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  1. (9-1) “Now what will it be…” The man’s voice said. “How…how are you doing this..” James asked as he stood in his room still naked from the shower. “Don’t worry about that part my little baby boy…now lets get you ready.” The man said. James soon felt a force pull him towards his bed. “Hey wait…no….” James said as he tried to pull away by the force got him to the edge of his bed. ‘And just a little push…” The man said. James felt a shove and he landed on his backside on the towel that was on the bed. James tried to sit up but his body wouldn’t respond to his commands. “Hey what’s going on…Let me up” James asked as he moved his eyes around trying to see if someone was in the room with him. “I told you….I’ll make things happen for my little baby boy..” The man said. James looked down and could see the diaper was already unfolded and headed towards his lower half. “No…not in real life…” James yell as he looked on in horror. James felt his legs being lifted in the air as the diaper was slid under his bottom. His legs were lowered back down onto towel and James could feel the thickness under his bottom. “Please….no….no….” James said as he closed his eyes and just bit his lip in frustration. His pleas were met with death ears as the diaper magically folded itself over onto his lower stomach and taped on both sides. James opened his eyes and saw how they looked. The diaper was thick and white and had teddy bears and diaper pins going across the top of the diaper with only two tapes. “See its not that bad. You can get up now.” The man said. James quickly felt himself getting his strength back. He quickly rolled off the bed and stood up in the middle of the room. He quickly went for one of the tapes on the diaper but they would not budge. He tried to pull and tear the diaper but the diaper held still, all he could make the diaper do was crinkle. “Get this thing off me.” James yelled as he stilled struggled. ‘No…it’s on until you use it…and someone has to change you. Don’t worry when you’re ready to be changed the person will have a diaper ready for you.” The man said. “And why am I doing this…its helping me how…” James asked. “It’s to help you with humility and your since of pride. You seem to still think you can avoid your punishment.” The man said. ‘Look I want this to be over with…please…let’s just end this…” James pleaded. “I can’t…not until you learn…but on the plus side…were getting close….but the rest is up to you.” The man said. “Fuck…give me an answer…” James yelled. “Well…not with that mouth of yours…but in the mean time you need to make something up for someone and take care of those shitty things in the trash bag…..and clean your room up young man.” The man said. “Wait who do you think you are…..my father…” James yelled. But there was no response just a dead sea of silence. “No…he’s not….no it’s not…this was part of my story…” James whispered to himself as a tear came to his eye. James didn’t say anything as he quietly picked the top of his drawer and placed it back in his dresser. He quickly picked up all the diapers and placed them back in the drawer nice and neat. James grabbed a pair of gym shorts and slipped them on. They barley fit with how bulky the diaper was but he knew they would have to do for now. James grabbed the bag of trash from his room and quickly made his way out the back door to the trash can and threw it away. James went back to the door and noticed that it was locked. “No…. crap…” James said as he fumbled for the keys and searched all over gym shorts but no luck. “Fuck and I know I can’t wake them up…there already mad at me for not meeting them for breakfast….i can try the front door or my window.” James said as he made his way around the house in nothing but his gym shorts and diaper. He wasn’t used to this thickness so his legs were forced to waddle a bit. He made his way to the front door and tried to open the door but found it to be locked again to. He made his way to his window and tried to open it but found that it was locked to. “Fuck…can this day get any worse.” James thought. But that’s when he heard a siren go off and turned around and saw two patrol cars come into the front yard. The officers got out the car and began to walk towards him. “Good afternoon son.” The officers asked as the other one went to the side of James. ‘After officer, what seems to be the problem.” James asked. “Well we had reports of someone trying to get into a house. Concerned neighbors said it might look like a break in.” The officer said. “Well no officer, I live here and just locked my key out.” James said. “Ok. Well is anyone else home.” The officer said. “Yes and no….” James asked. “So just knock on the door and get them to let you in.” The officer said. “I can’t it, it’s complicated…” James said. “Well ok…I guess…So bud, you go ID with you.” The officer said. “No…it’s in the house, along with my cell phone and keys.” James said. “So who owns the house and what’s your relationship to them…” The officer asked. “Look I live here ok…so am I being detained.” James asked. “Well whats your name son..” The officer asked. “James…” James said. ‘Last name…” The officer asked. “That’s not important.” James said. “Alright bud turn around…” The officer said. “So I’m being arrested for what…” James said as he faced towards the house. “No…we are just taking you down town for questioning.” The officer said as he grabbed James wrist’s and placed them in cuffs. “Alright got any sharp items, such as knifes or needles. Any weapons or drugs I need to know about.” The officer asked. ‘No sir…” James said. ‘Ok so im just going to search you for anything illegal.” The officer said as he placed gloves on. The officer felt around his gym shorts and pulled the pockets out. Then the officer felt the front of him and could feel the diaper. “So what are you wearing…” The officer said. “Nothing…its nothing…” James said as he squirmed around and put his head down. “No…. well let’s see..” The officer said as he pulled down the gym shorts to his knees revealing the diaper to him. The officer and his partner just stand back and stare at him. “You got a medical issue kid we need to know about.” The officer said. ‘Um yeah…” James lied through his teeth. “So what kind of issue…” The officer asked. “Not your business…just know I need them….” James said as he bit his lip. “Fine whatever.” The officer said as he took his hand and began to feel around the top of the waist band and his leg gathers. Then the officer pulled back of the diaper and looked down his back side and did the same for the front. “Hey what’s the big idea…. that’s illegal.” James said. “No, it’s not…we just checked your medical device…most underwear is cloth. Not plastic padding…” The officer said as he took the gloves off. “Alright get in the back of the cruiser kid.” The officer said. “How long will I be…” James asked. ‘Not long, maybe an hour or two for processing.” The officer said as he pulled James’s gym shorts up and led him towards the back of the cruiser. The officer opened the back of the cruiser up. ‘Alright watch your head.” The officer said as he pushed James down into the seat. The officer quickly places the seat belt across him and clicks it in. “So, what’s my charges….” James asked. “Well…obstruction of justice and maybe another one…but we’ll see when we get to the station and we can question you.” The officer said as he drove off. “Crap…” James thought and decided to remain quiet until he got there. The ride was quiet and they made their way into the station. The officer opened the door and unhooked James and got him out and walked him to the front door. “So, what’s this one in for.” Well he’s in for simple stuff…just a minor violation…let’s just question the kid and go from there.” The officer said. “Take him to holding cell B-2. And we’ll be in their shortly. After that start, the paper work on him.” The other officer said. “What’s the kid’s name…” The officer asked behind the desk. “He only said James…wont give me the rest.” The arresting officer said. “Fine well get him to talk go ahead and take him back.” The officer said. The arresting officer grabbed James and brought him into a small room with a desk and a few chairs and a mirror. The officer sat him down in the chair and took his cuffs disconnected one and clipped it to a bar on the side of the table. “Be right back kid…don’t go know where…and this room is being recorded so no smart shit kid.” The officer said as he closed the door. James looked around and the room was cold in the air and had a eerie feeling to it. James pulled back on the cuffs only to find that the table was stainless steel and bottled to the ground. The cuffs were connected to his right hand and a small hook on the side. “Great…” James thought for a moment when he felt the call of nature. “Not now.” James thought as he began to cross his legs. He used his hand and crossed his legs for a half hour until he couldn’t hold it no more. ‘No…” James said as he moaned and began to piss in the diaper. The diaper quickly absorbed the urine and began to expand. The front of his diaper turned yellow and the smell of urine filled the air. That’s when the two officers come into the room. The arresting officer and the officer behind the desk walk up to the table. “What’s that smell…it smells like piss…kid you piss yourself.’ The desk officer asked. “Um no…” James said softly. “So what’s that smell.” The desk officer asked. “Um sir…he has a medical problem and he wears protection.” The arresting officer said. “What do you mean by protection.” The desk officer said. “Like he wears diapers sir…. for his needs…” The arresting officer said. “Oh….” The desk officer mumbled. “Yeah…I wear them…and sometimes have to use them…” James said. “So did you go…” The desk officer asked. James shook his head up and down in response. “Um well we can’t leave you like that…and I’m not smelling this piss smell any longer. So did he bring his medical supplies with him…” The desk officer asked. “No..he came like that. Kid had nothing on him…” The arresting officer said. “Well we have to find something…so go ask the ambulance if they have something for his need.” The desk officer asked. ‘Yes sir…” The arresting officer said as he left the room. “So, tell me kid…when he gets back. Well take you to a bathroom so you can change and bring you back in here and we can start this process.” The desk officer said. “See theirs a problem with that...” James asked. “Oh, and what’s that…” The desk officer said. “Well I need help with…you know…changing…if you catch my drift.” James said quietly. “Wait you can’t do it yourself...and why not…” The officer said. “Well that’s health issues which have nothing to do with the problem now with you questioning me. So I need help with this or I promise that a complaint against someone who has health issues was not taken care.” James said. “I’m back they gave me the thickest one with some wipes.” The arresting officer said as he came back in. “Change of plan, you’re going to help him change and then we can question him.” The desk officer said. “That sounds fine…huh wait…. what…” The arresting officer said. James just looked at the officer and giggled.
