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    • "B--but I am your man!" he said crying looking like a toddler crying cause his mommy dropped him off at the babysitters.. He looked at Hailey as she talked to him as if he was really a baby he took the pacifier. "I--I hope so did she tell you anything?" he said behind his pacifier trying to get information out of her. James looked at Ryan not believing what he saw. He never knew Ryan was a baby. "What the hell dude!" he said forgetting he was a baby himself.
    • Katrina and Linda spent an hour working on Kayla's hair and soon she had head full of curls. Katrina held up a mirror, the hairstyle was something you'd see on a little toddler. "Don't you look cute, yes you do!!!"   Sarah looked at Kim and smiled "Well I'd love to get her dressed for school everyday!"
    • " I know but that was the second naughty word today. You said a naughty word this morning. So I don't believe it was an accident. " Hailey said to Sarah.

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    • Sarah nodded. "Okay honey. It might just be her sugar levels. Or it could be stress. She starts high school in 6 months so that might be something. I never told my parents anything when I was her age." After a while, Macy sighed and went to sleep. Knowing tomorrow she'd want to be ready whenever anyone would be willing to drive her. 
    • Sarah sobbed quietly  "Im sorry mommy it was a slip of the tongue, we were going to buy daddy a present and I realised I didn't have my purse and it just came out. I'm sorry"