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New Goodnites Design 2024

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I just got a shipment of goodnites XL from Sam's Club and they have a new design.  They also seem a little taller than last years design.  What do you think?





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I came across some photos of the new girls designs on some other forums. It seems like they have new leak guards as well that seem more babyish to me. I'm not sure how I feel about the new XL designs yet, but it seems like it will be easier to see the discoloration when wet. I think I like the old flower design more though. I will definitely miss the cupcake design from the old large size girls. Most online storefronts seem to have been updated with the new designs and info.




Finally, here's a diagram from Amazon showing the new leg gathers on the new ones:

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Oddly enough, I was just thinking about whether or not there were new designs this morning. Kind of curious as to whether or not they’ll fit a 38 inch sized waist and whether they’ll hold anything or not. 

Kind of sad to see there’s no stars or space design though.

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