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    • Dolly let out adorable giggled and nuzzled her with love. "I see you love your new little friends." said Ana with smile
    • Gabbyvlooks confused at first then squeals and hugs the dolly and stands up in the playpen and jumps around hugging it.
    • Dolly climbed out of the box and waddled over with smile to give her nice hug. Ana giggled seeing her reaction.
    • Gabby jumps and drops the box and slowly crawls over to it and suspiciously pokes the box with her cheeks puffed out.
    • Hey everyone. I've been reading stories on DD for years, always figured I'd try writing eventually. Kimmy's keeperverse and the ensuing collaborative effort by DD authors to add detail to her world were so creative and inspiring I had to get off the sidelines and join in. This is my first story and I'm super open to feedback and criticism. Haven't written a story since high school, but it is something I'd like to be good at, so please share your tips if you have em. I haven't done any editing yet, so I may edit/update real-time. Anyways, here we go. The first few chapters are a tad light on the smut, but trust me, it's coming. I hope you enjoy:       Chapter 1 – Morning   Caleb Lewis woke up and stretched that first, great stretch of the morning, popping his back in at least 3 places. He rolled to look at his clock – 6:29. He carefully reached over to let the clock know he was up before the 6:30 alarm went off and woke up Miranda. Ever since he had started work at what was essentially his dream job, Caleb had been regularly waking up before his alarm. Caleb rolled back onto his pillow to reflect on his goals for the day, but before he got very far he found himself buried in a mound of long black hair. The slightest tremor in the bed was enough to send his fiancé directly into cuddle mode. (Caleb took French in high school and never really knew how to say anglicized French words without sounding conceited… he was definitely looking forward to just saying “wife”.) “Morning meercat.” Mira tried to respond but whatever she said was indecipherable. She was attempting to big-spoon him, despite being 5’3”, (or 5’3¾”, she would insist), to his 6’1”. Caleb enjoyed the cuddle, even though the 80%-asleep Mira was absolutely radiating heat. “How the hell are women so damn exothermic?” Mira mumbled something that sounded vaguely like “The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.” Caleb took a minute to silently celebrate to himself that he was waking up next to Miranda again. They had met in law school and started dating after about 8 months of flirty cat and mouse. Caleb was two years older than Mira; luckily, they went to school on the east coast and it was easy for him to find a job nearby after graduation. That is, until he got the fateful phone call from Kimberly Novak. The job offer was too good to be true and he’d had to drop everything and move to San Francisco on a moment’s notice. After about a year of inter-coastal long-distance, Mira finally graduated. Mira had been elected by her class to give the student speech at commencement, and she got a standing ovation for her heartfelt speech about the power of law to do good in the world, and the duty of lawyers to put that power to use. Caleb proposed to her later that night. Two weeks ago they finally moved back in together. Caleb started slowly disentangling himself from Mira’s bear hug. Mira said her first clear sentence of the morning: “You going to work?” “Yeah, of course I am. That’s how jobs work, you know.” “I’d need a minor cabinet position before I’d consider leaving this cuddle to go to work.” Caleb rolled to freedom as he replied, “We’ll see how you feel when you start your shiny new job next month”. Mira didn’t bother replying, she was already drifting back to sleep. Caleb looked down at his fiancé as he got dressed. Wow, she was attractive. It didn’t hurt that she slept in nothing but a thong, to stay cool. He was staring to see her point about skipping work. He wistfully finished preparing for the day and made it outside just before sunrise. Just as he got on his bike to head to work, he got a call from Mira. “Yes babe?” She was a bit more awake now. “Hey hun. I just remembered….do you have proper supplies for our date tonight?” The question made Caleb a big flustered. “Yes babe, we’re all set to go.” He could hear her teasing smile through the phone. “Ok. Just checking. You know you can’t always be trusted to stock your diapers. See you later, baby.” *click.