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  1. fuzzybunny

    Running out of nappy storage space

    I do under my matress in the coner since its agasint the wall. (But i dont have to worry about kids around.) But i also put some in my guest couch and laythem inside the matress part. (Just a few.) But a few which is alot to me are in the my storage place in the attic. But you can rent a small storage unit for cheap for the summer. If the money is avabile to you.
  2. fuzzybunny

    Time management

    So since i need time management skills to help me with the work place. Any advise would help Side note( i work in office and on the road) Any advise will help.
  3. fuzzybunny

    Has anyone ever heard of EDMR Treatment?

    Well, there is a reason why you love this part of your life like the rest of us for what ever reason etc. But when it comes to getting professional help, i say go for it and not try to self medicate when it comes to these issues. We are all different and battle different issues when it comes to mental health, i say try it for a bit and set boundries with the professionals and see if it works with short term goals. If this means giving up this life style to help with your mental health, i say go for it. But in my opinon i think most people are also drawn here for other reasons even with a mental health issue. (My two cents, not an expert.) Best of luck
  4. Saw the movie today in 3d. I really think it was average in my opinon. (Stuck to the comic story line and i know it will break records) I just think it was over hyped. Has anyone else saw it and what did you think.
  5. fuzzybunny

    Pregnant and i'm a baby/toddler.. advice?

    Keep the ab side and dl side seperate at all cost. You can keep the snuggling and coloring with the family until certain ages. But i always say for couples to have a date night or hours to your self if you can or afford to. In order to keep yourself sane.
  6. fuzzybunny

    Student Loans

    I owe alot in student loans. (Which is my own fault and stupidy. But recently came across a better job and making more money. The time again has come for me to redo my monthly payments for how much i owe per month for my loans. But i know i have to pay it all back but also want to get out of my "toxic living situation" But im cut between saying how much i made last year (which i was un employed for almost 8 months) which was way below poverty by the end of the year of what i made. or i can redo it with my current pay which would be 15% of my pay since my living expenses are cheaper and dont have my own place yet and cant claim it on the federal payment plan. (Since there is no contract with my name or since i dont have renters insurnace for more than six months) So i know i have to pay it back probaly until i die but really thinking of what i should do. Anyone here good with money or payment plans.
  7. fuzzybunny

    Taxes in diaper

    This is a video i found on youtube. Pat helps the tykeable's guy (in chicago) do his taxes. (Its kind of entertaining with satire.)
  8. (I'll state, this is not about end of the world or worse case senerio situation, what ever that maybe.) I was wondering if anyone else has one? I just started building mine and was wondering if i was alone, (i know im not. )
  9. fuzzybunny

    And end to ABDL?

    Well regardless of god or higher power or not. Sounds like he got all the babying out of him. (I cant explain the bed wetting healing, cause im not a doctor) But it sounds like he had an addiction problem because it caused him to start messing up his life and had no self control. (That can be said with anything in life) but im glad he had a supportive wife though.
  10. fuzzybunny

    My drunken mistake( Me and fuzzybunny)

    "You want me out and i want you to learn a lesson. Now let go." Blake said as he spanked the rear end of Shawn again until he let go of the banster of th4 stairs. "Let go and let this happen or else it will get worse for you." Blake said.
  11. fuzzybunny

    My drunken mistake( Me and fuzzybunny)

    "Alright. Lets go to your room so you we can get you dressed and get you back to my house and we can go from there." Blake said as he dragged the boy up the stairs half naked.
  12. fuzzybunny

    My drunken mistake( Me and fuzzybunny)

    "You still think your a big man huh. You think your cute spitting in my face. I think you need some time with me. How does that sound." Blake said as he started to bring Shawn over back to the living room. "Now tell me where your baby supplied are so i can get enough supplies to last for a bit. Your choice. Go to my house naked or in a diaper." Blake said.
  13. fuzzybunny

    My drunken mistake( Me and fuzzybunny)

    "Now say your sorry little boy. Look at your self." Blake said as he held Shawn still why he still squirmed. Blake decided that he need a little more help remembering where his place was. Blake then dropped the soap down back onto the counter and then started swat Shawns bear bottom again, getting in a few more hits in and leaving more red marks.
  14. fuzzybunny

    My drunken mistake( Me and fuzzybunny)

    "Now i think you need some help with that mouth of yours." Blake said as he held down Shawn and finished untapping his tape of the diaper and letting it hit to the floor. Blake then dragged Shawn into the kitchen by using a full neslon on him, as he was naked with nothing but his t-shirt on and his naked lower half. Blake then easily went over to the sink and got some soap out and started watching it out.
  15. fuzzybunny

    My drunken mistake( Me and fuzzybunny)

    "You little pr#$%. Thats it." Blake said as he began to untape on side of the diaper and left one side open, exposing some of Shawns butt cheek. Blake then contiuned his rain on Shawns butt making it red with hand prints.