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  1. padded_husky

    Diapers in highschool

    I never wore diapers in High School. I stopped wearing diapers at night when I was like...8 or 9 years old and did not start wearing again until my early 20's. However, the closest I got to wearing diapers in high school was during my last year in High School. My High School was a combination of 6 or 7 building interconnected through breezeways and had armed security officers. While Most of my classes where spread out amongst all of the buildings, the school chose to hold most of the classes for anyone with special needs in one of the farthest buildings from the front parking lot. During my Senior year (actually, could have been my Junior year now that I think about it...), There was a time when I excused myself to the restroom during class. Of course, this class just so happened to be located in the same building that most of the special needs students where located. Now the bathroom in that building always had this locking metal cabinet towards the back and has always been locked. However, when I walked into the bathroom this time, it was not locked. In fact the door was still slightly cracked open and being the curious minded type I was (as all teenagers are expected to be) I peaked into the cabinet to find it full of adult diapers and other incontinent supplies. I wanted to steal a diaper so bad from the cabinet! I had considered stealing one right then and there, putting it on and returning to class but then I was worried it would either be noticeable or too loud. I was worried about getting caught and the idea of being caught wearing diapers as a teenager (specially when you don't need them and being caught steeling diapers!) seemed like a complete nightmare. I also considered stealing one right after class and putting it in my backpack but then I worried about getting caught by another student or the school noticing the diaper missing and them sending security to search everyone's backpacks (leaving me to get caught in public by security). So I never took them but the temptation was there and I had thought about the "what if" questions for a long time afterwards. When I think about it now, I probably could have stolen one, put it on during school and no one would have probably noticed!
  2. padded_husky

    Would you sacrifice your kink for love? 

    No, love is not worth sacrificing any part of who I am because love means accepting 100% of everything someone is. It's loving a person's positivies and negativities, not forcing someone to give up something that makes them happy.
  3. I have so much on my mind but can't seem to organize them good enough to write or type them down so I will just say this. I'm very unhappy, I'm very unsatisfied and life is one disappointing shit show. 

    1. Wannatripbaby


      I'm sorry to hear that. I'm not gonna say something trite like "welcome to the human race" or something like that. Because you're hurting right now and sarcasm won't help. :(

      If you ever want to talk about your problems in the artempt to find a solution you can PM me anytime.

  4. padded_husky

    Do you regularly wear diapers out of the house?

    Currently, I'm out of diapers so I haven't been wearing in a while but when I keep a regular stock of diapers, I will wear diapers pretty much Everywhere. Though, I don't wear around Family, at work or around coworkers, I will wear to the grocery store, when I'm running errands and specially to the movies! I almost always wear to the movies! Though, when it's super hot and humid out (like now for example) I don't like wearing at all because they become uncomfortable too quickly. Fall and Winter are the best time to wear diapers so around that time I'm always wearing out in public! I've only messed in my diaper once in public and that was when I was first coming to terms with my love for them roughly 10 years ago. I don't mess now simply for the fact that it's a disaster to clean up and I always regret it almost immediately. Though, Oatmeal can be nice.
  5. padded_husky

    Does anyone know good ABDL dating sites

    Personally, I have a difficult time with dating sites. I've had better experience meeting people in person through friends or at furry conventions then I've had with meeting people online. Diaper Mates Doesn't allow you to search for people by state, only country and personally, I'm not interested in trying to meet someone who lives half way a crossed the country, let alone world. Outside of Diaper mates, a lot of the other dating sites for the ABDL community are full of younger people and nothing against people of a younger age but I generally don't find myself connecting with people younger then me or even my own age for that matter. On top of that, there was even an occasion where someone lied about their age and I had to report them. You can never really know who your actually talking to online and so honestly, I never really trust the person I'm chatting with online until I've actually met them. Honestly (now that I think of it) I find meeting people who also share this interest to be very difficult in general. Even though I'm a gay, furry, Diaper loving male, I know that when it comes to meeting someone within the community, I should feel like I have the best advantage (considering it seems like a majority of the ABDL community are Male and gay) but if you think about out of the billions of people living on the planet (Google reports 7.442 billion as of 2016 to be exact) only a tiny percentage have a fetish at all, never the less an interest in diaper and if your someone like myself who feels that the interest in diapers is important enough that it needs to be including in any relationship I enter in, you can't help but feel screwed either way.
  6. padded_husky

    How heavy do my diapers really need to be?

