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    Looking for self pleasure through diapers (other than rubbing) since i got some in but i want to know if anyone has had any luck with a cock ring or a vibrator. (Cant be to loud and has to be small) Hopefully this is the right fourm
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    Nervous on Moving

    Once you meet your roomate for your apartment. I would suggest setting house rules or "guidelines" to make sure everything is in order or at least boundries are in place. If you live near family, i say set guidelines in on when your be home or if they can visit (of course depends on your family is paying etc) this is a chance for you to spread your wings and discover yourself. Budget money to the max and study. All i can is ramen noodles got old real quick. Go have fun and yes study etc and make the postive grades (regardless of if your paying or scholarship) and get to know your professors, they have alot of knowledge and networks that can open doors. And try new things. Get out of the routine. This is your chance while you have it to be around people who are trying to discover themselves, you are all in the same boat. Have fun
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    Thanks for your answer. I was wondering if the packages are discreate and small (as in only ordering one or two.)
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    Have a few questions, wondering if anyone has done bussiness with them?
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    Happy Independance Day America

    The President: Good morning. In less than an hour, aircraft from here will join others from around the world. And you will be launching the largest aerial battle in this history of mankind. Mankind -- that word should have new meaning for all of us today. We can't be consumed by our petty differences anymore. We will be united in our common interests. Perhaps its fate that today is the 4th of July, and you will once again be fighting for our freedom, not from tyranny, oppression, or persecution -- but from annihilation. We're fighting for our right to live, to exist. And should we win the day, the 4th of July will no longer be known as an American holiday, but as the day when the world declared in one voice: "We will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight! We're going to live on! We're going to survive!" Today, we celebrate our Independence Day!
  6. Looking to make some extra side cash to help paydown some bills. Has anyone worked for uber or lyft and had some postive outcome.
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    Idea Adoption Thread

    Idea for story Young man heads into town to find relief for his spiritual and mental yearning. He walks around until he finds an therapist office and walks in. He waits until the lady brings him back into the office and the thearpist walks in. (Name dr. Something realted to the lifestyle ) Patient name: (Each one comes with a thearpy section about him acknowledging his lifestyle choice.) (The name of the thearoy for the day (session) is with the name of abdl, adult baby diaper lover) A- Acknowledge me. (The lifestyle) B- Belief in me (the way it helps relieve stress) D-Depend on me (depend on the lifestyle to help relieve stress) L- Love Me (love it) The man goes through this phase with in his own mind. Until he relaizes he needs to accept his lifestlye of the abdl.
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    Thanks for responding ( “For Christ’s sake…what are you going to do this weekend. Last time I went out I came home to half of our house trashed and most of your friends already drunk out in the yard honey…” Sara said as she stood over Chase with her hands on her hips. “Look, Sara…you know that was a long time ago.” Chase said as he got off the couch and walked towards the door right behind Sara. “No Chase, that was three months ago and still haven’t gotten the stains out of the carpet out yet…” Sara said as she sighed and opened the door. “So, what does this mean. That I need a someone to watch me or something.” Chase said as he laughed." ) this is from my first story post. "The baby sitter app." I really want to get it to where its not stacked and descriptive with action....any tips.
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    So i need help with my writing. Ive noticed that i will always say "Blank" said this follwed by an action or another response from another charcter. Is there any way to make the conversation between two charcters flow better, a while being descriptive...
  10. fuzzybunny

    Summer Job

    (This is all i have. thanks for all the support. Any idea on how to continue it, will be greatful.) Chapter3: “Mom Im home.” Blake sad as he walked in the door. “Oh how did it go son…” Ms. Jones said as she greeted him. “It went ok…hopefully I’ll get it….I can use the money.” Blake said. “Well I think you might…how many other people were there with you.” Ms. Jones asked. “I would say about 10 people, but they got there before me. And they said they would get back to me in a day or two” Blake said. “Don’t worry you got it.” Ms. Jones said. “Well thanks mom…I hope so to…” Blake said. “You want some dinner…its almost 5ish…” Ms. Jones asked. “No im good…im just going to turn in early….thanks anyways.” Blake said as he made to his room and closed the door. “OK dear…I’ll see you in the morning.” Ms. Jones said. Blake that night slept as he tossed and turned in his bed, his mind kept thinking about the job and how sexy it was for Cindy to lay her hands all over his body, his mind finally came to ease and he only managae to get a few hours of solid sleep. The next morning came and Blake made his way into the kitchen still with a sad look on his face. “Morning hun…” Ms. Jones said as she entered the room and fixed herself a pot of coffee. “Morning mom…” Blake said as he hung his head down low. “Blake…it will be ok dear…just have your day normal….they might call you today..” Ms. Jones said as she rubbed his back and reached for her cellphone in her hand and walked away to the kitchen island to text “Well see…” Blake said as he put his head on the table. (Text message.) “Hey, when are you going to tell him.” Sarah typed out. “Very shortly…its not even 9 am yet…in about 10 mins…” Cindy texted. “Well hes still doesn’t think he has the job.” Sarah texted back. “Don’t worry ill make his day here very shortly.” Cindy texted. (End of text) “Blake I think your going to hear from them shortly.” Ms. Jones said as she sat her cell phone back on the table. “Mom…please don’t…I don’t want to think about it right now.” Blake said as he covered his ears and kept his head down on the table. Minutes pass until Blake hears his cell phone ring from his room. Blake quickly popped his head up to make sure it was his phone. The phone rang again and he sprinted to his room. He didn’t even check the number as he answered it. “Hello…” Blake asked. “Yes is this Blake Jones…” Cindy asked. “Yes….Yes it is..” Blake said. “Yes, its Cindy….I called to tell you about the job offer…you got the job…congrats.” Cindy said. “Wow…thanks…I don’t even know what to say.” Blake said. “Well, you can think of that. But we need to get you in the office so we can do some measurements and sign paper work…how does that sound.” Cindy said. “That sound great…when does it start. “ Blake asked. “It starts in a few days, but I would like you down here as soon as possible to sign paper work. “ Cindy said. “That’s perfect…Ill be there shortly…” Blake said. “OK ill see you here in a few…bye bye..” Cindy said as she hung up the phone. Blake just looked at his phone for a few moments until he was excited and ran into the kitchen. ‘Mom….mom…I got the job…” Blake said. “That’s good honey….I told you honey you would get it.” Ms. Jones said. “Yeah…your right….how did you know..” Blake asked. “Oh..just mothers instincts.” Ms. Cindy said. “I guess your right….she said she wanted me soon as possible to sign paper work and take measurements for stuff I guess.” Blake said. “Well you better get going then.” Ms. Cindy said. “Your right…thanks mom.” Blake said as he rushed to his bathroom and quickly got ready and pulled on another polo shirt and the same khaki pants from yesterday. Blake rushed out the door with his keys and got in his car and rushed over to the building. Blake pulled up and walked into the lobby with the receptionist waiting from yesterday. “How can I help you.” She asked. “Yes Im here to sign paper work.” Blake said. “OK same floor and Ill call them up to tell them to expect you…and congrats on your job.” She said as she smiled at him. “Um thanks…” Blake said as he blushed and made his way to the elevator and hit the 5th floor key. He made his way to the office and Cindy was waiting at the door for him when he walked in. “Oh hey cindy…” Blake said as he acted startled. “Hi Blake…well thanks for coming so fast. Why don’t you step into my office which Is just down the hall. From the original testing room.” Cindy said as she held a stack of papers in her hand and walked out the door. “Um ok…” Blake said he followed behind her like a little puppy. Today Cindy was wearing nothing but a bright red skit up to her thigh with knee high boots. Blake couldn’t take her eyes of her while she walked. “Alright its this door.” Cindy said as she opened it. They walked in and Blake was amazed with the size of the office space she had. She had a small coach in there, two leather chairs opposite of the desk, with an overstuffed book shelf. “I like your office..” Blake said as he stared at her. “Thanks…have a seat….and we can get started.’ Cindy said. Blake to a seat and placed his hands on knees to try and keep control of his urges, his mind was racing right now. Cindy walked over to her desk and grabbed a few sheets and place them in front of Blake. “Ok lets make this quick…I have things to do..so go ahead and sign where it says signature.” Cindy said. “Um shouldn’t I read it first.” Blake asked as he tried to start reading it. But then Cindy came over to him and began to place her hand on his shoulders and began to rub his upper back . “That wont be needed…what questions do you have sweety.” Cindy asked as she continued to rub. “Well what do I need to bring with me.” Blake said. ‘Just your wallet and cell phone and keys, everything else will be provided for you. OK, next one.” Cindy asked. “Well how much do I get paid and when and how.” Blake asked. “Well 10,000 right off the top. You get paid after you completed your week and its by check. You can sign more on the sheet for more money. Max you can get on your check is 18,000 dollars. So its up to you.” Cindy said. “Well that’s good and what will I be testing.” Blake asked. “Well the best I can tell you is, its for the future and if it works, you will be a pioneer and be part of a company that see the future….” Cindy said. “That’s kind of of vague..” Blake said. “I know I really cant tell you until you sign al the paper work and come for testing the first day” Cindy said. “Why and where is the testing place is…” Blake asked. “Well contract terms and liability and the place is here…you ll be spending a week here.” Blake said. “Anything else…” Cindy asked. “No nothing I can think of.” Blake said. “Now go ahead and sign your papers so we can get those measurments. We need to get those hips of yours.” Cindy said as she reached down his lower hips and grabed his hip bone. Blake just blushed and his private stood at half mast when she did that. “So you in..” Cindy asked quietly. “Yeah….yeah…”Blake said as he blushed and signed the paper work real quick. He just dotted his name on each one and didn’t even bother to skim them. “All right…done…” Blake said as he put the pen down. “Good…you made the right choice.” Cindy said as she took the papers and placed them back into a locked file cabinet. ‘Now go ahead and stand up.” Cindy said as she grabbed a clip board and a small tape measure. ‘Wait you want me to stand up.” Blake said as he tried to cover his chubby he was sporting through his pants. “Blake its fine…by the end of this we will get to know each other real well.” Cindy said as she smiled. Blake just sighed and stood up and using his hands to cover himself. “That’s fine. Its natural.” Cindy said as she took out the tape measure and walked over to Blakes arm. “What are you doing…” Blake asked. ‘Im getting your measurements over your whole body.” Cindy said as she wrapped it around his arm and waited for a second. “OK that seems good….just hold still and move your hands to your side.” Cindy said as she went to his shoulder. Blake bit his lip and moved his hands down slowly, his man hood was still sticking out a bit as he tried to think about something else. Cindy worked her way all over his upper body until she got to his waist. She moved her hands around his waist so softly until she was right above his naval. Blake just closed his eyes until she was done with the waist. “Are you done…” Blake asked as he peaked. “Just one more.” Cindy said as she moved to his left upper thigh and wrapped the tape measure around it. Blake’s man hood just stood up straight right through his pants, it was highly noticeable. Cindy just acted like it wasn’t their and within moments she was done. “Well I always say better out than tucked in the underwear, trying to hide it.” Cindy said as she finished writing down all the measurements. Blake didn’t know what to say, he just turned beat red and stared down at the floor from the subject matter. There was a few awakrd moments of slicence as Cindy was finishing writing everything down. ‘Alright so that’s done a few questions then you can go.” Blake said. “So…age, height, weight and are you sexually active.” Cindy asked. “Well 18, 5’3, and around 133. Define sexually active.” Blake asked. “Do you have a partner or do you know take care of it yourself.” Cindy asked. Blake paused a bit until he had the courage to say it. “ Um no mates…” Blake said softly. “Alright that should do it. Ill see you in a few days and then we can start.” Cindy said. “Alright…can I call you if I have any more questions.’ Blake asked. “Of course you can…just be ready to have fun.” Cindy said as she helped usher Blake out the door. “Ok…alright…bye bye now.” Cindy said as she closed the door and locked it. Blake just stood there for a bit. “That was weird…” Blake thought as he made his way back to the lobby. ‘Well good luck…hope you make it.” The receptionist said. “Oh thanks…what do you mean make it…I got the job.” Blake said. ‘That’s all good…only few people finish it…so good luck.” She said. “Um thanks….I guess .” Blake said as he walked out the door back to his car and began to drive home. (Text messages) “Ok he did fine…he’s a little horny…he’s not getting much action is he…..:) “Cindy texted. “No I don’t think so LOL.” Sarah texted back. “Well he started to question things…but im sure he won’t find out…if he does, its already to late for him…” Cindy texted. “I honestly think he’s just to oblivious...” Sarah texted. “Don’t worry…he’ll make it and then our plan can work out….a day closer…a day to perfection.” Cindy texted. (End of text messages.) Chapter 4: Whats in store? (A few days pass) Blake couldn’t sleep the night before the big day. He tossed and turned about not knowing what to expect. His mind raced about what kind of test they would be doing but he knew the payout would be great for. Finally, his alarm went off and he smacked it and rolled out of bed and made his way to the kitchen. He made himself a bowl of cereal and began to eat while he tried to clear his mind. “So todays the big day…you excited champ..” Ms. Jones said as she walked into the kitchen and made herself a cup of coffee. “Yeah I guess so…im just nervous…that’s all mom….” Blake said as he stared down into his bowl. “Youll do fine honey…..i know you will.” Ms. Jones said. “Well Im scared mom….i don’t even know the name of the company.” Blake said. “That doesn’t matter….they said they wouldn’t hurt you and there isn’t any mental or physical permeant effects rights or temporary ones.’ Ms. Jones said. “Yeah…they did…I mean…I didn’t even read over the paper work…” Blake said. “Well I guess that’s more on you pal…” Ms. Jones said. “I know mom….. I guess your right..” Blake sighed. “So what time are you suppose to be there…” Ms. Jones said. “I don’t know….i think I should call her…I know its today…today is Monday right..” Blake asked as he walked to his room and grabbed his cellphone. ‘Yes dear..” Ms. Jones said as she yelled. Blake got on the phone and called Cindy. His mind raced as the phone rang, hoping he had not missed the time. “Hello. “Cindy said as she answered the phone. “Oh hi, Cindy, um…its Blake….i know this is last minute…but what time did you want me to come…you never let me know.” Blake said. “Oh…im so sorry dear, that is my fault. Just be hear by 9 am and you should be ok. We can get you right into prep and get you ready. Is that good for you.” Cindy asked. “Yeah that sounds fine…” Blake said. “OK well you might want someone to drive you...” Cindy said. “Why is that….i thought I could drive myself and drive myself home…am I going to be unstable when im done.” Blake asked. “Oh no dear….i just don’t want your car breaking into and have you come out and your car is on cinder blocks. You won’t be effected in anyway…I promise. OK?” Cindy said. “Yeah…im sure I can make it happen…” Blake said. “Well ok dear…I’ll see you when you get here…” Cindy said. “Yes mam…bye now.” Blake said as he hung up the phone. He looked at time realizing it was already 7:30 a.m. “Crap…. hey mom….” Blake yelled. “Yes son…” Ms. Jones said as she yelled back. “Can you take me to this place…they said they don’t want me driving because my car might be vandalized. I have to be there by 9am sharp.” Blake yelled. “Of course, honey…I’ll be waiting by the door ready to go by 8:30. So be ready to roll.” Ms. Jones yelled. “Thanks mom…. love you.” Blake said as he walked to his shower and began to get ready. (Text messages) “So, thanks for getting me in to see him one last time…can’t wait to see his face when he sees what he’s facing…” Sarah texted Cindy. “Your welcome…but I want to see him squirm a little more…. maybe a teaser…” Cindy texted. “Well I guess…but I want to leave the room when you do it.” Sarah texted. “Deal…” Cindy texted. “But be here by 9…because I like to see them ready before my break by 9:30. ” Cindy texted. (End of Text messages) An hour passed and Ms. Jones is waiting eagerly near the door, waiting on her son to come down. “Blake hurry up were going to be late…” Ms. Jones yelled. “I’m coming.” Blake said as he came down stairs in nothing but a white beater and a pair of gym shorts and sandals. “Do you think that appropriate.” Ms. Jones asked. “Yeah I’m dressing comfortable…she said everything will be provided….so I think clothes will be too…so I’m going like this..” Blake said. “Do you have your cell phone and keys and wallet.” Ms. Jones asked. “Yes mom…” Blake asked. “And you put on clean clothes…especially underwear…” Ms. Jones asked. “YES MOM…can we go please…” Blake said as he blushed a bit. “Yes dear…now let’s go.” Ms. Jones said as they made their way out the door and into the car. The drive there was quiet and casual. Finally, they arrived there with 10 minutes to spare. “Ok thanks mom…be safe coming home…I’m sure I’ll need a ride home sometime next Monday.’ Blake said as he got out the car. “Can I go in with you…” Ms. Jones said. “Well…no…I don’t think you can come in.” Blake said trying to convince her to stay. “Well we can try…if they so no. Then I hug you tell you bye, that’s it…nothing else. I promise.” Ms. Jones said. “Fine…but lets make it quick.” Blake said as he closed the car door. Ms. Jones got out real quick and followed right behind. They made their way to the doors and walked in and saw the receptionist. “Oh hi, so you are doing the program. Well good luck. I’ll let Cindy know you’re here. 5th floor and second door on the right.” The lady said as she got on the phone. “Um thanks….” Blake said. “Oh Hi Ms. Jones its nice to see you again.” She said. “It’s nice to see you to. I’m here with my son to wish him good luck. “Ms. Jones said. “Well I’m sure he’ll do fine and make you proud.” She said as the phone kept ringing. “I know he will. Well it was good seeing you again.’ Ms. Jones said as she quickly walked right behind Blake and got on the elevator. Blake nervously pushed the 5th floor button before he said something. ‘So how did you know her.” Blake asked. “Um I use to work with her…in….um in this field.” Ms. Jones asked. “So what did you use to do before you had me…I know you worked from home when I was in school but always from a laptop…” Blake asked. “I worked on started projects that could help advance the way the workforce is ran.” Ms. Jones asked. “Um…what kind…” Blake asked. “Well its hard to explain…” Ms. Jones said but the floor finally dinged and the doors opened. “Oh where here..now what door is the office.” Ms. Jones said as she sighed in relief from getting grilled about from her son. “Um the second one.” Blake said as he thought about a few things while he left the elevator and followed his mom. They both walked quietly until they reached the office. Blake knocked on the door and waited. “Oh hi…right on time….and you brought your mom with you…wow…. well come on in you guys.” Cindy said as she opened the door. They both walked in quietly and both walked to the desk. “Ok so Blake while don’t you take the left-hand seat and your mom can take the right one…I like it that way.” Cindy said as she closed the door. “Sure…” Blake said as he sat in the seat but something didn’t feel right with it as he moved around. He felt it was heavier than a normal chair but didn’t think much of it. ‘Well thanks for making it...I’m so excite you came. Any questions before we begin.” Cindy asked as she sat down behind her desk. “Um…what’s the name of the company.” Blake asked. “That’s a good question and now I can tell you before we begin…it’s called W.T.F.” Cindy said. “What does that stand for and what does your company do.” Blake asked. “Well the name says it all…you’ll learn later but the company is about the future of the workforce….” Cindy said as she went on. But Blake ears started to ring as he began to freak out. His mom just said the same thing, the assistant knew his mom, and his mom knew about the job and he would get the job. Blake quietly got out his cell phone and googled the name with the word research name. “What the fuck.” Blake said as he read the description. The description read, ‘W.T.F. The company name was We Take care of Families. Is a cyber/ robotic service that helps watch kids of all ages and sizes. The testing is still in research and hopefully will be available all over in the next coming years. Being able to care for people of all ages and sizes.” “Um I think I’m going to pass on this…” Blake said as he interrupted Cindy as she talked. “You can’t do that dear. You singed a contract.” Cindy said. “Well I’m getting up and leaving.” Blake said as he started to get up, but Cindy quickly pressed a button underneath her desk and the chair came to life with robotic arms with white gloves on them and grabbed Blake by his wrist and ankles. They were quickly able to pin him to the chair and held him tight. “Hey let me go…what’s the meaning of this..” Blake said as he tried to struggle against the hands but couldn’t get free. “Well I didn’t want to do this.” Cindy said as she walked over to the table and stood in front of him. “Mom…help me…hurry call 911…get me out….do something…” Blake yelled. ‘I’m sorry dear…I work for W.T.F…I’m one of the lead developers….” Ms. Jones said as she stood up and walked over to him. “Mom. No why…. why would you do this to your own son..” Blake begged. “Well its easy…I had you and your dad left…I thought how could a family work and still have someone watch the loved ones from young to old…disabled to able to watch them. Then it hit me. Technology. If you take the human out of it. Then you save money. You create something that doesn’t need to keep up with the latest education or research, all you have to do is upload it. Then I met Cindy after you were born and then we kept in contact and things took off. Cindy went off to college and got a degree in Premed and Technology. I got mine in Business Management while I raised you. Together we founded the company and since has grown from a simple idea to a huge fortune we can get from this idea. Thanks to Cindy and her neighboring Asian investors we finally have the money and technology to launch the first site in the states but we need more research. We need someone between the ages of 18-35 and you were the only one who accepted. Everyone else we told backed out. So it was just you…” Ms. Cindy said. “But why mom…. this is so fucked up.” Blake said as tears started to form in his eyes. “Ahh..don’t worry baby…it will be over soon.” Ms. Jones said as she wiped a tear from her son’s face. “Once I get free, I’m going straight to the police and you all will be in jail.” Blake yelled. “I don’t think so…” Cindy said as she clapped her hands and another set of hands went to Blakes pants and grabbed his personal belongings and took them back to her desk. “Hey that’s my stuff.” Blake yelled as he struggled. “No…it’s our…you should have read the contract. We can keep you here for a week and do a lot more to you. But the fun will begin shortly.” Cindy laughed as she took his stuff and locked them up in a safe. “Mom…you bitch….fuck you….and Cindy fuck you too…this shit isn’t legal…let me the fuck out..” Blake yelled as he started to struggle but the hands held him still. ‘I know dear but one day you’ll understand…don’t you want me to have money for the family…” Ms. Jones said. “No…fuck the family…and fuck you..” Blake yelled. “Well maybe one day you’ll understand.” Ms. Jones said as she walked over and kissed her son on the forehead. Blake quickly looked at her and spat in her face. “Don’t worry…I’ll help you out…” Cindy said. “Blake…baby…I love you..” Ms. Jones said as she walked out the room. “Sarah I’ll text you..” Cindy said as Ms. Jones walked down the hallway. “What the fuck do you want…stupid bitch…” Blake growled at her. “I think…. I know what’s wrong with you.” Cindy said as she got closer to him and got closer to his body. Blake just stared at her with anger and confusion. “I think you…. just need some tender…loving care…” Cindy said as she took her hands to his gym shorts and began to rub the front of his privates back and forth. “No…. uh…. stop…. your fucking ….uh…” Blake said as he began to moan a bit and bit his lip. “Just let it happen…” Cindy said as she got a little faster and harder against his privates. “No this…. uh…. isn’t …right…. crazy…. fucking…uh….women…..your….uh sick……freak.” Blake said as his manhood was a full erection and showing throw his gym shorts. “See…I know you like it…just let me in…and I can make you a real man…” Cindy said as she kept rubbing. Blake was already pre-cuming in his boxer shorts as he tried to resist. “No…uh…oh….ah….please….this….ah….isn’t….right….” Blake moaned. “Just let me take care of you…..” Cindy said as he got closer to his ear and rubbed harder. Blake closed his eyes and bit his lip and turned his head in protest. “Relax and let me in….” Cindy said as she whispered. After that phrase, Blake lost it and his back and hips arched in pleasure. Blake came in his pants filling his briefs with his semen. After almost three long spurts from his penis the front of his briefs were filled with warm liquid. Which eventually leaked onto his gym shorts leaving a dark large stain in the front. Blake just started to cry again, ashamed of what he did. His emotions were filled with anger, desperation, shame and a euphoria feeling all throughout his body. “See it wasn’t that bad…god your so cute when you cry…don’t worry…where you’re going…its safe.” Cindy said as she laughed and walked back to her desk. Blake opened his tears filled eyes and just sniffled. “Don’t worry…you’ll see me in a bit…and maybe other people…but have fun…don’t worry well play more later.” Cindy said as she pushed another button. The chair Blake was sitting in soon found itself being lowered into a small hole in the floor of her room. “No please….let me go…I’ll do anything…” Blake said as looked at her and began to struggle. ‘Just go with it…well get you set up…see you in a bit.” Cindy said as she walked away from her desk. “Hey…no…let me go…someone help…. help…” Blake screamed as the chair went down the hole and Blake soon found himself in darkness. Chapter 5: The introduction… Blake struggled in the chair while in the dark until it stopped. ‘Hello…” Blake said as he stopped for a minute. There was no answer for a bit until the arms let him go and his chair was tipped forward. “Ahh…” Blake yelled as he was thrown forward down a shoot and slid down until he landed on his butt on soft padding. “Hello…where….am…I” Blake said as he tried to look around but it was still dark. “Ahh…your awake…welcome…” A women voice said. “Who’s there….I can’t see anything…” Blake yelled. “Let me take care of that…” A voice said as the lights cut on and Blake was finally able to see the whole room. “What place is this…” Blake said as he looked around. The place was covered with daycare theme. It had blocks, teddy bears and crayon border along the wall, with blue color paint. The room was huge, almost the size of his house. The room had no doors or windows in sight to Blakes eyes. The room had oversized baby furniture like a crib, high chair, and baby toys. Blakes heart was starting to beat faster from all the weird things. “Whos there…who was talking to me…” Blake said. “It was me….” The voice said. “Who’s me…” Blake asked. “Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Lucy and I am going to be in control for you. Think of me as a AI but a little more advance. “Lucy said. “What do you look like…” Blake asked. “That’s not important…right now we need to get you ready to be suited up for the week.” Lucy said as multiple hands came down from the ceiling and quickly grabbed Blake on the padded table and pinned him to the table. Blake knew he had seen this table before but couldn’t put it together. “Hey…what are you doing…” Blake asked as he began to freak out and tried to pull against the hands but they held him still. “Im getting you ready.” Lucy said as another set of hands began to take off his shoes and socks and threw them away. “No….Let me go…” Blake said as he screamed in protest but his pleas fell upon death ears as the hands came back down and began to pull down his gym shorts and pulled them off with ease throwing them away to. ‘No……nothing but this.” Blake said as he felt the hands move him around like a toy doll and easily manipulated his arms out and slide