* Did she have to get him riled up right before work? Caleb was on the DL side of the ABDL spectrum. He had had the urge for as long as he could remember, but Mira was the first (and only) person he had ever told. His ABDL experience was probably what every ABDL goes through, more or less: he was confused and conflicted about his desires for a long time. His family was loving, but also pretty Catholic. While no one had explicitly told him that recreationally using a diaper was a sin, he had a feeling it wasn’t encouraged. As he got older, he had grown more accepting of himself and more open-minded, but when it came time to tell Mira he was so nervous that he could barely stammer out the words. She responded with nothing but love and support. Mira had never heard of the ABDL world before. True to form, she found the whole subculture fascinating. It definitely wasn’t her kink, but once she reformulated it in terms of a loving power-imbalance, it was something she could work with. For the most part, Caleb’s ABDL desires had faded into the background. He only got the urge to wear every couple of months or so. Mira was happy to explore his fantasies with him, but she had one rule: when it came to scheduling a diaper-date, Mira was in charge. He would let her know when his urge started acting up, and she would take over the planning. It was important to her that their sexual experiences be mutual – she had a hard time faking anything, especially that. The easy way to accomplish this was by using Caleb’s diapers as a chance for her to exert a bit of dominance. Tonight was supposed to be that kind of night. They had just shipped their wedding invitations this week, and planned a Friday night date to celebrate. Caleb had confessed the previous weekend that “his kink had been on his mind lately”. Mira had responded coyly with “well what does that mean, baby?”. Always so damn coy. After a long, drawn-out teasing session, she had agreed to add a twist to their date. Caleb put his phone back in his pocket, smiling and shaking his head. “She’s ridiculous,” he thought to himself, as he searched for two large numbers to multiply to try and get his erection to subside. 335 x 873 = 292,455, it turns out. Caleb got on his bike and started off towards work. Sunrise was particularly pretty.       Chapter 2 – Nova Corporation Caleb got do his desk at around 7:30, with his first cup of coffee. Damn they had good coffee in the office. Gabe and Anita were already working. Their company had the new, trendy, open office floor-plan. Instead of cubes they worked together at large tables. Luckily, Caleb shared his table with two of his best friends at Nova. Gabe and Anita were both hard-core PhD-certified programmers. Gabe looked like Urkel, if Urkel grew up into a buff, confidant, gay man. He was by far the most social engineer at Nova. Anita on the other hand was a classic manic-pixie-hacker type. She was half-Vietnamese, half-French, (but she didn’t laugh when Caleb called her a “bahn-mi”). She had short hair that she had died purple. Caleb thought should would have been cute anyway, but she had the keeper glow, and that somehow makes everyone beautiful. Gabe: “Hey! Happy Friday”. Caleb bullshitted with Gabe for a few minutes. Anita hadn’t looked up yet, she had her headphones on and was typing furiously. Her words-per-minute must have been off the charts. When Anita was focused, nothing could shake her – it was pretty impressive, actually. For about 3.5 hours, Caleb was on a role. He was knocking out his goals for the day at an impressive rate. His upcoming date with Mira had him in a great mood and it was translating into motivation at work. He was just putting the final touches on a document when he started getting alerts on the internal company messaging service. Kimberly: “I’m sooo bored.” Kimberly: “And I’m hungry.” Kimberly: “Actually, I’m bored because I’m hungry. I’m too hungry to do anything interesting.” Caleb: “Well I’m working away like a good lil employee.” Kimberly: “Well that’s peachy. Wanna go get sushi? A new fancy-ass sushi place just opened up downtown. Two Michelin stars already, but the bloggers are saying it’ll get three.” Caleb: “Uh…I mean I like the idea but I packed lunch. Plus, I’m trying to get work done” Kimberly: “THREE MICHELIN STARS. Put your sad turkey club in the fridge. You’re a patent lawyer…how many competitors do we have again at the moment?” Caleb: “You know they’re coming. Plus, this lunch sounds like it’ll cost $400.” Kimberly: “Guess who has infinite money and no more