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    • So this weekend makes 16 weeks and Mommy is out with her boyfriend for the weekend.  Wearing diapers permanently began the same day she became sexually satisfied by a real man and I happily made my transition to living life as her baby girl underneath my clothes. Just over a week now my wife has had me in and out of pink chastity device.  It has proven to be an interesting experience.  Hygiene and my wee wee getting hard at night have been the miserable aspects of it.  The benifits have been that because I am not making sissies everyday I am more submissive and receptive to cherishing my wife.  My wee wee also is in the perfect position to maximize diaper usage.  You do not have to worry about pesky erections causing your diapers to leak.  Also, with the padding of my diaper not pushed against my wee wee it helps me to keep my sphincters relaxed longer.  Of course that also means that I can not feel the padding of my diaper.   As far as potty untraining I am doing much better wetting while seated and laying down.   When my bladder releases I barely feel it and my bladder empties completely almost involuntarily.  For example I could be talking to someone at work and before I would have tp concentrate to wet in that situation.  Now I just freely, without interuption, wet. On another note I almost gave up this weekend.  I felt a strong desire to remove my diaper but stayed the course.
    • "I haven't had a bath in years"
    • "Alright. Let's do this thing." He leads you into the bathroom and helps you into the tub whuch is already filled with warm water. It likely feels amazing to someone in your condition.
    • Hey guys, I want to apologize for being rather lazy about writing lately. My excuse is rather flimsy, but I'll tell you anyway. I was introduced to the Roleplay section last week and I've been having the time of my life! I had no idea what I'd been missing! Plus I feel like it's really improving my skills when it comes to Character development, world building, etc. While a lot of people consider RP to be more of a laid-back sort of writing, I try to employ the same creativity & skill that I apply to Angel Hunter. I don't know if reading RPs is something any of you enjoy, but if you want to see more of my brilliant mind at work in between chapters of Angel Hunter, these are the RPs I'm currently involved in: Regression Hospital. Crime & Punishment. Escaped Neko Turned Baby. Back to Babyhood For Bad Behavior.