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    • poor grammar is also proliferated all over the online news stories.  I don't understand how the major news organizations are incapable of proof reading their articles before they release them to the public.  Poor grammar and incorrect word usage drive me insane, except when I'm little :-)
    • Alex smiled and continued to read until the book was finished. She kissed alex's head. "You still awake honey?"
    • chimney fires are caused by the residue coating the inside of the chimney catching fire, not the actual material of the chimney itself... so it doesnt matter that yours is steel the residual build up inside it is just as capable of burning as it would be in the average brick chimney
    • A haircut? Really? Well... I guess.. in a way hairs are being cut.. generally when I see a diaper and a bowl in this world either a razor, or that creame/gel/liquid permenant hair removal stuff makes itself known..
    • A test shouldnt define someones mental or social abilities. Unless done by a professional. (Not saying that mental or social health issues exsit.)  I would at least let two or three doctors (or mental health docs. to give you the proper issue you have.) that way it is defentive. I scored somewhat in above average but im and introvert and well just really lazy  '_' Best of luck