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  1. A Too Late Magical Girl

    I can see that I suppose
  2. Max's Christmas Wish (Updated 12/7)

    Oooooooooooooooooooooh I'm hoping for more when you can
  3. Angel Hunter (Chapter 12 up Dec. 8)

    Enjoying this tale, it's got lots of interesting stuff going on, looking forward to finding out more when you've got more time to post
  4. Baby Care Class (remixed) part 7

    *waves* are welcomes
  5. Thanks this is great fun
  6. Baby Care Class (remixed) part 7

    *activates da dinosaur lockdown system so she cans snuggle da dinosaurs before dey poof backs to da cretaceous wifs your dino time box*
  7. Student Court

    yay fanks well you're being nice this close to da christmas da santas mights gets you an extra rattles or a new playpens or mebbe ebens some plush elves to cuddles
  8. Student Court

    Story seems to missing some bits now does anyone have them?
  9. Unconventional Solutions - 22 Final Chapter

    I enjoyed this story loads it was all smiles and awws and crinklys and owwws cause I had an anchor boot once they're no funs, nopes, and fings wikes that. Kind of glad that last update ended where it did, though I want more... *nodsnods* Hate stories that I enjoy endings!
  10. Baby Care Class (remixed) part 7

    Was fun, poor baby
  11. A Too Late Magical Girl

    Yeah Tac is kind of terrible. I'm so glad I don't have to work with her.