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    • Mya stayed still as she was changed. She didn’t mind a diaper any more it was getting normal.  “ yeah I get to play. I was playing House with my barbies “ mya told. Mya couldn’t wait to play with her toys
    • As children, we sometimes can't see our parents in the role sexually, but how did we get here, unless you're adopted, someone had sex. Have our parents always been straight is another question we ask. I can tell you no. When my mother passed away, I found sex toys, books and magazines that led me to believe she was either gay or bi-sexual. With all the crap she got from the men in her life, I can accept that she swung both ways. When I became a parent, I and my ex did our best to isolate our sex lives from our children. Were there awkward moments, oh Yeah, but I was never dominated or diapered while the children were growing up in the home. My son has CP and myself and my ex spent a lot of time changing poopy diapers on him and not me. Now that I'm divorced and have my son, I wear occasionally, but usually when he's not at home with me during the week. On the weekend he comes and takes care of his old man. Being an EMT-P for ten years I realized almost all human beings are either a-sexual or sexually active from the ages of for some of eleven years old. I had an eleven year old girl pregnant. Her lover was her step-father which whom I had arrested from statutory rape and incarcerated. Men and Women when we realize the pleasure centers on our bodies crave those parts to be stimulated. As we get older, as I am now, sex isn't so important as having friendship and companion so we're not lonely. It's nice to have someone who you can care about, and intern they care about you. Human beings are social animals for the most part.  I for one hope your educated baby daughter and you have a great life together.
    • Yes, the only time I'm not in a diaper is when I'm in the shower or sleeping. Sleep time is reserved for healing of the skin so no diapers just a pee pad on the bed. 
    • That is all I have time for now, I spent my youth building up debt and having a great time, now I have to work to pay for my youth. I still manage to have fun just not on a daily bases