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  1. The Baby Sitter App.

    (Thanks for all the comments and support. With the holidays around. It might be a little longer wait for the next chapter.) Jeff kept looking at the time as he tried his best to hold his bladder. “Are you going to make it. Let’s see how much longer.” Jeff said as he laughed and looked over at the timer. “You have a little over seven minutes left. I don’t think you can make it.” Jeff said as he laughed. Jeff just kept staring and trying his best to look away at the time and think about something else. “Baby Chase it will be ok. I’ll make sure you can get changed.” Jeff chuckled. Chase just looked away at him and kept looking down the whole time at his potty. “Now, what kind of pjs do you want to wear for bed tonight. Would you like space themed ones or the ones that have little animals all over them.” Jeff asked Chase. But Chase didn’t answer back, he just kept staring down. “Well I can choose for you. So what kind of diapers do you want to wear tonight. Cloth or disposable.” Jeff said as he looked at Chase. Chase picked his head up and glared at him. “You will be in diapers tonight my little baby. Now let’s see how long. Five more minutes. How you are holding out.” Jeff said as he looked at Chase. Chase just looked at the timer, the time just seemed to be going slow. After a few moments of Chase squirming and Jeff laughing at the situation, there was only two minutes left on the timer. “Last two minutes it seems.” Jeff said as he got up and walked over to Chase. “Maybe you can make it after all.” Jeff said as he giggled and patted Chase on the back. Chase and Jeff, watched the timer count all the way down to zero. Chase just began to smile behind his pacifier as he began to squirm on the seat of the potty as the pressure on his bladder was about to burst open. “Huh, so you made it huh. Well you did good. So, I guess, I can let you out and you can use the restroom by yourself. I’ll give you some privacy.” Jeff said with a smirk on his face. Jeff unstrapped Chase’s wrist and waist strap and helped Chase up. “Alright bud, you can use anyone of these. I’ll be outside if you need me. You only have five minutes to go, so make it count.” Jeff said as he walked out the room and locked the door behind him. Chase sighed in relief as he began to pull down his shorts but noticed they wouldn’t budge. Chase tried to pull them down again, but it didn’t seem to work. He looked down and saw that he was still wearing a locking belt on the pants. Chase tried to pull at it and tried to take it off, but it wouldn’t come off. “No. He couldn’t have thought about this. He knew that this would happen.” Chase thought to himself as he began to squeeze his legs together to hold back the impending doom. Chase began to pull on the belt for the next couple of minutes but to no avail. “No, this can’t be happening. I can’t pee myself. I’m a big boy.” Chase said as he fell to his knees with tears in his eyes. The pressure began to let loose, and a few drops made into his pull up. “No. No. No.” Chase thought to himself as the flood gates let loose and he started to fill his pullup with his piss. Chase just began to sob quietly behind his paci gag as he pullup began to expand with warmth and liquid. After a few moments, Chase was finally done and stood up the best he could with out trying to make his situation any worse. The first thing he noticed was how much the pullup sagged but also how much liquid it held and the warmth on both sides. Then there was a knock at the door. “Are you done yet Chase…” Jeff said as he paused a bit and looked at Chase. Jeff could see on Chase’s face and could see the tears in his eyes. Jeff could also tell by the sag in between his pants, from the soggy pullups. “So, are you wet.” Jeff asked. Chase didn’t answer and held his head down in shame. “Well take care of this.” Jeff said as he walked over in front of Chase and squished the front of the pullup. Chase was taken back and squirmed a bit. “Yeah, your soaked. Well the good news is, you didn’t leak on your clothes. Don’t worry about it pal, so now let’s get you into the bath.” Jeff said as he held out his hand. Chase didn’t take his hand and just stared at him. “I know buddy, once we get you cleaned up, you should feel great.’ Jeff said as he grabbed Chase’s hand and pulled him out of the room. Chase was pulled down the hallway, all the while his soggy pullup was going back and forth in-between his legs. They finally reached the room that was labeled, Bath and walked inside. Once inside, there were other guys there that were already in the bath tubs or already getting dried off. The room had at least five bathrooms that lined up against the wall and each station had bathing supplies, trash cans, kiddie toys, clothes hamper and towels underneath. “Ok, you ready for your bath. Are you going to behave? It won’t take us that long.” Jeff said as he pulled Chase over to an empty bath tub and began to undress Chase. Jeff quickly pulled Chase’s shoes and tossed them into the hamper. Jeff then took off the locking belt and shorts and placed them in the hamper with the rest. “Alright let’s get this wet thing off you.” Jeff said as he tore the sides of the pullup and threw the wet pullup away. Chase quickly took his hands and covered his privates, to try and keep his modesty. “Don’t worry about that, I’m going to be seeing it a lot more this weekend, so you better get use to it.” Jeff said. Chase just looked down and placed his hands at his side as he stood there with his lower half naked. “My, you sure had to go, didn’t you? I wish you would had made it.” Jeff said as