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  1. fuzzybunny

    DLs with roommates

    I wouldn't risk it. I know it sucks but your best bet is during the holidays. (Stay a day late and come a day early) Even if your able to change in the bathroom that you share with a person it's a chance your get caught. I did all 4 years with dorm and apartment like dorms. Never had a chance. Most guys only carry there shower tote towel and change of clothes. Your best bet is to find a place off campus that you have your own room and key and bathroom. ( besides most renting is cheaper than dorm room)
  2. fuzzybunny

    Superbowl Predictions

    Anyone else have any guesses of who will come out on top Patriots 30 (win) Rams 24
  3. fuzzybunny

    Disney World

    last time I went was when I was 16 and then 17, 18. When I was 16 it was fun, got to see every park but didn't have anyone my age. Then went when I was 17 and had a blast with family but compact (all in three days). Then when I was 18 and went down for a school trip and it wasn't that fun actually. (Only got to go for one day) But my brother came along when I was 16 and he had a good time and pretty much spent most of his time a paradise island. But thinking about going to the one out in California (with a friend)but it will be an arm and a leg. Plus I have vacation time to use or loose. Still up in the air. (Anyone been to the one in cali, trying to go because of the star wars thingy opening. I guess or something.)
  4. fuzzybunny

    Family issues

    I promise you if you dad says there is a real "case/ judgement" agaisnt the mother in law or who ever. He needs to give you the number. Most forms have numbers and can be looked up for you to get information. I would be looking for a secondary job to work at nights until you can save money. My suggestion is to buy a gun membership that has facilitates for showering and bathrooms. (And buy a cheap pair of shoes from wal mart for a dollar.) May not be perfect but most of them are only 10-20$ for a month and with it being the new year you might only pay nothing or no fees. Also buy a lock. It may not be pretty but it's better than showering in the sink. Getting a shower daily is a good thing and keeps you sane in a hard time. If you can make sure your car is in working order (for major repairs before getting a place to stay) once you do your commiting a lot of resources to where your staying. Then get a side job and hustle for extra jobs. Then sleep at nearby rest stops for extra security and always be near the cameras. Because your going to need extra money for a deposit and side jobs or a second part time job can pay for the deposit. Local library's are free and have free internet for you to look up for jobs and a place to relax Also try roommates.com. it's worth a shot and in your budget. You might have to hide your diaper side(etc for a bit) but it's worth it to get out of your car. Hope all works out for you. Also rice and beans budget for eating if you can.
  5. fuzzybunny

    Job question

    (I will go by saying that it was just a hard day but brutally hard.) So I had a rough day at work and it just got to me where I wanted to quit. (Because pressure and etc) but I know if I hold out I can move with in the company and get the same position (title and pay) but at another location. This location is just not suited for me for other reasons (the list can go on) But my question is, does it look bad on my resume if I left before a year is up or should I hold up.(As in transfer) Just asking.
  6. So I'm going to say go for rice and beans diet. Pay everything in cash from now on. (Aka get your money out for what you will spend for the week or two. And not swipe your card period.) If they are taking you to court. You need documentation of what Bill's you pay. So you need a rent bill or mortgage bill etc. Get your electric and car insurance. Get every bill you pay in YOUR NAME. (If the rent or mortgage is not in your name get documentation that you pay with a bill book from Walmart.) Every bill you pay other than what you owe the credit card company. You will be good. They can only take so much money from your paycheck by law. Every penny counts. Most collectors will settle for less of what you have and what you can offer if you are nice and CAN TALK TO THEM. I have dealt with them with past medical Bill's but in two months( I got lucky) I went from a high thousands of dollars bill down to mid hundreds bill because I worked with them and was nicely firm of what I can pay etc.
  7. fuzzybunny


    Yes the paranormal world is real and have a few minor experiences. But the most I have learned from it, is to respect the other side and dont mess with things your not ready to handle.
  8. fuzzybunny

    Advice for the work place...

    (Before I start I want to keep this professional, so this NOT to bash anyone or gender) So long story short, I work in an office setting (only Male in my department and the rest are females) and most of the time on the road. There comes a time when we have to talk to get things done with other issues and documentation. I have been working there for a while and have been able to work with most people but a few who just don't like me or the way I say things(that's fine. I don't need to be like but still have to communicate to get work things done) But these past few weeks one co-worker has been on my tail and has been talking down to me (not cussing or be littling me) just her tone. I've tried to change the subject, I've tried email and text to make it quick and easy about work related issues. But to no avail. I really don't want to confront her about it with out another person in the room to keep it professional. (I really don't want to get my supervisor involved or any superiors and want to try and be an adult to work it out) Any advice to remain professional about this (really don't have much experience working with individuals in an office setting)
  9. fuzzybunny

    Black Friday Shopping

    So I went black Friday shopping. And instead of buying another useless laptop for 150$ (which would have broke, in 6 months) I did the adult thing and bought a vacuum for 75$ and tubware containers since I'm moving out on my own shortly. Sadly my Walmart was not that bad and everyone was nice and polite. And I was in and out in 45 mins. Anyone else have any luck.
  10. fuzzybunny

    Are you an autistic DL?