  2. (8-3) “Not know…not this…” James thought as he began to look around. He saw that he was in the middle of the cafeteria and tables and chairs were around. “What place is this…this looks like a high school….but more they look older.” James thought as he looked and saw a book on the desk that said Community college. “Wait this is where I go to college at….so why am I here…” James said as he looked around and something caught his eye. There was a couple in the back of the cafteria that James thought he knew but he would have to get a better look. ‘Hey what are you doing baby…” A young man said as he approached James. “Nothing can you help me out…” James asked. ‘No way man…this is aswome…like are you part of the life class here at the college…” The young man asked. “Yeah…I am….so if you let me down…I can show you how to…umphh…” James said as his stomach started to do flips again, he winced in pain over the high chair. “No can do amigo…only teachers can really let you out of the project…but it looks like your about to play the part…let me go get some of my friends..” The young man said as he laughed and walked away. “No please….dont…uhhh….mphmmm.” James said as he grunted and could feel he was about to loose his bowels right in the middle of the cafeteria. The young man came back and with a group of people and they began to look at James as he struggled. “Go….go away….ughh….” James said as he bit his lip. “No…finish….” A lady yelled from the crowd. “Go for it…’ A man said from the side. “Yeah bring the browns to the super bowl…” The young man said. “No….i wont..” James said as he squeezed his butt cheeks tight. “Just let go baby…its ok….” The man said in James head. “No….” James whispered as he closed his eyes. He lost all control and began to fill his diaper in the back. He could feel the mush begin to pile up and build up behind him. The group of people were in shock to see and smell of what James had created. James just closed his eyes and began to cry as people stared at him. “Oh god….you are a baby.” The lady said as she gagged for air and walked away with the group. ‘Man, you do take your class serious.’ The young man said as he began to laugh. After a few moments James looked around and could see that all the group of people were gone but the young man was still in front of him. “Man so…what happens next…do you get changed.” The young man asked. “I….I don’t know…I really don’t know.” James said as he moved around in his messy diaper in the high chair as he tried to get comfortable. “Dude you stink….i think we need to find you somewhere…” The young man said as he began to push the high chair down the hall way. To James amazement the high chair had wheels on the side so he could be pushed easily. “No…wait what are you doing..i need to stay here….i need to get out and talk to someone.” James said as he turned around and saw the couple he knew kissing passionately in the back. “Don’t worry…I got you man… I know just the place.” The young man said as he pushed him further into the hallway. James tried to struggle with the high chair but could not do much other than smear more crap all over him from his diaper. The high chair stopped and James looked up and could see that door said “Life Class” above it. “What are we doing here…” James asked as he rolled into the class room and the young man closed the door and locked it. “We are going to change you…” The young man said as he walked over to what looked liked a huge changing table and began to get it ready. “Wait man…im not ready for this…um I can change myself…all you have to do is undo the tray and Ill be good.” James said. “Oh no…trust me…a baby like you needs lots of help.” The young man said he unlocked the tray and began to unstrap James. He managed to unstrap James and grabbed him easily on his forearm and forced him to waddle over to the changing table. “Now laydown and then we can get you ready.” The young man said. “No….your getting ready…” James said as grabbed the other young man by the arms and pushed him down on the table. ‘Hey…what are you doing…” The young man said as he struggled but James managed to take the chest strap and pin him down to the table. The young man began to try and sit up but all he could do was lift his head and kick his feet in protest. “Look kid I told you…I can do this myself…hopefully someone will come find you..” James said as he waddled towards the door. “Man…let me out…you punk baby…” The young man said as he squirmed. ‘Kid….who’s the one on the changing table…” James said as waddled out the door quietly and made his way down the hall way. James managed to waddle down the hall undetected until he heard a voice so familiar. “So…you let someone else take your place…” The man said from behind James. “Ahh…where did you come from..” James said as he turned around in shock. “See im here to help you…but you didn’t seem to learn your lesson…being humiliated is good sometimes.” The man said. “No its not..how is being humiliated good for me.” James yelled. “Its to know that your still human and your not so big…because without it….your get to big for your britches.” The man said. “What ever…how come I’m here and I saw them...this must be way back…why not later in life. Why now.” James yelled. “Well they were your age at this time going through what you were going through.” The man said. “No one went through what I went through no one…and no one else needs to know or go through what I went through.” James yelled. “But they had shit…and it filled there life just like your diaper but they helped each other out. They didn’t throw someone else under the bus like you did that kid back there. Boy, we all go through life and sometimes we need to held down when were full of shit and have someone clean us up even though we don’t know them. Even if it means being humiliated and losing pride.” The man said. James was in shock and had tears down his eyes. He knew the man was right to a certain point. James knew he had been putting his issues on other people. ‘So tell me….do you think you learned something or no…” The man said. “I….I don’t know….” James said. ‘At this point…I don’t think you can ever learn….kid….you might be a hopeless cause….were heading back….oh by the way….if you got changed you would have woken up clean but since you didn’t want to get changed….your waking up in your shitty pants.” The man said as he snapped his fingers. ‘Wait no…please…wait…” James said but the flashing light made him pass out again. “Ahh…god my head…” James said as he pulled himself off the floor. He noticed that the back of his sweat pants felt weird and gooey. He could smell what he had done. Not only that his white t-shirt was soaked from sweat. “Fuck…..” James whispered as he got up slowly. He waddled over to his door and noticed a note had been slipped through. “Well you slept through the morning. Its currently 1pm in the afternoon. You told me we were going down memory lane with breakfast and we could maybe go outside. But it looks like we cant even do that. Knock on my door when you want to talk. Just know that I love you. I miss talking to you. Please be my little boy again. With love.” The note said. James started to tear up in his face with sadness. He just looked down and opened the door and began to waddle over to his bathroom with his sweat pants dropping down. He locked the door and wiped the tears from his eyes. He slowly slid his pants off and stuck them in the trash can and took his white shirt and threw it away to. He slowly made his way to the shower and began to run the hot water. He jumped in and just let the water run over his body. James thoughts were racing from what he had said and from letting down the person he loved the most. He couldn’t even keep a simple promise or learn a simple lesson. James soon got out and jumped out the shower. The bathroom was still foggy from the steam but he saw something on his toilet. He looked and couldn’t believe his eyes. There was a big box of childish diapers that could fit him easily with a note. ‘What the heck” James said as he held up the note and read it. “Dear baby James, that is your name from now on…or do you like baby boy. Well that wont matter. Since I cant get you the dream world ill get you in real life. Enjoy your new underwear. Don’t worry the toilets are off limits so don’t worry…I’ll make sure of that. And to be changed, you need to ask someone…this should be fun…remember stay dry...” The man wrote. “Yeah right.” James said as he knocked over the diapers and threw them near the trash. James looked close to his toilet and noticed a lock on the side of the lid. “No way..” James said as he tried to lift it but it wouldn’t budge. “Fuck….ill just piss in a bottle, maybe I can use…no then thy will get suspicious.” James thought of different ways to try and avoid using the diapers. “I guess I’ll just have to use public rest room.” James thought as he took the diapers and his dirty clothes and tied them off in the trash bag as he walked across the hall in his towel. James walked into his room and locked his door and let his towel dropped to the ground. He threw the trash bag into the corner of his room. James then walked to his underwear drawer and opened it up. To his horror all his drawer was filled with oversized childish diapers. “Fuck…what is this….this cant be…” James said as he threw his drawer across the room and diapers went every wear. “I think someone needs some help.” The man’s voiced echoed in James head as James saw his towel lay flat on his bed and saw a diaper begin to unfold on his bed. “No….” James whispered.
