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  1. (Ok ive never ran a small bussiness or side venture like this...so please take this with a grain of salt.) 1. Clairfy when your time start. (When they arrive in your door or when they get dressed.) 2. Location...yeah...if i think if i know where your at then you have some compatition. 3. Think about giving a discount (10% plus) to a few of the first customers in exchange for testiomals. Word of mouth spreads father than pics in my opinon. 4. What else do you have other than a crib that can lock. Do you have mittens, dresses for sissies, do you have a play area, tv to watch cartoons. High chair etc. Do you offer snacks and juice. Small things like that might bring more people. 5. Whats your next option if it takes off in six months. Will you offer overnight specials. On on your options for prices you have no deals. So no discount (even a small one if i get three hours plus) you might want to have small specials for x amount of diapers for so many hours of baby sitting. Is it one sitter or more.
  2. Feeding and Play Time “So do you want to eat first or play…” Tina asked as she pulled him away. “It doesn’t matter…”Jack sighed as he looked down at the floor while he walked. “How about some food…it is almost 1pm…I think some food is in order.” Tina said as she walked towards a table in the day care center. “Alright go ahead and get in the booster seat.” Tina said. Jack saw the table with chair with a huge green booster seat. Jack walked over and sat down with his padded bottom. Then Tina came over and placed a waist strap over him and clicked it tight. “What is that for.” Jack asked as he looked down at the strap. “Its to make sure you don’t fall out or you don’t leave until your food is done. I know you can take it off, but I know you wont.” Tina said as she walked away to the counter to start making the food. “What kind of sandwich do you want…” Tina said. “Um…I guess it doesn’t matter….” Jack said as he looked down at the table. “Ill make what I want to make for you….” Tina said as she giggled. “So what was the point of asking me then…” Jack asked. “I need you to understand…ill be helping you….and since your age is only 3. Ill be making sure you will listen.” Tina said as she walked over with a plate of food. “I made you a PB&J sandwich with the crust cut off, with a side of grapes. And to drink, I got you some apple juice in a sippy cup.” Tina said as she sat it down. “Thanks….I guess…” Jack said as he stared at it for a moment or so. “Arent you hungry…” Tina asked. “Yeah…its just….i guess im not use to it yet.” Jack said. “Well you need to eat or else you wont be able to play.” Tina said. “I really don’t want to play….I just want to….I don’t know…” Jack said. “Look its ok sweetie…Ill help you get used to it…”Tina said as she leaned over and kissed the top of his head. “Now go ahead and eat…” Tina said. Jack blushed a bit and began to eat the food off his plate. “Is it good..” Tina said. Jack nodded his head and cleaned his plate off and finished off his juice. “Well aren’t you a big boy…” Tina said as she took his plate and sippy cup. “Let me put this in the plate in the sink and ill fill your sippy cup full of juice.” Tina said as she walked to the sink. Jack just looked down and saw that he was covered in crumbs and peanut butter and jelly around his mouth. “Awww…I see you made a mess….” Tina said as she came back with a wet cloth in hand and his sippy cup. Tina started to wipe Jack clean from his face down to his hands. “Hey…stop it..” Jack said as he turned his head. “Im just trying to clean you up…now hold still…” Tina said as she finished up. “Now can I get down..” Jack said. ‘You sure can…now I want you to go play but stay on the carpet….I ll let you play on the rug for a bit but then its nap time after that….ok…” Tina said as she unblocked the waist strap and helped Jack down. “Now go have fun…and remember stay on the rug or else….” Tina said as she patted his bottom. “Yes…ill stay on the rug.” Jack said as he walked over. He looked around and found the toy chest. He began to play with a oversized stuff bear. “Im going to name you Berry…” Jack said as he giggled a bit and began to sit and play with his bear as he drank his juice. “What did I just say…” Jack whispered to himself but kept playing with the bear. That’s when the call of nature started to happen. “God I have to piss.” Jack said to himself as he looked around for Tina but could not find her. “Crap….”Jack said as he began to look around on the edge of the carpet for a bathroom. But he looked and saw with a corner of the room a small door with a word at the top but couldn’t make it out what it said. He walked over there leaving the carpet and held his hand over his crotch like a little kid. He tried to open the door but soon found it was locked. ‘Crap…” Jack said as he started to his pee dance. “What are you doing…” Tina said from behind. “Awww…you scared me…” Jack said as he jumped a little bit and let a little bit of urine escape his bladder But the pullup absorbed it. “What are you doing…im not going to ask you again.” Tina asked. “I have to go to the bathroom.” Jack said still holding his crotch and dancing around. “You mean potty.” Tina said. “Yeah the bathroom…I have to take a piss.” Jack said. “No say you have to go bathroom and watch your mouth young man or else im going to put you in timeout with a red bottom. “Tina said as she crossed her arms. “I have to potty…please….” Jack said desperately. “See, its not that bad….now take my hand and we can go…” Tina said. ‘Ok…please hurry…im not going to make it….i don’t want to piss myself…” Jack said as he grabbed Tina’s hand. “That’s it….once your done going potty, im going to take care of that mouth of yours.” Tina said. “Please no…Im sorry.” Jack said. “To late….” Tina said as she kept walking to the bathroom. Jack just looked down in shame as his heart sank.