the shirt off, leaving Blake only in his cum-filled briefs. A set of hands came down and felt the wet stain on the front of his briefs. “It seems somebody needs to be potty trained.” Lucy said. ‘No I didn’t wet…I..I just…..lost it..” Blake said as he blushed and began to feel the hands slide down his briefs to his ankles and slipped them off with ease. Blake watched in horror as he watched his last bit of clothes go in the trash can. “Well we need to clean you up…and it also we can also take care of some other issues down there.” Lucy said as the hands went down below the table and grabbed a box of baby wipes and brought them back up to the top. “What are those…”Blake said he looked in horror. “These are to clean you up with.” Lucy said as the hands grabbed a few wipes and brought them over to his private area and began to wipe him. “Hey what are you doing. Its cold and perverted’ Blake said as he screamed and tried to squirm but was held tight. The hands easily wiped him clean on his privates while they began to work on his bottom. “This is to make sure your clean. We need our baby boy to be ready.” Lucy said as the hand finished up and threw the wipes away. “Wait baby…no…I’m not a baby…” Blake said as he looked around. “Its no use. Just relax…we already have you cleaned…we just need you dressed now..” Lucy said as the hands went back under the table and brought out a huge white object. “No….is ...that…a diaper…” Blake said as he yelled as he looked in horror. “Why yes…just let it happen…babies like you need protection.” Lucy said as the hands lifted his bottom up in the air while the other set laid the diaper out and slid it underneath his bottom. “No….No….” Blake said as he closed his eyes from the impending doom. The hands brought the diaper up between his stomach and made easy work of taping both sides of the diaper. “See it wasn’t that bad.” Lucy said as a set of hands patted the front of his diaper. Blake looked down at the thick diaper. He moved his legs a little bit and noticed he crinkled every time he moved. He noticed that the front of the diaper had a babyish diaper tape across it. The tape had teddy bears with rattles all over it. Blake didn’t say anything as he looked down at the diaper in shame. “Lucy…why…why …” Blake said. “Your part of the future…” Lucy said as the hands still held him still on the changing table while the other set brought out a huge blue shirt. The arms easily worked it over his head and chest until the shirt reached his diaper. Then the arms brought the shirt from underneath his diaper and began to snap it over his bottom. “What is this…” Blake said as he looked down as the hands finished the last snap. “Oh its called a onsie…it helps keep the diaper on the baby..” Lucy said. “Im not a baby….” Blake mumbled to himself. “Well now for you to come over and have some fun…” Lucy said as the arms carried him over to an oversized playpen and sat him down on his patted bottom. “Let me out…” Blake said as he stood up and saw the arms go back into the ceiling. Blake saw that he the play pen must have been over seven-foot-tall and at least twenty feet wide. He tried to crawl out the side but the thick diaper kept his legs not being able to lift that high. ‘This has to come off…” Blake said as he reached for the snaps of the onsie but none of them would budge. “Why won’t this come off…Lucy let me out…” Blake said as he jumped up and down in the play pen. Over the next couple of minutes Blake tried to get out and tried to get the onesie off but nothing worked. “Are you done yet…it seems your tried change…but it won’t work…what about a bottle and some toys…” Lucy said as the arms brought down some baby toys and laid down a bottle for the him. “No…I don’t want any of this stuff…” Blake said as he reached for one of the toys and threw it out of the play pen. “Ahh…no no…bad baby…can’t have any of that..” Lucy said as the play pen came to life and a net over came over it, trapping anyone or anything in it. “No…let me out…” Blake said as he began to whine and throw more toys at the pen but all they did was bounce off and landed back on the mat. “Why don’t you just drink your baba…” Lucy said. “No…I’m not doing anything…” Blake said as he crossed his arms and sat on his rounded bottom. “No…you are…and now…” Lucy said as arms came from the playpen corners and grabbed him and easily pinned him down by his wrist and ankles. “Let me go…” Blake yelled as he squirmed causing his diaper to crinkle in return. The arm grabbed the bottle and brought it to his mouth. “No….get that shit away from….mphmmm” Blake said as he interrupted by the bottle being shoved in. He had no choice but to begin to drink it. Blake noticed the milk tasted warm and sweet, he began to suckle down the bottle until it was gone in a matter of minutes. “See isn’t that good…” Lucy said as a hand rubbed his bloated belly. “No….” Blake said as he felt his stomach become full and the arms let him go and went back into the play pen. “Yes…I think you need a nap…” Lucy said. “No…I want…out…I want..” Blake said as he began to slur his words, feeling light headed. “See…the milk helps you sleep…and in no time…youll be asleep..” Lucy said. “No….fuck….this…..” Blake said as he fell to his knees and landed on his stomach with a thud. His eyes soon grew heavy in a matter of moments and soon fell asleep.
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    Summer Job

    (This one is not done but been sitting on it for almost two years. maybe some motivation will help.) Chapter 1: Looking around Blake had just graduated from high school and had already enrolled in a local community college. The summer was upon him and he was excited to work and could hang out with friends. So, he thought until a week after graduation and no one seemed to be hiring and most of the summer jobs were taken. His options were slim, cut grass on the side when people needed it or work for minimum wage for customer service. All these options didn’t seem too good for Blake. Until his mother showed him an article in the paper one morning while they were eating breakfast. “So look, I know you’ve been looking for a job and a temporary one. Well it looks like they need someone for a week or so and it looks like they pay really good.” Ms. Jones said as he handed him the paper. “Lets see…..no experience necessary, willing participants, ages (18-40), gender doesn’t matter, U.S. Citizen, must be able to stay a full week in facility. Come in for the interview for more information.” James said aloud. “Well what do you think.” Ms. Jones asked. “I mean mom really…what I get like 100$ for them to stick me with needles or take a pill or survey me or make me workout.” Blake said. “The price though….did you see the price.” Ms. Jones said. “10,000 dollars…” Blake said as he held the paper up. “Yup and that just bare minimum and you can get more if you sign up for more test.” Ms. Jones said “I mean that’s a lot of money…” Blake said. “Yeah that’s almost a full year of tuition for you or you could buy yourself a nice car instead of that hunk of junk you drive.” Ms. Jones said. “Hey you leave old reliable out of this…” Blake said. “Im just saying dear…just think about it….go to the interview and see if its for you and if they offer you the job you can reject it.” Ms. Jones said. “I guess your right…when is the interview…” Blake said. “Today at 1pm…” Ms. Jones said. “I guess I can go…” Blake said as he put the news paper down. Blake spent the rest of the morning going over interview questions and trying to decide what to wear. After a few hours of going over the scripted lines Blake made his way out the door, wearing a pair of khaki pants and a nice blue collared shirt. “Good bye honey….good luck…” Ms. Jones said as she waved to him. “Don’t worry mom….Ill do my best…” Blake said. “I know you always do.” Ms. Jones said as she kept waving. James got into his old car and made his way into town for the interview. “Hey, he’s on his way….just make sure he gets into the program Cindy…..” Ms. Jones texted from her phone. “No problem….. we will take care of him. But I get a cut Sarah….” Cindy texted back. “Fine but it cant fail like it did last time over seas….” Ms. Jones texted. “It wont…im sure of it….this one is more private and forceful….” Cindy texted. “A week….that’s its…that’s all you get…” Ms. Jones texted. “Trust me…I will not fail…” Cindy texted back. Chapter 2: Testing Blake pulled up into the parking lot with what looked like a big business building with nothing but glass windows everywhere. He walked inside the building and saw a lady at the front desk. “Um hi is this where I come for the interview.” Blake asked. “Yes, lets see…do you know what company its for…” She asked. “Well no…I know its a medical company or something like that…its like a week.” Blake said. “Yes, all you do is go to the 5th floor and take the second door on the right” She said. ‘Thanks…” Blake said as he made his way into the elevator. His heart was racing when every time he saw the light on number. Finally, it hit 5 and he made his way off. He walked into the office and saw that it was very small and had only a around 10 chairs and there was only one open chair left. He made his way up to the receptionist and waited until she pulled back the glass. ‘Yes how can I help you…” She asked. “Um Im here for the interview.” Blake said. ‘Ok no problem, sign your name and they will call you back when they’re ready for you.” She said. “OK…thanks.” Blake said as he looked at the sheet ahead of him and signed his name. Everyone else was ahead of him but he knew he had to wait his turn. He took the only open seat left in the corner and sat down and began to skim his cellphone. Blake must have waited for at least two hours until he was called back. “James….” Cindy said as she opened the door. “Yes..” James said as he looked up from his phone. James stared at Cindy from her pure sexiness. She had her brown hair up in a ponytail, small glasses from her face and a small lab coat that barley cover her short dress she was wearing. “Blake…” Cindy said again. “Oh um yes…coming…” Blake said as he stood up and blushed as he almost got caught glancing at her. “Come on now…you’re the last one of the day…and I would like to go home…” Cindy joked. “Oh…Im sorry…” Blake said as he nervously