    So I actually use to wear Dry 24/7 diapers and then when Tykables released their Tykable Overnight diapers in extra large, I ordered a case... that was over a year ago and I've been wearing them ever since, manly because it's been taking me so long to go through them. I don't always get to wear as often and for the past year I haven't been able to go to the movie meets due to my work schedule but I'm finna getting towards the end of my diaper stash. I haven't decided what I was gonna go with but I was trying to decide between ABU Simple diapers and Dry 24/7. I also wanna invest in booster pads but I have no idea what to go with. I use to buy Abri Let Maxi booster pads until they changed their design. Now I have no idea what to get. I will say that ABU claimes ABU Simple holds 5000 ml (or 169 oz of liquid) where as xpmedical claims dry 24/7 holds 95 oz (roughly 2809.5 oz of liquid). So it seems like ABU might be the better option? Though depending on price; it might be a better option price wise to buy dry 24/7 with boosters?
  7. padded_husky

    How heavy do my diapers really need to be?

    Actually, I was just struggling with this issue tonight! Currently I'm on 3 different types of blood pressure medication, one of which is Hydrochlorothiazide and Hydrochlorothiazide is a diuretic that helps lower blood pressure by increasing the amount of urine produced in the body, causing your body to filter out salt and water. So because I take this medication every day, I have to use the restroom a trillion times a day. This becomes more of an issue when I go to the movies, which is every Tuesday (all of my furry friends meet up every Tuesday for dinner and a movie). Tonight we went and seen Avengers: Infinity Wars (which is long as hell!) And I always wear a diaper to the movies. With how often I have to use the restroom during a movie, not wearing a diaper would mean getting up 2 or 3 times during the movie! So I go to the movies diapered so that I don't miss the movie. The problem is, I usually have to go so much that by the time the movie is over, my diaper is ALWAYS at its limit and I'm at risk of leaking at any minute. Matter of fact, there have been several times I had to put a towel down on my car seat because I knew the second I sat down in my car, my diaper was going to leak! Tonight it was a real issue because the movie was so long that I could not risk the diaper leaking during the movie. I had already wet twice(I'm talking 2 full bladders worth, the kind that is difficult to hold) and when the 3rd full bladder crept up (which was towards the end) I decided to make myself wait till the credits so I could rush to the bathroom and use the potty afterwards (since my diaper was already close to the limit and wetting anymore could have been disastrous) but when I got up I was already at the point of desperation where every step I made actually hurt to hold in. Once or twice on the way to the bathroom I let a little out just to relieve the pain of trying to hold it that long. Once I finally made it to a stall and attempted to pull down the front of my diaper just enough to go standing up, I tore the plastic on the front of the diaper. So to answer the question, yes! It is VERRY necessary to have diapers available that will absorb 2000 - 3000 ml of liquid and on top of that, I think diapers need to also use thicker plastic! Currently I'm wearing Tykables overnight diapers (an older version that I bought a little over a year ago that I've now heard have been slightly re-designed?) And while I have no clue how absorbent they are exactly, at one point I remember they pushed the boundaries of absorbency and they are not absorbent enough (the plastic isn't thick enough either). Regardless of what diapers I end up buying next, I will most likely invest in diaper stuffers just so I can feel more confident that my diaper will be able to handle the amount of wetting I will be doing while at the movies! For me, the more absorbent and thicker they are, the better! I'm pretty good at hiding the diaper poof and if I end up with diaper butt or a diaper outline then so be it. People are not that observant in public spaces!
  8. padded_husky

