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Cuties Sleep Overs

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Does anybody know about the fit of the XL Cuties Sleep Overs? I see that they are for 85-140 lbs. I can kind of fit into the current Goodnites XL, but it looks like a padded Speedo. Any insight will be greatly appreciated. 

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The Cuties XL Sleep Overs actually fit me like a slightly snug set of underwear. They definitely fit better than the Goodnites XL, because they have a higher rise in them. I'm 6'2" and 175lbs if that gives you an idea. Only way to know is to try them, and you can get them for like 19 bucks on cheapchux, which is cheaper than the amazone price i paid of 30 bucks.


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I'm 24 yrs old 5'5" and 118 lbs and the cuties XL sleep overs fit me good. I have minor accidents not often, plus some minor leaks and I have had no problems with them.

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for me this is one of the most underrated absorbent pants out there

First of all they fit like a glove, Hold around one adult pee and if you use a baby diaper (LUVS) as a stuffer they hold more 

Second you get 22 per pack which is more than other brands for a single pack

Bye Goodnights see ya later

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