    I'll just say that the whole autism spectrum is a huge umbrella and many people will be diagnosed with it, when they might have something else because doctors really don't know where to put the diagnosis. (That's just my opinion. Not a medical professional.) (My theory is) Is that there might be a small correlation between diapers and autism and other such diagnoses of people liking or wanting diapers. But other than that. I have really never met anyone that has been diagnosed that was in our lifestyle.
  11. fuzzybunny

    Toy Story 4

    Yeah I have. No details but hopefully it will be the last. (Tom Hanks can only be alive so long) Hopefully the movie will be good.
  12. fuzzybunny

    Trick or Treat

    Jackson soon felt his stomach turn more and more until it was about to give out. Jackson tried to hold it but it was no use. Jackson closed his eyes as he filled his diaper with mushy poop. And soon after he peed in the front, causing it to swell up. Jackson felt broken and began to bawl in the backseat. The officer looked back and saw Jackson put his head down and quickly smelled his messy diaper. “Oh, I smell you made a stinky.” The officer said as he stopped the car and rolled down his window. The officer turned his head and looked at Jackson and said, “I’ll take you home right now to your mommy if you tell me if you made a stinky.” Jackson didn’t answer at first. “Jackson. Did you make a stinky in your diapy.” The officer said in a mocking tone. Jackson broke and shook his head up and down as tears kept coming down. “Its ok. I’m sure your mommy will change you when you get home.” The officer said. The officer quickly got to Jackson’s house and pulled into the drive way. The officer got out and opened the side passenger door, the officer got a good whiff of the damage Jackson had done to the diaper. “Man, you sure did a number on that diaper. But look, this is how it’s going to work. I’m going to unstrap you and help you out of my car. I’m then going to grab you by your hand and lead you up to your house. If you try to run, I will deploy my tazer. Do you understand.” The officer said softly. Jackson shook his head yes with tears still in his eyes. The officer undid the car seat and helped Jackson out onto the ground. Jackson stood up and could feel his diaper sag from how bad of a mess he had made. “Alright let’s go.” The officer said as he grabbed his hand and lead him down the driveway and up the steps. The whole time, Jackson struggled to keep up as he waddled to the front door because of his full diaper. The officer knocked on the door loudly, multiple times. That when footsteps were heard coming down the hallway to the main entrance and the front porch light cut on. Jackson’s heart sank when he heard the door open. Ms. Peters gasped when she saw her son in his current state with the officer. “What in the world is going on.” Ms. Peters said as she placed her hand on her heart. “Ms. Peter’s, why don’t we go inside so I can explain. It’s a long story.” The officer said as they all went inside the house. Jackson was finally back inside his house safe and sound but still in his outfit and messy diaper. The whole time he had to hear all the lies that the officer was telling his mother while he sat on the floor like a toddler. Jackson tried to talk interject multiple times, but the pacifier was still strapped in and his mother would always hold up her hand and say that the adults are talking. After about a half hour conversation and everything was explained by the officer went back out to his patrol car. Ms. Peters took this moment to say something to her son. “I can’t believe you left this house and vandalized shit and then came back in baby clothes and a shitty diaper. You should be ashamed of yourself.” Ms. Peter’s exclaimed as the officer came back in with a few items. ‘Alright Ms. Peters, I have his shoes, cell phone and sweat shirt here. Then I have a few spare diapers and wipes until tomorrow that are right here. I’ll go ahead and get rid of the other stuff to that he used for vandalism. And I will be back tomorrow to help resolve some of the issues with the neighbors.” The officer said as he dropped the items next to the couch. “Alright thank you so much. You wouldn’t mind helping me change him before you go would you.” Ms. Peters asked. “Of course not. It would be my pleasure.” The officer said as he went towards Jackson and easily pushed him down and held his hands above his head. Ms. Peters then grabbed a diaper and some wipes and undid the snaps in between his legs. Jackson tried to struggle but it was no use, the officer was to stronger than him. Jackson closed his eyes and began to cry as he mother changed his diaper for the first time since he was three years old. The whole process took about ten minutes while Ms. Peters got him into a fresh new diaper. Ms. Peters snapped the body suit back up and helped up her son up off the ground as he continued to sob. The officer helped Ms. Peters lead him to his room and left him in there alone and closed the door. Jackson tried to open his door and window, but he couldn’t because of the mittens. Jackson knew this was a hopeless cause and decided to go to bed. Jackson awoke the next morning to his mother in his room, standing over him. “Get up Jackson. You need to be ready in an hour. And your wet.” Ms. Peters said as she felt the front of his diaper. Jackson was still groggy when he got up and sat on his bed. ‘Alright stand up so, I can get you out of that body suit.” Ms. Peters said. Jackson quickly got up and turned his back as his mother unzipped it. Jackson