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  1. Sarah Penguin

    I, Rayne Griff {Chapter 14 on 2/17}

  2. Sarah Penguin

    Done Adulting, Forever? (Chapter 18 posted)

    Hmmm perhaps they can find him a custom printed "bears please don't eat jamie" onesie, shirt, or perhaps a hat so he can feel safer as his random toy for being nice Definitely enjoyed inscrutable wise-old-woman stuffed into the mind of a toddler hoping for more of her and jane's terrorize the rude superpowers
  3. Sarah Penguin

    Done Adulting, Forever? (Chapter 18 posted)

    That was good as always I wonder though if she'll show up sometime with a Amazon powerpoint presentation detailing precisely how they've disrespected her and her unique and perfect self ever since day one.
  4. Sarah Penguin

    Done Adulting, Forever? (Chapter 18 posted)

    I wonder if there's a diaper dimension mod for a mech game, where lost plots don't die they get adopted and show up maybe in reports perhaps in background with amazons carrying them around...
  5. Sarah Penguin

    Done Adulting, Forever? (Chapter 18 posted)

    Yeah I wrote this thing about sending the power rangers and their giant robots to spank her forever but kind of decided it was a bit..meh so I deleted that bit of my post. But yeah.
  6. Sarah Penguin

    Done Adulting, Forever? (Chapter 18 posted)

    whee was a good chapter enjoyed becky defending jamie from attacks for once
  7. Sarah Penguin

    Done Adulting, Forever? (Chapter 18 posted)

    Poor Cheryl I feel for her. Jamie is probably going to see that cashier many times if it's their regular grocery store so perhaps something that can be done. Sunning themselves sounds hellish I hate getting sweaty and that's all sunning yourself does other than upping your cancer risks - double yay (I'm more prone to sweat than most). I have pale skin that skips tanning and goes directly to incineration to boot. Yay!
  8. Sarah Penguin

    Babies of Madison High

    naked? those poor kids. But naked gang member students will be revealing any tattoos so thats going to be a distinguishing thing. Plus I'd be beating you to death with my textbooks if you tried. At leash Madison High isn't a religious school though I wonder how many parents do the math later on diaper costs and transfer out. I hope they can at least change themselves. Otherwise they'll need to hire a mob of carers to stuff where the toilets were or people will get rashes and leaks from sitting around too long in used diapers. Is interesting stuff there though
  9. Sarah Penguin

    Babies of Madison High

    She'll only let him wear what the other kids wear if there's an baby-designated uniform *nodsnods*
  10. Sarah Penguin

    Guinea pig

    *nodsnods* you should tke your time an write when your muse strikes and ignore my wanting more stories all the time because even though i like having new stories to read it's not your problem and between the internet forums and internet library fings like on amazon i rarely run out of stuff to read and that gives me the chance to try games in my big pile of underloved steam games.