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    • Come up here for a visit and you'll see what we're like before you move. I believe we are a very open and accepting people as a whole. There are always the occasional jerk but I like living here. Toronto is extremely open to a great many things and we have some great AB suppliers like Babykins, as frogboy said, and Rearz is here as well.  
    • I'm glad to know you are finding joy in doing both. Enjoy yourself.....
    • Every time I ever try to buy inexpensive diapers I read these reviews like "Oh my dad wears these and is incontinent and they are great, never leak, blah blah blah", so i think great, I buy them and I almost immediately pee so much that I cause leaking, making me wonder what these people are smoking. Now when I pee, it's like when i go to the potty. I'm releasing whatever urine has built up inside me. But I am thinking maybe when you're incontinent you are peeing less at a time and thus you run less of a risk of causing leaks due to your diaper not having to absorb so much urine so quickly. Or am I just a weirdo that pees too much and too hard and would always be destined to leak no matter what?
    • I'm headed in the opposite direction..   I've enjoyed pooping my pants for years but tended to avoid wetting because it didn't feel that good ..recently taken to using disposable diapers & love peeing in them as well as pooping ..the warmth, weight & the way they puff out after wetting has been a revelation ..just love being wet & dirty   
    • As a caregiver for people, some of them rather big, the trick I've heard over and over, is crisscross the tapes.  That means, pull the lower tapes more parallel, and the top tapes more downward when taping the diaper.  They also almost always use insert pads to help absorb the liquid.  If yo uare a guy, use two inserts.  Wrap one insert around your pee pee and then put the second pad, broad side in front over that before closing the diaper.  That helps with leaks.   If you are girl/woman, put the broad part in the back because pee is more likely to leak back that way on you, according to the people I work with. Another thing you can try.  put the back end of the diaper over your butt the way you want, and then lie on the side that you are not taping yet to keep it tight.  Pull the top side tight and tape it, the bottom tape first.  Roll over and keep that tight while you do the other lowerside, and then the upper.  Roll back over and fix the top tape, and that might help keep it tight since your side is putting pressure on one side.  It maybe best to lay on a firm bed or the floor rather than a soft bed to try this trick.