walked past her through the door. “Ok so go to room 2 and have seat on the examination table.” Cindy said as she followed behind Blake. Blake walked down the hallway and went into the dark room. Cindy cut the lights on and closed the door tightly. Blake hoped up on the table and just sat there and began to look at her like he was lost in space. “Ok let get to this…you don’t have any medical problems…you have a high school diploma and you don’t mind being naked for some of this testing do you…” Cindy asked. “Um no….im fine with all that…” Blake said as he just kept staring at her. “Well that’s good some people didn’t want to be naked…ok next question….are you willing to do more extra test for more money…” Cindy asked. “Yes…that’s fine…how are they done…” Blake asked. “Well they will not physically or mentally hurt you and there is no needles or anything like that.” Cindy said. ‘Ok, you don’t mind staying in the same room for a week..” Cindy asked. “No…not all..” Blake said as he kept looking at her like a lost puppy. “OK well all I need to do exam your body and then you can sign the paper on your way out and we should have a choice by tomorrow or the next day…now take your shirt, pants, and shoes off…” Cindy said. “Ok…” Blake mumbled as he kept staring at her. “Blake…get undressed now…pants, shirt, and shoes.” Cindy said as she snapped her fingers and Blake finally snapped out of it. “Um…ok…” Blake said as he nervously took off his collard shirt. “Do I have to take my pants off…all the way… “ Blake said as he nervously took his hands to the top of his khaki pants . “Blake part of testing you will be naked around people…please get over that fear….stay in your underwear.” Cindy said. “Fine…” Blake mumbled as he slowly slid his pants off to his ankles and began to take his shoes off. He let his shoes and pants fall into the same pile. Blake looked down and blushed and saw that he was only wearing his blue boxer briefs in front of this women. “See it wasn’t that bad…now lay on your back on the table, im going to feel around and make sure your not lying on anything…” Cindy said as she grabbed a stethoscope from the drawer and placed it around her neck. She placed the solid metal center on his chest. “That’s cold..” Blake said as he shivered a bit. “I know…now deep breathes.” Cindy said. Blake began to take deep breaths as she moved it along his heart until she finished. “OK heart sounds good…now turn over onto your belly and take a few deep breaths so I can listen to your lungs.” Cindy said. Blake did as he was told and Cindy began to move up and down on his back until she finished. “Ok now lay back down on your back again…im going to feel your joints all over and move them around.” Cindy said as she made her way up to his neck and made her way down to his arms and elbow. ‘Ok let me know if there is pain or discomfort. “ Cindy said as she made her way down to his hip bones and pushed in. Her hands were so tender and she just had the right touch in his eyes. He began to start to get excited down near his briefs and looked the other way. Cindy took notice of the problem and didn’t say anything, she just kept smiling and did his knees and ankles in no time. “Ok everything is good…now put your clothes back on and I’ll write up the paper work for your evaluation and just make your way to the front and she will get your contact info and if your match then we will take you..ok any questions..?” Cindy asked. “Ok good…hope to see you…” Cindy said as she placed her hand on his thigh and gave it a light squeeze as she left the room. Blake felt himself get excited again over the simplest touch from her. ‘There’s something about her…” Blake said as he got off the table and got dressed. He made his way out the hallway door and back into the reception area. Blake walked up to the glass window and knocked softly to get the ladies attention. The lady saw him and slid the door open. “Ok what can I do for you…” She said. “Um Cindy said something about giving you my information.” Blake said. “That’s fine its just one paper front and back…name , date, address, cell phone etc.” The lady said as she handed Blake a clip board. Blake quickly wrote his info and signed the sheet. “You don’t want to see the disclaimer or anything like that.” The lady asked. “No im fine…thanks.” Blake said. “OK well that should be it and you should here back from Cindy very shortly.” Blake said. “Well if you get picked then you do a little more paper work and that’s it. Then yourll all set.” Blake said. “Well ok, I guess I’ll be on my way…but one more question…” Blake said. ‘Yes.” The lady said. “What is the name of the company…” Blake said. “I cant until you get hired, safety reasons…” She said. “Oh well thanks…” Blake said as exited the building and got in his car and drove home. Blake the whole time driving and was thinking about how sexy Cindy was and he couldn’t get it out of his head. (Text messages.) “So how did it go..” Ms. Jones texted. “Fine…wore something tight and revealing ….easy as pie…” Cindy texted. “That’s good…play into his hormones.” Ms. Jones texted “Don’t worry, he’ll get in…he was so cute in his little briefs today..” Cindy texted. “Hey hands off my son until hes in there…then its fair game….don’t use him to much…” Ms. Jones texted. “Hahaha funny…I wont…he’s worth it in the end….Ill tell him tomorrow he got the job…then we can go from there.” Cindy texted back. ‘No problem….thx again…its all coming together…’ Ms. Jones texted. “Just don’t forget your part..” Cindy texted. “I wont…to much at stake” Ms. Jones texted back.
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    Tales of Camp

    Chapter 10 Jackson looked down the hill and could see the rest of the counselors and kids near the fire. Jackson spotted an opening were Tracy was sitting and made his way over there with his group. “Alright guys, find a spot and listen up.” Jackson said as he sat on the ground next to Tracy. “So how was your dinner.” Tracy asked. “It was horrible.” Jackson said. “What happened.” Tracy asked. “If I told you, do you promise not to say anything or judge me.” Jackson said. “Yeah I promise. So, what happened.” Tracy asked. ‘I first noticed my sandwich had been switched out. Then I fell into a deep sleep again, like I spaced out. I found my self in a nursery and I was the baby there. I was forced to drink a bottle until I was full. Then I woke up and time had slipped, and I remembered nothing. But all I could taste was milk and my stomach were full.” Jackson whispered as he blushed. “Wait. Maybe one of the kids switched your food out but to kind of dream you were a baby…that’s kind of funny.” Tracy said as she giggled a bit. Jackson just blushed and looked down at his feet. “Wait your serious aren’t you. Look I believe you. There has to be a reason behind these things happening to you.” Tracy said as she rubbed his shoulder. Jackson looked up and smirked at her, this felt reassuring with Tracy believing him. “Well this evening is coming to an end. Please had back with your counselors and head back to your cabins. Get a good night’s rest and I’ll see you in the morning at breakfast time.” The head counselor said. “Well I guess I’ll see you later.” Tracy said as she got up and walked away. “Hey, Tracy.” Jackson said as he stood up and took a few steps towards her. “Yeah.” Tracy responded when she turned around. “Hey, thanks for believing me tonight. Even if you pretended.” Jackson said as he blushed. “No problem. Well I tell you what. After our breakfast meet up, I’ll call you and tell you about what I really think.” Tracy said as she smiled and walked away. “Wait…how will you call me if you don’t….oh.” Jackson said as his heart started to beat a little faster. “Alright guys. Let’s go to the cabin.” Jackson said as he gathered his group and headed down to the cabin. Jackson finally got his whole group ready for bed and most of them were just talking and laying down. Jackson had to spend a few moments debunking the myths from the kids, but this got his mind stirring again. “So, who’s going out to see if they can find the old lady.” A kid said aloud. “NO ONE IS OR YOUR BEING SEEING YOURSELF IN THE OFFICE AT NIGHT WITH A PHONE CALL TO YOUR PARENTS EXPLAINING EVERYTHING.” Jackson raised his voice. All the kids turned their face towards him and looked at him with silence. “I’ve heard enough of this talk today and tonight. You can talk about anything else that is camp accepted and you all have another hour until its lights out and then it’s off to bed. Got it” Jackson said. All the kids nodded in agreement with him and went back to chatting. The hour passed, and all the kids had fallen asleep. Jackson quietly made multiple rounds to make sure that all the kids were asleep. “Finally, time for some sleep.” Jackson thought as he laid down on his night sack. He finally had a chance to clear his head and he started to feel his eyes get heavy when he heard his door close softly. Jackson bolted up and took his phone flash light out and shined it over the cabin. All the kids were all sound asleep and none of them were missing. Jackson got up and made a quick round inside the cabin and couldn’t find anyone in there. He looked outside the window and noticed a figure run towards the old burnt down building. Jackson sprang up and grabbed his shoes and cell phone and quietly made his way out quickly. Jackson knew he had to catch these kids, he thought about getting some help, but he knew it was late and if he left now, then the culprit might have escaped. “Hello. If there is a camper here. I’ll give you chance to come out before you get in trouble. If you’re not a camper, then I have to call 911 for trespassing.” Jackson said as he approached the building. Jackson stepped into the front door of the building. The building was still somewhat in contact but most of it was still burned. “Hello.” Jackson said as he stepped inside. All the inside of the house was still burnt. Jackson made his way around the first floor and found nothing or no one. Then he heard a couple of foot steps coming from the upstairs. Jackson carefully and quietly made his way up the stairs that were still intact. Once Jackson made his way to the top of the steps he noticed that most of the rooms were blocked off or completely gone. But one room had a