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  1. Wonderful story. I wish something like it could happen to me.
  2. Wishing Bree a speedy and full recovery. I, for one, miss her updates and look forward to their return.
  3. I have a feeling that revenge will not be complete until Sammi's outside contact is also caught and treated
  4. I think I see a ign of where this is beginning to go. Please keep going
  5. I don't think this story needs to continue. It is complete as it is. I think it is a wonderful story of redemption and relaxation for someone who didn't know what he was looking for . Kudos to the author.
  6. He seems to be regressing at a good pace. Mommy will soon have her little boy back. I am enjoying this story. Please update it as your muse allows.
  7. I believe this story has some potential and look forward to seeing it continue. Please don't let it end here.
  8. I too look forward to seeing this story continue. I have been hoping for an update since I first saw it. Please ask your muse for further inspiration..
  9. just remember Sophie, when boys play, all we need is a club and a ball
  10. May I guess the Fox series Lucifer?
  11. Thank you Boo. I realize you have a life away from here, but please don't abandon this story with so many followers.
  12. I get this feeling that there is a lot that 'Jaywene' will not like from this trip. I am enjoying watching her regression with each chapter and hope to see more. Please keep up the great effort.
  13. I see Jaylene as needing this treatment for a short term and look forward to seeing what happensas thye term grows longe. Please keep bringing updates and I hope to keep reading them.
  14. Is it possible the story is Funhouse, on Fox tales times in the Long Rifle archive? I looked for it here and on ar archive but didin't find it on either site.
  15. A very good ar story so far. I look forward to seei9ng where it goes.