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  1. blitz1027

    Wearing clouds site hacked?

    Ah maybe that’s what it is. Wanting to order some samples but didn’t want to take a chance in case anything was up
  2. blitz1027

    Wearing clouds site hacked?

    Hey hey all. Just curious if anyone has seen this? I was thinking of ordering some samples from them but when I tried to get on their site this popped up. Has something happened to their site or is it just me?
  3. blitz1027


    Thankfully she didn’t send me shopping like this. I did have to walk the dog dressed like this though. Longest 20 minutes of my life. I’m wearing a wet crinklz with a pair of pink lace panties.
  4. blitz1027


    My mistress/wife dressed me in this last week.
  5. blitz1027

    Crinklz absorbency question

    Awesome thanks guys
  6. Hey all a quick question for you guys. In your opinions what’s the absorbency of Crinklz diapers compared to diapers like bambino Teddy’s and ABU barebum and little pawz?
  7. blitz1027

    Tucking questions

    Thanks for the advice and sorry for the delay in my reply. I’ve attempted that on multiple occasions and either I’m doing something wrong or my body isn’t built right but it never stays in position for more than a couple seconds before everything shifts back to its proper place.
  8. blitz1027

    Little for big question.

    It’s 34.99 for a 10 pack of diapers.
  9. blitz1027

    Little for big question.

    Awesome thanks Sophie. I wear a medium in the ABU and Bambino brands and they fit perfect. I was concerned on size as the little for bigs seem to run a little smaller. I may have to get some of their nursery pink diapers to try out
  10. blitz1027

    Little for big question.

    Hey folks. I was curious if anyone else has tried the little for big diapers? If so how was the fit compared to something like ABU? What absorption level do they have compared to similar diapers?
  11. blitz1027

    Tucking questions

    So I’m guessing no one has any advice. All I’ve been able to find at the local stores in terms of adhesive is liquid bandage but I don’t think that will do what I’m wanting to do
  12. blitz1027

    Tucking questions

    Hey hey. Not sure if this is the right place for this or not but it’d its not my apologies. Im interested in trying to tuck and I see a lot of people use tape and some use a medical/skin adhesive. Since I wear diapers 24/7 I’d rather avoid using tape and try adhesive. My questions are first and foremost, what and where can I get an adhesive that would work for this? secondly I’d like peoples opinions on tucking using this method. How long does it last using an adhesive? How comfortable is it? I’m looking for any insight into this that I can get before I try it. Thanks in advance.
  13. blitz1027

    I found out (censorship-related)

    Career politicians are like leeches. They latch on and drain the life from us. We should start with term limits. That way no one can stay long enough to screw everything up any more than it already is. No sense buying off politicians if they won’t stay long enough to help out whatever special interest is paying for them. next we need to abolish like 99% of the stupid laws we have (Why do we need a tax on cow farts?). I’m all about personal freedom and telling the government to butt out of my life.
  14. blitz1027

    I found out (censorship-related)

    Personally I think the average joe is considerably smarter than most politicians. I’m all for voting every single one of them out and starting fresh. I'm sick of all these government regulations telling what we can and can’t do. They just need to butt out. The AFC here in the US is a good indication at how smart our government is.
  15. blitz1027

    Rearz trademarking AB/DL

    I’ve been seeing some stuff on tumblr that rearz is attempting to trademark the term AB/DL. Has anyone heard this or Does anyone know if this is true? If it is that’s some serious Bull poop in my opinion