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    • Most any position.  Standing is always good.  Laying flat on my back in bed with my legs spread kinda wide may be the best. I love it as the pee warms the front of my diaper and runs down over my nut sack and then trickle down the edge of my butt cheeks and butt crack and then make the seat of my diaper warm. That's if it isn't already warm and messy back there.
    • I hope I did the chapter justice. I had to do a little research to kinda of guess how Darlene might actually do this.  This in not my field of expertise. I am going back to look for where I typed Margaret different.   I know. I was originally planning on having a section in there with Avery's hypnosis session but at the same time I wanted to give everyone something to read.  Don't worry there will be a lot of Avery coming your way in the next chapter!
    • I'm sitting in a poopy Puppers diaper right now.  Came home a while ago and put my Tykables Puppers diaper on and peed in it. Played on my phone a bit and had some breakfast.  Watched some TV and wet some more.  Went outside and did a few things.  Had a few brews, and of course,  wet some more.  Then I decided to clean up the dog poop in the yard. Then, I had to poop.  So I pooped in my Puppers diaper. Now,  I'm sitting here in my recliner in my Poopy Puppers diaper surfing DD.
    • Julie Symms looked into the next room at her sissified husband. He was busy playing with his dollies and glancing now and again at Little Mermaid on the TV. Even from the next room she could see the reflection of a trickle of drool on his chin. She began to wonder if he had wet himself yet. The constant hypnosis had worked wonders and he barely noticed wetting anymore. She remembered a time when it wouldn't have been possible to take him downstairs. Even with his muscles weakened from all the time locked in his crib he would have still attempted to run, not that there was anywhere he could have gone. With the extra thick  cotton diapers she kept him in constantly it was hard for him to stand and even if he could manage to get to the door any one of his embarrassing outfits would make him think twice about opening it. After all this time, though, her little husband was a perfect sissy angel. It had taken a lot of work to get him to this point: all the clothes she had to buy to keep him in, all the attention she had to shower on him, not to mention the constant spankings to get him to accept his new life. Not that there hadn't been some fun along the way she thought to herself. She still remembered how bright red he had blushed when she took him in front of a mirror for the first time. With the booties, the bonnet, the layers and layers of  frilly petticoats, and the silky frilly pink party dress he was an absolute vision. and those very cute frilly pink satin baby knickers with row upon row of matching pink lace on the front and rear in typical baby girl fashion She chuckled when she thought about how he had wet himself out of sheer terror (the diapering started after that). She recalled fondly how he had squirmed when she invited her lady friends to the house to fuss over him. Her absolute favourite, however, were the little sissy tears he had cried when she brought one of her lovers into his nursery to tickle him under the chin. By time she was done having sex in his nursery with the big rough man the tears were almost dry; more than could be said for his diapers. Occasionally the plastic pants failed to hold back the torrent of urine and she would then have to change her sissy husbands nappy Infront of her lover or anyone else who happened to be visiting. Now she had finished mixing his special bottle. That had been one of her best ideas. Warm milk, mixed with hormones, and the creamy got from him every morning. Since she had to get it every morning to keep him from stroking his diapered clitty anyway, she figured why not put it to good use? Of course he had resisted at first but she was always able to convince him. Just like his little fits over not getting to be milked until he admitted he was a complete sissy. She wondered if he had known how ridiculous his protests had sounded with his new sissy lisp. In each case he had given up after one spanking and now they were his favourite times of the day (except for dress up of course). Of course he had become much more docile after she told him that all of his old things had been sold to pay for his transformation. Dresses ,nappies and ruffled  baby knickers and plastic panties  and your baby furniture aren't free she had cooed to him. She watched his face light up as she brought his bottle over to him. He bounced and squirmed in his playpen at the sight of her. The rustling of petticoats and frilly nylon lined plastic  almost kept her from hearing him wetting his diaper. She handed him his bottle. He held it in both hands and began sucking ravenously. She smiled and decided to spank him today for old times sake.   