  3. So long story short. I have a close family member who got in trouble in the law(the husband) and the mother is struggling to take care of her kids. (3 kids under 5) And in the past we have helped them with bills, food and etc. These past couple of months i have been helping here and there with small things like food and items for the kids. They are both trying to provide for their kids to the best of there ability in thier opinon. (Im not one to judge.) But recently they have asked for money for other things but always have had enough money for cigerates.(name brand) They smoke different brands. But this is were I get second thoughts helping. If they can smoke then why cant they afford small things for there kids. (Not big purches.) I know smoking is a hard habit to break and all. Am i being judgemental? I know there get on their feet one day and be able to provide for themselves with everything and etc. But how should i handle the situation.
  4. This is a really great story so far. Always been a fan of your work. Cant wait to see more.
  5. (Part 8-2) “Im in control…not you little boy.” The man said as he slid James’s sweat pants off his ankles and tossed them in the trash can. The man grabbed some baby wipes from under the table and opened them up. “See, this is for your own good….things need to change.” The man said as he grabbed a single wipe and began to clean James’s private area with an evil smile. “Mphmm…” James said as he began to blush red with tears in his eyes as he looked away from what was happening. “I don’t know why your so bashful…isn’t this like the third or fourth time I have cleaned you.” The man said as he threw the wipe away and grabbed the shaving cream and sprayed some in his hand and began to lather up his private area again. “Oh that’s cool isnt it.” The man said as he laughed a bit as he went deep into James’s private area. Making sure he got every nook and cranny. James glanced down in horror as his lower half was covered in shaving cream. “See this wasn’t so bad…” The man said as he grabbed a wipe and cleaned off his hand. The man quietly grabbed a razor and held it up to James face. “Oh almost forgot the water….see in this world or dream I can make things appear out of now where. I can travel quick in this little world of ours…just with a snap of my fingers I can make water appear.” The man said as he snapped his fingers and a small bowl of warm water appeared beside the changing table. James eyes went big from the what just happened. “I knew he controlled things like that but not just out of thin air… I thought a few seconds before it could appear.” James thought to himself. But he soon snapped out of it when he felt the warm razor come across his lower hair of his privates. “Mphmm…” James moaned as he looked down and saw the clean streak across his lower half. James just closed his eyes and turned red from the embarrassment knowing there was nothing he could about it . “See it wont take long…I promise.” The man said as continued to shave him very thoroughly. The man finished shaving James in a matter of minutes. He took a towel and began to wipe him off. “There all done…you can look now..” The man said as he tossed the towel and the rest of the shaving supplies away. James peaked down below and saw nothing but smooth skin. He was smoother than he was a child. “Mphmmm…” James moaned. “Oh you want your diaper…im sorry baby….” The man said as he laughed and grabbed a diaper from underneath. He unfolded it and laid it under James’s bottom and began to tape it up around his waist. “This is better…arent you glad were getting closer….for your lesson.” The man said as he picked up James and laid him on the carpet. “Now Im going to take your paci out…your not going to miss behave are you..” The man said. But James just stared at him. “I’ll take that as a yes…but remember I wont spank you this time…I’ll do something else to you…” The man said as he removed the paci. “Thanks…I guess…and why the heck did you shave me…” James said as he sat up on his padded bottom. “Well you see, I need you to play the part…so the more you look like and feel like the part then….were on the right track.” The man said. “You know im going to escape right…” James said as he crossed his arms. “Of course you will, once you learn your lesson….and build up that relationship.” The man said. “That’s none of your freak in business.” James said in anger. “Ah…ah…temper temper young one…how about you play and Ill make us some food…” The man said. “How about just think about it….you can make anything appear…and wont you know what im doing any way, since your like a god…you know…all powerful and all knowing…” James said. “Um…yes and no. All powerful…to a certain degree….all knowing…that’s up to you….you can figure that one out. I like to cook, even if it’s the same meal over and over again….remember its your story to…” The man said as he laughed and closed the door behind him. “Wait….dont go…those werent answers.” James said. “Fuck what does he mean…I mean is he only knowing in this world and not the next…if this is my story then I should be able to do a lot of things…” James said as he thought about something. “Let me just think of something…that toy…I want that toy from the toy chest….” James said as he looked over at the stuffed teddy bear. Within a few moments the bear appeared right in front of him. “Sweet it worked.” James said as he grabbed the bear and held it. “Heck yeah…now how about I get some new clothes on. Ok I want some boxers please…” James thought but instead of boxers appearing on him, it turned out to be childish underwear with baseball bats and gloves. “Great well anything is better than that diaper. Now time for some clothes.” James thought and within a matter of moments he was wearing a pair of jean shorts and red t-shirt that said Daddy’s helper and a pair of Velcro sandals. “Ok…so anything I think of, its basically for a kid….great…well now let me see if I can get out of here…I need to wake up somehow or get him to make myself “learn a lesson…” James thought as he got up from the rug and made his way to the door but it was locked. “Um…I want this door unlocked…” James said and the door unlocked itself. “Well that’s pretty sweet…” James said as he opened the door and tip toed his way out to the hallway. He looked both ways to make sure the cost was clear. He made his way to the edge of the hallway and saw the man cooking. “I want to be able to sneak past him without him noticing me…wait a second…I want to wake up..” James said but nothing happened. “Fuck…this figured…well I want to be able to sneak past the man without noticing me…” James said as he began to tip toe into the kitchen. He looked as the man was cutting up something and placing it in to the boiling pot. But to James’s amazement, the man didn’t notice or look over his shoulder. “This is almost to easy.” James thought as he made it past to the kitchen exit and was heading towards the back door. “I want this door opened.” James said quietly. The back door unlocked. “Holy crap…Ive never made it this far into the story…” James whispered to himself as he opened the door and walked in backwards into the door to make sure the cost was clear. “This to easy…” James thought as he closed the door behind him and turned around. “Fuck….no…..how…this cant be…” James said as looked around and found that he was in the kitchen again with the man cooking. “How…no…” James said as he began to panic and looked back the door and noticed that it had disappeared without trace. “Well, you are very brave in those big boy undies arent you.” The man said as he laughed from the counter. “You knew…but why did you let me do it.” James said. “I need to have fun to…you thought you were free from this but its ok…I still love you….now why don’t you go have a seat in your high chair over there.” The man said. James looked over and saw a huge white high chair in the corner next to the table. “How about you just fuckin die…” James yelled as he took a step back. “No….Ill give you one more chance…” The man said. “Go FUCK YOURSELF.” James yelled as he began to run but soon found himself tripped up and fell to the ground. The man came over within an instant and picked him up and carried him over to the high chair. “Put me down…” James said as he struggled with him but couldn’t break free. “Lets make sure you cant get out now..” The man said as the straps came to life from the high chair. A waist strap came over him and quickly buckled himself. Then the ankle straps grabbed each on of his ankles and strapped them to the side of the high chair. Then his wrist were strapped to the side of the high chair making his hands useless. “Let me out of this..” James said as struggled agaisnt the restraints. “No im going to teach you a very long and hard lesson..” The man said as he slipped the tray on him and clicked it into place, trapping James to the high chair. “What lesson this time…wasn’t spanking me enough…” James yelled as he stilled squirmed. “No….but im going to make you learn…but first your clothes…” The man said as he snapped