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    • No. Nobody in the entire universe is procrastinating on their finales. You have now entered... the Proactive Zone. How good was your mom's spaghetti?
    • Here is the fourth and final part of the story that concludes the trilogy. This has been available on my Patreon for one week and anyone pledging $5 or higher can see all my publicly posted stories one week early. For $10 there are exclusive stories for Patreon only. There are other tiers and rewards that can be found at my Patreon page. https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88 A big thank you to everyone who is pledged to me and allow me to continue writing as much as I do: DannyDazzler, Daniel O, Lena S, Jack C, Frank S, Sam M, Cheryl C, Carlota C, Alex W, Snazzycool, Ron M, M, Tsidt, Britnee L, Trenton M, Geoffrey J, Robert J, Chris, Cole T, Dorian G, Babybb, J Land, Tim F, Cvsflip105, Chris B, WillNotWill, Jerry J, Charlie S, P, Orion F, John, Kevin H, Tom H, Sterling W, Ryan, Jens B, Thomas R S, Matthew S, Pierry L, Matthew, John D, Dre, Scott S, Akithor, Diapering Daddy, Guilyn, Miguel A, James B, A Random Patreon, Eric C, Ben R, C Dom, Lin J, Ben F, Henry C, Bob, Michelle G, Kent Jacobs https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88 I do commissions as well and if you would like me to write a story for you please don't hesitate to message me. My price is £5 per 1000 words. --- Dinner that evening was in deliberate silence. Tyler still acted like he was mostly out of it and Connor didn’t want to raise a fuss. He wanted to appear like he wasn’t going to be a problem for Papa who spoon fed him a disgusting bowl of baby food. It was soon after dinner when the boys were taken back to the nursery. Neither of them put up a word of complaint as they had their wet diapers changed and were then locked in the crib. Connor was privately ecstatic that he was left unrestrained but he made sure not to show his joy on the outside. “Sleep tight, babies.” Papa had said as he closed the nursery door leaving the two young men naked except for the diapers in their crib. Nobody moved for a few minutes until they heard the television in the living room get turned on. They could just distantly hear the loud sounds of an action film and knew that as long as they weren’t shouting that they wouldn’t be overheard. “Did you think of anything?” Tyler asked. He didn’t sound too hopeful but he still looked at Connor with wide eyes. “I think we have one shot.” Connor replied. “We’ll need some luck but I don’t see any other way of getting out.” “I’m all ears!” Tyler replied enthusiastically. --- Connor woke up early the next morning just as he had hoped. Without an alarm clock Connor basically had to hope his body would wake him up and one of the benefits of going to bed early was that it meant he woke up early. “Tyler.” Connor whispered as he gently poked his friend, “It’s time.” Tyler slowly stirred but quickly opened his eyes when he saw Connor looking at him. Tyler found his thumb had made it’s way into his mouth during the night and blushed as he quickly pulled it out and wiped the saliva on one of the blankets in the crib. His wet diaper was visible for Connor to see but there was little that could be done to hide his dependency at this moment. Connor climbed to his feet for phase one of his plan. It wasn’t a complicated plan but he had to make sure everything was done right to give him the best possible chance. The first thing that had to be done was to make sure that Connor’s diaper was changed first. Connor faced away from Tyler and squatted down in a similar way to Tyler had done the previous day. This was embarrassing but necessary and he could hear Tyler moving away from him in the crib a little. “Just relax.” Tyler suggested, “We’ve both done it. There’s no need to be embarrassed.” It was easier said than done though and Connor tried to push with his tummy muscles. He felt some shifting inside his body but no immediate results for all his efforts. His face went red and he closed his eyes as he held his breath. Just as Connor felt like he was making no progress he heard a small fart escape his body and rather suddenly found some semi-solid poop squirt into his diaper. Connor guessed that because he was forcing it so much that there was nothing that needed to come out right away. Despite the difficulties, Connor pushed one more time and felt a couple of smallish lumps dropped out of his body and into the bottom of the padding. It wasn’t much but in these difficult circumstances it was all he could do. The desired effect was achieved though as not long after he had finished, the smell began escaping his diaper and started fouling the air around them. “Well done.” Tyler said with a small smile. He was very pale but that was to be expected when they