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    • Places where you can duck behind the curtains if someone walks by?
    • Curtain places.   I don't know what those are, either.  
    • Years ago I tried tucking, but things never stayed in place very long.  These days I don’t have to be concerned about that and couldn’t tuck things in even if I wanted to. My penis has shrunk so much that it has withdrawn into my body and is no longer exposed most of the time thanks to age and medications for blood pressure and BPH. 
    • Katie Ann What do you do when you look seven years old but you’re actually a college student in your late teens? For Kathleen’s entire life, she had fought against people treating her much younger than her actual age. Feeling obligated to grow up fast to show people she wasn’t the age of her size, Kathleen never let her inner child out. Tired of fighting against the world, she explores the adult submissive world. What she finds, however, is an enjoyment of regression. Had she made a mistake? Would life be better if she just let people treat her the way she looks at seven years old? By Becky Anne Proofread by Jamie M ©2018-2024 ~o~O~o~ Chapter Twenty-Two: Fall Fun Buttercup, who was asleep in the teddy bear costume, woke up when she felt herself being moved.  Looking out of her glass eyes, it appeared to her that she was now in her bedroom. She soon heard what sounded like a zipper being unzipped.  She soon started to feel a coolness on her back, as if her back was exposed.  She heard Owner saying, “Stay perfectly still, Buttercup, until I remove your tubes. I don’t want you getting hurt.” A hand blocked her vision as he worked to remove the tubes from her nostrils. After that was finished, he dropped the face after she opened her mouth to release the gag.  He continued helping her remove her hands and legs from the costume.   After she could see correctly, she noticed that she was on the changing table. Owner was in the process of removing her soaked diaper. He said, “Katie Ann, you sure soak your diapers at night.” He removed the plug and probe from her behind and set her on a potty in case she had to go. After a bit, he strapped her back down to the changing table.   After the regressed girl was properly protected, he put her ruffled tights on her. Then, a pair of pink, shiny Mary Janes went on her feet. Setting her on her bed, he helped her in a white turtleneck shirt.  Her pink princess costume was placed on her next, and after she stood up, Daddie tied her sash. He put her pointed hat on her and tied pink bows on the bottom of her pigtails.  Patting her on the bottom, he said, “Let’s go downstairs, Princess Katie Ann, to get some breakfast in you.”  He pulled out an ordinary chair, patting it for her, signaling that she should sit there. After she sat down, her bib was tied around her neck, and a pop tart and her sippy were placed in front of her.  She asked her Daddie, “Where are we going today, Daddie?” “After you are done eating, you are going next door, Princess. I am not going with you. Besides, you should know by now that information is given to you on a need-to-know basis, and you almost never need to know.” “Oh,” she said as she waited for Daddie to clean her face and excuse her from the table. After she was excused, he walked with her to the front and watched her walk the quarter or so mile to the Bullard’s house.  She rang the doorbell and waved to her Daddie, who was still watching her from the front of his house when Mrs. Bullard let her in.  She was led towards the table, where she saw Stacy dressed as Minnie Mouse and in the process of getting makeup put on her.  “Princess Katie, you’re just in time for your makeup,” Mrs. Bullard said when she finished with her daughter.  The regressed girl sat on the chair after Minnie got up.  Soon, she was done and offered a mirror to the princess.   Katie looked in the mirror and saw that she had rosy cheeks, red lips, and mascara on her eyelashes. “Thank you, Mrs. Bullard,” she said. “You're welcome, Princess, but call me Aunt Sara, please.  It is now time to go.” Almost overtop of each other, the two girls tried to talk at the same time, with Katie going, “Ok, Auntie Sara,” and Stacy excitedly going, “Yay!” Following the parade of Bullards, she found herself at Auntie’s Mini Van.  After the side door was slid open, Katie saw that there were two booster seats in the first bench seat.  She went in first as requested, then Minnie Mouse followed her. “Katie, I understand you usually use a five-point harness, but this will have to do today,” Auntie told the little princess as she made sure the girls were buckled in. “Aunty, this is perfect. Thank you for inviting me.” As they were leaving, Stacy leaned over and told her friend, “Are you not excited about where we are going?” “Where are we going?”     “Didn’t Uncle Adam tell you where we are going?  We are going to a fall fun place, a corn maze, hay rides, and other stuff,” Stacy said, shocked that Katie was utterly clueless.     “Uncle? And information is given to me on a need-to-know basis, and I normally don’t need to know.”     “Yeah, he said to call him that, and he normally gives me any information when I ask.”     “It has to do with the fact I am not really a seven-year-old. It also has to do with Daddie and my relationship, something called being submissive to him.”     Stacy was puzzled over that word. “What is submissive?”     