. “Thanks for submitting your application. The next process should only take 24 hours to review your submission. Well contact you via text or through the app to let you know if you were approved to work.” The final statement said. Jeff closed out the app and decide to sit down on his bed and think about things. That’s when he heard a knock at the door. “Come in.” Jeff yelled. The door opened and Jeff’s mom came in. “So have you decided what you wanted to do.” Ms. Jackson said as she stood there with her arms crossed. “I’m going to pay you rent Mom.” Jeff mumbled. ‘Oh, how are you going to do that.” Ms. Jackson said sarcastically. “I’m getting side work, hopefully it pays enough. I should have your rent in a few weeks.” Jeff said softly. “Well I don’t know or care how you make it, make sure its legal. Also, your half of the cell phone bill is due next week.” Ms. Jackson said. “How much is that.” Jeff asked as he sat up in shock. “$125.00” Ms. Jackson said. “Mom can’t you delay that please. I need my phone to make the money with the side job.” Jeff begged. “No. Today is June 7th, Friday. You must give me $125.00 dollars cash or check by June 14th next Friday or your phone is cut off. Rent is due Monday July 1st. Ms. Jackson said. “God dammit mom.” Jeff said as he stood up off the bed angry. “Cut me a break would you. I don’t even have $25 dollars in my bank account.” Jeff said. “Also, I will not be giving you any more spending money from now on. I will be stocking the fridge once a week and that’s it. Once the food is gone, it’s gone. Also, you will more responsibilities around the house and furthermore…” Ms. Jackson said as she was cut off. “Well furthermore. Get the fuck out of my room since were roommates suddenly today. Furthermore, you will have your money before those dates.” Jeff said as he raised his voice. “Well. I guess will find out.” Ms. Jackson said as she left his room. ‘God Dammit.” Jeff said as he slammed his door shut and sat back down on his bed. Jeff decided for the rest of the day to work on his school work, nap and play video games. He stayed in his room the whole time into the early morning hours until he fell asleep. Jeff woke up the next morning and looked at his cellphone to see that it was almost noon. He checked his email and the DCS app but no new notifications. Jeff got up and got ready for the day. Jeff headed down stairs to see a note on the table from his mother. “Jeff went into the city to visit some friends. Mom.” The note said. “Cool I guess.” Jeff said as he made himself a bowl of cereal and began to eat. That’s when Jeff’s cellphone went off with a ding. Jeff grabbed his phone quickly and looked to see it was a notification from the DCS app. “Alright.” Jeff said as he tapped the screen. “Congratulations, your application has been approved. You can start working today. Use the app to start getting work.” The notification said. “Alright let’s see.” Jeff said as he used the app. Jeff selected first availability opening at 1:00 pm. “I guess 1:00 pm works. What kind of service? I don’t know, I guess the basic. Will I be ready? Um, yes. Services to my location, Yes.” Jeff said as he hit submit on the app as he finished his bowl of cereal. “Let’s see how much I’m making. What? Only $10 bucks. But it says if I get good reviews, I can make more money.” Jeff sighed as he cleaned up his mess in the kitchen and waited near the door, playing on his phone. Finally, 1:00 pm arrived and Jeff heard a knock at the door. Jeff got up and answered the door. There stood a black male in his mid-30’s with a DCS shirt on a badge with only an employee number shown. “Hi. I’m your DCS servicer for your 1:00 pm appt. Are you Jeff Jackson?” The man asked. “Um yes. How can I help you?” Jeff said as he let the man in. The worker brought in a big duffle bag and sat in on the ground in the living room. “Yes. Well go ahead and get ready.” The worker said as he began to put on latex gloves on. “Get ready for what…” Jeff asked questionably. “Well you selected the basic service so it should be quick and easy.” The worker said as he laid out a blue covered mat onto the center on the room. “Ok, stop. First what is your company ID number. And explain to me what is going on.” Jeff asked. The worker stopped what he was doing and gave Jeff a grin smile. “OK. Let’s start from the beginning. I work with DCS services. You selected a service time of 1:00 pm at your current location. You selected the basic service. Now, I have a lot more people to get to today. If you can please lay on the mat so I can get started. My ID number is 499. Now can we get on with it, if I take any longer, I must give you a bad rating by company policy. Which in return, you will be placed on a lower tier to receive location services or as known as us coming to you.” The worker said as he sighed. “No. Explain what is going to happen. This is my first time using the service. I don’t know what to expect.” Jeff said. “Oh ok. That’s all you have to say. DCS stands for Diaper Changing Services. A start up company from the west coast still in its prototype phase. Basically, the company pays for people to change diapers of individuals who can’t hire nurses or change themselves. We service a lot of elderly and special needs population many times throughout the day. We just now launched our everybody system where anyone can try the system and earn money but there are stipulations on the way to earn money.” The worker said. ‘Wait your going to change me into a diaper. Wow. Ok, you know what this sounds just bad. But thanks for your time and sorry for the confusion.” Jeff said as he began to walk towards the front door. “Dude, I can tell you. A lot of people are trying out the system. It’s a good way to get extra money. Besides we only get paid by services provided, not by the hour. Same as you as a tester. I knew a guy last week who made about extra $210.00 dollars well with taxes taken out. Well good luck to you kid.” The worker said as he began to pack up the mat. Jeff thought about it for a minute, knowing this was his chance to make some money until he got his stuff straight. “Wait…I’ll…I’ll do it. Don’t go.” Jeff said as he bit his lip and turned red. “Kid. I don’t have time for warm answer. So is it, yes or no.” The worker said as he looked up at Jeff with a stern face. “Its yes. Yes. I’ll do it.” Jeff said. ‘Good. Now lets get going. I have another service appt at 1:30 pm up the street. While I get things ready again, go ahead and sign this release form.” The worker said as he handed Jeff a piece of paper on a clip board.
  8. I don't think it will be a thing. (Showing your ID.) But I do think it will have a check box stating that you are 18+ years or older to comply with online laws that are coming to the United States. But I think this is a rumor and probably a April fools joke.
  9. Oh hoy matte. Instead of a bottle of rum, it's a bottle of milk. Lol. Like the layout.
  10. Well my tax return will go towards diapers ($50) when they place it in my account but they had to double check my identity and got a letter from them. (Customer service said one business day to 9 weeks.) So I guess buying in the summer time.😗.
  11. It would but just be careful and always meet in a public place and during daylight hours and be cautious on how much information you give out. Give yourself time to meet the people and chat with them before meeting in real life. (My experience with fetlife. I meet a few people but we didn't have much in common and we meet in public place. Overall it was ok) Overall fetlife, has a lot of people looking to hookup (who want action)and people who have fantasy who want to meet up and never come out but there are a few who are worth the wait and you have to weed out the crazies. But once you find that one person or group it is worth. Best of luck.
  12. You can get a clothes drying rack (1-2) depending on how many clothes you have. Amazon has from 15-20$ for one of them. (There made cheaply and won't last long but will do the job until the dryer is replaced)
  13. Pretty interesting commercial coming out of the UK.
  14. I wouldn't risk it. I know it sucks but your best bet is during the holidays. (Stay a day late and come a day early) Even if your able to change in the bathroom that you share with a person it's a chance your get caught. I did all 4 years with dorm and apartment like dorms. Never had a chance. Most guys only carry there shower tote towel and change of clothes. Your best bet is to find a place off campus that you have your own room and key and bathroom. ( besides most renting is cheaper than dorm room)
  15. Anyone else have any guesses of who will come out on top Patriots 30 (win) Rams 24