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  1. Zach

    Hi. I'm Zach (not my real name but really wish it was) I'm here for new friends for my inner kid Zach the wild outgoing boisterous (normal) boy inside me. The real me is shy and quiet with no friends as I'm autistic (among other things) I wear diapers as growing up and still today somewhat I'm afraid of a toilet. I hate the sound and I'm afraid of falling in or something coming out of it from the drain. I'm still deathly afraid of public toilets so growing up in school I would hold it all day till it physically hurt and I would get picked on till I peed myself as kids knew they could make me wet myself and they enjoyed it. I would often also vomit on myself being so upset breaking so if they could make me vomit and wet my pants or cry, poop myself it was a bigger charge to them. You can imagine as how kids can be. I also did tend to always smell like urine as I would often pee in my closet and dresser drawers at home on my clothes to soak it up never understood I would smell when wearing my dried clothes. Later I had clothes I just used to pee on and I'd learned to go other places like outside. I remember I found one summer I could use my winter snow suit as a toilet and the hood soaked up the evidence till my snowsuit was stinking and found full of urine and feces to point it was trash. Of course I was yelled at and told I was bad etc as people didn't understand autism much then. I did end up diapered a lot as nobody knew what to do to force toilet train me as I was really scared of the toilet so they'd force me down for hours and nothing and I'd get up and almost immediately piss myself or poop my pants as the fear went away my bladder relaxed and opened. I learned to hate bathroom even more out being forced to sit till numb. I'm also diabetic for many years now with possibly nerve damage but maybe some was also caused from holding it in so much when I was younger so anyway I dribble all day in my diaper. Anyway enough about diapers and pee. I'm more of an adult kid than baby and Zach is 10/11 years old fun loving boy. Nice to meet everyone!
  2. Friends for Zach

    Hey I'm looking for friends! I'm Zach and im a 10/11 year old energetic boisterous kid that's very kind and loving. Not at all looking for anything sexual just playtime with other kids my age (preferably boys as girls are still too yucky) I wear a pull-up diaper all day but it's because im scared of toilets and the flush sounds. We could have some fun, play video games and eat candy maybe have a virtual sleepover or something. Could start a club of our own or something cool.
  3. Does your little self have a preferred name?

    My inner kid is Zach! (Not Zachary) Lol. He is 10/11. Not my real name but always loved it (I often thought about getting legally named Zach) I much prefer being Zach than my real life. Zach is a wild boy and outgoing so he's everything I'm not. Zach is probably ADHD or something but I have more fun as Zach. Zach is pure energy but very loving and trusting soul.