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  1. I have enjoyed this I hope you'll find the time and muse to write more
  2. Sarah Penguin

    Visit from the Diaper Lady

  3. *leaves a dinosaur-sized writing desk in a matching pink*
  4. Sarah Penguin

    “Because we say so.” 1-3

  5. Sarah Penguin

    Sam's Fate

  6. Sarah Penguin

    Better Late Than Never

  7. Sarah Penguin

    Tommy's Tribulations

  8. Sarah Penguin

    Better Late Than Never

    At least their wishing didn't end up with people turning into superheated statues by transmuting their carbon into silicon, at least not yet *nodsnods*
  9. Sarah Penguin


  10. Sarah Penguin

    Through the Storm

    Is funs
  11. Sarah Penguin

    No-No in trouble