Mommy sat down next to the playpen and watched as her baby finished his bottle. His mouth kept sucking as she took it from him and he whimpered and kicked when he saw that it was gone. With time his little tantrums had less frequent but more and more babyish, but she knew how to stop them. She pulled out his pacifier and he was sucking rhythmically before she tied its ribbons around his head. Did baby's special bottle get her excited, and does she need a diaper change? she cooed, stressing the female pronouns. He blushed and she heard him wet his diaper again. She wondered whether he was more embarrassed about the diaper or about being referred to as she. Ok baby mommy will change you and let you make poppies. He bounced up and down excited and she could hear the squish of his wet diapers. She opened his playpen and he crawled over to his changing mat. Before it had been so hard removing all the layers and layer of baby clothes for him to use the potty seat. First the frilly pink satin  baby knickers and plastic panties, then all the  cloth diapers, then the petticoats and frilly pink matching  satin short dresses, and in the end he would end up sitting on his pink little potty chair in nothing but a bonnet and training bra. While this was quite a sight to behold she didn't want him poking and playing with his little breasts. He had been overwhelmed when they first started to really appear and had spent the entire day in his crib fondling his little budding nipples. Now she made the bottoms of all his outfits detachable so he wouldn't have to go without his precious sissy clothes.  Once his stunning wife/mommy  had his diapers off she always made sure to tie a few ribbons around his little clitty. She remembered how he had made squirties the first few times she had wiped off his diaper area. His thin miniscule erection barely three inches when fully hard erupted over his frilly pink satin baby knickers that laid around his thigh. After she had wiped him off she turned his over on his stomach. She pulled out the plug she sometimes kept in him in the mornings to keep him from messing his diapers before potty-time. It was pink and said ˜Mommys helper and the startled look on his face when she first showed it to him was almost the same as his shocked expression the first time she inserted it. She loved that it kept her from having to deal with dirty diapers, and she enjoyed the way he would giggle and smile whenever she would insert or remove it now. Having him use the potty chair was one of her favourite sites. He always looked ridiculous when he sat his pert sissy butt on top of the little pink chair. She chuckled as she saw him sitting and sucking intently on his pacifier. He heard her laugh and blushed furiously causing him to loosen his bowls and her to laugh harder. When he finished and she was wiping his bottom she praised him with her most sugary-sweet voice, Whose mommy's big girl? She knew the answer when she flipped him back over and his little clitty was bulging against its ribbons. She giggled reminding him it was a baby dick comparing its size to that of a  small toddler and how much bigger her lover was. He could smell baby powder and oil coming off of him before she even began to powder him. He's been so heavily powdered and oiled for so long now that it must be in his skin she mused as she grabbed three more diapers. After that she diapered him up and put all of his frillies back on. Now he was finally ready for his big day.   She had been waiting for today for quite some time and had been trying her hardest to go about the normal routine and not drop any hints. She remembered the last time she had been this apprehensive. It was the day her husband cemented his own sissy fate. When she first started his training he had fought her fought her every step of the way. Once the hypnosis started to take effect his struggling turned more and more to crying and pouting, but even once his new life had become routine she could still sense a glare of defiance in his eyes. That's when she realized he would never fully accept his fate unless he chose it himself, and so she came up with her plan. He was shocked when one day instead of waking up in his crib and diapers he woke up in bed next to her in shorts and t-shirt. Fortunately she had made sure his bladder was empty or he would have wet the bed out of fright. Then when she turned to him and apologized for everything she had put him through he was dumbstruck. When she told him she would never force him to go back he feigned a smile, but she could see the faint glimmer of fear in his eyes; everything was going just as she had hoped. You wont have to wear diapers, or dresses, or bonnets, or petticoats, or