easily got out of it and kicked it off. Jackson then reached for his pacifier and undid the strap and tossed it to the side. “Mom. Why.” Jackson said as he stood there facing his mother in a wet diaper and tears in eyes. “Jackson, stop. I don’t want to hear your side of the story until you made up for vandalism you did. If you say anything about your side of the story or argue with me, pack your shit and leave my house.” Ms. Peter’s said sternly. Jackson felt his heart break, he had never heard his mother say this to him. Jackson knew he had no choice. “Yes…. mam.” Jackson said softly and held his head down low. “Good now take off that wet diaper and toss it to the side. Go get a shower while, I clean up in here and get stuff ready for the day.” Ms. Peters said. Jackson was hesitant at first but knew he didn’t have a choice and took off his diaper. The diaper hit the floor with a plop as he felt the cold air hit his skin. Jackson turned red and walked quickly to the shower. Jackson got in and quickly washed his body and came back out with a towel around his waist as he made his way back to his room. Jackson saw his mother back in the room with clothes ready for the day and a towel laid out on the bed with a diaper to the side. Jackson heart sank as he knew what was coming next. “Mom. Please no.” Jackson begged. Ms. Peters did not say anything and just pointed to the bed. Jackson had no choice and but to lay down naked on the towel. Ms. Peters didn’t say anything as she unfolded the oversize baby diaper and laid it under his bottom. She then took baby powder and dusted his lower half with it and taped up the diaper nice and tight. Jackson didn’t say anything as he looked down at the diaper and stood up. Ms. Peters then gave Jackson the clothes. Jackson was quiet when he started slipping on the clothes. Jackson slipped on a pair of slip on jeans that had snaps at the bottom of them. Jackson then placed on a red long-sleeved shirt that said, “little racer.” Jackson then placed on his normal socks and shoes. He looked down and saw he was just dressed like a toddler. “Good now your dressed. Go ahead and go down stairs, I’ll be there in a moment.” Ms. Peter’s said as she began to clean up the mess. Jackson walked to the kitchen table and waited for his mother. “My mind must be slipping” Jackson thought as he sat at the table for a couple of minutes. “Alright just wait, while I get everything ready.” Ms. Peters said as she walked into the kitchen and began to make food. Ms. Peters didn’t take long to bring Jackson a plate of cut up waffles and a bottle of warm milk. “Mom really.” Jackson said as he stared at the plate. “Honey eat the food or your out of the house.” Ms. Peters said. Jackson wasted no time in eating his food and drinking the bottle. Jackson didn’t say anything as he finished his plate and bottle. “Mom. I’m done.” Jackson said as he pushed his plate away. “OK dear, go watch t.v. until the officer comes. But nothing to grown up” Ms. Peters said as she began to clean up the kitchen. Jackson just let his mind wonder and watch the mind-numbing baby shows for almost a half an hour. That’s when there is a knock at the front door. “Come on in. Its unlocked.” Ms. Peters yelled through the kitchen. The door opens and in walks the officer from last night. Ms. Peters and the officer chat for a bit as Jackson keeps watching tv. The officer then comes into the room holding a small item behind his back. “Good morning. Hope you slept good.” The officer said. “I’m good. I guess let’s get started and try to find a way to get everything solved. “Good, now before we go. I need you to put this on.” The officer said as he held up the item from his back. Jackson looked in horror to find that it is an oversized blue toddler harness. “I’m not wearing a baby leash.” Jackson said aloud. “Oh yes you are. Now put it on or else.” Ms. Peters said from the kitchen. The officer smiles and then opens the harness for Jackson to get in. Jackson gets up and puts his arms inside the harness. The officer quickly buckles it up for him and takes a hold of the leash and begins to pull towards the front door. Jackson tries to pull away, but he can’t make it very far before the officer is pulling on the strap tight, stopping him in his tracks. “Let me go.” Jackson yelled as he pulled towards the door and outside on the front porch. “Now son. I need you to listen or else you will be out of the house and right back where I found you yesterday. See, its all part of my plan for what I have in store for you. “The officer said. “What kind of plan.” Jackson said nervously. “Well that’s for me to know and for you to find out. Now enough with the questions.” The Officer said as he shoves a pacifier into his mouth and strapped it tightly behind his head. “See, I already have black mail on you for both, your social life and home life. The next phase will help you enjoy baby life more. But for now, just come on and enjoy the day before the real fun starts. Jackson just moans behind the pacifier gag as he is pulled off the steps and can see the neighbors working on their houses that he had vandalized the night before. Jackson walked down with the officer as he is guiding him with the baby harness. Jackson is getting closer and his heart starts to race, knowing there is no escape from this torment. Jackson just closes his eyes and begins to cry as the officer gets a conversation started with the person. (END) (Let me know if you want a follow up story with Jackson and what plans the officer has for him) Thanks again for all the comments and feedback
  13. fuzzybunny

