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    • Switched ecommerce portals most likely.    Some companies don't have a firm grasp on the internet and I bet the "myprotex" domain was set up by their previous portal company.
    • Don't need them so no, never tried them
    • Pee is just kind of antisocial.   Human poop is detrimental to other humans which is what makes it different than dog or other animal poo.   The human excrement is teeming with organisms that live well inside a human body and while may not have adversely affected the person who pooped, can very much affect others.    For the same reason, washing your hands after you use the bathroom is of marginal benefit for yourself, but helps with the general hygiene of all you come into contact with (especially if you're handling food).   Anyhow, this whole situation sounds like the great beginning for another diaper story.     I'm going to have to think about this one.
    • Welcome and nice introduction by the way. Nice to see someone closer to my age for a change. I too signed up here looking for friends and support and everyone here has been very friendly and helpful. 
    • I don't know what you mean by proper, but swim diapers for adults have been available for decades.     The Gabby pool pant has been out there for a long time (both in the pull on and the "diaper" format).    There have been a number of other reusable products as well.    Tranquility has had their disposable Swimmates on the market for a couple of years.