    The $2,000,000 Questions Game

    No way! I wouldn't even go to Libya for $2,000,000! For $2,000,000 would you appear uncensored on the Today Show using your real name, wearing a thick diaper & T-shirt and mess your diaper on camera?
  9. padded_husky

    Littles Day Out

    Yay! The zoo really is the perfect little stop, specially this time of year when it's not too hot or not too cold but just right! If it's too cold none of the animals will come out and if it's too hot... well I just don't think diapers are very fun when its 1000 degrees outside! No one likes having a sticky sweaty diaper in 1000 degree weather (or at least I don't ). I just started a new 10 hour shift schedule that gives me 3 days off a week! I should do a "littles" day at the zoo on one of my days while it's still great weather! anyways it's great you guys where able to have a nice time at the zoo! Seems like a much needed day!
  10. There is no better feeling then waking up to that welcoming crinkle sound coming from your sheets, only to remember you went to bed padded! There is just no better feeling then waking up in a swollen soggy diaper! You just want to stay in bed and enjoy that feeling forever but you know you have to get up and you need to change. :mellow:

  11. I have a friend who currently lives in Chicago, IL but is wanting to move back to Ohio. We first met at a local furry convention and seems to connect so I messaged him after the convention and we've been great friends ever since! He use to live here in Ohio (about 30-45 min from where I live.) In which we use to hang out all the time. I would say twice s month and it would be an entire weekend. I would come over and crash at his place over the weekend. We would watch TV, play video games, get food...etc. Hes a furry who (up until recently) was not into diapers but thought dispers where cute and didn't mind other people having the interest(I say up until recently because hes recently admitted to liking diapers himself and now wears on occasion). So I would come over and since he was the only person I knew locally (or know even now) who was so comfortable with me being padded that I would usually be padded the entire weekend! Sometimes I would just hang out at his place in pajamas and a diaper or just a t shirt and a diaper. Things did get a little frisky at times where the relationship did get physical. We would snuggle and watch TV all the time and obviously things got a bit sexual at times. Eventually he got a job offer he couldn't refuse and moved to Chicago where our relationship took a bit of a left turn. Since he now lives so far, we don't hang out (considering it's now a 6 hour drive) and we don't chat as much since it's hard fo keep in touch with people when they have a bit of distance. He seems to be very unhappy and depressed a lot. While his job is going VERY well, things are not going very well socially. Hes finding it difficult to make friends with people there and connecting with any one. I know he is lonely living there in spite how well his job is going. Hes expressed interest several times over the past year in moving back (in spite the fact he just resigned his lease a few months ago). I have considered asking him if he did move back, if he would be interested in rooming together but I'm hesitant in doing so for multiple reasons. We have talked about shared feelings, in which one of us have stronger feelings then the other and its complicated. He has shared that he has strong feelings for me and wanted to date officially. However I had told him that I did not have those same feelings and was not looking to settle down. The fact is, while I really enjoy his company and I do care about him, I actually have REALLY strong feelings for someone else who I've known for 7 years. So knowing that I have stronger feelings for someone else going in (feelings that WAY stronger and will go no where by the way because he is catholic and only interested in a relationship with women after marriage. Inspite the fact that we still have a semi physical relationship... but that's a whole bother complicated story... lol) I feel like its unfair to date someone knowing they are not or will probably never be number 1. I'm also not ready to settle down officially and date monogamously because I feel like I haven't met enough people to really know what I want. My dating experience is still pretty small and I find myself wanting to flirt with people and not be locked down yet to one person, mainly because I know what kind of feelings I'm capable of sharing. So it's a bit complicated on my side because of my own issues. I currently live with 2 other friends (who are also furries but DEFINITELY do not share an interest in diapers. While they know if my interests and respect my interests they definitely don't want any involvement in it, including seeing anything or hearing anything so my ability to wear at home is limited. Also, their both hoarders, one is super messy and the other is just negative all the time. In fact, the one friend just got fired because of his attitude. Luckily he is amazing at saving money and so I have no worries financially about him making rent or anything but I just think I would be happier either alone or maybe sharing an apartment with someone who might not be so freaked out about diapers. I've thought about asking my friend from Chicago If he wanted to be roommates considering he moves back to Ohio but I'm hesitant because of our previous relationship and feelings becoming an issue. I think it would be really great being room mates and I would enjoy living with him but I also know he still has feelings for me (not to say I don't like him either) and I know that its Inevitable for things to get physical. Also, I know that I'm gonna want to still flirt and date other people and maybe do things with other people and that makes me hesitate on asking him to be my roommate. So I'm not sure I'd it's a good idea. Should I ask my friend from Chicago to get an apartment together as friends?
  12. padded_husky