Katie started to open her mouth but heard Auntie say, “Girls change the subject. I will tell you later, Stacy. And Katie, you are supposed to be seven, not nineteen. Please return to your regressed form.”     Both of the girls blushed at their rebuke, and Stacy told her friend, “Uncle let me sleep in your room when he watched me last week.  You have a beautiful room, Katie.”     “You are always welcome to sleep in my room, with or without me being there, my friend,” Katie replied.     Soon, the conversation between the girls changed to mundane items, and it wasn’t long before Auntie turned into a grass parking lot.  Both of the girls undid their seatbelts and got out of the car after their door was opened.  They watched Auntie grab a backpack from the minivan before following her to a ticket booth.      “Two seven-year-olds and me, please.”     “What ticket level?” the lady in the booth asked, pointing to a sign.     “All exclusive level, please,” Auntie answered.     The lady answered, “With the girl’s costume discount and tax, that comes to eighteen dollars.” After the money was exchanged, Auntie was handed some stuff in return.     “Katie, Stacy, I need your wrists, please,” Auntie requested at them.     Holding her wrist out, Katie found a paper-colored bracelet being placed on it. She then followed the parade to a table near the corn maze.       “Stacy, I am assuming that you are going to do your normal thing and do the maze first?” Auntie asked.     “Yes, Mommie”     “Katie, you recognize this?” Auntie asked while holding up a phone.     “My phone?!?”     Auntie replied, “I have added my number to your small list of contacts. I am going to let you two run off alone. You are to call me if you two have any problems. I will call when you two have been gone too long without checking in. I will be sitting right here. Check in with me before going to a new activity,” handing the phone to Katie and a map to Stacy.     Katie, holding the phone, realized she had a problem, so she asked, “Auntie, where am I going to put the phone?”          “Your Daddie had that costume modified to have a pocket. Check your right side near the top of your skirt, Princess.”     Katie, finding the pocket between the seams on her right side, slid the phone into it before the two girls ran off towards the maze.  After they had been running for a while, Katie felt her heart rate increasing, and she was afraid of her normal dizziness. The regressed girl started to tell Stacy, “Stacy, slow down, I can’t let my heart rate get too …” before she remembered the pills she takes every morning.  So she continued, “Never mind, I take pills to correct that issue. Carry on.” With that, the girls continued running as fast as they could through the maze.     After about forty-five minutes, the girls found the exit, and true to her word, Auntie was waiting at the table right outside the exit. After checking in with her, they went to the fairy tale trail, which was near the maze.  Aunt Sara decided to follow them as they saw all the scarecrows dressed up as scenes from fairy tales.  Katie could have sworn at least one of them moved when she turned her head.  They were told to pose in front of one scene, as Stacy’s mommie had done in other scenes.  As they were standing there, she felt someone hugging her.  Turning to look at Stacy behind her, she discovered that her friend was standing to the left with her mouth wide open, looking behind her, and that wasn’t Minnie behind the regressed girl.     Katie jumped and looked behind her to see a scarecrow dressed like Mother Goose was hugging her.  Smiling as if a scarecrow could be described as smiling, Mother Goose spun the little princess around and posed for some pictures before returning to the previous frozen position.          As they were passing some tents while heading to the bouncy castle that Katie picked as the next activity, they heard, “Come and get your pictures taken. I have lots of outfits for you to wear.” Turning to look, it was one of those photo booths where you dress up in various costumes, usually old-time outfits, and they pose you.  Auntie asked what outfits they had and got in reply, “Old-time costumes, like Victorian or can-can girls, I could even dress the girls like that, but they look cute enough like they are.  I also have a nice selection of Halloween costumes, princesses, superheroes, witches, and ghosts and goblins.”     “Can you take pictures of the girls together and separately while your helper gets me in a costume for a group shot?”     “Sure,” he said, posing the girls this way and that way while Auntie went with the woman towards the costume tent.     After about five minutes, Cinderella, with a full skirt, exited the tent and said, “Ready for those group shots?” which caused both the girls’ mouths to drop open at the transformation.     After all of the shots were done. Auntie soon returned in her street clothes, so they left the tent with the proof sheet in hand. She sent Stacy towards a bathroom when they passed one. While she stayed behind with Katie, the little princess soon felt a hand squeezing her diaper. “When Stacy comes out, it looks like I will need to change your bottom, Princess.”     When the door to the bathroom was unlocked, Stacy was told to stay in the bathroom while the other two went inside.  Setting a beach towel and then a changing pad on the floor, Katie was made to lie down.  