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  1. padded_husky

    Ralph Breaks the Internet

    I just seen that movie this past Tuesday and I thought it was excellent! I actually like it better then the first one! I do rememver the scene where she mentioned big baby clothes but got disappointed when it was only lingerie.
  2. padded_husky

    Hard for me to sleep without diapers

    While I can sleep without a diaper on and I currently sleep without diapers, I get the best sleep of my life when I'm in diapers! The sleep I get is so good that when I'm padded, I don't wake up for anything. I'm so out of it when I go to bed in a nice thick pamper that I don't even wake up to use the restroom. The problem with that is I have a fear of having accidents considering the fact that up until I was treated for Sleep apnea, I had bed wetting problems regardless of being padded or not and personally, I find my experience with bedwetting to me a nightmare. Now that I have treated my sleep apnea and my bedwetting problem as completely disappeared, I'm a little hesitant to start wearing diapers to bed because I'm worried that I won't wake up, I will use the diaper and wake up in a soaked bed again. I'm also worried that my body will get use to wearing diapers and will stop waking up to go to the bathroom even if I'm not in a diaper... So while the sleep I get when thickly padded before bed is amazing, I'm too afraid to wear to bed again or at least regularly.
  3. Finally found out the details on this year's Christmas bonus and it looks like I'm getting a rather large bonus this year. This only means one thing.... MY DIAPER HIATUS IS FINALLY OVER! I'M STOCKING UP ON DIAPERS ASAP!

  4. I decided to make chinese food last night but I didn't have any rice so I tried it with Angel hair pasta (which worked out pretty well). I whipped up some ingrediants that you usually find in chinese food and when I was done, it tasted just like teriyaki sauce! I cut the chicken in cubes and pan fried the chicken in a little olive oil. Then I pan fried brocolli, onions and baby carrots together. Afterwards i mixed everything together and cooked it with a sesame oil, garlic, ginger paste, a pinch of brown sugar, soy sauce, oyster sauce and cayenne pepper! Then I mixed it with some angel hair hair pasta, and finally speinkled sessemi seeds overtop! It was CRAZY DELICIOUS! 

    1. Wannatripbaby


      That sounds amazing!

      What time should I come for dinner? 😊

    2. padded_husky


      Yeah, It will definitely be a repeat for sure! :P

  5. padded_husky

    Black Friday

    I'm not going out for Black Friday. Black Friday is to chaotic for me and Driver's seem to be extra dangerous this time a year. I'm off work Black Friday and while I could go into work and get paid tons of overtime, I will most likely lounge around the house all day and relax. Though, I will say that I am taking advantage of at least one Black Friday Deal. Though, I should probably not go into detail here considering it's probably inappropriate for this particular Posting... but let's just say a not so little "somethin' somethin" is gonna be on sale for a very small timeframe and I plan on finally buying one!
  6. padded_husky

    Sensitive issues

    While ultimately, I'm worried about everything on that list, if I'm being truly honest, My number one concern is just being happy. I'm not happy and My goal at the moment is the pursuit of happiness. that probably sound selfish but in the end I'm just trying to get my shit together and when your own shit is a mess, it's kind of difficult to spend a single moment worrying about everyone else's shit.
  7. padded_husky

    Dry 24/7

    Dry 24/7 is one of my most favorite diapers on the market! They are very absorbent and most importantly, they swell when you wet them. The swell quite a bit too actually! Definitely a great choice in diapers!
  8. padded_husky

    In The Past You When You Bed Wet.

