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    • It's sad to read through these accounts and see how many were punished or abused for bed wetting.  I guess I was very fortunate to have a loving and understanding family.  My mom recounted to me about how she took me to the doctor at 4-1/2 because I was impossible to potty train and still in diapers.  At age 3 I had meningitis and nearly died.  The doctor told my mom that I may have suffered nerve damage from the illness and to be patient and give me time. She didn't try again until I was 6-1/2.   I had a lot of accidents but eventually was able to hold it during the day.  The night was a different matter.  I was a nightly wetter into my early teens before I started to have more dry nights then wet ones.  I never had "normal" control even during the daytime which led to anxiety about having accidents.  I only wore diapers during the day for long car rides, vacations, airplane rides, or if I was home sick after age 6-1/2.   I wore diapers every night and still do.  My family was always supportive because they knew it was a medical issue and beyond my control.  My three siblings were all 10-13 years older then me and very protective of their baby brother.  I only really remember one time when my sister shouted at me for walking around the house in my diaper and I think that was because I embarrassed her because her friends were over.   Otherwise, my family was very understanding, caring and loving.  My Aunt also helped to raise me since both my parents worked long hours and by the time I was six, my siblings were all working or off to college.  She was even more caring and understanding then my own family.  She understood my anxiety better then I think my parents did. 
    • Dee, I often find that first thing in the morning, when I wake up to my alarm, my bladder immediately empties.  No warning at all - no signal of a full bladder waking me up, or making my sleep uncomfortable - it just releases as soon as I wake.  I'd say that this happens at least 80% of the time. I had a first last night, and I dreamt about peeing, with sensations IIRC, from start to finish.  As the dream finished, my brain flashed a message "did I just do that? Was that real, or a dream?".  I've normally had something like this start, but then brain wakes up with a start, and the sensations/dream stops.  So maybe I'm heading down the same path to sleep wetting?  I do wear quite thick cloth nappies at night, and can pee in any position in bed without leaks (this factoid ends up reinforcing my mind that I can wet at any time in bed without impications - very big unconscious reinforcement IMHO).
    • ay up me duck. I should have a common Mansfield accent but went to speech and language therapy as a child so according to Mansfield people I sound posh now. I think the East Midlands/Nottinghamshire accent is very natural anyway. When I was in Sri Lanka according to a group of Birmingham people I drank with I sounded posh.
    • There is a scene in the cult classic movie "Saturn 3" (1980) where Farah Fawcett appears in a white baby-doll nightie with what looks like a diaper on.  They are panties, but they look like they are padded in the crotch.  I was able to freeze-frame the scene and even my ex-wife agreed that she was wearing a diaper. 
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