his hands and James outfit was gone and was replaced with a thick white diaper with teddy bears across the front of it. “No….get me out of this thing…” James said as moved his lower and could feel the thick diaper against his waist and his naked other parts of his body against the cold hard plastic. “See I was going to feed you good food. But this time Im going to feed you prunes.” The man said as he brought over the bowl and sat it over the tray. “Im not eating that shit…” James yelled. “Well either way your shitting yourself…but this way is more fun….but lets play a game. For every question your honest with me then I wont feed you the prunes….but for every question or pause you give me then you take a spoonful of these yummy prunes. Deal.” The man said. “No….no deal.” James said. “Ok first question, who’s fault is it why you’ve been hiding for so long…” The man asked. “Its no ones” James yelled. “Wrong answer….” The man said as he forcefully shoved it in James mouth and swallowed it. “Stop it, that shit is disgusting…” James yelled. “Then answer my question. Now again, who’s fault is it why you’ve been hiding so long.” The man asked. “I don’t know…I don’t want to do this…” James said as he began to look away. “Ill give you another shot since your being honest…answer my question…..” The man said. “Its…..Its my fault….I was driven away….” James said as he looked down. “Good….now next question. Why were you driven away….” The man said. “Cause there a bitch…” James mumbled. “Wrong answer.” The man said as he shoved more prunes down his mouth and James swallowing it. “That stuff is gross…” James said. “Answer…” The man said as he stared right into James’s face. “Alright…I couldn’t handle it…” James said softly. “Why couldn’t you handle it.” The man asked. “I don’t know.” James said. The man didn’t even answer and shoved another spoonful of prunes into his mouth. “I swear…I don’t know.” James began to yell. But the man didn’t listen and shoved another spoonful into his mouth. “I don’t know….I don’t know…” James said at the verge of tears. “You do know…..because your what…” The man said as he forcefully shoved another spoonful into his mouth. “I WAS SCARED ALRIGHT….I was scared.” James yelled and ended in a whisper as tears came from his eyes. “I didn’t know this would turn out like it….I fucked up ok….i know that…but I was scared…..cant a guy just be scared…” James said as he looked down and began to cry. “See….I just want you to be honest with yourself….that’s all…” The man said as he began to rub his head. James began to feel at peace for a few moments. “Now dry those tears.’ The man said as he lifted James’s chin up. James looked up at the man and sniffled, “Can I get down now…” James asked quietly. “No…Im sorry…not right now…we still have a little more fun left.” The man said. “Wait….what do you mean…” James said as he began to look around. “I mean we need to have some more fun for us…..not for you…” The man said as he snapped his fingers and a bright light over came the room. James was blinded for a moment until he opened his eyes. “Where…Where am I.” James said as he looked around and saw that he was in a cafeteria with adult people around. James tried to get up but found he was still stuck. “Wait what the…” James said as he looked down and saw that he was still naked except for his adult sized diaper and was still strapped to the high chair from the kitchen. “Hey let me up…” James said as he began to struggle but all he did was make his diaper crinkle more. “You cant get up….so don’t worry the show is about to start.” The man’s voice said as laughed. “What do you mean…” James said as he looked around and then felt his stomach began to do turns. “Oh god…no not now…” James said quietly.
  6. James quickly unlocked his plastic pants and slid them down. “This is fucking disgusting…” James thought as he tossed the plastic pants onto the floor. “Im going to finish this up in the bathroom…” James thought as he waddled to the door. He walked up to his door and opened it slightly and found the cost was clear. He quickly walked across the hallway into the bathroom and shut the door and locked it tight. ‘Great…” James said in a sigh of relief. He looked down and saw the sagging depends on him. He expertly removed the first one and let it slam to the ground wet with a thud. Then he removed a last one and let it down slowly until it reached his ankles. He carefully slid it off his feet not trying to get any of his shit on him anymore. “Oh god it smells…” James thought as he tossed it in the trash can and grabbed the other one and tossed it in there. “God…I think im going to be sick…” James thought as he went to the shower and cut it on. He got in and cleaned himself off very thoroughly. After that he let the water run over him so he could clear his mind. “So what is my lesson….what does he want me to know…” James thought. “How….How can he control it…if I can control it….then he can….but how can the story be controlled by myself and the man….it makes no sense…” James thought as he cut the water off and got out. He grabbed a towel and wrapped himself with it. On his way out he grabbed the trash bag full of the used depends and tied them off and brought him with him. He made his way back to his room and got dressed with nothing but sweat pants and a white shirt. “Now time to get rid of all these things.” James said as he got his used depends, locking plastic pants and grabbed the opened package of depends and walked out his door. He made his way out the door to the trash can and threw them all the way. “Good riddance.” James said as he slammed the lid to the trash can. He made his way back inside and went into his room and closed the door. “So I bought diapers again while I blacked out and bought locking plastic pants…fuck this is so confusing...i just need some music to help me relax…” James thought as he grabbed his music player and headphones and headed towards his bed. That’s when he heard a knock at the door. “Yeah..” James said as he laid down. “What did you go outside for…” The voice said. “Um nothing…just checking on somethings..” James said. “Oh…well you know I would like to go outside sometime…” The voice said. “Well how about tomorrow morning…I’ll make us breakfast and we can go out…” James yelled. “That would be nice….you mean it?” The voice said. “Yes…I do…”James said. “That means a lot….reminds me of when you were little and would hold my…” The voice said. “Memory lane tomorrow morning. Not now….just stressed…its not you…I promise…you know hormones and what not.” James said. “Oh…ok…well go night honey…” The voice said as it walked away. “Good night…” James yelled aloud as he put his head phones on. “Finally…about time….” James said as he hit play to his music playlist. But instead of his music it was nursery music playing. ‘What the hell…” James said as he sat up and heard wheels on the bus song play instead. James hit the next button on his music player. The next song was no better, I love you, you love me, played instead. “Fuck….” James said as he cut his music player on and then back on again. He found one of his faviorte songs and hit play. The song started to play and James just sat back and began to listen to it until he heard the voice. “Ah…I see your trying to relax…” The man’s voice said on his music player. ‘What the heck…” James said as he heart skipped a beat. ‘You see, little boys shouldn’t be listening to music like this…and its almost your bed time…” The man said through the head phones. “No….you cant…not in here…can you…?” James said. “Oh I can do things you didn’t know about….” The man said. “No…get the fuck out of here…” James said as he threw his music player on the ground. “Im not easily going to go away like that…” The man said through a speaker voice. “Where are you coming from…” James said as he looked around at all his electronics. He found his music player and cut it off. “Not from there child…” The voice said louder. “Fuck…” James said quickly as he cut off his cell phone and his alarm clock. ‘Almost but not good enough…” The man said. “Your in my stereo…” James said. “Correct but how about you sleep….” The man said as a soft lullaby played over the speaker. “No….you cant…” James said as he felt himself get heavy and fall to the floor. James felt his eye lids getting heavier and heavier. “Sleep….sleep my little boy….when you awake, youll be in good hands...and maybe we can work on your attitude…” The man said. “No….” James moaned as he fell asleep on his floor and saw a bright light. “ahhh….” James moaned as he opened his eyes. He was laying on the nursery floor with his clothes he fell asleep in. “God my head..” James said as he sat up and looked around. “So im back in the same place and at least got my clothes on…but where is he at…” James said. “Hello…where are you at…” James said as he stood up and walked towards the door of the nursery and opened it. He looked around and couldn’t find him anywhere. “Hey…where the fuck are you at...you usually show up when I least expect you…” James said as he walked down the hallway a bit. He looked