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    • Probably related to repetitive motions at work. The pains and joint problems of aging hit my active side first for that very reason. Bettypooh
    • Sean smiled and nodded at her as she talked about trying to do her best. Before she knew it, they were halfway to school. Then, they were at school. Sean walked her into the office, and signed her in. "Sorry about yesterday, but we had to have her see a doctor." "Well, that's fine.  So, she can report right to Ms. T's Fifth grade room.  Ms. T knows everything that we talked about the day before." Sean smiled and nodded Lily off. Then he went off to work.
    • Nice! If you can stand to be without it for a few days, slip it into a bin liner with a box of Febreeze dryer sheets and an open box of baking soda, maybe slipping another bag on the other end to make it long enough, then seal it up with tape, and the stale ciggie smell will be all gone. Bettypooh
    • Bradley smiled as he helped her get cleaned up. "Sarah, please don't worry so much about being a big kid.  No one here really cares how big you think you are.  If I didn't think you could be big enough, I wouldn't have you help me with stuff, sweetie.  But I am sure you are a big enough helper to help me get stuff done." He got her body mostly cleaned up, and then he helped her into the tub.