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    • "Hi there, looks like you are nice and safe to me." He told her as he put his hand out for her to touch so that she could feel safer than she was at the moment.

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    • Eilin: "you have to drink all small bottle up, to the end, baby"I I'm playing with her pigtails.  I'm read you the children's book about the child-engine and iron tenderly on a back and a diaper. 
      I see, that the bottle hasn't managed, to become empty as Kayla has fallen asleep. 
      I accurately take out a bottle from her mouth and I replace with pacifier. 
      Kayla instinctively continues to suck a pacifier, as the baby. I do one more photo and having extinguished light in the room, to an exit with Katerina and I take her home.  Tomorrow morning there will arrive the new carriage, baby high chair and new crib. Also I have ordered urgent repair and to me all have promised to make so far they will be at school. Tomorrow for my baby, there will be many surprises.
    • Ashley now wishes her mom didn't want to talk about it but at least she was being treated like a teenager of her real age and not a little girl. She sits down hoping her mom goes easy on her. "I'm sorry mom it wasn't my fault." she starts out using her favorite excuse always put the blame on someone else instead of taking responsibility.
    • Kayla is so mad and embarrassed as with each movement her diaper crinkles it's a constant reminder of her new status. "I want to lay in my bed." she whines She looks as her mom comes in with a baby bottle The baby shakes her head as she don't want it, she knows if she drinks that much she'll wet her diaper. Kayla rolls her eyes taking the bottle she does as she was told taking the bottle drinking it. While drinking she thinks about how her day at school will go.      
    • She smiled for being praised. "ok." She frowned as her mommy checked her diaper it was like they didn't even trust her to say if she was wet or dirty. The baby smiled and giggled as her mommy cooed and played with her, just like that the baby was happy. On the way up she knew they'd put a dress on her that was short enough that her diaper would show, it seemed both her mommies enjoyed the whole world knowing she was in diapers. She also knew she would be dressed in something that would say baby, baby girl or even mommies baby. Her mommies never seemed to miss a beat and both were very stylish. "Can I pick out my clothes mommy?"