on the wall and found a picture of himself and with someone else. “Where the hell did this come from…” James said as he pulled it off the wall. “That’s from when you were younger…” The man said from behind him. “But….but how did you get it…” James asked. “That’s not the problem…..if you look closely some of it is blacked out…” The man said. “Yeah….yeah it is…why is that…” James asked. “You tell me…but you been naughty boy by your mouth and actions….little boys like you should know better.” The man said. “Im….Im not a little boy…and your going to answer my question…” James said as he turned around and anger and threw the picture to the ground, breaking the glass on it. “Wow…looks like somebody shouldn’t wet there pants…” The man said as he pointed to the front of his pants. “What do you mean…” James said as he looked down and didn’t see anything but then he felt warmness coming from his pants and beginning to run down his pants legs. “How…no…how did you do that…” James said as he covered himself and tried to stop the flow but it kept coming. “ You see I have control over you…more than what you think…” The man said as he grabbed James and pulled him over his shoulder and carried him back into the nursery. “No….let me go…im not a baby….” James said as he began to struggle but the man held him still. “I know your not…your my little baby…” The man said as he laid him down on the changing table and held him down with one hand. “No…..let me up…” James said as he tried to struggle but it was no use. “You see…I can control a lot more than you think…’ The man said as he placed a blue pacifier in his mouth. James began to suck on it instantly. “Mpmm…” James said as he tried to spit out the paci but he couldn’t. “See I can say that for example, if you have that paci in your mouth you have no control over yourself. Like a helpless baby.” The man said. James tried to move but found his body would not respond. His eyes began to grow with fear as his eyes watered up. “See I should have done something to you a long time ago to remind you what you are really acting like…” The man said as he bent down on the changing table and brought back up shaving cream and a razor. “Mphmm…” James said as he began to whine more behind his paci. “I think this will be a good lesson for you…” The man said as he reached for James’s soaked sweat pants and began to pull them down.
  7. I'll go ahead and say it. "This story catches my attention. Please contiue. You are a very good authour. Cant wait for more.".
  8. well honestly dude, let the whole diaper thing and abdl side go. if its getting in the way of life and causing issues for normal life for her and you..then its an issue. to compare yourself to job is a long shot...i really dont think that this is a religous issue anymore (other than the pastor marrying you two) just put your big boy undies on and leave them on for a while. and maybe in a couple months after you move and the marriage is over and the dust settles and youve been to counsleing or what ever them try to talk to her again (Side Note) if you do give it up and relapse and go back to diapers for a bit but your getting help. If she leaves you or threatens to leave then shes really not supportive. It takes time to change a habit. Besides in marriage two broken halfs become one union..yeah were not perfect but when you say i do you take them as is with baggae and all their flaws. (even there mother in laws) But hope it works out for yeah.... regards FB
  9. Well, first off sorry for the situation your in with your finace and what happened and people finding out. as for the pastor not marrying you, i guess its in their right to deny but thats just another thing. I think from what your saying in my opinon (which is worth nothing) that thw issue is moderation in the past. its just like if a person drinks or smokes. If it interfers with everyday life, like out in public, then yes i will side with your wife. is the abdl lifestyle wrong, no. Being a man of faith is tough but at the end of the day a compromise needs to be happen between you. there is always middle ground. and if you do get help and go back to the lifestyle. why would she leave you. that doesnt sound like wife material to me...your ment to work as a team. but in all best of luck im sure it will work out for better or worse. ill be praying
  10. (Part 7) James’s stomach began to sink further down when he began to desperately look in his room for a pair of scissors. “Crap where are they…” James said as he began to rummage through his desk. He finally found a pair and quickly grabbed them. He brought the scissors up to his waist and began to cut but it was only able to cut a bit at a time. “Fuck, wait the key.” James said to himself. He shuffled his feet towards the plastic bags with his pants still around his ankles and began to desperately search. But to his efforts, the key did not show up. “Great. Back to cutting.” James said as he grabbed the scissors again and began to cut again. That’s when a wave a pressure hit his lower stomach and hunched over in pain to his knees. He dropped the scissors and used his hands to hold his stomach. “This…can’t be happening.” James said as he breathed deeply in pain. But the pressure kept pushing and he eventually felt his bowels begin to let loose his waste into his diaper. “No…please no…” James cried as he kept hunched over as he felt his diaper get heavier and heavier. He could feel the hot mass build up in his bottom. After a few moments after he was done he felt his hot urine let loose and began to fill up the front of the diaper. James just began to cry quietly to himself. He felt so ashamed of pissing and messing himself, all those years of a clean record of toilet training out the window. ‘God dammit.” James said as he began to stand up. The diaper sagged way down but the plastic pants held. “Why are you doing this to me…” James said softly to himself. “Honey are you ok…” The voice said as he heard a knock at his door. “Um yeah…just a little of a upset tummy.” Jack said as he froze in the middle of the room with a filled diaper. “Well you know just some ginger root tea would help you with some crackers can help.” The voice said. “No im fine…im just going to go ahead and let this sickness run its course.” James said. “OK if you say so but thanks again for the candy…Ill be in my room if you need me.” The voice said as they walked away. “Your welcome and thanks anyway.” James said as he looked down at his messy diaper and locked plastic pants. “I need to get these things off…I can try and go outside and grab a knife but I might get caught…. think James think…” James thought to himself. It took a few moments for him to conclude. “If im in my own story in real life and in my dreams, that means I can find the key to these plastic pants.” James said to himself. “Well after the person pooped in their diaper, they were changed but where is the key.” James said. “Wait where is the key, I can’t remember” James said. “That means I must go back in then…another nap…but this time its worse, im going to smoosh my poop around a lot in my back side. I don’t have no choice.” James said as he waddled towards his bed. “Fuck this isn’t right…I’m going to make a huge mess no matter what. Better take off my pants to help make it worse.” James said as he pulled the pants all the way off his ankles and kicked them to the floor. He made his way onto the bed and laid down slowly. He felt the poop spread all over his bottom in the process. “This isn’t right.” James moaned as he laid all the way back. “This has to work and I can control it…it’s my dream.” James said as he began to close his eyes. Within a few moments he saw a white light. “Great I’m back in the nursery then.” James said as he got out from the crib. He looked around and looked down and found he was back in his normal clothes at least for the dream. He felt the front and back of his pants and all he could feel was dry and non-sagging pants. “That’s good looks like I’m back to normal at least.” James said as he looked around. “So, if I go outside and try to escape it starts all over but if I try to change it might work. This has to work.” James said as he walked over to the closet and opened it up. He looked and saw that there were dozens of clothes for a toddler of his size and a lot of plastic pants covers. “Let’s see…. blue, green, yellow and plastic…. good…this is it.” James said as took it off the hanger and grabbed it. He looked and saw the key was attached to it. “That’s it…if I put the key in my jeans pocket then maybe it will come back with me…its worth a shot.” James thought as he placed the key in his pocket and closed the closet door. “But how am I supposed to leave here…” James said. “Hey where are, you…” James said as he opened the door to the nursery and found that hallway was clear. “Fuck this looks sketchy.” James said as he looked deeper down the hall. “Looking for someone.” The man said from behind James. “Ah…” James said as he turned around and saw the man towering over him. “My little boy thinks he can dictate what happens to