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    • "I haven't had a bath in years"
    • "Alright. Let's do this thing." He leads you into the bathroom and helps you into the tub whuch is already filled with warm water. It likely feels amazing to someone in your condition.
    • Hey guys, I want to apologize for being rather lazy about writing lately. My excuse is rather flimsy, but I'll tell you anyway. I was introduced to the Roleplay section last week and I've been having the time of my life! I had no idea what I'd been missing! Plus I feel like it's really improving my skills when it comes to Character development, world building, etc. While a lot of people consider RP to be more of a laid-back sort of writing, I try to employ the same creativity & skill that I apply to Angel Hunter. I don't know if reading RPs is something any of you enjoy, but if you want to see more of my brilliant mind at work in between chapters of Angel Hunter, these are the RPs I'm currently involved in: Regression Hospital. Crime & Punishment. Escaped Neko Turned Baby. Back to Babyhood For Bad Behavior.
    • Ephraim and Kathy were getting ready for their marriage, Betsy had the Church reserved as it was the cheapest venue that they knew of. Since Kathy parents were dead she had no family.  Even her only sibling was killed in Afghanistan a few years ago.  She had Aunts and Uncles, Cousins none that she would consider close. Nobody to pay for a weddong for her! Truth be told, she was closer to the Mitchell's than she felt to her own family. They had accepted her unconditionally! Betsy had told her that she loved her like a daughter already. Her own mom, she couldn't remember her ever telling her she loved her, well not in the last 10 years before her death. When she was 9 or 10 was the last i love you from her mom. Betsy always gave her a hug when she came to the Mitchell home. So did Ephraim! She smiled she wasn't sure who loved her more Ephraim or his mom?  It was still a few months until the wedding. She looked at wedding dresses and there were a few problems. Most were shoulderless and sleeveless. They were getting married in February. Not the most ideal month for those types of dresses. The the prices! $1300- $3000 for something you wore once. Betsy told her they could make her one for about $450 that would be more conducive for weather in February! They could bring the whole wedding in for under what it would cost for one of the expensive wedding dresses! It was nice to have a future mother in law who is a genius!  They were doing it like Betsy and her had planned. They had just done Darla and Jeff's wedding and Kathy thought it was catered and done by wedding planner  Betsy was in in her forte doing weddings. If she hadn't been a nurse Kathy was convinced she could of made a fortune planning weddings. She was ahead of her time even. She had all members of the wedding party diapered for just in case. Everything she had been reading suggested doing this these days. The real funny thing was in the Mitchell family diapers were worn on a daily basis by many members already!