Soon, she was dry again, and the two girls whispered while Auntie did her business.     Soon, they were back to enjoying the activities. The bouncy castle, pumpkin checkers, the hayride, and pumpkin-themed playground were some of the stuff they did before Auntie told them it was time to stop for food.     During a light meal of sloppy joes, Stacy pointed to a tent where they were painting faces on the map. “Can we do that, Mommie?” she asked.     “After we eat, but you will lose some of your makeup if you do that, girls,” was the reply.     Not really caring about that, Katie shrugged in reply. Her friend replied she didn’t care.     “Let’s do that, and then we can grab some pumpkins from the pumpkin patch. We will have to go home after that,” Auntie told them.     “Aww,” both girls said almost in unison.     “It will be dark soon. We have been here all day.”     “Katie, can I pick your face paint out? You can pick mine, plllleeeaaassseee,” Minnie told the Princess.     Nodding at her friend, she got rewarded with an excited hug. After cleaning up their mess, the little party went to where the face-painting tent was on the map.  After waiting for the current girl being painted to be done, Auntie spoke to the clown doing the painting, “The girls would like their face painted, and they would like to pick the face for each other.”     Bubbles, the clown, said, “I would have to clean their makeup off.”     Acknowledging that was okay, Katie was randomly selected as the first canvas to be painted.  She was helped on the chair, and her face was scrubbed clean.  Stacy was shown a book of options and pointed one out to the clown. “There is an extra charge for full faces; cheek art is the only face paint included in your tickets,” the clown said.     “Full faces are okay. Give the girls what they want.”     The regressed girl watched herself being painted, unsure of what she was becoming. After she was done, she helped off the chair and asked for the mirror.  She was told she would see herself later after Minnie was done. While her friend’s face was being cleaned, the princess picked out a Hello Kitty face for Stacy.   After the clown was done with painting Stacy’s Face, she requested Katie’s hand. She then painted the pointer finger into a carrot.  When the mirror was shown to her, Katie saw that she was a bunny, complete with a carrot to eat on her finger. After showing both of the girls their faces in the mirror, the clown was rewarded with two huge smiles and a “Thank You” in unison.  They were made to pose so Auntie could get their pictures, and Katie was told to hold her finger to her mouth.  Together, they skipped to a pumpkin patch to pick out a pumpkin each. They each picked up one that was larger than their heads and then slowly, like a sloth, carried their own to the car.  Once back to the minivan, Auntie took their pumpkins and put them in the back. She opened the side door and waited for the girls to strap themselves in. After Auntie got in the front seat, she said, “Katie, can I have the phone back, please.” Once the phone was back, Auntie started on the road.  Back at the house, she said, “Both of your Daddies won’t be back ’til late from the game they went to. Katie is staying over here tonight.” After a simple dinner of mac and cheese, both of the girls were individually given baths, with Auntie making personally sure that their faces were scrubbed.   She also washed each of the girls’ heads, then helped them get dressed in a nightgown. For Katie, she included a clean binder and padding.   Wrapping a towel around each of their heads, she sent them to watch TV while the other was being done.  Soon, both of them were done, and Katie was asked to sit on a chair in front of the telly.  She was a purring cat as Auntie combed her hair, and then she felt her aunt doing something else in the hair.  Finally, she figured that her hair was being put in plastic tubes since she kept seeing Auntie grabbing a tube from her side.  After her head was all in the tubes, a bonnet was tied under her chin to protect everything. Auntie asked her to get up and Stacy to switch places. Soon, her friend’s head matched hers.  Auntie told them, “You two can run upstairs and play. I will tell you when it is bedtime.”          Going into Stacy’s room to play, she saw a trundle bed had been pulled out from under her friend’s bed.  Curious about earlier, Katie asked Stacy, “What do we have on our heads?” “Curlformers, they will turn our hair into soft spiral curls in the morning. Mommie likes to use them instead of the curling iron,” Stacy answered. They played quietly until Auntie told them to get in bed, with Stacy forcing Katie to take the main bed.  After Auntie read a short story to them, it was lights out for the girls. Katie tossed and turned a bit at first because she found the tubes a little uncomfortable to sleep in, but eventually, she fell asleep.  
    • Larry is not supposed to be liked.  So, I'm afraid I'm not going to make him a good guy.  His antics are important for the change in the mom later on.  This is how he is. Now, October's foster parents are a little harsh, but you might find that this is exactly how Larry can get her to do what he is going to do with her, which may not be a surprise at this point, as it was hinted at earlier, but which I am not yet ready to show precisely how that will come about.
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