he chuckled and took off Chase’s shirt and tossed it in the hamper. “And finally, the paci gag. If you begin to yell I will place it back on you. Got it.” Jeff said. Chase shook his head yes and Jeff unstrapped it and placed it under the table. “Alright get in.” Jeff said as he began to run the water warm in the bathtub. Chase was quiet as got into the tub and let the water cover him. Chase sat there in amazement about how big the tub was. But that soon left his mind as the water began to rise and his body began to relax. “That should be enough.” Jeff said as he cut the water off. Jeff grabbed a wash cloth and soap and began to lather it up. “Alright just relax and let me do this ok. I’m getting your whole body.” Jeff said. “Ok. Yes Daddy.” Chase said as he closed his eyes and leaned back. For some reason he just submitted to being bathed, it reminded of the time when he was younger. It was weird and somewhat wrong, but it felt good. Jeff began to scrub Chase’s body from head to toe. Jeff got every nook and cranny on his body until he was satisfied. The whole time Chase just went with it and kept his mind cleared and eyes closed. “Alright, now for your hair.” Jeff said as he got the shampoo and poured some into Chase’s hair. Chase kept his eyes closed as Jeff began to scrub his hair until he was done. Jeff quickly rinsed off hair and started to drain the tub. “You ready to get out, stand up for me please.” Jeff said as he held a towel in his hand. Chase stood up in the tub and reached for the towel, but Jeff held onto it. “I’ll dry you off.” Jeff said as took the towel and softly began to wipe him down from top to bottom. Jeff took his time as he dried his bottom and private parts softly. Chase just stood there, going with the flow. Jeff took the towel and wrapped Chase’s lower half and picked him up like a toddler and took him out into the hallway. “You did good. Are you ready for bed yet?” Jeff asked softly. “No. Not really.” Chase said as he looked around while being carried. He was shocked on how strong Jeff was but simply ignored it. “How about I read you a story, before bed.” Jeff said. “Maybe.” Chase said as he mumbled as they entered the room, that was labeled as Chase’s nursery. Jeff entered the room and quickly locked the door behind him. Chase’s eyes began to wonder as he saw the room. The room had all the same baby furniture, but it was made for an adult. The walls were light blue and had an animal border theme. Jeff quickly laid Chase on the changing table and took off his towel, leaving him naked on the table. Chase was still looking around, stunned by all the sights and smells. Jeff quietly took the Chase’s hands and placed them in restraints on top of his head. “Hey…what...what is going on.” Chase said as he tried to pull free, but he was stuck. “I told you. Your wearing a night time diaper, so cloth or disposable. And the next one is, space ship theme sleep suit or animal theme.” Jeff said as he laughed. “I don’t want any of them” Chase said as he began to raise his voice and squirm. Jeff just easily grabbed his feet and placed each of his feet into restraints. “My goodness, you sure are cranky. I think you might need another bottle but let’s get you dressed and into bed and then maybe a bottle.” Jeff said as he reached down and grabbed the baby powder. “No. I’m not a baby. I don’t need diapers or a sleep suit. I want to go home. Please. Please let me go.” Chase yelled as he pulled against the restraints with tears in his eyes, but it was no use. Jeff just giggled as he saw his little baby boy struggle naked on the table as tears began to form on his face. (Next Part: Diapers and Night Night)
  2. The Baby Sitter App.

    (Next Chapter: Meal Time) “Chase. I need you stop.” Jeff said as he placed his hand on Chase’s shoulder. “No…” Chase said. “Your acting like a baby. If you don’t stop then I can help you stop. Do you need another spanking, like the one you got a hour ago?” Jeff said. “You. You wouldn’t.” Chase as he stared at Jeff. “Don’t try me. Now are you going to listen.” Jeff said. “I don’t…I don’t know.” Chase said. “I’ll decided for you.” Jeff said as he raised his hand and smacked Chase’s right thigh with a quick smack. “Ouch…what was that for.” Chase said as he looked down and saw the red hand print on his thigh. “Now. There is more where that came from. Just eat ok.” Jeff said. Chase looked around and saw that most of guys were already eating. “Alright. Go ahead.” Chase said as he put his head down and opened his mouth. “Good boy. How about we start off with some mashed peas, huh?” Jeff said as he opened the first jar of baby food. Chase just kept looking down and kept his mouth open. ‘That’s fine. Here comes the airplane.” Jeff said as he filled the spoon with the mush and shoved it into Chase’s mouth. Chase almost gagged and puffed up his cheeks. “Swallow it. Now. Do not spit up.” Jeff said as he stared at Chase. Chase knew that he had no choice and swallowed the food. “See it wasn’t that bad, was it.” Jeff said. Chase just glared at him. Jeff kept feeding Chase until all the jars of baby food were gone. His face was covered with the baby food, along with his bib. ‘Alright, here is two bottles of milk you need to drink.” Jeff said as he held them up. “But I already had mashed peas, sweet potatoes, and baby carrots. I’m kind of full and I still have to go to the bathroom.” Chase said. “Well once you finish your two bottles and then you can go potty. Chase remember you are a toddler/big boy. You still use words. So, the quicker you drink the quicker you can go.” Jeff said as held up the bottle to his mouth. Chase just sighed and opened his mouth. Jeff shoved