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    • Hailey smiled and layer out her chair so she could tan and watch James while he played.

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    • James takes a shower and packs his gym bag with his jersey and sneakers and comes back to the living room "I'll see you guys after the game he whispered"¬† Timmy yawned and moved around cuddling closer¬†
    • James nodded his head "otay mommy I be good" he sat down in the stand and started to dig a hole in the sand. ryan started to put up a beach umbrella to give some shade and layer out some towels
    • I wear for need too so yes I carry a diaper bag. It's an old messenger bag not a purpose built diaper bag but it works for right now. I can only fit 2 Dry 24/7's in it at a time but most of the time that is more than sufficient. It also holds baby powder and lotion, wipes, disposal bags that come on a roll and are perforated so you can just tear one off when you need it and a small pair of scissors. I also have a set of toddler fork and spoon with Disney Princesses on the plastic handles and a pacifier with tether in there. I put my bib in it when I go to my playfriends for the weekend. I'm leaving for Florida tommorow after dinner and it's about a 14 hour drive from Kansas City. I'll keep most of my diapers in my suitcase except the 2 in my diaper bag and that should get me all the way there easily. I'm driving a rental car and my 16 year old grandddaughter is going with me. If you really want to be discrete while changing try putting a pair of the small blunt end scissors in your diaper bag. When you go into the stall pull the scissors out first and just cut down both the sides at your hips and nobody will hear you ripping off the tapes. The blunt ends will prevent you from stabbing yourself accidently too. Hugs, Freta
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