    Trick or Treat

    The belt stopped, and the lights cut on and soon he found he was back in a nursery area as before. But this room had what looked like a huge crib in the middle of the room. The white gloved hands came out and picked him up and laid him down in the crib. “System Activating: Nap Time Routine.” The female voice said as the hands held him down by each limp onto the crib. Then another set of hands came out holding wipes and what looked like another diaper. Jackson didn’t even say anything, he was happy to see the fresh diaper. The hands quickly worked and tore of the dirty diaper and lifted his legs up in the air. The hands got to work wiping his lower half until he was clean. The hands then powdered him and placed him in a new clean disposable diaper and taped it back on him. The hands then got rid of all the changing supplies while Jackson was still held down in the crib. The same set of hands then came back with an over-sized baby blue blanket and began to lay Jackson on it. The hands then swaddled him like a new born and placed two straps over his body, one on his upper chest and one on his lower chest. All the hands but one went back into the ceiling. Jackson knew the struggling with this part would be just a waist of time. Jackson tried out the restraints and found he was stuck in like a cocoon. He could only move his arms and legs a few inches and he still had on his mittens and booties. Jackson then heard a noise over the crib and saw a baby mobile come over his head and begin to play a soft lullaby. “Please…I just want to get out.” Jackson said as he started to get tired. “Don’t worry baby, you will feel better after you nap.” The female voice said as the one hand came back down with a warm bottle of milk right up to Jackson’s mouth. “I don’t need a bottle….mphmmm.” Jackson said softly as he was cut off and forced to drink the bottle of milk. Jackson tried to turn his head and squirm in the blanket, but the hand was persistent with the bottle. Soon the lullaby was too much for Jackson and he found himself going in and out of a heavy sleep. “Just sleep baby. You’ve had a busy time so far…shh..” The female voice said as another hand came out and began to rub his hair on his head. Jackson soon found himself agreeing with female voice and just wanted this to be all a dream as he closed his eyes and found himself in a deep sleep. Jackson then found himself awake, hoping it was all a nightmare. Jackson then opened his eyes and found he was in the nursery and still in the crib. “No.” Jackson mumbled to himself as he tried to sit up but forgot he was still swaddled like a baby still and couldn’t get loose. He moved a little bit more and found that his diaper was soaked from his nap and felt ashamed. “Fuck” Jackson said softly as he stared up at the ceiling. “Um hello. I’m awake. Can I get loose or get a change at least?” Jackson said aloud. “Your guardian has come to pick you up.” The female voice said. “What. What do you mean “my” guardian is picking me up? My mom is here.” Jackson said in a panic as his eyes got big and he tried to look around but could only hear foot steps coming towards him. “No, the guardian you speak of is male.” The female voice said. “Wait my dad isn’t even in town.” Jackson thought to himself as he tried to figure out who it was. The footsteps got louder as Jackson tried his best to break free of the blanket but couldn’t. “I told you I find you boy.” The male voice said from the side of the crib. Jackson looked over and his heart sank. “You…how did you get in.” Jackson said. “Well I used the back door. It looks like you got yourself into a mess of a situation.” The officer said as he was leaning over the crib railings now, looking down at a helpless Jackson. “Look, please help me out of here.” Jackson pleaded. “Well let’s talk about that.” The officer said. ‘What’s there to talk about get me the fuck out. Your meant to protect and serve. And how the hell did this crazy nursery system not grab you.” Jackson said. “Well I was one of the few people who worked on it and the system can only handle one person at a time. If I hadn’t had a hunch you would have been here until someone came and got you. Now back to the main question, I am protecting you, but I am also serving the public interest in figuring out a way for you to repay back the vandalism you did.” The officer said as he smirked down at Jackson. ‘Don’t you think I’ve been tortured enough with this crazy place. I’ve been treated like a baby for a while now.” Jackson angrily said. “Actually, it’s only been a few hours. It’s not even midnight yet.” The officer said as he looked at his watch. “But you came in here on your own free will, so no this does not count as a learned lesson in my book. Let’s make a deal, hear me out.” The officer said. “Fuck that’s no fair.” Jackson yelled. “You going to hear me out son or can I just come back in the morning and come and get you. How does that sound.” The officer said as he smirked. “Alright I’ll hear you out.” Jackson said as he bit his tongue. “I’ll drop all the vandalism charges if you clean up all the mess you made and pay for all the damage you or work out an agreement with victims.” The officer said. ‘Deal. Now let me out.” Jackson pleaded. “Not just yet, but you have to wear that outfit home to your house and confess all the crimes to your mother.” The officer said. “And if I refuse.” Jackson asked. “Well you stay here til morning. I come and get you with my partner and your booked for a few hours in jail until your mom comes and get you. And I personally promise you, I will personally bring you back here to serve some time as community punishment.” The