the bottle into his mouth and Chase began to suck on the nipple. Chase noticed that milk was sweet to the taste and began to drink as fast as he could. With in five minutes he had finished the bottle and his tummy was sticking out a bit from how full he was. “Oh my. What a full belly. Are you ready for another one.” Jeff said as he giggled and rubbed Chase’s stomach. “Please stop. I really have to go.” Chase said as he squirmed a bit, it felt weird for Jeff to rub his belly. “What’s wrong, you have to go potty.” Jeff said in a mocking tone as he held up the last bottle to Chase’s face. “Yes. I have to go potty.” Chase said as he felt his bladder begin to build pressure. “So, you want daddy to give you the last bottle.” Jeff said as he swung the bottle back and forth in front of his face. “Yes. I want the bottle.” Chase screamed. “No. Say it right, baby.” Jeff mockingly said. “I. I need…Please, Daddy…. I need…the last bottle. Please give me the bottle.” Chase begged. “Good. Now say I’m Daddies little baby boy.” Jeff said softly. “Please…Jeff….” Chase said. “Say it or I’ll make you piss yourself and shame you infront of everyone. Now say it right.” Jeff said as he raised his voice. “I’m Daddies little baby boy.” Chase said softly as tears began to form in his eyes. “Good. Now what is my name and what is your name.” Jeff said. “PLEASE JEFF.” Chase begged aloud. “Answer me.” Jeff said. “Your name is daddy Jeff and my name are Chase.” Chase said softly. “Correct but what is your title, I know your name Chase.” Jeff said. “My name is Baby Chase.” Chase as he stared at Jeff with teary eyes. “Good boy. Now here is your baba.” Jeff said as he shoved the milk into his mouth. Chase just began to suck down the milk until it was gone. Once the bottle was done, Jeff began to wipe off Chase’s face with a rag until he was clean. “Are you full” Jeff said as finished cleaning up the jars of food and bottles. “Yeah.” Chase said as he moved a bit and could tell he over ate by his bloated belly. “Alright. Are you ready to get down?” Jeff asked. “Yes. Please.” Chase said. “Good boy, now let’s see what’s next.” Jeff said as he looked at the schedule at the wall. “So, we can either get you a bath and get you ready for bed or we can watch a movie or play.” Jeff said. “Potty now please.” Chase said. “Oh, that’s right.” Jeff said as he took out the tray and hit the button on the five-point harness in the high chair. He helped Chase down to his feet. “So, I guess you can go back to playing in the playroom.” Jeff said as he grabbed Chase’s hand and took him to the hall. He pulled him into door that said potty. The room had a line of potty seats that could fit all the guys here. There were six in a row and had various animals on each one. All of them had belts on the waist and handle bars with straps for the hands. “Alright Chase. Let’s get this off you.” Jeff said as he started to unlock the belt. “Wait. Can’t I do this myself.” Chase said as he backed away from Jeff’s grasp. “No. Only a daddy can. Now you said you had to go. Stop playing and lets get your pull up down.” Jeff said. “Wait I have to use that with you watching.” Chase said. “Yes. You have already been dressed. And if you use your pullup, your one step closer to diapers, if you do use it, your one step closer to big boy underwear. Don’t you want my little baby. Don’t you want your underwear back and not training pants.” Jeff said as he tried to coax him. ‘I don’t know” Chase said as he looked down at his pants and could feel his bladder about to burst. “Please don’t make me decide for you. You have until the count of three or I decide for you.” Jeff said. “I don’t…” Chase said as he wanted to try and keep his modesty as much as he could. “One.” Jeff said. “Please daddy.” Chase said. “Two.” Jeff said as he raised his tone. “Daddy. Please I need more time.” Chase said as his heart began to race. “Three. OK. That’s it. Let’s do this.” Jeff said as he grabbed Chase and began to pull him towards on the pottys. “Daddy what are you doing.” Chase said as he began to pull away, but Jeff was to strong. Jeff easily placed him on the potty that looked like yellow dog. Jeff quickly placed Chase’s patted bottom on top of the seat and easily strapped his waist down to the potty. “No…Please stop.” Chase said as he tried to undo the waist belt, but Jeff quickly took each of his hands and strapped his hands to the handle bar. “Hey, let me out of this thing.” Chase said as he tried to break free but couldn’t. His hands were trapped, and his lower half was stuck the chair and his legs were forced on the ground. “No. If you can not go potty on yourself for another ten minutes. Then I’ll let you use the potty by yourself in private. Deal?’ Jeff said as he walked over to the counter and grabbed two items. “This isn’t fair. You can’t do this.” Chase said. “Oh I can. It’s either this game or I give you laxatives and make you wear a diaper with a body suit and put you in the play room and make you shit yourself.” Jeff said. “I can do it.” Chase said. “And one more thing, I don’t want to hear your mouth anymore.” Jeff said as he came over to Chase and placed a blue paci gag on his face and strapped it tight behind his head. “Mphmm.” Chase said as he squirmed. “And now the time begins.” Jeff said as he set timer and it began to count down. “Oh if you don’t make it. Then you will be placed in thick night time diapers for tonight.” Jeff said as he chuckled and sat down across from Chase. Chase just began to tear up and squirm in his restraints, he looked over at the timer as it ticked down slower and the pressure on his bladder grew stronger faster. (Next Chapter. Potty and Bath Time)