    Taxes in diaper

    As someone who really likes Tylable products, I'm a little turned away that the owner of Tykables would even agree to be involved with that story as it's obvious before going in what their intention is going to be. I'm not even sure what Tykables has accomplished or what they even get out of that story other then proving (yet again) that the community can be turned into one big joke, portraying us as a bunch of freaks. Personally, I'm someone who finds myself siding with the idea that keeping the community out of the public eye is the best policy No public publicity is positive public publicity. Seeing that video actually makes me feel conflicted about buying anymore of their products and that makes me sad because I like their products. However, I don't want to support someone If they are going to turn my interest into a circus and that is how I feel when I watch that video. ABUniverse might be seeing more purchases from me in the near future...
  13. padded_husky

    Where has all the crinkle gone?

    I just wanted to say that the second I read the title of this thread I immediately thought of the song "Where Have All The Cowboys Gone" by Paula Cole only replace the word "Cowboys" with Crinkles! anyways I've never really noticed a difference in crinkle sounding material in the diapers I buy. Tykables and ABUniverse's diapers still seem super crinkly?
  14. I SERIOUSLY need to invest in boosters... these Tykables overnight just can't handle the amount of pee that my body generates at a movie theater and having to hold it all in on fear of leakage is painful (literally)...<_<

  15. padded_husky

    Anxiety and Diapers

    SO, I think I have anxiety but I'm not clinically diagnosed with anxiety. I've mentioned it to my family doctor (who I just found out is leaving the practice at the end of the month which means I now have to find a new doctor... but that is besides the point) but he asks me the same question every time and that's if" I'm managing it ok?" and I respond "Well I'm not dead so there is that?" in which it goes no where. How am I suppose to respond to that? I'm not necessarily falling apart to a point where anxiety Is ruining my life but isn't the idea to acknowledge the problem before it get's that far? Anyways, I Definitely use diapers as a way to deal with anxiety and One of the reasons I currently don't see a therapist or psychiatrist is the fact that I know that I won't be 100% honest with the Therapist or Psychiatrist. How I see it, what is the point if your not gonna be honest? So I don't seek help from someone who could probably help, all because I don't see myself being honest and actually mentioning something that is obviously a very important part of my life (considering the amount of money I spend having an interest in diapers and It's important enough to me to be on diaper forums). I think I wouldn't mind talking to a therapist or Psychiatrist (I keep saying either therapist or Psychiatrist because I honestly don't know the difference or which kind of person I would benefit the most from talking to.) because their a few things I wouldn't mind talking to someone about but also, I feel like my interest prevents me from getting closer to people (manly out of fear of people getting to know me and find out about my interest in diapers) and I think talking to someone might help. If I'm being honest, I will probably never get to that point. However, if you do find yourself having the courage to talk to your psychiatrist about it, I wouldn't mind hearing about their reaction or hearing what they had to say. Not the details of whatever your dealing with (as I know that is personal) but honestly, I just have this expectation that a therapist or Psychiatrist is going to have a negative reaction or say it's wrong or bad or say I have some kind of mental problem because of it... etc (whatever My mind thinks up when I imagine their response). If someone has talked to their psychiatrist about it would be great to read about their experience talking to someone about it.