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  1. I have a friend who currently lives in Chicago, IL but is wanting to move back to Ohio. We first met at a local furry convention and seems to connect so I messaged him after the convention and we've been great friends ever since! He use to live here in Ohio (about 30-45 min from where I live.) In which we use to hang out all the time. I would say twice s month and it would be an entire weekend. I would come over and crash at his place over the weekend. We would watch TV, play video games, get food...etc. Hes a furry who (up until recently) was not into diapers but thought dispers where cute and didn't mind other people having the interest(I say up until recently because hes recently admitted to liking diapers himself and now wears on occasion). So I would come over and since he was the only person I knew locally (or know even now) who was so comfortable with me being padded that I would usually be padded the entire weekend! Sometimes I would just hang out at his place in pajamas and a diaper or just a t shirt and a diaper. Things did get a little frisky at times where the relationship did get physical. We would snuggle and watch TV all the time and obviously things got a bit sexual at times. Eventually he got a job offer he couldn't refuse and moved to Chicago where our relationship took a bit of a left turn. Since he now lives so far, we don't hang out (considering it's now a 6 hour drive) and we don't chat as much since it's hard fo keep in touch with people when they have a bit of distance. He seems to be very unhappy and depressed a lot. While his job is going VERY well, things are not going very well socially. Hes finding it difficult to make friends with people there and connecting with any one. I know he is lonely living there in spite how well his job is going. Hes expressed interest several times over the past year in moving back (in spite the fact he just resigned his lease a few months ago). I have considered asking him if he did move back, if he would be interested in rooming together but I'm hesitant in doing so for multiple reasons. We have talked about shared feelings, in which one of us have stronger feelings then the other and its complicated. He has shared that he has strong feelings for me and wanted to date officially. However I had told him that I did not have those same feelings and was not looking to settle down. The fact is, while I really enjoy his company and I do care about him, I actually have REALLY strong feelings for someone else who I've known for 7 years. So knowing that I have stronger feelings for someone else going in (feelings that WAY stronger and will go no where by the way because he is catholic and only interested in a relationship with women after marriage. Inspite the fact that we still have a semi physical relationship... but that's a whole bother complicated story... lol) I feel like its unfair to date someone knowing they are not or will probably never be number 1. I'm also not ready to settle down officially and date monogamously because I feel like I haven't met enough people to really know what I want. My dating experience is still pretty small and I find myself wanting to flirt with people and not be locked down yet to one person, mainly because I know what kind of feelings I'm capable of sharing. So it's a bit complicated on my side because of my own issues. I currently live with 2 other friends (who are also furries but DEFINITELY do not share an interest in diapers. While they know if my interests and respect my interests they definitely don't want any involvement in it, including seeing anything or hearing anything so my ability to wear at home is limited. Also, their both hoarders, one is super messy and the other is just negative all the time. In fact, the one friend just got fired because of his attitude. Luckily he is amazing at saving money and so I have no worries financially about him making rent or anything but I just think I would be happier either alone or maybe sharing an apartment with someone who might not be so freaked out about diapers. I've thought about asking my friend from Chicago If he wanted to be roommates considering he moves back to Ohio but I'm hesitant because of our previous relationship and feelings becoming an issue. I think it would be really great being room mates and I would enjoy living with him but I also know he still has feelings for me (not to say I don't like him either) and I know that its Inevitable for things to get physical. Also, I know that I'm gonna want to still flirt and date other people and maybe do things with other people and that makes me hesitate on asking him to be my roommate. So I'm not sure I'd it's a good idea. Should I ask my friend from Chicago to get an apartment together as friends?
  2. padded_husky

    Taxes in diaper

    As someone who really likes Tylable products, I'm a little turned away that the owner of Tykables would even agree to be involved with that story as it's obvious before going in what their intention is going to be. I'm not even sure what Tykables has accomplished or what they even get out of that story other then proving (yet again) that the community can be turned into one big joke, portraying us as a bunch of freaks. Personally, I'm someone who finds myself siding with the idea that keeping the community out of the public eye is the best policy No public publicity is positive public publicity. Seeing that video actually makes me feel conflicted about buying anymore of their products and that makes me sad because I like their products. However, I don't want to support someone If they are going to turn my interest into a circus and that is how I feel when I watch that video. ABUniverse might be seeing more purchases from me in the near future...
  3. padded_husky

    Where has all the crinkle gone?