  3. The Baby Sitter App.

    “What did you say.” One of the workers said across the room. “Fuck this place and fuck you.” Chase said as he yelled more still trying to pull of his pants but had no luck. He started to work on his shirt instead as the other guys just kept staring at him. “Son sit down and stop or else.” The worker said as he walked right over. “Or what…huh…you’re going to punish me.” Chase said as he stared at the man. “Yes…” The worker said quietly as he pulled down Chase’s shirt and pulled Chase by his arm over to a wooden bench. “What…wait…what are you going to do to me.” Chase said as he started to pull away. ‘I’m going to spank you.” The worker said as he pulled Chase onto his stomach and quickly strapped down his back with his legs and arms with various belts that were attached. Chase was now nice and secured to the wooden bench, with his patted bottom high in the air. “Hey. I’m sorry. You don’t have to do this to me.” Chase said as he tried to break free, but it was no use. “To late. Attention everyone. Please have a look at Chase here. He didn’t follow the rules and so now he will be punished, let this be a warning for all you rebel’s out there.” The worker said as he grabbed the wooden paddle and brought it up to Chase’s thigh. “Please you don’t have to do….Ouch…” Chase said as the worker came down hard onto his thigh. Chase started to turn red from the pain and embarrassment from the situation he was in. “Quiet. The more you talk or struggle, the more licks you get.” The worker said softly. “Ouch….” Chase yelled out in pain as the worker came down onto his thighs, red marks were starting to form below his childish shorts. The worker kept on for another ten licks, until Chase was in tears and pain. The whole room of workers and guys just stared and watched Chase as he balled in pain from his punishment. ‘Now…will you listen.” The worker said. ‘Yes…Yes…” Chase said as tears of pain came from his eyes. “Yes what.” The worker said. ‘Yes sir.” Chase quickly spat out. “No, it’s Yes, Daddy.” The worker said. “Yes. Daddy.” Chase said softly. The worker quickly unstrapped Chase from the wooden bench lead him back down onto the carpet so he could sit down. Chase struggled to sit from his spanking, but he had no choice but to force himself to sit down. Even with the thick pullup on, Chase could still the pain and heat radiating from his body. “Alright. Hello, my babies, don’t you all look cute in your little outfits. How are you all doing?” Sam said she entered the room. All the workers were standing around the walls while the guys were all siting in a circle. ‘Well I heard someone had a small issue, but it was resolved. Things like that will be resolved in a two or three strike rule. It depends on the worker. So, let’s go over some rules that we have here. You heard a few earlier today but we will go over some of the minor ones and a few more major ones. OK, wont that be fun.” Sam said. The guys just gave her a blank stare. “I said, doesn’t that sound fun?” Sam said again stronger tone. Sam placed her hand on her hip and bit her lip and glared at the group. “Hey. When I ask my little lovely babies a question, you should shake your head yes or no. Not a blank stare. If you don’t next time, every one of you will go back on the wooden bench and have fifteen licks for each of your bottoms. Do I make myself clear?” Sam said. Quickly, the group of guys shook their heads in agreement to Sam, while the workers started to chuckle. “Ok, now that we have that out the way. Let’s talk about diaper changes and getting out and getting in diapers.” Sam said. “You were either selected by your age. If you are above C then you are a kid. B is a toddler while A is a baby. So, if your room says any of those letters then that’s your treatment, from meal time, to bed and bath time and to even potty time. So, if you are A or B. Out of luck. If you are a good little toddler, then you get training pants. If your bad well then diapers. If you’re a C, then you get big boys pants unless you wet or mess them twice in a day. But your worker can decide if that will happen or not, it’s all based on your situation and your profile. Everyone got it.” Sam said as everyone shook their head in agreement. “OK, do not remove your clothes, diapers, pullups, or underwear. Don’t throw your food away or hide it. You will wear and eat and drink everything we give you. That is not choice. Either we can let you do it on your own or we will force you. Your choice. All your personal stuff if you had any will be returned to you on your leaving date. Always show respect to your daddy worker. We have designated playtimes, changing times, potty time, snack time, nap times, bath times and meal times. These times are not negotiable, you will follow the schedule to the t. And final and last rule, we can add rules anytime, so enjoy yourselves, were here to help you relax. We will take care of everything for you and I mean everything. Alright, that’s all for now babies. I’ll see you guys tonight for dinner. Daddy workers, have fun with the babies for a good hour and then dinner time.” Sam said as she walked out the room. That’s when each of the worker’s started to go to each one of the guys and started to talk to them and even play with them. Chase just sat on the ground and watched the reactions of everybody else. Most of the guys just went along with the actions while some still trying their best to fight it. “So, you are…” A daddy worker came over and approached Chase. “Chase…. can you please leave me alone?” Chase said as he sighed and held his head down. “What’s wrong, my name is Daddy Jeffery, or you can call me daddy or Jeff.” Jeff said as he sat beside Chase. “I don’t want to be here. I’m adult, not some man child or man baby or whatever.” Chase said. “Well, its ok. Your only here for the weekend