drink bottles, or play with dolls ever again she had said to him. She was delighted by the pangs on his face at the idea of forfeiting each item. He was barely listening when she told him things could go back to the way they were before. Let me try to make it up it up to you honey she said as she curled up next to him leaned in to kiss him. He had yelped and rolled away. She (rather insincerely) asked what was wrong pretending not to notice he had now had made creamy in his shorts. She almost laughed and broke the act when he asked if that meant he wouldn't get his bottle today. After a second she had looked at him and said, "I guess if you WANT to be my sissy baby its alright, but we cant keep going back and forth. This time it will have to be permanent." This hit him like a pound of bricks. Ill give you the day to think about it" she said as she kissed him on the cheek and left the room. Despite all of her coaxing he was back in diapers before the end of the day. Today was another big day for him she thought. Just then she heard the doorbell ring. It was time for his play date.   Mommy saw her baby squirm and squeeze his dolly tight as she went to go answer the door. It was funny how afraid he still was of being seen even after everything that had happened. She wondered how he would react if he knew that she had shown all of her friends the albums full of pictures she had taken of her new baby. The albums had been such a hit that Mommy's  young thirty something very pretty neighbour Laura wood had decided to try the same thing on her naughty little husband. They had both chuckled when they agreed that a play-date would be in order once Laura had sufficiently sissified her husband. Her husband was a sissy adult baby but hadn't told Laura about his secret fetish she found out accidently  When Mommy answered the door to Laura's baby husband  in full dress shyly clinging to his Mommy's hand she knew that day had come. She wasn't sure how it was possible but he looked even more ridiculous than her own baby husband. Every part of him was covered in pale  pink satin . His long blond hair had been curled and tied with pink ribbon into pigtails. He was wearing pink Mary-janes with matching pink laced topped ankle socks. His nails and lips had been painted glittery pink. He was wearing a short pink satin dress with layers of white coloured petticoats. His baby knickers were a of pale pink satin with lace trim ruffles on the front and rear .As a finishing touch his extra thick diapers under a pair of transparent plastic pants (Laura used two terry nappies at a time . "Well doesn't someone look cute today"? Mommy cooed. The baby minced and blushed even pinker. Then his Mommy gave him an icy look causing him to quickly curtsey exposing even more of his frilly ruffled panties and diapers. She looked down at him again and he lisped, "Hewo, my name is Thithy. Tank you fow letting me come ovow and pway". Sissy, mommy thought, not very original but certainly appropriate. Even though this little speech was obviously rehearsed Mommy could hear the humiliation in it. Then the two sexy mommies started chatting about techniques they used with their babies. Laura absolutely loved idea of Julie cuckolding her husband and had just been letting him make creamies in his diapers and then spanking him for it when she was with her lover. Laura was fully aware of Julie's cuckolding her  sissy husband from previous telephone calls and was giving serious consideration to cuckolding her own baby husband. "It must be a coincidence that most sissies are very poorly endowed" she laughed  ,Laura had previously confessed to Julie that her husband had a micro penis and sex was useless.  As the two mommies were chatting on the door step, Sissy started to tug at his mommys hand trying to enter the house, but she ignored him and held on tightly. After they finished chatting (and half the neighbourhood had seen Sissies diapered bottom) they entered the house. Mommy saw her baby's eyes light up when he saw Sissy. He dropped his doll and reached though the bars of the playpen. She wasn't surprised. She wondered if her baby saw Sissy like a new doll, a playmate, or as something more. Not only had she enveloped him in sissyness but she also directed all of his sexual desires towards it. All this time she had made him look at nothing but frilly sissy clothing whenever she had milked him. From the smile on her face she knew Laura was thinking the same thing. When they made the play-date had hoped the two would really ˜hit it off. Mommy also saw the mixed expression of terror, intrigue, and embarrassment hit Sissy at her baby's reaction. I think these two are going to be good friends, Laura said as she opened the playpen.   