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Bad Husband, Better Baby

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So, this is my first try at writing something... This has a slowish start in terms of AB content, this more just setting the scene. But in future this story will include a lot of AB content and a lot of humiliation. Please let me know what you think of it! :)

Chapter 1 - A Bad Morning

"You are going to be late for work... Again..."

Nick opened his eyes and squinted in the harsh morning light, evidently his wife had opened the curtains after she woke up. He hated when she did that. Nick was the type of guy who needed an easy start to the day, he needed to be gently woken up with the sounds of breakfast cooking and the smell of coffee or tea brewing.

"Nick! Get up, you know you can't afford to be late, you know your boss has you on a final warning"

Instead of the easy wake up he desired he was woken up by the sounds of Sarah, his wife, bustling around gathering her things before she left for her work. Sarah was a teacher who specialised in working with kids that other schools had given up on. She worked with the sort of children that had been expelled from elsewhere and that other schools didn't want to let in. "Misunderstood kids who needed some help" she would say, "Trouble making delinquents" Nick would invariably respond. Sarah hadn't always been working with these kids though.

When Sarah and Nick first met they were both just 20 years old and in university, Nick was studying Sports Management, not because it would help him with a job or anything like that but simply because he saw it as an easy course that he could glide through so that he could use his time at Uni to party. He had always been a bit directionless, just doing the bare minimum to get himself through life.

It was at one of these parties that Nick, a little bit tipsy at the time, had noticed a shy girl standing in the corner of the room.

Nick was immediately enthralled at the sight. This girl was what Nick would describe as "stunning" even though she was showing as much skin as some of the other girls at the party and Nick usually wasn't exactly picky about who he went home with, that night was different. This girl was different. She was about 6ft tall with shoulder length brown hair, she was awkwardly standing amongst a group of girls who were all standing around the corner and talking. Nick could tell even from across the room that this girl was not entirely comfortable at this party.

Using the courage that his drinks that night had given him he walked over to the girl and introduced himself. Although she was shy it wasn't long until she had opened up toward Nick, they seemed to have a real connection and they quickly found themselves outside of the house the party was in just sitting on the wall and talking to each other. Nick found out that this girl whose name was Sarah was studying teaching, and not only that but she was top of her class and even though she hadn't graduated yet was already being tipped by many in the know to really make some waves in the field of education. "Smart and beautiful" Nick had thought.

It was the start of a romance that neither had seen coming. Nick was in that phase where he just wanted to sleep with everyone he could, the thought of settling down or falling in love was abhorrent to him. Sarah, on the other hand, was a shy girl who had never been very outgoing.

She had been dragged along to the party they met at by friends in her accommodation and had been planning to leave as soon as she could until she met Nick.

Now only three years later they were married and living together. Sarah had quickly moved out of mainstream teaching when she saw the bureaucracy and target focused nature of the work. When she was offered a special position with a higher pay at a school ran separate from the main system for children whom the system had given up on she jumped at the chance.

Nick on the other hand had found that his attitude of drifting through life challenged significantly when he left Uni. He had scraped a 2:2 degree, it was a pass but it was a low pass and because of that he found finding work quite difficult, especially with his lazy attitude and preference for avoiding work. So after searching for over a year he finally found himself a job in a leisure centre, he wasn't exactly thrilled with this. He was low on the ladder, he had to set up equipment for parties and other events, he had to supervise people using the equipment in the gym, he had to do menial work only one step up from the janitor. In short, he was a general grunt.

"Nick, I'm leaving for work, don't be late, love you!"

Nick was broken from his reverie of the recent past by his wife shouting from downstairs and then the door slamming shut. He finally hoisted himself into a sitting position stretching and yawning as he did so and looked at the clock.