and you’ll be out of here in less than a few days. Besides why don’t you just play and then it will be time for dinner.” Jeff said. “No. I’ll just sit here and I’m not eating. I want out.” Chase said as he kept his arms crossed. “Well that’s fine with me. Now you can have fun and I’ll come and get you when it’s time for dinner. And I’ll be your main caretaker for this weekend. So, if you need anything just yell for me.” Jeff said as he got up and walked away. Chase just sat there with a blank stare on his face, thinking about what he could do next to get out of here. Chase finally got bored and decided to go along with for right now and walked over to some toys with the other guys and began to play with them. For what seemed like an entirety, finally an announcement was made over the loud speaker that dinner was ready. All the daddies came in and started to easily grab and pull each one of their babies out the door. Jeff came for Chase and grabbed his hand and easily pulled him up. Chase went along with it and started walking down the hall. That’s when Chase felt the call of nature hit him. “Um, hey I have to go.” Chase said. “You have to what.” Jeff said. ‘I have to go to the bathroom.” Chase said. “I don’t understand you. Are you using the right language?” Jeff said. “I…I…Daddy Jeff I have to go potty.” Chase said as he turned red. “Oh. Well you can go, and I can help you go after dinner.’ Jeff said. ‘But…” Chase said. “If you’re a big boy then you should be able to hold it.” Jeff said as he pulled Chase into the kitchen. Chase noticed that all the other guys were already being set into high chairs and strapped in. “Up you go buddy.” Jeff said as he easily placed Jeff into the high chair and strapped Chase into the five-point harness. “What, no, please I don’t need this.” Chase said as he began to reach for the button , but Jeff quickly placed the tray across his stomach and pinned his arms to his side. “Jeff. Please, I don’t want to eat.” Chase said as he tried to get out but all he could do was to squirm his legs and make is pullup rustle. “You need to eat. You don’t have an option.” Jeff said as he got a few jars of baby jars and two babies bottle and placed on the tray. Jeff then took out a blue baby bib and placed it around his neck. “Now read me what that reads.” Jeff said as he giggled a bit. “It’s says daddy’s little baby.” Chase said to himself. ‘No..I’m not a baby…” Chase said as he began to yell and kick his legs in frustration. (Next Chapter: Meal Time)
  4. The Baby Sitter App.

    Welcome home (Thanks for all the comments) The bus finally stopped as the breaks squealed letting people know that they had arrived. Chase snapped out of it and looked outside the window. He had no idea where he was, it looked like they were in an industrial part of town. Chase looked up and saw that the men were already taking each person one by one into the building. Most of the guys were still struggling, while others were giving up already. Finally, they reached Chase and unstrapped him and helped him onto his feet. The man began to pull Chase by his arm until he was finally inside the building. Chase was pulled along until he was placed along the wall with the other guys. Chase was the very last person and looked to down the row of guys, there must have been at least a dozen or more guys wearing whatever they had on. They all had pacifier’s in their mouth and it was strapped behind their head. Most of guys looked to be about Chase’s age and all of them were quiet and looking down at the ground. Chase looked around and saw that there were no windows in this room and only had one door, which was currently being blocked. “Alright, look alive my little babies. Let’s go over some rules. My name is Sam. I’m the head nanny here for this B.A.B.Y. facility. You are or most of you, are here until Sunday. The person that signed you up, must pick you up. You will be treated as such in your contract. It doesn’t matter if you signed it or not, this is a legal binding contract. So, whoever did your contract, you will be treated as such based on what that person put. Some of you will be toddlers, some of you babies and some of you big boys and some of you will be mixed. You will have no choice but to cooperate, just go along with it and it will be easier for everybody. If you go to law enforcement, trust me they will bring you back. Go to the news and your records and pics will go of you on the internet. I don’t know why you’re here nor do I care. You cannot escape, and we won’t let you escape. We don’t like to punish but will, we like to have fun here in this facility. Any personal items found or being used will result in punishment. Making fun of anybody here will result in proper punishment. The schedule will be placed in the play room along with some other house items. Ok I’m done, do we have any questions or concerns or complaints. If so please speak now and remember keep your paci in until someone takes it out.” Sam said as she stood in the front. All you could here in the room was moaning and muffled cries coming from the guys. “Alright so everyone agrees. We can get started. I’ll bring in the rest of the workers and you will be taken into the rooms one by one and we will all meet in the play room in one hour and have some fun. I’ll see you then.” Sam said as she left the room. At least ten more workers came out and began to take each guy one by one out of the room and made a left down the hallway. Chase’s heart began to race when he was next to go. The worker came up to him and gently began to lead him down the hallway. Chase looked down and could see that each of the rooms were closed off the person’s name and a number beside it. Chase could here muffled cries and struggles coming from each of the room’s as he passed by. The worker finally reached Chase’s room and led him