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  1. Generally when they all of a sudden become grown up again really quickly just by a zap of a gun
  2. Hopefully you re write the ending to a different one to the original as the ending seemed rushed and didn't seem to make sense ..
  3. Just finished re reading the original version on old AR Archive. you seem to shortened chapters on this new version 🙂🙂
  4. Just finished reading the last chapter as become a patreon subscriber to your account as could not wait to find out. The only thing is did she get her revenge or not ..
  5. I order tranquility from ABDL FACTORY come from Netherlands to uk about 1 x week cheapest option as found only decent nappies I have had ,and if I got them of ebay shipping is about 45 dollars a pack ,plus fees so I now use abdl factory for nappies ,then inco choice for pull ups and bags .
  6. Can't wait to see what happens
  7. Hermes parcel company decided that they cannot deliver my parcel and need to contact the sender ie choice shops, problem is that they are not there in customer services, and hence cannot get a refund or nothing, Hermes website states it was delayed for 24 hrs but checked this morning and states cannot deliver, yet that same courier delivered parcels over the road so to.me looks like somebody has helped themselves to the goods and sell them on ebay for inflated prices
  8. doubt it unless Jesus wants to perform a miracle as 13 yrs in the making ..
  9. chapter 1 the last few sentences have been repeated .
  10. tranquillity pants /// tena maxi pants during day //// tranquility elite care premium fitted briefs at night . thrown all regular underwear away in bin last year .so now call padded 24/7 ..
  11. loving this story ,it has me on tender hooks wanting to know what next ..
  12. Please continue with story or could you please post a link on the completed story as tried Google it and nothing found
  13. This story is brilliant , well written ,just one thing which is annoying ,this has not been updated since June 2019 please do not let it die .
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