were about to execute their plan. All the two men could do now was wait. They needed Papa to come in to start phase two and that meant that they were left in the crib which was becoming less and less pleasant as the smell got worse. Connor sat back on the diaper and shivered slightly as the sticky mess inside was squashed against his body. It wasn’t pleasant but he had to make sure he looked like he had legitimately soiled himself, if Papa guessed something was going on they would be up a creek without a paddle. Connor and Tyler were sat in virtual silence for half an hour as they waited for Papa to arrive. Both men felt butterflies in their stomachs as they contemplated what they were going to do. When the two of them heard some noise down the corridor they assumed Papa was coming for them. Tyler quickly laid down and faced the wall so that his face was hidden. He covered himself with a blanket as if he was asleep and tried to be as still as possible. Almost as soon as he had got himself settled the door to the nursery swung open. Papa swaggered into the room in the same dressing gown as the day before. He barely bothered covering himself in front of his two human pets. He wore a smile on his face as he sniffed the air and caught that scent of freshly soiled diapers. “Smells like someone needs a change…” Papa growled in a low voice, “Who’s getting their diaper changed first?” Connor indicated that Tyler was still sleeping and shuffled to the bars as a way of saying he should be first. He had to pretend to be as compliant as possible, this might be their only chance. Papa dropped the side of the crib and caught it before it hit the ground. Connor smiled internally as Papa really believed that Tyler was fast asleep. Connor’s heart raced as he tensed up and got ready for his make or break escape attempt. Connor dropped out of the crib and waddled to the changing table. He took care to be quiet but the crinkling of his diaper was somewhat unavoidable. There were few things that made him feel like a baby more than a full diaper and it was difficult not to react emotionally from all the feelings it brought up. Connor lifted his arms out and allowed Papa to lift him up and on to the changing table. He cringed as he felt the hot poop in his diaper get squashed. He snuck a peek over Papa’s shoulder and saw that Tyler had turned over in the crib. He was laying with one eye cracked open a tiny amount. “You are much more compliant today.” Papa said to Connor with a bit of a smile, “Had a change of heart?” “Yes.” Connor said as he returned the smile as convincingly as he could, “You’re right. Why bother fighting it? I want to be a good boy for you, Papa.” “Glad to hear it.” Papa said with a hint of suspicion, “You cracked faster than Tyler and he had already been “treated” by Daddy.” Connor laid down and continued to force his face to smile as Papa began preparing supplies for the diaper change. As the first tape was pulled from the front of the diaper Connor could see his best friend slowly creeping out of the baby bed behind Papa. “Of course, soon you will be totally subservient like little Tyler.” Papa said as he removed the second tape. Connor could see Tyler out of the corner of his eye. As Tyler creeped across the room his diaper crinkled alarmingly loudly. Panicking, Connor needed a distraction. He started kicking his feet and whining loudly. With the front of the diaper lowered he was smearing his messy bottom into his own excrement. It worked though, Connor covered up Tyler’s loud movements as Papa bent low over the messy man and try to settle him down. Connor was so distracted thinking about his friend that he failed to realise that Papa was strapping his wrists to the table, by the time he realised he was no longer completely free he couldn’t move his arms. With Papa so close to him, Connor was praying for Tyler to hit him with something. This was their chance and it was only a matter of time before the ruse was up. Suddenly there was a clattering noise from behind Papa. Connor’s eyes flew wide open and Papa spun around to see Tyler holding a large and heavy lamp. When Tyler had grabbed it he had inadvertently knocked some books on the floor.  “You little shit!” Papa yelled as he saw Tyler frozen on the spot. “NO!” Connor shouted as he pulled against the restraints. As Connor desperately kicked his legs to free himself the poopy diaper underneath him slipped off the table and on to the floor. His mess smeared on the table underneath him. “Papa, I…” Tyler started to say. He was rooted to the spot as the much larger Papa stared him down. Without warning Papa threw his fist forwards as hard as possible and there was a sickening smack as he connected with Tyler’s face. Tyler fell back against the wall behind him and knocked more books off the shelf. “Leave him alone!” Connor yelled from the table. He had tears streaming down his face, “It was my idea!” “You ungrateful little boy.” Papa roared. He threw another punch and this one knock Tyler off of his feet and on to the ground. Tyler curled up into a ball defensively. He was strangely quiet but still moving. Papa was breathing heavily and shook his fist slightly as if the punches he had thrown had caused him pain. “You son of a bitch!” Connor yelled from the changing table. Spit flew from his mouth as he yelled as loud as he could, it almost felt like his vocal chords would rip themselves out of his throat. Papa leaned down and picked up Tyler. Tyler was limp but still conscious and as his head was propped over Papa’s shoulder Connor could see his nose was bleeding and it looked like he already had a black eye forming. Papa dropped Tyler back on to the bed and strapped him down without difficulty. Tyler was in no fit state to put up a fight as his head lolled from side to side. Connor’s vision was obscured by his tears but he looked over to Tyler with absolute sympathy. “Oh dear…” Papa said, panting slightly, as he surveyed his two captives, “Looks like I’m going to have to take the kid gloves off when dealing with you. I thought you would be good boys but it turns out I’m going to have to teach you some discipline.” Papa moved towards the changing table slowly. He had this curious look on his face that filled Connor with dread. Connor was helpless on the table and completely naked. Papa leaned down close to Connor’s head. He held Connor’s head still and placed a kiss on his forehead. “Good job I like a fighter.” Papa whispered into Connor’s ear. Connor watched in horror as Papa slipped off his dressing gown and stood naked in front of him. He pulled on the restraints again but was absolutely trapped. Connor kicked his feet as much as possible but, inevitably, Papa eventually caught his feet and strapped them down. “It’s easier if you relax.” Papa grunted, “You’re lucky I don’t mind the mess.” Connor closed his eyes as he saw Papa moving towards the edge of the table and grabbing his crotch. Suddenly, a crash from the living room distracted everyone. For a second the whole room froze as everyone stared at the door. Connor was wide eyed and didn’t dare make a sound in case Papa remembered he was still laying there at Papa’s mercy. “What was that?” Papa asked rhetorically. Papa bent over and picked up his dressing gown. For the first time since Connor had arrived the older and stronger man looked nervous and out of control of the situation. He tiptoed to the exit of the nursery and disappeared down the hallway. There was another moment of silence before sudden shouts ripped through the air. Connor looked at the exit to the room and wondered what could be going on out there. Tyler was still barely conscious on the bed though he seemed to also be looking towards the noises. The shouting became a scuffle. Connor could hear struggling and things getting knocked over, it sounded like a serious fight was going on and yet he was unable to help. Connor could only hope that whoever came through that door would be sympathetic. There was one huge crash followed quickly by a yelp of pain. The shelf of spare diapers above the changing table spilled it’s contents on and around Connor. There was silence and Connor was just about to call out to whoever had survived what sounded like a huge brawl when heavy footsteps approached the nursery. Connor could hardly breathe as he waited to see who was coming around the corner. “Anyone but Papa… Anyone but Papa…” Connor thought to himself as he raised his head to stare at the doorway. “I’m guessing from the smell I’ve got the right place…” A low growl echoed down the hallway. Connor’s mouth dropped open and he couldn’t believe what he heard and then saw. “DADDY!?” Connor shouted in happiness. Surely this was a dream, “I thought they had got you!” “Takes a little more than some guys in suits to take this Daddy down.” Daddy replied in his gruff voice. Despite his rough and confident exterior it was clear Daddy had not been having an easy time of it. He looked a little thinner and greyer than Connor remembered even though just a few days had passed. It had clearly been a stressful few days. “How did you find us?” Connor asked incredulously. He was almost crying again, this time from happiness and relief. “I knew the area.” Daddy replied, “And when I heard shouting from outside I had to check if this was you… Blind luck really. I had been looking for you though. What on Earth happened in here?” “We were trying to escape…” Connor replied. He suddenly became extra aware of his naked and messy body. “Looks like you were doing a fine job.” Daddy chuckled. “Just untie us and get us out of here.” Connor replied stiffly. Once Connor was off the table he hurried to the bathroom and cleaned