patience for your bullshit?” Caleb: “Is it you?” Kimberly: “Yep. Meet in lobby?” Caleb: “Fine, see you in a minute.” Caleb never ceased to be amazed at the irreverent tone that Kimberly Novak, the Time magazine-appointed “Queen of biotech”, took with everyone. Their relationship was particularly casual because they went way back. Kimberly had been Caleb’s chemistry TA back when Caleb was an undergrad. When they met, during Caleb’s freshman year, Kimberly was a graduate student, getting her PhD in synthetic biology. She was only two years older than Caleb, but she had skipped a couple grades when she was young. Her reputation as a TA was formidable. The majority of the chemistry students had believed the rumors and stayed away. After failing his first quiz, Caleb decided he was too bad at chemistry to turn down help at the expense of his ego. His primary major was philosophy, after all, and he was only in freshman chemistry for the science credit. Plus, he needed the A for law school. He went to Kimberly’s office hours almost religiously, where Caleb decided she “blunt” rather than “mean”. In fact, she could be downright funny, if you weren’t worried she hated you. Kimberly made it no secret that she thought Caleb was a shit chemist. But she helped him to see the beauty in the subject and he ended up getting a second major in chemistry, which then paved the way for his career in patent law. Eventually, the chemistry tutoring gave way into a kind of friendship. Kimberly was a weird duck – she didn’t need friends in the same way that Caleb did. That is, in the same way that normal people did. Caleb wasn’t actually sure how she benefited from his company, but she didn’t keep many other friends so he must have done something right. It also occurred to him that he may have just stuck around longer than most. Kimberly would disappear for long period of time when she found something interesting in her research. She refused to carry a phone. She was a savage kick-boxer, but she had gotten bored of competing. She listened to mostly classical music and older rock. She made fun of him for loving pastries, but had never forgotten to ship him an éclair on his birthday. Their relationship faded into the background when Caleb graduated and moved to the east coast. Kimberly just wasn’t a regular communicator. The next year was also the year when “the bond” broke out and turned the world upside-down. Kimberly had no time for friendship. While the rest of the world was trying to grapple with the consequences of the new keeper-pet dynamics, Kimberly went straight to a methodological study of the effects of the bond on the human cell. The source of the bond was (and still is) a complete mystery to science. Whatever kicks off the transformation process in an individual bond-pair was quickly found to originate somewhere deep in the brain and is as big a neurological mystery as our consciousness and dreams. On the other hand, the biological effects of the bond on cells throughout the body could be readily studied. Kimberly was the first on the scene. She was interested in hijacking the effects of the bond to re-program cells to do her bidding. Within the year she had six major patents and had more-or-less invented a new field of medicine.  She co-founded a company with two professors, (from Stanford and MIT, respectively), and soon was at the helm of Nova, Silicon Valley’s hottest new startup. Then she called Caleb to give him his new job. Gabe interrupted Caleb’s thoughts: “Hey. Wanna grab lunch?” “Can’t actually. Going out with Kimberly.” Caleb knew he was going to get some shit for lunching with the founder. Gabe: “Ah. Well isn’t that fun. I bet you fancy fucks are going to Yomi. Anita, what’s your story?” Anita: “Nope. Going home to check on Alice.” Alice was Anita’s pet. Gorgeous blond girl. She basically oozed sexuality, but what pet didn’t? Honestly, Caleb thought being an ABDL in the post-bond world was totally unfair. How the hell was he supposed to function in a society where a low-but-not-that-low percentage of all women paired up in lesbian, hyper-sexual, dommy-subby relationships? And diapers were involved! The bond literally made women hotter, and then the pets just wore diapers! The ABDL story boards he read couldn’t have imagined a world like this. The worst part was that the rest of the world was so pragmatic about pets walking around in nothing but crop tops and diapers! Caleb was a feminist and really cared about his female friends; the last thing he wanted to do was sexualize them in his mind in a way that would obstruct their friendship. But it didn’t help that Anita was about to go live out his wildest lesbian diaper fantasies over her lunch break.    