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  1. Omgod so sorry about the late reply ive been busy but are you still available to being a playmate????? :3
  2. Looking for a playmate in the san diego area
  3. no b4 the rush ended and was able to change she just kept giving me wierd looks then wen i was able to change she went into the bathroom to check it u know fpr my diaper in the trash.. then i think 2 days later she brought it up i knew she saw me right off the bat but just didnt know wat too say Sent from my LGMP450 using Tapatalk
  4. i didnt, even tho i know her i just froze n kept quiet and just left it at that she knows its a fetish she knows im not incontinent Sent from my LGMP450 using Tapatalk
  5. unfortunately i dont have actual sissy clothes i live with some family members so i dont even bother buying it especially since they know i wear umm i really want too wear those things tho i tried oral once gagged n gave up lol relationships in the past yeah just took it in the bottom so yeah the only thing sissy i have is the cloth diaper in my profile pic back then i use to just take my sisters clothers and wear
  6. im a total sub i love being dominated i would say im a mix of ab/sissy i can show pics later im getting ready for work atm but i prefer disposables i just love the smell of them wen thier new and especially wen wet i use cloth aio also wen im a bit tight on money
  7. loved the feeling although at the same time i was scared to get caught cuz it happened to be a diaper i stole from my sisters room lol
  8. Well i tried wearing too work for the first time few months ago.. never again lol.. i had a full diaper and couldnt change out of it since our store got hit with the biggest rush, my manager ended up finding out cuz my pants werent baggy and i was running back n forth the kitchen so embarassing havnt worn at work since. Good thing shes like a mother figure to me and kept it a secret ofc but sometimes during our conversations shel bring it up n joke around im just like.. "Please stop.." lol
  9. Hi im from San Diego also if u wanted meet upand hangout maybe?
  10. nice too meet you 2 bill
  11. looking for people too hangout and play with whoevers living or in san diego