    I whore diapers every night until I was roughly 9 or 10 (at this point I can't remember the exact age) because I would not wake up when I had to use the bathroom. I use to have dreams where I was sitting on the toilet going to the bathroom and then I would realize I wasn't actually on the toilet, which is when I would wake up to my bed completely soaked. Parents gave me a really hard time and their is a bit of confusion on when and why I stopped wearing diapers to bed. I remember it being a very difficult struggle for me to stop having accidents and I remember my dad yelling at me a lot until I finally stopped wearing. I remember being 8 when I stopped wearing diapers but my mother says I was 10 years old. My mother also claims she had to bribe me with a Video game to get me to stop wearing diapers. She claimed she bought me a video game and in return I agreed to stop wearing diapers to bed. Although my mother stopped buying me diapers, I've always had a problem with night time accidents but I hid them from my mother. Anytime I had an accident, I would either just put a towel down and I would wash and clean my bedsheets after school when my mother was not home. It wasn't until 2 years ago that I discovered I had sleep apnea and the second I was treated for sleep apnea, I stopped having accidents and the need to use the restroom at night completely disappeared. So it turns out untreated sleep apnea was the cause or if not a major contributor to my bedwetting problems. I will admit though, I remember being terribly sad when I finally stopped wearing diapers and I had this desire to wear diapers my entire life after that. So maybe their is some truth in my mother's side to the story. Although I had accidents at night, maybe I relied on diapers too much at the time because deep down I wanted to be in them and I didn't want to stop wearing? Anyways, I'm very happy to report that I no longer have a bedwetting problem and now I can wake up a soggy crinkle butt every night because I choose to and not because I have to!
  9. padded_husky

    Toy Story 4

    I just seen the second Trailer today and thought it was hilarious! they have Keagan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele doing one of their funniest skits from Key & Peele! Here is both for comparison! Though I will say, it will be interesting to see who they get to play Mr. Potatoe Head considering he was originally played by Don Rickles and Don Rickles has since passed away.
  10. padded_husky

    Pokémon: Pikachu Detective

    I'm not gonna lie... I will probably see this movie opening week as everyone in my movie group wants to see it and while I'm not really the biggest fan of Pokémon, I will say that it definitely looks good! I'm just surprised at it's existence and the fact they have Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu! When I first seen it, I thought it was funny or Die video! lol
  11. padded_husky

    Why do you wear diapers?

    Honestly, wearing diapers just feel so right! I remember wearing when I was a kid and although I struggled with a bedwetting issue, I remember being sad when I finally stopped wearing. I remember having the strong desire to wear when I was a teenager and I remember the day that I finally decided to start wearing again. Wearing a diaper just feels like the right thing to do! I feel like a complete person when I wear diapers! when I wear a diaper, I imagine what someone feels like when they normally put on underwear! Like, they don't have to think about if putting on underwear is the proper thing to do. They just know that your suppose to wear underwear everyday. That is how I feel when I put on a diaper. I just feel complete! I'm so much more happy when I'm diapered up and considering I haven't been padded in over 10 months, what might explain me feeling depressed lately! I bet the second I finally order more diapers, all of my sadness will melt away and everything in the world will feel right! lol
  12. padded_husky

