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Baby diapers ranked(personal opinion)

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So I had the idea to make a review/rank of the leading brands of (baby)diapers. It's my personal opinion based on my experience but I hope this helps those interested in getting into wearing diapers. Most size 6,except Luvs and Parents choice. Any suggestions for new diapers, plz don't hesitate to lmk! Hope yall enjoy ^__^.  Any criticism is welcome

Pampers Baby Dry

Absorbancy: Very good, holds alot 10/10

Affordability:pretty expensive, but worth it 4/10

Comfort:Very comfortable for babies of all shapes and sizes 8/10

Durability:quite durable, sides get warn after a good night's rest 9/10

Fit: not the stretchest out there, gets loose over time, tapes weak after awhile 6/10

Design: Very cute Design, elmo and friends design

Total:Very good, my 2nd Fav 37/50


Absorbancy: not very good, may leak from undersides for 1 decent go 4/10

Affordability: Quite affordable, big box was 30ish$ 8/10

Comfort: cheap but quite comfortable. Feels like baby diaper 6/10

Durability: sides suck, but don't really get loose. Bad tab stickiness 3/10

Fit: fits great, sides are stretchy and will conform to most people 8/10

Design: I bought the old design, basic patterns that I love but paw patrols cute too ^__^.

Total: cheap, comfortable, love them but could be more Absorbant 29/50

Pampers Cruisers

Absorbancy: impressive, can go acouple times before failure 9/10

Affordability: expensive, but for me it's well worth it 3/10

Comfort: the best diaper in terms of pure softness and fluffyness 10/10

Durability: sides aren't very durable, tabs break easier than most 8/10

Fit: name says it all, fits unparalleled, tabs are mostly sticky gets loose 8/10

Design: one of my favs, basic yet cute patterns

Total: expensive, but well worth it. I LOVE them ❤, wanna wear adult versions of them 38/50

Parents choice(walmart)

Absorbancy: not good lol, they'll leak after more than a light load 2/10

Affordability: so so cheap, best used for the tabs mod ;) 10/10 20ish for box!

Comfort: feels cheap, but not bad tho. 4/10

Durability: how? It's nearly indestructible, no lie! 10/10

Fit: kinda awkward but fits great 8/10

Design: jungle design, not very cute honestly, looks cheap.

Total: cheap, and it reflects in the categories that counts but is super cheap so great for sacrificing the tabs so the more expensive ones don't have to be wasted. Tabs stretch more than all others. 34/50(technically not better than LUVS)

Pampers Swaddlers

Absorbancy: they do a good enough job preventing leaks, holds well 7/10

Affordability: on the higher end of costs 5/10

Comfort: 2nd best, the design adds artificial comfort for me 8/10

Durability: Very good, tabs are unexpectedly amazing 9/10

Fit: tight but in a good way, tabs are great at staying in place 8/10

Design: design is reminiscent of the original diaper design, super basic white design W/ lil cute creatures on them

Total: if I ever wanna feel like a baby, this is sorta my go to simply based on design. 37/50

Pampers Pure Protection

Absorbancy: thinner so not as good, but still does good enough job 6/10

Affordability: very expensive, mainly cuase its eco friendly 2/10

Comfort: just as fluffy and comfortable as the cruisers! 10/10

Durability: not durable, materials aren't made to be long lasting 3/10

Fit: quite nice around the tighs but isn't gonna knock your socks off 6/10

Design: nice lil night themed designs, kinda meh tho

Total: good if you have extra money to throw around, good for collection tho 27/50

Huggies Little Movers

Absorbancy: does okay, will hold a decent amount 6/10

Affordability: pretty affordable, fits in between Luvs and Pampers 7/10

Comfort: they feel good, dont chaef like most 7/10

Durability: quite resistant to damage, doesn't get too loose 9/10

Fit: fits real good with its tabs being among the best, some big people may fit alright 8/10

Design: if you love lion king, you'll love these diapers!

Total: great all-round diaper, most will be pretty satisfied 37/50

Goodnights (GirlsLG)

Absorbancy: kinda wish they were on the same lvl as baby diapers 3/10

Affordability: somewhat affordable for a nice big package 6/10

Comfort: Lots of padding, yet less comfortable than most BD 5/10

Durability: never had one break, you can play in it all day and then some 10/10

Fit: fits without adjustments, without any worry of it leaving you exposed due to breakage 10/10

Design: love the cute Designs they out on the goodnights, makes me feel alittle more like the girl I was ment to be ^__^

Total: can't beat the versatility and cuteness of these. Great for the toddlers of the group 34/50

Huggies pull-ups

Absorbancy: does well for a thin diaper, hardly ever leaks 6/10

Affordability: alittle expensive, still worth it 6/10

Comfort: one word: Tight. But doesn't matter when u feel like a super tod 6/10

Durability: sides are prone to break but still gonna keep you diapered for awhile 7/10

Fit: Very tight, but if sides don't break then they'll make for good "training" pull-ups 7/10

Design: minny mouse themed pull ups make for cute designs, makes me feel like a toddler learning to potty train again

Total: great pull-ups, will make you feel happy and comfortable when your putting your diaper on. 32/50

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