officer said. “That’s fucked up. Why would you do this.” Jackson asked. “Son, why do you think my area has low crime rates of young adult population from 18-24-year-old, for minor crimes.” The officer said as he chuckled. “You are a sick fuck.” Jackson said. “Thanks, I’ve heard worse. So, what’s it going to be.” The officer said. Jackson thought about it for a bit and knew the option he had to choose. “I’ll confess to my mom” Jackson said softly as he blushed. “That’s what I thought. Good choice. System get the baby ready for transport.” The officer yelled aloud. “System Over Ride Acknowledge. Baby Transport Activation is progress.” The female voice said a multiple white gloved hands came out the ceiling and began to undo him the straps on the blanket. “Wait, you’re not going to let me out on my own.” Jackson looked at the officer. “Son, I never said how you were going to get to your mother.” The officer chuckled to Jackson as he watched on. “Fuck you…” Jackson yelled as the hands set him free and held him down against the crib by each limb. The hands began to change his wet diaper with ease. Jackson tried to fight but it was a worthless cause. All he did was blush and wear himself out as the office watched his masterpiece work on him. Jackson was placed in a new fresh diaper and his baby booties, mittens and bonnet were taken off. Jackson felt a sigh of relief but found the hands were carrying something else that was blue towards him. “What is that.” Jackson said as he got a closer look. The hands easily got him into a one-piece suit that was blue and had clouds all over them. Jackson tried to struggle but the suit was zipped up in the back and had mittens and booties already attached to it. “No. Get me out of this.” Jackson said he looked down and could see his whole body trapped inside and could see the huge diaper bulge showing from the tight suit. The hands then lifted the struggling young man over the crib railing to an awaiting over sized baby stroller. “When did this get here.” Jackson said as he was lowered in and the hands quickly placed him in a five-point harness. Jackson heard the click and tried to get loose, but the straps were tight. He tried to push the big red button in the middle but with the mittens, it was useless. All he could do now was squirm in the stroller. “Get me out of this stroller.” Jackson yelled. “No were about to leave. System bring me the baby’s stuff.” The office said. A hand came down from the ceiling and handed the officer the clear grocery bag. Inside the grocery bag was some eggs, a few rolls of toilet paper, new pack of gum, Jackson’s shoes and black sweat shirt and now his warm soda. “Don’t worry about your other clothes, there long gone.” The officer said as he placed the bag behind the stroller and began to push Jackson outside. Jackson could see a door open automatically from the side. Jackson squirmed and yelled the whole time until they made it outside to the officer’s patrol car. Jackson could see the full moon and that the temperature had drop since he was last outside. Jackson was somewhat relieved that he was dressed somewhat warmly. The officer opened the back-passenger door and Jackson looked over and saw in disbelief. There in the back of the patrol car was an oversized car seat to fit an averaged sized adult. “I’m not getting in that.” Jackson yelled as he tightened up. “Oh, you are.” The officer said as he pushed the big red button with ease. The straps came loose, and Jackson tried to get out, but the officer was a step ahead of him. The officer placed Jackson in a standing arm bar and lead the young man to the car seat. “Ouch…let me go.” Jackson said as he tired to struggle but the more he did, the more pain the officer out on his arm. ‘Then get in.’ The officer ordered calmly, keeping his firm grip. Jackson didn’t really have a choice in the matter. “All right I will.” Jackson said as he gave in and walked towards the car seat. The officer let up as Jackson got inside the back seat and got inside the car seat. The officer wasted no time in getting him strapped in the five-point harness. Jackson tried to struggle but the officer was to quick and clicked in the last belt, trapping Jackson inside the car seat. “Now for all that fussing you been doing.” The officer said as he reached into the stroller and grabbed a pill from his pocket and opened Jackson’s soda. The officer forced the pill into the Jackson's mouth and made him swallow it with some of the soda. ‘Oh god what was that for.” Jackson complained. “For all the fussing. Now let’s keep you quiet.” The officer said as he reached in his back pocket and produced a baby blue pacifier and shoved it in his mouth. Jackson tried to fight off the officer, but he was to quick and held it in placed while he strapped it to the back of his head. ‘Good. Now we can take you home to your mother.” The officer said as he closed the door and began to pack up the stroller and Jackson’s belongings. Jackson tried to paw at the pacifier with his mittened hand, but it was no use. Jackson then tried to yell but all the came out was muffled yelling. Jackson then started to feel his stomach rumbling a bit. The officer got in the car and shut the door and started his car. “Alright. Now we can get you home. But I think I will take the scenic route, since it’s a nice night out for a drive anyway. It will only take about fifteen minutes for the pill to kick in, it’s a laxative. So good luck.” The officer said as he took off and began to play radio real loud. Jackson sat in the back of the car seat for what felt like an eternity, struggling against the car seat straps and muffled yells into his pacifier.
  14. fuzzybunny

