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  1. Dl'S In Pennsylvania?

    Lancaster county.
  2. Sorry, but after all your intense questions and planning...LOL. Exactly how many cases of nappies and how many onesies did you buy? Still, you're always welcome here, mate, and I think you'll still like the nappies at night sometimes and for special occasions.
  3. Cloth backed vs. plastic backed disposable diapers

    I'm fairly new to the cloth-backed disposables, but have tried the Molicare Super Plus, the Abena M3's, and the Seni Super Plus, which I'm wearing right now. I am also familiar with the Dry 24/7's, albeit the older design in blue (small). I never thought the 24/7's were particularly loud. Under the wrong pants, though, they can be bulky, but that never stopped me from wearing them under jeans, in part since denim stretches over time. If you don't have a bulge problem, I think some loose change in your pocket will be enough to mask any crinkle, assuming you aren't interviewing for a librarian job, lol. I didn't like the Molicare. While they held...mostly...they felt too thin. A bit like wearing a large dish rag. With a booster and plastic pants, they were okay, but Molicares tend to be one of the pricier brands, so that was a mark against them. The fit is also unusual. I was surprised how much I like the Abenas. My only complaint with the plastic M3's is that the padding came to my belly button (YMMV), making them more difficult to conceal, but the cloth M3's have a lower rise. I also haven't had any leaks worth mentioning. The only real issue was last night when I was laying in bed and a little managed to get out through the unprotected side. The Seni's seem fine, too, if a little bulkier, and I purposely bought their "3" variety to cut down on bulk. If you want a cloth-backed diaper, either the Abena M3's or the Seni's seem okay. For an interview, I'd wear plastic pants, too, but unless the job involves lots of movement, you may find they're ultimately not necessary. (Note that if I'm not wearing plastic pants, which is most of the time, I'm typically wearing a tight brief to keep everything in place.) Hope that helps.
  4. favorite pull up

    Just got back. The local Rite-Aid appears to have everything adult pull-ups-wise that's on the web site, including the unisex overnights. Sorry to hear they're in short supply elsewhere. But most other varieties are currently on sale "buy one, get one 50% off", so I'm gonna wait a week or two to see if these also go on sale. I think nearly everything at Rite-Aid goes on sale eventually?
  5. Not a diaper mention exactly, but it could be mistaken for one. As the story goes, a worker at a Houston brew pub had a nasty accident with some beer and ran outside to escape ridicule and dry in the sun...just as the Google Street View car was driving by. See http://www.npr.org/2016/09/10/493395552/panel-round-2 for the details.
  6. favorite pull up

    Are we talking about the gender specific or the gender-neutral variety? Both are listed on Rite Aid's web site, but only the gender-neutral variety has reviews...and they're all glowing. Guess I should steer towards those? Rite-Aid's home office is only an hour's drive from here, so if any stores still stock them, I'd hope it would be those in the home market. Will report back.
  7. favorite pull up

    Glad this thread came back to the top. I've started running again and gathered what's left of my original Depends for Men white pull-ups, which I wear under spandex shorts. Contrary to the opinion I'm gathering about the "improved" Tru-Fit and Flex-Fit, the originals are highly absorbent, don't clump, and don't chafe. From comments above, I may try the new Tena and the Rite Aid brand (I tried the striped Tena once and they were too big), but I wonder if anybody could recommend something that's closest to the original Depends and not too expensive?
  8. New Site Design Please

