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Babykins Dpf Cloth Diaper

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I've enjoyed Babykins' booties and mittens for years, and I just decided to give cloth diapers a try.

Babykins specializes in adult cloth diapers, and they have one model designed for DLs... the DPF diaper (no relation to DPF the community, only the name to indicate that it's for DLs).

I have one on order (along with their compatible cloth insert/stuffer). I'll report back from experience. Just from talking to others though, I have high expectations... it's supposed to be the best cloth diaper out there.

P.S. Babykins is located at www.babykins.com

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Sorry to burst your bubble dude. The Babykins line was contracted by Tommy of DPF to make this diaper in adult sizes back about the time you were in the "real" diapers. They were extremely popular in the late 80's till DPF's demise. They are made with a Baby print, so really not geared at the DL's at first but they make them in a white now. They continue to market them today under the name they were known as back then. They are a awesome diaper, but rather thin and a doubler liner or two (which they sell) is recommended. I have had mine for over 15 years and they are still in great shape. Highly recommended product. They also sell Onsies, (mines again over 15years old and looks new) their All in Ones are pretty cool too, and all their prices are very reasonable. Overall a great product and company. Don't get discouraged at the feel and fit and absorbancy it takes about ten washings to get them up to speed. Hope you like them as much as I have. :D

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I know they've been around awhile, but Babykins never started making them easy to buy until recently.

Previously it wasn't even listed online... you had to order it through DPF, before they went under (or, know that Babykins made it and order through them).

From what I hear, after DPF went under, there were some changes made, and that the one now being sold is a bit better.

I suspect that it's the same cut-out, but with possibly better cloth. Don't have an older one to compare to though.

Also, with the new offering, you can chose prints... I ordered plain white.

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The funny thing about their site is the baby and teen section is white only but you can get the adult stuff in baby prints? Kinda Ironic huh? One thing about their Onsies and diapers is I have never found any other that can compare to the quality and durability. Mine have just started to "pill" alittle which gives me a better baby feel. I have tried pretty most all online and their products are far superior than others. I hope that they are constantly improving, but from my experience I can't fathom how they could get much better. ;)

I just noticed mine were made in 1992, 16 years..not too shabby..and yes they get lots of use.

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Mine have arrived. I haven't had a chance to go in them yet... more on that in a sec.

The first surprise when I put them on... was how soft it was! Mind you, I hadn't ever worn a cloth diaper before, but this thing is thick!

The second surprise was a bit of a letdown... it's pretty tight a fit. I have 35 inch hips, and their medium is fitted for 32 to 36 inches. I've never had a medium diaper be so snug before. It isn't so bad, considering that it's a cloth diaper, but it's not great either.

The snuggness also has another drawback. How should I put this... it almost completely fails the erection test. And, I don't consider myself to be extreme in that department.

The liner does help a bit. It makes the diaper even thicker, and helps with the above problem a little.

Now, I haven't given up on babykins... I would like to switch to cloth as much as possible (paying $1+ per Bambino is getting expensive). My next step will be to try a large. Hopefully it's a bit longer in addition to being wider, and maybe even a bit more padding.

And, as to my last part... the diaper is so tight, I can actually put a Bambino on over it without any problem. Yes, that means that you can use a Bambino as plastic pants for the Babykins diaper. And, that's an experiment I'll be exploring in another thread...

Edit: In this thread: http://www.dailydiapers.com/board/index.php?showtopic=11693

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