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  1. I don't think it will be a thing. (Showing your ID.) But I do think it will have a check box stating that you are 18+ years or older to comply with online laws that are coming to the United States. But I think this is a rumor and probably a April fools joke.
  2. Oh hoy matte. Instead of a bottle of rum, it's a bottle of milk. Lol. Like the layout.
  3. Well my tax return will go towards diapers ($50) when they place it in my account but they had to double check my identity and got a letter from them. (Customer service said one business day to 9 weeks.) So I guess buying in the summer time.😗.
  4. It would but just be careful and always meet in a public place and during daylight hours and be cautious on how much information you give out. Give yourself time to meet the people and chat with them before meeting in real life. (My experience with fetlife. I meet a few people but we didn't have much in common and we meet in public place. Overall it was ok) Overall fetlife, has a lot of people looking to hookup (who want action)and people who have fantasy who want to meet up and never come out but there are a few who are worth the wait and you have to weed out the crazies. But once you find that one person or group it is worth. Best of luck.
  5. You can get a clothes drying rack (1-2) depending on how many clothes you have. Amazon has from 15-20$ for one of them. (There made cheaply and won't last long but will do the job until the dryer is replaced)
  6. Pretty interesting commercial coming out of the UK.
  7. I wouldn't risk it. I know it sucks but your best bet is during the holidays. (Stay a day late and come a day early) Even if your able to change in the bathroom that you share with a person it's a chance your get caught. I did all 4 years with dorm and apartment like dorms. Never had a chance. Most guys only carry there shower tote towel and change of clothes. Your best bet is to find a place off campus that you have your own room and key and bathroom. ( besides most renting is cheaper than dorm room)
  8. Anyone else have any guesses of who will come out on top Patriots 30 (win) Rams 24
  9. last time I went was when I was 16 and then 17, 18. When I was 16 it was fun, got to see every park but didn't have anyone my age. Then went when I was 17 and had a blast with family but compact (all in three days). Then when I was 18 and went down for a school trip and it wasn't that fun actually. (Only got to go for one day) But my brother came along when I was 16 and he had a good time and pretty much spent most of his time a paradise island. But thinking about going to the one out in California (with a friend)but it will be an arm and a leg. Plus I have vacation time to use or loose. Still up in the air. (Anyone been to the one in cali, trying to go because of the star wars thingy opening. I guess or something.)
  10. I promise you if you dad says there is a real "case/ judgement" agaisnt the mother in law or who ever. He needs to give you the number. Most forms have numbers and can be looked up for you to get information. I would be looking for a secondary job to work at nights until you can save money. My suggestion is to buy a gun membership that has facilitates for showering and bathrooms. (And buy a cheap pair of shoes from wal mart for a dollar.) May not be perfect but most of them are only 10-20$ for a month and with it being the new year you might only pay nothing or no fees. Also buy a lock. It may not be pretty but it's better than showering in the sink. Getting a shower daily is a good thing and keeps you sane in a hard time. If you can make sure your car is in working order (for major repairs before getting a place to stay) once you do your commiting a lot of resources to where your staying. Then get a side job and hustle for extra jobs. Then sleep at nearby rest stops for extra security and always be near the cameras. Because your going to need extra money for a deposit and side jobs or a second part time job can pay for the deposit. Local library's are free and have free internet for you to look up for jobs and a place to relax Also try roommates.com. it's worth a shot and in your budget. You might have to hide your diaper side(etc for a bit) but it's worth it to get out of your car. Hope all works out for you. Also rice and beans budget for eating if you can.
  11. (I will go by saying that it was just a hard day but brutally hard.) So I had a rough day at work and it just got to me where I wanted to quit. (Because pressure and etc) but I know if I hold out I can move with in the company and get the same position (title and pay) but at another location. This location is just not suited for me for other reasons (the list can go on) But my question is, does it look bad on my resume if I left before a year is up or should I hold up.(As in transfer) Just asking.
  12. So I'm going to say go for rice and beans diet. Pay everything in cash from now on. (Aka get your money out for what you will spend for the week or two. And not swipe your card period.) If they are taking you to court. You need documentation of what Bill's you pay. So you need a rent bill or mortgage bill etc. Get your electric and car insurance. Get every bill you pay in YOUR NAME. (If the rent or mortgage is not in your name get documentation that you pay with a bill book from Walmart.) Every bill you pay other than what you owe the credit card company. You will be good. They can only take so much money from your paycheck by law. Every penny counts. Most collectors will settle for less of what you have and what you can offer if you are nice and CAN TALK TO THEM. I have dealt with them with past medical Bill's but in two months( I got lucky) I went from a high thousands of dollars bill down to mid hundreds bill because I worked with them and was nicely firm of what I can pay etc.
  13. Yes the paranormal world is real and have a few minor experiences. But the most I have learned from it, is to respect the other side and dont mess with things your not ready to handle.
  14. (Before I start I want to keep this professional, so this NOT to bash anyone or gender) So long story short, I work in an office setting (only Male in my department and the rest are females) and most of the time on the road. There comes a time when we have to talk to get things done with other issues and documentation. I have been working there for a while and have been able to work with most people but a few who just don't like me or the way I say things(that's fine. I don't need to be like but still have to communicate to get work things done) But these past few weeks one co-worker has been on my tail and has been talking down to me (not cussing or be littling me) just her tone. I've tried to change the subject, I've tried email and text to make it quick and easy about work related issues. But to no avail. I really don't want to confront her about it with out another person in the room to keep it professional. (I really don't want to get my supervisor involved or any superiors and want to try and be an adult to work it out) Any advice to remain professional about this (really don't have much experience working with individuals in an office setting)
  15. So I went black Friday shopping. And instead of buying another useless laptop for 150$ (which would have broke, in 6 months) I did the adult thing and bought a vacuum for 75$ and tubware containers since I'm moving out on my own shortly. Sadly my Walmart was not that bad and everyone was nice and polite. And I was in and out in 45 mins. Anyone else have any luck.