"7am! She woke me at 7am!" He said out loud in exasperation. He let out a laugh in disbelief, his wife had quite a commute to work so had to leave early, Nick on the other hand lived only a quick 15 minute drive from the leisure centre and since he didn't start till 9am he could sleep much later. Of course, there was a problem that despite the short journey Nick had still managed to be late three times in the last month, and as Sarah had unnecessarily reminded him on the way out, he was on a last chance. Despite how much he hated his job, the fact that Sarah could easily pay all the bills alone and how demeaning he felt it to be, Sarah had made it very clear to him that he had to work or there would be consequences.

They had tried the one income home before with Nick supposedly doing the housework but it hadn't worked and Sarah had found herself working and then coming home to cook and clean whilst Nick just spent his days lazing around. Sarah had put a stop to that and said if he didn't want to do the housework then he could find real work.

With all of this on his mind Nick lay back down. "Just another hour" he thought to himself and then he would get up, he pulled the covers over him and closed his eyes.

He had a weird dream. He was in a river swimming and up ahead he could see a waterfall and he started frantically trying to avoid it, he desperately reached out for branches or rocks or anything to stop his progress toward the waterfall. Then just as he started over the edge he suddenly jolted awake.

He sat upright, as he felt a warm dampness between his legs.

"Oh my God" he shouted out loud. "I've wet the bed!" As he was processing what had just happened he looked at the clock.

"8:50!" he exclaimed. Nick jumped up and through on his clothes not bothering to stop for a shower or breakfast, he didn't have time. He already knew he was in trouble, it was a 15 minute journey to work and he only had ten. Maybe if the traffic lights were kind he could make it he thought.

He ran down the stairs straight into his car and quickly backed out of the drive and sped off down the street.

His mind was racing, what had just happened? He had wet the bed! Nick thought back to the last time he had woken up in a wet bed, it had happened every now and then in university, usually after a heavy night out partying, and before that it happened sporadically as a teenager, but this was the first time in a while that it had happened. The first time since university, the first time since he met Sarah.

He focused back on the present and was actually presently surprised. He still had 5 minutes and due to a minor miracle he was nearly there, he could see the leisure centre!

Just when Nick thought he was going to make it he saw the flashing blue lights in the mirror and heard the siren behind him. His heart sank for the second time that morning as he pulled over.

The policeman walked up to the window.

"Do you know the speed limit on this road, sir?" The policeman asked casually.

"Yes officer, it's 30mph, please I'm going to be la-" Nick began saying.

"And do you know how fast you were traveling?" The policeman continued sounding almost bored as he went through the same routine he had done countless times before.

"What? I don't know, erm, 40ish, I guess." Nick hurriedly said getting flustered.

"Step out the car and hand over your license please." The officer continued

Nick looked at his cars clock just as it hit 9am and gave up. He was late. He stepped out of the car and went through the formalities with the police officer and came back to his car with a fine and three points on his license.

He continued on to work at a much more sedate pace knowing that it didn't matter now, he was late again and he was going to be in trouble.

Sure enough, on arrival he was called straight into his managers office.

"Late again?" Mr. Goodwin said with a very stern look on his face from behind his rather luxurious Oak wood desk, quite out of place amongst all the more modern furniture of the leisure centre.

"Sir, I-" Nick began before being cut off straight away.

"Nick, we gave you this job because with your degree we thought you could move up the chain a bit. We expected you to progress up the ladder rather quickly. But rather than progress you seem to have regressed. You have gone from an employee who picked up the responsibilities of your job quite quickly, to an employee who put in no effort" Nick knew what was coming and hung his head.

"Nick, you have used up all your chances, I am afraid we are going to have to let you go effective immediately." Mr. Goodwin finished and looked back down to his paperwork.

Nick slowly turned away from his boss, well, ex-boss and left the office. Walked back to his car and made his way home. His head was ablaze with worries and thoughts as he slowly made his way home.

When he got in he slumped into his computer chair and turned the PC on, with nothing else to do now he started browsing his favourite websites and played a few games of "Action Blade: Diamond League", a rather generic first person shooter, but it was remarkably effective at clearing his mind of all the craziness of this morning and when his phone rang at around lunch time he picked it up without a moments hesitation and answered.