himself down. He forced his way into Papa’s bedroom and found some clothes that he threw on. There was no way Connor would leave this place in baby stuff. By the time Connor got back to the nursery, Tyler had been untied and dressed in the most adult clothes that Daddy could find. He was still in a thick diaper though, probably a good idea as Tyler’s control was questionable at best. “The pervert is only knocked out so we should get going.” Daddy said to Connor. Daddy picked up Tyler who was unable to walk from the blows to his head earlier and they walked towards the front door. They each looked down at Papa as they left the house, he was splayed on the floor and looked like he had gone through a wooden table. The trio walked out to a large van that Connor didn’t recognise, he certainly wasn’t going to argue about where the van came from though. They needed to get away, how they did it was irrelevant. “I’m sorry for causing this.” Connor said quietly, “This is all my fault.” “You’re not wrong.” Daddy replied in his low growl as he unlocked the back doors of the van. Connor stood on the pavement and watched as Daddy placed Tyler in the back of the van. Connor couldn’t see into the back of the van from his point of view. “You should leave me here.” Connor shuddered as a great sob ran through his body, “I’m a liability.” “I don’t have time for self-pity.” Daddy replied, “Come here…” Connor saw Daddy open his arms as if for a hug. It was out of character but Connor stepped forward anyway, he wrapped his arms around the big bearded man and sighed. The hellish nightmare was finally over. “Hey!” Connor jumped suddenly. He rubbed the back of his neck and pulled away from Daddy who was holding a syringe. “This is for your own good.” Daddy said softly. He held out his hands and helped Connor to sit on the back of the van. Connor looked around as the world started spinning and saw Tyler, still barely moving, and another person in the background. It took Connor a moment to realise that it was Trevor was laying quietly right behind the driver’s booth. It was the last sight Connor saw before everything went black and he felt like he was falling. He was out before he hit the ground. --- Connor slowly stirred and opened his eyes. He immediately noticed he was laying on the ground along with Tyler. They were on a grassy patch of ground near some trees, it was taking a while for Connor’s eyes to adjust to the world. He quickly realised it was dark and since it had been morning when he everything at Papa’s house went down he realised he must have been out of it for some time. “Are you awake, Connor?” Tyler’s voice drifted to Connor and he appeared in front of him as he anxiously looked to see if his best friend had his eyes open. “Daddy! Daddy! Connor is waking up.” Connor slowly sat up and leaned against the tree directly behind him. His eyes finally came into focus and he could see that they were in a heavily wooded area, the van was parked in a clearing and they were nearby with a small campfire burning. Connor and Tyler were one side of the fire and across the other side was Daddy. Connor could see Trevor as well, he had a pacifier gag in his mouth and was next to Daddy with a little fear in his eyes. He was staring daggers at Connor who had been the one that put him in this situation. “Where are we?” Connor asked groggily. “We’re safe.” Daddy replied vaguely, “I can’t be more specific than that.” “We did it. We escaped!” Connor turned to Tyler with a smile but got only a cold stare in return. “Don’t think you are forgiven.” Tyler said harshly, “Yeah, I worked with you to get out of there but don’t think I’ve forgotten that you sold me out to these people in the first place.” “Tyler… I was angry and…” Connor was cut off. “Friends don’t sell friends into slavery no matter how angry they are.” Tyler said sharply. Connor’s smile faded and he turned to look back at the fire. For a couple of minutes the fire’s crackling was the only sound in the dark forest. “What happens next?” Connor asked. “Well my business is dead.” Daddy said with a wry smile, “I was fortunate to be in town when they came to get me. Saw my cabin burning from a mile away. Had Trevor in the van with me, we just turned around immediately. I knew that if they were trying to rub me out that you must have been caught so I went after you.” “Why?” Connor interrupted. “You remind me of me.” Daddy replied, “I couldn’t leave you there. Not with that sick freak.” “Maybe we should just go home…” Tyler replied, “I never thought I would see it again but-” “You can’t go home. Not unless you want to disappear again.” Daddy said simply, “They’ll be watching your homes and if they see you they will come for you. They don’t want any loose ends.” “Then what do we do…” Tyler replied. He felt heartbroken that he couldn’t go home but being free