  3. Door number 3 James chose to open the door labeled 3. James walked into the door and saw that it was a huge place that was covered with all the items of a daycare center. “Wow…what kind of place is this…” Jack asked. “This is where you learn.” A lady from behind said. “Who are you…” Jack asked as he turned around. “Ive been assigned to you…my name Tina..” She said. “Wait assigned…what do you mean….so am I the only one here or are there more.” Tina said. “Ive been assigned to be your teacher or so called caretaker….and it depends on how many people are signed up at time. One person, One care taker.” Tina said. “So what is your title then.” Jack asked. “They call us Child Mind workers.” Tina said. “Why is that.” Jack asked. “Well we put the idea of what its like to be a child…everything from there standpoints. After the first the day well get you use to it. Don’t worry about. Now lets get you into some appropriate clothing, then were get you into some fun time. How does that sound.” Tina said. “I guess…so where do we go first.” Jack asked. “Just give me your hand.” Tina said as she grabbed Jack’s hand and began to take him across the room to what looked like a huge changing table. “So we can do this standing up or sitting down. What will it be.” Tina asked. “I guess standing up.” Jack asked. “Ok standing up it is then. Just wait and I’ll get the stuff ready.” Tina said as she walked away to a nearby dresser and began to take out clothes out. Jack still looked around and his eyes caught what was beneath the changing table. His eyes kept looking at the oversized diapers and what looked like folded white clothes and saw what looked like oversized colorful underwear. “Ahh I see that the diapers caught your eye…don’t worry…well be there shortly but not today…ok.” Tina said as she placed the clothes on the changing table. “Wait…im going to have to wear one….i don’t think so…” Jack said as he took a step back. “Well you don’t really have a choice…we let you experience what its like to be that age of everything the child goes through. So wearing the diapers are part of the experience.” Tina said. “Still no….i don’t think so.” Jack said with a chuckle. “Well then I guess you can leave and fail…I’ll walk you to the door.” Tina said. “No…please no….i just need some time to soak in everything. “ Jack said. “That’s ok…now go ahead and strip down naked…all the way.” Tina said. “Wait….what…” Jack said as he was taken back. “You heard me…strip down naked. You chose to stand while doing this….you can lay down on the changing table if you want…” Tina said. Jack took a minute to think about and didn’t want to get kicked out. “Is this one of the hardest parts…” Jack said as he turned beat red as he began to take his clothes off. ‘Yes this is one of the hardest parts…but not the hardest…this is one of the many hurdles you have to face. Kids this age really don’t care what they wear…they just want to run around.” Tina said. Jack finally got naked and covered his private parts. “My you sure are redder than your boxers….” Tina said as she giggled and took his clothes and placed them in a nearby trash can.” Tina said. “Hey my clothes…” Jack said. “Don’t worry well provide everything you need. Go ahead and put these on….dont worry about your privates, we see it all the time.” Tina said as she handed Jack something blue. “Fine” Jack said as he held out his hand and took the blue object. “What are these.” Jack said as he held the object out and it looked like a blue padded underwear. “There pullups.” Tina said. “How…and why…” Jack said. “Well kids at age three can usually with a little help, dress themselves. But most at this age still have a hard time potty training. They make them big enough for us to use them for people like you.” Tina said. “Do I have to use it….” Jack said as he looked closer and saw Mickey staring back at him. “Not if you make it to the potty in time…” Tina said. “Gosh…” Jack said as he lowered the pullup lower and pulled it up his leg until he got it around his waist. “There snug at least….” Jack said as he looked down seeing how much of a little kid he looked like. “That’s ok, when we go further down the ladder we will have to get rid of some of those hairs…so don’t worry…” Tina said as she handed him a pair of short jeans. “Now put these on…” Tina said. “Fine…but my pubes stay….” Jack said as slid the jean shorts on and came all the way to his thigh still releveling half of his leg. He looked down and could still see the bulge from the pullup. “Well see…now put these sandals and shirt on and well go from there.” Tina said as she giggled. Jack just sighed and slipped the shirt on and put the sandals on. He looked down and saw the shirt was blue and said the words, “Big Boy” on it. “See don’t you look like a big boy…now how about we go to the next thing.” Tina said. Jack looked down and saw that he really looked like a toddler. Tina pulled Jack by the hand into the next area, Jack just looked down and sighed.