"Hi babe" came his wifes voice through the phone.

The sound of his wifes voice immediately brought him back to reality and he sat there unable to speak or move as he thought about the reaction his wife was about to have to the news he would have to give her.

"Babe?" Sarah repeated from the other end of the phone.

"Y-yes, hi honey" Nick stuttered back.

"Is everything OK? I haven't caught you at a busy time have I? It's normally your lunch break about now..." Sarah said.

"Listen, honey... I... I have some bad news" Nick proceeded to tell his wife of waking up late and getting a ticket from the police and then that he was let go from his job. The one part of the story he left out was the wet bed, which with everything else this morning had slipped his mind.

When he was done telling Sarah everything that had happened there was silence from the other end of the phone. Nick didn't know what else to say after all the profuse apologising he had put into his story so he sat there in silence waiting for his wife to comment. The silence seemed to last an age, though in reality it was probably only a few seconds. Finally, Sarah responded in an icily calm manner.

"We will talk when I get home... You know, I said there would be consequences." And with that Sarah abruptly hung up.

Nick slumped in his chair, it was worse than he thought. He thought she would be angry and that she would shout at him, but this was so much worse. He knew that his wife wasn't kidding, she was no longer that ultra shy girl he had seen in the corner of the room at that party, since taking this job with the more difficult children she had developed a harder side. Nick knew he was in trouble, she hadn't shouted at him, she simply had that disappointed tone in her voice, the same tone that mothers all over the World use when they are really upset with their kids.

All Nick could do now was wait for his wife to return home from work that evening.

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Nice start, good back story, and setting of the stage!

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Fantastic start. I can't wait for the next chapter. There are not many stories that can captivate me, but you have done it well with this one. :thumbsup:

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Thanks for the kind words everyone :)

I shall be continuing this story, and since I have a lot of free time you can expect regular updates (hopefully).

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This story has a chance to be great. I want to watch and see where it goes.

Good luck.

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I have to agree this is shaping up to be really good. Thanks for writing it.

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Please add more I would like to see how far the husband will get punished

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Great start, I am so looking forward to finding out what he is in for, I see lots of trouble. :)

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Nice start ELf :D

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Interesting start, anxious to see where this is going, thank you, 1st story, very good!

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Thanks for the kind words everyone :D After this chapter there will be plenty more ABDL content, had to set the stage and get everything ready for it! As before, all comments are welcome, hope you enjoy :)

Chapter 2 - Responsibilities

Sarah hung up the phone. She was fuming, her body was tense and she had her phone in a death grip. Her voice and feelings had been disguised to her husband, she made sure she didn't let the anger show through but as soon as she hung up on Nick she had felt anger boiling up and it was threatening to bubble over.

She stood in the empty classroom looking out of the window at the children out on the playground. Of course, many of her students and the students at the school were barely children, this was a last chance saloon for most of the kids and Sarah, being recognised for the prodigious talent she had, had been assigned the oldest, and often, the most delinquent of  the children. Mostly 16-17 year olds, these kids were well versed in surviving in extreme circumstances, many having grown up in difficult environments and were poorly adjusted for society as a result. Often they already had criminal records before finding their way into Sarahs classroom.

There was still 10 minutes left of the lunch break so Sarah knew she had a little bit of time to calm down, she would need to as well since her students were masters at finding a weakness and exploiting it. Many of her friends had complained that her job was making her uncaring but that wasn't the case at all, she loved these kids and the progress she saw in them from when they joined the class to when they left was often astounding, she was doing good work and she knew it. But working with kids such as these required a certain amount of disconnect, many were manipulative, all looked to exploit weakness and so she was forced to shield herself mentally and emotionally (as well as physically sometimes) whilst at work. She had to be on her guard from the moment the first kids entered the school premises to the moment the last child left. It could be exhausting, made all the worse that when she went home it was often Sarah that had to cook and clean whilst Nick would be sitting on the computer.