    Trick or Treat

    Jackson didn’t want to move from his warm spot from the wrapped towel around him and continued to relax as he kept looking around. “Activating: Dressing Procedure.” The female voice said. That when four white gloved hands came out from the ceiling and picked him up. The hands then carried him over to the long table and sat him down on some soft padding and removed his towel, leaving him naked again. Jackson stared as the hands went underneath the table and brought out a thick white object and two bottles of something he didn’t know. That’s when the smell hit Jackson’s nose again and it finally clicked, it was baby powder. “Wait…what are you going to do with that.” Jackson said as began to sit up but the hands were quick to stop him. The hands easily pushed him down and strapped his wrist and ankles to the table in baby blue leather restraints. “Hey…stop….let me go.” Jackson yelled as tried to break free but could only move a few inches in either direction. The hand then started to unravel the thick white object as Jackson stared in disbelief. His heart sank when he looked and saw it was an oversized baby diaper. The diaper itself was pure white with little teddy bears on it. Jackson finally figured out what was going to happen next and knew what kind of table he was on. “Please no…I don’t need a diaper, I’m not a baby. Get me of this changing table now.” Jackson said as he yelled and squirmed. Jackson tried his best to kick his feet and move his lower half, but the hands easily just slid the diaper under his bottom. Jackson felt the thick padding on his bottom as the next hand easily begin to lotion his lower half. Jackson could feel his manhood raise as the hand got all over his lower half without missing a beat. Jackson’s face turned beat read as the hand finished up near his stomach with the baby lotion and began to place baby powder on his lower half until his junk looked like it was covered in snow. The hands then began to fold the front up and easily, pointed his man hood down into the diaper. “Please…. Please don’t.” Jackson begged as he saw the front of the diaper lower onto his stomach. The hands took their time taping the two front tapes until it was tight around Jackson’s waist. Jackson looked down and could see the diaper below his belly button with the bears staring at him. Jackson wiggled his bottom a bit and could feel the thickness and the tightness around his body. But the most humiliating on is the fact he could still see his bulging member still sticking out in padded crotch part of the diaper. “Fuck, I’ve got to get out of here and out of this diaper…. I’ll just take the diaper off when I get off this table.” Jackson thought to himself. The hands then broke his train of thought when they brought out different cloth items. The hands revealed a small shirt, baby blue mittens and booties and a baby bonnet. Jackson’s eyes got big as the hands got closer. “No…I’m not wearing that shit.” Jackson yelled and squirmed on the changing table. The only thing he could do was make his diaper crinkle. The hands unstrapped Jackson from the changing table and held him up by each limb. “No…. fuck off.” Jackson yelled as he squirmed against the hands. The hands easily slipped the shirt on him until it came down above his belly button. The hands then forced each of Jackson’s hands in baby blue mittens and strapped them tight with a belt buckle. The hands then forced his feet into baby blue booties and strapped them tight. The final touch was when the white baby bonnet was placed on his head and tied tight under his chin. “Get me out of this outfit, I’m not a baby” Jackson yelled. The hands came back down with a full-length mirror to show him what he looked like. Jackson looked in horror as he saw himself as an over grown baby as he struggled against the hands in the air. The hands easily carried him back to the conveyor belt and laid him down. The belt was too quick for Jackson as he is sent into the next hole in the wall as his journey continues in the factory. The conveyor belt stopped, and the lights came back on. Jackson looked around and saw that he was in the nursery again but this time it was different. The room was covered in over-sized baby toys. The white gloved hands then came down from the ceiling and easily took him off the belt and sat him down on the white padded floor. “Activating Play Time for Baby” The female voice said as the hands went back inside. Jackson looked around and got a better view of the toys. There was a rocking horse, a giant teddy bear, building blocks, stuffed animals and other baby toys. Jackson noticed how thick the diaper was when he was sitting down and that his male member was back down to normal. Jackson then tried to stand but when he tried, Jackson fell onto his padded bottom. “What the fuck.” Jackson said as he tried again but fell just like before. Jackson kept trying and trying until he got a little winded. “Why can’t I stand.” Jackson said as he sat there thinking. “These are precautions to help babies from hurting themselves.” The female voice said. “What precautions…I’m not a dam baby…I’ll show you.” Jackson said as he tried to rip off his diaper, but his mittened hands just glided over it. “No…” Jackson said softly to himself as he kept trying take the diaper off, but his mitten hands were no use. “Now go play little one.” The female voice said. Jackson sat there for a few moments trying to think of ways to take off his diaper, but nothing came to him. That’s when he got the idea he might have a chance of getting off the diaper if he had a tool, so he decided to crawl towards the toy that were in the room. Jackson felt silly crawling on his hands and feet like a baby as his diapered butt swayed back and forth. Jackson decided to crawl to the rocking horse first. Jackson got a closer look at the rocking horse and noticed it has straps near the head and side saddle. Jackson tried his luck by grabbing at one of the four springs to try and get the mittens. Jackson tried to pull against the spring with both hands to try and break the wrist buckle loose. That’s when a loud censor went off and started saying, “Occupant discovered.” That’s when the white hand gloves came out and quickly picked up Jackson and sat his padded bottom on the horse and strapped his hands and feet to the horse. “Hey let me go.” Jackson said as he tried to break free as the horse began to bounce up and down. Jackson