Oh shit. Kimberly would already be waiting for him. Caleb hurried to go meet her.         Chapter 3 – Yomi-no-Kuri The hostess led Kimberly and Caleb into a private dining room, where they sat at a table for two. The décor was ridiculous. Caleb could tell Kimberly was hardly paying attention. Funny that someone so indifferent to nice things would end up so absurdly wealthy. Kimberly: “God am I glad we got out of there. I had to talk to investors for 3 hours today. I think I hate them all.” Caleb: “Poor Kimmy, your life sounds so difficult.” Kimberly: “I don’t hate them in a ‘I want a buses to hit them’ kind of way. But definitely in a ‘I’d rather they get hit by buses than talk to me’ kind. You know?” Caleb: “Yeah. Shame the self-driving busses don’t hit anyone. How do we order? We didn’t get menus” Kimberly: “Ooooh right, you’re a peasant. You don’t order at a place like this, you’d just muck it up. They’ll bring good stuff.” Kimberly didn’t talk much once the food started arriving. Indifferent to nice things, for the most part, but boy does she love food. Caleb could sit in silence with Kimberly without feeling weird. Partly because of familiarity and partly because that was simply part of hanging with Kimberly – if she didn’t feel like talking she didn’t talk. It wasn’t something Caleb had been able to achieve with too many other friendships. Obviously he had it with Mira. Kimberly: “Okay. I gotta come clean. But first you have to turn off your phone.” Interesting. Caleb could never predict Kimberly’s angle. Caleb: “Off. Go for it.” Kimberly: “I need you to manage a secret project. High-stakes. Can’t trust anyone else. Needs to be you.” Caleb: “Sure, of course. What do I do?” Kimberly: “Get a patent of course, what other kind of mission can you do? You have one skill.” Caleb: “One skill! I can juggle.” Kimberly: “Focus though, this is important.” Caleb: “Ok, sure.” Kimberly: “There’s a few new processes and we need to patent it, but it has to stay secret.” Caleb: “Easy to do. What’re the processes?” Kimberly: “You want me to talk chemistry at you now?” Caleb: “Yeah never mind. What’re they for.” Kimberly: “Well…it’s going to be controversial. As you know, no one knows what triggers the bond. But….Well there are certain mechanisms that spread the bond throughout the body. And there may be ways to interfere with these mechanisms….or trigger them.” Caleb: “What are you saying? You can fake the bond?” Kimberly: “Well….maybe. That’s the hardest thing to do, actually, I’m only about 40% sure we can do that. But maybe we can vaccinate against it. Maybe we can even reverse it. It’s all hypothetical, but if it’s at all possible to do this sort of thig, this is going to be the correct way to do it.” Caleb was stunned. Kimberly was talking like this wasn’t a huge ethical dilemma and it sort of pissed him off. She was the smartest person he knew but that didn’t mean she got to play God. Caleb: “This is going to be a HUGE shitshow. You know this right? Jesus, Kimberly. Basic civil rights for pets and keepers just BARELY passed the senate. People are divided on this shit. You know how many religious groups have camps out there trying to forcibly “un-pet” people! The pet’s rights movement is in it’s infancy! Pets and keepers report the highest happiness levels of any human demographic – how can we claim to ‘cure’ them? Hell, why don’t we go ahead and ‘cure’ gay people while we’re at it? Caleb was standing up now. Kimberly spoke with a steady tone. It was sharp and dark. “Enough. Stop.” Caleb looked at her, still fuming. Kimberly softly kicked his chair from under the table. “Sit back down.” Caleb did. The door opened, and a waiter came in. Kimberly looked calmly at Caleb as the waiter poured the sake he had brought. The waiter could sense the tension in the room and hurried out as soon as he could. When the door closed behind him Kimberly took a deep breath. “Look Caleb. Science is about finding answers to questions. You don’t get to choose the answers you like, you do your best to find the answers that are correct. It doesn’t matter if you like them or not. In fact, if you are doing important science, you don’t even really pick the questions – pressing issues present themselves. The world is dying to understand the bond. People feel powerless and are dying to know if this is something that we can control. The world