light glow from it. Jackson thought about it for a moment, how could there be light coming from the room. “It must be a person. Its now or never.” Jackson thought as he inched closer. Jackson held his breath and made a split decision and opened the door quickly and ran in. “What the.” Jackson said with what he saw with his own eyes as his heart sank. “How is this possible.” Jackson said as he saw Nanny standing in the middle of the room. The room was the nursery he had been in the past few times and in the middle was Baby Jackson sitting on the rug. “Welcome my child.” Nanny said as the door closed behind Jackson. “Why. Leave me alone.” Jackson said as he stepped a few feet back and grabbed his cell phone to call for help. “That’s cute, the baby has a phone. But not for any longer.” Nanny said as the cell phone quickly flew to her and landed into her hand. She took the cellphone and made it disappear into thin air. “Hey that’s mine. Give it back.” Jackson yelled. “Now, lets get you ready.” Nanny said. “NO.” Jackson yelled as he ran to the door and tried to open it, but it wouldn’t open. “We have a feisty one, don’t we?” Nanny said as she walked over and grabbed Jackson by the arm and began to drag him towards a changing table. “NO” Jackson said as he tried to pull away from her, but he wouldn’t even budge from her grip. “Now were going to get you dressed sweetie.” Nanny said as she easily lifted him up and placed him on the changing table. “Stop it.” Jackson said as he tried to squirm, but Nanny snapped her fingers and a stomach strap came to life. The strap pinned Jackson’s arms to his side, so he couldn’t even move them. Nanny then easily started to strip Jackson of his clothes. “NO…. Fucking stop.” Jackson yelled as he tried to squirm and break free, but the strap held tight. “Baby Jackson, could you make him quiet for me dear.” Nanny asked. “I sure can.” Baby Jackson said as he grabbed something from underneath the table and then brought the object up to Jackson’s mouth. “No I don’t want that stupid…MPHMM” Jackson said as his protest were silenced. Jackson couldn’t figure out what it was at first until it was strapped behind his head. He looked down and could see it was a thick pacifier. Jackson tried to spit it out but couldn’t. “Now that’s better. Let’s finish.” Nanny said as she finished stripping away his clothes until he was naked. Nanny then started to wipe him clean with a baby wipe over his lower half. Jackson moaned behind his pacifier as he felt the cold on his lower half and squirmed a little bit but let Nanny do her thing since he was trapped. Nanny threw away the wipe into the trash can and slid a cloth under his bottom and brought the upper half up to his stomach. Nanny then pinned each side tightly to with a golden safety pin. Nanny then slid something plastic over his lower half until they were half way up to his waist and over the cloth. “There now your dressed.” Nanny said. Jackson looked down and could see that he was wearing a diaper with clear plastic pants as his heart sank. “Now, you can lay down for a nap.” Nanny said as she snapped her fingers and the stomach strap came lose. Jackson knew this was his chance to escape. Jackson jumped off the table and started to run towards the door. All he could hear was the crinkle of his plastic pants. That’s when Nanny just appeared right in front of him and scooped him up with ease. She placed him over her shoulder and carried him to the crib. Jackson tried to beat on her shoulder, but nothing seemed to happen. Nanny laid him down in the oversized crib. Jackson tried to stand up, but Nanny quickly raised all the bars of the cribs, including the top to create a cage. “Night. Night.” Nanny said as she giggled and left the room. Chapter 11 Jackson tried to stand but didn’t have enough room, so he was forced to stand on his knees. He tried to shake the crib loose, but it didn’t budge. Jackson then tried to take off the plastic pants and the diaper, but it didn’t budge at all. Jackson tried on last thing and tried take out his pacifier but even with his hands free, it wouldn’t come loose. “Ah I see your stuck in your crib. How is your diaper.” Baby Jackson said. Jackson just glared at him with anger. “Don’t worry, you’ll be free soon. As long as you’re her baby.” Baby Jackson said as he came closer to the crib. “Try and fight all you want. I think we can have some fun after your nap.” Baby Jackson laughed as he left the room. Jackson just looked at him as he left. Jackson thought to himself on how he was going to be able to get out of this situation, but nothing came to mind. He looked around and soon there was nothing else he could do. Soon Jackson laid down in the crib and submitted to sleep. “How is my little baby doing.” Nanny said as she came closer to the crib. Jackson opened his eyes and saw that Nanny and Baby Jackson were looking over him. He felt so weird having people or these things looking over him in only a diaper. “Looks like somebody wet themselves.” Baby Jackson said as he laughed and pointed down at Jackson’s wet diaper. Jackson moved a bit and looked down and could see a big yellow stain in the front of the cloth and could feel that he had soaked his diaper. “Don’t worry. I’ll change you.” Nanny said softly as she lowered all the top rail and the side rail. She quickly picked up Jackson and carried him over to the changing table. Jackson just decided to go along with the change this time. “Ahh well it looks like someone is going along with it.” Nanny said as she began to slide down his plastic pants and undo the cloth diaper. Nanny rolled up the cloth diaper and disposed in the bin on the side. Nanny quickly wiped him clean and began to place him in a new cloth diaper and pinned it tightly with golden safety pins. Nanny then slid a new pair of clear plastic pants onto Jackson until they were on his hips. “There now we can get you some food.” Nanny said as she snapped her fingers and Baby Jackson grabbed Jackson and carried him over to high chair that was his size and quickly strapped him down with wrist and ankle straps. Baby Jackson quickly used the tray to pin Jackson’s arms inside the high chair. “There how about we loosen up this binki.” Nanny said as she pulled it out. Jackson just stared at her and tried to squirm but all he could do was make his plastic pants crinkle more. “OK, milk or baby food.” Nanny asked. “Neither.” Jackson said. “Ok both then.” Nanny said as she snapped and a baby bottle appeared and a jar of baby food appeared. “Alright say ahh.” Nanny said. Jackson was hesitant at first but soon found himself being forced to open his mouth, it was like he couldn’t even control it. Nanny was feeding him the baby food with ease. “How…and why are you doing this.” Jackson said as he looked at her with his face covered with baby food. “It doesn’t matter. Here’s your bottle. Now drink up. “Nanny said as he soon found himself, willing drinking the milk until it was all gone. “Ok good baby, now time for me to burp you.’ Nanny said as she snapped her fingers and the tray came loose and all the restraints. Nanny came over quickly and easily picked him up and placed him over his shoulder. Nanny quickly patted his back a few times until he let out a loud belch. “Oh my that was a big one. Now you can play with Baby Jackson on the floor. No funny business.” Nanny said as she left Jackson on the floor with his alternate baby self while Nanny left the room. Chapter 12 “Well what do you want to play.” Baby Jackson said. “I want to leave.” Jackson said. “You cant leave until you accept the future of yourself.” Baby Jackson said. “No…I wont, now how do I leave.” Jackson said. “You can’t now just play with me. Please.” Baby Jackson said as he pleaded. ‘No.” Jackson said as he folded his arms and looked the other way. “Alright I’ll give you a hint for you to escape if you play with me.” Baby Jackson asked. Jackson thought about it for a moment and then decided. “Ok. I will. What do you want to play?” Jackson said. “Yay…alright we can play with these balls and the blocks.” Baby Jackson said as he waddled over to the toy chest and brought them back over to the carpet. Jackson went along playing with Baby Jackson for a while until he started to get bored. It was just weird playing with a baby version of himself. “Alright, that’s enough. How do I escape from here?” Jackson said. “Oh that’s easy, just accept and tell Nanny its not here fault.” Baby Jackson said. “That doesn’t make sense. And how are you even alive or even a version of me.” Jackson asked. “Well this place or this power gives you the desire of your deepest secrets” Baby Jackson said. “That’s non-sense. This place isn’t real, you’re not real, it’s all a dream.” Jackson said as he stood up in frustration. “Its ok, once you accept it will all make sense.” Baby Jackson said as he stood up and his diaper was soaking wet and began to sag, even with the plastic pants. “Does someone need a change.” Nanny said as she entered the room and closed the door. “Yes nanny.” Baby Jackson said as he walked over to the changing table and Nanny began to change him with ease. Jackson’s mind was running a million miles a minute when he soon found his tummy begin to gurgle and he bent over from the pain. “No, this cant be…what did you give me.” Jackson said hunched over in pain. “Oh, nothing just the usual.” Nanny said as she laughed and finished changing Baby Jackson. Jackson tried to his best to hold it for a few moments but soon the call of nature became to hard for him. Jackson began to poop in his pants and began to flood his diaper in the front. Jackson just hunched over on all fours until he was done. His sense of pride was gone and couldn’t believe he just messed himself. “Oh, someone else needs a change.” Nanny said as she stood over him. “Now crawl.” Nanny said. “No.” Jackson said bac defiantly. “Crawl for me my little baby or else your stay in those dirty pants of your.” Nanny said. ‘No…I can’t…I won’t.” Jackson mumbled as he looked at the floor. “Just accept it.” Baby Jackson said. “No I won’t.” Jackson yelled. “Jackson do you want nanny to change you. Just crawl all over.” Nanny said in a childish voice. Jackson couldn’t take it anymore and caved in. “Alright please change me.” Jackson said as he began to crawl over to the changing table.