struggled for a good ten minutes before the horse stopped bouncing up and down. The hands came down and unstrapped him and sat him over near the over sized building blocks. “Where am I supposed to do with these.” Jackson said as he looked at them. He began to try his best to build things with mittens on his hands, but nothing seemed to get no more than a few blocks tall before it fell over. After a few tries Jackson got mad and threw the blocks away from him. “System notice: Baby is frustrated. System checking.” The female voice said as a robotic hand came down and began to feel the front of his diaper. “Hey…” Jackson said as he was taken back by surprise. “Diaper is clean, feeding and burping done for this cycle, no visual sign of injury to baby. Will check later.” The female voice said as another hand came down and picked up Jackson and carried him over to the large teddy bear and dropped him off. Jackson got a look at the teddy bear; the bear was brown and at least seven feet tall. “What are you supposed to do.” Jackson said as crawled close and touched the bear slightly. The bear came to life as it stood up and Jackson fell onto his back. “I don’t want to play anymore.” Jackson said as he tried to crawl backwards. The bear was quick to pick him up and wrap him up into a bear hug, trapping him. “Let me go.” Jackson said as kicked his legs in frustration as the bear held his upper torso tightly. “Let’s play a game.” The bear said in an Elmo like voice. “What…. no.” Jackson said as he looked up into the bear in the face with fear. “We play.” The bear said as the black eyes on the bear began to turn into two miniature hypno pins. ‘What…. what….is……um.” Jackson said as he began to go into a trance and stop fighting. “Good. Now I want you to say you’re a big baby.” The bear said. ‘I’m a big baby.” Jackson repeated like a robot. “Now say I will use my diapers.” The bear said. ‘I will use my diapers.” Jackson said. “Now, I want you to fill up your diaper on both ends.” The bear said. “As you command.” Jackson said as his body let loose. His sphincter let loose as a warm mush of poo filled the back end causing it to sag and be lumpy. Then his bladder exploded, filling the front of his diaper with warm fluid as the diaper began to swell up in the front. “Good. Now when I let you down you will snap out of it.” The bear said. “Ok.” Jackson said as the bear sat him down onto his bottom, causing the poo to smear all over his back side. “Huh…what the…. what’s that smell.” Jackson said he got on all fours and noticed something was off. He looked down and could tell his diaper was sagging from both sides. He could feel the mess in the back and warm wet feeling in the back. Jackson held his head in shame as he began to tear up, knowing he had become a baby and used the diaper on both ends. “System Activating: Routine Diaper Check.” The female voice said as two white gloved hands came down. The hands first felt the front of the diaper and gave it a big squeeze and then went in the back and pulled back on the diaper to peer inside. “System conformed: Diaper is dirty and wet.” The female voice said. “Well then…. change me.” Jackson said softly as he kept his head down while still on all fours. “The system will change you when the time is right. Now is not the time. Baby still has time to play.” The female voice said. ‘No…. please….I beg you to change me…I don’t want to be like this.” Jackson said as a tear came down from his face. “System Configure: Playtime will resume.” The female voice said as the two hands carried Jackson to the last station of stuffed animals in the corner. “Why. Why are you doing this to me.” Jackson said as he was sat back down on his messy bottom as the hands went back inside the ceiling. The diaper now was starting to stick to him in the back, while the front was becoming cold. Jackson just sat there for five minutes, not wanting to move and not knowing what to do. That’s when the stuffed animals came to life and began to circle around until the formed a perimeter around him. ‘What do you want with me.” Jackson said nervously as the stuffed animals got closer. “We want you to have fun.” One stuffed animal said from the back. “Yeah we can have fun.” The other stuffed animals said from the side as the animals were now just about a few inches from him. “What do you mean.” Jackson said. The animals then jumped on top of him, causing him to fall backwards until he was laying down on his back. They cover his whole body except his head. “Hey. Get off me.” Jackson yelled as he struggled to break free but the weight of all the stuffed animals was to much. “Were here to have fun. Let’s begin.” The stuffed animal said as the all began to vibrate in unison. “What the…” Jackson said as he lost his train of thought as his body began to relax and almost go into another trance. “Good. Now just enjoy.” The stuffed animal said as the vibration increased. Jackson started to feel something weird going on in his diaper in the front. Jackson knew it was his male member start to stand up and get hard. “Please let me go. I have to go.” Jackson moaned softly as he tried to struggle a little bit more. “No. Just let go and enjoy it. You’ve been a good baby.” The stuffed animal said as the vibration increased on near the diaper area. “Uh…. please…” Jackson moaned as he began to close his eyes and bite his lower lip. The vibration increased another level as Jackson began to breathe heavier. “Please. I’m about to…. release.” Jackson moaned a louder. “Just. Let. It. Go.” The stuffed animal whispered in Jackson’s ear. “NOOOO….” Jackson moaned as he bucked his hips and released his seed into the front of his full diaper. He could feel his member squirt warmly a few times before he came back to reality. “See. That wasn’t bad.” The stuffed animal said as they started to get off him and went back into the corner of the room. Jackson just laid there for a few moments feeling his now warm seed, start to cool off and get sticky. His mind was racing of what just happened. He felt great about what just happened but felt sickened on how it happened. “Now its time for the next room.” The female voice said as two arms came out and picked him up and carried him over to the conveyor belt and laid him down on it. Jackson didn’t even fight it as the belt moved into the next hole in the wall. Jackson just wanted out of this messy diaper and out of this sick facility.
  15. fuzzybunny