Mommy and Laura smiled to one another as they watched Sissy crawl nervously into the playpen. Mommy was sure her baby's pacifier would have fallen right out of his mouth if the ribbons were not tied around back of his head. She also noticed how Sissy slowly swung his little frilly  pantied butt as he crawled; it looked like someone was trying to get attention after all! She also noticed how her baby's eyes followed Sissys sashaying hips and that he was sucking his dummy in rhythm with the movement. She remembered that the nipple on her baby's pacifier was shaped like a tiny penis and wondered if her baby was slowly running his tongue over it as he suckled. Mommys thoughts were interrupted by Laura as she asked, "You know Julie you've never told me what you call your sweet little baby now? Mommy looked up and said, "You know Laura I never really picked a name, but what about Susan silk panties?" Laura  laughed  and said, Sissy and Susan silk panties? That sounds like a perfect match for these two babies Then, as if on cue, Baby flung his arms around Sissy who proceeded to giggle and blush. Once his cheeks had cooled Sissy looked apprehensively at the two mommies and started playing nervously with his skirt. When Laura gave him a slight nod, his eyes lit up and he turned and gave Baby Susie a kiss on the cheek. Right then Mommy and Laura could see a tiny bulge even through Baby's nappies. Sissy saw it too and his Mommy smacked his hand away right before he could touch. Both mommies were very angry: Sissy knew she shouldn't touch there (yet¦) and Baby had already been milked once today! I think were going to have to spank both of these naughty babies, Mommy said crossing her arms. You mean your gunna take off my diapers, said Sissy shyly. He might sound timid, Mommy though but both she and Laura noticed how hungrily he stared at Baby's crotch when he was speaking and how he began slowly sucking his thumb once he finished. Both mommies had expected the two to be  friends, but looking at one another they were amazed at how quickly things were developing. Yes Sissy, his mommy cooed, were going to spank you and Baby's naked bottoms. Mommy could tell it took all of Sissys restraint not to cheer as she knelt down to take out Baby's pacifier. She leaned far over exposing tops of her breasts as she began to untie the ribbons and to pull out the pacifier. She was pleased that the babies eyes remained glued to one another. Mommy did notice, however, that Laura leaned in to eye her figure and for the first time Mommy began to blush slightly. She could feel Baby's lips cling to the pacifiers tip as she slowly removed it, allowing Sissy to clearly see it. The two babies shivered with anticipation as their mommies announced it was spanking time and if their mommies hadn't immediately swooped them up they probably would have begun making sloppy baby kisses right there. The two mommies set up rocking chairs next to one another, pulled their babies frilly knickers and plastic pants along with their diapers and placed them over their lap.. Both women laughed when they saw each others husbands tiny erect  penis's for the first time hey were of similar size  but Laura's husband was about half inch shorter. Julie was was in hysterics at seeing sissies micro penis. Laura had mentioned this but seeing it in the flesh was the cause for great amusement. Laura looked at how tiny and puny Susie silk panties  penis was and fully understood why he was now an unfortunate cuckold and accepting his wife needs to find a man that could satisfy her sexual needs. Julie had made it known to Laura her lover was very well endowed and was giving her the best sex she had ever had.  Baby and Sissy were now lying face to face and their mommies pretended not to notice when they started kissing. The sound of deep baby kisses was only interrupted by synchronized yelps as the two babies were spanked. Only once Baby and Sissys bottoms were bright red were they put back into their playpen, this time with no diapers. Lets see what mischief our little girls get into together said Laura, looking down at the two. The two attractive housewives chatted away sharing thoughts on the best way forward for their sissy little babies. Julie excitedly shared the juicy details of her lovers sexual prowess in the bedroom ,his large magnificent thick eight inch penis and how cuckolding changed her marriage for the better. "He gets his pleasure from being my baby girl and playing with his tiny thing when me and my boyfriend are fucking in the bed in the next room. "you mean he doesn't mind you having men over for sex ? .Absolutely no not at all ,his need to be dressed as a baby girl and craving for humiliation was the best solution for both of us he gets what he wants and I get all the sexual pleasure I need from a real man".  