is asking this question. As a scientist, I’m interested in the answer. It seems like I may already have it.” Caleb: “But what for? Just so Nova can rake in even more investors for you to hate?” Kimberly rolled her eyes. “Alright. Look. You’re being ridiculous. I haven’t said anything about what we should do with this technology. What about this: this science is out there. Sooner or later, somone else will discover it, and -” Caleb cut her off. “You said it yourself, we have no competitors.” Kimberly: “And you said it yourself, they are coming. We have a technological advantage at the moment because of our patents. I’m smart but I’m not that special – I was just first to the part. People will figure this out sooner or later. This conversation is coming. If we get the patent, at least we’ll set the tone when it does.” She had a point. She always does. Caleb knew that she was being logical here. Kimberly: “Trust me?” Trust her? What does that even mean. Of course he trusts her as a friend. Did he trust her to have the proper humility to avoid playing god with people’s lives? He wasn’t 100% sure on that one. But he also didn’t have a ton of options at the moment. Caleb: “Give me the technical details as soon as you have them and I’ll start the process. I’ll do it alone, so there’s no chance of a leak.” Kimberly had remained calm but there was a trace of relief in her eyes. “Thanks, Kal-El”. She used one of her old nicknames for him, with a hint of a smile. She was calling him superman, but he wasn’t sure he was saving the world.         Chapter 4 – Nicole “Ok. Just checking. You know you can’t always be trusted to stock your diapers. See you later, baby.” *click.* Miranda Florez smirked as she hung up the phone. She was pleased with herself. She really did enjoy playing with Caleb’s kinks. So much power to fluster him, and it was all hers. Ug he was attractive – she was annoyed at him for leaving. She flopped onto his side of the bed where it still smelled like him and went back to sleep. Miranda was starting her new job soon – she was going to practice immigration law. She was thrilled. It fit perfectly with her worldview about using her law skills to make the world better. But she had no illusions that an immigration law career would be a cake walk, and she was enjoying her last weeks of joblessness. In particular, she had some serious wedding planning to do. Mira was never the “wedding planner” type, but holy shit did she love Caleb and she was excited for the big day. She did have lots of time off, so it was only natural for her to spend a chunk of that time on wedding stuff. The plan for the day was to finalize things with the catering company and pick up her dress, which had just arrived at the bridal store. But first she had to go pick up Nicole. Nicole was Miranda’s best friend growing up. They had been pretty much inseparable in high school. They went to different colleges, but always stayed close and visited often. One of the highlights of moving to San Francisco with Caleb was that Nicole already lived close by in San Jose. It was always obvious that Nicole was going to be Miranda’s maid of honor – that is, it was obvious until she became a pet! Nicole had bonded two months ago. That was quite an event, actually. Mira still didn’t totally know what to think about all that. Nic’s keeper, Leah, was a total sweetheart, and they seemed so happy. But there was a part of Mira that was unsure what her relationship with her best friend would be like going forward. There were lots of moments where Nic’s personality burst through and it felt like things had never changed. But here were also times where her friend had the composure of a sex-crazed puppy. It didn’t make things any more normal that her best friend went around on a leash in a croptop and a diaper. Mira knew it wasn’t Nic’s fault and she still loved her friend – the future was just something they had to figure out. As a first step, Mira had decided that she wanted Nic as her maid of honor, regardless of her bond-status. Her Mexican-Catholic aunts would gossip, but Mira couldn’t care less. As Mira drove to Leah’s house to pick up Nicole, she grew more excited. This was going to be the first time that Mira took Nic out and about alone since the bond. The transition was a lot to go through for Nic, and two months in she was finally stabilizing. She had also had to earn the trust of Leah. Leah had regarded Mira with suspicion at first. Keepers tended to start off wary of close friends and family – they never knew how the family would react and the conversion camps, though illegal in most states, were no joke. Mira rang the doorbell and waited eagerly. Sam answered the door. Sam was Leah’s husband. This had confused Mira at first, but wasn’t actually that uncommon. These were the facts of their new world, as best as Mira could tell from the news reports: 1.       