  4. Getting It Right “So, you think you can get it right huh…?” Sarah said as she leaned into the living room while Jack was playing video games. “What was that babe.” Jack said as kept smashing buttons onto the controller. “Can you get it right…” Sarah said again as she walked in front in front of him, blocking the view of the television. “Um babe…your belly and your head are blocking the way from me finishing the level.” Jack said as he tilted his head to the left. “This belly is your son and my head is the only thing keeping us afloat….” Sarah said. “Yeah that’s nice…now just move to the left a bit..” Jack said. Sarah walked over in anger to the television and unplugged the whole thing “SARAH….fuck….I was almost done…” Jack said as he sat up a bit. “Jack this baby is coming in two months and we have no money to our name other than what I saved and me working part time…” Sarah said. “I know Hun…but I’m still looking for the right job…you know I don’t want to get just get any kind of job…” Jack said. “Jack…you haven’t worked in weeks…take any job…I don’t care….we need income…I want to leave this place….we can’t live in my parents basement forever.” Sarah said. “Hun I know…please stop…this is just s temporary fix until we can make it…I promise.” Jack said. “No…Jack the problem is you not working towards our common goal to provide for this child. I can care less about where we live at…its just your not pulling your weight.” Sarah said. “I have been….” Jack stood up and yelled as he threw down his controller in anger. “Don’t you yell at me you bum….i knew my mother was right….i should have never married you..” Sarah said as she stormed out the basement door. “Babe….Hun…..Sarah….” Jack yelled as he went after her. “Just leave me alone…” Sarah said as she kept walking out to front yard. “No….” Jack said as he grabbed her arm. “Jack…” Sarah said as she tried to pull away. Jack took his hands and placed them on her shoulders. “Babe look….im sorry….your right….Im a piece a shit….but i know I love you and my son that is coming into this world. I’m going to do whatever it takes to provide for us ” Jack said. “Jack that’s not good enough…you said that at our wedding and when we got pregnant. And now were here….two months to go and another mouth to feed. You’ve broken your promises since high school. You providing money isn’t enough. I need something more from you. “Sarah said. ‘Well what is it…” Jack said as he stared into her eyes. “I need you to be a parent. Do you know anything about taking care of kids or anything?” Sarah said. “I mean I use to have a puppy and it didn’t die on me.” Jack said as he chuckled. “Jack…that’s what I mean…you cant take anything serious can you. Pack your shit….Im kicking you out.” Sarah said as she began to walk away. “No Sarah. Wait, please. Ill do anything.” Jack said. “I want you to become a better man and a father for our son…” Sarah said. “Ok…fine…but how…where do I learn.” Jack said. “My aunt has a place in the next city over…she runs a program.” Sarah said. “Fine sign me up. Ill do whatever it takes to make this work.” Jack said. “Ok ill give her a call. Youll leave today.” Sarah said. “Oh…ok…how long is the program.” Jack asked. “A week.” Sarah said. “A week…what kind of program is it.” Jack asked. “It helps make sure you know how to take care of kid. Youll learn everything a kid goes through.” Sarah said. “Well I guess Ill go back my bag…” Jack said. “No…just get in the car and go.” Sarah said. “Wait are you sure.” Jack said. “Either you leave now with nothing or you can leave with your stuff and never come back.” Sarah said. “But how do I get there…” Jack said. “Ill text you the address…don’t worry ill see you in a week.” Sarah said. “Ok…I guess.” Jack said as he walked out the door and got into the car and drove onto the highway. Within moments he got a text from Sarah on where to go. Jack drove almost an hour and got there and parked his car. He got out and looked at the huge windowless building. He got out and walked up to the door where he had to buzz in. Jack buzzed the doorbell. “Hello…” Jack said. “Yes how can I help you.” A women’s voice said. “Yes Im here for your program for upcoming fathers.” Jack said. “Ok and your name.” The women said. “Um Jack Jones.” Jack said as he waited a few moments. “OK let me ring you in.” The lady said. Jack heard the door ring and he opened it and walked inside. The room was like any reception room. “Come on over here and well get you set.” The lady said. Jack walked over to the counter. “Ok ill need you to sign this paper.” She said. “OK I have a few questions…what kind of program is this by the way..is this like hands on or like book or both.” Jack said as he signed the paper. “Its more hands on...we help you get a perspective of a child from ages 0-3 and what they go through.” She said. “OK that sounds ok…and what if I want to leave.” Jack asked. “Once you leave the building you cannot return. You can leave anytime you want. No