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    • The swat startles her and she realizes he's not going to believe her if she says anything that deviates from what he did. And regardless hes right she neither felt nor has been acting like an adult this whole day. she looks into his eyes and even feels smaller, she makes a big gulp and once again start biting her nails they were getting pretty raw. she starts to formulate a story he might believe. "you're right i just ran away..... my parents are addicts and a neighbor threatened to call cps so i just ran i know foster homes aren't good places cause i was in one when i was younger and i just can't go back to one." she looks at his wallet and sighs, "I'm not a thief okay that wasn't even a thought!" 
    • 0|0  center the tape over the top of the penis while it points down, overlapping the head just a little bit so it doesn't want to bend and poke straight out, wrap the tape around the sides of your sack, you're basically taping it to to the scrotum on both sides
    • The truth sounded more like a lie to Larry than truth did and he pushed up from his lap and lightly swatted her butt. "Enough lying.  The one that I don't tolerate, baby, is lying.  I don't care that your pants look like you peed in them two or three times or whatever.  I don't care if you ran away from home, and I don't care if you are scared of where you will end up and you need me to take care of you until you can find someone that will take care of you, but stop with the lies." He then pulled her back into his lap. "Twenty-three year old women don't just piss themselves without at least telling someone that is helping them that they need to find a toilet before it happens," he told her.  "Not even a high school student does that, but a little twelve, thirteen, may...be a fourteen year may, if she's scared." He patted her on her lap again. "Now, let's start over and no more lies, baby.  The lying is only going to get you a spanking from your Uncle Larry.  Now, you peed your pants, had no way to tell me how bad your situation was until I got you here, and now, you are being unreasonable about your needs, saying that I just need to give you the sofa to sleep, but no food after how many days on the street?  There is nothing in everything you've said that could have been invented by an adult.  Even an adult knows schools don't abandon kids, baby.  Even an adult knows that there is no way caring adults would have left you on the street, so please, stop lying." He frowned at her. "You don't need to steal my wallet tonight," he reached into his pocket and showed her all the money he had.  "Once pay to get your clothes and mine, clean, and I pay for dinner, I'll have just a little left.  This room is paid up for the next three weeks, and I have enough money to get us food during that time, but if you take my money, it won't last you long at all.  That's why I'm hoping to work by Tuesday, otherwise, I'll have to try something else for Tuesday to get some more money." He then stood her up. "If you tell another lie, I will spank.  I don't care if you are thirteen or not, I do not believe you let kids lie.  Now, do you have a home that you ran away from, or did you get abandoned?  You will tell me the truth, little lady." He had a dead serious look in his eye.
    • Cant believe it's been  4 months already. I kind of gave up at some point, with full tape on diapers at work. Ive reverted back to pull ups at work, abena pants L3. When I was wearing full on diapers I was stressing a bit to much at work with changes, changing to work clothes etc. The pull ups does give me a lot more of freedom. Maybe I will try diapers again at some point, when I am fully comfortable with the thought!
    • She wipes her eyes as tears fall until her eyes are both puffy and red. as he analyzed her story she realized there were cracks in her story that he wasn't going to just ignore. and she feels the knot in her throat she take a big gulp, "i'm.. i'm not a child" she stutters. "please don't be mad i'm 23. i ..... i got kicked out of college for bad grades", with a pause she continues "and my parents said they're done supporting me till i grow up." she starts to cry again, "but please don't kick me out.... i'll sleep on the couch its just really cold tonight and i have no where to go. You don't even have to get me food i can scrounge something in the morning... i'm so sorry" 
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