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  1. is this roughly based on the roleplay you are doing ?.
  2. please chapters need to be actual chapters not just 1 sentence ,then onto ch 2 ,
  3. may I just question the sentence "well if you don't stop wetting the med , you might have to start wearing one too."
  4. hi all those links for dd all come up as error message ,
  5. haven't worn normal underwear since end of may 2018 , since then its been Tena pants maxi at daytime ,then was a abri form level 4 nappy but now started getting from abdl marketplace ,so now get either Tranquility all thru night or the textile tranquility along with a booster then Tena fix pants over top ,followed by a pair of waterproof pants over the top .
  6. tried doing wellness briefs it states import tax
  7. the only thing I am finding is higher costs if you try and import nappies from America but I think that is down to the people of America putting their taxes up .
  8. now fed up of post N.L , AND ABDL FACTORY ,, ORDERED ITEMS 3 WEEKS AGO AND STILL SHOWING AS AT POST N.L DEPOT ,not even been sent out of the country yet , all I get of the sender is due to black Friday they have been busy ,I get that but as black Friday was 2 x weeks ago surely it doesn't take that long to clear backlog .

  9. hi you will find he has deleted all his old stories and moved them all on to his patreon site , where you subscribe
  10. o.m.g no update yet , I thought it was weekly ,
  11. same thing happened to me a couple of yrs ago went in for gallbladder removal , or should say partial as they ran out of time , that night the staff nurse kept pestering me to go to bathroom about 3 times but nothing so she took it upon herself that the only action would be catheter trouble being as I thought I would just be in overnight turned out I was in there for 6 weeks due to complications so did not pack enough underwear , turned out the doctor was a bit surprised to see and asked me why I had a catheter my reply was staff nurse done it last night , but the next night I laid asleep but to find out that while turning I had accidently pulled the end piece off so un intentionally had a wet bed .
  12. I am unsure but is this a repost as I am positive I have read this before.