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  1. Bambino, diaperconnisuer and ABU mostly for mine. I used to use XP medical but FedEx always lost the package when it came from them
  2. Thanks for your suggestion. I aprpeciate that. I didn't know tykables made clothing but I just checked them out and that could be a great way to go. Thanks bunches
  3. Thanks for the advice. I don't want to go full AB/DL in public as that would make me a bad ambassador for the AB/DL community. I'm sorry if I wasn't clear in my opening comment but what I'm looking for is cross dressing ideas for someone who isn't ready to go out in a dress and high heels
  4. Hey everyone, got a question. I've recently had a strong desire to go out while dressed up. I'm curious how those who go out dressed up do it. What do you guys like to wear when wanting to feel girly? Are there any do's or don'ts for those of us who want to dress pretty out in public without going completely overboard? I don't think I'm ready to wear a dress out in public yet but I really want to dress in something feminine. for the record I wear diapers 24/7 so I guess I'm looking for suggestions
  5. So I'm noticing that the original poster has also made several other posts asking questions that seem like he's trying to become incontinent. There are at least 3 different topics in this forum area that he's started asking questions like if he holds his pee can he become incontinent and such.
  6. It's never too late and thanks for the advice. Don't worry we aren't sticking anything up there that wasn't meant to stuck up there
  7. May I ask what deodorant you use and where to buy it?
  8. Yeah it's never easy. I just broke it gently after a few dates. She understood and knew that I was more than just a soggy diaper.
  9. I know how it is when it comes to IBS. It isn't fun in the least. I will say that when we first started dating I told her about my issues and she wasn't opposed to it but she also wasn't interested in it. Now she only wants me to wear cute diapers and regularly picks out what I will wear to bed.
  10. Not sure if this is the right place or not but figured it was as good a place as any. Last night I had my first diaper change experience. My wife and I had discussed it a little here and there but hadn't ever done anything like it due to her being extremely nervous about it. Well last night she decided she wanted to try when we got ready for bed. Now that I've finally experienced it for myself I must say that it was heavenly. She pulled out my cloth Fluttershy diaper and gently slid it under me. She then pulled the front of my diaper up between my legs and gently pushed my manhood down and out of the way. Finally she secured it in place with the Velcro strips and gave me a light pat on my crotch. Before we went to sleep she cuddled with me and spent a while patting me on my diaper. I think it was her way of reminding me that I'm her little baby. It was all I could do to contain my excitement during the process and I felt simply overjoyed as I went bed. I can't wait till she decides to do it again. so what about you guys? What was your fist diaper change experience like?
  11. Hey all. My wife is wanting to try and dominate me and try some simple bondage. She is really nervous about it and I'm here looking for tips and advice on what we can do to ease her into it. I'm incontinent but I'm also a sissy baby if that'll help with suggestions.
  12. I own a small butt plug but haven't tried it with sex.
  13. Thanks hotdogg. I appreciate all your advice
  14. Thanks. I've started keeping track of things like ejaculation and my leakage. I'll bring it up at my next doctor visit
  15. My incontinence has been ongoing for for better than 10 years now. My inability to climax is much more recent. Like just in the last year or so.