    Just Not Sure

    Sorry you feel like your being used and betrayed. about 12 years ago, I was in the same situation. I had a best friend who I spent almost every day hang out with and then one day I realized that he was just using me for things and when I addressed my concern, his response was "That's what friends are for! if your not here to help me then why are you here?" so I made the decision to completely cut ties with that person. So I definitely understand how you feel. Anyways, To be honest, I'm not really that great at giving advise. Personally I'm also going through some things and dealing with depression. With that said, I just wanted to make sure you knew that someone was reading and that I could relate to some of your situation! I also wanted to say that I definitely understand how you feel about working your tail off. In the past I've used work as a distraction and I'm not saying that is what your doing but maybe it is? I will say that there was a point where I felt I needed to improve my social life and make more friends. I remember searing the web for furry related things going on locally and I happen to find a weekly furry meet that happened in my very own town and I just decided to randomly go to it! It was the best decision I ever made! Not sure if there are any local ABDL meet ups in your area or any kind of meetups relating to something your enjoy but thank GOD there was something going on locally for me. If there are no local social circles doing something weekly or even monthly, then you could always start one? 2 of my best friends 15 years ago wanted to do more socializing so they just randomly started a movie meet! They posted every week on a local mailing server where they where having dinner, what movie they where seeing and when. (I don't know what it's officially called but it's this email list where you can send an email to this server and anyone subscribed to the list gets the email.) They always chose a place to eat they already wanted to go to and a movie they already wanted to see and worst case scenario, no one showed up and they still did something they wanted to do anyways. What ended up happening is furries started to go because they had nothing better to do and now its a weekly meet that 15-20 people show up to weekly! I've met some great people through that meet and I'm so glad that I went! Now, I go every week! I guess I'm pretty lucky to have an interest in something that so many other people also share that interest in. I go to local furry conventions twice a year where I meet new people and I go to that movie meet every week. You just got to figure out what you enjoy and find other local people who also enjoy that and start something! Your kind of already doing that now by being on this website and although, we are not all local, you can definitely still meet some new great people to connect with! Not sure if anything I post helps but I hope something did. I didn't really know what to say when I started this and kind of thought of things as I was typing. I just knew I wanted to say something.
  13. Seriously.... this is real and they have Ryan Reynolds playing Pikachu! On a side note, I was never really a big Pokémon fan but I gotta say, the trailer looks pretty good and I would be lying if I didn't say I was a little excited! DEFINITELY a movie deserving of a padded night out! Kinda wishI had a pikachu kigurumi to wear to the movie!
  14. Why is it that everytime I meet someone (who is into diapers) that wants to meet, I get wierd every time?! Someone in a local ABDL telegram chat that I'm in wanted to hang out and my response is "yeah, maybe." Why is it that I have such a hard time meeting up with other ABDL's in person? I don't have the same problem with meeting furries who have no interest in diapers? The second I share an interest in diapers, I become flakey! 

  15. padded_husky

    Baby Fur Question

    Well we all know who ABDL's are and a furry is simply an enthusiast of anthropomorphic animal characters with human personalities and characteristics. Basically, anyone who takes an interest in any form of art relating to walking and talking animal characters with human personalities and traits. For example, Bugs bunny, Daffy Duck, Every single character from Zootopia, Mickey Mouse, Goofy...etc It can be expressed in any form of art including cartoons, animation, fursuiting and mascots, role playing...etc. Some people enjoy dressing up in a fursuit, some people simply enjoy admiring the fursuiters. Some people enjoy drawing anthropomorphic animals, some people like collecting furry art. Furry is how we like to express ourselves and some people feel like the best way to express who they perceive themselves to be or who they wish you to perceive them to be is through furry. Babyfurs, is a clash of both worlds. Basically, babyfurs are people who enjoy both the ABDL community and being a furry. It's important to note that only a small percentage of furries have fursuits. For an Example, at my local Furry conventions "AnthrOhio" this year, they had a total of 862 attendees and only 179 of them had registered fursuits. That is only 9%! Most furries are not enthusiastic enough about fursuiting to actually own one and most furries just enjoy admiring fursuiters and not actually being one. A very small percentage of furries even have a fursuit and most babyfurs with fursuits don't really express their ABDL side of their furriness openly because the fact is, babyfurs are not very well excepted in the furry community. Unfortunately, there has been a few bad incidents within the furry community involving only a handful of people who may have not represented the community in the best way and that has painted a bad image in a lot of people's mind. If you where to search the web for babyfur fursuiters, you will probably find a handful of fursuiters wearing a diaper but only in a private space. Personally speaking, I'm technically a babyfur in the sense that I enjoy diapers, I relate to the ABDL community and I'm also a furry. It's easier to call myself a babyfur then saying "I'm a Diaper lover and a furry". While I have a fursona (a anthropomorphic animal charter one uses to express themselves both online and in person), I represent that fursona as both an adult and a puppy. I've even come up with a backstory for my fursona that allows me to express my fursona as both an adult and a Puppy without clashing. In the end, it's all boils down to self expression.