him….no boy you can try and prolong your lesson…it will happen but since your already here…I’ll go ahead and help you out and let you learn a bit.” The man said as he grabbed James again and flung him over his shoulder. “Put me down….let me at least live it out in order.” James said as he struggled but nothing he did worked. “Its ok little boy…you still have to eat your veggies.” The man said as he walked over to the a rocking chair. “What are you going to do to me…” James said as he looked up. “Im going to do something that should have been done long ago.” The man said as he sat in the chair and placed James over his lap. He placed James on his stomach and held him down over his back with one hand and the other hand was free in the air. “See this isnt about you anymore….what are you trying to fix.” The man asked. “Nothing I have nothing to fix…and what are you planning to do to me.” James asked as he wiggled but he was held firm. “Spank you pal…” The man said as he brought his hand down over James bottom with force. “Ouch…what the fuck.” James yelled in pain. He could still feel the pain even with pants and underwear on. The man didn’t say anything but brought another smack back down on James. James yelled and squirmed in pain. ‘Now what are you trying to fix…” The man asked again. ‘Nothing you fucked up freak.” James said while biting his lip in pain. “Fine we can do this all day…its fine by me…I’m not the one sitting in a shitty diaper back at home.” The man said as he brought his hand down again multiple times until James was red in the face with tears. “Now let’s try this again…what…. are…. you…. trying….to…. fix….” The man asked quietly. James sighed with tears in his face and finally admitted to it. “I’m trying to fix a relationship issue.” James said as he sniffled and wiped his tears. “See that’s better….now isnt that better since you admitted it.” The man said as he looked down. James didn’t respond and just kept looking down at the ground. “Well I guess that’s enough for now….maybe next time we can go deeper….just know kiddo…I want you to learn but you wont learn until your ready.” The man said as he snapped his fingers and James fell asleep. James woke back up in his room. He looked down and still found he was still wearing his messy diapers and locking pants. “Lets see if this worked…” James said as he slowly got up from the bed slowly and waddled back towards his pants. He reached into his pocket and found the key. “It worked….i cant believe it worked…” James said softly until he smelt the air. “Oh god what is that smell…that cant be me.” James said as he looked down. He reached down and felt his padded bottom and could tell that the poop was starting to stick. James looked at his clock and noticed how long he was out for. “Wait I’ve been out for two hours…god damit…I need to take this off.” James said as he waddled to the door. He opened the door and made sure the cost was clear. He dashed across the room and found the bathroom was opened. He quickly got in and locked the door behind him. “All I have to do is take this off and place all this crap in the bathroom trash and I should be good….” James said. James began to get everything ready from the local grocery store bag to his towel. The whole time something went through his mind. “If the man can control it and so can I, how come he didn’t take the key away from me even though he knew about it.” James thought as he brought the key up to the lock of his plastic pants.
  11. great story so far and great chapter. Cant wait to see more. Your a great authour so far. Dont worry if someone has a stinky diaper. Eventually it has to be changed.
  12. (Part 6) The man came back up with a box of wipes and a solid white diaper and brought it back up to James. “Wait those aren’t for me…are they…” James asked as he looked up in horror. “They are for you…somethings need to be changed.” The man said as he took out a baby wipe and began to wipe James private area. “NO STOP” James said as he began to kick his feet in frustration. But the man just used on hand to grab his feet and held them above his head. “My you are a fussy one…but getting you clean will help you…” The man said as he went to James bottom. James just tried his best to squirm about in the restraint but all he did was make himself tired. “Please…don’t do this.” James begged. “You know I can’t, you need this more than me. And you know what comes next don’t you. You see this cant end until you learn…now just relax ok.” The man said as he threw the wipe away and began to unfold the diaper. James just went quiet and looked down and saw the diaper had babyish designs all over it. The man slid the diaper over under his bottom and brought his feet down. Then he began to bring up the front up and began to tape up the sides up until they were snug and tight. “See it isnt that bad…” The man said as he patted the front of James diaper. James looked down and saw that it was right below his belly button and it was thick. “Yeah…its bad…I’ll have it off in no time.” James said quietly. “Oh you know what happens when you take it off, you better not. But for now, why don’t you play in your nursery while I get your dinner ready.” The man said as he unstrapped James from the changing table and sat him down on the rug. “I’ll be back in a bit to make sure your behaving ok…” The man said as he left the room closing the door behind him. “Great now’s my chance.” James whispered as he got up and made his way to the door but soon found it locked. “Fuck…try the window…” James whispered as he walked over to the window and found that it was locked. He tried to unlock it from the top but it would not budge. “Great..” James said as he backed away from the window and looked around the nursery. “This is just like in my story I wrote.” James said as he looked around. He saw the crib and the changing table all oversized for someone his sized. Then he saw that there was a rocking chair and a closet that was closed and had a huge rocking horse that was in the corner. “Oh god I don’t want that thing….” James said quietly knowing what was to come next. “Well about this thing….” James said as he looked down at the front of his diaper. He couldn’t get over the fact how big it was and thick. He touched the front and felt the plastic of it. “All I have to do now is just rip one tape and slowly slip it off my leg. Cause I know in my story he hears me rip both and comes in here and “helps me” as the man puts its…” James thought to himself. “Well here goes nothing…” James said as he rip one tape and began to slide the loose end of the diaper over his leg. He easily slid the diaper off and kicked it under his crib. “Almost time for dinner….are you ready…” The man said as he opened the door. “Um crap..didn’t time this out…” James said as he tried to make a run for it naked through the door. But the man easily grabbed him and flung over his shoulder again with ease. “It seems you like to be naked but babies your age cant be naked.” The man said as he easily laid James back on the changing table and strapped him back down. “No I don’t want to wear diapers.” James said as he began to kick his legs around and squirmed against the strap. “Fine ill make a deal…hear me out.” The man said. “Fine go ahead.” James said as he calmed down a bit. “Well if you pass my test. Ill let you skip ahead a few chapters.” The man said. “Fine…I’ll do it…” James said. “OK well you have to cooperate.” The man said. “OK I will. But you have to be good on your word.” James said as he let his body go limp. “Deal…” The man said as he reached under the bottom of the changing table and grabbed another diaper and something else in his hand. The man slid the diaper under James bottom but kept his feet up as he pushed a small pill into James’s rectum. “Ugh…what was that…” James said as winced in pain. “That was the beginning of your test.” The man said as he taped up the diaper again. “Wait the test wasn’t until near the end…how can you….wait you can move the chapters up or back.” James said as he looked shocked. “Yup…any way I want…I can add or take away. It all depends on you…” The man said as he walked over to the closet and grabbed what looked like clear plastic underwear. “No…is it this test..” James said as he looked in horror. “Oh yeah…legs up…” The man said. James looked in horror and did as he was told. The man slipped a pair of clear plastic pants on him until they were above his stomach. Then the man pulled a chain and locked it with a key. “No…..please….you know in the story they always loose…I don’t want to….” James said as he had tears in his eyes. “Its okay…your going to do it here and in real life…” The man said. “Huh…” James said as he saw another blinding light. “Oh god…my head…” James said as he looked around and found himself under the oak tree. But the only difference was that he had a few shopping bags with him. “What the hell are those…” James said as he looked through the bag. “What the….” James said as he saw a back of adult depends, adult baby wipes, and a bag of candy. Then there was a small bag with a