inside. Chase looked inside and could see a long table with nursery print over it and had various padding and straps coming from it. Chase looked around the room and could tell that it a lot like a doctor’s office but had more of a babyish theme to it. “Alright are you ready bud.” The worker said as he closed and locked the door. Chase backed up a bit until he hit a wall. He couldn’t scream or yell with the paci gag still in. “Look bud, please make this easy for me Chase. Man, I know your almost 20 and you don’t like this. Neither do I but this is my job. We can do this the hard way or the easy way. If you get on now I won’t have to restrain but if you don’t I will. So what will it be.” The worker said. Chase just shook his head no and kept still against the wall. “Fine by me have it your way.” The worker said as he quickly grabbed Chase and made easy work of him and got him on the table. Chase tried to fight back but he was over powered as his hands and feet were placed in restraints. Chase began to pull on them, but they didn’t give way. ‘Pull all you want bud. You’re just making it more embarrassing on you than me. If you keep going I will dress, you in a diaper instead of training pants you pick.” The worker said. Chase finally stopped completely and looked at the man with a death stare. “Chase just make it easy on you. Now let’s see, 5’5. 138 pounds, blue eyes and brown hair. OK. Now let’s get these clothes off you.” The worker said as he got a pair of sheers out and began to cut Chase’s white beater and sleeping shorts, leaving him completely naked. Chase just closed his eyes from pure defeat, hoping in the back of his head it was all a bad dream. “Huh, what’s all the fuss about, you’re not even that big down there.” The worker chuckled as he threw away Chase’s clothes into the trash can. The worker got out tub of baby wipes and began to wipe down Chase’s whole body. Chase just turned red from embarrassment from the comment and being wiped down naked like a baby. The worker took his time and wiped down every nook and cranny of his body. “See were almost done.” The worker said as threw the used baby wipes away and placed the rest back up. The worker then grabbed a huge blue pull up that had mickey mouse on it from under the table and held it in his hand. “Now. I’m going to unstrap your feet and place this on you. Are you going to listen and not move or else I’ll punish you and put you in a diaper. Ok?” The worker said. Chase shook his head yes and let the worker do his work. The worker took each of his feet and unstrapped them. He then slid the pullup onto his legs and then up to his lower stomach. Chase looked down below his belly button and could mickey be staring back up at him. Chase moved his bottom around a little bit and could tell that the padding was thick, especially around his groin area. Chase tried his best to ignore what he was wearing and knew he could get it off later. The worker then grabbed a few more items from below the table. The worker easily slid some short red pants onto Chase’s lower half until it came to his waist. The pullup still showed a little at the top, but you could tell that Chase was wearing padding underneath the shorts from how thick the pullup was. “See these are nice. Now for the shoes.” The worker said as he placed paw patrol sandals onto his feet and strapped them onto his feet. Chase looked down and just sighed. “Now for the top. I’m going to let you up and sit you up on the table, so I can dress you. No funny business, got it.” The worker said as he unstrapped Chase’s wrists and helped him sit up onto the table. The man grabbed a t-shit from underneath the table and began to dress Chase with it. “All done. That’s a nice shirt, now hope down. I’ll help you.” The worker said as he helped Chase down by grabbing his arm. Chase looked down at the shirt. The shirt was a blue color and it had childish wording on it that read, “Big-Boy in Training” in red lettering. Chase struggled to keep his emotions in check. “Oh…almost one more thing.” The man said as he reached down below and placed a black belt on the front of Chase’s shorts. The man quickly turned the key on it and took the key away. Chase quickly tried to pull the belt down, but the pants wouldn’t budge. Chase looked at the man in fear. “See this is to keep little boys from taking off things they shouldn’t, it’s called the locking belt. But if you must go potty, let me know and we can take you. Now let’s go see our friends.” The worker said as he grabbed Chases hand and lead him out the door and into the playroom that was down the hallway. Chase arrived and couldn’t believe his eyes. All the other guys were there wearing diapers, childish outfits, training pants and other babyish attire. The playroom itself had no windows and only one door. They had a big tv, along with adult sized baby swings, rocking horse and other baby toys. The room was painted blue with a nursery theme border. “Alright go ahead and go play, and for listening we can take this out. But no big boy talk or yelling. Or it goes back in” The worker said as he took out the paci gag. Chase just looked at him and just began to waddle until he found a full-length mirror. To Chase’s horror he looked like an oversized toddler. He looked at his bottom could tell it was puffy. Chase looked around and could tell that some of the guys still had there paci gags in and some didn’t, so he considered himself lucky. “Chase…focus…we need to get out of here…” Chase said. “10 more minutes until we go over the rules and have some fun.” Sam said over the intercom. “No. I’m not a baby. I need to get out of here.” Chase mumbled to himself. “FUCK THIS. I WANT OUT.” Chase yelled as he began to try and pull his clothes off him. The whole room went silent, as the workers and other babies stared at him. (Next Chapter Rules and Fun.)