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    Tales of Camp

    (Here is the next update) Chapter 7 The kids still held a slight grudge against Jackson for the delay they had as they played kick ball out in the field. “How is this happening to me. I mean this all must be fake. It has to be in my mind.” Jackson mumbled to himself. Jackson went grabbed his water bottle and was about to drink it and found that it was a baby bottle now. “What the.” Jackson thought as he looked closer. Jackson knew that he had his water bottle in his back pack and he’s been the only one in it the whole day. Jackson had confidence that his water bottle had water in it at lunch and there’s no way with the kids could have done it with them out near the field. Jackson opened the bottle to see that to see the white liquid. He presses his nose and it smelled like formula milk. Jackson was drawn to the smell for some reason. Then he quickly pressed his lips and took a taste of the milk. The taste was sweet and brought back memories to Jackson of something he couldn’t put his mind on. “That’s game” The kids yelled. The kids had finished the game of kickball and were coming back to get a drink of water from there back packs. Jackson quickly dumped the contents out of the bottle and threw it away in the nearby trash can. “Are you ok, Mr. Counselor.” The kid asked. “Yeah. Just found a bug in my bottle and had to throw it away.” Jackson said. “Oh ok, well aren’t you thirsty.” The kid asked again. “No. I’m fine. I’m perfectly fine. Drink your water, were going to our next site” Jackson said as he looked towards his cabin in disbelief. Chapter 8 Jackson had taken his group swimming and still couldn’t have figured out what was going on with him right now. Things still didn’t add up in his head. Jackson was watching his kids swim in the pond making sure they didn’t go past a certain point or that they don’t drown. “So, the day is almost done. All we have left is dinner, closing camp fire, sleep, breakfast, and place the kids on the bus and that’s it.” Tracy said as she came beside him. “Yeah, just need the day to be over with that’s all.” Jackson said. “What’s wrong.” Tracy asked. “Still not feeling right. Hearing things in my head, things coming and going. I don’t know what’s going on.” Jackson said. “I think all you need is just to relax. Why don’t you take a nap for a bit and I’ll watch your kids for you?” Tracy said. “Really.” Jackson said surprised and stunned by her question. “Yeah just go take a nap under the tree. I’ll wake you up in a half an hour.” Tracy said. “Thanks Tracy.” Jackson said as he walked over to the big tree with his backpack and made himself comfortable. Soon he found his eyes getting heavier and soon fell asleep. Jackson woke up and found himself in an old dark room. “Hello. Any one there.” Jackson said as he walked around until he found a light switch and cut it on. “What the.” Jackson said as he looked around. The room was a huge nursery, decorated in almost all antique baby furniture that was oversized. “What is this place.” Jackson said as he got closer to the furniture. Jackson looked around and could tell the room was decorated for a baby boy. He looked over at huge changing table, a rocking chair, a rocking horse, a high chair and even what looked like a crib. But inside the crib looked like to be a someone in there. Jackson got closer and was surprised to see who it was. “How…How is this possible. How am I in there.” Jackson yelled. He saw himself in the crib and sucking on a bottle enjoying it. Jackson saw himself wearing what appeared to be wearing nothing but a cloth diaper with a golden safety pin. “Well it looks like some one is out of his crib.” A women’s voice came from behind the crib. Jackson turned around and saw a woman that was old and dressed like and old maid. “Who…Who are you.” Jackson said as he began to back away. “I just work here. Now let’s get you ready.” The lady said as he quickly grabbed him by the arm and began to pull him towards the changing table. “No. No.” Jackson yelled as he tried to pull away, but she was to strong. “Lets just get you in a nice clean diaper.” The lady said. “No. No…I don’t want a diaper. Please. No.” Jackson yelled pulling away more but he was going closer to the table. “NOOOO” Jackson yelled as he soon woke up. Jackson opened his eyes and found himself awake but with his group of kids and Tracy staring at him. “You ok.” Tracy yelled. “Yeah. I’m fine.” Jackson said as he got up and grabbed his backpack and started to walk away. “Kids stay here under the tree. Jackson wait.” Tracy yelled. “What. I’m going to the office and calling home and leaving. Everything is going wrong with me.” Jackson said. “Yeah I know that but what wrong with you. You kept yelling no and yelling about diapers. So, something is wrong with you.” Tracy said. “Tracy just go back with the group. I just can’t do this anymore.” Jackson said. “Jackson no.” Tracy said as she grabbed his hand and held on tightly. “Tracy.” Jackson said. “Look, I’ll help you. Were almost done and I kind of like you anyway.” Tracy said. “I…I…I.” Jackson said as he stumbled his words and started to blush. “Look. You make it through tomorrow morning and I’ll go with you for breakfast after we drop off the kids and get to know each other better. Deal.” Tracy said. “Yeah that sounds good.” Jackson said. “Alright now let’s go back to the kids.” Tracy said as she pulled him towards the big tree. “Kids, you heard nothing and saw nothing. OK. Got it. If I hear any jokes or hear any rumors I promise all you guys will go to the office. Got it.’ Tracy yelled. The kids just looked down and reminded quiet. “Alright kids, go ahead with Jackson to eat dinner.” Tracy said as the kids got in single file. “There all yours.” Tracy said as she smiled at Jackson. “Thanks, I owe you one. Come on group, lets go eat.” Jackson said as he lead the way. Chapter 9 While the kids were eating, Jackson tried his best again to figure out what was going on. “Is this real or is this still a dream.” Jackson thought to himself. “So are you feeling better sir.” The kid asked. “Yeah I’m fine. Why do you ask?” Jackson said. “You haven’t eaten anything yet. Aren’t you going to eat.” The kid said. “Yeah I guess I should.” Jackson said as he reached into his back pack and grab himself a sandwich. “See I’m eating now. Now you should finish your food now.” Jackson said as he took a bite of his food. “What the…Mom told me turkey on rye bread. This is pb&j with the crust cut off.” Jackson thought. “Fuck…” Jackson said as he looked at the sandwich closer. “Oh, that’s cool your mommy cuts your crust off like she does for me.” The kid said they bit into their food with laughter. “Yeah, just like a mommy huh.” Jackson mumbled under his breath. “Or a nanny. I have a nanny, cause my mommy can’t watch me all the time.” A kid yelled. The word nanny hit Jackson’s ears as he began to space out and think about what happened in his day dream. Jackson began to hear nothing, and the room began to grow black as his mind blanked out and he soon passed out. Jackson awoke to find himself on the ground of the nursery from his past dream he had. “Oh god. Not again.” Jackson said as he got up and looked around. Jackson looked over to the crib this time and couldn’t see his baby self-there. Jackson quietly tip toed to the door of the nursery to find it was locked and wouldn’t budge. “Great. How do I get out of here?” Jackson thought. “You don’t.” A voice said. “Who’s there.” Jackson said as he backed up a bit. “It’s ok. Just embrace it. The old lady you call her…her real name is Nanny. She’s really nice.” The person came forward. “How…how are you me. Last time you were in the crib, now your out.” Jackson said. Jackson was looking at a carbon copy of himself, but this Jackson was only wearing a diaper. “That’s not important. The only thing is that you embrace it.” Baby Jackson said. “No…embrace what. I’m so fucking confused. Tell me what is going on.” Jackson screamed as he took another step back. “Embrace the nanny and everything will be ok. Now how about we get you a bottle.” The baby Jackson said as he stepped closer. Jackson took a step back but somehow stepped back and fell into an oversized high chair. “Huh.” Jackson said as he landed with a thud and the high chair came to life. The tray quickly pinned itself to his chest while pinning his arms to his side. “Hey…let me out…” Jackson said as he kicked his leg in frustration as he struggled to get out the high chair. “I think some one needs his baba.” Baby Jackson said as grabbed a bottle of milk and shoved it into Jackson’s mouth and forced him to drink it. “Mphmmm……” Jackson screamed as he had no choice to drink. The milk was nice and sweet as it hit his stomach and began to fill him up. Jackson began to feel a euphoria effect and soon his eyes got heavy again. “Don’t worry…well meet again.” Baby Jackson laughed as Jackson slumped over in his high chair and fell asleep. “Um. Mr. Counselor are you awake. Dinner is over.” A kid said as he began to shove Jackson awake. “Yeah…I’m awake. Just fell asleep.” Jackson said. “Well dinner has been over for a while. All the other groups are gone.” The kid said. “Yeah I’m fine. Alright everyone. Line up near the door so we can go.” Jackson said as he stood up. His head was still light headed and could tell his stomach was full. Jackson looked down and could see that his sandwich only had one bite. “Fuck…” Jackson thought as he felt a little gas come up and it tasted like the milk he had. Jackson’s heart sank as he knew this was real for him. “Mr. Counselor, aren’t we going to the closing camp fire.” The kid yelled. “Yeah go ahead and lead the way.” Jackson said as he grabbed his back pack and threw away his left-over food.
