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    • Thank you. New2dl I will use the. Journal. Method.  I think I strongly I want a sex tharpist. How do i talk to the tarpist about acceptance and masturbating stuff.  When he/she will tell me to just. Quit diapers and get a girlfriend.   Oh. Can you check out my diapers. Are controlimg my life and see what the lady is really. Saying on the. Last 2 pages. Than you 
    • don't be a wimp!! do them all in one shot!! it's only 21 hours of movies!! you can do it!!  
    • me feel funny why me talk wike tis i cant be getting what you have ill go to food court and sit down
    • That is great.  A word to the wise.  Feelings towards diapers can change particularly as you get closer and closer.  Some woman think it is not such a big deal when they are initially told about diapers but find it harder to deal with later on.  With my wife how she feels about my diapers even seems to change with her menstrual cycle.  The best thing for you is that she did not find it weird or strange as so many woman do.  I recommend that you take it slowly but make sure to expose her to how you wear diapers and see how she reacts.  Also you have to decide do you want her involved with your diaper play or will it just be something that you do yourself and that she will accept you for.  If she does participate you need to have patience with her as she may not diaper you quite right or roleplay just perfect.