As she thought about that last part again she felt her anger rising again. "How dare he!" she thought.

It was at this moment, when her emotions were threatening to get the better of her that her colleague and friend Jack entered the room. Jack had been with the school from the start and was often the person the other teachers went to for advice because of his extra experience .His degree in behavioral psychology meant he was very good at reaching kids others couldn't. He was older than Sarah but at 35 was still young, not particularly old for a teacher in general but at this particular school he was the oldest.

"You are looking a little tense there... If you give that window any more of a death stare I think it might shatter" Jack said jokingly. "You want to talk? Still got some time before the kids come back in." Jack continued dropping the jokey tone.

Sarah walked over to her desk and sat down prompting Jack to pull a chair over and sit the other side of the desk.

"What's up Sarah?" Jack asked.

"Nick got fired..." She said after a moment of hesitation and then after another moment continued, "I don't know what to do with him, he is idle to the point of driving me crazy. He rarely helps around the house, and he spends all of his time on that bloody computer playing games and talking to people over the internet and yet never has the time for me"

Sarah could feel the anger subsiding a bit as she let out these thoughts that she rarely told anyone. The anger, however, was being replaced by a sadness.

"That doesn't sound healthy at all, for you or him. Have you spoken to him about this, about how you feel?" Jack asked.

"Ha" Sarah let out a quick laugh, "like he would care, he doesn't listen to me."

There was brief pause where Sarah was lost in thought before continuing.

"I know he loves me, he really does. But he never shows it, he has always been lazy to a certain point, but these days it seems out of control. Half the time I feel less like his wife and more like his mother." Sarah finished looking a little bit flustered.

Jack leaned forward in his chair.

"I can understand it must be hard. Going from this place to home and not having anywhere to let these emotions out. It can be very important to have a place to release these tensions." Jack placed his hand over Sarahs.

Sarah who had been lost in thought since finishing her little rant suddenly snapped back to the room. Why had Jack put his hand on hers? And why wasn't she saying anything about it?

"Jack, why ar-" Sarah started but was cut off by the bell sounding for afternoon classes.

Jack quickly stood up and said "Damn, sorry, we will have to finish this another time. Gotta run my classroom is on the other side of the building and you know how these kids can be when unsupervised!" With that Jack sped out of the door.

Sarah stayed sat in place confused at what just had happened. Her students started walking in so she quickly gathered herself together, locked up her thoughts and feelings of the days events and prepared for the afternoon.


Meanwhile, back at home, Nick was sat at his computer wondering what was going to happen. He was worried about what his wife had said on the phone, about there being "consequences" although he had no idea what she meant by that he knew it wouldn't be good.

Nick mentally cursed himself for being late again. He hated that job, but that was besides the point. He knew that even though the money was unimportant and that the job was relatively meaningless, it was still important in the eyes of his wife. He felt like it was the one thing he hadn't let her down on, and now he had. Their love life was pretty uninspired and it was becoming increasingly rare that they shared intimate moments, he didn't contribute much to the household finances and he didn't contribute much to the chores.

The problem was that Nick knew all this and still couldn't snap himself into action. Every night he promised himself tomorrow would be different and then the next day would find him sitting in front of his computer again.

He leaned forward and hit his head on the desk and stayed that way for a couple of minutes.

"What to do next" he thought to himself.

After a few minutes of contemplation Nick picked up his phone and phoned his best friend Steve. After a few minutes Nick had told Steve everything that had happened and they had arranged to meet at a little pub not far from Nicks house that Steve and Nick frequented quite regularly.

"Hey Nick." Steve said upon Nicks arrival half an hour later, "Sounds like you have had quite the day."

"No shit..." Nick said sipping some of the beer Steve had bought for the pair of them. It was a beautiful and sunny day and the pair were sat on a bench outside the front of the pub.

Steve had been Nicks best friend for a long time, they had attended the same schools and then the same universities and had been virtually inseparable for a long time. Steve was similar to Nick in terms of laziness, the difference being that Steve was only lazy in his spare time and was a very hard worker. Steve was a self-employed electrician and today was one the days off that he rewarded himself with when work was going well.