Laura felt her silky white panties becoming quite damp as she dreamed of being impaled on a man of that size and taking a lover that would give her sexual pleasure she had missed for so long She loved her baby husband and was aware of his short comings in that department before they married but thought they could work around this. She confessed  to Julie she often thought of cheating but backed out. It was around eighteen months after marrying she found out her husband  secretly dressed up as a little girl after discovering his baby clothes and then searching at his browser search history. All thoughts of a happy fulfilling sex like with him disappeared she could never see her husband as a man after this. Laura was often hit on by men at work or girls night out but declined to take the plunge into cheating. Now things had changed and she was ready to have her own sexual freedom from real men and her poor hubby would have to accept it, perhaps he to would find it a turn-on? Maybe we could double date when we get you fixed up with someone".? For the next hour both women searched on a number of internet dating sites for sex married women seeking man.Laura and Julie began  comparing the many men ,attractive tall athletic men some with profile pictures in full nudity. Laura was shocked how big some of the men were .One man clearly stood out from the rest. He was tall and good looking and importantly was huge where it counted describing his  penis size of  eight inches. Sissy was in the play pen listening to his sexy attractive wife with her dark brown eyes and long blonde hair getting more and more excited as she looked at all the male profiles  .Eventually she found what she was looking for and began  making arrangements to meet another man "the good looking guy with that eight inches sounds perfect" "Good choice Laura if you are going to cheat on hubby at least do it with someone who is larger in fact MUCH larger in our situation ha ha". Sissys micro penis became hard as he could see up his wife's dress from where he sat ,those sexy white silky panties and the damp crotch knowing she was excited about being with another man. Sissy secretly found it exciting also and leaked precum into his nappy.   It was only a week later sissy was dressed up in his frilliest pink night time  baby clothes, dressed for bed in a thick terry nappy, clear plastic panties and pale pink see through chiffon baby panties these were covered in frilly delicate lace on the front and back. The matching frilly baby doll nightie was short enough to expose the baby panties. Laura had hired a young babysitter ,Kelly who at only  just 19 years old fully understood Laura's need to see other men after changing her husbands nappy when getting him ready for bed .Sissy watched his stunning wife getting dressed for her first date in new sexy white satin underwear and a tight black dress and heels. She kissed her baby girl on the forehead before leaving. He was under strict instructions  not to play with his baby sized penis whilst she was gone. His attractive petite babysitter was to ensure no masturbation by intermittently placing her fingers in the leg openings of his baby panties checking for "stickie creamies". She couldn't  help tease the pathetic man in his pink frills and  that tiny soft little penis .He was devoid of pubic hair making his penis look even more infant like .Kelly took her phone out and took several photos of sissy in his baby clothes to  send Laura. During the evening Laura had told her date about her husband and she asked Kelly to take some photos  to show her date, he clearly  wanted to learn more about her sissy husband and their arrangement. He found it hard to believe  this stunning woman's husband would accept her seeing other men . Kelly  even sent some photos of sissy to some her closest friends. Soon after a text reply's from Laura mentioned she had shown the photos to her date to prove she was married to a sissy and now  she wants  her date to her husband  in all his baby clothes...in  the flesh. Kelly relayed this back to the Sissy .He was scared to let another man see him like this and told Kelly this. Kelly took pleasure in teasing him more "yes your lovely wife is bringing him home to meet her baby girl, he will see you all dressed up in that  sissy pink nightie and frilly knickers ,he's already seen the photos and I expect she has told him you are unable to satisfy her because you have a  ickle tiny baby dick....a micro penis that's less than 3 inches hard , OH YES she told me how small you are baby when you get hard .Awww don't cry baby I'm sure he will make your mommy feel great later in bed. Yes of course he's  going to be staying the night in your wife's bed and no doubt will be fucking her with his massive cock. Your wife told me he is eight inches in size  wow that's enormous isn't it, its a mans penis not a baby's penis like you have. Does it turn you on that you are unable to make your wife cum and she needs a bigger