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  1. The New Hansel And Gretel

    yay more hangel and gretels
  2. Unconventional Solutions

    Enjoyed this update
  3. Shiori

    Yay more shiori time
  4. Kit 'n' Kenzie

    Seems a reasonable minimum of precaution
  5. Kit 'n' Kenzie

    I hope so!
  6. Kit 'n' Kenzie

    I'm guessing Kit accepts he is female and then gets zapped and reaged to his previous age, but the device overloads, melts, and and backlashes turning the mad scientist and Kenzie into 10 month olds for the rest of their lives though they keep their adult minds and eventually learn to cope with their infancy. The infant scientist gets a massive power bill beyond all reason.
  7. Kit 'n' Kenzie

    A princess makeover sounds wikes funs but try not to flood disneyland sophies wikes dats poor restaurants *hugs and waves*
  8. Cheating Heart (Chapter Four added Aug. 16)

    Heh enjoyed this thanks
  9. Kit 'n' Kenzie

    Enjoyed the update am glad are finally going to be getting to the good stuffs - pizza *hugs and waves and hides*
  10. Adventure in tights

    Thanks for the update Enjoyed it
  11. Test Subject

    Enjoyed this update, thanks!
  12. Cursed gifts

    The plot thickens! Enjoyed this update thanks
  13. Shiori

    Thanks for the update it was really good
  14. Kit 'n' Kenzie

    Enjoyed the update kind of hope da kit is going to be all i like cute pullups i want to wear them all the time thoughs Is prolly just me...
  15. Casey's Nanny

    I'm calling the darkness as a power outage so they'll hafta fight it wif candles, fings and of course extra cuddles and hugs so baby doesn't get scared of the darks maybe even an extra bonus soothing bottle feeding scene just to make extra sure