    I just wanted to say that the second I read the title of this thread I immediately thought of the song "Where Have All The Cowboys Gone" by Paula Cole only replace the word "Cowboys" with Crinkles! anyways I've never really noticed a difference in crinkle sounding material in the diapers I buy. Tykables and ABUniverse's diapers still seem super crinkly?
  4. I SERIOUSLY need to invest in boosters... these Tykables overnight just can't handle the amount of pee that my body generates at a movie theater and having to hold it all in on fear of leakage is painful (literally)...<_<

  5. padded_husky

    Anxiety and Diapers

    SO, I think I have anxiety but I'm not clinically diagnosed with anxiety. I've mentioned it to my family doctor (who I just found out is leaving the practice at the end of the month which means I now have to find a new doctor... but that is besides the point) but he asks me the same question every time and that's if" I'm managing it ok?" and I respond "Well I'm not dead so there is that?" in which it goes no where. How am I suppose to respond to that? I'm not necessarily falling apart to a point where anxiety Is ruining my life but isn't the idea to acknowledge the problem before it get's that far? Anyways, I Definitely use diapers as a way to deal with anxiety and One of the reasons I currently don't see a therapist or psychiatrist is the fact that I know that I won't be 100% honest with the Therapist or Psychiatrist. How I see it, what is the point if your not gonna be honest? So I don't seek help from someone who could probably help, all because I don't see myself being honest and actually mentioning something that is obviously a very important part of my life (considering the amount of money I spend having an interest in diapers and It's important enough to me to be on diaper forums). I think I wouldn't mind talking to a therapist or Psychiatrist (I keep saying either therapist or Psychiatrist because I honestly don't know the difference or which kind of person I would benefit the most from talking to.) because their a few things I wouldn't mind talking to someone about but also, I feel like my interest prevents me from getting closer to people (manly out of fear of people getting to know me and find out about my interest in diapers) and I think talking to someone might help. If I'm being honest, I will probably never get to that point. However, if you do find yourself having the courage to talk to your psychiatrist about it, I wouldn't mind hearing about their reaction or hearing what they had to say. Not the details of whatever your dealing with (as I know that is personal) but honestly, I just have this expectation that a therapist or Psychiatrist is going to have a negative reaction or say it's wrong or bad or say I have some kind of mental problem because of it... etc (whatever My mind thinks up when I imagine their response). If someone has talked to their psychiatrist about it would be great to read about their experience talking to someone about it.
  6. padded_husky

    Recomendations With Pairing Adult toys and Diapers

    I'm not sure a locking panty girdle is something I'm into but I have considered one of those inflatable plugs? I've actually read a lot about the Aneros and I've read a lot of reviews online recommending it. Plus, when I was googling "Top Adult Toys" or "Best Anal Toys"...etc Almost every article suggested the Aneros Helix. A lot of people have claimed they have been able to achieve hands free orgasms because of it? So It's definitely something I've been considering. Also, you mentioned that pertaining to plugs, you said size was important when purchasing an anal plug. Do you mean that it might not stay in if it's too small or too large? If I did go with a plug or even the aneros, I would hope to use it in conjunction with a thick diaper.
  7. padded_husky

    where can i buy adult sized velcro shoes?