receipt on it. James looked down and his mouth dropped. The receipt was for a local medical supply store and the item he bought was an adult plastic locking pants. “How…How….” James said as looked around closer to realize that the bag of adult depends had already been opened and a few were missing. “No…” James said as he moved his bottom a bit. He heard the crinkle and could tell he was well padded. “Fuck this has gone to far.” James said as he stood up. He looked down at his pants and could see the outline of the diaper. He looked around for moment to make sure that no one was coming. Then he walked over to a tree and unzipped his pants. He looked down and could see the plastic pants on him, along with a two depend diapers under it. He pulled on the lock a bit and the plastic pants didn’t move. “Great..” James said as he zipped his pants back up and quickly walked over to grab the bags and made his way back home. Along the way home he felt his stomach start to flips and turns. “Fuck I hope I make it…” James said as he walked faster. He made his way into the front door and made his way to the bathroom door. He tried to open it but it was locked. “Im in here hunny…are you ok…” The voice said. “Yeah im fine…just need to go…” James said quietly. “Well you know how my medicine works….when I have to go…im in here a while.” The voice said. “Um well how much longer…” James asked. “I just started…im sorry dear…but what took you so long..” The voice asked. “Well um I had to run some errands and something unexpected happened. But I got your candy for you…” James said. “Well thank you…that was thoughtful. Ill come get you when I’m done. Ok?” The voice said. “Yeah that will be fine…” James said as he began to walk away. “Um James…” The voice said through the bathroom door. “Uh yeah…” James said. “What that crinkling.” The voice said. “Its just the bags…” James said. “Oh…well what else did you buy…” The voice asked. “Um you know…just things…useless stuff…annoying stuff…the usual…like the last couple of days…” James said. “Oh ok….not problem then dear.” The voice said. “Well just knock on my door when your done.. I left your candy out in front of the door.” James said as he dropped the bag in front and made his way to his room. He locked the door behind him and dropped his bags on the floor. He began to pull down his pants to his ankles and looked at the mess he was in. “This cant be happening…” James said as he tugged at the plastic pants again but they wouldn’t budge. “Fuck I need to find some scissors or something to cut this.” James said but he soon found his stomach began to growl loudly. “I need to hurry…or else im not going to make it.” James said.
  13. Changes with dinner “So what’s it going to be.” Tina said as she stared at Jack. Jack bit his lip and just looked up and whispered, “Go ahead.” Jack said. “That’s what I thought.” Tina said as she patted his tummy and began to move her hands down to sandals. “See this isn’t so bad is it.” Tina said as she began to remove each on his sandals and through it on the ground. Jack just looked up and stared at the ceiling. “Now time for those pants…now lift your bottom.” Tina said as she reached for his waist. Jack did as he was told and lifted his bottom against the strap. Tina easily slid the pants down reviling his wet pullup. “Oh my you sure were wet won’t you…” Tina said as she squeezed the front of pullup. She then took each side of the tab and pulled each one apart until it off. She took the pullup and began to pull it off from his bottom and began roll it up. She then slid the pants of his ankles and tossed the pants off to the side. “See a happy baby is a good baby…” Tina said as she tickled his stomach with her hand. Jack just smiled and giggled a bit on the changing table. The cool air on his privates was relief for him from the wet diaper he was wearing. “OK now let’s clean you up.” Tina said as she threw the wet pullup away in the pail and reached for a baby wipe from underneath the table. “Can I clean myself.” Jack asked quietly. “No I’m sorry…babies can’t do that.” Tina said as she began to wipe his private area with a cool. Cloth. “See it’s not that bad.” Tina said as she smiled and continued to work. Jack just turned beat red as looked down at Tina’s handy work. “I see you’re a lot smaller down there than most people I have worked with…and besides that hair will have to come off sooner or later.” Tina said. “No…it won’t come off…” Jack mumbled to himself. “Well for one…its more hygienic making cleanups easier. And second you don’t have a choice in the matter…don’t talk back or else. You don’t get to deicide, its only for adults like me.” Tina said as she finished up and threw the wipe away. “Yeah well see…” Jack said softly to himself. “Well on another note…I can either let you stand up or slide one on you while your on the table….so what will it be….” Tina asked. “Ill just stand if that’s ok…” Jack said. “That’s fine…: Tina said as she released the strap from across Jacks chest. “Thanks…” Jack said as he sat up on the table naked and easily stood up. “OK now step into this …” Tina said as she held the pullup out for him near the changing table. Jack just bit his lip and stepped into the pullup and Tina pulled the pullup all the way to his waist. She began to adjust the pullup making sure nothing was crinkled up. “Ah.better…now how about some dinner…” Tina asked. “That’s sounds great…now what about my pants and shoes.” Jack asked. “I won’t make you wear anymore pants because it’s easier for me to change you and for you make easier for you to make it to the potty.” Tina said. “That’s doesn’t sound fair to me…” Jack said. “It doesn’t matter…no one will see you anyway…So now it’s time for dinner.” Tina said as she held out her hand. Jack grabbed on to the hand and followed her back into the kitchen. Tina pointed to the booster seat for Jack to get in. Jack did as he was told and Tina came over and placed the waist strap over him and clicked it tight. “(sigh) so what’s for dinner…” Jack asked quietly. “Well we have some cut up chicken and then I have a side of beans on the side. How does that sound.” Tina asked. “Ok I guess.” Jack said as he looked down at himself. “Well that’s fine, just give me a moment or two.” Tina said as she walked over to the fridge and began to make a small plate for Jack. She placed the plate in the micro-wave for about minute and a half. “All done…time to eat.” Tina said as she got the plate out and placed in front of Jack. “Geez…thanks.” Jack said. “Now don’t be shy…go ahead and eat…” Tina said. Jack took his time and took small bites of his food with his baby fork until he cleaned his plate. “All done.” Jack said as he held his hands up. “My you are a messy eater. I need to clean you up.” Tina said as she walked over. Jack looked down and saw that his hands were dirty and got a little bit of food on his shirt. “I guess…. Man I didn’t notice.” Jack said as he blushed. Tina walked over and grabbed a washcloth and began to wash Jack’s face, face and his shirt. “Hey…I could do it myself.” Jack said as he closed his eyes as Tina wiped him clean. “All done…down you go.” Tina said as she unblocked the strap and took his plate back to the seat. “Um…thanks for dinner I guess.” Jack said. “Your welcome…so why don’t you play over there on the rug with your bear and then we can get you a bath and to sleep.” Tina said. “Fine I guess…” Jack said as he walked over the rug and found his bear and sat on the rug with it. “I have to find a way…it hasn’t even been a day…. I’m going to go insane…” Jack said to himself. “Well what do you think I should do Berry.” Jack said as he stared at the bear. “Berry…I’m talking to you…” Jack said as he stared at the bear. His anger began to grow as he looked glared at it looking for answers. “Hey stupid bear, are you listening.” Jack said. Jack began to tear up in his eyes from how emotional he had become. “You stupid bear…. why won’t you help me.” Jack said as he took his hand and knocked the bear down onto the floor. “Jack…what is the matter with you….” Tina said as she looked over his shoulder. “Nothing Tina…just a little upset…that’s all.” Jack said as he looked down. “Well I’m sorry your upset but you don’t his toys young man….do I make myself clear.” Tina said. “Yes…. Yes mam…” Jack said softly. “Well I think we just need to get you to bed as soon as possible. But we need to get you a bath. When was the last the time you went?” Tina asked. “Um what do you mean…” Jack asked. “Well I mean the last time you went number 2.” Tina asked. “Oh well since yesterday…” Jack said as he blushed. “Well we can take care of that…but for now let’s get you cleaned up for bath time and then we can help you GO and then sleepily time for you.” Tina said as she grabbed his hands and helped pull him onto his feet. “ What…I’ll just go eventually….” Jack whined as he got up and followed Tina to the bathroom. “Don’t worry…. helping you go will make you feel better…besides you might not even feel it…” Tina chuckled as she pulled along. “Please no…” Jack whispered to himself in distress.