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    Tales of Camp

    (I've held onto this story for bit and wanted to see what people think about, its not done but still trying to think it through 80% done) (Chapters are really short) Enjoy (Chapter 1) “Please don’t make me do this mom.” Jackson said as he headed out the door towards the bus early in the morning, knowing he would be stuck babysitting for a full twenty-four hours at this camp. “Honey, I promise. It will look good on your resume and besides its only for one night and you went to this camp. They just need a little extra help that’s all.” His mom said softly as she pushed him gently towards the bus door. “Yeah whatever. I don’t know any other twenty-year-old doing this. Most people my age are going out and partying the night away.” Jackson thought to himself as he got on the bus and took a seat in the front. He turned around and could see there were a few other counselors on the bus and the rest were kids bouncing off the walls. “Fuck me..” Jackson sighed as he put his head phones in and listened to music on his phone as the bus took off and made its way down the street. (Chapter 2) The bus ride lasted three hours and parked outside in the camp parking lot. The head counselor got on the loud speaker and began to give out orders to everyone. Jackson took out his head phones and listened for his name. The counselor got through a few of the names until Jackson heard his name. “Alright Jackson. You’ll have group number three and your staying in cabin number nineteen.” The head counselor said. The bus filled with gasps. “What…what’s wrong with cabin nineteen.” Jackson said aloud. “You know its haunted. They say an old woman lives next door to cabin nineteen. Legend says that land was owned by a rich family and she was the care taker who lived in the shack. But one night a fire consumed the house and the family was killed including the child. Later, that night, a mob formed and said she committed the murder. She was shot and killed in there.” The young child said as they giggled. “That sounds terrible.” Jackson said. “Well it’s all just a long tale passed down to scare the campers. Now Jackson, please grab your list and get your kids and head to your first station.” The head counselor said. ‘Yes mam.” Jackson said as he got up and grabbed his clip board and camp back pack. “Alright group three with me, lets go.” Jackson said as he got off the bus and got his group in order. But for some reason he couldn’t shake the feeling like something wasn’t right, almost like the story was missing a piece. (Chapter 3) The first location for group three was fishing near the pound. Most of the kids were fishing, talking or playing around with other kids. Jackson just played on his phone as he glanced up every little bit to make sure everything was safe with the kids. “So, do you still believe.” A kid asked Jackson from behind. “Huh.” Jackson said as he put the phone down and turned his head around. “Do you still believe the story that was told on the bus.” The kid asked. “No. You heard the head counselor, its all just a story to scare campers. Now just go back and fish or something. OK?” Jackson said. “Well you know, they say she is always looking for a baby to take care.” The kid asked. “Yeah right.” Jackson said. “I believe. You just haven’t experienced it yet.” The kid said. “Hey, kid. Go back and play or else your going to the camp office.” Jackson said. “Fine. It’s your own fear that will get you from not knowing.” The kid said as it walked away. Chapter 4 The second location for the day was at archery. Most of the kids were already waiting and line and talking amongst themselves. “So how’s your day going.” A counselor said as she came over. “Oh its fine, no complaints.” Jackson said. “Well that’s good. No hurt or dead kids right.” She said as she giggled. “Yeah that’s all we can hope for. Um…I’m Jackson.” He said. “My name is Tracy. So you must be the lucky guy who has cabin nineteen. Good luck with that tonight.” Tracy said as she giggled. “What do you mean good luck.” Jackson asked. “Oh, I just mean with the kids. There going to be freaking out the whole night with every noise they hear.” Tracy said. “Thanks, I guess. So you don’t actually believe it do you.” Jackson said. “Well maybe I do and maybe I don’t.” Tracy said. “Wait which one.” Jackson asked. “I’ll see you at lunch.” Tracy said as she yelled for all the kids to come to line up in front of Jackson. “Alright, can we go to our next spot. I know where it is.” A kid said. “Yeah go ahead and lead. I’ll follow behind.” Jackson said as he turned his head off in the distance of his haunted cabin. Chapter 5 Jackson had his head buried in his phone, trying to look up more information on the haunted land, but he couldn’t find anything. “So, you’re still trying to figure out if it’s true or not.” A kid said. “No, I’m not.” Jackson said as he quickly placed his phone away. “Yeah you were. You must be scared. They say, she draws them in during in the day.” The kid said. “Wait like how.” Jackson asked. “Well I don’t know, I’ve been here off and on for years. I’ve only see a few people go inside and never come out.” The kid said. “Yeah well, its all just a story anyway, now go back and do the team building exercise.” Jackson said. “Yeah sure…baby counselor.” The kid said in a mocking tone as they ran off into the other group of kids. “Yeah right” Jackson thought to himself as he looked back on his phone when he heard a lullaby play in his head. Jackson looked over and there was no one around. All the kids from his group were doing team building exercises. “What the.” Jackson mumbled as he looked at his phone and cut it off, but he could still hear the lullaby in his head. “Fuck.” Jackson said as he stood up. “Um alright. Lunch time. Let’s head back to the mess hall.” Jackson said. “But we still have a little bit of time left here in this spot.” A kid yelled. “I know but don’t you guys want to be first in line.” Jackson said. “Yeah.” Majority of the kids yelled. “Alright let’s go, follow me.” Jackson said as he tried to focus on getting away quicker from the area. Chapter 6 Jackson was already sitting down with his group of kids eating at the table. His head was down at the table, but the music had stopped. “What’s wrong sleepy head.” Tracy said as she next to him. “Nothing just, you know migraines.” Jackson lied. “I get those to a lot. If you want I can watch your group while you see the camp nurse.” Tracy said. “No, I’m good just need a little bit more time, that’s all.” Jackson said. “Ok, I’ll catch you later.” Tracy said as she left the table. Jackson just sighed and spaced out again. “This can’t get any worse.” Jackson thought. “Um, Mr. Counselor sir. Why are you eating baby food?” A kid asked. “No, I’m not.” Jackson mumbled. “Then why is there a jar of baby food in front of you.” The kid said. “Wait what.” Jackson said as he lifted his head and saw a jar of baby food in front of him as the kids laughed. “Who the hell put this here.” Jackson yelled but none of the kids answered and just stared at him. “So, no answers then that’s fine. Then a five-minute delay on our next activity and that happens to be kick ball. The kids just moaned and sighed as they finished eating their lunch at the table. Jackson just went back to looking at his phone, wondering who put the baby food in front of him.
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    Running out of nappy storage space

    I do under my matress in the coner since its agasint the wall. (But i dont have to worry about kids around.) But i also put some in my guest couch and laythem inside the matress part. (Just a few.) But a few which is alot to me are in the my storage place in the attic. But you can rent a small storage unit for cheap for the summer. If the money is avabile to you.