About 33% of women and 17% of men are susceptible to the bond, if they run into a bond-partner. These numbers seem to be steady with time. 2.       There has yet to be a verified case of heterosexual bonding. 3.       The number of possible bond-partners is unknown. Once bonded, it seems to be impossible for pets to bond again. There have been extraordinarily rare reports of a keeper bonding to a second pet, but this doesn’t seem to be well-understood. 4.       It is generally seen as acceptable for keepers to have relationships with unbound or other keepers, in addition to their bond. The rate of marriage among keepers was about 30% - lower than the in the unbound population. 5.       It was not seen as remotely possible for a pet to have a serious relationship with unbound or keepers other than their own, though this was controversial. Pets seemed to fall in love left and right and often claimed to have girlfriends and boyfriends, but these ‘relationships’ were taken with a grain of salt by keepers and unbound. Sam and Leah had been married for 4 years now and had decided to stay together when Leah and Nic bonded. This was the usual case - it was a bit rare for a keeper to get married after bonding with a pet. Sam had hardly said “hi” before Nicole shot by his side and hug-tackled her best friend. Mira hugged her best friend right back, trying to ignore the fact that Nicole was topless and wearing a thoroughly used diaper. Mira: “Hey Nikky!, I missed ya!” Nicole: “HihihihihiwowI’mgladyouareherethisisgoingtobesofun.” She was talking so fast it was hard to pick out the words, but Mira got the jist. Leah finally made it to the door. “Hey Mira! You’re early. We were going to have her changed and ready to go for you.” Mira got up and gave Leah a big hug. They both loved Nic so much that friendship was inevitable; now that they had established trust they were making quick progress. They went inside and Sam brought coffee for Mira. Mira liked Sam – he was a sweet guy who was doing his best to make it work with Nicole and Leah’s new situation. Nicole was buzzing with excitement to show Mira to her room and was rapidly telling Mira about her friendship with Sarah, a pet up the street. Mira remembered hearing about Sarah on the phone the other week. Leah joined them and skillfully maneuvered Nicole onto the changing table. Nicole didn’t stop talking the whole time. Mira was loving the conversation with Nicole and Leah, but she started to feel a bit awkward at being in the room for Nic’s diaper change. Nic was a pet now, and pets didn’t have privacy in the same way keepers and unbound did, but she was also still Nicole. There was a lot of history there. Even before bonding, Nicole had always been gay. Mira was the first person Nicole had ever come out to. As Mira would learn later in a late-night heart-to-heart after college, Nicole had fallen in love with Mira during their senior year of high-school. In fact, Nicole had intentionally chosen to avoid going to college with Mira to try and get over her. It mostly worked. Dating other girls helped Nicole see Mira as her best friend again. Nicole had always joked that “falling head over heals in love with your straight high-school best friend” was “THE formative lesbian right of passage” – without Mira, Nicole wouldn’t be a “real gay”. Mira appreciated the joke, but it always broke her heart to think about what Nic went through. Mira looked up as she heard her friend make a low, purring sound. Leah was shaking her head sympathetically. “I know sweet girl, I know. Can you be good for me though? Can you wait? Your best friend Mira is here.” Mira was caught a bit off guard. “Hey, actually I’ll just go get to know Sam a bit better and give you guys a minute – we’re in no rush.” Mira exited and found Sam in the living room, where they hung out and made small talk. Mira tried to tune out her friends muffled moans - she could tell Sam was in the same boat.  A couple of minutes later, a glowingly Nicole came bouncing down the stairs in a fresh diaper and a cute top, ready for her outing with Mira. The new world was odd, but Mira was a woman of principles and one of those was “don’t cockblock your friends.”