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    • Alex thought about asking Elaine for help and not just help but how to be a good big sister as she thought about what to say she could here Alice still sobbing and sniffling and it made her hart hurt to hear Alice crying then Alex just thought that she is going to see Alice naked just like Alice is going to see her naked Alex face went red at the thought of it 
    • Elaine nodded and got the bubble bath and added it in alone with different bath toys so Alex couldn't get bored also once the bath was done she went to get the girls    Alex froze when Alice said she didn't know what to do she couldn't be a big sister she wasn't good to her self now that she was older how could she be good for someone else she was glad when she saw Elaine and gave her thank god your here help me look    "come on girls it bath time " Elaine says picking up both girls 
    • Great: Would be nice if the Cloud-Wi-Fi would do the same. The Cloud is like the common FREE WI-FI service offered in public venues like pubs, cafes, restaurants etc Anyway DailyDiapers is blocked, but then ADISC isn't which is a bit hypocritical.  Of course I got VPN but it would be nice if the Cloud made things easier by just letting me check this site