Steve and Nick spent a few hours doing what they did every time they visited the pub, putting the World to rights, talking about the football and generally having a good time.

After a few hours Nick was getting ready to leave for home, he had drunk a few drinks and was lightly tipsy maybe, but nothing more.

"You need to buck up your ideas mate." Steve said looking at Nick seriously, "Sarah is the best thing that has ever, or will ever, happen to you. You can't let yourself lose her just because you can't grow up." Steve said to Nick seriously. Which was out of character for Steve who usually took very few things seriously.

"Thanks for the lecture" Nick replied sarcastically whilst gathering up his things and heading for the door. "I'll see you later."

Steve sat shaking his head at his friend. He knew Nick was lazy and that things were sometimes a bit tense between him and Sarah but he knew they were a good couple, he was friends with both of them and had even been best man at the wedding but he also knew that Nicks attitude to everything was driving a wedge in his marriage.

Nick walked home, it was only a short journey and when he got in he looked at the clock to see his wife was due home in about half an hour. He shuddered at the thought of the approaching confrontation with his wife and decided to lay down on the sofa and close his eyes to think through possible scenarios.

The next thing he knew he was opening his eyes with Sarah standing up over him scowling.

"Having a good rest after a hard day, are we?" Sarah said not letting the anger she felt on the inside show on the outside.

"Sarah I... Listen... I'm sorry." Nick said startled and not ready for his wife to be home.

Sarah sniffed the air after he finished.

"Have... Have you been drinking?" Sarah said stunned at the audacity of her husband to go out to the bar on a day like this.

"I needed to calm down from everything that had happened, I was feeling stressed and-" Nick was cut off

"STRESSED!?" The anger that Sarah had so skillfully hidden up to now was started to bubble over. "STRESSED! At what? Your one responsibility as an adult was just removed from you when you got fired and you are stressed?" Sarah asked incredulously.

Nick sat there with his head hung low looking at the ground. He couldn't look at his wife right now, she was upset but it hadn't been his fault right? He had overslept sure, but he would still have made it to work on time if it wasn't for being stopped by the policeman.

"Sarah." Nick began, lifting his head to look at his wife "It wasn't my fault. It was that policeman who stopped me, I would have been on time otherwise." Nick finished. He realised as soon as he said it that it was a mistake.

"Not your fault? Not your fault... It's never your fault is it Nick, there is always an excuse. How can I trust someone who never owns up to their mistakes?" Sarah started heading for the stairs. "Listen, we will talk about this properly in a bit, I need to go shower and get changed."

Sarah walked up the stairs fuming at her husband and walked into the bedroom and slammed the door behind her. She began taking her clothes off when she noticed something on an exposed part of her husbands side of the bed. Curious, she walked over to the bed and looked at the large wet spot that was there.

As she got near it she got a strong whiff of stale urine. Sarah was speechless, her husband had wet the bed? Why hadn't he told her, or at least cleaned it up?

Sarah contemplated her next move, she really had no idea how to react next. With all the events that had transpired today she was reaching her limit, and now this fresh revelation that her husband as well as losing his responsibilities as an adult with regards to work, he had also apparently wet the bed.

She headed into the shower, still shocked, and turned on the hot water and stood in there thinking about what to do next. It was clear Nick was failing her as a husband, now she was wondering if he was failing as an adult.

Sarah was beginning to form some ideas whilst Nick was downstairs unaware that things could get much worse for him than the shame he felt right now.

Nick sat head in his hands. In one day he had lost his job, got caught speeding and lost the trust of his wife.

"Things couldn't get worse for me." Nick thought, "Could they?"

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Keep it up :D I can't wait to read more. It is so captivating ^_^

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The build up is awesome and really well written. More please.

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  1. Wonderful chapter :D

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I have just discovered this new story and it looks great. Looking forward to read more.


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