man eh awww poor baby this is so funny "  It was just after midnight when he heard the keys in the door his wife's heels on the hard wood floor followed by the unmistaken sound of a mans voice as he met Kelly for the fist time. He could hear some laughter from his crib in the spare room  what was now a baby's nursery a baby girls nursery. Laura asked Kelly if her baby girl had been well behaved ."I have checked his I mean er her  nappy a few times but no sticky mess thank god  " Good my wife said well this it Carl and due to the late hour he will be staying the night like I told you earlier do you mind if we run you home in the morning ..your mum won't mind? " No phoned her earlier and said that you might be late home .I think she's pleased you are dating other men .I have told her of the situation I hope you don't mind." OH no of course not I mentioned to your mum about my homelife and I was un happy with my sex life ,married to a sissy adult baby ,she thinks cuckolding my husband is  clearly better if we want to remain married."   "Right well I'm off up to bed in the  small spare room I will check on sissy before hand...night Laura and pleased to meet you Carl "Thanks for tonight Kelly we will be up in a minute Carl wants to see my baby girl "she laughed. Kelly entered the nursery ,"hello babykins mommy is home now and well well she has found a real hunk of a man he's very tall and  well built quite a  handsome man .I think they make a great couple mmm perhaps he will be your new Daddy eh would baby sissy like to have a new Daddy " she teased ,smiling down at the pathetic male laying in the crib, a baby girls crib .Sissy was frightened when he heard his wife and the heavy footsteps of a man following on the stairs. In an instants he felt his bladder release the urine into his nappy. Here she is she said smiling as she his stunning wife entered the nursery holding hands with Carl. This is my husband ...my baby girl isn't she adorable ?" The big rough man standing over 6ft 4 tall , quite muscular  began to smile before breaking out into laughter Kelly and his wife began to snigger as the poor baby began to glow red with embarrassment. "Is that nappy of yours still dry ? " Laura asked between fits of giggling. His wife was now resting her arms on the rails of the crib  looking down at her baby husband ,Carl had his arms around her slim waist. "I'll just check" Kelly suggested. She approached the crib and once again her petite fingers wormed their way into the leg openings of his frilly pink see-through baby knickers, under the plastic pants until she felt the cloth nappy. " Oh no she's soaking wet Laura its not creamies ...he's pissed himself awwww poor baby wet his nappy". Carl and his wife began to laugh in unison wow he really needs those diapers what a pussy you married " " I told you didn't I so no need to worry about him disturbing us tonight hun he will beave himself your he gets a smacked bottom" " i will change his nappy Laura I don't mind I have have babysat a few babies in the past so know what to do."Kelly placed her hands on the waste band of his baby knickers and slid them down baby's smooth  legs to the ankles quickly followed by the clear  noisy plastic pants. Expertly she unclipped the pink nappy pins and slid out from beneath him.Sissy was in a world of shame at being exposed in front of this new audience but strangely excited at the thought of this man whose large bulge was clearly visible in his trousers would be fucking his lovely gorgeous wife ,giving her what he was unable to. his His miniscule penis less than an inch long when flaccid was now fully erect at the sexy thought of her his wife on  laying on her back taking that monster sized cock .The room erupted in laughter as the nappy was removed and his penis was now on display. Kelly was the first to compose herself ,she hadn't seen his erect penis before " oh my gosh he's tiny ,wow ohhh poor baby no wonder you are a dressed like pretty baby girl for mommy .I baby sit lots of toddlers and I swear Laura they are bigger than your husband . Can I take some photos to show my mum and a few of my friends this is hilarious.?" Kelly took out her mobile phone snapping away at the hairless baby sized erect penis, his small balls  with his penis sized dummy now in his mouth .The plastic pants and frilly pink baby knickers around his ankles all clear evidence this man was nothing but a pathetic sissy and was about to witness his lovely wife be unfaithful to him. Kelly changed Sissys nappy and replaced his plastic pants and baby knickers back into position patting the crotch after she was satisfied they were correctly tightly around his waist. Laura and Carl had disappeared  into the master bedroom .The new baby monitor that was placed next to the bedside drawers in what was now his wife's room  was already on and sissy and