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    • "Well, I suppose you did try at least" she said "..but I have no choice for now to keep you in a nappy"  She picked him up and laid him on the changing mat.proceeding to clean and powder him, then pinned him into a new nappy.  She pulled some plastic pants on him "Right, run along.  We can have another go at potty training later"
    • He thought and thought and started to put a few things together. Whenever an ex pupil or teacher turned up to show their new baby to ex colleagues and classmates, Kim was always at the front of the queue to fuss over the baby....but she could be quite overbearing to kids her own age, especially boys.  She spoke down to them and seemed to enjoy embarrassing them. He had heard that when she went round to the homes of classmates, she often spent more time chatting with the respective mothers than with the classmate. He recalled coming home one day, and there, in the living room was Kim, sipping coffee and talking to his mother, and having far more adult type conversations with her than he would ever have.  Further, he and his mother had got into a little dispute and Kim had said something like "Do as your mummy tells you" quite sharply.  She had turned to his mother and added "naughty boys get their bots smacked, don't they?"  He had blushed bright red. What was it with her?  Did she love being a mother, or was it some kind of power trip?  Was she old beyond her years?  Did she yearn to simply be an adult and being his babysitter helped with that desire?
    • She had a cath, there is a blockage, 99% in the circumflex artery  the doctor will go in later today to try to fix it with a stent, if possible,  scared shitless about her
    • Mine's got owls on it.  I washed it today and it's out in the garden drying on the washing line.
    • I want my Teddy back!  I went to an AB get-together on Sunday in Edinburgh and left him behind when I went home.  Maybe I'll get him back though...