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  1. "Hello there I am your caretaker."

    Something of a start. I sort of wonder where it is going?
  2. Rockabye Baby:An ageplay story

    Other than a small spelling error(ince instead of once), all I can say is it is a start to a story. I will withhold judgement on the quality of the story until I can read a little more.
  3. The Craig's List Mommy

    I was worried that this was going the way of many stories and stopping due to writer's block or regular life stepping in. Thank you for ending my fears and posting this. I look forward to seeing what these people are working up for their new charge. Please let us know as.soon as the muse strikes.
  4. The Diaper Commercial

    Wonderful story. I wish something like it could happen to me.
  5. Wishing Bree a speedy and full recovery. I, for one, miss her updates and look forward to their return.
  6. The Craig's List Mommy

    I have a feeling that revenge will not be complete until Sammi's outside contact is also caught and treated
  7. One Step Foward, One Step Back

    I think I see a ign of where this is beginning to go. Please keep going
  8. Soothing Lights and Teddy Hugs

    I don't think this story needs to continue. It is complete as it is. I think it is a wonderful story of redemption and relaxation for someone who didn't know what he was looking for . Kudos to the author.
  9. Old School Mom

    He seems to be regressing at a good pace. Mommy will soon have her little boy back. I am enjoying this story. Please update it as your muse allows.
  10. The Dark Forest Witch

    I believe this story has some potential and look forward to seeing it continue. Please don't let it end here.
  11. College Graduate to Diapers

    I too look forward to seeing this story continue. I have been hoping for an update since I first saw it. Please ask your muse for further inspiration..
  12. Untrained

    just remember Sophie, when boys play, all we need is a club and a ball
  13. May I guess the Fox series Lucifer?
  14. The Craig's List Mommy

    Thank you Boo. I realize you have a life away from here, but please don't abandon this story with so many followers.
  15. I get this feeling that there is a lot that 'Jaywene' will not like from this trip. I am enjoying watching her regression with each chapter and hope to see more. Please keep up the great effort.