  5. The Baby Sitter App.

    The Baby Sitter App Friday Afternoon “For Christ’s sake…what are you going to do this weekend. Last time I went out I came home to half of our house trashed and most of your friends already drunk out in the yard honey…” Sara said as she stood over Chase with her hands on her hips. “Look, Sara…you know that was a long time ago.” Chase said as he got off the couch and walked towards the door right behind Sara. “No Chase, that was three months ago and still haven’t gotten the stains out of the carpet out yet…” Sara said as she sighed and opened the door. “So, what does this mean. That I need a someone to watch me or something.” Chase said as he laughed. “Yeah…that is exactly what it means…” Sara said as she glared at Chase. “I don’t need a babysitter. I’m a grown ass man who can be trusted, I have a job, I help pay the rent and I’m committed to you.” Chase said. “No…that’s just being human. Your basically an oversized man child.” Sara said. “I’m not. I’m a freaking adult.” Chase yelled. “Fine. Prove yourself. Let me use this new app on you for someone to take care of you.” Sara said. “No. You can check in with me if you want and video chat but not a dam app.” Chase said. “Well fine. When I get back, be out my house and the wedding is off.” Sara said. “Honey, that’s no reason to break up with me or kick me out.” Chase said. “No but it’s a start for a rocky foundation for us and might get me thinking.” Sara said. “Sara please…there has to be another way.” Chase said softly as he held her arm. “No. This app or nothing. No compromise.” Sara said. “Fine. I’ll do it. It’s only for the weekend, right?” Chase said as he bit his lip in frustration. “Yes. It will start in an hour. Everything is taken care, you don’t have to worry about nothing. They will bring you back by Sunday night right when I get home. So, what do you say.” Sara said as she held his face gently. “Alright I do it. But when you get back, I get to do whatever I want with you, anything.” Chase as he pulled in close to Sara and kissed her. “Deal. I’ll be back on Sunday night. Look don’t worry about anything, but you need to stay the whole time. Bye, honey, love ya.” Sara said as she walked out the door. “Alright. Just have to wait an hour and tell the people that its cancelled and I’m home free.” Chase said as he laid back down on the couch and watched some t.v. (Hour Passes and Knock at the door) Chase got up and opened the door. When Chase opened the door, a woman stood with a clip board with two men beside her. “How can I help you.” Chase answered. “Ahh yes, I’m with B.A.B.Y., I’m here to pick up Chase for the weekend.” She said as she looked at her clip board. “Um. Look we cancelled that service and we don’t need it no more. Sorry we wasted your time.” Chase said as he began to shut the door. “No only Sara can cancel the service, now is Chase here or not, we have the authority to search this apartment.” The lady said as she held the door with her foot. The two men followed suit and pushed the door open as they stepped in. Chase backed up a bit feeling threatened. “Look you need to leave or else I’m calling the cops. And who are you with again.” Chase said. “Call all you want, and we are with B.A.B.Y. Babysitting Anyone By Yourstandards.” The lady said. “Leave.” Chase yelled as he backed away to the phone. “No. I’m assuming your Chase. Here is your final warning come with us peacefully or we will make you come.” Lisa said. “Fuck you…” Chase said as he ran towards the phone. The two men ran after him and quickly grabbed him and lifted him off the ground by his arm pits. Chase tried to jerk away but he couldn’t, all he could do was kick his legs in the air as he began to scream. “Take him to the bus and place him in, I’ll lock up here.” The lady said as the men carried Chase away. “Let me go…help…anyone help…please…I’m being kidnapped.” Chase yelled as he was being taken away in broad day light from his apartment wearing only his sleeping shorts and a white beater. The men carried him towards a white plain looking bus and dragged him inside. Chase kept screaming and trying to jerk free when he saw what was on the bus. No one seemed to notice or even look out their windows about what was happening to Chase. Chase saw that there were other guys his age and strapped in a weird seat, while their cries were being muffled by something. Chase kept screaming as he was placed in huge seat and was strapped in quickly with a five-point harness. The men quickly took each of his wrist and strapped them to the side. “Hey what the hell is this thing…let me out..” Chase said as he struggled but he didn’t even move an inch. “It’s a car seat…now just sit back and relax and watch the movie playing” One of them men said as he grabbed something. “Wait no…im not a baby. Get me out of this….mphmm..” Chase said as he cut off with a pacifier that was tied around his head. He tried to spit it out, but it was no use, the pacifier was in tight. Chase attempted to escape again but soon found it was no use, he just sat back and decided to watch the kid movie that was playing on the t.v. along with the other guys on the bus. “Alright kids. Well be home in no time. Sit back and relax and have fun. Save your energy for later.” The lady said as she said over the loud speaker and began to drive the bus, while the other two men took their seats in the front. Chase just closed his eyes and sat back in his seat, hoping it was all dream while he watched the movie with sounds of other people trying to escape. (Next Chapter, Welcome home.)
