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  1. My Fitness Pal

    Well it depends on yourself. Cardio is the main calorie burner cause it can give you an estimate based on height weight distance and heart rate. While weight lifting is kinda of harder, you have to look that one up online and get a good idea where your at. The problem with weight training is keeping track of how many times you stop, while cardio you keep going. So when you do keep track of it go more on the lower side of weight lifting when it comes to weight training. Not saying that you cant count calories from weight lifting but i would keep track more of my food intake and make sure im getting a enough protien after the workout etc. Keep in mind that its all about fat burning and gettinf stronger with weight lifting.
  2. A little hypocritical?

    Well i dont think most people are negative when it comes to this life style. People live different lives and have different values. For me i wear when i can but dont want to be out in public. Why is that. Well no one needs to know my lifestyle. If you want to wear well then go ahead. No ones stopping you. But my suggestion would really to fit your life style is to try to find a local group with in your area and have a brunch with other abdl and dl etc. (Some of them might wear and some wont, cant speak for them) Your right none of us should wear diapers unless medically require but yet again this is our life stlye so who gives the right to anyone (other than our selves) Yes were under one umbrella but we break up into different catergoires. So to say that were all "we are way to negative on each other." When it comes to this issue, kind of a bullish statment. Im sure you can find a group or other dl/abdl that like exposer or the thrill of it and i encouarge you to do so. Well judgeing people will always happen in any group of people no matter race gender etc. So you might as well and just kinds of "grow a pair". Really hope you find who your looking for, but dont put the whole negative stero type on this fourm or this life style. Yes there are bad apples but most of us (i speak for myself and no one else.) are mostly chill and nice. So you might want to try and get the sand out your diaper before you get a rash.
  3. Wisdom Teeth

    So found out today that i have to get wisdom teeth out just the bottom two. They said ill be out for 3-5 days and in constant pain for 7-10. But what are some other things i can expect.
  4. Night sweats

    Well, try to keep the place dry and cool But as long as there is no chest pain(fever etc) or extreme weight loss, you might be right about what the doctor says about nothing you can do. But another things might be prescription drugs or alcohol in your system. Best of luck
  5. Lost a Facebook Friend today

    Wow, I even joke at church with the old ladies and even they can joke with me when we make fun of our own cultural (Christian) Yeah she's a snow flake. I bet she might be the one who site in her pew and has the mom haircut with Starbucks in hand every Sunday. (Hope I'm wrong)
  6. So these past couple of months I have been busting my rumpus for the past month or so to get a higher position at a another facility I woke up this morning to a text from my supervisor basically saying, "there is an opening at another facility until another this date in time I will give you a reference if you want to put my name down. Would hate to loose you." Now maybe I'm over thinking. But I mean they never text me ever. (Latley I have been saying I wanted more as in more responbilities to my to other workers.) I guess does it seem They (is trying to actually help me or get rid of me) Never been in management or anything. Still applying though.
  7. Fishing

    Got a chance to go deep sea fishing the other summer and it was nice. Every one caught wa-hoos. (Hope I spelled it right.) Mine was 30 something pounds. It was nice but everyone on the boat got sea sick. I rarely go fishing but when I do. I mainly don't even fishing, I just go for the peace and quiet in nature.
  8. Gun advise

    So I recently got my CCP. and also bought myself a new ruger ec9s. It's pretty good. Got it for kicks and giggles and price. The high point I still have but it's mainly for messing around. But now I have some money to play with. So now I'm looking for a good one that's really top of the line. (Hand gun) Have about 800$ to play with. (Or with that kind of money should I just go for the rifle. Still kinda of unsure about that purchase.)
  9. Long night

    So you got me left overs right...
  10. struggling to come up with a title

    Toddling back in time. (Not sure how you spell toddling.)
  11. Dropping Clues - 2 Truths and a Lie

    Well that may all be cool and what not but I am for one not for public blast Hopefully it went well or if you haven't gone I would discourage it. That's why we have an open forum here to discuss things like this.
  12. Hiding your diapers

    I used to hide mine in a small back pack and under my bed, in my dresser, in my suite case, and even in my old shed. Even decades later is still have to have locked up in my gun safe...
  13. Eating healthy is expensive

    Yes it is hard but I always recommend to plan out your meals for the week. Look on deals and buy in season for fruits and veggies. Plan out you source of protein weather if your vegan or not. Go to frozen if you need to. Usually a dollar for a good serving for the day. Most veggies are meant for fiber to fill you up in no time. Plan according when out. Always carry a protein bar with you. (Yes there some what processed and have suager and salt but a lot healthier than eating out) or go out for a hand full of nuts with you.) Stay hydrated the whole time to help with cravings Best of luck
  14. Car advise

    So I got pre approved for car loan. I'm sticking to something under 9k (under 48 month right at 3.75% rate) and has to be 2010 or higher, private seller or dealership. I do have 2k cash to put down. (I know I don't have a choice. My current car won't last with transmissions issue with 200k plus alomst 20 years old.) But I really don't know what kind of car or brand to look. (I was looking at Honda, Ford, or hyaundi.) So does any body have ideas for reliable cars that are older than 2010 that don't need major mantaince.
  15. Rearz trademarking AB/DL

    Something tells me it will not go in their favor as long as people send emails about their concern. In my personal opinon i think they will end up like the fine bros. (Youtube channel) when they tried to create and market the phrase "react" videos.