  14. Naps and Negotiations Jack walked over to see in the corner of the room to his amazement, had a huge red race car bed in the corner. “Is that for me…” Jack said as he pointed at it. “Yes it is…just for you. No one else…” Tina said. “How long do I have to nap for….” Jack said. “Until I say that its enough for you…now that enough questions and comments for you young man…come one lets go…” Tina said as she grabbed him by the hand and pulled him over to the bed. “Now come one and hop up on here and we can get you nice and cozy.” Tina said as she patted her hand on the bed. Jack climbed onto the bed with his bear and juice in hand and made his way to where the pillows and covers were. “See its comfy and nice isn’t it.” Tina said. Jack just shook his head up and down. “Alright little one, lets get you all covered up.” Tina said as she reached down and pulled a firetruck covered blanket over him and began to tuck him in on both sides. “See all nice a snug in rug like a bug…” Tina said as she reached and pinched his cheek. Jack just blushed and giggled a bit. “Well I see you when you get up then huh…” Tina said as she began to walk away. “No don’t leave yet…” Jack said aloud. “Whats wrong dear…..” Tina asked. “I didn’t get a bed time story…” Jack whined. “Honey you don’t get bed time stories for nap time…only when its time for bed…” Tina said. “But I want a story…” Jack began to whine as he held his bear tighter and clutched his juice. “Jack….no…do you want another spanking or soap in the mouth again.” Tina said as she raised her voice a bit. “No…I just…..i just want….” Jack whined a bit as he started to get teary eyed. “What…what do you want sweaty…” Tina said as she leaned over to his side. “I just want some love…”Jack whined. “Ahh…I love you to sweety but you need your nap…how about I’ll get you a surprise when you wake up and you listen to me….huh how does that sound.” Tina said. “What kind of surprise…” Jack said as he perked up a bit. “It wouldn’t be a surprise if I told you know would it…” Tina said. “I guess not….” Jack said. ‘Now go to sleep and ill see you in a little bit.” Tina said as she came over and kissed his forehead and cut off the light and walked out the room. Jack looked around the huge room for him and could tell that there were a few night lights that were help keeping the room somewhat visible. Jack just looked at the ceiling and began to wonder what kind of surprise he was going to get. He began to drink his juice from his sippy cup and found himself getting sleepy. He soon closed his eyes and fell asleep in the bed. “Hello Jack, your back.” Sarah said as she walked into the kitchen. “Huh…” Jack said as he looked down and saw that he was back wearing his normal clothes and was playing video games on the couch. “So how was it…” Sarah asked as walked back in holding what seemed to be holding swaddled cloth in her hands. “It was fine….kind of think of it…its been to long…when did I get back….” Jack asked. “You’ve been back for a while….we already had the baby….” Sarah said as she giggled. “We did….I haven’t seen him yet…what does he look like…” Jack said. “Well here…you can hold him…” Sarah said as she walked over holding the swaddled cloth and handed it to Jack. Jack held out his hands awaiting for his prized and joy only to find that it was just a doll. “What kind of sick joke is this Sarah.” Jack said in anger as he threw the toy down on the ground. “The sick joke is that you’re a failure…couldn’t even finish the class…” Sarah said as she started laughing. “But I….”Jack said as he tried to speak up but Sarah cut him off. “Your not a man…your barely a boy, you cant take care of yourself…what makes you think you deserve to see my son….you don’t…you pathetic piece of crap…” Sarah said as she started to laugh. The room grew darker and Jack could sense now that he was standing right in front of her but he was now only wearing his pullup. “And you cant even take care of yourself…you still piss yourself don’t you…” Sarah said aloud as she pointed to his crotch. “That’s not true…I only went because the class made me wear…..Oh no…” Jack said as he whined and felt himself let go and began to fill the pullup with his urine. The pullup began to sag a bit and felt warm to the touch. “See I know I was right….just leave me and my son alone….stay a miserable baby you are…” Sarah said as she began to vanish into thin air. “Please no…Sarah…I can change for you and the baby….I promise….” Jack said as he fell to his knees and began to cry on the ground. “I can change….”Jack whispered and felt himself falling. He kept on falling until he was about to his the ground. “Ahh….” Jack shouted as sat up. He looked around and found that he was still in the dark room nursery. He looked and saw that he had his stuffed bear next to him. “Oh thank god…it was just a dream…” Jack said as he felt his heart racing. “It was all just dream…just a dream…I still have a shot…cant mess this up….” Jack said as he began to move around and felt something was off. “No this cant be…” Jack said a felt down to his crotch. He had pissed himself in real life like he did the dream. “I haven’t wet the bed since I was 7….what the hell is going on….I need to get out of this…” Jack said as he began to get out the bed. He rolled off the bed and began to walk weird over to the bathroom. That’s when the light came on in the nursery. “What Is going on here…” Tina said as she walked in. “I..i..I just need the restroom. “ Jack said as he lied through his teeth. “You know your not suppose to get up from your bed without someone coming to get you.” Tina said. “I didn’t know…im sorry….” Jack said as he hanged his head down. “Now lets see something first…” Tina said as she walked over to Jack and felt the front of his pullup. “Hey….” Jack said as he blushed a bit. “My your soaked….I would say that you already went to the bathroom. So why would you lie to me…” Tina said. “Im sorry…I just….I never wet the bed in a long time…and I…lost…my wife….my baby…then I peed….its not right….i cant…I just cant…” Jack said as he began to cry a bit. “Ahh…its ok….did you have a bad dream honey…” Tina said as she knelt down a bit and placed her hand over her shoulder. Jack just shook his head up and down. “Im so sorry honey…how about we get you cleaned up and into some fresh clothes. Then we can watch a movie or something…how does that sound.” Tina said as she held out for his hand. “Can I bring my bear and play for a bit then watch a movie….please….” Jack said as he grabbed the hand and followed her like a little lost puppy. “Well see...your bear can come don’t worry….but lets get you cleaned up.’ Tina said as she lead him over to the changing table. Jack just followed behind her defeated. “Now go ahead and get on the table for me and lay straight on your back.” Tina said. Jack climbed onto the table and just laid his back staring up at the ceiling. “See this wont take more than a moment.” Tina said as she took a thick chest strap that was a size of a seat belt and secured it over him with a loud click. It wasn’t until Jack heard the click that he snapped out of it. “Hey wait….what’s going on…” Jack said as he tried to sit up but he was pushed down with one hand from Tina. “Honey I need to change your pants…now sit still…this will only take a moment. “ Tina said as she stared at him. Jack just stared at her thinking about his next move.
  15. well all the "older" abdl would wear cloth and hispters would wear cloth cause they care about the envoirment but on a postive note...bathrooms would be alot more spacious and more clean..escipally in the states.