  6. Annebille: Creation

    So i saw Annabelle creation last night and it was good. 3 1/2 pacifiers out of 5. alot of jump scares that are great. Starts off slow but picks up near the end. For a budget of 15 million and grossed 245million def. worth to see. Also sets up for the prequel of the prequel (the nun 2018) So get your diaper on and grab a large soda and bring your teddy. it's a wild ride.
  7. What's your religion?

    Well I'm Christian. (Non-denomantion) But also don't believe in shoving down throats. I'm with majority of what ever floats your boat as long as it's legal and aint hurting any one.
  8. Gun advise

    Sorry it took me to long and thanks for the advice. But finally after long and hard for research. I came to buy a used one from a friend (who is in law enforcement) i went with a high point 380. Something small and easy to get use to until i can invest in something else.
  9. Coming out

    I guess well first i say look at how close your are with them. (In life, in bed, in real talks about life.) Then which one is best fitting for you, for your life style. In one of your earlier post (correct me if im wrong you want to retire or live a certain life style.) Can they fit into that into that life style or will you work with them. Which one will have a fall out. (Aka who has the most relgious or strict family if they come out) or who will have the least amount of conflict. (Which seems to might be both). Who is more open with the idea of abdl life style. If you want to transition from little play into doing both then which one will enjoy the lifestyle outside of sexual part. But in all good luck.
  10. somebody save me

    Might i encourage physicsl activity. And make yourself do it. Science does back up the notion that it helps realase good hormones in the body. (Force yourself to go. Its good. And a sense of encouragment that you accomplished.) There has to be a job out there for you they will work with you. I encourage you to outreach on campus for a support group. Or even as a relgious person like me, (even if your not relgious) some churches in your area might offee services your seeking. So you might want to try them. Then like the rest of them focus on schooling. Your almost done.
  11. Weight loss tips?

    So your drinking an energy drink with so called "workout supplements". Yeah no. Just go with my first suggestion and go with just plain black coffee. (Two things in it. Coffee beans and water.) Like i said drink it early and start with a half a cup (4oz) Compared to your so called workout drink. I say lay off them and see if you cant shake them sometimes it can be your caffine free. And nothing is never sugar free lol. They just put ingredients in it that you have to be a chemist to know it or goggle it. Cant be good for you and were all guilty of doing it.
  12. Weight loss tips?

    Switch up the trademill if you can for outside walking (as long as its safe or weather permitting.) Depends on when the energy level dips. My choice of action would be a small cup of black coffee (4oz.) Before around 1 oclock. (As long as you can have.) Or switch at your workout time if you can. Make sure your getting good restful deep rem sleep. (Better than 8 hours plus.) And your waking up through out the week the same time. Even one day will through your sleep cycle off. Get away from electronics. Limit near bed time or even late afternoon. (Unless your job calls for it) Then get away from energy drinks. Go with a handful of salted preztizels (low sodioum) and organe juice (6 oz. All natural.)for your energy drink. Even if the so called energy drink is all natural theres nothing natural about it. At least the preztels have the right amount of carbs you need. While the oj has the sugar you need for the extra spike. (20mins prior before you work out will help start you.) When you walk it will help process better. Look into weight lifting or restiance training or even a yoga class to help build up muscle restiance. (As long as you go to qualified people and your health and body say yes.)
  13. Hi

    Yes...yes i do....i would try my best to go back and on any website and get rid of it. Just blur out your face and use a fake name....so you will be able to let people know but it would be your fake name and still satisfy your desire...or maybe find an abdl caretaker and go from there....
  14. (This story is fake) So i usually dont this but i feel if i am to be a better writer i need to put myself out there. So i took peoples advice for the outline and look forward to doing it. (Thanks to everyone who gave advise.) So Im going to post the first two chapters that i wrote. Im looking (hoping) for honest answers and feedback. Just be honest but not to hard on me. I want to learn. . (No diaper content til later on in the chapters.) If this isnt the right place then moderator please move. Thanks in advance. Chapter 1 Shady Deals (May 2018 in a community college in Ohio) Blake Cross made his way down to the local caf
  15. So basically i did an outline on my computer and told myself that it will only be on page. (Planning it from start to finish) but by the time i was done i had 5 almost 6 pages done with detailed parahgraphs and charcter detail and sub plot etc. So i guess my question is should i meet in the middle and go with 2 1/2 pages and shrink it down. But that would mess up the entire plot. Scrap the whole orginal idea and just start over and bust out a simple on pager. Or just go with it and see where it takes me. (Honestly i would like to finish a story for once in my life.)