one is here agasint there will.” She said. “Got it…” Jack said. “So once you hand me that paper that’s it….your in…and if you leave you fail. You just have to make it for one week. Today is Sunday at 12pm. Just make it til next Sunday and youll pass.” The lady said. Jack handed her the paper. “Alright ill need your wallet, cell phones, keys and any other personal belongings.” The lady said. “Why do you need these things for.” Jack said. “We keep our program a secret and have a very high success rate. We keep these rates up by having no interuptions. If anything happens to a loved one. They can call us and we will pull you out right away. Any other questions.” The lady said. “No, I guess not.” Jack said as he handed her all of his stuff from his pockets. “Ok well be on our way….just go to the left and open the door and pick a number from 0-3 and youll be fine.” The lady said. “Oh by the way do you know Shelly by chance.” Jack asked. “Yes she one of our floor managers.” The lady said. “Well im married to her only niece Sarah.” Jack said. “Oh well, we know you quite well then.” She said. “Wait how do you know me….” Jack asked. “Don’t worry…just go to the door and pick a number hun. Have fun. “The lady said as she smiled. Jack just shook his head in doubt and made his way to the door and opened it. The door closed behind him and locked. Jack tried to open the door but it wouldn’t budge. Jack looked around and saw only 4 doors down the hallway with numbers from 0-3. “ Here we go I guess.” Jack said as he walked up to one of the doors.
  5. So i bought a new surrond sound Logtech Z506. (5-1) tried to hook it up to my tv and i only get a max of 2-1 max ratio. i heard that if i got a 5 and 1 audio decoder it would work. Anyone have any luck.
  6. (first off thanks everyone for there offers and all the advise.) finally took me almost two weeks but i found and bought my laptop. I got a hp notebook 17×11 i5 intell core processer for around 450 and got the warranty (only acciedntal for 18 months) for 89 dollars. So hopefully this does me good for a while. Now all my fancy attachments are another story (mouse head phones bag etc....) but im trying to go back to school lol.
  7. So hey guys. Im looking at getting a laptop for under 500$. Need this one to last a while. Ive had one now for 3 yrs and its done. Im looking at hp or acer or cromebook. Let me know of any advise. My last one was hp and it did ok.
  8. So moving out soon and figure i needed to get a gun. (a handgun)(dont want to get a shotgun) nothing fancy. Looking for something to get so i can shoot at the range and protect myself. (NOT looking for concealed carry just home protection) Yes i can pass a background check. I have a budget of about 900$ (also to buy a trigger lock and a gun safe.) So i guess if anyone has any good links or any ideas of where to start off that would be grear. (please no polotical stuff...thanks..just a newbie looking)
  9. really its up to you..depends on what you want to write. (but thats my two cents...which aint worth jack crap)
  10. Was on my way to pay on bills this afteenoon and came to a stop sign. My shifting cable broke (good thing it got stuck in neatural ) I guess bills can weight till next week...i was going out on the town but it looks like im not now...lol. I guess i can save some money now.
  11. Im actually aloud to cook this year. And this year i got the big part. The HAM. so i guess im moving up in the world. Lol
  12. So i came across an old trunk with drawers in it. Its in at least poor (along the outside with rust with broken latcb) outside wise. But inside all the drawers are in working condtion and all of its intact. I was wondering is it worth to refurbish. I know its from the 1920s ans 1930s era. But i guess does anyone have any advice to restore the outside rust or should i just sell as is. Really dont want to keep it. So if anyone is an antique collector and can give me an estaimite on how much its worth. I would reallt appericiate it.
  13. When your songs you grew up with is consider classic music now
  14. Not trying to start anything but this is an updated link to the story if anyone is instrested http://www.wesh.com/article/man-who-shot-killed-diaper-theft-suspect-at-pine-hills-walmart-charged/9240671
  15. Is this a mental issue...depends on the person or envoriment or other issues that happens to person. I think that what most of what you said is times of distress. (Examples you gave) Such as death or bullying. (In my opion. Please take with a grain of salt as people experience life differently) So these events help made diapers (point in that direction.) to make them a cruch to help in hard times. (Such as smoking or exersise or reading a relgious book to help escape or cope.) So really depends...do YOU consider it a mental disorder based on your mind is the question. Over exersising is bad, along with gambling or drinking etc. As long as you dont harm yourself or harm anyone else..your fine...