    Trick or Treat

    The conveyor belt finally stopped, and the lights once again came back on. Jackson looked around and was back in the same nursery with all the same walls with the art and padded floor. Jackson could see there was something else added in the corner. Jackson focused his sight and could see that it was a short-padded bench with some attachments. “Please corporate and relax while we get you ready.” The female said as four white hand gloves came back out and quickly grabbed him and lifted him into the air by each of his limbs. “Let me go.” Jackson said as he began to struggle but couldn’t break free. That when two other white gloved hands came out and began to take off his socks. “Wait. What are you doing.” Jackson yelled as he began to panic. “Activating extra precaution.” The female voice said as two more white hands came out, totaling to eight hands that were working on him. The hands quickly and easily removed his socks and tossed them into a pit that opened below him. “What are going to do to me.” Jackson pleaded as he kept squirming. The hands ignored him as it easily maneuvered him out of his black t-shirt with ease, leaving him only in his pants. Jackson looked down and saw his shirt fall into the hole “Please…stop…. stop…please.” Jackson said as tears began to form in his eyes and his squirming became weakened. The hands easily undid his button on his black jeans and began to pull them down. ‘No…. stop…no.” Jackson said as he began to cry and tried to thrash around but it was no use. The white gloved hands easily slid his black pants off, leaving Jackson only in his yellow boxer briefs. Jackson continued to sob as his pants were thrown into the pit. He didn’t know what to expect next. The hands easily carried him over the bench as the hole was covered back up with his clothes. Within a few moments, a noise of a grinder could be heard from the exact same spot. Jackson didn’t even look back when he heard the noise, he knew his clothes were gone for sure now. Jackson was carried over to the bench and laid down onto his knees against the bench. Jackson then had his chest pushed down and his hands were held out in front of him. The hands quickly began to strap him down face first onto the bench. Jackson hands were put into leather cuffs in front of the bench as his knees and thighs were strapped to the bench. The hands then strapped his lower back to the bench and then went back up. Jackson didn’t even have enough time to react with all the hands strapping him down to the bench. “Let me go.” Jackson said as he tried to break free but all he could do was squirm. Jackson notice he was laying face down, while his bottom was still exposed. “Now activating spanking enforcement” The female voice said. That’s when a white gloved hand came down with a paddle, Jackson could hear the hand come down but could not see it. The hand quickly began to spank his bottom of his briefs. ‘Ouch…what the fuck.” Jackson yelled as he squirmed in shock and pain. The hand came down again and again with the paddle. “Ouch…. Ouch…Fucking…. Stop.” Jackson yelled as the tears began to return. The hands kept ignoring him as they kept spanking him for a good five minutes until Jackson was in tears and his bottom was soar. “Please (sob)…Stop (sob)” Jackson cried with tears streaming down his face. The spanking hand went back inside with the paddle as four more white gloved hands came down and unstrapped all the restraints. Jackson was lifted by each limb and carried back over to the conveyor belt where he was laid back down onto his bottom. Jackson winced in pain from having pressure on his bottom as he sniffled with tears still on his face. Jackson didn’t even fight as the conveyor belt began to move into the hole in the wall as the room went black again. The conveyor belt stopped, and the lights cut back on. Jackson looked around and saw he was in a bathroom. The bathroom had nothing but white tile and a huge bathtub in the middle of the room with a seat and toys in it. “Activating Bath Time. Do not fight or punishment will happen” The female voice said. Two white gloved hands came out and easily lifted Jackson under his arm pits and carried him over to the tub. Jackson didn’t even fight as two more hands came out and easily took off his yellow briefs and tossed them to the side, leaving him completely naked. Jackson allowed to be sat down easily onto the blue plastic seat that was big enough for him. The hands then easily placed a thick waist strap over him and clicking it in place. The water then began to fill the bathtub as Jackson still sat there in a daze. The hands then began to add child scented bubble soap as the bath tub was almost filled. Jackson then began to relax in the warm water as the water stopped right at his chest. Jackson sat there for a good ten minutes. The white gloved hands broke his relaxation as four of them began to wash his body from head to toe. Jackson just let them do their job as the hands took their time and cleaned every nook and cranny of his body. “Does the baby want to play with some toys.” The female voice asked as rubber ducks and some floating baby blocks came up. Jackson didn’t say anything as he just ignored them and wanted to relax. The hands then took the toys away and let Jackson sit there for another couple of minutes. Jackson was almost asleep when he felt the water begin to drain. Jackson’s head was still fuzzy as the hands unstrapped the waist strap and then picked him up underneath his armpits and lifted him into the air. Then another set of hands came out with a blue towel with baby ducks on them and began to dry him off. The hands took their time as they dried every part of his body and made sure to be careful still of his sore bottom. The hands then carried him back over to the conveyor belt and wrapped him up in the towel and laid him back down. Jackson didn’t even say a word or try to fight as he felt warm and tired. The conveyor belt then began to move into the hole in the wall as the darkness came upon Jackson again. The conveyor belt stopped, and the lights came on. Jackson was still in and out of nodding off to sleep when he opened his eyes. Jackson got a good look of the room. The room went back to the pink and blue walls and white padded floor. The walls still had art work but there was more baby decorations and toys littering the room. Jackson looked and saw something long against the wall, it almost looked like a desk with different cubbies. Jackson then smelled something sweet and that he could not place his nose on, but he had smelled a lot before in his childhood.