was worth it. “You can do whatever you want. You just need to stay off the grid, new identities, moving around, everything you can to avoid a trail.” Daddy said, “I’ve got a new venture in mind that you can join me on if you wanted.” “Hell no.” Tyler and Connor replied at the same time. They looked at each other and then looked away again. “Thought not.” Daddy chuckled, “Just me and Trevor then. I’ve become rather attached to the little guy.” Connor noticed Trevor scowling up at Daddy. He certainly didn’t seem happy with this arrangement but it seemed like Daddy wanted one of his babies with him and neither Connor nor Tyler were ready to risk themselves for their acquaintance. “Well… Good luck to you both.” Daddy said as he stood up. He grabbed Trevor’s arm and pulled him to his feet as well, “We better get going.” “Now?” Connor asked, “Already?” “Can’t hang around. They are looking for us and we need to get as far away as we can.” Daddy replied. “W-What about us?” Tyler asked as Daddy gathered his stuff. “There’s a small town about an hour’s walk down the road.” Daddy said, “I suggest staying there tonight and then working out where you will be going. Alternatively, there’s a truck stop and motel an hour in the other direction.” Connor and Tyler looked at each other and then at the road that was just visible through the trees. “Good luck boys.” Daddy said as he walked Trevor to the van, “We won’t see each other again.” Connor and Tyler watched in silence as Daddy loaded Trevor into the van then slowly drove on to the road and out of sight. They were alone in the woods. That moment made Connor feel smaller than any baby treatment had, right then it felt like he was against the whole world. After a minute, Connor got up and threw some dirt on the campfire to put it out. He began walking through the darkness to the quiet road. He strolled out into the middle and looked up one way and then the other as he decided what he was going to do. He saw Tyler walk out of the trees with a bag a couple of seconds later. An awkward silence fell between them. “What’s in the bag?” Connor asked to alleviate the silence. “Some diapers and supplies… Daddy left them until I could get my own.” Tyler replied. He didn’t look at his friend and walked out into the middle of the road as well. He stood six feet away from Connor in the darkness. Connor looked up and down the road again and decided that the town would be the best option. He didn’t know what Tyler was thinking but he knew he would prefer to have someone watching his back now. “I’m going to give that town a try.” Connor said eventually, “I know I sent you to Daddy and I deserve hell for it but I also went to get you. I tried to fix my horrendous mistake and I can understand if you never want to see me again but if you want to stick together, I would be happy to have you by my side.” Connor gave a small smile that he wasn’t sure Tyler saw in the darkness. He turned his back and started walking towards the town that Daddy had mentioned. He didn’t look back, he knew it was Tyler’s decision as to what happened next. Tyler watched Connor’s disappearing back and turned to look the other way up the dark road. He took a step in the opposite direction and then stopped as he second guessed himself. He turned in the direction Connor had walked off in and took a step before stopping again. Tyler didn’t know which seemed less appealing to him. Going on his own into the darkness to face whoever and whatever the world could throw at him or following Connor and being with someone who used to be a friend, someone he wasn’t sure wouldn’t sell him out in a tight situation. “I can’t believe I’m doing this…” Tyler said to himself as he made his decision. Was it the right decision? He didn’t know but it seemed more appealing than the alternative. With a deep breath, Tyler took his first step forward and just prayed he wouldn’t regret his decision.
    • I discovered my DL side when I was 13. I also didn't know for decades that there was such a thing as adult diapers. I never thought until recently that any absorbent material could be folded into a make shift diaper. So actually a few weeks ago, I found a rather good sized piece of cotton flannel in my fabric remnant stash, cut it to size, and I had my first diaper. Took a test run yesterday using the kite fold. Works great. Now I have one diaper folded, hidden, and put away for future reference.
    • You laying down and chew on teething ring
    • Messing, in my case, briefs is a huge turn-on. I feel naughty. I feel like I have a secret and nobody knows. It's like breaking a rule and getting away with it, the perfect crime, or violating an ancient taboo. I'll stay in the moment for a while. There comes a time when I've had enough, and I empty out my briefs in the toilet, clean myself up, and then launder them.