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    • NANNY ALEXANDRA "ok" I answer to Mrs Samantha helping Samuel to sit down on the floor "have you some toys for him?" I answer to Mrs Samantha giving a caress to the little boy  SAMUEL  I can't do anything nothing but pout to my mother and nanny Alexandra. 
    • Come up here for a visit and you'll see what we're like before you move. I believe we are a very open and accepting people as a whole. There are always the occasional jerk but I like living here. Toronto is extremely open to a great many things and we have some great AB suppliers like Babykins, as frogboy said, and Rearz is here as well.  
    • I'm glad to know you are finding joy in doing both. Enjoy yourself.....
    • Every time I ever try to buy inexpensive diapers I read these reviews like "Oh my dad wears these and is incontinent and they are great, never leak, blah blah blah", so i think great, I buy them and I almost immediately pee so much that I cause leaking, making me wonder what these people are smoking. Now when I pee, it's like when i go to the potty. I'm releasing whatever urine has built up inside me. But I am thinking maybe when you're incontinent you are peeing less at a time and thus you run less of a risk of causing leaks due to your diaper not having to absorb so much urine so quickly. Or am I just a weirdo that pees too much and too hard and would always be destined to leak no matter what?