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  1. Tucking questions

    Hey hey. Not sure if this is the right place for this or not but it’d its not my apologies. Im interested in trying to tuck and I see a lot of people use tape and some use a medical/skin adhesive. Since I wear diapers 24/7 I’d rather avoid using tape and try adhesive. My questions are first and foremost, what and where can I get an adhesive that would work for this? secondly I’d like peoples opinions on tucking using this method. How long does it last using an adhesive? How comfortable is it? I’m looking for any insight into this that I can get before I try it. Thanks in advance.
  2. I found out (censorship-related)

    Career politicians are like leeches. They latch on and drain the life from us. We should start with term limits. That way no one can stay long enough to screw everything up any more than it already is. No sense buying off politicians if they won’t stay long enough to help out whatever special interest is paying for them. next we need to abolish like 99% of the stupid laws we have (Why do we need a tax on cow farts?). I’m all about personal freedom and telling the government to butt out of my life.
  3. I found out (censorship-related)

    Personally I think the average joe is considerably smarter than most politicians. I’m all for voting every single one of them out and starting fresh. I'm sick of all these government regulations telling what we can and can’t do. They just need to butt out. The AFC here in the US is a good indication at how smart our government is.
  4. Rearz trademarking AB/DL

    I’ve been seeing some stuff on tumblr that rearz is attempting to trademark the term AB/DL. Has anyone heard this or Does anyone know if this is true? If it is that’s some serious Bull poop in my opinion
  5. What is the Community Missing

    A good AB/DL pull-up would be amazing. Bambino attempted one but they weren’t up to snuff. They didn’t absorb much, the pad came loose from the pant and the print was obscured by the stretchy material. A good high capacity pull-up with cute art (preferably pink) and disappearing wetness indicators would be a great item to offer. As for regular diapers (which is what I wear 24/7) I love all over prints. The ABU space diapers are cool because of the spaceship wetness indicators. If something could be done with fairies or ponies or something would be really cool. i prefer plastic backed diapers and love to hear that crinkle of the plastic. Reminds me all day of what I’m wearing.
  6. Introducing Bambino Magnifico Pull Up

    Ordered 2 sample packs. 1 for my wife and 1 for myself. They seemed to do okay capacity wise but the padding seemed to pull away and separate from the the elastic exterior which made them unwearable.
  7. Forced to choose

    DC Amor/Idyll. both are super cute, comfy and plenty absorbent
  8. Take this stupid Buzzfeed quiz

    It's like magic. It knew exactly what I am lol You got: Adult baby! You like to do the whole adult baby thing. Sometimes, when you
  9. My amazing girlfriend

    I'm happy that she makes you that happy and has helped you. I pray that she accepts everything about you as my wife has accepted me. I don't plan on ever letting her go. She's the love of my life.
  10. My amazing girlfriend

    Well my amazing girlfriend has since become my amazing wife/mommy. I began opening up to her within the first month. Slowly easing her into it. I calmly explained to her what it was and how I used my sissy stuff as a way to destress. She was confused at first but now totally accepts it. she now regularly changes me and indulges my baby/sissy side. I couldnt be happier either. She has since also expressed interest in wearing diapers and loves teasing me. i guess for me I first showed her what I liked wearing as far as diapers go then moved to more baby and sissy things. She didn't really know what to think at first and when I originally told her I wore diapers she thought I was kidding until I showed her.
  11. Ever Had Someone Change Your Diaper ?

    My wife/mommy has started changing me pretty regularly. We recently got back from a trip and she changed every diaper I wore. I wasn't allowed to remove my diaper myself while we were on the trip and she teased me every time she changed me. I was in heaven.
  12. Bragging on my mommy

    Haha I know what you mean. She and I are going to finally be taking our honeymoon next week and she has decided that I'm too little to change myself so she will be handling that. She's really starting to get into this mommy role and I couldn't be happier.
  13. Bragging on my mommy

    Not sure if this is the right place for this or not so if this is wrong then I apologize. I just want to take this chance to brag on my amazing wife/mommy First off let me say that I am incontinent but I can still make it to the potty if I try really hard. My wife/mommy decides yesterday that the potty was off limits all day. She had me diapered all day didn't allow any potty trips all day. She treated me like a baby all day and after lunch put me down for a nap. After my nap she then raised her shirt and let me nurse on her for a while which felt so good. After that we spent the rest of the day watching cartoons. She even tried on a diaper herself for the first time yesterday. She was super nervous and it made me super excited. She ended up really enjoying the experience. I'm so glad that I have her and she is my mommy. She's still very nervous about a lot of the mommy stuff but she's quickly learning what to do and has taken to punishing me when I do something that she doesn't approve of. I may end up being put into time out or even spanked if she deems is necessary. She also helps give me a bath every night so she can keep an eye on me and to make sure I don't do anything naughty.
  14. Chastity cage thoughts

    Okay, thanks so much. I know really good ones can be quite expensive but for now we are just looking for something to start off with to get a feel for it. would you say go with the soft flexible one I linked to or go with something more rigid?
  15. Chastity cage thoughts

    I would love to wear a pretty party dress but don't think that would be suitable for work and shopping. Also I'm down with the double diapers but for now I think we will stay with the chastity and diapers. So I take it that would be a decent starter chastity cage?