    I use the HOSTS-based blocking file from http://winhelp2002.mvps.org/hosts.htm, which sometimes has side effects, but overall does a great job at maintaining my sanity with the completely obnoxious ads on some sites. The only site I recall that specifically gave me ad-related trouble was cnn.com, but I haven't visited there in years. I don't recommend this for DailyDiapers, as the ads don't come from big ad companies, but typically from the DD site or the vendor themselves, who don't appear in the stock list and who you obviously wouldn't want to block on the domain level. For a short term, low tech fix, assuming you're only browsing the forums, just turn off images. There's typically a way to do this for mobile browsers, too.
  9. FYI, only once did I ever take just a diaper into a facility to change, and that was mostly for thrills. I keep a laptop-style bag in my car with all my supplies, but often move just the necessities (diaper, wipes, powder, cream, etc.) into a small, thick, plastic retail-style bag which I carry inside. Occasionally I've carried the whole laptop bag. Not once has anybody said anything. I've also done variations of this (typically at gas stations and convenience stores) when on job interviews out of town. I don't want to be in a shirt and tie all day, so after the interview will carry my street clothes in a bag and change in the restroom. Again, nobody says a thing, although once recently it happened to be the employee restroom, and I made a small purchase to show my appreciation. I suspect these establishments regularly see travelers with odd requests.
  10. Wow. If you're nearing the point of daytime accidents, then yes, it would be a good time to re-assess. I never got far enough at night to have accidents without diapers. My brain somehow knew the difference. When I stopped wearing, I was just getting up to pee 1-2 times each night for a while. Let us know if anything changes. I've considered starting my own blog but so far there's little to report.
  11. Welcome to the board! Perhaps you already saw it, but I describe my bedwetting technique here. MikeyWetBed says something very similar in the post before mine. It took 3-4 months before my first night "accident", but just a week during my current diaper binge...although accidents have been only sporadic since. Good luck and do post your findings.
  12. Wearing 24/7.... becoming a recluse.

    Curiously enough, isolation is a real problem among those who are incontinent...fear of humiliation, fear of rejection, fear of accidents, etc...so if you intended to wear and use 24/7, you're somewhat on the right track. But 24/7 can mean different things to different people, even if you need diapers. On one side of the dial you could wear them simply as soft, padded underwear and use them quite sparingly. Some people do this. Or you could use them only when you have a strong urge and a toilet isn't immediately accessible, like when on a long walk or at a store with no public facilities. Or you could wear and use in the traditional sense of 24/7, with the understanding that you'll eventually lose some control. Assuming the latter, an incontinent person would either reduce their drinking to within the capacity of their diaper or would have a diaper bag somewhere nearby. I recall a photo set from a Tumblr blog of a guy who wrote that "he was sure his diaper would hold" before going out drinking, but the photo showed his boxer brief at least 30% soaked. Accidents happen and that's all part of 24/7. As for sleeping at your friend's home, that's a bit easier, as she won't be following you around all the time, but I'd quickly invest in a washable bed pad to protect her couch. You will need to say something to your friends eventually. I don't like lying to people either, but saying you're having some bladder control issues is a quicker conversation that giving them the whole story, and gives you the chance to back out later if you find that 24/7 isn't for you. I am toying with 24/7 myself right now and am curious what you ultimately decide.
  13. Thanks for all the details! I'll say it again: that's terribly civilized! Lot of restrooms, private or shared, have fairly nasty floors...assuming they're even big enough to lie down. (I'm thinking mostly of the ones built before wheelchair use was mandated.) Thankfully I've been changing standing up since about the time of my first adult diapers, so it's not a problem. Oh, and this may have been the article I remembered. More of a plea than an organized plan, and Changing Places still gets plugged: http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/opinion/commentary/ct-diapers-adults-public-bathrooms-perspec-0813-20140813-story.html
  14. So let me understand...a recent UK law mandated rooms specifically for changing adult diapers?! Wow. I am somewhat familiar with the "disabled toilet" with the special key concept. Any guess why the key wouldn't do double duty for Changing Places rooms? I wonder if the UK is the first country to adopt something like this? Congratulations on being so civilized. In the US, national laws mandate that establishments built after a certain date need a restroom that accommodates a wheelchair and not much else. Something like that. Cities and states can go further, but I expect few do, although I recall a web article that a city (maybe Boston or Chicago?) was proposing spaces specifically for adult changes. As for me, I try to find a private restroom for changing. Older gas stations and convenience stores are often good for this, and I've memorized a few fast food restaurant locations, too. Failing that I'll try for either a low-trafficked restroom or a larger, noisier restroom (where the commotion itself provides privacy). I don't always succeed.
  15. Age of Onset?

    Homemade diapers probably around 14. I noticed the incontinence section in the Sears (?) catalog about the same time and schemed for some way to do an order, but it didn't seem possible. Finally real diapers around 30.