    Here in Ohio, there is a discount shoe store called Payless (not sure how popular payless is as a company) however they sell a shoe brand by the name of KangaROOS. KangaROOS are a brand that is known for including pockets outside the shoe (like kangaroos! The ones I seen at Payless was very colorful, had both a Velcro pocket and shoelace with Velcro strapes over both the shoe laces and pocket on the side of the shoe! The second I seen it, it reminded of adult sized kid shoes! However... I just forgot about said shoes until reading this article... They where pretty awesome and according to their website, they are exclusively sold at Payless!
  8. padded_husky

    Recomendations With Pairing Adult toys and Diapers

    I've seen a lot of people have those. It's definitely on my list of things to buy!
  9. So forgive me if this is not a good place to post this as I seen similar posts on this subject in different places. However, I currently don't own any adult toys in my collection (At one point I owned one of those cheap $20 dildos from one of the local adult entertainment stores but I've since then thrown it away.) and would like to expand my non-existent toy collection. More specifically, I've seen a few people (unrelated to this forum) mention the Lovense Hush Plug which is a vibrating anal plug that can be controlled wirelessly from anywhere in the world via their smartphone app. It Looks very interesting and was curious if anyone has had any experience with this or wearing anal plugs in general? I want to buy something that I could sometimes use with a diaper and I feel like anal plugs are perfect for that and was wondering if anyone has had any experience with this brand or could recommend any other anal plugs? I'm open to any adult toy products that you might find go well with a nice thick diaper as well! I just want to splurge on something for myself to enhance the "naughty" time I spend in diapers. I also have a small curiosity in chastity cages which could be something I try in the future but right now I'm focused on the enhanced enjoyment that my crinkled butt (quite literally) receives as I consistently feel unsatisfied in that department (if that makes sense...). Anyways, All recommendations are graciously welcomed!
  10. Accidentally tore one of the tapes of my Tykables overnight diaper as I was puttng it on. :wacko: Decided to cut off the sides and slit holes into it, turning it into a diaper stuffer. Wearing it inside another Tykables overnight diaper right now, which is making me super happy! :wub: I mean, can't let it go to waste right?! ;)

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      As a wise person once said to me: "people who mix up phrases are a diamond dozen." :)

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      It's fun to mix up phrases! One of my favorites is "we'll burn that bridge when we come to it" xD

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      My dad loves "the fan is gonna hit the roof!" :P

  11. SO I have to say it... McDonald's Szechuan Sauce is Not that good...

  12. padded_husky

    Partying in a wet diaper

    Yeah, though I just like going to The conventions and hanging out with other furries. I think my interest in furry relates to my kid side! I love getting snugs from fursuiters (its like snuggling life size stuffed animal) and all the Anthropomorphic animal movies (like Zootopia, Nut Job, Lion King, Kung Fu Panda...etc) make me feel like a kid again (specially if I'm super padded at a theater with a bag od popcorn un my lap and a giant 42 oz cup of sods in my hand! WHICH IS probably why I have to wear 1 or 2 booster pads in my diaper at the movies, otherwise I come really close to leaking. I would love to own a fursuit someday but they are incredibly expensive! I don't have a lot of furry friends who are into diapers so I mostly keep that interest to myself with them but that doesn't stop from partying or hanging out with them while also being a soggy crinkle butt! I figure one day I will meet someone new at one of my friends room parties who will be the only one to notice I'm padded (cause usually only other crinkle butts notice other crinkle butts! )
  13. padded_husky

    Partying in a wet diaper

    I have done this multiple times! Every time I go to a furry convention actually! There is always a room party and I am usually secretly padded and usually a crinkle butt!
  14. I don't think there is anything wrongh with wanting to be fed bread. I wish I could enjoy bread but I'm on a low carb diet which pretty much cancel out bread completely!
  15. padded_husky

    Sleep Apnia Contributed To Bedwetting

    I personally use the Resmed Airfit P10 pillow myself. The go inside my nose and only has one strap. I just couldn't sleep with either the full mask or the mask that covers your nose. But once I combined a head strap to keep my mouth closed and the nasal pillow mask, I was out like a light and all the bedwetting issues I've ever had stopped completethly. The only issue I sometimes experience is sometimes I have to re-adjust the straps to prevent air leakage or I have to blow my nose due to moisture from the humidifier causing some slight air leak. But usually corrected pretty quickly. I just couldn't sleep with any other mask (besides the Philips Dreamwear resperonics nasal mask but there was to much leakage sure to the pressure muy machine requires.