Kelly could hear the two lovers kissing and giggling from the monitor next to his crib. Sissy began to cry as he sucked on his penis pacifier at was happening in the  room across the landing , the bedroom door had been deliberately left open. In a short time the unmistaken sounds of lovemaking could be heard clear and audible from the monitor and open door of the master bedroom .Kelly comforted sissy stroking his hair and patting the front of his baby knickers as the sound grew louder. Kelly crept up and opened the nursery door as wide as possible so baby could see into the master bedroom from his crib. The clothing was scattered about the room ,Laura's white satin bikini style panties lay on top of her bra and dress close to the door. A wicked thought crossed her mind she knew sissy had a thing for women's underwear, a fetish that Laura has told her about.Quitetly she walked across the narrow landing and retrieved Laura's panties from the bedroom floor .She brought them back into the nursery and found that siss was now knelt up in is crib watching his wife having sex wit the man.Kelly placed the panties over Sissys head ensuring the very wet crotch was in direct contact with his nose. Issy immediately becoming more excited as he instinctively inhaled his wife's erotic sent.Kelly giggled uncontrollable at seeing Sissys excitement but mindful not to be hears by the two adults who were fucking widly.Kelly top a few more photos of sissy wearing his wife's wet panties over his head. They both watched as Carl was on top of Laura, her long slender legs over his broad shoulders her feet in contact with the wall .Carl was pistoning his oversized penis into Sissys darling wife's vagina ,stretching it wide during each thrust. her moans were loud and sissy was able to see his pretty wife's face in a picture of pure pleasure as she cam close to having  her first orgasm since a previous relationship. The headboard crashed against the wall ,the bed creaked as each deep thrust entered her lubricated pussy.Laura began to sob as waves of ecstasy ripped through her body, she bucked upwards to meet her lovers downward thrusting taking all of his thick long eight inches of manhood into what was once a tight vagina .Sissy thought she would be spoiled for ever after such a massive organ had penetrated her so deep and wide. At one point Sissy and his wife's eyes met she smiled knowing her baby girl was enjoying his new cuckold baby girl sissy status and she was being sexually fulfilled .She cried out as Carl increased his pace fucking her faster and deeper ,loud slapping noise as his thighs met her own, his heavy large balls hitting her bottom. Waves of pleasure spasmed once again as he climaxed ,his penis reaching pars her baby husband could only dream about. She competed the feelings and sizes of both their penises Laura was never able to feel her husband inside her and found sex frustrating unless he was providing oral sex. Sissy had pulled his tiny member out of the leg openings of his panties and was furiously wanking his micro penis encouraged by Kelly .The loud rustling noise of his plastic pants and frillies could be heard on the baby monitor in his wife's room and she looked over Carls shoulders to see her baby girl playing with himself with her panties over his head. Daddy  Daddy he began to shout Mommy ..Daddy , Kelly egging him on to shout louder and louder .Laura was now fully confident there was no going back to how things used to be ,she knew he had fully embraced the cuckold lifestyle and was accepting his fate as her permanent baby girl. Carl will be his new Daddy and will have full authority to placed her baby girl husband over his knee if he misbehaves .Sissy at seeing his wife's lustful expression in addition to seeing her lovers large penis making her cum finally creamed his tiny load over the chiffon and laces of his pink baby knickers. Laura decided she wasn't going to put sissy on hormones like Julie was doing with her own sissy husband .No sissy was going to endure all the humiliation he could take  if this is what he desired and she hoped he would never want to revert back to pretending he was a man.Laura needed a real man around to meet her needs .Carl when notworking away on business would visit and be her live in lover and Daddy to sissy.Kelly and some of her friends will babysit when the "Mommy and Daddy want to go out on a date night" Julie was so pleased her  friend Laura had told her about her night of passion with Carl how she found her self a real man and a Daddy for Sissy .They shared humiliating ideas and often went out as a foursome when Julie had  her boyfriend stay over ,employing the service of one of Kelly's friends as baby sitter for Susan silk panties.    
    • Amen 🙏 one day I'm sure I'll be bedwetting full-time
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