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  1. Just caught up again, enjoyed all the chapters though I'm on team karmic justice for Wendy!
  2. Hmm Thanks for updating
  3. Thanks for the update
  4. Enjoyed the new update Thanks!
  5. Poor Koi.
  6. Wheeeeeeeeeeeee
  7. Is a good but scary stories *puts da scary author bonnet on your head and ties it snugs* Fanks for the update pile!
  8. story

    Was lots of fun
  9. Thanks for the update!
  10. Interesting stuffs. Thanks for the update
  11. I kind of miss getting ice cream when I'm upset now. Thanks for the update *traps kimmie inside inside a butterfly net*
  12. Thanks for the update
  13. Enjoyed the update. Was good!
  14. diaper dimension

    Thanks for your update enjoyed it as always